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Author Topic: Dark Eldar Forums: Forum Rules, posting guidlines and FAQ. IMPORTANT: READ ME!  (Read 10855 times)

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Welcome to the depraved world of the Dark Eldar!
Here you can read about general guidelines for posting on the forum, as well as read about our frequently asked questions and their answers.

Guidelines for posting on the forum:

For all of you would-be posters, here are some guidlines/rules for posting. Please take the time to read them before you post.

-All of the normal 40K Online forum rules apply: no double posting, no posting of copyrighted material, no flaming etc. Please read this thread: Forum rules for a full list.

-Post in the correct forum: For General discussion, post in The Dark Eldar Forum
For help with army lists or to discuss tactics post in Dark Eldar Tactics, Strategies & Armylists

-Read the other army posts, someone may have already posted a list like your's and you will get an idea about how people tend to view some choices.

-Make sure your list is legal. Please check that you have taken the min/max unit choices on the force organization chart, and that wargear and upgrades are right.

-Tell us the type of opponents you plan to fight or if you want a balanced take-on-anyone style army, it will affect any advice. Also, how many points and, if possible, what senario you are playing.

-Tell us how experienced you are. It makes a difference in giving advice if we know if you're a newbie or a vet. It'll help things run more smoothly.

-Respect the opinions and ideas of everyone else. Please, keep things civil. Provide only constructive criticism! Instead of slamming someone's roster/tactic, help them to make it better or keep your mouth shut. If you get nasty with each other, expect modly countermeasures...

-PLEASE try to keep your army lists legible. Sometimes its very hard to read 'internet speak' and makes it difficult to reply. Save bad grammar for MSN, AIM and etc. You have time, don't rush. If you don't use capitals and what not, at least make sure your post is understandable.

-Post topics that makes sense. Don't post topics like "1000 pts - help!" or "Witch Cult" but rather "1000 pts Raider force against nids" or "Hellion army for a newbie" so that people can know what they are getting into by opening/reading the the post.

-Please don't just ask for a roster to be made for you ("what's a good Witch Cult list for 1k?"). Some members will make lists for you, but it's generally better to have a list ready. After all, you're going to be playing with the list, you should go through the work of making it!

-(HM) & (NM). It can be useful if people know if you have the models (HM) or if you need to buy the models (NM).

-Please make sure you read all the replies before you post. It can often result in flaming if someone posted before reading all the replies, as they sometimes miss an answer to a question, or a revised army list.

-Rumours of new releases are not to be discussed within this board. New rumours will appear in the Rumour Mill, but there will be no discussion until GW's Black Box appears (approx. one month before release).

-There is an existing stickied thread for posting pictures of your army. Please visit the thread Here

Beginner's Help

Web Way Portal Custom Templates
Webway Portal custom template-markers for download!

Converting Dark Lances
Converting Splinter Cannon to Dark Lance Tutorial

Webway Portal Templates
Webway Portal custom template-markers for download!

Latest Version of Weapon Stats vs Enemies
Damage Stats of Warriors and Wyches vs Marines

Common Topics

Incubi - unit composition, accompanying characters, deployment
Incubi - unit composition, accompanying characters, deployment

How should I equip and use Scourges?
Scourges [how to equip/use them?]

Commorragh Chain of Ascension
Commorragh Chain of Ascension

Battle reports, short stories, backgrounds, pictures etc are always useful and good to read/see. If you have anything you wish to share then post it on the relevant boards:

Battle Reports
Art & Fiction

Link to them in this thread and I will compile all links into this post as an index.

The following post will contain a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers or the common consensus, as compiled by forum members.
Please refer to the Seventh Edition Dark Eldar FAQ for Games Workshop's official FAQs.
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