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Title: Approved Abbreviations for wargear & some sample DE list/unit types
Post by: ArchonCryx on April 8, 2005, 12:20:00 PM
Meant as a guide mainly for the n00b to this forum, I feel this is long overdue. Please contribute any common abbreviations you see in the army lists around here. Please remember we don't want Army Builder format, please!

Also feel free to post any Acronym you've seen on our boards but don't understand.

My idea is to leave this thread stckied forever, feel free to contribute your abbreviation suggestions. I'll update this top Post and will delete your contributory posts once we get past the first page - 1 page should be enough to see any recent contributions (So far all contributors remain as of 10 July 2006)

SO this can be referenced and utilised by all with all the weight of "official" ArchonCryx sanctioning!

For now these are just for Dark Eldar related abbreviations.
* Added some other abbreviations

General Abbreviations

DE- Dark Eldar(Sometimes Dk E, Dk Eldar, etc)
w/- with

Wych Cult - Army lead by Wych Lord, with Wyches as roop coices, as many warp Beast packs can be bought as Wyches, warriors are elite. See Codex.

DE Airforce - DE army emphasising speed, consisting of units that can all move a minimum of 12" per turn, all mounted or flying. Some Airforce armies go to the extreme of demanding that every squad or character or vehicle be capable of a 24" move in one turn! Eligible units incude Ravagers, Jetbikes, anything mounted on Raiders (HQ Characters, Incubi, Grotesques, Wyches, or Warriors) and Jetbike HQs. Hellions and Scourges can also find a niche in this fluff army.

Webway army - WWP Army - A DE army that relies on using WebWay Portals to deploy most of it's army. Commonly these armies consist of a large, footslogging warrior based "on table force" that shepherds two WWP carriers (Usually ICs, sometimes Sybarites) with fast and/or assault oriented stuff is inside the webway! Probably the most popular loadout at 40K Online and regarded by most veterans as the most potentially devestating of the Dark Eldar army variants in 4th Edition.

Army of Shadows - AoS -A DE Army lead by Decapitator with 3 squads of Mandrakes (in the pure form 3 squads of 10) and everything deepstriking, using Screaming Jet Raiders and Deep Strike ability squads. Not a single model starts in play. Also, following the "Death from the Shadows" theme, may use lots of terror/pinning weapons such as H Fex, T Fex, Archanagel of Pain, and Xenospasm. The premise is not a single model (aside from Mandrake markers) start on the table, use fearand Surprise as your allies. Variants include all Deep Striking forces with less Mandrakes and HQs on Skyboards.

Non DE:
Meq: Marine equivalent, a generic term used describe models with the base stats of a Space Marine. Includes Chaos as well as sometimes Necrons.

PA - Power Armour, you know what that is, it's what keeps the Marines (amongst others) safe from 66% of our wounding Splinter shots!...

ATSKNF - "And They Shall Know No Fear" a Special loyalist Marine rule that allows them to auto-rally after falling back unless within 6" of an enemy or if out of coherency.

BGB - the "Big Grey Book" also known as the 4th edition 40K rulebook. Not to be confused with "BBB"-the 3rd edition rulebook.
CoD - Cities of Death - the new rules supplement for playing 40K in the citys of the 41st millenium.

RAW - Rules As Written - in this age of no FAQs players are becoming quite legalistic in their debates to seek the exact RAW position. Even though it sometimes appears to  throw up some weird loopholes, the aim of most RAW debates is to seek clarification and, in absence of a clear rule, a solid consensus on how it might work, especially for tournaments where consistency is important.

RAR - Rules As Read -  originally intended as a negative statment describing those applying a bit too much wishful thinking when reading the rules. Also can be used in a positive way for those who try to play rules as intended, not accepting the RAW approach as the only way.

Page 5 - contains the most important rule in 40K which boils down to "We play this game to have fun!"

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get - a modelling term used to describe if your models have representations of all wargear, upgrades, and weapons carried by the model.

DE Wargear:

SF-Shadow Field
CDs/CD- Combat Drugs
RJB- Reaver JetBike
Animus/AV - Animus Vitae, note AV is more often used to denote Armour Value, even Armoured Vehicle.
TH- Tormentor Helm
TR- Trophy Rack
PG- Plasma Grenades
HW- Haywire Grenades
WWP- WebWay Portal
GT/s- Gruesome Talisman/s
HM- HellMask
MoD- Mask of the Damned
GoS- Goblet of Spite
SSA- Soulseeker Ammunition
Jets- Screaming Jets
NS- Night Shield

WW-Wych Weapons

Other Arcane Wargear:

AoP - Archangel of Pain
CoM, "Cruicible" - Crucible of Malediction
XS, Xeno, or 'Spasm - Xenospasm
Vex - Vexantrope
GoS - Goblet of Spite

Shooty Weapons:

SP - Splinter Pistol
SR- Splinter Rifle
SC - Splinter Cannon
DL- Dark Lance
Dis - Disintegrator
Bl - Blaster
T-Fex- Terrorfex
H-Fex- Horrorfex
Dest'r - Destructor

Close Combat Weapons:

CCW-Close Combat Weapon
Agr/Ag- Agoniser
PBs/PB- Poison Blades
SH- ScissorHand (Haemonculus only)
PW- Power Weapon
Pun, Pun'r- Punisher


H,Haemmy- Haemonculus
Succ- Succubus
Syb- Sybarite
BM- Beast Master
WB/s- Warp Beast/s
Grots- Grotesques
Wy- Wych
War, W (in context)- Warrior


Rdr- Raider
Rav- Ravager
RJB/s- Reaver/s - Reaver JetBike/s

Common Units:

Sniper squad - 10 Warriors, 2 Dark Lances
Gunboat squad - 5(6) Warriors, Splinter Cannon, Blaster, Dark Lance Raider
Gunboat Sniper, Mini-Sniper- 5(6) Warriors, Dark Lance, (Blaster) Dark Lance Raider
"Standard" Full Raider squad- 10(9) Warriors, Splinter Cannon, Blaster, Sybarite with Agoniser/Splinter Pistol, Dark Lance Raider
"Tooled" Lord - lord with Shadow Field/Combat Drugs/Agoniser/Splinter Pistol(Or Punisher/ Tormentor Helm) and maybe extras,
Reaver Lord rides a Reaver JetBike.
Skyboard lord rides a Hellion Skyboard.


WS- Weapon Skill
BS- Ballistic Skill
T- Toughness
W- Wounds
I- Initiative
A- Attacks
Ld- Leadership
Sv - Armour Save, notex + refers to an ordinary armour save, x ++ to an invulnerable save
FoF, fof, fleet- Fleet of Foot
AV - Armour Value or Armoured Vehicle

No doubt I've missed many abbreviations or commonly used terms, which is why I am asking for your help, yes, this means you! If you can think of any abbreviations or commonly used terms (like "Sniper Squad") please add it to this thread. Thanks!

ArchonCryx :)

Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: Arcas on April 8, 2005, 12:24:52 PM
Great list!

Personally i would abbreviate the animus vitae as AV though.
Trophy racks are also part of many full raider squads.
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: ArchonCryx on April 8, 2005, 01:01:37 PM
Thanks. Change is recorded, altho note AV can be confusing without proper context.

As for the Raider squad, while TRs are common (and good) Syb u/g, I want to get agreement on just what is THE generic Full Raider squad. Then I can say "Full Rdr squad" and everyone knows I mean exactly such and such. "Full Rdr Squad (10) +TR" would describe a 10 man full Rdr squad, with the kit I designated, plus your TR.

Considering adding:

Full Gunboat: 10(9) Warriors, SC, Bl, DL Raider

Wych Mini Ravager 5 Wyches, 2 Blasters, DL Rdr optional: WWs, HWs, Succ w/Agr/SP, H Fex, Dis

But I fear that's going a bit far. Possibly we need a second, "Standard Units" thread. Im too tired now, so tomorrow....
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: Lomendil on April 8, 2005, 08:14:47 PM
'Fexes is a catch-all term sometimes used for Horrorfexes and Terrorfexes.
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: Grey Area on May 25, 2005, 05:43:45 PM
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what does 'lol' mean/stand for?  Thanks in advance :)
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: pomaussie on May 26, 2005, 06:51:14 PM
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what does 'lol' mean/stand for?  Thanks in advance

It means Laughs Out Loud
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: Lomendil on May 26, 2005, 07:17:25 PM

There's a big list of common net abbreviations there
Title: Re: Approved Abbreviations for wargear in Army Lists
Post by: Shadow Angel on April 21, 2006, 12:40:44 AM
Here's some ideas of my own.

AoP - Archangel of Pain
CoM - Crucible of Malediction
XS, Xeno, or 'Spasm - Xenospasm
Vex - Vexatrope
GoS - Goblet of Spite

Only reason I thought to mention them is that I used them at one time or another with my Kabal.