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Title: Snipe & Wip
Post by: Sir_Godspeed on April 30, 2021, 07:22:13 PM
Does anyone watch the Snipe & Wib Youtube channel?

They're a couple who do a lot of Warhammer-related content, like reviewing old codices or 40k publications, they play spinoff-games, etc.

I quite like them, as they have a suitably irreverent attitude to the lore and franchise, so it's all light and breezy and goofy.

Here's their most recent video as of posting:

Unfortunately, the link has been removed because of copyrighted material included in the video.  Everyone is still welcome to discuss the channel and its content, but please do not link to any videos which breach GW's copyright - Iris.

EDIT: Actually, I might've posted something from these before, but eh, it's been a while.