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Title: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: SKEETERGOD on June 20, 2019, 12:06:26 AM
Batrep: Ductori vs Orks

This is a “lunch hammer” report, we use the power point system as opposed to cost point system.
Also, since my notes were were not that legible, and I failed to take pictures here it is to the best of my memory.

Druchi list
(forgive me if I got something wrong as this is mostly by memory, and my notes were tea stained.)
Archon; blast pistol, agonize, and ghostplate armor
Homonucleus; scissor hands and mind phase gauntlet
Succubus; hydra gauntlets
10 high born warriors; two with dark lance, Dracon with venom blades.  Riding in a Raider with dark lance, scythes and nets.
10 low born warriors, two with dark lance, Cyberite with shard carbine. Riding in a Raider with dark lance, scythes and nets.
10 wiches, all with razor flails and pistols.  Riding in a Raider with dark lance, scythes and nets..
Total of 50 power points

Ork List
Warboss with cybork, kombi skorcha, headwoppa, and attack squig.
Pain boy
10 choppa boys, choppas and sluggas. Riding in a truck with wrecking ball, big shoota, and grot.
12 choppa boys, choppas and sluggas, one is a nob with PK, Riding in a truck with wrecking ball, big shoota, and grot
12 shoota boys, shootas, one is nob with big shoota and big choppa. Riding in a truck with wrecking ball, big shoota, and grot
3 units of one megatrak scrapbuggies (here after referred to as buggies)
Total of 49 power points

The battle field was a kitchen table, about 3 foot by 4 foot, with some improvised terrain and some that I had brought with me. A "hill" in the center and some ruins along the edges. As I was putting the stuff away I spilled tea on the notes and the table, so a quick clean up before his wife noticed involved putting my folded papers away wet and trying to dry them in the car. So apologies if I didn’t get it all correct.

The set up, he set his three raiders up, one with the wiches in the middle and the other two on the far flanks. I set up all three trucks in the center with buggies to the outside and one to the rear. He stole the initiative and so went first.

Turn 1
The three raiders all moved forward towards the ork lines. Combined fire from all three killed one buggy on my right flank.

The orks moved forward 13 inches because of red paint, the boss had his truck advance, I rolled a 3 and so that truck moved 15 inches. The two trucks made it to the top of the hill and the boss crossed the top and got to the nice open down slope. The two buggies moved and took aim at the center raider. The buggies did some darn good shooting; 18 shots, 9 hits and 6 wounds. Leaving the center raider with only two wounds. The shooting from the trucks did nothing but make a lot of noise.

Turn 2
The wounded raider moved ahead a massive 3 inches and missed with all its shots. The raider to my right hit the choppa boys truck and caused a wound, and the one on the right chewed up a buggy but failed to destroy it. The center raider charged the bosses truck needing a 8 rolled 9 and made it in. The overwatch from the truck did nothing. We discussed if passengers in an open top could also fire overwatch, could not find it in the rules and so rolled for it. He won the roll and said no.The raider made contact and caused 4 wound that the truck didn’t save. The wrecking ball made three hits and he only saved one. He rolled on his chart and his raider exploded causing the truck three more wounds, and so the truck exploded. All but one of his wiches and the succibus survived and in an amazing roll I didn’t roll a single 1 and so the boss and all his boys climbed out of the wreckage.

The shoota boy truck on my left moved towards the raider in front of it, and the choppa boys moved towards the other one. The two buggies slow rolled towards the top of the hill. The boss and his choppa boys moved nice and close to the wiches. The fire from the shoota boys and their truck took two wounds off the arcons raider, and the buggies got two more wounds on it. The choppa boy truck again made a lot of noise, but did no damage. The boss and his boys fires their sluggas and killed two wiches. Then the boss and boys charged. I needed only 3 inches and of course rolled 12. Since it was the only combat the orks swung first. In another amazing display of ork combat prowess they killed off 6 wiches.However the pain boy wiffed. The boss with his head woppa took on the succibus and caused one wound.  The remaining wich and succibus killed 4 boys. The orks passed their LD just fine but the succibus had to kill her last wich to stay in the fight.

Turn 3
The arcon raider moved towards the hill while the homonuclus (hereafter abbreviated hmn) disembarked and moved towards the boss, and the raider moved towards the choppa boy truck. Combined fire from the passengers and the raiders finished off the two buggies on the hill. The small explosions looked pretty but caused no damage. The wiches killed four more boys and the pain boy killed the heckatrick. The boss swing his axe and in a theatrical moment cut her in half and as the torso was starting to fly up chopped off her head with the back swing. (I rolled two sixes to wound causing four mortal wounds plus two regular wounds)  The boss seeing the hmn approaching used insane courage to pass the LD test and then consolidated 3 inches towards it.

The boss, the pain boy and two boys moved towards the hmn. The shoota boys truck moved nice and close to the arcon raider. The choppa boy truck moved towards the warriors raider. The shoota boys and their truck caused a lot more wounds on the raider (it had two wounds left). The boss fired his skorcha at the hmn causing six wounds but it saved five of them. The two sluggas missed. The choppa boys truck and sluggas also (again) did nothing but make a lot of noise, maybe denting up the paint job on the raider but no real damage. The shoota boy truck charged the arcon raider, overwatch missed. The boss charged the hmn. There was no overwatch. The choppa boy truck tried to charge the last raider and rolled snake eyes. (I add in here that this is about the point in the game where the dice decided they didn’t like me anymore) The overwatch caused a wound on the truck. The boss and his boys fell victim to some sneaky drunktory trick and the painboy and a boy got killed. The warboss swung his mighty headwoppa and for the last time in the game I rolled sixes and chopped the still smoldering hmn into little pieces. So since the hmn couldn’t fight as he was dead the raider swung first at my shoota boy truck and scythes brought it down so the truck only had one wound left. So the one attack with the wrecking ball caused a wound on the raider. So now both vehicles only had one wound left.

Turn 4
The warrior raider moved broadside to the choppa boy truck, at the wounded raider, the archon and his squad disembarked on the far side (away from the ork truck) of the raider and moved towards the warboss, and the raider moved its 3 inches which was hilarious. As at the start of the turn the ork truck was touching its nose and after it moved the ork truck was by its tail.  The warrior raider using its dark lance and the squad used its two dark lances, destroyed the choppa boy truck, the small explosion killed one boy and was out of range to do damage to the raider. Then the last 8 of the squad fired their rifles at the now disembarked boys killing off 9 more boys. On the other side, the raider attacked the ork truck, (we discussed that he was withdrawing from combat so couldn’t fight, but since he didn’t get out of contact with the ork truck, he said he was still in contact and so could still fight) and did no damage and the truck attacked back and didn’t even cause a loud noise. The choppa boy squad failed their LD and so the nob and the bomb boy ran away and hid in a cave.

The boss and his boy advanced towards the arcon squad as it was a little closer, making threats to chop up the arcon and show his boys how it was done. The shoota boys disembarked. The shoota boys nob fired the big shoota, getting two lucky hits and taking the last wound from the raider causing it to crash. The grot fixed one wound on the truck. The shoota boys staring at the arcon and his squad targeted the arcon as he was the closest model. Trust me we measured from every boy and the nob, and sure enough the arcon was the closest. So I fired all the boys at the arcon. Twenty two shots turned into fourteen hits and ten wounds then the arcon rolled seven ones. So the arcon was turned into a blood colored mist that blew away on the wind. The boss was 13 inches away so didn’t try to charge, but the shoota boys did. Overwatch took out 3 boys, but needing to move only 8 inches and to roll a 3 really bites. The boys passed their LD by rolling a 1.

Turn 5
The foot warriors moved a couple inches closer to the shoota boys. The lone raider moved half speed towards the boss so its passengers could fire. The foot warriors shot up the shoota boys killing off 5. The raider and its warriors shot up the boss and his bomb boy. 15 wounds, three of them mortal. Even with cybork the dice did not like me and I rolled all ones and twos. So the boss was shredded into some serious spore mulch. The warriors charged the last of the shootas, over watch did nothing. However the dice then abandoned the drunktories and they only killed one boy. The orks swung back the two boys and the nob cause four wound and the warriors failed all four saves. The warriors passed their LD but the shoota boys didn’t and were captured.

The lone truck advanced off the board to go get some more boys.

A great victory for the orks. There ain’t no witnesses to say different now is there.

After a few hours, the lone surviving nob and his bomb boy went back down to do some lootin. The nob found the headwoppa under a pile of goo, picked it up and told the boy “I’m da boss now”, then decided he needed some practice. The bomb boy took the teef from the dead warboss while the “boss” was swinging his new axe around and around. 
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: Dread on June 20, 2019, 12:54:02 AM
That sounded like so much fun. Glad you enjoyed sounds ad much as I enjoyed reading it. Now was this 8th ed?
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: Roboknee77 on June 20, 2019, 01:13:03 AM
Nice job Skeeter!  A great win for da boyz, it sounds like a truly brutal battle.
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: adamscurr on June 20, 2019, 06:40:26 AM
Another fine example of orks "not loosing!" :)
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: Wyddr on June 20, 2019, 09:32:38 AM
That sounds like a properly bloody game. Well done.
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: SKEETERGOD on June 21, 2019, 01:24:20 PM
Thanks everyone, it was fun.

I am thinking of changing my list from a outrider detachment to a battalion detachment to get extra command points. The insane bravery strategy would have come in handy if I would have had enough points to use it twice. My poor shoota nob and two shoota boys would still be ridin in a truck, instead of playing in the arena, if I would have had just one more command point.

So I am dropping the two extra boys from the choppas and the shootas, as well as the pain boy. Sure he killed a hecatricks, but his FNP6+ just didn't work out most of the time.

Then add in a warboss per each truck. The one in the shoota truck will have the ded shiny shoota, and the one in the choppa boy truck will have just regular kit (custom shoota and PK) keeping the other boss with the headwoppa as my warlord so he can keep the ard as nails boost. So I pay a command point to have an extra shiny gubbins but that still leaves 5 command points, and I lower my power points to 48.

Since my opponent works day shift and I work second shift we only get together about every two or three months, but the orks are looking for a rematch.

And to answer Dread; this is 8th edition rules. I didn't mention the numerous times I used DakkaDakka, as I thought it was common knowledge. Sorry for the confusion, I will add it to the next batrep for clarity.
Title: Re: Orks Vs Druktori (DE)
Post by: Dread on June 21, 2019, 11:53:02 PM
It's okay Skeet, was just asking because you stated he took a wych unit with all flails, kinda thru me.