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Started by dog_of_war, November 15, 2015, 09:54:14 PM

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I'm looking to proxy a couple of 500-1000 point lists to try out the dark brothers to see if I enjoy their play style. I already love the models, but with three armies on the go already, I'm hesitant to start building a 4th, unless I love how they play. The biggest issue is I only have the previous codex that was released just before 6th came out. I'm just looking to get a few fun games in and I'm not worried about exact points costs or slight rule changes. I'm curious if there is a drastic difference between the two codices. (I just can't bring myself to use the GW plural of codex.) I'm not looking for specifics or to breach any copyright, I just want to hear from some experienced players if I will get a good feel for them using the previous codex in a 7th edition environment.

I will most likely by trying out a wych cult list and a haemonculus cult list.


There is a HUGE difference between the 5th ed book and the 7th ed book. Wargear options have radically changed, grenade options are almost completley gone from every unit in the book, some vehicles armor profiles have changed, power from pain is completely different and the way units like Reavers utilize attacks such as bladevane take place in an entirely different phases of the game. The 5th edition codex was one of the best codices GW ever released, the 7th ed gutted everything that was unique about the book IMO.

As a Dark Eldar player hailing from the time of their debut in 3rd ed, I can tell you the Dark Eldar are in a bad spot right now. They are more challenging to play then ever before... having come out in that weird trilogy of codices (Orks, Blood Angels and Dark Eldar) where it seemed they were trying to tone the game down before things went over the deep end with Necrons.

However that being said Dark Eldar have really always been one of the hardest armies to run. If you can master them they are truly rewarding but they are utterly unforgiving as an army. However some Dark Eldar players continue to thrive such as Skari from Skaredcast on youtube. He's a VERY skilled player and knows the book inside and out. He makes great use of a very small contingent of allied Eldar and continues to regularly thrash his opponents.

Their are units that still work very well. Venoms, Warriors, Razorwings, Grotesques and Scourges are all VERY good units. If you are interested in trying them start there, and ally with your Eldar to get a feel for how they run, but you will need the new Codex because of the drastic changes.

I don't mean to turn you off from playing them but as a DE player I wanted to give you a heads-up. Anyway good luck if you give them a shot because they can be a super rewarding army to play but insanely challenging at the same time.
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Thanks Cav, that was exactly the type if response I was looking for. I bought the fifth edition codex cheap last year and I loved the story and the models, but was wary of investing more, as I got burned when I bought the 6th edition elder codex and core rule set, only to have them both replaced shortly after. A sentiment many people have, I'm sure. I'm not one to shy away from an army that is difficult to win with, as long as it's fun to play. I'll keep an eye on eBay for a cheap codex then. Thanks for the heads up!


No prob buddy. They certainly are fun to play, with lots of unique methods of attack and a variety of unit types. Give em a whirl if you are up to the challenge and good luck!
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So I did eventually find a less expensive used codex on eBay and you are certainly right, as to how so many things have changed. The entire concept of power form pain has changed in such a way that they had to completely write many of the units in the codex. Totally blown away by the differences. So, that being said, I'd love some advice on beginning my collection. I essentially have two paths to start with, as those are my troop choices. I want to begin by starting with a small force of maybe 500 points and then building on that.

My initial urge is to try a wych cult. I've seen all the bad press out there, but as many fellow posters here can attest, once you get into higher point games, close combat becomes less of a sidenote and more of a deciding factor in games. Wyches are relatively inexpensive (dollars and points) and I love the models. If I can find an effective way to play them, all the better. Ideally raiders seem key to get a wych from point A to point B, but I've toyed with using webway portals. Unfortunately the portals have changed in this codex, so I may be stuck with transports. Anyone have any other thoughts?

My second thought was to start with kabalite warriors. They are more durable and have more firepower and I don't necessarily have to rely on transports.

The first list is my preference to start with, but if I'm leading myself down a path of failure, then I'll consider any other suggestions.

Succubus w/ agoniser (100)
Wyches x9 w/ x3 sets of hydra gauntlets + Hekatrix w/ agoniser (150)
   Raider (55)
Wyches x8 w/ x2 Shardnet & Impaler + Hekatrix w/ agoniser (135)
   Raider Dark Lance (60)


i think dedar are still a great army to play. blasters, poison, webway portals, shadowfields, cluster caltrops, skilled riders, combat drugs, power from pain,  splinter cannon, assault vehicles.

yes - i miss haywire grenades of the witchy-woos. but other than that i think the new codex is mostly better.

playing 'low point' games can be awkward because the army is a bit glass cannon, but above 1700 pts or so i'm fairly happy they can at least scare the enemy - except perhaps the 'ready or not' tau army options - and they dont much like 36" poison either !

and if painting and modelling is your thing the dedar are a great army visually

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