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Title: 1500 pt list - Going Ynnari
Post by: TheNightmare on September 1, 2017, 12:11:05 AM
I was listening to the Splintermind podcast at work today, and they piqued my interested in the Ynnari. After looking through their rules they seem like an interesting addition, allowing us access to psychic powers, a monstrous creature that doesn't have to walk up slowly while being shot at, and...Drazhar's brother? Anyway, I threw together this list to try them out. Feedback welcome!

++ Battalion Detachment ++
The Visarch
8 Wyches - Agonizer, Hydra Gauntlet, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

5 Warriors - Blaster
5 Warriors - Blaster

++ Outrider Detachment ++
Archon - Agonizer, Blast Pistol
10 Warriors - Agonizer, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

5 Scourges - 4 Blasters
5 Hellions
5 Hellions

The Yncarne

1500 points, 7 Command Points