Anybody play saw Tau citifight around here?

Started by Jiaurtel, January 23, 2002, 11:36:44 PM

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Wassuo people I wanted to ask if anybody saw a Tau army get down and dirty in Citifight? I might wanna dust off my Ilyaden section and drop down for a Tau siege game. I never played Tau and have no clue what to expect from them in such tight conditions. I ripper some Catachan and Chaos a new warphole a couple of times and faced Alatoic on occasion. Seeing as Tau are prettu shooty would they be somewhat Alatoish in tactics? Drop me a line


The Tau would give you little challenge especially in a cityfight, I take that back kinda if they had the defensible position ala the custom made WD battlereport for them to win, they could give you a hard time.
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Iyaden is great in city fight, and watch out for rail guns and crisis suits ;D
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they got those missiles that ignore LOS though, i think infiltrating scorpions would kick ass, hell, even infiltrate rangers to charge the fire warriors.
the wlord can take huge advantage o cover, since most  their high s weapons arent splash.
watchout fer the rifles though, wound wlords on 6, guard on 4+, guardians 2+ no as!
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Great choice ll be 1 or 2 spider units man :)
Think about, they can move w/out restriction acroos the ruins of basements and they are aspect warriors also :)
And scorps ll be a good option also ^^;;
Maybe falcon also, cause LOS is really restricted in cityfight so u can transport 6 minis and drop em near him , so u cause the more trouble u can :)
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Shadow Weaver and D-Cannon platforms are nice in cityfight, cause they don't need LoS.

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2 weeks ago I pitted my Tau against Dark Angels in a 500 point cityfight.

Saddest thing I ever saw.  He took out my shas'o during the first turn, and destroyed all of my gun drones.  

I don't want to even talk about what he did to my fire warriors..... :'(

end result: me, 13 points won, him, 500 friggin' points won....

but, of course, that was with me being the attacker (stupid, stupid, stupid!) and him being the defender.

With the right stuff, Tau would hold their ground like  grassroots in cityfight (if they were defender).

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