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Author Topic: Vrea Mordyll's Warp Spiders  (Read 4962 times)

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Vrea Mordyll's Warp Spiders
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:32:01 PM »
KiAshra stood before the doors to the War Temple and sweated in
 apprehension. Tomorrow would be her first day as a Warp Spider and
 what lay beyond those doors more than unnerved her on so many
 levels. It was always her family's tradition to eventually train in
 the Spider aspect at some point when on the Path of the
 Warrior...and that was part of the problem.
 KiAshra jumped as the gentle touch of her mother startled her out of
 her mental maze of anxiousness! "Come with me my daughter;" her
 mother whispered as she put her arms around her oldest child. "
 Tomorrow will come and go and you will do well. Have you not proved
 yourself? You were my best warrior in the Guardian Squad that I
 trained this cycle."
 "The Path of the Warrior calls to you; and The Spider Aspect runs
 hot in our family's blood. My time at this temple, when I was your
 age KiAshra, was some of strongest character and courage building
 training in my life."
 KiAshra continued to walk with her mother.
 "Chylessa," KiAshra chose her words slowly...
 "It is not the Spider Temple which sends black thoughts to me....I
 wish to Embrace this Path with words more than I can say. It is my
 uncle, Vrea-Mordyll. He is the Exarch I am assigned to be trained
 under, He will be my master in that place. He is a legend and the
 most fearful of any Exarch I ever dour and empty....and Mom
 he is our Blood!!"
 "KiAshra you will have to champion your terror and I will help you.
 What can I tell you that will make your mind clearer?"
 KiAshra thought and spoke with a hurried voice. "I know that Vrea-
Mordyll was like any other of our elder kin, much like me or you
 when he was young. I know the stories of how he came to be an
 excellent Warp Spider as so many of our line have done before. Yet
 he was strong enough to resist the Path of the Warrior that wished
 to consume him. I remember how you told me he was almost consumed
 and became an Exarch of the Spider Temple, but was able to leave the
 Path of the Warrior to embrace the love for your sister."
 KiAshra took a breath and spoke on softly now...
 "That story gives me hope and courage....but the next part scares
 me. I was too young to walk when Vrea-Mordyll saw his own father die
 that battle. I mean his whole guardian unit was annihilated by the
 Orks! His own men and his dad was one of them. Swooping Hawks saved
 Vrea-Mordyll from that morbid hill. Maybe that is why he joined the
 Shrine of the Hawk when he took up the path of the Warrior that
 fateful day. And he eventually became an Exarch, but you never told
 me any more details." Her mother looked to the star-dome above them
 and then sighed. She looked into KiAshra' eyes and there was a tear
 on her mothers' face.
 "When the failure of that battle, the anger in his blood consumed
 Vrea-Mordyll; he was doomed to the Path of the Warrior. Faster than
 any other he mastered the Aspect of the Hawk. My family tried to
 persuade my sister to let Vrea-Mordyll go. To leave him in is war-
 lust and make peace with it. No, she would not leave him; and
 herself walked the path of the warrior as a Warp Spider to relate to
 him. But it was not enough, his will for war-lust, revenge, loathing
 and hate pushed him to be doomed as an Exarch faster than any ever
 before. He was gone to her, bless her spirit, she suffered so
 watching him transform."
 KiAshra listened with her mouth held open...."and then..." Her
 mother continued, with more wetness on her cheeks now. They sat upon
 a resting rock. "You were old enough to remember the Cursed Cycle.
 The Chaos Marines chose to fight us on that ghost planet. The
 Farseers could not divine anything that cycle and the promised world
 was an ambush for our people." "As you helped tend to the young and
 wounded that returned, I remember how sweet your young face looked
 up to me. I was so glad you were just young enough not to go to
 war." KiAshra interrupted..."You were so proud in your uniform when
 you left. I could never imagine how devastated you were when you
 came back. I still remember your sister's blood on your hands and
 that terrible time..." KiAshra shuddered involuntarily. "Yes, that
 was a sad time. A piece of me died that battle...but all of Vrea-
 Mordyll died that day....or what was left of his proud spirit."
 You see we did not have time to prepare the Titan Clans. The dark
 marines and their forces shattered our line. Our titan clans could
 have brushed them aside easily if they had been there. They had us
 routed. They had only one Warlord Titan, but it was horrific. Thank
 Isha that it was not yet possessed."
 "As we regrouped the Aspect warriors sold their lives to protect our
 flank. So many died. Vrea-Mordyll was the only survivor of his unit.
 His Hawk's wings were melted from the Plasma Blast that melted his
 unit like butter."
 KiAshra's mother stared glassy-eyed straight ahead as she went on...
 "As he stumbled in the craters tripping over the fallen and dodging
 bolter fire; that is when Vrea-Mordyll found the destroyed unit of my
 sister...They had died in bitter hand to hand combat with the foul
 marines. Oh how that sight destroyed Vrea-Mordyll down to his core.
 No one knows how long he wept holding her body. It is only known
 that the Warlord titan almost crushed him as it strode past. Jolted
 from his sorrow, Vrea-Mordyll, sought refuge in revenge, death
 through rage, murder for his Bloody Handed Avatar. It is said that
 since we never had time to awaken Khaine...that his bloody rage
 filled Vrea-Mordyll and guided him that day."
 "We know that he took my sister's Warp Generator from her bloody
 body and wore it to gain access to the inside of the Chaos Warlord
 Titan and murdered every member of its crew before causing it to
 melt in a giant plasma explosion that doomed the marines that day.
 Vrea-Mordyll has since been the only Exarch to Switch form one
 Temple to another. This love and tragedy he shared with my sister
 was stronger than even the Path of the Warrior!"
 "You see KiAshra, you should not fear your Great Uncle so much as
 pity him. For his spirit is as damned as if Slaanesh had captured
 him for herself. You will find strength in him, use his sacrifice to
 enhance our people....Let him be your master on this path." KiAshra
 had more to dwell upon, but as she strolled down to the pond with
 her mother, she felt, more than ever, a part of a greater legacy.
"Battles are decided by slaughter and maneuver.  The greater the general, the more he contributes in manuever, the less he demands in slaughter"...Winston Churchill


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