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Does Khorne have dessert?

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Author Topic: Gird your loins - Does Khorne have dessert?  (Read 3497 times)

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Gird your loins - Does Khorne have dessert?
« on: July 31, 2020, 06:38:39 PM »
On Twitter, Wyddr and I have been in wild debate, where he is *obviously* completely incorrect, about whether Khorne has dessert. I say YES as it's the obvious truth. He says no, as he's utterly incorrect and a foolish heretic who wouldn't know a decent skull brunch if it fell upon him during the night.

Ordinarily I wouldn't let such vile libel bother me. Yet, in this instance of someone being so wrong I'm surprised a singularity of foul smelling mistaken didn't form around him, I can not remain silent.

For ease of reading I will include a link to the thread where Wyddr is not only disappointing himself, he's disappointing his country, the planet, and the universe in general.

Edit: In case of emergency, this is how to gird your loins.

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