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Author Topic: Knuckles on Necrodermis campaign, Round 1 (Interrupted) Necrons Vs (Kr)orks.  (Read 1213 times)

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Hi guys, not really a fiction writer, so will probably stick to the facts on this one.

Played an interesting game at 1750pts, using the Interrupted bonus mission. (Tuesday 5th October)

Necron Army List:

Necron Lord w/ Res Orb and Veil Of Darkness

Warriors x10
Warriors x10

--Fast Attack--
Destroyers x5
Destroyers x5
Destroyers x4

--Heavy Support--
Heavy Destroyers x2

Total Points: 1750
Phase Out: 9

(Kr)ork Army List: (The Moonface Tribe)

Warboss Nazgrim Gulgor w/ Stikkbombz, 'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Twin-linked Shoota and a Bosspole

Lootas x8 w/ Deffgunzs

Nobz x8 w/ 3 Sluggas, 5 Choppas, 'Eavy Armour, 2 Power Klaws, 1 Big Choppa, 3 Twin-Linked Shootas and 2 Shoota/Rokkit-Kombi Weapons
Trukk w/ Big Shoota, Armour Plates, Stikkbomb Chukka and a Reinforced Ram
'Ard Boyz x22 w/ Eavy Armour, Choppas, Sluggas, and a Nob w/ 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole, Power Klaw
Ork Boyz x21 w/ Choppas, Sluggas, 2 Rokkit Launcher and a Nob w/ 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole, Power Klaw
Ork Boyz x22 w/ Choppas, Sluggas, and a Nod w/ 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole, Power Klaw

--Fast Attack--
Deffkpotas x5 w/ Choppa, 1 Big Shoota, 4 Twin-Linked Rocket Launchers
StormBoyz x8 w/ Sluggas, Choppas, Rokkit Packs, Stikkbombz, and a Nob w/ 'Eavy Armour, Power Klaw
Warbikers x6 w/ Choppas, Sluggas, Twin-Linked Dakkaguns, and a Nob w/ Power Klaw, Bosspole

Total Points: 1749


I setup the nightbringer, my 2 Heavy Destroyers and Both my Troops choices in the 12" x 12" 'Kill Box', and all my 14 Destroyers held in reserves.
Number1jon setup (From Right to Left, in relation to the picture above) a unit of Boyz and the Warbikers on my right-flank, The remaining 2 units of Boyz and the Lootas were Deployed 'front and center' (the Lootas are the unit on top of the ruins). and finally on my left flank, the remainder of his army consisting of the Deffkpotas, the Trukk transporting the unit of Nobs and the Stormboyz.

Turn: 1 (Necrons attempt to seize intchative, but fail)


Everything closes in on the 'kill box'. A unit of boyz (just left of the Lootas) fires it's rokkits causeing 1 wound on the Nightbringer. and to the left of them the other unit of Boyz shoots my squad of warriors killing 2 of them. The Warbikers coming in from the right fire at my other squad of warriors killing another.
(Note: In the picture the 2 Heavy Destroyers were killed by the Deffkoptas, but Number1jon realized that the deffkoptas can't shoot beacause they turboboosted in there movement phase, so the Heavy Destroyers were just 'Playing dead' and got an automatic WBB)


2 out of 3 Warriors make there WBB rolls. The 2 squards of Warriors move back towards there own table edge (i prefer to think of this as a tactical withdrawal, and not running away because there scared) Both the heavy Destroyers and a sqaud of Warriors (rapid fireing) shoot the Deffkoptas taking out 2 of them, they fail there Morale check and fall back. The Nightbringer advances towards the Boyz (the unit with the rokkits), Shoots and the assaults them, oppting for the Gaze Of Death attack killing a total of 12 Boyz, (you gota love that blast template) The boyz fail there Morale Check and while attempting to fall back get cort out in a sweeping advance.

Turn 2:


The Deffkopptas fail to Regroup and contine to fall back. The Warbikers shoot at my Warriors 'again' (i think there picking on them) and assault them killing a further 5 Warriors thay pass there Morale check and stay in the fight. His Stormboyzs close in and assaults my remaining sqard of warriors killing 5 of them, the remaining Warriors and the Lord from that squad fall back toward the Heavy Destroyers, and his Stormboyz consolidate towards the other unit of Warriors already being assulted by the Warbikes.

His Trukk moves toward the Heavy Destroyers and the unit of Nobz disembark.


At this point in time i think i'm about to lose (judgeing from that last picture anyway), but thankfully 'Renforcements' arrive in the from of 10 Destroyers. 9 out 10 Warriors make there WBB rolls and joins the closes unit which is the sqaud begin assulted by the Warbikes.

The Nightbringer turns around and advances towards the Stormboyz, shoots and then assults them, again oppting for the Gaze Of Death attack killing all the Stormboyz and consolidates towards the Warbikers. The first group of Destroyers (bottom of picture) Shoot and kill all the remaining Deffkoptas, and the second group of Destroyers shoot at a unit of Boyz (inbetween the beer cans) and kill 8 of them. The unit of Warriors continue there assult and kill 3 Warbikers, suffering the loss of only one Warrior in turn, unforchanatly for me they pass there morale check and stay in the fight.

Turn 3:


At this point, i was so ingrossed in the game i forgot to take pictures for this turn (Sorry :-[)

The Nobz moved towards and then assulted the squad of warriors already under attack from the Warbikers, and the unit of Boyz (just left of the Nightbringer at the end of turn 2) move up and get into postion to assalt the Warriors on the next turn. the other unit of Boyz (remember the one's inbetween the beer cans) moved toward my other remaining group of Warriors (inbetween the Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers) and shoot at them killing 2 warriors. The Lootas concentrated there fire power on the Nightbringer, but due to the (Kr)orks 'impressive marksmenship' , fail to do anything.
Then came the (Kr)ork Assult Phase, the Nightbringer used his Etheric Tempest special rule to 'Blow Away' the Warbikers and the unit of Boyz, but unforchanatly for me not the unit of Nobz which subsecuently killed all but 1 Warrior.


The remaining unit of 4 Destroyers came on from reserves and only 2 Warriors made there WBB roles. (1 from each unit)

My Heavy Destroyers move back towards my table edge and 'pop' the Trukk, the 2 units of 5 Destroyers move towards, shoot and kill all the remaining (Kr)orks (inbetween the 2 beer cans, SIDE NOTE: those 'Landmarks' have come in very useful for this Battle Report). the unit of 4 Destroyers shoot at the Warbikers killing 1 and putting 1 Wound on the Nobz. The sqaud of warriors with the lord attached teleported using his Veil Of Darkness ability to the left behind the 'diaganol' ruin (out of sight of the Lootas). The Nightbringer assults the Nobz and kills them all in a sweeping advance, the Nightbringer makes his comsolidation move towards the last reamining unit of Boyz and the warriors consolidate behind the ruins. (Right, back-center of the deployment picture which puts them out of sight of the Lootas)

Turn 4:


The unit of Boyz moved away from the Nightbringer, the Lootas again don't do much to the nightbringer and the Nob on the Warbike came around the ruin the Warriors were hidding behind (only 2 left in this sqaud) ready to assult them in the next turn, but as it was out of line of sight to them, it shot at the unit of 4 Destroyers instead, but the destroyer made it's armour save.


The unit of 4 Destroyer (on the right) moved forwards and shoot the Nobz on the Warbike killing him. (a little over kill i gess) The Nightbringer moved towards and tried to shoot the unit of Boyz in front of him but missed (i'm shore he meant to do that!) and the 2 units of 5 Destroyers also moved up and shot at the remaining unit of boyz killing 12 of them, they failed there morale check and fell back.

Turn 5:


The unit of Boyz continued to fall back and the Lootas again failed to do anything.

This was all that was left of the (Kr)orks:

At this point Number1jon decided to 'Throw in the towel' as he could see no way of turning it around.

And so..... A victory for the Necrons. A thoroughly enjoyable game and a surprising result really, because at the Start of the game during the deployment, i thought i would only survive to turn 2, aspecaly as my only 2 troops choices were already in the 'kill box' and the Orks were so damed close.

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Thanks for sharing, I love the pics, and chalk up another victory for the Toasters.

Great that you squeezed it in before the round was over for the campaign.

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Very impressive game. Congrats on the win. I really didn't expect that. Nicely done!

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thanks guys, though i think it was the Nightbringer that did all the 'heavy lifting', plus i think the  dice gods were with me.


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