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Author Topic: starting high elves  (Read 1668 times)

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starting high elves
« on: January 21, 2013, 04:54:07 AM »
hi guys,
im thinking of starting a new fantasy army, and the fluff and flavor appeals to me.
so im asking for a bit of advice, mainly playing against WoC, tomb kings, dark elves, ogres
and possibly dwarves. Im aiming for 2500pts as thats the standard size games around here.
2500 Pts - High Elves Roster

Archmage (355 pts)
     Archmage w/General, Level 4 Upgrade, Book of Ashur, Guardian Phoenix
      goes with
Phoenix Guard (425 pts)
   25 Phoenix Guard w/ FC, War Banner

Mage (155 pts)
     Mage w/Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel Scroll, High Magic
      goes with
Lothern Sea Guard (441 pts)
   32 Lothern Sea Guard w/ FC

Mage (1#, 175 pts)
    Mage w/Level 2 Upgrade, Sigil of Asuryan, Lore of Life
    goes with
Lothern Sea Guard (441 pts)
   32 Lothern Sea Guard w/ FC

Noble (168 pts)
    Noble (Battle Standard Bearer) w/ Dragon armour, shield, Banner of Sorcery
    goes with
Sword Masters of Hoeth (340 pts)
   20 Sword Masters of Hoeth w/ FC, Banner of Eternal Flame

Tactics are to hold the line bombing the enemy with magic/arrow then
countering with my buffed troops to his de buffed arrow riddled troops
the phoenix guard seem a good bunker for the archmage but i up for opinions
for or against.
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Re: starting high elves
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2013, 05:32:07 AM »
I like the army and that you have gone character heavy. It is not that common anymore since HeroHammer officially met its demise.

Your main lack is of course that of speed. You have invested so much in these characters that your bodycount and its mobility are both low. High Elves have splendid Cavalry, eagles and skirmishers, heck, even multiple choices of chariots. You need the ability to lap around, flank incoming enemies, harass faster units to give you time to reposition/shoot/shoot more/shoot even more.

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