The Article Database Goes Live

Started by Kindred, August 17, 2010, 06:56:29 AM

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The Article Database Goes Live

The system for uploading articles to the 40K Online article database is now active.  This means that articles written by users can be uploaded directly to the article database for everyone to read, and will, periodically, appear on the front page of the website.  If you have an article which you have written that you want to see published, this is your opportunity for everyone to see your work.  This is one of the features which distinguishes 40K Online from other wargaming forums, so make the most of this feature.

What you need to do before submitting your article:

Before your article can be submitted, you need to write it in the appropriate board for the army which it relates to.  Should your article not relate to a particular army, the General 40K board, or one of the modelling boards, can be used for writing general articles or articles about painting or conversions.

Once you have written your article, you are likely to receive comments from other players in replies regarding the content of the article, which you need to take on board before you submit it for publication, and make any changes which you feel are warranted, based on the feedback which you have received.

The next step is to check that the article meets the requirements for being published.  These requirements are found at the top of the article template (more on this to follow), or you can find them here.  Once you are certain that your article meets these requirements, you can submit it to the Project Editors.

How to submit your article:

1. Click on the 'Articles' button from the list of tabs at the top of the forum.

2. Click on the 'MyArticles' tab.

3. Click 'Add Article'

4. Double check the guidelines again above the article template, and then copy the text of your article into the empty dialogue box.  The best way to do this is to have a copy of your article open in another tab or window, so that you can click on the modify button for each post, and copy the formatted text into the article dialogue box, so that no coding or formatting is lost.  Once this is complete, all you need to do is add a summary to the summary dialogue box, and a title, then your article is ready to submit.

5. Click the 'Spell Check' button once more, just to be sure that you did not miss any obvious spelling mistakes, and then click the 'Add Article' button.  Your article will then be sent to the article approval section to be checked and edited by the Project Editors, before being uploaded to the database.

If you have any questions about this process, please send a PM to me.
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Also a couple of things to note.  Firstly we have three fresh articles up on the front page for your viewing pleasure, and will be releasing additional articles once to twice a week depending on how industrious the community decides to be!

Second, the Editorial Order is always looking for interested and capable persons to be part of our team, be it as an article contributor, a content reviewer (aka Eldar specialist, Marines, etc.), or an editor.  If you have any interest or questions, please do not hesitate to PM me for info.
The 40k0 projects are constantly looking for contributors and editors.  If you feel up to the job, PM me for info.

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Dev Null

I'd like to submit an article, but the link to the requirements listed in this post tells me that I don't have access (I do have 100 posts, but only barely...) and when I follow the directions on how to post one, I don't see any list of requirements above the template to double-check against.  I'm a bit reluctant to waste everyone's time by submitting something that doesn't meet basic spec.  Is there a copy of the requirements around somewhere that is publicly visible?

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The 100 posts thing is a relic and doesn't matter any more. Take your article and post it in the relative projects board. So Space Marine Projects if you're looking at a Marine based discussion, General Projects if it's more meta concerning the game or regarding scenarios, that sort of thing. From there the word gurus will help out with formatting or style if there's something to be improved on.

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That link goes to the wrong place, which is why you can't access it.  The correct link to follow is this one.  That should help you out somewhat, but feel free to ask further questions if you're still unsure about anything.

I've updated the first post here to remove the 100 posts caveat, for as Rummy says, that no longer applies, and to correct the link.
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