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Author Topic: Blood angels whupped, sorta  (Read 2156 times)

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Blood angels whupped, sorta
« on: January 27, 2002, 07:10:08 PM »
I recently played my first "real" game (no proxies, at ther store, with the RIGHT rules) with a vet BA player at a near by store.  Dont remember the turn details, but here's a general overview:

Forces chosen:
1 Archon, drugs, field, agoniser, pistol
4 incubi
1 Incubi master
1 raider, disintegrator, horrorfex

10 wyches, 2 blasters, succubis/agoniser, wcyhe weps
1 wyche raider, disintegrator, horrorfex
(wanted to use my warp beasts)

10 warriors, 2 dark lances
10 warriors, 2 dark lances
10 warriors, 2 s cannon, blaster, sybarite, agoniser
10 warriors, 2 s cannon, blaster, sybarite, agoniser

Fast Attack
4 reavers, succubis, agoniser, 2 blaster

Heavy Support
2 talos
5 scourges, 4 s cannon, sybarite/terrorfex

Blood angels:
Chaplain, jump pack, power weapon, some other stuff
5 death company(only 5!!)

3x 10 man marine squads, 3 vets w/ thunder hammer/storm shield, all in rhinos with extra armor

predator i think, had linked autocannon, 2 heavy bolters, hk missile

5 land speeders (all had 2 weapons)

Mission, recon.

  I had fire lanes early on with my dark lance squads to his rhinos, destroying 2 before they got to the half way point, and the cannon squads popped a few marines.  I placed 1 lance squad in a stupid place and had to move(argg!).  his speeders started coming on and flew around trying to find the objective while i shot up his marines.  2nd or third turn my hq flew on and blew some more marines to heck, got shot down, and my hq started sloggin it to his rhinoless squad.  At the same time, he had two dwindling squads bearing down on 2 of my squads, so i moved my reavers in to help, and eventually a talos. Later, those 2 marine squads died.  Eventauly, he found the objective and flew off, i couldnt catch him, despite annihalating everything else he had, end game.

(apoligizes for haphazard battle report)

Important points:

I never touched any of the markers, the last marker was the center marker.

I shoudve reinforced those 2 squads being attacked by 2 marine squads with the talos instead of reavers(they died), and sent the reavers to the center objective marker which the talos was heading for.

The talos heading for the center marker couldnt get there as fast as one of his speeders could.  THIS WAS CRITICAL!!  The marker was tightly between 2 buildings, and i didnt think about my own units blocking line of sight, so when my wyche raider and scourges came on right behind the talos, i thought i was going to blast the speeder, but he got away, so I resigned to killing as much as possible.

I had troube with my reserve rolls, but death company came on last turn.

I lost sight of the objectives.

In the end he had:  chaplain, 4 death company, 3 marines, and one land speeder.
While i had: 22 warriors, archon, 1 incubi, 2 talos, wyche squad and their raider.

Things i feel good about:
I lost due to newbie problems(didnt roll my wyche/reaver drugs!), but i was extremely close to winning.
The comments on my painting by other players, especially dark eldar.
The comments on my play style.
The fact that out of 21 games he's played against de, this was 1 of 3 close ones.
the store is having a 25%off sale on things on the regular wall, and a 50%off sale things on a special table!

Things to feel bad about:
My wyches did nothing, and my hq got shot up.
I couldve won!!
I forgot my cows!!!

Hope you could follow all that stuff i just wrote!
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Re:Blood angels whupped, sorta
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2002, 08:56:56 PM »
They had a sale???
Never saw a GW store in my life with a sale except one time when they were selling broken by shipping models by large Coke boxes. I still have not used a third of the bits I bought that day

As for a new battle I'm gonna have to say your was better than mine. I played DA my first time and his Deathwing ripped me a new warphole in less than 2 turns. After that I understood Ulthwe and 2+ saves dont mix.

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Re:Blood angels whupped, sorta
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2002, 10:37:55 PM »
Sounds like you had a good battle.  A practice I always partake of is this: End turn 3/beg. turn 4 - think about the objective!  With Dark Eldar it is espically easy to get carried away killing stuff and because of our speed, if we remember too late you could possibly have units all over the place.

Take a larger Reaver squad to ensure survivability like at least 7.  I use reavers for two jobs and two jobs only:  Take out Heavy Weapon units (ie Devestators) and hunt Tanks w/ Blasters. sometimes you get lucky and get to do both at th same time (whirlwinds come to mind). Idealy you want to run them straigh at the HS units, because if you boost you'll get a 4++ and can soak his fire (and since your right in front of him your blocking his LOS) then assault him next round.

Your scourges dont' need a Sybarite.  and if they do, HE definetly doesn't need terrofex.  keep these guys AWAY from the enemy, if your scourges are close enough for a Sybarite to use terrofex, you should move them.

Drop the Horrofex off the Raiders, they're a waste of points, you want to fire those nasty Disintegrators instead.

Usually I wouldn't take an Incubi Master, but against BA it may be a good idea, figure a way to get him some drugs too

Wyches (assuming you were using the codex updates) I'm of the strong opinion that the wyche weapons are a waste of point, maybe try a game or two w/o em. Also if you really wanted to take your Warp Beast pack you might want to think about taking only 5 wyches. Wyches have great survivability now so a small squad won't hurt. once they're in combat your succubus is the only one doing damage, try and get her drugs in addition to the agoniser.

of course it sounds like if you had a string on your finger you probably would have won anyway, but those are my suggestions. Congrats and welcome to the Game!
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