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Title: 1k DE list
Post by: magenb on April 10, 2018, 11:30:24 PM
So I don't have a big selection of DE stuff, but this is meant to be more of a friendly list any way.

Outrider Detachment + 1 CP 645 points
Cult of Strife.

Succubus - Glaive (gets into the Raider if I'm DS the wyches) - Warlord Combat Drugs - Strength, Weapon Skill

Wyches (20) - Shardnet and Impaler, Hydra Gauntles (mostly because I had the points) x 2. - Most likely Deep striking one turn 2, possibly on turn one with Archietects of point CP to get charge re-rolls. Combat Drugs - Toughness increase.

Hellions x 10 - Combat Drugs - Move
Reavers x 6, 2 x Grav-Talons, 2 x Blasters - Combat Drugs - Attacks
Scourges x5, 4 x Blasters (deep striking)

Patrol Detachement 350
Kabal of the Flayed Skull.
Archon, Djin Blade (in Raider)
KW x 8, Balster, in Raider
KW x 5, blaster, in Venom

Raider, Dark Lance, Grisly Trophies, Splinter Racks.

Still 5 points to play with.

Title: Re: 1k DE list
Post by: Cavalier on April 11, 2018, 06:34:46 AM
This looks really solid Mage. I think this is a great core for a list and 1k it should be a lot of fun. Great balance, combat and shooting wouldn't change a thing except.... I think you'd be better off with Red Grief for your Wyches. 20 girls can really hoof it in Red Grief and you'll have a free re-roll on the charge distance. Give them the extra attack drug and you should be good to go with that many of them. Other than that I love it. Should be great fun and strong
Title: Re: 1k DE list
Post by: magenb on April 11, 2018, 06:23:45 PM
All the Wych obsessions are tempting, the extra speed is a really nice option, especially for Reavers who could totally pull off a T1 assault. So could the wyches comming in from DS. Then scourges poping in... that's alot in your face straight away, super temping.
Title: Re: 1k DE list
Post by: Dread on April 18, 2018, 12:42:10 AM
It's still that overwatch thing that worries me with wyches. Other then that your list almost mimics my list.

Edit...so PFP can help with that fear, that may be worth it. Oh and dodge can help too.

Strife can make a big difference too. Grief is cool too but with Lelith, think they could be really good.

Learning so much now I have a little time to read.

Hell ions and reavers with Strife, wow as well. Looks like are little army may have found its way back to playable.
Title: Re: 1k DE list
Post by: magenb on April 18, 2018, 05:09:48 PM
Now T1 assault from Deep strike is no longer a thing units that can pull off a T1 assault have become so much more powerful.

The other problem since the FAQ now though, is my list is very short on CP. A bunch of armies will end up with double the CP at this point range. I'm thinking of trying to get an all cult list, probably one detachment of strife and one of grief.