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Author Topic: Looking for artist/artwork  (Read 31634 times)

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #20 on: April 16, 2009, 07:59:51 AM »
Hi there.

I'm looking for someone to cook up some nice artwork for my new blog, Dome of Crystal Seers.

Basically, I'd like a banner, with the blog title and some artwork in the background. It would be nice if it had an "eldarish" look and feel to it.

I will of course credit the artist, and link to said artists webpage if such exists.

The Blog is ment to post reviews, stories, suggestions, playtestings, rumours etc. Something akin to Bell of lost souls I suppose.

The blog has it's own email account, and I will probably look for article writers if anyone feels like it.

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #21 on: November 4, 2009, 06:37:26 PM »
Hello artists and other peoples. i am making my own codex called the betrayal guard. if anyone can draw anything about guardsmen killing guardsmen with chaos spacemarines, i will put you in my codex.

for more information go to this post:

things i would like made:

a large army of guardsmen supported by chaos spacemarines vs ultramarines.

a Lehman Russ firing it main cannon at other guardsmen

guardsmen shooting commissars

chaos spacemarine with a chainsword cutting a guardsmen.

basically guardsmen killing guardsmen.
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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #22 on: November 8, 2009, 05:59:03 AM »
Guys, Inow have a new link for anyone who wants to see my work. Im working on a couple more bits but hey.

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #23 on: December 3, 2009, 07:21:17 PM »
I need a little help with some concept art,
I did a leman Russ
But  Ineed help with a Chimera, Hellhound and Immolator,

Steampunk style concept art would be great help,
Thanks Guys

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #24 on: February 11, 2010, 03:59:22 PM »
I'm looking for someone who's good with web design.  I know PHP/HTML/CSS but I just don't have the creative eye.

If anyone is willing to photoshop up a layout for me for my 40k webcomic (link in sig) then I'd be forever grateful, and I'd keep you up as a reference on the site.

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #25 on: December 6, 2010, 05:52:38 AM »
I need to draw a picture! Who can help me& :-\

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #26 on: December 6, 2010, 01:10:24 PM »
You need help finding a motif for the picture, or help on the technical side of actually drawing it?

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Re: Looking for artist/artwork
« Reply #27 on: August 17, 2012, 02:26:40 PM »
Looking for an artist to work on a single or mix of projects we have in the pipeline, must be focused and willing to dedicate the time required to get things off the ground. Willing to pay small amounts over the course of the projects with commision earned when/if they get off the ground.

This is going to be done as part of my business links below our shop has been open now 3 months.

Promethean Games - A new wargaming experience coming soon   (Currently under construction)

Promethean Games - Local Business - Bracknell, United Kingdom | Facebook

UK based not necessary but would make things a lot easier in the short term.


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