Show Your Dark Eldar (Pictures)

Started by narwhal_nailbomb, March 17, 2008, 09:51:26 PM

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tryanotherone - smurfernating

It wasn't as difficult as it seems.

You start with the body from the Chaos champion of Slaanesh as seen right here.

Instead of the chaos head you take a DE warrior head from the sprue and glue it to the body. The champions feet are actually hoofs, so you must use some greenstuff in order to sculpt some normal feet.

Then saw off the sword and add a splinter pistol to the hand. For the left arm: Obviously I didn't use the shield so instead I sculpted a gaunlet to which I glued two knives ... again from the DE sprue.

Essentially that's it.
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Been a long time since I was on this site. Damn that world of warcraft is addictive.

Some nice DE armies out there.

Mine is currently under review........ and several tons of rubbish in a cupboard.

However it was being converted with everything being reworked except the Incubi. I put it off for far too long though, but since I last worked on it several new Dark elf and wood elf bits have come out that should work along with eldar and dark eldar bits to make decent looking stuff...... hopefully.

In the meantime heres the only pictures that I have of anything DE related in cupboard. Hoping to do some stuff this week and will post pics as and when I can.

Couple of easy Incubi conversions first

And my bog standard Urien Rakarth cos, well hes pretty much perfect as is .Thats the model not my painting I mean.

A raider very much wip and has been for a very long time. The colour scheme was from an eldar army I got bored with and chopped up for conversions.


Ok, heres a bunch of my stuff, i just picked out my favourites but here you go
These were painted about 3 years ago, when i still hated metallic paints, but didnt know about nmm, so i'll be repainting the grey metal bits nmm over time

Also my Kabal doesnt have a name, anyone got any suggestions based on my paint scheme?

First deldar i ever painted.... his name is roy

Various warriors

A converted grotesque


A typical reaver

Aww group hug, notice the dragon faced raider, and custom gunboatin the back, that was converted with plasticard over a regular raider hull, with the front section cut off (its gonna be my hq transport)

Edit - Just throwing in a close up of my dragon raider, sorry for the blurryness i'll get a better one asap


Here goes
Whole Army

Archon on RJB

Dracon and incubi

dracon on sky board

and wyches


Update on the Shadow Stalkers of the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith...

With new fluff comes new painting ideas.  I've always rather liked the Scourge models (and the idea behind them, just not the rules) and have wanted to paint them for some time now (alas, things that actually make it out of the box have precidence).

However, painting something new can be a nice break from the monotony of dozens of warriors, and I've decided on a new scheme for them as well which breaks up the work even more.

Thanks to Scourges now being named as a further mercenary faction within the greater DE, I figured that they wouldn't be wearing the same armor as the rest of my army.  "Black pinions" seem to be a standard trait, so I figured black would be a good base color for them.  Wanting to tie them into the Kabal as a whole, though, they need some blue, so I figured the chest plate/pauldrons would be a good piece for that (large enough to stand out, but without taking over the entire model). 

Their own colors also need to be shown... and I've decided to do helms and guns (what is a Scourge if not a big cannon?) in the colors of their Eyrie (and also the sigil on the Syb's chestplate).  I decided that I wanted bleached bone to be the main color to come through... so I did a beastial brown undercoat (over the black), then kind of a half-coat of bleached bone and a very light drybrush of skull white (this way, I think, it's a bit more natural-looking, and has a bit more depth to it).

The end result?

Bad lighting, I know, but it gives you an idea of the finished product.  Hopefully more will follow suit shortly.



Working on a DE army right now. Sorry for the slight out-of-focus-ness, my camera doesn't have a manual focus and it doesn't like to focus on my minis... This is all I have painted so far:


the wych cult of seduction:
sorry for the crappy pix.. i took these with the cam on my laptop... when my army is complete ill take better pix....

my rjb


just a few of my warriors

my wych succubus and 2 wychs, modified my succubus with a tail... i dont know it fits the theme

my archon for getting a better nicer one...

my scorge... i dont use them alot but the look cool...
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Two of my unfinished conversions and my transport box.


This is what I've got painted in my force:

Archon and Retinue

3 Haemonculus with 2 Sniper Squads


My raider force

And my Ravagers and Talos'

Unfortunately I dont have a good way to carry the raiders that's why they're a bit beat up.


I've just gotten all the bits I need for a new warrior squad (Dar Elf Corsairs + DE Warriors). Pictures as I work (I hope).
Maybe even a modification to make a(nother) new Lord.


Here is a concept WIP for my DE lord. Pardon the quality of the pics... my hand was shakin' a mamba.

The Deadly Mist


My Heamoncli Coven AKA The Council

Basically a Heamoncli Coven supported by my old Kabal

My First Talos, Fluffy

Talos number 2, Beast

Council Warriors

On Foot Heamonculus and Grotesques

My first Jetbike Heamonculus

My second Jetbike Heamonculus

WIP of my Third Jetbike Heamonculus



Council Hellions

and my new Jetbike Archon

They're all basically unfinished in respect to painting, but I'm getting there
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Da Skwire

Submitted these last year for the DE Guide ( ) (which is awesome and should be stickied, not just because it has some of my models in it  ;) )

The flash has washed out some of the detail but hopefully you get the idea:


Asdrubael Vect


Lord with retinue & Drazhar








Warriors (dismounted from Raider)

Warriors (sniper squad)

Fast Attack



Heavy Support



Converted HQ's

Haemonculi on Jetbike

Lord on custom skyboard

Converted Raider (trophy racks, slaves snares)

Da Skwire
Kabal of the Twisted Soul



Warrior Squad



Closer on half painted grot and heami

Talos WIP


DE got me into the game so i think its about time i show them off a little

custom lord


Incubi lord and groupies

ill have to add more later, cant seem to find the pics that i though i had on file.
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Burias Drak'Shal

There are some really nice models on this forum. Good work everyone. I thought I would show some of mine.

Iron Warriors and Word Bearers Summer project 2010


ive just started collecting, i finished my troops a while ago the raider i finished tonight.

i would like some constructive  ;D critisim on my painting on what i could do to refine my technique etc

going to have a wee painting lesson with one of the guys at GW.

btw are any of you guys on this from ayrshire scotland?

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Here we go .. found my camera...

Here's Archon Amarath

Some of his retinue (the best looking ones ... i'm so vain >.< ) This includes the converted Drazhar who i have described above

(The skull and lighter blue denotes that incubi as Master... and from the wonderful time he singlehandedly slaughtered 3 guard squads packed in a bunker) =D

Here's a Sybarite with two warriors, note the gruesome talismans from the Vampire Counts Sprue

My Warp Beasts (Cold Ones from fantasy, be they dark elf or the lizard people, i forget, but they look better than the dark eldar ones anyway) + a raider in the background

And lastly the Converted Archon/Dracon/Archite (whatever i need him for, lol) i made recently from an Eldar Farseer w/ Spear.  Used pieces from DE Warriors and that vampire counts piece again



If you have any suggestions, the people who see this model say it's not obvious at first that it should be Dark eldar (although it matches my color scheme) The problem is, i don't know what to do to his front to connotate his dark.. eldar...ness..  any suggestions?


My Lord's Second in Command (I like to think of him as Starscream). He's in charge of the Lord's Warrior Retinue:

My Banner waving cheer leader (to be fitted to the Raider, once I put it together):

Some other WIP (the Lord's Warrior Retinue):

As I mentioned elsewhere, I threw together a box of Dark Elf Corsairs and the Raider and Warrior Apocalypse set.

The Raider will have the DL underslung, rather then on top, so the "Cheer-leader" can be standing on the prow with the banner.


finallly found a site dedicated to the the dark bretheran

my Kabal of the Venomed Fang,  (it was themed around jet bikes unitl the new rules came out)
archon on a jet bike with agoniser

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