Aurics Pride's Projects- Corsairs, Raven Guard, Daemons and now Dark Eldar!

Started by Aurics Pride, April 11, 2016, 04:13:26 AM

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Aurics Pride

Wow, thanks guys!

@Looshkin- As always bud, if you are complimenting me on painting it means a lot! These were a lot of fun to paint, such great sculpts and once I had decided what I wanted to do with them I just got rolling and it felt quite easy to keep going. The next project is going to be very different and to be honest probably a bit tougher!

@Dread- Thanks bud! The Wraithknight was possibly the easiest bit of the army to paint, it was just time consuming with so many damn gems on it! It felt like a real natural centrepiece to the army though.

@Myen'tal- Thanks man! I am really glad you like them! When you put so much time and energy into painting up an army it's one thing for you to be happy with them but having others comment makes it much better! There'll be a little teaser to the next project shortly....

@Magenb- Cheers bud! The Wraithknight was a fun conversion, I just raided a few spares off my Starweaver sprues and it seemed to work quite well. The Greenstuff Diamonds on the mask were probably the toughest part but it was a fun project for sure!

@Grizzlykin- Haha now you know how I feel when I see Cav and Loosh's work! Thanks for your words though bud, this army definitely seems to have gone down pretty well!


So Cav has been badgering me upon other social media channels to provide some better pictures of my Harlequins so I have taken a few more shots today. Looking back I can't believe that I painted so much so quickly for these guys and as a few of you have said I do very much think this is my best work so far.
I am hopeful going forwards though, I took my Harlequins too a recent tournament and managed to bag 2nd place for the best army (After an incredible Dark Eldar army that I was fully in love with). I've also recently discovered that we have a previous Golden Daemon winner living in the same town as me who has offered to help me with my painting so I am hoping to learn a few new techniques!
Anyway, Here is the Harlie porn!


and finally....... here is a little tease of my next project......



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That's absolutely awesome army! thumbs up. Really great stuff. This is a lot coming from me, because I saw many implementations of this "stars & nebulas" decoration style and the absolute majority of them were meh at best. Yours however is spot on, it looks 100% appropriate and harmonious. The way how smoothly and naturally your 'cosmic' patterns blend into the 'diamonds' patterns is mind-blowing. Love it :)

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Those Harlequins look absolutely amazing Auric!  And together on the board, the presentation is outstanding. :)


Oh man those are gorgeous. Hands-down best starfield scheme I've seen. I think a lot of people go for starfields from long-exposure pictures that really bring the colours out, but if you actually look at the milky way and such with the naked eye it looks...mostly empty. Which is awesome in a 'we're really tiny compared to the universe' way.

Yours seem to capture a bit of that which I really like :)
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