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Started by StudioColrouphobia, December 31, 2010, 04:52:47 AM

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I've done some conceptart and a pitch-llustration for a Horus Heresy project recently.
Here is one of the three versions of the pitch-art

For the rest, you need to go to my blog:

A little red project | Studio Colrouphobia takes commissions.


beslubbering hell, that is absolutely brilliant.


That's absolutely brilliant work as always. Probably a little late for the blog request of input as to our favourite version of the concept art, but I'd go with the classic Sanguinius sword. The wavy sword doesn't look 'right', and by 'right', I mean killy enough. The flaming sword looks better, but the Sanguinius sword is just better still.

Just lovely.
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Thanks guys!

Preview of something I cannot show in full resolution until way later this year.

Something Orky for You:
Big Boss Krass' Kane
Low resolution version, High resolution version to be released after client has published the WebPage. 

72dpi (full resolution is 300dpi). takes commissions.


New blogpost is up. Has ome info on new art related to 40k and non-40k, as well as links to our Facebook page, Twitter account and Tumblr account.

Going to London Film and Comicon next weekend?
Lookout for the Stan Lee tribute booklet, Excelsior! With a tribute piece by yours truly in it..

Excelsior! | Studio Colrouphobia takes commissions.


New week, new blogpost, new Primarch.


For more news and images, here is the link to the blogpost:
M&Ms | Studio Colrouphobia

Enjoy! takes commissions.


Hi guys,

So I think most people know my old "Sanguinius at the Eternal Gate" illustration. It is one of the most known of my pieces.
Whilst it is a great, iconic, illustration, it is also quite static.
I have wanted to do a more fluid and actionfilled version for a long while and finally I got the chance.

Here is a little progress video, I do not seem to be able to embed it though, so I can only give the direct-link right now, sorry about that:
Sanguinius - YouTube

And you can see a comparison between the old and the new (in progress) on our blog:
tropical colds and evolutions | Studio Colrouphobia

Tell me what you think! takes commissions.

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