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Author Topic: border princes campaign.  (Read 980 times)

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border princes campaign.
« on: October 11, 2010, 08:18:29 AM »
hey guys, i'm planing to run a campaign based in the border princes area. the princes them selves and the area just over the world edge mountains. heres the back ground:-
The Great Border War – from ‘A History of the Satellite wars in the age of Karl Franz’ by S. Von-Butron

In the Imperial year 2522 the world held its breath as The Grand Alliance struggled to hold back the hoards of chaos. Many histories have been written of this time that rightly focus on this heroic struggle, however the rest of the world didn’t merely cease its conflicts as it awaited the outcome of the conflict in the north.

Of these smaller, though no less vicious conflicts, it is perhaps the one that occurred in the border princes that had the most far reaching effects and became known as the Great Border War.

The origins of the war lay several years previously, greenskins, were seen travelling east out of the border princes and beyond the worlds edge mountains in great numbers and at great speed. Although many then travelled north to join the hoard of Grimgor Ironhide it was those that continued eastward that puzzled the dwarf rangers. The reason for this migration was to be revealed in late 2019.

2019 marked the beginning of what many historians called the ‘pre-war’ or ‘phoney-war’. With the Empire, Bretonnia and the Dwarves all focusing on the northern troubles, and Tillea embroiled in major economic turmoil, civil war and under threat from Estilea, the peace and balance imposed on the region by the competing powers began to collapse. Into this cauldron of tension came the Orc’s of Warlord Gorbag Skulltaker.

Gorbag’s campaign was swift, brutal and devastating. His hoard smashed every army it faced. The Orc warlord was also a masterful strategist for one of his race, by passing fortresses to maintain his army’s momentum and never establishing a main standing camp. He divided his forces into three hoards and terrorised the border princes from late 2019 to early 2021. Then in 2021 he led his forces over the Vaults and into Loren forest from which only a fraction of Orc’s returned.

It was into this power vacuum that the surviving leaders of the border princes led their armies to battle and conquest. In the beginning every leader believed that there would be s swift end to the war and that they would unite the border realm as a single unified Kingdom...
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