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Title: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Or'es, Chosen of the Fire God on March 21, 2005, 05:45:49 AM
Even though I am a Tau player first and only, I have decided it would be a cool idea if I could hear some other peoples chapter ideas. So, if you want to, you can post any chapter idea and have it praised/mocked by everybody else.

A brief layout guide

Name: Your chapter name (obviously)
Symbol: Common chapter icons and so forth.
Chapter Traits: see the Codex
Homeworld: A homeworld for your chapter.
Background: Some fluff about your history, what chapter you were founded from, etc.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Wuestenfux on March 21, 2005, 06:31:17 AM
I've created the chapter of Red Ravens. See
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: -Makenshi- on March 21, 2005, 06:39:44 AM
Are you sure you want me to post my chapters? I've got about an A4 page of fluff for both of them, and then there's the other Chapters I thought of but never started...

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Rasmus on March 21, 2005, 06:41:17 AM
Just post a snipplet of fluff then, not the whole kit.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Heretek on March 21, 2005, 06:42:17 AM
Heres a chapter I created recently;
Name: Hands of The Moon
Symbol: A clenched black fist on a white disk (realy the imperial fists emblem on a black background so you cant see the outer black circle)
Colours: Black armour and shoulder-plates, with white banding
Traits: See But Don't Be Seen & Trust Your Battle-Brothers, drawback: Eye to Eye
Homeworld: The night-world of Hydraphur
Background: The only real background my chapter has is that because they come from a night world, they a.) Praise their only source of light, the moon, as the incarnation of the emperor, b.) See extreamly well in the dark, so I use the night vision special rules and c.) As a result of living on a night-world are very stealthly, hence the see but don't be seen, trait.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: -Makenshi- on March 21, 2005, 06:47:35 AM
Ok then.

The Dark Knights[/b]
Symbol: Halberd.
Chapter Traits: They use Black Templars rules
Homeworld: Crusaders, so no home world.
Background: The Dark Knights are successors of the Imperial Fists; they organise themselves and fight in an almost identical way to the Black Templars except that The Dark Knights favour Storm Shields and halberds. The key difference between the two (other than the slight change of colour scheme) is that The Dark Knights are well known for going over the top, if they are called in to help fight a corrupted government they will, more often than not, wipe out much more than they need to and have been known on occasion to wipe out a planets entire population. They are quick to judge heretics and will wipe out their own if they suspect in the slightest way they are tainted. This is also true if they see other chapters as corrupt in the slightest.

(And that's only a snippet)

The Steel Dragons[/b]
Symbol: Dragon.
-Heed The Wisdom Of The Ancients (They have lots of casualties and  have been a round for quite a wile)
-Cleanse And Purify (They prefer to keep on the move)
Minor Disadvantage
-Have Pride In Your Colours (They are stubbornly proud and do not hide from the enemy, they strike like a hammer without warning but they would never hide)
Major Disadvantage
-Eye To Eye (They prefer to ‘drop in’ unannounced rather than career across the battlefield)
Homeworld: None, they go around patrolling the Segmentum Tempestus.
Background:The Steel Dragons’ Gene-Seed originates from the Ravenguard, however their tactics differ slightly, with exception to the mass drop pods.

They rely heavily on their Dreadnoughts (of which they have many) and their Terminators to deliver the punishing blows wile their small (in comparison) amount of troops clear up the leftovers and any enemies too fast for the Dreadnoughts and Terminators.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: the machine god on March 21, 2005, 09:59:10 AM
here's mine:
the red scourge, necron
purpose:to annihilate all in the way of finding the machine god(there's a really cool story about it but forgot where i found it)
battle cry:the are no adversaries worthy enough....
bonusses:they look cool,all fearless,no phase out rule because they only live to find the machine god
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: [dixon] on March 21, 2005, 10:05:13 AM
Scions of the Emperor
Symbol: Crossed Swords
Traits:  Uphold the Honour of the Emperor... That's it.
Homeworld: None (crusading fleet)
Colours: White and Blue, quartered
Background...  Geneseed originated from the Imperial Fists, the chapter supports Wars of Faith, and has storng ties to the Ecclesiarchy.  Has a 'Holier than thou' theme.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: The Damned One on March 21, 2005, 11:21:25 AM
Name: Angels of Justice
Symbol: A pair of wings with a japanese writing under it.
Chapter Traits: Blessed be the Wariors( assault squads as Elite) and bring the fight to the enemy (Bolter against Cc weapon and Boltpistol), Flesh over steel.
Homeworld: a Huge  Space Hulk
Colour:Black and Red in Combination
Shortly after joining the Worriors Deliverant to fight the Rebellion in the Calibara system a  force out of Grey Knights , Lead by Inquistor Artemis and Gandmaster Julian smashed into thier Fleet,thier was only one  reason given for this attack, they had helped the relictors to grab hold of a Chaos artefact.But it struck the Chapter so badly that its fleet lost many ships and  most of thier Heavy Support and Tanks. in an epic battle down at the Surface and in the Orbit  of the Planet Calibra the the Nith, 6  and the fith companie held up the Greyknights and the Inquistiorail forces so long for the rest of the fleet to Escape. Befeated and Batred Chapter Master Marius, found an Huge emty Space Hulk, it didn't take long and soon the Angels of Justice had a new base, where they could hide from the Inquistorial Forces. From that day on they attack planets with thier cunning speed and wildness. There are many battles where imperail forces where about to lose only to see the enemy running away from black Red Warriors.They mostly attack were not expected.The Angels of Justice have won many battles for the Imperium with out the imperial forces ven knowing it.Until to day they still are in the space hulk and attack when needed.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Sergeant Neyac on March 21, 2005, 06:28:20 PM
Vulkan's Chosen - first & only known successor of the Salamanders Chapter. They currently have no Homeworld and as such are a Fleet Based Chapter that is currently serving in a campaign against Orks in a sector of space that is far away from any known Imperial Worlds of note but will at some time be granted a world (due to their valorious service during the campaign) that they may claim as their own and from which the Chapter will be based.
 - Cleanse & Purify
 - Take the Fight to Them
 - Have Faith in Suspicion
 - Eye to Eye
The basic colours for the Chapter are as follows:
   Main Colour/Armour - Dark Grey.
   Shoulderpad Rims - Dark Red (about Scab Red if you want the GW Colour)
   Main Shoulderpad Colour (ie. the recessed bit between the rims) - Same green as the Salamanders so as to denote their linieage
   Company Colours - Displayed on the left kneepad and follow those set down in the Codex Astartes.
   Chapter Icon - a black talon and is displayed on their left shoulderpad.

Other Notes - Rumours abound that the Chapter was formed under special Orders from the Ordo Xenos Faction of the Inquisition and that the Chapter was created specifically for service in this campaign as current resources were stretched due to the conflict around the Cadia and the Eye of Terror. Such rumours are so far unsubstantiated but the Chapter does seem to have close ties to this particular faction of the Inquisition even though it is only new and has presently few battle honours to its name.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: FLV on April 23, 2005, 04:30:30 PM
Chapter name: Steel Ravens

Geneseed: Rogal Dorn's geneseed (high resistance of mutation, no flaws)

Founding: 24th

Homeworld:Fleet based Chapter (Battle-barge Corvus Adamantinus)

Combat Doctrine:
They mainly follow the holy Codex, although they diverge in certain manners. Firstly, they fight as a team. Certainly, there are heroes, but brotherhood is one of the things that lies deeply in their tradition. They trust each other, and they know that no one of their brothers will ever fail in this manner. And so, they fear no enemy, they fear no death, beacause they know, that no one of them is alone in this fight. "Trust your battle brother, always"... "He, who stands with me, shall be my brother"... They don't fear to receive a charge of the enemy, will it be a swarm of screeching Tyranids, steel horde of Necrons, or the most hatred of all, the ruinous powers of Chaos. And so, they will hold their ground to no matter what enemy, resisting any attack. And then, they will counter-attack with righteous fury to utterly destroy the enemy with the holy weapons, Bolter and Chainsword, the embodyment of the Emperor's wrath, until the last of their enemy's remain dead. [Trust Your Battle Brother's]

Until the last of their enemy's remain dead... this is also the second of their divergences. They often refuse to leave the field of battle if some of their enemy's are still alive. Sometimes even very weakened forces will continue to fight to let none of their enemy's escape. [Death Before Dishonour]

Their operating main near the Eye Of Terror, their high resistance against mutation is extremely useful in this case.

Their name was divided from:
Steel - high usage of heavy equipment (especially Terminator Armour, most of their characters are trained in usage of the blessed Tactical Dreadnought Armor)
Ravens - lightning strikes using transports (drop pods), and black armour

Chapter colours: (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg162.exs.cx%2Fimg162%2F7065%2Fmarine4ml.th.jpg&hash=363a5e7e37dae87423226dd1390764b75e9fabff) (http://img162.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img162&image=marine4ml.jpg)

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Karl Eller on April 23, 2005, 08:07:47 PM
Chapter Name: Knights of the Argent Fist

Symbol: A chenched silver fist

Chapter traits: Advantages - Cleans and Purify, Trust Your Battle-Brother. Disadvantages - Eye to Eye, Have Pride In Your Colours

Homeworld: [Unable to find Record] (ie I haven't come up with one yet)

Background: The Knights are an Imperial Fists Successor Chapter founded some time before the Arch-Heretic's 13th Black Crusade. The Chapter's Homeworld is an abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld out near the Halo Zone in the Segmentum Pacificus.
When Abaddon launched his 13th crusade, the Argent Fist's homeworld, along with a group of surrounding systems that were originally the Forgeworld's Knight Worlds, was cut off from the rest of the Imperium by a series of Warp Storms. The Knights were tasked with defending the surrounding systems from chaotic raids which still managed to find a way through the warp storms.
Because of the logistical problems of trying to defend the group of systems with only a single chapter, the Knights were forced to reactivate the dead Forgeworld's factories and begin production of a new class of strike cruiser. Although only a little larger than a destroyer (indeed, they barely classed as a cruiser), the new Light Strike Cruisers, as they have the equipment to drop pod a company of Marines simultaneously. However, they didn't have the space nor the energy requirements to mount Teleport decks, so terminators were forced to use Drop Pods.
Once the Warp Storms had subsided, and the systems had been returned th the imperium, the Knights of the Argent Fist continued to use their unique Light Strike Cruiser instead of the more heavly armed and armoured, but slower, strike cruisers used by most other chapters.
The Knights excel in using Drop Pod assault tactics to land Marine forces in strategic locations where they are best able to bring their firepower to bare. Despite the lack of Teleport decks on the light strike cruisers, the Knights still employ a large number of Terminators, deployed via drop pods, as they find the fire power and survivability extremly useful in missions where strong enemy resistance is expected.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Da Moose on April 23, 2005, 11:23:06 PM
Name: Templar of the Vale (formerly the Knights of the Vale)
Symbol: Black Celtic Cross of the Templar
Chapter Traits: Trust your Battle Brothers, Cleanse and Purify, Eye to Eye,
Homeworld: White Vale
Background: Formed from the Ultra Marine line during the second founding, The Knights of the Vale served as support for many elder and more respected Chapters, during campaigns and battle famous through out the imperium. Guided by the wisdom and leadership of their sagely Masters, the Knights learned before they could lead they must first follow, and because of this philosophy the Vale Knights gain a great deal of experience without much fame or reputation. It was not until the Libration of St. Christy, did the Knights finally spear head a major campaign, and in Glorious fashion. The heretic, power hungry Arch Governor Calius, revolted against the Imperium and claimed the entire system of St Christy as his personal domain, drawing the support of local generals as well as reinforced by a small core of traitorous marines from the Night Lords. Only the name sack of the system, St. Cristy stood against the Governor's forces, inspired to defend its highly renowned Monastery devoted to the martyred hero St. Christy. Out numbered and out gunned, St. Christy's defenders only consisted of the combined forces of a conscripted PDF and a small force of monastery guard, bolstered by a Priest core who bravely stood preaching on the front lines of almost every defence. Though inspiring, the defenders were fighting a losing battle, not skilled in the art of tactics or war craft the PDF could only sit and defend while the Governor's troops picked apart their lines. Knowing full well what was at stake the Knights sprang into the fray, with their lightning fast drop pod assaults they made quick work of the rear guard and patrol forces of many of the high ranking commanders around the Governor, antagonizing them to shift forces away from the front. With the pressure lifted form the defending PDF force and many factors of the Governor's forces spread to widely along the rear the time was ripe for the Knights to strike. Many Brother made a name for themselves in the upcoming battle, Chapter Master Kane lead his command squad into the heart of the Arch Governor's Chief of Command's HQ and personally took the heads of the Chief Commander and Staff, Chaplain Master of Sanctity Lavantus gave his famous speech "Blood of My Battle Brothers.", and Brother Master Sergeant (then Veteran Sergeant of the first company) Luke, taking up the command of the Third company's assault on the Night Lords position, after his brother Captain Vatius was taken in combat with a traitor's defiler. The battle was long and hard fought on both sides, but it was clear that the Knights of the Vale would win the day. The forces of the Governor, losing on all sides to the forces of the Knight, pressed all remaining forces on the lines of the monastery defences. Breaking under the pressure of a full assault, PDF fell back into the monastery. Not about to give up the monastery to the forces of evil, the White Knight Terminators of the First Company teleported to the steps of the great church and held off the assault long enough for their battle brothers to join them. After the liberation of St. Christy, the rest of the system fell with easy, Arch Governor Calius, his empire fallen down around his ears, took his own life rather then face Master Kane, who had gone on to collect the heads of all of his Generals and loyal higher ups. At the end of the campaign the marines returned to St. Christy to pay their respects. The sole surviving Priest came before the chapter and stood between Master Kane and Chaplain Lavantus, and proclaimed that any and all battle brothers present past and future would be honorable monks of the Monastery of St. Christy, and offered Kane the holiest artifact at St. Christy, a feather from the wings of Saint Christy herself, and in a famous offer of respect and brother hood offered it to Lavantus for safe keeping. From that day forth, the Knights of the Vale would be known as the Templar of Vale and be the sole defenders of th system of St. Christy.

(sorry for the long wilded fluff but i just couldn't stop.  ;D)
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: marz on April 24, 2005, 08:51:04 AM
Name:  Children of the Red Moon
Symbol:  2-10 companies: A red cresent moon on black or white backgrounds (depending on company).  1st company [Wolfpack] uses a white wolf's head on red or black background.
Colors:  Red & White primary, Black secondary
Traits:  Take the Fight to Them & See, But Don't be Seen - Eye to Eye & Die Standing
Background: yet to come
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Frost on May 4, 2005, 07:57:52 PM
Knights of Bodom

   Colours : Black & Red
   Founding Chapter : Thousand Sons
   Home World : Quarlen
   Chapter Traits : Yet to come
   Heroes : Sylon and Osiris

   Backround : Ahriman, chief librarian of the thousand sons became in possesion of an ancient artifact on the planet Quarlen. This artifact was the Hammerblow Amulet. It's power could summon the force of 50 thunder hammers in the hands of a skilled psyker such as Ahriman. A powerful librarian under Ahrimans command named Slyon found out that he was going to practice the use of his amulet on his own troops, himself being one. Sylon got ahold the amulet while Amhriman let it down for a little while, and took off. He went to the nearby planet of Macragge, and brought it to the emperor himself to be once again accepted into the imperium as he was a part of the thousand sons. The emperor accepted his gesture, and granted him access to the armories. Sylon equipped himself with the necessary wargear and got a small army worth of troops back to the planet Quarlen. The armor used for attacking Ahriman and the thousand sons was black and red, to camoflauge with mount Bodom where the thousand sons were stationed. They silently crept up the mountain taking out sentries along the way. Atop the mountain was a viscous massacre of thousand sons with little amounts of caualties for Sylon and his warriors. Ahriman with still a mass of thousand sons marines fled in search of the next artifact they could find. Sylon was appointed a champion by the emperor for his acts, and made leader of his chapter. The planet of Quarlen became station and base for the Knights of Bodom. The chapter is all around now, but has a strong psyker presence.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: The Sleeper on May 9, 2005, 05:32:12 AM
here is my one
Colours: black and sliver
Founding Chapte:r unknown
Home world The distessan system
Chaptar traits: The true git 1 and the apoc 1 (sorry out of time) also die standing and the bike major disadvantage
hero's: yet to come

The Dragonguard rule the distessan system and protect it from invaders.
This is only allowed as there is a permant inquisitorial presence and because The Dragonguard have taken the from a collection of disorganised hive worlds to a efficient and hard working realm that rivals ultramar. They fight with righteous bolter's to defend the imperium of man. They are obsessed with purity and will go to great lengths to keep themselves and those under their watch pure and whole of mind and body. This has brought them in conflict to many other space marine chapters in the past because:
A) they rule a system which menans half there chapter will always stay behind to protect,
B) They see those who are not whole of mind and body as weak and will ignore them at the very least and in the most extreme circumstances will see them as traitors and chaos worshippers and will attack.
C) they are openly intolent of those that just charge in to combat and see them as fools. This brings them in conflict with the blood angels and such
Warfare: The dragon guard fight with a mix of bolter and steel. Like the space wolves they have perfected the technique of shooting a bolter in on hand which means they are just as eadly on the charge as they are being charge. They dragon guard are a slow and methodcal chapter. Thsi is because they draw there recuits from of the finst warriors from the distessan guard
They also have a lack of fast units as they are both non suitable to the chapters tempeant and the system that they protect doesn't make them.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Bil123 on May 9, 2005, 05:36:39 PM
Name: Death Ravens
Colors: Red and Black
Home World: Record Lost
Founding Chapter: Record Lost
Chapter Traits: No Mercy No Respite, Suffer not the alien to live (tyranids) Faithful unto Death.
Heros: Lidyrong (Present Chapter Master Oldest Marine in Chapter)

The Death Ravens' home world was almost destroyed by a tyranid invasion, all that was left was uninhabitable wasteland. Now they wander around the galaxy, destroying the enimies of the Emperor. Lidyrong is the one of the only surviving marines from the tyranid attack, the other survivors make up the entire first compony. They have a link with the Daemonhunters, mainly with Inquisitor Lord Varrian and Iquisitor Yirrep. Their Symbol is that of a black wing or wings. It is believed that the founding chapter is blood angels as some of the marines have wings growing from thier back just as Sanaguiness.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: marneus calgar 132 on May 13, 2005, 01:12:42 AM
i don't have the new codex so i can't do chapter traits but here it goes

Chapter Name:Templar Knights
Chapter Symbol:red templar cross
Colours:wight with silver trims and red guns
home world:Amun
Fluff:I don't know someone else make something up
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Quaren on May 14, 2005, 02:25:06 PM
Chapter Name: The Black Angels
Chapter Symbol: Not really sure..black sword with wings on red background
Chapter Founding: Rogal Dorn geneseed, Black Templar brothers
Traits: See but don't be seen..Trust your battle brothers..Eye to Eye (disadvantage)
Colors: Black armour with red gore pads and wings. Metal trimmings
Fluff: They come from a world with 2 suns, but an odd orbit. They have a very intense day that is shorter than average (5-8 hrs) so they train extensivly at night, fully employing scouts and the like tactics. Although they keep the practice of an Emperor's Champion, that is all that they share with their Templar brethren.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Claw on May 16, 2005, 06:07:28 PM
Chapter Name: Grave Diggers
Chapter Symbol: Skull with a shovel hand like thing coming out of top of skull.
Chapter Founding: UltraMarines
Colors: Catachan green with Chaos black right knee pad and some trimmings, and blood red eyes.
Fluff: So far none, except their belief which is a loyal follower of the Imperiuem and Emperor when buried in the ground will receive happiness and glory in the Emperors presence and hall (heaven), but a enemy who is buried will receave utter damnation and torture, but if a follower of the Emperor or his enemy is not buried then they will receave a purgatory for eternity, or worse....oblivion
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Heretek on May 16, 2005, 06:33:24 PM
I dont belive *pattoned* is a word, do you mean patented? or copyright?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: The Sleeper on May 16, 2005, 06:44:49 PM
Chapter Name: Grave Diggers
Chapter Symbol: Skull with a shovel hand like thing coming out of top of skull.
Chapter Founding: UltraMarines
Colors: Catachan green with Chaos black right knee pad and some trimmings, and blood red eyes.
Fluff: So far none, except their belief which is a loyal follower of the Imperiuem and Emperor when buried in the ground will receive happiness and glory in the Emperors presence and hall (heaven), but a enemy who is buried will receave utter damnation and torture, but if a follower of the Emperor or his enemy is not buried then they will receave a purgatory for eternity, or worse....oblivion
isn't the grave diggers the name of a catachan company or some thing

I don't believe *pattoned* is a word, do you mean patented? or copyright?
I think he meant pantent or some thing like that
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Post by: Mon'Tau on May 17, 2005, 07:07:11 AM
Chapter: Holy Crusaders

Symbol: Red Crusaders Cross

Chapter Founding: Dark Angels

Colours: Chaos Black armour, Scab red symbol, eyes, chest design, pack trimming, and shoulderpad rims.

Homeworld: None. Erris II Destroyed within weeks of colonisation by Crusaders by the Biel-Tan Swordwind.

Fluff: Check post in Adeptus Astartes- Order of Battle

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Post by: Claw on May 17, 2005, 03:41:03 PM
Chapter Name: Grave Diggers
Chapter Symbol: Skull with a shovel hand like thing coming out of top of skull.
Chapter Founding: UltraMarines
Colors: Catachan green with Chaos black right knee pad and some trimmings, and blood red eyes.
Fluff: So far none, except their belief which is a loyal follower of the Imperiuem and Emperor when buried in the ground will receive happiness and glory in the Emperors presence and hall (heaven), but a enemy who is buried will receave utter damnation and torture, but if a follower of the Emperor or his enemy is not buried then they will receave a purgatory for eternity, or worse....oblivion
isn't the grave diggers the name of a catachan company or some thing

I don't believe *pattoned* is a word, do you mean patented? or copyright?
I think he meant pantent or some thing like that

Not that I know of?

At first I did nor think it was right but I ran it through the spell check and it said it was a word?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: marneus calgar 132 on May 18, 2005, 01:16:02 AM
just because the spell check says it is right does not mean it means what u are thinking of

check the dictionary
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Post by: MarineForce1 on May 22, 2005, 12:06:14 AM
Name: Emperor's Light
Emblem:A silver disk with rays comming from it(Gold for elites and HQ)
Parent chapter: Word Bearers
Colors:Primary: Metalic Pure Gold(Wal-mart special). Secondary HQ/Elites:Metalic Saphire(Wal-Mart). Secondary Rest of Army: Cobalt Blue(sensing a pattern yet?). Aquiala:Mithril Silver. Skulls:Saphire/Cobalt blue
Home World: Pastil IV, an Inquisitional Base of Operations near the Squat Homeworlds.
Commander:Chapter Master Sagat Versailles
Traits:Cleanse and Purify and Trust your Battle Brothers
Drawbacks:Aspire to Glory and Faithful Unto Death

Breif History:During the Horus Heresy the Emperor's Light Chapter along, with a contigent of Word Bearers. En route the Word Bearer's and 'Tainted Ones'(Traitor Emperor's Light), fired on loyalists' and Imperial Navy vessels. During the conflict the Imperial Navy ships limped off to a nearby world, telling loyalist forces sketchy reports of both chapter's treachery. Soon the Imperial Navy, afraid of opening a new front in the war sent all available ships to destroy both chapters. The traitors' and loyalsts' ships were weak, due to the prolonged fighting they had been engaged in, retreated into the Maelstrom. They forged an uneasy alliance, since the loyalist leader was killed durning the fighting when his battle barge was destroyed. First the Chief Librarian took over for the loyalists and the traitor's had the Master of Sanctity. The Librarian so devote to his soldiers killed himself once he felt the touch of the warp on him, knowing the risks of any psyker, he killed himself so to not taint his followers. The next leader came from Assault Squad Gama, Veteran Sgt. Sagat Versailles.
10,000 years later, during the 13th Black Crusade an Imperial Shrine world had sent all of it's inquisitional forces to deal with the Arch Enemy, save for an Order of Sister of battle, and PDF troops. The traitors falling to the embrace of Slaanesh, they felt the Sisters would prove amusing playthings. The chaplain asked Sagat if he'd like to choin his band, he reluctantly agreed, but needed time to gather his troops. Without Sagat's imediat help he launched a full scale invasion of Pastil IV were there was a protracted land war that lasted for three weeks. During the battle Canoness Carrera Esceriot fought the Master of Sanctity in singles combat, but during the fight Carrera's pride had gotten the best of her and Slaanesh found a new champion for his/her armies. Soon after that encounter when things seemed darked for Pastil IV the loyalist Marines attempted a daring orbital assault, cutting the head from the beast, making the traitors flee back to the Maelstrom. Due to their valor and zeal the Emperor's Light were re-instated as apart of the Adeptus Astartes, by the Inquistitor General.(Theres more to the story, but then it wouldn't be brief now would it?)
[For any elaborations E-mail me at: syvernthewyvern@hotmail.com]
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Henimann on May 22, 2005, 09:01:40 PM
Hey everyone, heres the fluff for my DIY chapter, the Iron Tempests

Please feel free to tear this thing apart!

+++Searching Imperial Data Files+++

+++Uploading Link…+++

+++Chapter Number 478, Adeptus Astartes Obscurus+++

+++Datafile 14798, Chapter History+++

+++Iron Tempests, “Smite with Lightning!”+++


   Founded during the 22nd founding in M38 from Imperial Fists geneseed, the Iron Tempests were a new chapter. numbering only 570 men, when it recieved a distress call while in transit to a distant battle. Dropping out of the warp to answer the call, they discovered an uncharted planet, seemingly without any form of attack or revolt occuring. The Tempests attempted to hail the planetary authorities, but the only thing they received was static. Suddenly, a Chaos raiding fleet descended from the warp, and the two fleets engaged in battle. The fleets battered at each other for hours, only ending when the last chaos ship was destroyed. But of the Tempests, only a Battle Barge, the Imperius Maximus, remained. Crippled by a broadside salvo from a Chaos cruiser, the Maximus was slowly descending into the planetary atmosphere. Reiksmarshal Daros, commander of the Maximus as well as Chapter Master, ordered all able men to the escape pods. The Tempests rocketed to the surface, landing just in time to see what was left of the Maximus crash just a dozen miles from their landing site.

   Of the 570 marines in the task force, only 270 remained. Daros realized their predicament and ordered the marines to the wreck of the Maximus, hoping to salvage something that would allow them to contact a possible rescuer. Sadly, nothing remained in the way of communications equipment, and the electrical storms in the atmosphere blocked the Librarian's ability to transmit messages through the Astronomican.  The techmarines accompanying the survivors were able to convert the Maximus' wreck into a temporary fortress. This was to be the survivors’ home for the next century and it was from the fortress, dubbed The Procello, that the chapter explored the planet.

   During that time, the survivors were able to explore their home. They christened the planet Procella after the many lightning storms that scoured its surface. No humans were to be found, but the ruins of some long dead civilization were found all over the surface. These were investigated, but nothing of value was found.  The only thing of interest were the great mineral deposits found under the planets surfaces.  The marines set to mining the ores, and using them to create a small forge, from which the Techmarines were able to make a few armored vehicles, as well as modify the ones that survived the battle and crash.  The chapters three dreadnought hulls, as well as its twenty terminator suits, were found intact and operational in the Maximus' armoury. 

   The Iron Tempests remained on Procella for 105 years, until a small fleet under Rogue Trader Jado Parak came upon the planet during their explorations. The survivors were found, and the Imperium was immediately contacted.  The Chapter was given the rights of conquest for the system, as well as dominion over it.  Procella was made their homeworld, with the chapter establishing two bases - The Procello was incorporated into a new Chapter Fortress-Monastery of the same name, with the hulk of the Maximus becoming a gargantuan chapel to the Emperor and the chapter's primarch Rogal Dorn.  Reiksmarshal Daros was christened Lord Levitas of Procello, with each Chapter Master following him taking on the same name.


   Following their rediscovery, the Steel Tempests reorganized themselves according to the Codex Astartes.  Now numbering 983 men, the chapter is basically at full strength.  The first comapny consists of the chapter's twenty Terminators, as well as a large veteran corps consisting of those who fought with honor and courage in battle.  The second through fifth companies are battle companies, and the sixth through ninth are reserve companies.  The tenth company is unique in that it includes all the chapter's land speeders and bikes, as well as its scouts.  Because of their isolation from the rest of the Imperium so long ago, the Tempests' assault squads learned to battle without the use of their jump packs, but those are avaiable for use whenever they are required, such as during sieges and city battles.  The chapter also has a strangely large amount of Librarians (at last count, the Librarius had 35 members with the rank of codicier or higher), but because of their unique planetary environment, the Librarians have become adept at the use of lightning attacks, being able to summon raw electrical force using nothing but their psychic talents.  This makes them a fearsome opponent on the battlefield, as well as a  concern for some members of the Inquisition.  Despite this concern, the chapter has had very few occurences of demonic possesion, and this has only occured in recruits to the Librarium.  Despite its large numbers, the members of the chapter's Librarium are very strict on their containment policies, and any signs of contamination are remedied by extermination.

   Since the chapter is located in the Segmentum Tempestus, the chapter has had much experience fighting xenos of many kinds, ranging from the predatory orks to the sadistic Eldar Corsairs, better known as Dark Eldar.  Because of this, the chapter has very strong ties with the Ordo Xenos, and many of its veterans and commanders have been at some time in their duties members of the rightly feared Deathwatch.  The chapter has very few bikes and speeders, mainly becasue these were the main items lost during the isolation, but to make up for this, the chapter has trained its squads in infiltration tactics, allowing its tactical squads to scout out the battlefield while still being an important factor in battle.  This is the chapter's largest deviation from the Codex Astartes - its prefers to fight in heavy skirmishing lines rather than in orderly formations.  These tactics have been used by other chapters, but none are able to carry it out as well as the Tempests. 

   The Procella system is located in the Segementum Tempestus, near the borders fo Tau space. Procella is a bleak and barren place, consisting of barren mountain ranges and valleys. The planet’s atmosphere is full of electrical storms, which scour the surface with powerful bolts of electricity. The ruins that dot the landscape were obviously of human origins, but of what happened to their inhabitants, no one knows. The planet has one continent, surrounded by a small ocean. Very few plants thrive on the surface, but those that do, such as the foragma tree, usually cover the valley floors. The local fauna, including the thunder phoenix, either live in the valley forest or in caves in the mountain sides. Proscella is a basically nothing more than a barren wasteland, making it ideal to locate a fortress monastery.   

   Following the rediscovery of the Procella system, many Imperial subjects migrated there, either to mine on Procella, or to raise crops on the agri-worlds of Monuu and Dahgobah.  These subjects were placed under the protection and lordship of the Iron Tempests, and when these worlds were first required to raise regiemnts for the Imperial Guard, the regiments were equipped and trained by the chapter. 
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Post by: Chaplian chris on May 27, 2005, 08:05:38 PM
my chapter im curently working on is not finished but this is one i quickly worked up AND IS VERY SIMILER TO MINE.


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Post by: Fuhrmann on June 7, 2005, 07:16:15 AM
Name: Sons of Midas
Symbol: Golden Fist
Chapter Traits: No Mercy, No Respite and Scion of Mars | Aspire to Glory and Faithful unto Death
Homeworld: Kronos
Background: Name Comes from a Salamanders Captain named Midas, who bore a Golden Power Fist. The people of Kronos revered him as the Chosen of the Emperor, and the new chapter used this beleif to gain thier Acceptance. Recently Suffered heavy damage in the Ghoul Star's Campaigns
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Post by: -Makenshi- on June 7, 2005, 07:48:08 AM
my chapter im curently working on is not finished but this is one i quickly worked up AND IS VERY SIMILER TO MINE.



Just so you know, typing in all caps is the net equivelant of shouting and wont win you any friends, quite the opposite in fact.

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Post by: gaurdsmen hellard on June 7, 2005, 07:00:27 PM
here's mine

chapter name:flaming dragons
symbol:dragon head thats on fire
colour:pitch black and red
homeworld:the desert planet of bakeon
gean seed:the grey knight
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Post by: Void on June 7, 2005, 07:30:06 PM
Don't laugh t this ;D  It is just a "what hapened to this guy?" thing.

Chapter Name:Angels of Anguish
Symbol:Think Ravenwing symbol but with a Scythe instead of Sword.
Color:Black and Red with Bronze(pft, yeah right, more like bloody gold) bitz.
Geneseed:This is the part you arent suppose to laugh at ;)  Death Guard Geneseed.
History.  Remeber that guy Captain Garro?  Well, In my personal 40k continutiy(plot-hole free since 2003) the Emperor promised Garro and his fellow Marines amnesty and the chance to rebuild their legions if they fought alongside him against their Former Legion and Primarchs.  Garro and 4 other Death Guard were the only survivors of the 50 Marines(10 had died on Istvaan already right?  Saul Tarvitz and the Emperor's Children am I correct?)  But, with the Emperor entombed in the Golden Throne, no onw was willing to not follow his orders.  The Death Guard were allowed to rebuild in secrcy by the new Imperial Government.  It took so long though, they were a Third Founding Chapter.  They were recorded as Ultramarines genseed.  And to keep them away from the taint of chaos they were stationed on the Eastern Fringe where they wouldnt get in trouble.  And if they did, the largest Space Marine Chapter in existence, with its Primarch, the Ultra Smurfs, would smack them downChristened with the name Angels of Anguish by Garro, they became fantically devout to the Emperor.  They believe he is Death itself and that the only constant in the universe is Death.  So the Emperor is the only constant in the universe and so he is "god".(And yes, I'm a devout religous type in life.  Reflecting one's personaility to a new level eh?  Just without the whole morose Death thing...)  They have a overwhelming drive to show their loyalty and faith and so many of their Companies are lead by Chaplains.  And it is almost certain that an Inquisioter and his retinue follow them into battle as a gesture of "Big Brother is watching you"  They hate corruption and weakness, and are used as they fanatical shock troops of many campaigns, killing the biggest targets they can find in order to prove their piety.  But, they still fight in the tried and true methods of the ancient Death Guard legion.  Usig combat knfes and one-handed Bolter grips, their Tactical squads fill the role of Assault and Tactical Marine.  And Terminators are used in abunance, as they use almost no vehicles except for Dreadnoughts and Attack Bikes.
Battle-Cry:The Angels of Angusih often fill the comm-channels of their foes with litanies of hate and chanting.  Roaring at the top of their lungs, this invariably unnerves their unlucky foes.

Appearnce:Lots of chains, purity seals and catechisms written on paper on the models.  Silver-plated skulls of fallen foes often hang from the chains adorning their ancient and revered armor and vehicles.
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I like your idea Void, I was going to do something similar as the Sons of Garro, with Pre hersey Death Guard colours. What are you thinking for Traits? I like the idea of using 'Trust your Battle Brothers' A must for Death Guard types, as well as 'Purity above all', which can show how fanatical they are towards staying Pure for the emperor. Disadvantages could be like Flesh over steel, cause the death guard never used many Tanks, and 'Have faith in Suspicion', to prevent them from falling under the thrall of those with Psychic powers. The last one may restrict your Inquisitorial Stuff, so you might wanna change it.

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Post by: Void on June 10, 2005, 05:41:10 AM
Those are what I was thinking too ;D  Though I was going to use Death Before Dishonor to represent the fact that they think Death in the Emperor's name is salvation.  Also, does anyone know where are allowed to post a more in-depth look at our chapter?  I wrote a Index Astartes Article a while ago and I dont know where to post it ???
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Post by: Shinrathir on June 10, 2005, 06:25:21 PM
Chapter Name:  Ghost Raptors
Chapter Symbol:  Stylised V in silver on a black field
Homeworld:  Jericho (Hive World)
Chapter Traits:  Trust in your battle-brothers, See but don't be seen, Eye to Eye.

Fluff:  The Ghost Raptors are the re-named and re-born elements of the Iron Eagles (Third Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion) and specialize in Urban and Seige Warfare.  Disbanded after what were thought to be unsustainable losses, the Chapter has since recovered and gone on to exact vengeance for their near extinction.  What makes this Chapter unique is their recruitment policy.  All male children of the Jericho system must undergo genetic suitability testing.  All children with 98% or greater compatibility are taken into the chapter's care and trained from early childhood.  While only between 1 and 3% of recruits are initiated into the chapter, this results in a massive induction rate (they're recruiting from a hive world after all) and most companies are over strength and have higher numbers of veterans.  Ghost Raptors have 12 companies: 1st Veteran, 2-6 Battle Companies, 7-10 Reserve Companies (2 tac, 1 assault, 1 devestator) the 11th scout company (between 150-350 scouts at any time) and the 12th Company or Storm Talons (think Ravenwing).  They regret this deviation from the Codex Astartes, but are understandably a little paranoid about being wiped out again so they push the limits of the rules a little in the name of survival, and the Emperor of course.

I've got about 5 pages of fluff if anyones really taken with the chapter.
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Post by: Shadowmancer on June 20, 2005, 04:30:40 AM
Name: Thunder Dragons

Chapter symbol: White dragon on black background

Homeworld: (havn't thought of the name yet, but near the eye of terror and on the oposite side to the cadian gate)

Chapter Traits: Honour your wargear, Cleanse and Purify, Flesh over steel, Have faith in suspicion

Background: Their founding chapter is unknown, as they cannot spit acid, but can still hybernate. Fortunatly though, they don't realy care. They pride themselves on their weaponry, and are highly trained in the use of it. Their close proximity to the eye of terror means their homeworld is under daemonic threat constantly, and as such, and pyker is almost imeadiatly put down like the vile mutants they are. They also dont have the fascilities to produce many tanks, prefering infantry over vehicals, but the few dreadnoughs they have are cared for with much more devotion than is usuall, and that's saying something!
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Post by: chaoticwarrior on June 22, 2005, 12:10:05 PM
Name: The Ones of Old
Symbol: a "A" (stylized of cource)
Homeworld: None, They are Crusaders, was once a small world named kolidan
History: They once lived on a small planet far from the reach from the imperial forces due to warp storms.  They worship the Emporer because, every so often, a lonley SMurf ship will come by and preach about the Emporer.  BEcause of the isolation, they greew up truly worshiping the emporer as their only diety.  As the men grew old, a terrible attack came from the Tau, claiming they were "cleanising" the land.  Luckily the SM ship was still there, allowing everyone on.  Now, travelling world to world these old men and the one small ship of true SMs look to gain revenge on the Tau for what they have done.  Seeing the courage and hated in these men, the SMs granted them with power armor. 

Despite many generations of becoming injured, these men continue to fight within their power armor.  They do not want to be put into a dreadnaught nor any other type of life support.  This chapter has grown throghout the time, due to campagining on sister planets and other distant worlds.

Traits: Uphold the Honour of the Emporer (they Worship the emporer refusely), Trust Your Battle-Brothers(fighting together for so long, they have learned to trust one another), Flesh over Steel (Wants revenge so badly that they want to be the ones to shoot/kill their enemies), Death before Dishonour (They would die for the Emporer and for thier cause of revenge against the Tau)
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Post by: General Ishkahid on June 23, 2005, 09:59:04 PM
Chapter: Rebel Dawn
Symbols: Feiry orange w/ blood red trim and rebel allaince insignia in midnight blue on left shoulder
Homeworld: Coruscant(Civilised World)
History: Classified
Traits: Advantage- Purity above all
          Minor Drawback- Death Before Dishonour
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Post by: Grand Master Rex Nihilo on June 25, 2005, 12:50:17 AM
Well I noticed my Chapter wasn't in the most recent update when formerly they were #421, the 'Night Hawks' so I'll remind Dazo and update you with more info on the chapter.

Name: Night Hawks  (Adeptus Nocturnus - Night fighting specialists)
Emblem: Black swooping hawk silouetted over silvery moon
Parent chapter: distant due to isolation but still the Raven Guard
Chapter Colours:  Primary: Storm Blue (discontinued) so now Midnight Blue
Secondary: Chaos Black.  Tertiary: e.g. Moon and some other highlights: Chainmail and\or Mithril Silver.
Home World: 'HelioUmbra' formerly 'Redemption' in the Segmentum Tempestus
Commander: Chapter Master Binray Geminon 
Traits: 'See but don't be Seen' and 'Trust your Battle Brothers'
Drawbacks: 'Flesh over Steel'

The planet formerly known as 'Redemption' was thrown into the "Great Upheaval" when a cataclismic collision of a comet and a meteor belt resulted in a dense cluster of debris to move in a HelioSyncronous orbit shadowing Redemption significantly reducing daylight to dusk\dawn levels.  Mysteriously muted day was extended from 12 hours to 16, thought to be created by the light bending around the debris cluster. As you can imaging the ecological  ramifications were daunting at first but wildly and artificially, life adjusted over the period of several decades to attain a new equilibrium. The populus resiliently recovered and propogated to levels greater than prior to the 'Great Upheaval' under the leadership of Ezra Nehemus. His worship appointed Binray Geminon to rebuild the once proud military might of the Chapter.

The Space Marine chapter of HelioUmbra are known as the 'Night Hawks'. Greatly disciplined marines, they favour stealth and close combat over the rumbling of heavy tanks and machinery. They penetrate deep into enemy lines and cut off supply lines and with lightning quickness they surgically strike strategic positions keeping the opponent off balance and exposed. Having great success in recent decades they are growing in name and stature.


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Post by: dijit80 on June 27, 2005, 12:18:03 PM
'Name: Angels of Justice
Symbol: A pair of wings with a japanese writing under it.
Chapter Traits: Blessed be the Wariors( assault squads as Elite) and bring the fight to the enemy (Bolter against Cc weapon and Boltpistol), Flesh over steel.
Homeworld: a Huge  Space Hulk
Colour:Black and Red in Combination
Shortly after joining the Worriors Deliverant to fight the Rebellion in the Calibara system a  force out of Grey Knights , Lead by Inquistor Artemis and Gandmaster Julian smashed into thier Fleet,thier was only one  reason given for this attack, they had helped the relictors to grab hold of a Chaos artefact.But it struck the Chapter so badly that its fleet lost many ships and  most of thier Heavy Support and Tanks. in an epic battle down at the Surface and in the Orbit  of the Planet Calibra the the Nith, 6  and the fith companie held up the Greyknights and the Inquistiorail forces so long for the rest of the fleet to Escape. Befeated and Batred Chapter Master Marius, found an Huge emty Space Hulk, it didn't take long and soon the Angels of Justice had a new base, where they could hide from the Inquistorial Forces. From that day on they attack planets with thier cunning speed and wildness. There are many battles where imperail forces where about to lose only to see the enemy running away from black Red Warriors.They mostly attack were not expected.The Angels of Justice have won many battles for the Imperium with out the imperial forces ven knowing it.Until to day they still are in the space hulk and attack when needed.'

Re: The damned One
Your Angels of Justice (first page) sound scarilly like the A-Team, (Hannibel, BA, Face and Murdock), with their red and black van/space hulk, if the imperium has a problem and no one else can help and you can find them maybe you can hire the Angels of justice!

In Mm.42 a crack Space Marine unit was sent to prison by a military court
for a crime they didn't commit. These marines promptly escaped from a
maximum security stockade to the Planet Calibra underground. Today,
still wanted by the Inquisition, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem - if no one else can help - and if you can find
them - maybe you can hire: The A-Team.
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Okey then here goes nothin

Chapter Name: Storm Eagles
Chapter Symbol: An eagle head whit wing
Chapter Founding: Decend from the White scars. They are fast as hell. well have alot of Assult rines..=D
Colors: Dark purple and gold trim at shoulders. Commander have ha gold-yellow helm
Homeworld: Parathus An cliff world
Fluff: i am still thinking
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Post by: Dogbert on July 15, 2005, 01:21:33 AM
Here we go.....

Chapter Name: Storm Fists
Chapter Symbol: As Imperial Fists.
Chapter Founding: Successor to the Imperial Fists
Colours: 50/50 Purple/Bronze split of body. Red eye pieces. Elite units reverse sides of colours.
Homeworld: Taurus VII, a fairly developed world, where the Space Marines mix freely with the populace.

Fluff: The Chapter was formed after the Heresy. The entire Chapter was originally the 9th Imperial Fist Chapter within the Legion, and they gained their fame in the defence of the Emperor's palace, holding a great breach against the forces of the Death Guard and Emperor's Children.
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Post by: X-Slash-X on July 16, 2005, 11:24:22 AM
Once known as the Varian Crusade, they are now the Fallen Legion.
Black Armour
Dark Angels Green Shoulder Pads/Helmets/Various Armour Parts
Silver Trim on Shoulder Pads, Crest and Symbols
Black Templars
Chapter Traits:
The Fallen Legion use the Black Templar's Codex.
Current Marshall (Arbiter):
Lord Albell Talios
Varia Prime

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Post by: Hellios on July 16, 2005, 07:24:15 PM
Chapter: Black Blades
Symbol: Black sword
Traits: can't choose
Home World: none, fleet based.

History: The Black Blades are a rag-tag group of left-overs in the fact that they were the sections of the traitor legions who remained loyal and managed to escape their traitorous brothers wraith. After being branded traitors like the rest of their legions they formed a new chapter. They are still loyal to the Emperor, but not to the Imperium. as such they are willing to be allied with any group except chaos, whom they hunt tirelessly. As they are few in number they often will pick up what is left of stranded squads of other chapters and even Non-Space Marines, if they are desperate for Fighters. Their most common pickups of this type are Imperial Guardsmen, though Tau and Orks have been recruited this way.
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Post by: Martyr of Tyran on August 9, 2005, 03:48:15 AM
Name: Martyrs of Tyran

Symbol: A planet wreathed in flames that's broken in two

Chapter Traits: Suffer Not The Alien To Live
                     See But Don't Be Seen
                     Eye To Eye
                     Die Standing

Homeworld: Tyran (devastated by Hive Fleet Behemoth), though currently living on their Fortress-Monastery, Unyielding Truth

Background: The Martyrs of Tyran were originally The Mariners chapter, but renamed themselves after Tyran was destroyed. The chapter was created during the Second Founding to alleviate the Xenos threat on the Eastern Fringe. The Mariners were rarely attacked or went on the attack though, as the Ultramarines and the other chapters of the Eastern Fringe met with most of the invaders intent upon breaking through the vanguard. This all changed when Hive Fleet Behemoth stormed through their section of the Imperium. Irios Gartauw, the Chapter Master of The Mariners, saw the threat of an incoming invasion by an unknown force in the reports coming in from farther east on the galactic plane, and also in the silence being received from planets in that same region of space.

Though prepare as he might, The Mariners and all the reinforcements Gartauw could muster would never have been enough to stem the tide of such an inhuman and bloodthirsty monstrosity as the Tyranids. Hive Fleet Behemoth fell on Tyran like a plague, devastating everything in sight and ravaging the world, inside and out. In orbit, the battle was pretty much one-sided, as the Battle Barges and other ships of The Mariners and the PDF of Tyran knew not how to combat a foe that just couldn't be stopped. They had fought off Ork incursions before, but they fought with none of the absolute recklessness of a Hive Fleet, nor with the terrifying cunning of one...

I've made a ton more background story for the Martyrs of Tyran, including why they have those Chapter Traits, but seeing as it's running kind of long now, I'll just leave it at that. If anyone wants to hear the rest though, I'd be glad to post it :-)
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Post by: thebigkr on August 27, 2005, 12:19:05 AM
Name: Templars of Azul
Symbol: Still working have a few ideas, but they look almost a little like Eldar symbols...
Successor Chapter to the Iron Hands
Chapter Traits: depends on company.  For the veteran company, it's Purity Above All, Uphold the Honour of the Emperor, for the battle companies, it's Purity Above All, Scion of Mars.  The drawbacks are always Die Standing and Eye to Eye.
Homeworld: None, currently.

Background: Iron Father Azul, a leading techmarine of the Iron Hands, first began calling for a radical shift in the Iron Hands doctrine when he proclaimed that worship of the Emperor should reach above and beyond worship of the Machine Spirit, and other such idealogical thoughts that disturbed and outraged many of the venerable dreadnaughts and higher-ranking techmarines of the Iron Hands Chapter.  So, gathering his 200 followers, Azul was declared Chapter Master Azul and founded the Templars of Azul.

The Templars of Azul are much more religious than many similar chapters, and are devout in their worship and praise the Emperor while they engage in battle.  Battlegroups are almost always led by Chaplains, due to not only this near-fanaticism but that there were no captains from the Iron Hands that followed Azul when he created his new chapter.  Techmarines are almost always attached to battlegroups as well; while the Templars do not have the extensive network of techmarines that the Iron Hands do, the Templars still maintain a higher-than-average count of techmarines in their numbers.  Also, quite a few of the more venerable dreadnaughts followed Azul when he split from the chapter, agreeing with his views on the Emperor coming before the Machine God, meaning that there's almost always a venerable dreadnaught accompanying a battlegroup.

Due to their deep religious views, the Templars of Azul have a closer bond with the Inquisition than many chapters can claim to; they tend to go above and beyond the call of duty when an Inquisitor petitions them for aid, and the Templars take careful records of what inquisitors they are indebted to and which inquisitors are indebted to them.  They work often for the inquisition, needless to say, and can often be seen on the battlefield accompanied by whichever branch of the inquisition they happen to be working with at the moment.

The 1st company of the chapter is made up of many of Azuls original followers; while the Chaplains still hold command over battlegroups including the 1st company, many times the growing Librarium attaches gifted Codiciers and Epistolaries to the force to act as advisors and to provide more leadership to the battlegroup.

At first, the chapter's battle tactics involved heavy mobility, with many rhinos providing the means to cross the battlefield in moments; however, these operations proved foolhardy, as the relatively fragile rhinos made it impossible to reach the enemy lines.  Heavy casualties were taken against traitor guardsmen and marines who laid traps for the oncoming Templars, and the Templars numbers soon began to dwindle as their lack of a homeworld crippled much of their recruitment efforts.  In the current time, a heavy base of firepower is created first, followed by the use of elite terminator squads to shock and crush the enemy lines with surgical strikes.

Due to the heavy casualties and low recruitment rates, multiple apothecaries are attached to battlegroups all the time, to help preserve as much of the chapter's geneseed as possible until a proper homeworld can be found for the chapter.  This has also led to almost an obsession with keeping the chapter mutation free, which draws the admiration of the Inquisition, a trait which helps keep the Templars out of much of the politics other chapters find themselves drawn into whenever they deal with the Inquisition.  The obsession with keeping free of mutations, however, doesn't keep them from restricting the Librarium at all; in fact, Azul believes psykers that are dedicated to the Emperor like his librarians are the next step up for the human population in evolution; he usually keeps those views secret, though, to avoid conflict with more puritan inquisitors.
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Post by: Zucrous Shadowhelm on August 27, 2005, 01:01:07 AM
Name: Emperor's Crusaders
Symbol: As the Black Templar Cross, but with gold rods sticking out the diagnals.
Colors: Black, white, gold.
Successor Chapter to the Imperial Fists/Black Templar
Founding: 7,000 years after the Entombent of the Emperor in the Golden Throne
Geneseed Deviations: As compared to most Space marine chapters the Emperor's Crusaders have trouble triggering and stopping certain adrenale glands, making them slow to anger and reserved but once unleashed they are hard to stop when their task is set. Space Marines of the Emperor's Crusaders chapter spend their entire lives trying to control this instead of letting it control them. Also their apparent lack of hair pigment leaves them white haired at an early age.
Chapter Traits: Bring the fight to them, and cleanse and purify (or if my opponent allows a set of home rules)
Drawbacks: We fight alone, Aspire to glory.
Homeworld: Bromith
Chapter master: Paladin Vornak

After the Horus Heresy, when Rogal Dorn finally broke up his the Imperial Fists legion, Sigismund; to show his loyalty to the Imperium, launched a massive crusade that lasted 10,000 years that which started the Black Templar chapter. This massive crusade was not without faults; however, With a fleet so massive it was hard to maintain order and control. Many ships were lost in warp storms, or lost their way in the warp, some on accident, others not so much. With such contact with the warp around them some of the marines fell to the taint of chaos. One such group was thought so dangerous that a detachment of Sigismund’s most loyal and trusted marines was assigned to find them and kill stop them from tainting the rest of the chapter. Sigismund’s most trusted advisor Vrom was to lead these warriors to find the traitors. When chasing down their prey, Vrom was overcome by a warp storm that sent him and his men to an area at that moment had been uncharted. Vrom however, knowing that his task was not done decided that it was best if the task would never be done, and the traitors would be brought to justice and the crusade never be ended. Vrom took it upon himself to subjugate the human natives of the planet, bringing them from an early Bronze Age to modern technology quite quickly. With a massive economy behind them by the time the warp storms surrounding the system dissipated, they were ready to launch their crusade to the other systems.

Probably the most interesting thing and one of two controversial issues involving the Emperor’s Crusaders reinstatement into the armies of the Imperium is their use of Alien technology. Many Inquisitors and others, including space marine chapters, most notably the Ultramarines, feel that in using the technologies of the xenos, they are not fighting for the Emperor. Supporters of the Emperor’s Crusaders suggest that in their isolation they had to find a means of adapting because of the growing need for effective weapons and the lack of tech-priests. Because of their extensive knowledge of xenos species and especially their technology they are often inducted into the deathwatch.

The other controversy of their return has been of their disregard for the Codex Astartes and for their unwillingness in working with other imperial forces. They show almost no adherence to it, and they refuse to change the organization of their chapter. Something that also disturbs the critics of their organization is that they knowingly and willingly do not track the number of marines in the chapter, they are spread throughout their sector of space on crusades, making it difficult to keep track. Many have suggested a purging of the chapter and of its systems. But it has been said that to lose such a powerful servant would be wrong in this time of war. Also that in the cost would be too much to try and purge a chapter in which their whole philosophy is serving the emperor in every way. The discussion is still underway, and it would take a great sacrifice for the Emperor’s Crusaders to be fully accepted back into the Imperium.
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Name: Sons of Triton
Emblem: Greek Letter Psi
Parent chapter: Ultramarines
Chapter Colours:  Pics can be found here http://realmsguard.com/ttwg/thumbnails.php?album=14 (http://realmsguard.com/ttwg/thumbnails.php?album=14)
Primary: Terracotta
Secondary: Camo Green
Tertiary: (Kneepads, Emblem, Vehicle Doors, Accents, Robes, Etc.): Ice Blue
Home World: Balur in the Segmentum Ultima
Commander: (Chapter) Battlemaster Aegis Laocoon
Traits: Suffer Not The Alien To Live : Tyranids
Drawbacks: We Stand Alone

Due to their assistance in fighting back the Tyranids Calgar established the Sons of Triton on the previously Orc inhabited Balor to establish a protected fall back world for the fight against the invading Hive Fleets.
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Post by: Gladewalker on September 2, 2005, 10:42:29 PM
Dark Scorpions
"The Sandamanders"

(Derivation undetermined. Possibly similar to Salamanders, but also resemble Dark Angels. They are often nicknamed the "Sandamanders" because rumors link them to the Salamanders chapter)

The idea behind this chapter is a desert based home world. They excel at infiltration and arid environments, mastering stealth and striking power emulating the predators of the desert. In particular the Scorpions and Spiders. While most people think of the desert as foreboding and barren, they have learned to adapt to it using technology, genetics (superhuman) and tactics. For example, they often move at night, when it's cooler and darker. They have enhanced vision and will often lie in wait in "spider holes" during the day to avoid detection. They use well developed thermal imaging and light intensification sensors to detect their enemies, striking fast when the enemy least expects it.

They are quite mobile on foot (as befits Space Marines with super human stamina), but also use standard Marine equipment to make good time (such as bikes and rhinos) In addition, they are unique in their use of tunnelers (use Drop Pod rules)

Doctrines include those for infiltration and drop troops.
Interestingly, they are not "dark" at all normally. They often wear sand-colored (light browns) armor, or even a version of a chameleon cloak that subtly changes color to match terrain (similar to that the Tanith First use; In practical terms, this can be represented by Dark Angels Veterans models in their robes)

What do ya think, guys? Unique enough? Too much time in the desert gives ya lots of time to think ;-)
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Chapter Name: Sons Of Herculeam
Chapter Traits: Honour your wargear, we stand alone.
Chapter Colours: Vallejo Paints Milatary Green, German Camo Brown, and Olvie Green.
Symbol: Atlas holding the world on his shoulders in black and green
Chapter Fluff:
Inqusitor interigation #5669-vardan-7883
Subject: The Sons of Herculeam and their Librarian Socrates Pythagorate
" so dear inqusitor vardan you wish to know of my chapter, why all this intrumentation of pain you wish to subject me too? Well were to begin with answering your question....let me see if you will check the records of the Ultramarines you will find a minor report about a planet near rhe eye of terror named herculeam an Agri-Planet that came under attack from an orc Waagh! some 625 years ago.  The file should show that all memebers where lost in a warp storm that engulfed said planet but that was not the case.  the warp storm did come but the members did not die.  They and their Imperial Guard Allies survived and where caught in the storm.  with millions of Reffuges to protect and millions of Orcs to fight.
" Yes yes" The Inqusitor said with sneering eyes" we know this old man but that does not answer your Heresy"
The venerable librarian turned his gaze upon the inqusitor " patience is a viture of the old, That is lost upon the young"
"Yes where was I yes I remember millions to feed, Millions to fight and at that time came forth or chapter leader to the seed of Robert Guillome (sp?) himself was Damocales or greatest brother. He came with a plan that allowed us to fight and eat and survive without the imperium and in the warp storm without the emperor.  He drew upon the Gaurd and pushed the orcs across an ocean and set the laws of service for every man and woman to fight in this or Son of Mars created the machinary neccesary to preserve and use gene-seed and so began the days of Sparta and generation passed after Generation and with the Orcs in control and dwindling we found a peace.  When a battle brother died a suitable replacment was found in the ranks of the gaurd.  Chaos came 325 years into the storm and allied with the Feral orcs we repulsed them because they had not to fight a regiment or a chapter but an entire people.  In these trials or faith in a long passed emperor began to falter and we began to believe the emperors beliefs.  We believed in Mankind and his destiny to dominate all other races.  Is the Heresy you sought?  Does it not seem odd that the emperor could not smote the forces that ate at us but called upon his fellow man?  Does it not seem odd that he could guide ships thru the Inmatterium as a navagatior does?  He believed in Mankind and called upon them to their finest hour."
"Hersey" The yound inqusitor Meweld at the Psykers face " The emperor is a god, without him mankind would be nothing"
The Inqusitor slowly drew th needele and prepared to finish the heretics life until he heard the venerable libriean say
"No my friend without Mankind the Emperor would be nothing"
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Name: The Knights of Ultramar

Chapter symbol: Boltgun metal Ultramarines symbol

Homeworld: Vand on the border of the Ultima and Tempestus segmentums

Chapter Traits:
Fierce:      Take the fight to them
Pious:      Suffer not the work of heretics

Major:      Eye to eye
Minor:      Die Standing

Colour Scheme: Boltgun and Black (simular to the Iron Warriors)

Backgropund: (work in progress)
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Chapter Name:  Azure Vengeance
Chapter Symbol: An Ice Blue Planet with a White Sword driven through
Advantages: Honour Your wargear. No Mercy, No Respite
Disadvantages: Flesh over Steel
Homeworld: Abgrund, Segmentum Pacificus

Near the furthest reaches of human space almost to the western Halo Stars, the Marines of the Azure Vengeance Chapter protect this often ignored front of the imperium.  The haunting wychfires of the Halo stars contain all manner of threats the the Holy Emperor, and the Azure Vengeance Space Marines will spare no threat even a moment of laxity.

This young chapter has an unusual organization befitting their somewhat different operational environment.  Other than a few dreadnoughts and a handful of rhinos, this chapter counts no other vehicles amongst it's roster.  The Chapter leaders preach versatility above all things and as such the veterans of the chapter consist not only of tactical and terminator squads, but Assault and Heavy Troops make up a large section of the first company. 

[More Fluff to follow]
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Chapter: The Jade Ravens
Geneseed: Raven Guard
Chapter Badge: A white Raven on a field of green
Traits: Either See but dont be seen/ No mercy no repsite, take the fight to them, eye to eye, death before dishonor
Home World: name pending
Colors: Black bodies with green helmets and pads, follow index astartes symbols
Tactica: They follow two different approches, the first is to deploy secretivley behind enemy lines hitting key elements and weakening the enemy until the hammer arrives.  The other is to fall to the enemy possition in a blaze of drop pods and chainswords humming assaulting before the enemy knows what has happened.
History: currently being written, will post when finished
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Chapter name: Night Vultures
Symbol: black and purple standard with a thin silver line seperating them. Vulture in flight over the top.
colours:Black with purple elbowpads,kneepads and left shoulder pad. Right shoulder pad and helmet are silver (boltgun metal).
Homeworld: Feral World.
Background: Born of a bloodthirsty feral world, they are barbaric and give no quarter, sweeping through ememies due to their unbeleivable cc skills and "Battle Lust". They worship the Emperor fanatically.......
i haven't figured out the rest of their background yet.
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Chapter Name:  Emperor’s Paladins

Geneseed:  Imperial Fist, but suspected to be Black Templar.  Stable, no mutations or defects.

Founding: M39-M40

Chapter Symbol: Red Cross with a Skull in the middle.  (Based on Imperial Paladins’ symbol)

Chapter Color Scheme: Red with inner left shoulder pad colored white.  No Company designations.

Combat Doctrine:  Close with the enemy to fight hand to hand, trusting in the Emperor for his protection.  Do not trust Psykers.
Traits – Uphold the Honour of the Emperor and Blessed be the Warriors. 
Flaws – Eye to Eye and Have Faith in Suspicion. 

Organization:  As laid down in Index Astartes.

Homeworld:  Raumus.  Raumus is a planet of varying climates, similar to early Earth.  It is located in the north-eastern sector of the Segmentum Pacificus. 

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Post by: Dazzo on September 28, 2005, 04:21:09 AM
You know what else might be nice to include, when was the chapter founded. It tells you how old the chapter is also it is a good way of seeing which conflicts your chapter would have been in. In the past 10,000 years there have been 26 foundings, so work on the principle of 2 foundings ever 1000 years give or take, its more likely that there were more foundings earlier on after the heresy.

Oh well done Distram I see you have already had a go at it. :) That would be the 26th founding by the way.
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Name: Honor Marines

Founder: Dion Palideus, current Chapter Master

Founding: A few centuries ago from now.

Homeworld: None. This chapter is always on the move, seeking and destroying the enemies of the Emperor.

Colors:Yellow. Black shoulderpads with a silver edge.

Symbol: An eye in the middle of an eight pointed star symbolizing the Emperor's ever-watchfulness.

3 Advantages from 2 different traits = 2 major and 2 Minor drawbacks I think
Honour Your Wargear
No Mercy, No Respite
Uphold The Honour Of The emperor
Eye To Eye
Die Standing
Death Before Dishonour
Aspire to Glory

The Honor Marines are very new, founded only a few centuries ago. They are the most loyal of the Emperor's forces. If any choose to betray Him, they are destroyed immediately. Although recently founded, the Honor marines have an excellent supply of weaponry due to the Emperor's Blessing. He also gives all Honor Marines divine protection. What they lack however is advanced equipment such as Terminator Armor.
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Chapter Name: Silver Scars
Symbols: A silver (or boltgun metal) lightning bolt on a 50/50 mix Codex Grey Chaos Black mix sholderpad, boltgun metal trims.
Homeworld: hehe none as yet.
Traits: Still experimenting, but here's what i've come up with:
Advantages-Couragous (See but don't be seen & trust in your battle brothers) and Fierce (No mercy, no respite & Take the fight to them).
Disadvantages-Eye to eye and Die standing.

I'm sorry if i've violated copyright laws about the traits, but they're from the Space Marine Codex, and i've got no other way to say them  :P
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Chapter Name - Blessed be the Rain (Blessed Rain for short)

Chapter Symbol - White Raindrop

Founder - Valenti Horatio

Time Founded - Few Centuries after the Horus Heresy

Parent Legion - Dark Angels

Homeworld - Valenti

Traits - Purity Above All, Death Before Dishonour

The Founding Father believed in the purity of the Emporer's wrath.  He believed that if the heretic was to be killed, it was to be whole and fast.  If anything was left behind, the impure essence of the heretic would flow into one of the Faithful and overcome his will. 

Your Mind Is Their Judge, Your Bolter Their Executioner And The Bolts Are The Rain

Blessed Be The Rain

Blessed Rain are known to use Apothecaries extensively throughout their Tactical Squads.  They believe in the chapter as a body and the body as a whole, they do not use vehicles widely.
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Chapter Name: Emperor's Advocates, Emperor's Envoys, Emperor's Missionaries

Chapter Symbol: The infinite symbol (sideways eight), with a stylized 'E' in one circle and a stylized 'A' or 'E' or 'M' in the other

Founder: Maseago Ravarth

Geneseed: Dark Angels

Homeworld: Sereas (Originally inhabited by Orks, but taken over and renamed)

Army Colours: EA- White, accentuated with red highlights; EE- White, w/ blue accents; EM- White, w/ green accents

Traits and Characteristics: They function as the Dark Angels, though not for the same reasons. As well, the EA, EE and EM are affected by Death Before Dishonor and Flesh Over Steel. Note that the Envoys and Missionaries are Ravarth's variants on the Ravenwing and the Deathwing, respectively.

                The founder of the Emperor's Advocates was once a member of the Dark Angels. From his time as a neophyte, he showed a lot of promise. Slowly proving himself to his superiors, he climbed the ranks, but was never accepted into the Inner Circle. This upset Maseago and he even toyed with the idea of turning to Chaos. However, after a meeting the company chaplain, Ravarth decided to found his own chapter. Thus, the Emperor’s Advocates were born.

                The Emperor’s Advocates follow the DA structure as they are a successor chapter. However, since the Founder has never been accepted into the Inner Circle, he knows nothing of the secret that the Dark Angels hold. Because of this, the army bears little similarities to those of a Dark Angel and of the Second Founding chapters. Instead of using dark colours, Maseago opted for white to represent the purity of his chapter's geneseed. The infinite symbol on the shoulder pad represents the infinite loyalty that the chapter has for the Emperor. The name does not emit a somber or vengeful feeling, but rather an arrogant one, as Ravarth believes that since the Dark Angels are the ‘first and best’, thus 'perfect', so is his chapter.

                While the Dark Angels do not accept allies because of their secret, Ravarth refuses aid as he is much too arrogant. He won't even accept help from the DA or its Second Foundings, as they denied him entry into the Inner Circle, though he does emulate their structure (Maseago respects the DA, but does not like them). He believes that allies are not needed to be victorious, his proof is the DA army. The Emperor's Advocates also hunt the Fallen, but since Ravarth knows nothing of the secret, it is simply for sport, to prove that he can. It is what he was told as a foot soldier when he was ordered to retreat from his position to hunt a Fallen Angel. These two characteristics come from his experience as a trooper with the DA.

                Maseago is a very religious person as he feels that he owes much to the company chaplain that recommended he start his own chapter. It was the reason that he did not succumb to the forces of Chaos. Because of this, Ravarth places Chaplains in high regard and most of the battle groups are lead by a Chaplain clad in terminator armour. Nothing but the best for his chaplains.
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Chapter Name: White Phoenix
Chapter Symbol: White "Phoenix" (actually an eagle) on red background
Chapter Founding: Sole remains of former White Eagle Chapter, one of Emperor's first chapters, but "lost" (expunged from records)
Colours: White with outline of red
Homeworld: None

Fluff: Was sent on a deep strike mission, from which the Chapter was the White Eagles.  They were abandoned by the Emperor there and were reorganized by Piotr Roshack (honorably titled "Primarch") into the White Phoenix Chapter.  From which they vowed to return to Terra and reclaim their honor.  They are Space Marines, but desire vengence upon the Emperor.

"Trust Your Battle Brothers" & "See but Don't be Seen"
"Flesh over Steel"
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Post by: Septimus Corvus on November 13, 2005, 08:14:09 PM
Chapter Name: Spectral Knights

Chapter Symbol: similar to dark angels, winged sword (but unbroken)

Chapter Founding: Recently created chapter from unknown origins

Geneseed: unknown possibly classified gene-splicing of several first founding chapters

Time of founding: 520 M40 (almost 1000 years old)

Colours: black armour with ultramarines blue shoulder guards, dusted with grey and white, white symbols.

Homeworld: Ryvil prime

Background: Created by the Odo Xenos of the Inquisition in secrecy, when the first chapter master discovered this, he excommunicated the chapter from the inquisition, risking destruction to preserve the honour of the new chapter.
The true origins of the chapter are kept a strict secret, as it was feared the chapter would be attacked by the inquisition once again.
Since then the Spectral Knights have distinguished themselves with honour against the Emperor's enemies, but have only recently regained their combat strength after their losses on Ichar IV.
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Chapter name: Emperors eagles

Chapter symbol: the raven guard symbol

Chapter founding: M39, 2000 years old

Geneseed: Ultramarines

Colours: Liche purple with yellow shoulder pads with blue trim and black weaponry

Homeworld: Galroth 7

Background: Formed to fight against Orks, the Emperors eagles have fought off 2 waaaghs, and an attack from the Night lords chaos space marines, they prefer to fight from afar. The Emperors eagles are devoted to the Emperor and the Emperor only, there Chaplains lead the fight rather then Captains. The Emperors eagles have lost many of there fast assault vehicles, and have had to resort to using non standard vehicles made by there tech marines using existing tech, the most sucessful of these is the Leopard buggy. The chapter master is a Chaplain in his own right, shouting the words of the almighty god Emperor.
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Name: zaru
Symbol: a burning wolf head
Chapter Traits: see but don't be seen,(the trait that alow you to use a close combat wepon and a bolt pistol instead of a bolter.)drawback is no allies
Homeworld: zardendo a woodlend world.
Background: ceated during the cursed 23rd founding having a genetic problems of the space wolves
and showing the characteristics of the blood angels during the tryanic wars they destoyed a ork warband thats all i have so far
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Post by: Dazzo on December 20, 2005, 09:30:49 AM
Just Zaru?, not legion of Zaru or brotherhood of zaru or even hands of zaru. Its a little abrupt dont you think?
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Post by: gaurdsmen hellard on December 26, 2005, 05:30:28 PM
Just Zaru?, legion of Zaru or brotherhood of zaru or even hands of zaru. Its a little abrupt dont you think?
the reson i haven't called it
legion of Zaru or brotherhood of zaru or even hands of zaru.
is because zaru means monkey and well hands of monkey dosen't cut it with me,brotherhood of zaru? i am not going into it legion of zaru i'm a damm chapter!
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Name: Angels Escarpment

Symbol: Pair of white mountain peaks on gray background. Colors White with Green Helmets.  Bleached bone trim.

Chapter Traits: See but don’t be seen/Cleanse and Purify / Flesh over Steel.

Homeworld: Seraph VII – A particularly mountainous world with some agriculture and human settlements.  Located in a particularly strategic point in its sector.

Background: Founded in M36 from unknown geneseed (most likely Ultramarine) the human stock that formed the Angels Escarpment seems to be from the high Mountains of Asia, mainly Sherpa.  The world’s habital belt consists entirely of mountainous regions with average Terran gravity but an average altitude(compensating for slight gravity difference and atmosphere make up) of 15,000-25,000 feet, With some Human settlements being located even higher than the peak of the Astronomicon.  This environment breeds extremely good mountain fighters and their technical centers produce the most refined anti-grave technology outside of Mars. 

While the Angels Escarpment train in all aspects of the Codex Astartes they have developed a style of fighting that allows for moving large numbers of men through virtually inhospitable terrain.  They travel light and practice their stealth and are frequently able to ambush their opponents in a very final manner.

Their style of fighting proved its worth when a group of 30 scouts managed to manually haul and sledge a group of dreadnoughts into position to demolish the orbital positions of Hydraphorna III.  By abandoning all power armor, energy weapons, and sensors they were able to sneak in and force a surrender that all other tacticians estimated would take a force of six full companies if assaulted conventionally.

They tend to use antique-style packs as they provide more area to tie down various supplies they need while on long marches. 

The chapter works closely with the inquisition.  There have been rumors that their gene seed is subject to more stringent test than some.  They have also been subject to a surprising number of inquisitorial reviews given their unwavering loyalty.
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Name: Doom Dragons
Symbol: The blood stained claw of a Tyranid.
Chapter Traits: Courageous -- Be Swift as the Wind (Faithful Unto Death)
Homeworld: Negraxis Nova
Background: When the Horus Heresy had ended, the Doom Dragons were thought to have been lost in battle. Their bodies stained the inside of the foul Chaos battle barges, their boltguns out of ammo. There was few survivors from that sect of the Marines and they drifted in space, knowing not the ways of navigation. Eventually, they crash landed on Negraxis Nova, a planet in the path of the soon to come Tyranid advance.
The planet was home to a small colony of farmers, factory workers and some Imperial Guard hopefuls. It did not take long to show the populations the advantage of being a Space Marine, as a Space Hulk drifted into the planet's orbit, crashing not far away from the Marine battle barge.
During the investigation, the remnants of the Doom Dragons crushed the 6 Genestealers in the hulk, but for a price. Half their remaining number was wiped out, damaging the Chapter even further.
They had no knowledge of the sluaghter they had avoided, and the complications of having such small numbers were plenty. Eventually, however, they repaired the ship's communications systems to a workable state, allowing them to call for aid.
Aid came, allowing them to establish a barracks and a medical centre for recruiting purposes.
Even today the numbers of the Doom Dragons are still few.
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Post by: Jim Smith on January 31, 2006, 09:21:48 PM
Just look at my pic and discription :o
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Post by: Shadow Angel on April 17, 2006, 10:42:53 PM
Name: Shadow Angels
Symbol: A red sword with black wings behind the hilt
Armour: Dark grey with white on the boots, the right shoulder pad (where the Chapter symbol is displayed), and the Aquila, and red trim on the joints and the shoulder pads. The helmet is white with a flesh-tone face plate and blue eye lenses.
Traits: See but don't be seen and Be swift as the wind
Drawback: Aspire to glory
Geneseed: Unknown, but mostly free of flaws. One noted alteration seems to prevent the creation of Dreadnoughts as it allows a Shadow Angel to recover from injuries that could be considered crippling to outright fatal to most other Space Marines. Most of the fatalities that the Shadow Angels took involved extremely powerful electrical blasts, intense explosions, or any attacks that either completely destroyed the corpse or prevented the body's recovery by anyone.
It is also discovered that the Shadow Angels maintained their own geneseed library, containing a progenoid gland taken live from every Marine that came from the chapter as well as progenoids from other Marines they faced and killed. The library is now in the process of being moved to one of the Imperium's geneseed facilities.
Home world: Terrestria (so named because of the system's resemblance to Holy Terra's.) The Shadow Angels' fortress monastery does not rest on the planet's surface, but, like the Dark Angels, is built within an asteroid that now orbits the planet like a second moon.
Points of Interest: The Shadow Angels refer to themselves as the Forsaken for reasons unknown, since they still acknowledge their allegiance to the Golden Throne and the Emperor of Man. They also have no knowledge of their history before their arrival at Terrestria, nor does the Imperial Library have records of their founding. Because of this, the Dark Angels are very interested in looking over the Shadow Angels' first battle barge, which is now a floating shrine to their fallen heroes.
The Terrestria system is a source of controversy as the Terrestrians have a almost heretical religion and utilise technology that bear no connection with the STCs. Even their attitude towards technology could be considered blasphemous, as Terrestrians see it as a tool to be used, not a forbidden art or a ritualized science.

Personal Notes: I'm still working on the background fluff but the main idea is the chapter is orbiting a world with a late 20th century-style civilization that used to believe they were still on Earth (Holy Terra). And on the next planet outward is an ancient stucture that the Imperium can't decide if it's xenos-built or not.
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Post by: DevilSquid on April 17, 2006, 11:27:18 PM
Name: Legion...of the DAMNED
Symbol: Bones, Flames, images of purgatory.
Armour: Jet Black with bone and flame iconography.
Traits: None
Drawback: None
Background: Little is know about the Legion of the Damned. Some whisper that they are a cursed chapter, forced to spend eternity battling for the Emperor until they achieve penance. Other regale stories of how Space Marines who have lost faith or been prideful have joined the Legion after their death.

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Post by: Kõrãkæ on April 23, 2006, 09:27:36 PM
Name: Void Walkers (origanaly Solomon Sons)
Symbol: Same as Dark Angels (diffrent color though)
Armor: Mostly Crimson with white and gold trim
Traits: Follows Dark Angels exect they allways deploy via drop pod
Dackground: The Solomon Sons are a third founding chapter based off of the (if you haven't guessed) Dark Angels. They hailded from the world of Solomon in the ultima segmentum, which also had an Impirial garrison. During a Chaos attack on the planet, about 1000 years after the chapters founding, all contact was loss and upon later investigation the planet was found lifeless and desolate (large scale orbital bombardment had destroyed everything). 500 years past before the chapter was heard from again. The Chapter suddenly appeared again in the Terra system and to the horor of the high lords they were at the head of not only space marine chapter but of a small imperial fleet (something which had not happened since the herecy). Luckily though the chapter had not rebelled (on the contrary they had been fighting chaos relentlessly since the fall of their planet), they had come to repair their ragged fleet and to assure their loyalty to the emporer by offering the severed head of a powerfull chaos lord (the one who attacked their planet). The high lords decided to leave the fleet intact but did supply it with many of their own watchdogs (inquisitors and comissars). Since this time the fleet of solomon has fought tirelessly against the forces of chaos and many of their ranks have subsequently been chosen for servise in the grey knights. Solomon fleet travels the galaxy constantly and recruits from any impirial world it comes across, this has led to their name change over the years, to Void Walkers.

Note: The regiment in my signture is one of those traveling with them.
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Post by: Jeddi151 on May 11, 2006, 02:29:48 AM
Name: Emperor's Gamble
Symbol:  Blue Broadsword in a White Space
Armor: Enchanted Blue Base, Black Shoulders Pads with symbol, White Trim.
Traits: Blessed Be the Warriors, Trust Your Battle Brothers.     Eye to Eye, Death Before Dishonor
    When the Raven Guard were wiped out after the Drop Pod Massacre, the Emperor demanded Corax to quickly rebuild his Legion as fast as possible.  Corax then used gene-seed acceleration, to create his new Legion taking a gamble that is his, and the Emperor's.
    As the 4th Company of the Raven Guard approached a loan planet, they picked up transmissions of an Ork WarBand preparing assaults on the Imperial Guard.  The Captain ordered the assault on the Warband, and then took unnecessary risks in the proceeding campaign to eliminate the Warband.  Because of his "strategy" the Raven Guard expunged the company from the records, immediately creating the company again and sending the former 4th on their way.  They Marines asking the emperor for help, decided to continue their campaign, first by naming themselves Emperor's Gamble, after the Emperor allowed the flawed geneseeds of the Raven Guard to live on.  They also used most of t heir resources to build a fortress monastery, naming it the Defiant.  Now, 1000 strong: the Gamble strive to prove not only the Raven Guard, but every  Company that they are Space Marines, and they fight for the emperor.

Known Companies: 2nd  Company: Atropos, 3rd Company: Lachesis. 4th Company: Clotho.  10th Company: Aces

"Your may take Gambles, We take calculated risks"
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Post by: web ghost on May 15, 2006, 01:51:33 PM
Howdy -here's one I've been mulling over for some time.
Name:  Imperial Aquilas
Status: Imperial Fist Successor Chapter -founding unknown-
Home World:  none.  -permanent crusade-
Segmentum:  primarily Tempestus
Gene Seed:  primarily Imperial Fists -highly stable-
Chapter Icon:  Imperial Aquila
Colors:  black with white eagles, insignia, personal heraldry and chapter icon, with yellow helmets  (A sort of mix between the Imperial Fist and the Black Templars color schemes.  think terminators for a good visualization)
Company Colors:  -as per Codex Astartes- denoted by a stripe down the center of the helmet
In the manner of the Imperial Fists and their second founding successor chapters the Crimson Fists and the Black Templars, the Imperial Aquilas are a space faring chapter on permanent crusade.  Having traced their lineage back to the Imperial Fists and Rogal Dorn, the Imperial Aquilas have fully indoctrinated the tenets of Rogal Dorn whilst maintaining a strict adherence to Guilliman's Codex Astartes.  They are renowned in their devotion to the Emperor and feel the same guilt shared by the Imperial Fists and their successors in their perceived failures during the Horus Heresy; though they have not exhibited the propensity for self sacrifice and penace of their founding legion, nor the radical zeal that drives the Black Templars.  This is perhaps due to their affiliations with the Crimson Fists.  Located in the same Segmentum as the Crimson Fists, the Imperial Aquilas have had extensive relations with their successor brothers.  Indeed the Imperial Aquilas have learned most of the history of the Emperors' Praetorian, the Imperial Fists, through the venerable dreadnoughts of the Crimson Fists, some of which are old enough to remember the Second Founding and the events that predicated and necessitated it.  In the past the Imperial Aquilas have recruited from some of the same feral worlds in the Loki sector from which the Crimson Fists recruit, futher solidifying the link between the two chapters; although after the disastrous events on Rynn's World and the grievous losses suffered by the Crimson Fists there, this practice has ceased to allow the Crimson Fists to rebuild.  Such is the devotion of both chapters in their allegiance to Rogal Dorn and the Emperor that the Imperial Aquilas often aid the depleted Crimson Fists when reinforcements are necessary.  Mixed forces of Crimson Fist elites combined with all manner of Imperial Aquila elites, specialists, troops and armor are further testament to the two chapters' common causes and dedication to prevail in the name of the Emperor at all costs.  Due to their status as a crusading chapter, the Imperial Aquilas maintain a large fleet and have companies spread across the galaxy, though their recruitment in Segmentum Tempestus allows for the largest concentrations of Imperial Aquilas to be found there.  The Imperial Aquilas have made a name for themselves in their service to the Emperor and exemplify what it means to be one of the Emperors finest; the Angels of Death.  They are strong and proud.

later  WG
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 22, 2006, 11:43:32 AM
Hello all...My Chapter is:

Name:  Alexander's Sons
Home World:  They were crusading until they helped Formund and made it their homeworld
Gene Seed:  taken from Dark Angels -stable-
Chapter Icon:  Haven't decided yet... Plz anyone can help?  :-\
Colors:  Black armour with Bleached Bone skulls and shoulder pads, white insignia and heraldry, bleached bone weapons and mithril silver and boltgun metal details...
Traights:   + See, but don't be seen
                         - Death before dishonour

 I'm still writing the Chapter's background...
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Post by: roll8dn on June 22, 2006, 10:34:27 PM
Grey Skull Chapter[/u]

Was:  Choraden (destroyed M39.354).
Now:  Yladren Battle Fortress (spaceborne).

Gene Seed:  Ultramarines.

Chapter Icon:  Boltgun Grey skull with a shattered crown area on a field of stars. 

Colors:  Boltgun Grey helmets with Chaos Black armour and Mithril Silver highlights for Tactical, HQ, Devastator, and Scout squads.  Boltgun Grey armour with Chaos Black helmets and highlights for Sergeants and Commanders.  Veteran squads are the same as Tactical squads, with the exception of Bone White highlights instead of Mithril Silver.  Mithril Silver armour with Chaos Black Helmets and Ultramarine Blue highlights for Terminator squads.

Chapter Trait:  Courageous.
Advantage:  Trust Your Battle Brothers
Minor Drawback:  We Stand Alone


The Grey Skulls were one of the Ultramarines' second-founding chapters, founded in M33.583.  They took with them few of the chapter's precious Tactical Dreadnought Armour suits or Jump Packs.  Therefore, they learned to fight at a distance, specializing in their Bolters and long-ranged heavy weapons.  Lacking the heavy machinery to create new armour or heavy support in the matter of vehicles, they became a troop-oriented unit.

For the first few centuries of the chapter's existance, their primary foes were the Orks of Rigerius.  The Orkish empire waxed and waned over the years, and several Waaagh!s were launched out of the dreaded system.  However, the Grey Skulls lacked the sheer numbers to completely destroy the Orks, so they bided their time and gathered their strength.  Over this time, the chapter began training their Tactical squads in the neccessary hand-to-hand combat techniques to give them a chance against the close combat that Orks favour.  The ability to use the holy Bolter and another close-combat weapon at once dates back to this time.

In M39.336, Lucianus Goranus, the Chapter Master of the Skulls, declared a crusade against the Orks of Rigerius.  He had been advised by Librarian Geraius that the Orks were at their weakest, and that the hammer blow that the chapter could bring might be able to leave them unable to ever attack Choraden again.  Unfortunately for the chapter, they were unaware of the Orks' new worship of the Ruinous Powers.

The Orks were completely aware of the chapter's intentions to attack, for they had found a ship that had languished in the Warp since the Dark Age of Technology.  Led to the ship by their new worship of Tzeentch, the Orks took the ship, larger even than the largest battle-barge, and set out for Choraden.  They arrived too late to attack the chapter, for all but Company IX had already left for Rigerius.

The Orks laid seige to the planet, taking the major hives of the world and then moving on to attack the Grey Skulls' fortress-monastery.  Company IX put up one of the fiercest battles ever recorded in the Libram Gallericus, but were brought to the brink of defeat.  The Captain of the company, Heladon Chais, lead his men in a fierce counterattack to hold the Orks at bay until the last Assault squad left to him managed to overload the geothermal heat sinks that provided power to the monestary.  When the sinks blew, they took the entire mountain range that the monestary occupied.

Upon seeing his prize disintegrate in a ball of flame and outpourings of lava, the Ork warlord decided that no one could have the planet.  He trained the ancient ship's weaponry on the planet and opened fire.  For a week, the ship rained death down upon the defenseless few citizens that had survived the invasion.  Upon the eighth day, the weapons ceased, with nothing but a cloud of debris and dust in their wake.

By this time, the crusade had reached the Ork homeworld of Rigerius and discovered that the world was deserted.  Realizing what this meant, Lucianus ordered the entire fleet back to Choraden with all speed.  They arrived within twelve hours of the world's destruction and fell on the Orks with all their righteous fury.  Company I's Terminators boarded the ancient ship and held a beach head for the rest of the companies to come aboard.

The chapter scythed through the enemies' ranks, finally reaching the bridge of the ancient vessel.  There, Lucianus engaged the Ork Warboss in single combat.  The fight lasted a day and halfway through the night, with the combatants surviving wounds that would kill a normal man a dozen times over.  Finally, Lucianus hewed the Ork's head off with a mighty sweep of his power sword and declared the ship for the Grey Skulls.

At this time, the Skulls adopted their symbol of a shattered skull, changing from the whole skull that they had used.  As a symbol of their loss and the bravery of the ninth company, they still wear the shattered skull to this day.  Holding a particular hatred for any and all servants of the Chaos Gods as well as Orks, the chapter is constantly on crusade.  Where they will fight next is only known to the eldritch abilities of their Librarians and the strategic planning of their Chapter Master...
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Post by: Purgatory on July 23, 2006, 07:46:48 AM
Name: The Endbringers
Colours: Black armour, with mithril silver shoulderpads and details. Black rims on the shoulderpad. Red eyes.
Symbol: Red Templar-like cross. Holy texts and similar small markings are commonsight on the Chapter's Vehicles.
Gene-seed: Rogal Dorn.
Chapter Traits: See but don't be seen/Death before dishonour.
Homeworld: Jerusalem, in Segementum Obscurus. Quite near Fenris.
Background: Don't have any short enough to post here.
Chapter Heroes: Include Master Validus, Chapter Dreadnought Balduin and Librarian Umbilicus.
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Post by: ZMAN on July 23, 2006, 04:42:30 PM
my army as of yet is the chapter idea i have actually its not a chapter its a company in a chapter


dark angel symbols


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Post by: Elestor on August 4, 2006, 05:13:42 AM
Ok i posted this on the 1000 chapters thing but i added fluff about the founder ect.

Chapter Name: Omega Warriors

Traits: No divergence

Symbol: Omega Symbol Or skull

Colours: Same as ultramarines Colours except all blue changed to black and gold on some knee pads.

Home world: Fleet Based

The Omega Warriors are the successors of the ultramarines. They started from a crashed ship on an uncharted planet. Only 10 marines survived the crash whom happened to be from the same Tactical Squadron. On the uncharted world they encountered many beasts that where very tyranid like but had a brain like an Ork. They where stranded on the planet for an upmost of 3 years and survived completely on hunting and killing.
 The black armor is to show there past, when on the stray planet they had to have some source of armor to fill in the damage that had been inflicted in there armor from the aliens. They used a compound of crushed Black rock that was very coal like and a mix of water that when hardened made a nice substitute for armor.
 Only 3 marines where killed during the 3 years. The surviving marines fought in the ultramarines 1st company until the captain realized of there outstanding ability. There most noticeable feature is there use of  “Overkill”. Eventually the chapter master made them into there own kill team that where sent in to do jobs most terminators would fear. After a few years they grew into the size of a chapter and are now recognized as a Chapter.
 Only one original marine remains and he is encased in the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought . His name is Brother Ancient Elestor and has lead countless battles against Heretics. They specialize in city fighting due to the rouge world, Its features included tall rocks that closely resembled buildings and the gaps between them where a lot like the width and length of roads.
They take nothing for granted and leave nothing behind, They hardly waist a single shot and is very surgical in its attacking. Its current chapter master is Brother Zaneus Furiel. Even though unorthodox Brother Z Furiel Is under command of Brother Ancient Elestor Even tho Furiel has control of the chapter.

Elestor started his life as a space marine in the 10th company and in little less than a year was already a scout sergeant. He spent many years behind enemy lines setting up sabotages and clearing land for drop pods. That was until he was given the excellent news of his promotion into the 4th company and was to be stationed on Macragge. 4 years stationed on macragge he would the go on his first voyage off macragge as a battle brother. Unfortunately a cosmic Electrical storm knocked off all systems in the ship while they where traveling at warp and they where carried countless galactic miles off course. Eventually after maybe 5 days they crashed into a rouge planet where mostly all of the passengers where killed. All but Elestor and his fine squad members. They where all in the one part of the ship that wasn’t badly damaged in the crash. The squads moral was devastatingly low but Elestor rallied up his squad and they began searching for food and shelter. They spent a total of 2 years on that planet until they managed to get the communications aray online and they sent out a continuing distress call. 6 months later a Space Marine ship entered orbit. Many years after that Elestor was Promoted again to the 1st company as a Terminator sergeant. He fought in countless battles leading his squad to victory, what’s more is that they where so ruthless and had an insurmountable determination that the company captain referred  him and his squad to the chapter master requesting them have there own kill team. 3 months and 253 kills later the kill team was approved. Elestor started recruiting countless marines that he thought worthy to join the kill team. They where granted there own carrier ship and they started doing missions that many 1st company veterans and terminators saw as suicide missions. They grew so large in number they then requested another carrier ship, The Space marine council on Terra did them one better, Approved there status as a chapter itself. Along with the huge accomplishment came 4 carrier ships countless weaponry and thousands of support units including Dreadnoughts, Predators and land raiders.
They where successful in all there missions for almost a decade when the now chapter master Elestor suffered a critical wound to the torso in a gigantic battle againced the tyranids. The Apothecaries tried there best to get Elestor up again but to no prevail, The only hope was to encase Brother Elestor within a Dreadnoughts thick shell for thousands of years to come. To this very day he has been in numerous battles and the Omega Warriors Have been a huge advantage for the imperium of man. Shortly after his slumber into the unforgiving steel of the holy dreadnought he decided to give command of his whole squad to his trusted right hand man Brother Zaneus Furiel.
Furiel has been in command of the chapter Ever sense but still bows before the Mighty Elestor.

Brother Zaneus Furiel started out his carrier in the space marines much like Brother Ancient Elestor but only a few years after. Furiel and Elestor both met in the 1st company of the ultramarines where Furiel was a Veteran Sergeant. Furiel fought along side Elestor in tones of battles and when Furiel heard of the kill team he had to join. After being swiftly accepted into the kill team Elestor granted Furiel to be his right hand man. In the ever remembered day as the fall of the mighty Elestor furiel had no idea of what had happened until it was to late. They had won the battle but at a huge cost. Not wanting his most favored Battle Brother and friend to die Furiel said that there only hope was to place Elestor inside a Dreadnought. A few years later to Furiel’s  Great surprise Elestor granted him rights to the chapter master. Furiel did accept under one condition, That he was to still serve under the name of Elestor. Zaneus Furiel has lead the Omega Warriors into thousands of battles standing along side Brother Elestor.

Gaming wise they play exactly as an Ultramarines chapter but with different colours.
They use at least one dreadnought,  predator or both  in each army.
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Post by: Aervyper Venom on August 20, 2006, 12:19:54 PM
Name of Company: Jade Reavers (Renegade Chapter, ran under an Inquisitor Lord)
Company Colors: Black armor. Shimmering green, red, and gold highlights.
Company Banner: Open shimmering green hand on a black shoulder pad with gold trim
Location: Operating in the Gates of Varl, Home planet of Starshalla

History: It's a work in progress i guess. I got a good idea but i'm still working on it.
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Post by: Lord Ulthanash on August 24, 2006, 01:39:38 PM
heres my chapter, getting started this saturday

Name of Chapter: The Sons of Mars

Colors: orange, Reddish brown, orange, black, gold details

Chapter Symbol: The Machine God (dragon)

Home World: Mars

Chapter Traits: Advantages- take the fight to them, no mercy, no respite
                 Major Drawbacks- eye to eye

History: The Sons of Mars are successors to the Dark Angels Chapter. During the Horus Heresy a full battle barge was sent to reinforce Terra when Horus had besieged it, but they were assaulted by a lightning fast raid by Horus himself, as the ones who had sent them on the mission were the Dark Angels who would eventually side with Horus. The battle barge crashlanded on Mars, where the adeptus mechanicus found them. They were badly wounded, but the adeptes of Mars took them in and repaired them. The Captain who led the battle barge was to injured and was placed in a dreadnought. When all the marines where healed the Adeptes of Mars asked them to take an oath of fealty to Mars and act as there troops whenever neccassary. The Dark Angels took the oath and from that day forward where known as the sons of Mars. The Sons of Mars have never forgiven the Dark Angels for what happened to them and they refuse to fight alongside them. The chapter gets its gene-seed from the material sent in the the Adeptes on Mars for checks. The Adeptes clone the gene-seed and use it for their new recruits. The Sons of Mars have taken an extremely offensive approach to battle, having most of their bethren armed with close combat weapons and pistols instead of bolters. Because they are Mars' chapter they have some of the best weaponry and many of their weapons are master crafted.

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Post by: Despoyler on August 27, 2006, 05:32:56 PM
Name: The Angels Revenant
Symbol: a Skull on a red background
Armour Colour: Black, Red Shins and shoulderpads, silver (boltgun metal) helmets silver (mithril) guns and swords, occasional gold detailing
Chapter Traits: Codex
Home System: The Kedav System, I(Dead World) II(Forge World) III(Agri-World) IV and V (Double Planet, Death Worlds), and VI(Cold Feral World)
Background: 7th founding, Genseed splice of Dark and Blood Angels
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Post by: Harlean on August 30, 2006, 11:57:46 AM
chapter:knights of omega
geneseed: salamanders
homeworld: Tauros omega
chapter master: Dreasus Tharian
symbol: omega sign
traits: never dispair, cleanse and purify, eye to eye
colours: black pads with gold trim, light green armours, red weapons and helmets, green lenses
fluff: the knights of omega were fonded on the world of Tauros omega to guard against invasions from the malestorm.
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Post by: Erin on September 18, 2006, 12:57:22 PM
Probably should have posted this here....  Nyah... looking at all the cool chapters already posted... my young and besieged marines feel so insignificant...

I just recently started a SM army after finishing up my dark eldar one. I've spent considerable time looking through the codex and developing fluff, and here's what I got:

Obsidian Legion
Chapter master: Kharthaine
Homeworld: Kharthalion IV
Dutiful: Honor your Wargear
Sombre: Cleanse and Purify
-Aspire to Glory
-Faithful unto death

Here's the fluff:

The Obsidian Legion is a succesor chapter to the Imperial Fists, and a relatively young one too (having been founded only about a centery ago).

The chapter barely had time to establish itself on the barren world of Kharthalion IV before it was beset on all sides by the enemies of mankind. The chapter was unprepared for the sudden attacks, and was nearly destroyed in the first months of the conflict, but they managed to hold at the fortress of Jurgen, and have been fighting for survival ever since.

The few Terminators the chapter had were the first line of defense, proudly believing that they could hold off the combined forces of Chaos and the Orks. They were wrong.

Thus, the chapter no longer has access to Terminators, and the few Dreadnoughts that remain are a precious commodity. The chapter's resources have been running thin, and so Devestators are also highly valued.

And so, the Obsidian Legion has been awaiting imperial aid... for the past decade. The chapter is fighting a losing battle, and the enemies seem inexhaustible, but Kharthaine staunchly refuses to give up.

Good? I hope you all like it. Any constructive criticism is welcome, and complements are always nice  . Advice for the future is good as well, as I haven't much experience actually using space marines on the table.

Oh, by the way, chapter colors are black(duh), silver lining, red eyes, and the higher-ups get red shoulderpads. At least, that's what I plan to paint them, but I'm not too sure it'll look good on the marines...
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Post by: skalnok on September 24, 2006, 04:28:45 PM
chapter: Shadow Legion
chapter master: Grand Librarian Skalnok
colours: black, dark blue and golds/silvers to show rank
symbol:a golden Aquila
home world:a belt of asteroids in the ultima segmentum
chapter traits: cleanse and purity, suffer not the alien to live (dark eldar),flesh over steel
geneseed: nothing seems to be wrong with their gene seed but they seem to have a high rate of psykers than other chapters
backround: skalnok the chapter master was once an adeptus custodes going from legion to legion inspecting them during the great crusade and when the Horus heresy irrupted headed towards Terra as fast as the warp drives could take him, what for him took 10 days int he warp was in real space 9.5 thousand years so by the time he emerged the emperor was already on the golden throne and he was far too late to do anything. skalnok and the group of marines he was with were considered to be lost in the warp and lost to mankind. as it was there was a distress beacon from a near by planet about an eldar attack so the 100 marines and him went to their aid only to be cut down by harlequins and a detachment from the craftworld bel-tan he was the only survivor and was determined to kill as many as he could so he followed them into the webway where he fought them for a while until he could not fight anymore and finally gave in and befriended the only surviving harlequin in an effort to stay alive and have at least 1 ally in this unforgiving place eventually aldrian brought him into the black library where he learned to combat the evils of chaos better and also learned to respect the eldar and hate the dark eldar. skalnok and aldrian have had an arrangement since that time to come to one another's aid should the need arise. after escaping the webway he found the shadow legion under attack and came to their aid killing the archon and sundering their forces apart but not before their old chapter master had been killed and he stepped up to take the place for this chapter had been a successor from the original legion he had been lost in the warp with. the original chapter is unknown to this day.

fixed spelling errors
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Post by: Atticus on October 1, 2006, 07:02:31 AM
Name:The Knights of Winterfel.
Symbol: A black cross with a white inlay.
Chapter Traits: Seen but don't be seen, Cleanse and Purify, Eye to Eye
Background:The Knights of Winterfel were founded after the Horus Heresy.  Winterfel is 90% covered in Pine forests.  Winterfel has long nights and days (about 20 days on earth= one on winterfel).  The world is mostly uninhabited with a population of about 11 million.  There is also a guard regiment stationed on the world that owes a battle debt to the Knights of Winterfel.
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Post by: nerdking on October 31, 2006, 06:45:17 PM
Chapter Name -- Crimson Blood of Jensaarai
Home World -- Jensaarai Secundus [Eastern Fringe]
Founding -- approximately 23rd [1500 years ago]
symbolism -- a White cross on a crimson background
                  White Wings on a crimson background
Chapter Master -- unnamed/TBA
traits -- See but don't be seen, Trust your Battle Brothers
geneseed -- built from the Blood Angels format, mutated.  Mutation resulted in stubby vestigal limbs growing from the back of the shoulders.  Elite/Veteran troops are equipped with anti-gravitic robotic wings.
Affiliations -- Tech Priest Justinius


Originally chartered as a chapter to combat the Tau and Tyranid threats, the mutations of the Crimson geneseed was almost the bane of the Chapter itself.  Techpriest Justinius, seeing a potential ally in a mutated chapter, fashioned the anti-gravitic wings first worn by Chapter Founder Laisarin Aiodh and have been worn by every subsequent Chapter Leader as a sign of their unity with the Tech Priest and his Forge world. 

The Crimson Blood have become adept as fire support soldiers, developing tactics to lay down walls of suppressing fire while their Battle Brothers in the assault companies proceed to flank the enemy.  These tactics have been successful in their campaign against a Tau expansionary force, resulting in the founding of a Tau Veterans Squad.
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Post by: Stray Bullet on November 4, 2006, 10:09:58 PM
Name: Pheonix Wardens
Founding Chapter: Blood Ravens
Chapter Master: Thaeseus Serinus, successor of Lacien Yarrat.
Home World: Carpathia, but travel in fleets establishing chapter keeps on various worlds a'la Black Templars.
Symbol: A stylised pheonix with wings unfurled in a great arc, obscuring the body.
Traits: Advantages: Signifcant Divergence: See, But Don't Be Seen; Cleanse and Purify; Trust Your Battle Brothers; No mercy, No Respite; Drawbacks: Eye to Eye; Death Before Dishonour.
Combat Doctrine: Being of a numerous 30 companies, neatly organised like the Ultramarines, unusual for a fleet chapter. 10 companies stay behind to defend Carpathia, and use the planet as the staging point if they decide to go to war. The other 20 companies being crusader fleets like the Black Templars, placing chapter keeps from world to world, helping where they are needed.

In battle, they rely on an armoured front, advancing foward from strongpoint to strongpoint, securing areas for the rest of the force. The large numbers of troops following in their wake if not covering the flanks of the spearhead. Land speeders and bikes aren't widely used among most of the companies, usually only used for scouting or countering forces that try to out maneuovre the main force. When an oppurtune area is reached, the armour form two flanks and unload the troops, most of whom charge headlong into the enemy line, the other battle brother providing cover fire while methodically advancing from cover to cover.

History: (Coming soon)
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Post by: Daryl Blaber on November 8, 2006, 11:17:20 AM
Chapter: Soul Reavers
Chapter master: Lt. Razeil (see avatar)
sucsessor of: Blood Angels
Colour: Primary, Red Secondary, White, Trim bolt gun metal, weapons, Greyish white, Eyes, green
History:How the Soul Reavers came to become a chapter
  The Soul Reavers used to be the 11th company of the Blood Angels chapter and they were nick named soul reavers beacuse of there ferce close combat and ranged powers. The Blood Angels 11th company was tasked to find a new planet to set a monastry so that they can get a better footing in most areas of there system.

  They found a planet called Hydra, so there task force Led by Captain Hakka, librarian Pharias and Chaplin Gylus make a base only to find a new and powerful clan of orks led by a warboss called 'Herny'.They deep striked in to battle fighting off a squiggoth and killing it. but once 'fluffy' was killed 'Hernys' elite squad of mega armoured nobs came round swamed Gylus and killed him. So the reavers made one final push but ended up in a retreat. The rest of the men falled back under the covers of a land raider called 'Hell's Death' but was distroyed by Fluffy no.2.

  So the 11th company was brought back to there ship, the battle barge blood omen, to find a new planet. they came across a planet not yet know. just like Terra. But it had a dark back ground. 'Vampires', Daemons, and worse.It is called Nosgoth. They made planet fall with there Company Leuitenant Razeil. They landed at the seat of this planet. 'The pillars of Nosgoth' were the bench mark of the planet. Only to find there no enemy. But one man. Well not man an old vampire. Looking down at a crate. Razeil walked towards him. questioning him. threatning him but he look at Razeil in amazment. He pushed the Vampire aside and Gylus restrained him within his grasp.

  Razeil opened the crate and pulled out an odd looking sword. The Reaver. Once impaled on an enemy it would drain there life blood and eat its soul. the blade contained vampiric sorucery. it had to be destroyed so Razeil Smashed it. only to find im self in agony. The shock was so powerful it sent every one on there backs trying to scrable to there feet and see what is going on. Razeil finaly got a grasp of himself and looked at his arm. A curling line of enrgy cruled down his arm. He picked up his Thunder hammer. The energy dispersed and entered the hammer possesing it with a soul and a elemental weapon. Razeil looked at the vampire he told him his name. Kain. the Blance Gardian of Nosgoth. He explained every thing to Razeil and his commanders. So weak but he mumbled about going with them.

  So they did. And they Placed kain in a unique Furiso MkV dreadnought made to adapt to his blood thirst. The 11th Company whent to the chapter master of the Blood Angels and he declared the Soul Reavers a new chapter. But while they were gone one problem came back. Herny invaded Nosgoth And Hakka and his commanders were ordered to Purge the new or well old threat once and for all. New friends layed round the corner. Tau and the Angel Of Retribution Space marine Chapter...

Learn more at my website:http://www.freeweb.com/razeil
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Post by: Corrupt on November 18, 2006, 05:23:38 AM
Emperors Regal Knights
Colours: Regal Blue Armour, Lightning Blue helmets and shoulders
Insignia: Wing Bearing Sword
Traits: Trust your Battle Brothers, No Mercy no Respite
Drawbacks: Eye to eye, Have Pride in your colours

A of unknown origin, their regal blue armour and proud stance shows their honour and commitment. Drawing heavily for their battle tactics on the somewhat antiquated medieval knights, they favour a close assault and honourable combat to win the day, replacing horses with jump packs or bikes, and swords with chainswords.

Curiously, the notion of honour applies to some enemies they regard as honourable, such as the vile orks, tho who errenous in their ways are willing to fight and die in the proper way of martial combat. The Tau they despise especialy for refusing to enter the fight proper.

Their tactic consists mostly of a knights charge down the centre, to break their opponents line and their general, and hopefully allowing the company chamion or captain to defeat him in melee combat and tho casualties can be heavy, they do not flee and fight to the last as knights should. This tactic applies against all armies and on the one recorded engagement between Tyranids and the Regal Knights it was applied succesfully, if somewhat suicidally. Using the local imperial guard as peasent levy providing supressive fire and other dishonourable jobs too dirty for knights, they dropped from thunderhwaks into the heart of the horde and made straight for the hive tyrant. Despite horrendous rates of attrition a few hard core veterans and their captain made it and were able to wear the beast down before they were overrun. Devoid of leadership the bugs were easily defeated by the Guard's superior firepower and the world was saved
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Post by: ShaneM on November 24, 2006, 02:50:23 PM
Here's my chapter that I've been working on over the past year!

Chapter: White Revenants
Colours: White base with gold trim.
Insignia: Standard Imperial Skull symbol.
Traits: Notable Divergeance: Courageous
(+)See but Don't Be Seen, Trust Your Battle Brothers.
(-)Eye to Eye.
Chapter Master: Maximian Augustus.


My lord,

The chapter that has come to be known as the 'White Revenants' has an obscure past. All that is known for sure is that there has been no record of their creation, and nothing seems to have been heard of them before their appearance on the planet Twycross, in the Erccssam systen on the Eastern Rim. Twycross is a planet bearing few natural resources, but featuring a small population of hardy sub-feudal and feudal humans.
       This chapter of the Adeptus Astartes apparently arrived on the planet on board a commandeered rouge trader vessel. The Inquistion has at this time been unable to discover the name of this vessel or the identity of its captain, and an investigation is currently underway.
      Inquisitor Tarlen was despatched to investigate the source of the Astartes, and arrived on Twycross with a small elite bodyguard. There he met with the Chapter Master, Maximillian Augustus, and witnessed the chapter's efforts at establishing a base of operations in the heartlands of the Poignard peninsula. Augustus was a most accomodating host, but Alimon was unable to prise the secret of their origin from him. He had enough contact, however, to assure me that Augustus is free from the taint of heresy, and that the same could be said of his men.
     It quickly became apparent that the White Revenants are a chapter that has taken catastrophic losses, with barely enough marines to constitute a full company. Augustus informed Tarlen that it was his intention to claim Twycross as his own, and to induct new marines from the planet's human population. He also made an official request for aid in the form of military supplies and equipment, and also for some space assets to be assigned to them.  
    It is my reccomendation that we comply with these requests, on the basis that the Chapter reveal their true origins to us. Deathwatch Kill teams have already been dispatched to Twycross to observe and report on their actions, and if there appears to be any duplicity on the part of the Revenants, a regiment of the Imperial Guard will be drafted in to purge them. I only hope it does not come to that, as we need all the military might we can muster in that region, and the White Revenants could act as a useful bulwark against our enemies

+++The Emperor Protects+++
Inquisitor Toth
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Post by: Corrupt on December 2, 2006, 09:44:41 AM
A few Basic Color testers for my Emperors Regal Knights

From left to Right,
Librarian, Captain, Tactical, Assault

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Post by: chainsmoking guard player on January 31, 2007, 01:37:01 PM
Name: The Emerors Many
Symbol: A silver  infinity  sign on a Black background
Chapter Traits: none.............  SM  from a multitude of chapters are  amongst its ranks. A high  quantity  of Kill  Team members though
Homeworld: Based  in  the Terran system  on the  moon  Io
Background: Not any really,  i was never fond of painting a hundred+ models identical, so they are all different instead.  I'll fire up some fluff in the future
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Post by: Spider-King on January 31, 2007, 01:55:41 PM
Chapter: Crimson Dragons
Colours: Dark red, highlighted with lighter reds, green lenses, and other details.
Insignia: I will be using the alpha legion iconography.
Geneseed: That of the salamanders.
Traits: Cleanse and purify, See but dont be seen. I cant honestly remember my drawbacks at the moment, and i havent got the marine codex anywhere near me, but i know i cant use many bikes/landspeeder squadrons.

I have not written any fluff for them, but basically, they are almost like the salamanders, they just like getting closer quickly and burining things.
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Post by: AbstractDaddy on February 14, 2007, 12:47:00 AM
Prophets of the Seraph  - created after the Age of Apostasy which occurred during the second century of the 36th millennium. The 'Plague of Unbelief', spread by the insane tyrant Lord Vandire, had severely destabilized the Imperium in a way not seen since the Horus Heresy.

The Prophets of the Seraph were secretly created within the Ordo Hereticus as a check on The Ecclesiarchy, they are to the Ordo Hereticus as the Grey Kights are to the Ordo Malleus . Although the Ordo Hereticus and The Adepta Sororitas have their own internal regulatory bodies, the Prophets of the Seraph secretly  act as another line of defence against corruption.

 - Cleanse & Purify
 - No Mercy, No Respite
 - Eye to Eye

The basic colours for the Chapter are as follows:
   Main Colours - Scab Red, Brazen Brass and Bleached Bone
   Chapter Icon - A robed woman

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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on April 11, 2007, 08:17:25 PM
chapter:The Doombringer
geneseed: geneseed from the loyal marines of the chapters that turned to Horus
homeworld: The Large battleship (now part of a spacehulk) previously used by the Emperor. "the light of the Emperor"
chapter master: Jehan Reznor
symbol: Inverted nuclear sign
traits: Blessed be the warrior,see but not be seen
colours: Black and red armor intermittend and white Helmets with red dot


Back ground:
(Note: the chapter was based on a little story in the rulebook of the first Epic game space marine).

It was after the Istvan Campaign, that seventy space marines chose for the Emperor, They Mutinied for the
sake of the Empire turning against their chapters and their warmaster HORUS.
Were these marines traitors or the most loyal of them all?
Seventy marines: fifteen World Eaters, twelve Death Guard, twenty from the Thousand Sons, ten Luna
Wolves, ten Emperor's Children and the 3 officers who accompanied them. But there were more, from
every chapter that defected to HORUS, there were some who had their doubts (From the Iron Warriors, Night
Lords, The Word Bearers, Alpha Legion, Etc). Some were killed escaping their chapter and only a few could
escape their traitorous brothers. The Inquisition turned those who reached Terra inside out. Even while going
through this horrid torture their faith in the Emperor was unshaken. Now the Emperor knew that this
impossible news was true, that the inconceivable was at hand, marines fighting marines.
As the war was raging on, more chapters crossed over to HORUS, and consequential some of these marines
chose for the Emperor. These Marines were kept under close guard and were subjected to numerous loyalty
tests. Only a few marines were traitor spies and these were dealt with.
When the final confrontation was about to start, the battle at HORUS rebel command centre. The Loyal
"defected" marines were also teleported in. The bitter hatred and ferocity with which they fought their former
mutated battle brothers surprised the other loyal marines. Where other marines screamed in agony because
of the horrors they had seen, these "defected" marines fought in almost in a berserker rage. They fought hard
but never reached Horus. But they managed to keep the chaos renegades at bay. So the Emperor could fight
HORUS without being interrupted by traitor marines. The fight between the Emperor and HORUS was grim
but in the end the Emperor was victorious. Of the loyal "defected " marines only a few were slain. The
Emperor, now in his golden throne because of his injuries was still conscious, redirected the organisation of
the space marine chapters. The emperor had sensed the DOOMBRINGERS Immunity against Chaos, so
their task was clear, they would become a chapter specialised in hunting these traitor marines down, directly
under the Emperors Command.
In the early years the inquisition closely watched the marines. It became clear that this chapter is the most
loyal chapter to the Emperor. The only setback is their distrust to the other chapters. And because they are
directly under the emperors command their dealings with the high lords of Terra and the inquisition are
strained. And so the DOOMBRINGERS chapter was born.
Because the chapter was not involved in the reorganisation of the other chapters their organisation has not
the limitation that other chapters have. For example the DOOMBRINGERS currently consists of about 570
thousand marines, have their own space fleet, Titan Legion, weapon factory and are thus totally self sufficient.
The Doombringers extreme hatred against chaos renegades. Has left them with animosity against almost all
other chapters with a few exceptions. So you have to take animosity tests, whenever
you fight with other chapters. One exception is the Dark Angels chapter. The Doombringers cannot fight
alongside them (The Doombringers have once captured some of the Fallen, so they know the truth of the
treachery of the Dark Angels during the Horus Heresy) they see them as traitors and will attack them on sight.
Because Doombringers Hate Chaos Renegades use the rules for hatred, the Doombringers can make a ld.
test to restrain themselves or choose to forego the test and attack them.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg369.imageshack.us%2Fimg369%2F4663%2Fdscn3310gt0.th.jpg&hash=e6810385549d79c928419b4b7a3d5889d8bfcf07) (http://img369.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn3310gt0.jpg)
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Post by: iron Sw0rd on April 15, 2007, 05:44:42 AM
chapter name - Dark spartans
symbol - white upside down v like the spartans on red backround
colour scheme - black, red crouch elbows and knees back pack, 1 silver shoulder
chapter master - titanicus
backround - well there based around the atitude of spartans so there tuff.
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Post by: Invisible Elephant on April 15, 2007, 07:30:21 AM
Chapter Name: Matsumae Samurai
Symbol: black heron on red sun
Colour Scheme: regal blue armour, black and white detailing
Background: Based on feudal japan, haven't written fluff yet
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Post by: Bournstar69 on April 19, 2007, 03:02:40 PM
Chapter: Soul Reavers

I don't believe this. A chapter called the Soul Reavers on the latest page. I have to declare that as gay. :( Unfortunately. Yeah, so here's mine:

Chapter Name: The Soul Reavers
Symbol: Skull from transfer sheet with a black marking on the top. The Sergeants wear a '9' on their left shoulder pad as they revere the 9 first founding chapters that stayed loyal to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy.
Colour Scheme: Black armour with 'Eavy Metal style extreme highlighting, silver helmets and detailing, Skull white detailing and white helmets on the veterans and the standard boltgun metal weapons.
Chapter Master: Ezekiel, Primarch of the Soul Reavers
Homeworld: Xhoros IX, a ghost planet from the Ursus Meridian. Previously were on a crusade to prove their worth to the emperor.
Geneseed: First founding geneseed, but only emerged relatively recently. The chapter  is still led by a direct descendent of the founding Primarch Agammon; Ezekiel.
Traits:No Mercy, No Respite and Clense and Purify
Background:One of the two founding chapters that were expunged from Imperium records around the time of the Horus Heresy.

Chapter History:After being expunged from the Adeptus Astartes around the time of the Horus Heresy, the Soul Reavers undertook a grand crusade to prove their worth to the Emperor. They would take no homeworld, instead travelling from planet to planet to fight the enemies of the Emperor. After a thousand years, they stumbled upon war-stricken Planet 9 of the Ursus Meridian. Xhoros. It was decided that after purging the system of attacking Chaos forces they would take Xhoros IX as their homeworld.

Forged in the fires of a thousand battles, Ezekiel, Chapter Master of the Soul Reavers, carries the Stormsoul Bolter, a master-crafted Strom bolter that Ezekiel maintains will never leave his person. (It is chained to him) and an admantium and ceramide clad power fist that crackles with furious energy when flexed. It carries the marks of many battles, as does his knee-pad and lower-leg armour. Many Techmarine have offered repairs, but they are always turned away. Ezekiel is clad in a suit of ancient Artificer armour, forged by the Tech-priests of Mars and granted to Ezekiel to mark his position. 

The Soul Reavers have huge respect for the nine chapters that remained loyal to the Emperor and as such wear a mark of reverance on their armour. A number '9' adorns the shoulder pad of a sergeant or commander of a Soul Reaver formation.

"Throughout all the battles we have fought, throughout all the worlds we purged, through all the horrors we have seen...we remember the 9." -Attributed to Ezekiel, Chapter Master of the Soul Reavers
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Post by: Bournstar69 on April 20, 2007, 04:42:23 AM
Hmmm... I didn't mean to quote that whole thing. Cos' It's not a quote. Oh well. One thing I forgot to put about my chapter is the motto. Because they have a preferred enemy, Chaos Marines, the chapter motto is: Twisted souls, you belong to us.  This appears on the banner of the chapter.
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Post by: Mark_the_unforgiven on April 22, 2007, 03:12:02 AM
guys theres a chapter called the mum's wtf???
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Post by: Chaplain Swordwind on April 25, 2007, 07:13:02 AM
Chapter:  The Phoenix Legion
Symbol:  The Imperial Double-Eagle in Gold on a background of Red Flame
Color Scheme:  Red and Gold
Chapter Traits:  Trust Your Battle Brothers & Have Faith In Suspicion
Geneseed:  Originally from the Ultramarines
Homeworld:  Arakkis Prime
Chapter Master:  (Chaplain) Valen Draal

The Phoenix Legion is both an old and a new Chapter of Space Marines.  This paradox is clarified by examining their history.  The chapter split from the Ultra Marines during the second founding.  At the time they were known as the (DELETED).  The chapter distinguished itself over the centuries through many successful campaigns fought in the name of the Emperor.  Two things in particular set this chapter apart from all others:  Their passionate faith, and the phenominal psychic power of their librarians.  These two distinguishing traits of the chapter came into direct opposition of each other approximately 600 years ago. 

At the time, the Chapter's Librarians were considered so wise and so strong that they had become the defacto leaders of the Chapter.  They occupied all 10 of the Company Commander slots, and the Senior Librarian, (DELETED), was expected to become the next Chapter Master.  However, catastrophic events were right around the corner.

Apparently, (DELETED) and the other Librarians fell victim to the seductive calls of the Ruinous Powers.  They attempted to lead the Chapter into open rebellion against the Emperor, but were defeated and slain to a man by Chaplain Valen Draal and the non-psychic marines, none of whom had been corrupted by Chaos.

After this Heresy was ended, Chaplain Draal took charge of the Chapter and sent word to Holy Terra.  Shortly thereafter an Inquisitorial Tribunal was dispatched to investigate the Chapter and determine if the taint of Chaos had truely been irradicated.  The remainder of the Chapter was found to be faithful, and so they renamed themselves the Phoenix Legion, after the mythological bird of fire that is perpetually reborn at the moment of its destruction.  Chaplain Valen Draal was appointed Chapter Master by a unanimous vote of the Chapter, and from that time forward all Company Captains have been trained as Chaplains, to ensure that the chapter remains forever faithful to the Immortal Emperor of Mankind.  Furthermore, there are no Librarians among the Phoenix Legion, and there never will be again.  Chapter Master Draal believes that the risk is too great, and in light of the Chapter's dubious history, nobody questions his decision.
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Post by: Candrian on April 27, 2007, 11:24:04 PM
Chapter: Dark Watch
Insignia: None.
Colour Scheme: Dark green with a single red shoulder pad
Geneseed: Unknown, although the Chapter combat doctrine suggests descent from the Raven Guard.
Homeworld: Crius Secundus
Chapter Master: Commander Morgan
Battlecry: [In a calm tone] 'We are the Dark, fear us.'
Background: (Shortened)

The Dark Watch are an oddity among the Chapters, they do not worship or pray, preferring to show their devotion to the Imperium through their actions. This philosophy has caused the chapter to be branded as Renegades amongst some of the more pious Chapters such as the Black Templars and caused much friction with the Inquisition.

The Dark Watch do not adhere to the Codex Astartes, abandoning the rigid 10-company structure in favour of a more flexible detachment styled approach. The Chapter is organised into 12 Battlegroups, each named after a symbol on the ancient Terran zodiac. Each battlegroup is a formidable force in its own right.

It is no great secret among the Astartes that each chapter has its own genetic flaws and the Dark Watch is no different. While most of the gene-seed organs still remain functioning within the Dark Watch one particular organ had ceased to function and as a result Astartes of the Dark Watch do not grow much larger than average humans.
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Post by: Invisible Elephant on April 28, 2007, 02:07:25 AM
do you actually model the height defect onto your models?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Candrian on April 28, 2007, 08:36:42 AM
My scouts are converts from a different game (Void i think, i found them unpackaged in a hobby shop)
As for the basic marines I generally say that their power armour is designed like an exoskeleton boosting their apparent size to compensate for their defficiency.

The background for my chapter is still work in progress, so there will be big plot holes but i'm working on it :P
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Post by: Doom Bringer on April 28, 2007, 12:35:10 PM
Doom Lords
Chapter:  Doom Lords
Symbol:  A white skull wearing a gold crown on a black background.
Colours: Black Armour, Red Trim and Helm, White Shoulderpads
Chapter Traits:  See But Don't Be Seen, Die Standing
Geneseed:  Iron Hands
Homeworld:  Molov
Background: Just before the Second Founding the Iron Hands formed a sect within their ranks called the Doom Bringers, their job was to make sure no heresey entered thier ranks and their Gene-Seed was kept pure, during the Horus Heresy their numbers swelled to combat the heretics and genetic polluters. At the end of the heresy the Doom Bringers were one of the first to split from thier chapter. The newly forged chapter "Doom Lords" vowed to all Heretics and Traitors exposed during the heresy. They send fleet after fleet of warriors to destroy all chaos marines and their followers, many of these fleets enter the eye of terror and are never seen again. It is the greatest honour for a Doom Lord to die upholding their vow.
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Post by: LostKnight on April 30, 2007, 03:54:10 PM
As my first post ever heres my chapter!

                                     The green phoenixes

Symbol: A flying phoenix on a green background
Colors: Green, red trim, silver weapons.
Trait: As each compagny have their own trait, it would be too long to write them here.
However, my first compagny is lead by their powerful medic, my 2nd by their bikes and my 3rd by thier techmarines.

Geneseed: salamanders
Homeworld: Cadia

Backgound: After the 13th black crusade of abbadon, The need of having a space marines chapter defending the cadian gate was obvious. The Green Phoenixes was born out of the best cadian guard that could be found. Each of their 10 compagny have their own training facilities and are almost autonomous from the rest of the chapter. They are still fighting as one tough, each compagny supporting each other on the field. They have a close link to the ordo hereticus and commonly fields some sisters of battle in their ranks.

I have a LOT more backgound for them but I cant writhe them all here.
So here it is, feel free to flame\blame\comgrat as you wish.
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Post by: Circe on May 2, 2007, 11:36:17 AM
Name: The Rosicrucians (or the Ordo Rosicrucius)

Symbol: A rose cross (either a cross painted red or a gold cross with a rose entwined around it, depends on rank)

Colours: Dark red

Traits: Take the fight to them, Die Standing

Founding: unknown

Geneseed: unknown but probably ultramarine

Homeworld: an unknown rogue planetoid

Behaviour: Rosicrucian companies do not field in standard 10 man squads with rhinos, instead they field as 5 man squads with razorbacks, indeed the entire chapter is organised around this form of mechanised warfare:

Neophytes do not field as scouts, instead they act as MP protecting lines of communication and performing mopping up operations on civilian populations, they are normally fielded in 5 man teams with a rhino (converted to include prisoner holding cages)

Instead each maniple has attached a small number of elites velites squads, 6 man strong normally teleported or airlifted into place

Assault squads are incredibly rare (1*10 man per maniple max) instead a number of tactical squads are equipped with BP&CCW

with the exception of the triarii (devastators) few squads carry heavy weapons, instead the RB effectively mounts the squad heavy weapon.

History: Much of the origins of the Rosicrucians remains in shadow but a few things are believed to be true by certain members of the inquisition that have studied such things:

1. The rosicrucians were conceived, created and their development managed by an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord called Morn Veduin, quite how or why he did this is unknown but Morn was (is?) a confirmed member of the Thorian faction. What happened to Morn after the Rosicrucians came into being is unknown.

2. At some point in their early history the entire chapter was all but exterminated (hence the extensive use of RBs) who, how or why is not known although some inferences have come to light that the Black Legion may well have been involved as well as Morn's sister Mabn Veduin, an Ordo Malleus inquisitor also of the Thorian faction.

3. The Chapter Master is probably only a figurehead, several references have been found to a 'shadow council' and one officer, the Tribunus Laticlavius, is a known member of this council.

4. On at least 4 occasions the rosicrucians are known to have abducted (rescued?) children or young adults with a high psychic potential. None of these have ever been seen again and the Rosicrucians themselves refuse to comment.

5. On several other occasions the Rosicrucians have been accompanied by 1 or more powerful psykers, called a Questionarius or Venator, these have always, thus far, remained beyond scrutiny or questioning.

6. Rosicrucians appear to make significant use of pregonition in the strategic decision making, several time a mission seems to have been driven by a prophecy of some sort, on more than one occasion a Rosicrucian taskforce has joined up with a larger battlegroup only to complete some objective of their own before retreating and leaving.

There is a load of other stuff written somewhere, hehe, but i dont want to bore you to tears......

Whaddayamean I already have?  ;D ;D
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Post by: Chapter Master Ahadiel on May 10, 2007, 05:06:57 PM
Name:  The Angels Apocryphal
Symbol:  A black robed angel with skeletal wings
Colors:  Black Robes/Tabards, Off White Power Armor with Gold Trim
Traits:  'Nilla
Founding: Unknown
Geneseed: Dorn
Homeworld: Lunar Base in orbit around Icaraen III

Behaviour:  The Angels Apocryphal are known for their strict adherence to the Index Astartes, a part of their eternal penance for the failure of the Space Marines to protect their Emperor from the Heresy begun by Horus.  They do, however, robe themselves in black cloth, a symbol of their grief and their failure.  It is common place for chaplains to lead ceremonies where bloody rites of self-mutilation and flagellation are conducted, and many of the chapter's marines proudly scar themselves before battle, holding fast to the belief that their pain will aid in the redemption of all the Adeptus Astartes that the Emperor might rise again, and lead his children to a battle beyond imagining.

Edit:: Just to clarify, this isn't some weepy goth or emo chapter, nor do I consign myself to either of the aforementioned idioms.  The chapter is based on the medieval practice of flagellation, were people would repent their sins through self mutilation, a practice that is continued today throughout more extreme sects of the Roman Catholic Church.  I got the idea from WHFB and the DaVinci Code.  They don't cry and they're very proud about causing pain to themselves.

Name: The Scions of Wrath
Symbol: Two Crossed Chainswords
Colors:  Very dark red, with Silver trim
Traits: Trust Your Battle Brothers, Death Before Dishonour
Geneseed: Unknown
Founding: 13th
Homeworld: Death World Bune III

Behaviour:  The Scions of Wrath are known for their brutality above all else.  They train and recruit from the death world of Bune III, a once thriving civilization that had escaped the notice of the Great Crusade before the Horus Heresy broke out.  Upon discovering the planet, the Scions of Wrath waged a campaign of terror and death, sowing the mystery of their origins while systematically destroying all technological advances the planets inhabitants had discovered.  It was there in the rubble of Bune III, that they forged a brutal world of battle hungry tribes, manipulating wars through proxy, and selecting only the most battle hardened veterans for the ranks of their Space Marines.  They prefer a face to face fight, that they may prove themselves worthy as true Angels of Death.  Consequently, the marines generally prefer to advance, bolters blazing, in order to get into close combat as quickly as possible.  New recruits make up the Devestator squads, pilot the vehicles, and generally provide fire support as they have not yet proven themselves to be worthy of the holy bolter and chainsword.  The source of their geneseed has been the cause of much speculation, for within them brews a terrible rage, none who receive the geneseed escape it fully, and it has found itself a place of some reverence among their holy tomes, referred to as The Emperor's Holy Wrath, for it is seen as a gift from the Emperor, Himself, that they might better smite their enemies in His name.
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Post by: xplayx4 on May 13, 2007, 07:30:26 PM
heres mine.

Name: The Frost Warriors
Symbol: A 3-pointed white mountain.
Colours: Ice blue with Enchanted blue trim, orange eyes.
Gene-seed: Space Wolves
Homeworld: Peomethine IIV, an ice world.
History: After being founded by the Space Wolves, the Frost Warriors started building their mighty ice-fortresses, giant buildings fortified by slippery ice harpoons and ice bolters, the Frost Warriors were immediatly caught in the grasp of the Tyrannic war. Using their re-knowned librarians that utilised the powers of water and its different states, and mighty terminaters that combine the use of freezing frost swords and stormbolts, the Frost Warriors, aided with their brother chapter, the Death Reapers, tore apart the Hive Fleet Gargantun. The eldar of the craftworld Hais-Fal were also interested, and aided the humans in their quest to purge the xenos. The damned Ice Beasts Chaos legion, that were drawn to the massed psykers, attacked. After tearing apart the hive tyrant and broodlord, the eldar and marines turned on the Legion of Chaos. A bloody battle followed, in which wholly half of the craftworld and planet's population died, but they had purged the damned from their planet, the Frost Warriors, Death Corps and Hais-Fal realised their need of each other and formed an alliance, which holds to this day. Hais-Fal grounded its craftworld, which is still capable of flight, and live in it and help their human brothers, but never to harm fellow eldar, which the marines agreed to, since the eldar saved thier lives. The Death Reapers also moved to Peomethine IIV,and helped both fellow eldar and humans destroy the xenos and thrive. The Frost Warriors, their numbers greatly reduced, now depend on them, but can still hold their own against any alien monstrosities. They now guard against Tyranids, Chaos and other aliens, an alliance that the Grey Knights are looking into....
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Post by: Two Blades as One, Samurai Ichirou on May 18, 2007, 01:35:05 PM
I've already written their history and fluff for them, but whatever.

Name: NightStalkers
Symbol: A yellow cresent moon impaled by a sword on a blood red backround.
Colour scheme: black mainly w/red shoulder pads and greaves. Mithril silver shoulder trim, mithril silver in helmet bands. red eyes.
Geneseed: N/A (tenth first founding chapter)
Homeworld: Solinus, forest/city world
history: See new SM chapter NightStalkers, SM forum
traits: see but dont be seen, death before dishonour

I wrote a more extensive post and some fluff for them a couple months ago so if you want to critsize/praise then you can check those out and leave some comments.
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Post by: FifthWindDieGermanator on May 19, 2007, 11:02:15 PM
My chapter is the Angels of the Aquila. It can be found here.

http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=137434.0 (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=137434.0)
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Post by: Heretek on May 19, 2007, 11:19:07 PM
Shouldn't that be Angels of the Aquila? Or do they really like triangles?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: FifthWindDieGermanator on May 20, 2007, 10:40:04 AM
im sorry, its an impusle for me to say angles instead af angels.

math class has gotten to me :P
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Post by: bzarhands on May 29, 2007, 08:11:51 PM
Greetings all,

Given that this is my first post, an introduction may be in order...

About me: though I've played tabletop role-playing games for almost 20 years, I'm very new to 40K and the world of miniature gaming as a whole.  A few weeks in, and I'm just now assembling my first army and learning the ins-and-outs of painting.  At the same time, I'm trying to come with background for the forces I will be fielding.  I've decided to de-lurk for some feedback on my DIY chapter.  I've done my best to read up on the do's and don'ts of creation, and I must say that I'm very thankful for the work of those who have come before me.  Creating my own fluff is complimentary to the tangible work I'm doing in plastic, and even just a little way in has proven to be very rewarding.

That said, I am also keen for constructive criticism regarding my ideas.  I want to be creative, but also plausible.  I trust in your knowledge of all the fluff that has come before me, and I'm rather thick-skinned.  Please don't hesitate to be honest.  :)

Preliminary thoughtsThe unifying theme of my force is that they are bad luck.   To be clear, they are not cursed to be an ineffective fighting force and are not themselves unlucky.  They do, however, often herald the arrival of unfortunate events for those around them.  It is for this reason that those outside the Chapter (and sometimes even within the Chapter) openly refer to the Brothers of Dusk as "Stormcrows."

It is commonly known that the descendants of the Raven Guard are all cursed with inferiorities by the hurried gene-harvesting practices of past millennia.   The Stormcrows, as part of a subsequent founding, were one part experiment and one part apology for the poor decisions of the past.  Through the hard work of countless Genetors and an innovative (though very slow) maturation process, the Stormcrows exist as a tangible attempt to repair Corax's decayed gene-seed.  Though far more genetically stable than other Founding Chapters of the Raven Guard, this has perhaps not come without cost.  Something about the Stormcrows founding was cursed, and it is whispered that their genetic gains sent karmic ripples through reality.  At first undetected, these waves echoed and gained strength, eventually manifesting as bad luck for those around the Brothers of Dusk.  Or so go the rumours.

Rumours being what they are in the 41st century, this has not come without the attention of the regulatory bodies of the Imperium.  The Grey Knights in particular are interested in watching carefully the path of the Brothers of Dusk.  Oddly enough, the Grey Knights seem to have been thus far immune to what may be the "Stormcrow curse"; this is very fortunate, given that there are Grey Knight forces constantly stationed on The Blasted Oak (fortress-monastery of the Stormcrows).

Despite the fact that they may represent the genetic future of Corax, the Stormcrows walk a fine knife-edge between service to the Emperor and the summary cleansing (destruction) of the Chapter.  The Brothers themselves are very much aware of their precarious existence, and strive to be pure of heart, mind, and deed.  They have no history of rebellion or corruption and are infallibly diligent in their genetic tithes (though this material has yet to be approved for subsequent foundings, let alone reintroduction into the Raven Guard).  Furthermore, before donning his power armour for the first time, each Marine makes a voluntary pledge that should it ultimately be decided that the Stormcrows represent an abomination before the Imperium, he will raise neither his voice nor bolter in protest.

The original (and non-ironic) intention of this call to arms was to make clear that it was never necessary for a Brother of Dusk to look back to confirm that he was accompanied by his brothers.  If they were not in front of him, they would be not far behind him--without fail.

Subsequent understandings of the pledge (cast in the light of what seems to be the ill-fate of the planets and people who come in to contact with the Brothers of Dusk) have a darker tone.  Those outside the Chapter read the Stormcrows' promise as instruction for necessary delusion: do not consider the destruction which lies in your wake.   That is, in order that they carry out the work of the Emperor in the present, they must leave it for others to assess the consequences of their actions and, indeed, very existence.

Questions, comments, queries, quibbles all invited.  :)
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Post by: Dazzo on May 30, 2007, 04:57:08 PM
For anyone interested in doing up the colour scheme for their chapter this is pretty good. :)
http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smp.php (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smp.php)

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Post by: Alexander's Son on May 30, 2007, 06:06:41 PM
 Yes actually that is very nice although you have to work on the colours... :-P

 I made something between Ultramarines and Blood Angels... here take a look!

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Post by: Dazzo on May 31, 2007, 05:09:58 AM
Aye it takes a bit of getting used to but once youve got it its hard to stop :D Very garish, if you dont mind ill borrow that image for one of my chapters and add it to my new 1000 chapters in colour project im busy collating.
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Post by: Alexander's Son on May 31, 2007, 11:53:06 AM
 Freely Dazo... I can work on something different!
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Post by: Gladewalker on June 3, 2007, 04:27:13 PM
Hmmm... can't get the painted link on bolter and chainsword to work... =-/

I do know that if you use the army painter on Dawn of War then screen-capture the files it doesn't come out too bad. Also, there's a low-tech version (a space marine coloring book outline thing) in the "How to Paint Space Marines" book

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Post by: Dazzo on June 4, 2007, 09:07:07 AM
I do know that if you use the army painter on Dawn of War then screen-capture the files it doesn't come out too bad.
Actually glade I just use screen capture for the bolter and chainsword colour scheme thing, i dont bother with the link. If and when(and I will) I post the colour schemes i came up with im just going to use imageshack.
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Post by: Dazzo on June 6, 2007, 01:21:58 PM
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg264.imageshack.us%2Fimg264%2F4325%2Fam1gv6.th.png&hash=20d7fdeecdcea70a0f4731976746a8358c2b2529) (http://img264.imageshack.us/my.php?image=am1gv6.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg516.imageshack.us%2Fimg516%2F1953%2Fam2xc3.th.png&hash=f308b4c8d749ea7aa20dd372b9642cf15c140f7f) (http://img516.imageshack.us/my.php?image=am2xc3.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg254.imageshack.us%2Fimg254%2F3373%2Fbmyz9.th.png&hash=1f24d51b071f94e72defd16d98b6e73cff1eda2b) (http://img254.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bmyz9.png)

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg178.imageshack.us%2Fimg178%2F5545%2Fsmiz6.th.png&hash=266a9514c17a5781537434ccebd60cdb172f303b) (http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=smiz6.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg299.imageshack.us%2Fimg299%2F213%2Fsm2br6.th.png&hash=93d7c1d866069bfd0d3f36c281de7902c508c7dc) (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sm2br6.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg509.imageshack.us%2Fimg509%2F4060%2Fsm3lf4.th.png&hash=9ea97416f029a0bf462fadae244d9881f10597aa) (http://img509.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sm3lf4.png)

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. 8)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 6, 2007, 01:31:27 PM
 Can I "borrow" an idea or two of the color schemes you have in there?
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Post by: Dazzo on June 6, 2007, 06:58:27 PM
You may indeed borrow the colour schemes, while it is intended as a visual representation of my 1000 chapters list, the list itself and the colour schemes associated with it do not have to be mutually exclusive(though it would be nice if they could be)...basically help yourself ;D

Heres a few more for you
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg221.imageshack.us%2Fimg221%2F4435%2Fcm1lv9.th.png&hash=cacb7d64867a46e1e532f5eb78879368a0b1f29f) (http://img221.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cm1lv9.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg299.imageshack.us%2Fimg299%2F1360%2Fdm1lj7.th.png&hash=619ebe8f9f560eb6ce48bd01218a554529c004e3) (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dm1lj7.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg528.imageshack.us%2Fimg528%2F508%2Fimeq2.th.png&hash=de440080795cead9e7c6ba460df15ebedc2d0b93) (http://img528.imageshack.us/my.php?image=imeq2.png)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 6, 2007, 07:14:08 PM
 Does anyone has any info on Death Spectres? Please PM me!
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on June 6, 2007, 08:42:28 PM
Here is the painting scheme for my Chapter.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg379.imageshack.us%2Fimg379%2F1058%2Fspacemarine3ed0.th.jpg&hash=2eb6e480146408ffd6ad5233855dcc64734e0b21) (http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spacemarine3ed0.jpg)

The Doombringers (not the one from GW)
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Post by: skalnok on June 7, 2007, 12:01:46 AM
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg101.imageshack.us%2Fimg101%2F4872%2Fjadeaquilayf3.jpg&hash=b0dffed2c559e038180a6fca39b18c5ea477ec71) (http://imageshack.us)

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg101.imageshack.us%2Fimg101%2F6899%2Fjadeaquila2tc6.jpg&hash=8d98cdc93a999b371c3c8c86d052ec131031a90e) (http://imageshack.us)

these are 2 schemes for the Jade Aquila's who were posted a few pages back by me and are also in 1000 chapters page by dazo. ( i put it in this one instead of my 1000 chapters page sorry)
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Post by: Dazzo on June 7, 2007, 03:49:06 AM
hese are 2 schemes for the Jade Aquila's
Which one is the main one skalnok? Or which one would you most like to see added.

The Doombringers (not the one from GW)
Im curious jehan why you didnt use GWs colour scheme for the Doombringers...not that theres anything wrong with yours mind you, its just unusual to see such wild divergence with an official chapter, though it may just be I dont get out enough ;D

EDIT: I cant find the GW colour scheme for the doombringers so im using yours. :)

Does anyone has any info on Death Spectres
Other than them being an official chapter im not sure there is all that much background, though you might like to check out this link as it does tell you a little
http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Death_Spectres (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Death_Spectres)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 7, 2007, 08:54:36 AM
@Dazo: Thanks man for the reference... I will look into it.

@skalnok: I could never stand or had the patience to make a 4 quarter Chapter... I thought it to bad for my nerves in one test I did. Unfortunately no pics were taken and now he is stripped and painted again! But I like the greens a lot lately...
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Post by: Gladewalker on June 7, 2007, 07:03:11 PM
Here is the painting scheme for my Chapter.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg379.imageshack.us%2Fimg379%2F1058%2Fspacemarine3ed0.th.jpg&hash=2eb6e480146408ffd6ad5233855dcc64734e0b21) (http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spacemarine3ed0.jpg)

The Doombringers (not the one from GW)

Any reason you don't like the Doombringers? Why don't you just make your own chapter since it'll be entirely different colors? Something like the "Harbingers of Doom" or "Omens of Doom"?
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on June 7, 2007, 08:04:53 PM
Any reason you don't like the Doombringers? Why don't you just make your own chapter since it'll be entirely different colors? Something like the "Harbingers of Doom" or "Omens of Doom"?

I had named this chapter long before GW created their Doombringers. So i am not planing to change it. Just think of it as one of the burocrat mistakes of the empire that 2 chapters with the same name exist. ;)
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Post by: Dazzo on June 8, 2007, 10:07:12 AM
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg510.imageshack.us%2Fimg510%2F3205%2Fmepz4.th.png&hash=74907c8a771aca9855e3ba5de4a0f26cc42a3f48) (http://img510.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mepz4.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg170.imageshack.us%2Fimg170%2F2%2Ftvmdh9.th.png&hash=65f3b0fbf1640d5aea1cfa2083cc068fd9752f6d) (http://img170.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tvmdh9.png)  (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg179.imageshack.us%2Fimg179%2F7764%2Fwmsy3.th.png&hash=1e98606aa85c91475c3cea11a629964e5d548002) (http://img179.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wmsy3.png) (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg235.imageshack.us%2Fimg235%2F1613%2Fsm4ni2.th.png&hash=07926c2a90f1f2f37ac6692cd5c2bb63e74619d0) (http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sm4ni2.png)
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg519.imageshack.us%2Fimg519%2F9760%2Frmum7.th.png&hash=56182b502995a5a14dd818fa16adf31ccf6cb374) (http://img519.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rmum7.png)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 8, 2007, 10:57:10 AM
Dazo those 'Warcry Marines' are your idea or GW's one? I liked the pattern on them...
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Post by: Dazzo on June 8, 2007, 01:40:38 PM
Dazo those 'Warcry Marines' are your idea or GW's one? I liked the pattern on them...
Theres no way GW could come up with such a cool idea ;), that ones all mine...or yours if you wanted it. I think it might be difficult to translate onto a model(depending on your skill level) though. It is one of my favourites actually :)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 8, 2007, 02:24:41 PM
 The pattern is the only difficult part of the model... apart from that I cannot see something so difficult... I will make a test model! ;-)
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 11, 2007, 04:39:55 PM
 What colors have you used for Myrmidons Dazo?
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Post by: Dazzo on June 11, 2007, 07:17:23 PM
Its a brown/semi-metallic brown with what would appear to be a pea soup green(maybe goblin green would be the closest), red face grill and eyes and a bright gold eagle and belt.  :)
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Post by: Forge Master Mordikai on June 23, 2007, 03:42:50 PM
Chapter: Angels Mechanicus
Symbol: The Great Gear of Mars, Silver/Black/ dash of Red
Traits: Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients, Scion of Mars; Eye to eye
Homeworld: Abandoned Forgeworld #6211985, in the Segmentum Pacificus

       In late M40, a large, ancient space crusier erupted from warp-space 12 million miles from Mars. The outer markings suggested an imperial ship, but no name of "Divine Will" was found amongst any registry. The imperial crew was found at there last duty stations, their bones laden with thick dust. A rather large contingent of space marines were found in a deep cryo-stasis. As they were interrogated, none retained knowledge of who they were or their last missions. Many technologies were found aboard the ship, adepts of Mars took them swiftly, never be seen, yet. The marines, though not able to remember memories of themselves, could recall tactics and doctine. Despite these ways of war being severly outdated, no less than several millenia, the marines were quickly able to adopt modern tactics and use them to a most effective degree.
     After a devistaing Waghhhh through the Segmentum Pacificus, the Angels of Mechanicus, as what the Adepts of Mars at first nicknamed them, were given an abandoned forgeworld and a population in the hundereds of thousands to bolster their ancient numbers.

~Questions and comments welcome
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Post by: Dazzo on June 25, 2007, 02:38:16 PM

The Cry of the Storm
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg213.imageshack.us%2Fimg213%2F1546%2Fvociferators1ig9.png&hash=922eb2e36df77980fbec2dbdc8b5ec3e05f645ec) (http://imageshack.us)
Chapter name: Vociferators
Homeworld: Athanasi, Selezna sector, Segmentum Tempestus
Founding: 23rd
Geneseed: Raven Guard
Colors: Black with white concentric circles on the head, forearms and lower legs
Chapter Badge: Concentric circles overlaid with a stylised red star
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg242.imageshack.us%2Fimg242%2F8113%2Fvocsymml5.png&hash=e06e568fcb40fa3d1c509c1daa77b6d6ba447aed) (http://imageshack.us)

In M36 on the information provided by his Xenos informants Rogue trader Karsim Selezna made the hazardous journey beyond the Sisters Veil nebula in search of long forgotten worlds said to still be populated by humans. The rumours proved to be true and what Karsim found both delighted and appalled him, an entire sectors worth of new worlds as yet unknown to the imperium, rich in mineral and cultural wealth, and also swarming with  as yet unrecorded xenos species. Pausing long enough to name the new Selezna sector and claim it in the name of the Imperium, he returned immediately to report his discoveries, record his claim on the worlds discovered, and seek assistance from the Imperial fleet at Bakka. News of such a rich haul of populated worlds galvanised imperial high command to action and within 50 years a liberation force had been assembled to free the peoples of the new sector from xenos tyranny.

Not only was the Imperial commander of Bakka informed but also the High Lords of Terra where also appraised of the situation, and in light of the heavy infestation of undesirable life to be found in the sector they decreed Imperial forces would go into battle beside a brand new chapter, known as the Vociferators, which was almost ready for combat duty. The crusade would be the perfect test for the new chapter, eliminating the Xenos threat and securely anchoring the sector in the Imperium of Man would be proof of their abilities and that they deserved the honour of being counted amongst the Emperors finest . However it would be a further 25 years after the invasion before the Vociferator Chapter was ready for combat, by this time imperial forces had secured the core worlds of the sector and established  a naval base around the  newly crowned sector capitol of Rhuad. The Vociferators were dispatched immediately upon arrival to the outer fringes of Imperial controlled space within the sector to the Iskon system and their new homeworld Athanasi.
The eventual goal, to grind the xenos threats between the fleet and the Vociferators as each force increased its strength and secured the conquered territories.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg521.imageshack.us%2Fimg521%2F9657%2Funtitledtrit2cf3.png&hash=4a0c71b97f3f6813c9401b770fac4053dfaafdac) (http://imageshack.us)
Athanasi, a barren, scorched and scarred world of bare rock, located close to its parent red dwarf star and bathed in a constant wash of deadly solar radiation. Such close proximity to the star meant that Athanasi has become tidally locked, with one face constantly exposed to the burning orb of its star and the other perpetually shrouded in frozen darkness. The day side is a scorching death zone mostly covered in a crust of melted silica known as the Sea of Glass and jagged spurs of rock, the night side is dominated by the massive Tychor impact crater with its sea of frozen water at its bottom. Tychor is the largest impact crater in the Sector, and it is around its rim the Vociferators fortress monastery is constructed, its great ring know as the hollowed bastion incorporates an inquisitorial and astropathic enclave known respectively as the lonely Tower and Star caller, and the vast majority of the planets defence capabilities. The Bastion protects the water, fuel, and power supply to the Mine cities, without which they would slowly die and from a strategic view point would be the first target of an enemy invasion.

Athanasi is now the capitol world of the Athanas subsector and also the heavily defended hub of the imperial advance against the xenos races located in that region of the Sector. However before the Vociferators arrived things were very different. Athanasi was just one out the number of worlds which comprise the sub sector who were plagued by Moraugh culling. The Moraugh were a cruel and hideous race, who would migrate from their homeworld on the great cull every 2-3 hundred years, looking for food and sport amongst their herds. They would strike suddenly, killing any who stood against them, weeding out the old and infirm as well as those to young to escape them. These kills were for food, the real sport began when packs of Moraugh would separate and begin to hunt down the able bodied males who had survived the first strike. Often only one human would be tracked by each pack, the goal was pleasure not wholesale slaughter of their prey, after all if they killed every one there would be fewer humans to kill during the next cull.

Thought to be of pure Raven Guard stock, or at least one of the later Raven Guard foundings, the Geneseed of the Vociferators has over time proven to be somewhat unstable, quite possibly as a result of the mutability of its Raven guard constituents, however it is unclear as the the exact cause and may simply be that the genetic structure of the Athanasians themselves have produced the abnormalities. However due to one mutation in particular this theory is unlikely to ever be tested, it seems that the exclusive use of aspirants taken from Athanasi in the early years of the chapter has caused the geneseed when implanted into non Athanasians to fail spectacularly. The Vociferators are now limited exclusively to taking recruits from the Athanasian population.

Other Mutations include a certain level of gigantism, quite possibly caused by a combination of a slightly overactive Biscopea and the Athanasians already dense bone and musculature, a result of the high G environment. This has meant, as the risk of this mutation increases with age, that veteran squads have had to re-organised into 8 man teams so as to fit into their transport vehicles. A change in the Lymans ear so that even the tiniest vibration
in the air can be detected, they can almost see vibrations so sensitve has it become. The increase in hearing has been drastically balanced by the onset of congenital blindness and a total faliur of the Occulobe in all marines over a certain age, a problem which has to be countered without exception with bionic implants.

Combat Doctrine
The lack of long range ordinance in the chapters early days has meant an emphasis was placed on close combat and the tactics best suited to increase the effectiveness of such a doctrine. However as new equipment arrived to replace what was lost the chapter reverted to a more balanced approached to warfare.

Unlike other legions the Vociferetors do not use standard support weapons such as plasma guns, melta guns and flamers, instead they rely on the sonic weapons developed to replace the equipment they lost in their very first battle. Special squads known as Thunderers use sonic weapons exclusively as replacements for more conventional support weapons, and are often attached to assault squads who are the ideal troops to mop up enemies hit by the weapons. Standard tactical and devastator squads are limited to heavy bolters and missile launchers.
The bulky nature of the marines has meant that for a squad to be effective there only 8 marines per tactical or devastator squad, any more and they wouldnt fit into the Rhinos. Though the chapter maintains ten companies with 100 marines each, the remaining 20 marines in a company comprise of 2 ten man assault squads, meaning that each company actually has 12 squads not 10. apart from this the Vociferators are pretty much a standard codex chapter

Like most chapters the Vociferators do not view the Emperor as a god but an ideal, the epitome of human evolution, a goal each Vociferator aspires to reach. As a result of the radical philosophies of  the Raptors chosen to lead the chapter and guide it through its infancy the Vociferators hold the somewhat unorthodox view that Mankind has been tainted by the varied and often hypocritical doctrines and dogma of the Ecclesiarchy and the Mechanicus and view both institutions with disdain.

Battle cry
None as such, their vox amplifiers simply broadcast a wordless roar as they charge into combat.
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 26, 2007, 03:13:21 AM
 Dazzo I remember we were talking about that... I would like to see a picture of an actual painting Marine... and also one question. How have you made the planet? You have used a 3d program or something else?
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Post by: Dazzo on June 26, 2007, 03:54:12 AM
I would like to see a picture of an actual painting Marine...
I remember you saying you wanted to have a crack at it yourself? I dont paint anymore, and even if I did I lack the means of getting pictures onto my computer.
How have you made the planet? You have used a 3d program or something else?
Yeah it was a world creation program, but I cant remember what it was now, most of my worlds were done on photoshop using a world maker plugin from flaming pear(you can also get ones that do suns and background stars, they are solar cell and gliterrato respectively)

And they had a name change from Warcry Marines to Vociferators
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Post by: Alexander's Son on June 26, 2007, 05:05:00 AM
 Dazzo thanks again... very nice plug-ins! I'm trying them out now!
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Post by: Dazzo on June 26, 2007, 09:58:10 AM
Dazzo thanks again... very nice plug-ins! I'm trying them out now!
Ah excellent glad I could help, I need 10 each of the following, water worlds, death worlds, moonless worlds, worlds with moons, desert worlds, cold worlds, dark worlds, dead worlds, in your own time mate ;) :D Just kidding. Have fun with it while it lasts as you only have about 14 days i believe.
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Post by: Beany on June 27, 2007, 07:46:58 AM
My chapter idea is called the Sons of odin. they're going to be my nxt army. they are all going to be mounted on bikes so everyones t 5 WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by: Gladewalker on June 29, 2007, 07:34:51 PM
Was Odin known for being a mounted warrior? I know he had a hammer... I guess the guys in Fantasy have hammers on horseback....

I always thought a western Cavalry army would be neat... or just some bad-ss bikers...

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Post by: Firenze on July 17, 2007, 02:51:34 PM
Name: Sky Knights
Gene seed: I cant believe I'm saying this but...Roboute Guilliman
Symbol: Sword Through a Shield
Planet: Grizalmas (Eastern Fringe) A small Barren plane, very mountainous
Fluff: most fortress monestaries on the planet have been adapted to fly over the mountains.
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Post by: FifthWindDieGermanator on July 17, 2007, 03:08:50 PM
Hey, how do you post pics from bolter and chainsword, I want to know so I can post pics of the Angels of the Aquila
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Post by: Dazzo on July 19, 2007, 03:58:58 AM
I use image shack, just print screen the B&C image once youve done it, save it, then upload it to your chosen host and post it, simple.
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Post by: FifthWindDieGermanator on July 19, 2007, 11:25:34 AM
does image shack or photobucket cost anything to use?
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No, both are free, and very usefull.
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Thank you all for the help. Here are the Angels of the Aquila. Note that some of them have red robes

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You need to add a square bracket to the start of the link.
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thank you
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Chapter - The Sons Of St. Francis
Geneseed - Unknown, possibly Imperial Fist
Homeworld - None as such, but there fortress-monastry is situated in the Albion Major system
Colour scheme - Black armour with red shoulder pads with black trim
Symbol - Golden eye with drop of blood on white stripe descending from eye :P
Traits - Suffer not the alien to live (tyranids), Death Before Dishonour.
Background - St. Francis was the first chapter master of "the sons" chapter formerally called "The Knights Obsucuras" after where they were situated but after St. Francis heroic actions early in the chapters history they were renamed. Unlike many chapters they veiw The Emperor as God and they have unblinding devotion in him.  They have a furious hatred of tyranids but strangely get along quite well with eldar from the saim hann craftworld. this has led the inquisition to be quite suspicious of the chapter but because of there unquestionable faith they have been spared from any persecution. Will fight to the death so as not to dishonour The Emperor
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St. Francis was the first chapter master of "the sons" chapter formerally called "The Knights Obsucuras" after where they were situated but after St. Francis heroic actions ...

 Having a Saint as a first Chapter Master is something not written by anyone... peculiar though having a Saint. Even Celestine became a Saint after her death... I think!

 But very original!  :)
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Having a Saint as a first Chapter Master is something not written by anyone... peculiar though having a Saint. Even Celestine became a Saint after her death... I think!

 But very original!  :)
Thanks, but it kind of makes sense that if a Sister' could become a saint a Space Marine could. I think I may post the whole fluff for my chapter, because to explain here why I decided Francis is a Saint probally would take to long, but it real boils down to the fact that I came up with the name first and built everything else around it :P And to tell you the truth I think St. Celestine is still alive :S
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Celestine is dead in the fluff (her death is described in her codex entry). However, she was named a saint while she was still alive. That's why they call them "living saints".

I like the background, with the exception of the Saim Hann thing. Zealous devotion to the Imperial cult and freindliness towards Xenos don't really go together.
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I know, it's "mysterious" :P lol actually now you mention it it is pretty stupid I think it will be erased from any subsequent historys I might make.
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However, she was named a saint while she was still alive. That's why they call them "living saints".

 I knew I had something mixed up there... and CODE BLACK I never said that only SoB could become Saints... of course SM can become too...  :)
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Bane of the Dead

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg262.imageshack.us%2Fimg262%2F7292%2Fmaceratorsjc8.png&hash=1f27b134f050221e225b1dee5b162c55f4ff5a72) (http://imageshack.us)
Homeworld: Dreggen, Indor sector, Segmentum Tempestus
Geneseed: Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers mentor
Founding: 21st
Colour Scheme: Green, gold trims and eagle, red face plate
Symbol: Three blood drops within a circle
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg293.imageshack.us%2Fimg293%2F4611%2Fmaceratorsqo1.png&hash=afc287dbe7602bed5486b258929d3ad007190ac6) (http://imageshack.us)

Born of the genetic experiment that was the 21st founding, the Macerators, yet another addition to sanguinious’ growing brood, were born of Blood Angel and Flesh Tearer stock. The exact reasons behind this combination have long since been lost or forgotten, but reasons are unimportant when the end result is success. And the Macerators were a success. At least that was what everyone assumed.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg412.imageshack.us%2Fimg412%2F3935%2Fdreggen2fz8.png&hash=2b9b489d8c92d54bfd8f61d0d58e4faca8ea9850) (http://imageshack.us)
Dreggan is a green jewel of a world covered in vast dark forests and deep fresh water seas, it teems with life and is a perfect world for human habitation, at least it would have been if the seas werent filled with deadly bacteria and the forests home to beasts seemingly drawn out of nightmares. Humanity clings to the margins of Dreggan, the coasts, the forest edges, the high mountains and islands, constantly on guard against disease and the fanged horrors, which lurk in the deep woods waiting for the foolish and unwary. There are several different civilisations on Dreggan, the most powerful is the Moldran Empire, also known as the the island empire, its mastery of the seas and use of high technology has made it the dominant force on the planet. The centre of the Moldran empire is the isle of Moldra, the largest island on Dreggan, it is a tranquil and ordered land of rolling patchwork fields well tended woodland, straight roads and white marble cities. A stark contrast to the wild beauty of the major continents where the rest of the population struggles to survive, and despite being within the cloak of the Empire it is still a struggle.

The Macerators fortress monastery, or Sul-Abra, is built upon the summit of Tlall Orssa, the white giant,  located in the Asphan mountain range high above the tree line where the air is pure and the wind is sharp. The only other foot print the chapter has on Dreggen is the Bloody stone, the training fort for new scouts. Located deep in the Spider Haunt on a colossal meteoric stone, now stained red with iron oxide from the fortress walls, the Bloody Stone rises from the surrounding greenery like a slumbering titan. To the local population the Bloody Stone is a cursed place to be avoided at all costs, only the dead walk its weeping halls. In comparison Sul-Abra is a revered and mystical place where the warriors of heaven reside, it is said any man who can survive the ascent can ask any boon and it shall be answered. 

The Macerators are believed to be of pure Blood Angel stock, though there is a suspicion it may have been mixed with Flesh Tearer stock in an attempt to correct the problems of that particular geneseed and thereby offer a solution to the continued degradation of the Flesh Tearer chapter. If that was its intended goal, if such a mix had taken place, then it was a failure on several levels. The Macerator geneseed is stable with few detrimental mutations other than the black rage, a bizarre compulsion to eat the flesh of the fallen, be they friend or foe and a general sharpening of teeth.  However if the mixing of the geneseed had been devised as a means of reigning in the black rage in the Flesh Tearers then it worked, as the probability of a Macerator succumbing to the rage is now actually less than even that of the Blood Angels, to the extent they dont require a Death Company. Unfortunately the only solution for the Flesh Tearers would have been to forgo using their own geneseed in favour of that of the Macerators, something they were unwilling to do no matter the cost.

In many respects they were right to do so, as a problem with the Macerator Omophagea almost led to extermination for the chapter by the Inquisition, a problem that had developed over millennia and stemmed ironically from the Flesh Tearers ritualistic cannibalism of the enemy. While the practice of eating live captives did not translate, the consumption of dead tissue from the battle field became common practice. Problems arose as an unforeseen  mutation of the geneseed caused the Omophagea to be come hyper stimulated, and so along with the victims genetic memory their came an intense rush of pleasure. Over time the urge to consume flesh lost its ritualistic meaning and simply became a practice in gratification, and so the Macerators chapter blindly walked into addiction. Once discovered the problem was easily corrected, new recruits were simply not implanted with the organ, or if they had been they were banned from consuming the flesh of the dead.

The Organisation of the Macerator chapter follows the strictures laid down within the Codex Astartes exactly, though it seems more an effort to fit in than because they hold the codex in such high regard.

The Macerators make full use of long range weapons and tanks, and will even use orbital bombardment to dislodge a stubborn enemy if need be before moving in to deliver the final blow. The bombardments have been know to last up to a week, when it ends the Mecarators are already moving in. Often, if not always they time their attack to coincide with the cessation of the bombardment exactly, so the enemy doesn’t have time to react to the immediate threat as they are still wondering why it is so quiet.

The Macerators did not have the same temperament as their Flesh Tearer mentors and so pure close assault tactics were never going to stick. The early deaths of their mentors due to the Black rage further widened the gap between the chapter they were named for. The sight of their chapter master losing himself to the rage was seared into the minds of those who witnessed it and it was their fervent desire that the Macerators would never sink so low. Sadly the curse of Sanguiniuos caught up with them in the end, and for many, if not all, the predilection the Macerators developed for consuming the dead was far worse than the aegis the Flesh Tearers or Blood Angels laboured under. So far did they fall they even consumed the flesh of their fallen brothers and allies, an act for which they were almost excommunicated.

‘Your flesh is mine’
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(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg262.imageshack.us%2Fimg262%2F7292%2Fmaceratorsjc8.png&hash=1f27b134f050221e225b1dee5b162c55f4ff5a72) (http://imageshack.us)

how did you get your guy to look like that?
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how did you get your guy to look like that?
? you mean overall or just the colouring. I used the B&C painter(a link for which can be found in an earlier post...i think) then played around with the contrast in photoshop.
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I used that too, but mine came out like this.
Is there multiple, since yours came with the bolter, chainsword, and bionic eye.
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Ahhh well they've updated the painter so you can now have wargear aswell as many other cool additions. Just go the the main bolter and chainsword page and look to the top for the space marine painter version 3.
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Dazzo how have you made the Chapter Badge on the Marine? Using Photoshop I presume!
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yay a new marine painter and i cant use it for another 3 -4 days becaue im in austria lol ahh the fun i will have remaking the jade aquila´s ... or at least making cooler looking ones lol.
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The Endbringers’ 1st Company
Defenders of Jerusalem


Homeworld: Jerusalem, Jerusalem Sector, Segementum Obscurus.
Geneseed: Imperial Fists.
Founding: 22nd.
Colour Scheme: Black, silver and dark green details.
Symbol: Red cross.

Rumour has it that the librarium in Capitolium – the largest fortified city on Jerusalem – holds a tome that contains the information needed to summon Be’lakor; he who crowns the Everchosen. Such an artefact was deemed too risky to transport outside of the safety of the Librarium, and thus the Endbringers were founded to guard the tome. Only the Master of the Librarium, the highest ranking Librarian in the chapter knows whether this tome lies resting in the deep librarium or if it even exists.


Jerusalem is a desert planet located dangerously close to the Eye of Terror, in the Jerusalem system consisting of Jerusalem, Ibelin, Acre, Tripoli, Ashkelon, Gaza and Aleppo. It was once a green and vivid planet, but has been under heavy siege on several occasions throughout the history of the Endbringers. An infestation from the grandfather’s traitors themselves took a heavy toll on the ecosystem – the planet itself survived, but is now more or less barren. It is considered sacred ground to the Endbringers though and especially to the first company.

The Geneseed of the Endbringers is thought to be purely from the Imperial Fists and it has not shown any signs of mutation as of now.

Currently, the first company of the Endbringers is under strength, and new neophytes are being trained to replace lost members of the company. Currently, there are around 60 Battle-Brothers, and 10 Terminators – as the Endbringers is a far too young chapter to equip it’s entire first company with Terminator armour.

They diverge from the codex astartes in this way, as the Tactical Squads are not 10 men strong each, but more commonly 7-8.

The first company relies on stealth and planning more than firepower and overwhelming assaults. Using infiltrate and sabotage as key components of any assault, they are known to do better on familiar grounds rather than uncharted territories.

When up close, the Endbringers employ Bolters and Assault Weapons with great efficiency and they do not fear assaults when the enemy is close enough and weakened to a point where an assault would be a deciding factor.

Traits: Trust your Battle-Brothers, See but don’t be Seen and Flesh Over Steel.

Markings and insigias:
The Endbringers differs in their armour from the other companies. While all the other battle companies of the Endbringers all have silver shoulder pads, the first company paints the left one dark green, and often their helmets are dark green or dark red. Also, a member of the first company usually has his armour adorned with holy scripts, purity seals and other markings that tells the story of his long career as a Space Marine.

They carry the same red cross for insignia, but it is surrounded by holy scriptures on the green shoulder pad.

Battle Cry:
“Deus Vult!” (Deus referring to the God-Emperor of Mankind, and Vult his will to cleanse the Imperium from the taint and filth of Chaos)

There we are, a short little thing about the first company of my DIY chapter (it varies greatly from the others). Note that the pic lacks insignias etc. (as I don't have PS) and that the Bolt Pistol should be a Bolter.

EDIT: Insignia added, thanks to Dazzo for that ;D

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 I thought an awful idea... why not make something in conjunction to the Imperial Fists and the Iron Hands and call them Iron Fists? Something like...
 (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fi111.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fn154%2Fhtselepakis%2Fth_sm.php.png&hash=beca2b4996ffc456e1445c2c6150e4ba5366d770) (http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n154/htselepakis/sm.php.png)

@Dazo... can you PM me for details with the adding the Chapter Insignia in Photoshop?
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Nice stuff purgatory, is it just a basic cross for the symbol or was there a specific one you had in mind?
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This was posted previously on the "1000 Chapters" post, but I've added a few things to it since then....mostly fluff.

Thought I would contribute my chapter to the list.  They go by the name of the "Silver Helms" chapter.  They are a relatively new force, created just prior to the Adeptus Praeses batch of the Emporer's Finest.  They are of Ultramarines stock but possess a quirk to their overall interpretation of the Codex. 

First off, all marines are depicted with the primary armor painted a frost white (so not as blue as Space Wolf Grey, but not as white as Skull white) with their trim and helmets painted Mithril Silver.  Their weapons are kept a simple black or grey, as they find little need to make their armaments stand out.  Their shoulder-pads are blood red to signify the sacrifices made by themselves and all members of the Imperium to continue the line of humanity.

The Silver Helms were granted a homeworld know as Incyrm IV which is unique in that all of its population lives underground or in high orbit.  The reasons for this are many, but all stem from the fact that Incyrm IV is constantly plagued by cast lightning storms which make quick work of anything that happens to be standing tallest.  This also makes it very difficult to pilot shuttles and supplies through the atmosphere without the hostile weather from destroying the craft.  That is why Incrym IV (and subsequently the Silver Helms) relies heavily on teleporter technology.  As the surface is so hostile to flying machines, the chapter makes no use of Land Speeders or Assault Troops as they have few ways to train their units with such items.  The planet itself, while being a practial deathworld on the surface, is actually quite wealthy within the Imperium.  There are vast mines filled with valuable materials and archaelogical finds.  A few damaged STC units have also been found in several excavation sites.  The materials they unearth on the planet are teleported to the vast refinery cities that hover vigilantly in orbit which processes any ores or items for shipment, and in turn sends back foodstuffs and essentials.

The Silver Helms have taken several things to heart while living on and drawing recruits from this world, and these lessons show in their tactics. 

For one they rarely go into combat without transports as they feel safer travelling enclosed in a grounded creation (as rhinos and razorbacks make use of electricity/power surge nullifying equiment) but will, when necessary, teleport straight into or just outside the battle through use of their many teleportation devices housed on the Battle Barges "Deterrence" and "Fortitude".  They forsake almost all forms of atmospheric flight preferring to keep their feet on the ground. (Minor Drawback: Die Standing,Major Drawback:Eye to Eye)

To prevent their valiant numbers from being infected by various mutations that have eradicated other chapters, the Silver Helms have a great number of Apothecaries within their ranks to keep their lines forever pure from taint.  (Advantage: Purity Above All)

Lastly the Silver Helms are well versed in the art of fighting within tight quarters.  Therefore, rather than training with a sword or axe which many be unweildly in a tight spot, every marine has been trained on how to use a bayoneted bolter as a brutal close quarters weapon.  Furthermore they have been versed in when to best strike back at an enemy which has already commited themselves to a most likely fatal charge.  (Advantage: Trust Your Battle Brothers)

Happy Gaming,
-Tylaris of the Silver Helms
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Bronze Templars
Righteous  Doom
(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg403.imageshack.us%2Fimg403%2F6347%2Fbronzetemplarsgy4.png&hash=b00fc277191f06a3adf3d81b74674a8f15be9c0f) (http://imageshack.us)
Homeworld is Leputus in the Hrosta Sector, Segmentum Solar
5th founding
Ultramarine Geneseed and mentors

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg297.imageshack.us%2Fimg297%2F5654%2Fbronzesolosn7.jpg&hash=16ea58cb21a78b121264ad5402f275895f4e189e) (http://imageshack.us)

In the wake of the Heresy the Imperium was left reeling and wide open to attack from hostile forces beyond those of the traitors, many new Imperial worlds were left defenceless as the armies of mankind fought one another across the stars. Rebellion and xenos incursions began to threaten everything that had been fought for during the great crusade, and it was into this breach the Bronze Templars stepped. With swift and brutal savagery they set about pacifying and reclaiming those worlds that had fallen to anarchy and enslaved by aliens as only the Adeptus Astartes could. Their homeworld of Leputus was chosen by the Bronze Templars because it was the centre of a mire of conflict and suffering. Located within the dragons tail nebula, the once prosperous world of Leputus had become a festering sore despair whose people were valiantly struggling against internal corruption and invasion. Like the judgement of a wrathful god the Bronze Templar chapter in its entirety fell upon the beleaguered world in storm of fire and bolt shells. Within a year they brought the battle scarred planet back into the fold of the Imperium, they then set about the pacification of the rest of the sector. Their main opponent was the Koreki Matriarchy, an abominable race who had appeared from the depths of the wild space surrounding the imperial worlds to enslave and eventually exterminate humanity within the region.

The genocide took over a century but with the death of the last of the Koreki during the Shrekis campaign the sector finally found a modicum of peace and was able to start the reconstruction required for it to become a valuable part of the Imperium once again. Their victory came at a high price, a third of the chapter lay dead along with the chapter master Pullo Torbran, with his death the the next most senior member of the chapter, ancient Sutatis, took over. The chapter was rebuilt and immediatly cast about for a new enemy and their were many. The Umasa Campaign saw the Kukri Cartel smashed and sent fleeing into exile, the Sesmora campaign ended with the virus bombing of Kurtos III and the genocide of the Serask Confedercy, the Zareba Junto fell during the Quaanagi crusade and the Apollos campaign ended with Ancient Sutatis tearing the tetrarch of the Rhotos multitude apart limb by limb.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg262.imageshack.us%2Fimg262%2F81%2Fleputusyz4.jpg&hash=03719ae3fcf282fbffd9703a168d8ec147baab5e) (http://imageshack.us)
Leputus was and mostly still is a verdant world of deep blue oceans and rolling forests orbiting a yellow star, which hangs in an azure sky during the day but gives way to the silken red and purple veil of the nebula as night descends. Once a world of poets and artists who revelled in the natural beauty which surrounded them, it became for a time a hellish place of nuclear wastes and chemical deserts in which all thoughts of the heavens were forgotten. The liberation by the Bronze Templars, while not changing things over night, did create the stability needed for the planet to return to its once fertile state. Though people no longer look to the heavens with the naive eyes they once had, but with eyes and hearts that have been hardened with bitter experience.

The Bronze Templars eschew guile and stealth in favour of total and brutal overwhelming force, if they were an injury they would be blunt trauma caused by something big and heavy. Heavy artillery, tanks and air superiority are used to blow a big enough gap in an enemies defences so the marines can have swift and direct access the enemies nerve centre. They go straight up the centre rolling over everything in their path like an avalanche. The mantra of the Bronze Templars has always been to fight from a position of strength, and so military intelligence and a secure and well fortified base of operations are always the first priority.

With Ancient Sutatis in command of the chapter the ideals of the Great Crusade found new life in the Bronze Templar chapter, who while being ferocious in combat were not blind killers, they retained all of the core values held in high regard by Roboute Guilleman as he led his legions across the galaxy. Founded during the fifth, the Bronze Templars were assigned the duty of strengthening Segmentum Solars northern boundaries against the predations of Chaos. The Templars are a taciturn and austere chapter whose only goal is to exterminate all threats to the imperium regardless of where that threat might originate. Not given to exuberance nor sentiment the monastery of the templars is all but bare of any adornment, there are no statues to past heroes nor commemorative inscriptions to fallen brothers, simply polished green granite and black marble. The Bronze Templars mindset has caused many problems with the other organisations of the Imperium who have often found themselves at the wrong end of a bolter, however inquisitorial investigations have found that the only thing the Bronze Templars are guilty of is a total lack of finesse and discretion when dealing with sensitive cases.

The Bronze Templars have a great affinity for new technologies and happily embrace the more efficient ways the Mechanicus find to kill the enemy and protect imperial troops. The Bronze Templars have no armour older than mark VII and have upgraded most of the chapter to mark VIII, they feel only a fool would cling to the past if it denigrates their effectiveness as a warrior.  The same applies to all the equipment used by the chapter, if its new they want it, even if it hasn't been approved by Mars.  The chapter not surprisingly adheres to the codex rigorously, though sometimes exceptions have been made to allow for greater flexibility when it comes to killing the enemy.

Battle Cry
'For the Emperor'
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 Dazzo you're a pool of imagination for new Chapters and fluff... :-)
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Post by: Dazzo on September 3, 2007, 06:28:47 AM
Dazzo you're a pool of imagination for new Chapters and fluff... :-)
Thanks  :)

How you getting on with putting the insignia on the shoulder pad?
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Post by: Alexander's Son on September 3, 2007, 06:36:34 AM
 OMG... Now I realized that I don't have to perspectify it or anything... Just crop it and delete the excess! I was trying the previous week to make the badge look... like... oh stupid me!
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This is fluff for my personal branch of the Raven Guard:

Name: The 5th Shadow Company/The Raven Guard 12th


The Company uses the Raven Guard Chapter symbol

Raven Guard

The Company uses the official livery of the Raven Guard as they are part of the chapter.

The Raven Guard, a first founding chapter reknowned for their legendary covert operations and rapid reaction manuevers. Suffering severe losses during the heresy, the Legion has been low on the number of troops and equipment they can field. Thanks to their specialty of covert operations that they have been able to still serve the imperium wherever these skills were needed. When the Second founding occurred, the legion was broken down to it's successor chapters, officially. The Primarch, in his wisdom founded another chapter in secret to help cope with the Imperium's growing need for his specialists.

Corax founded a secret 11th company, naming it the 1st Shadow Company, The purpose of this company was to ensure that the Raven Guard could react quickly to situations all over the Imperium without the presence of the entire chapter. The first Company was very small, consisting of 21 of the Chapter's best marines, they carried out operations in secret. Over the years, the secret 11th company was destroyed or lost, and had to be re-founded, each progressing and growing further and lasting longer than the one before. The 2nd Shadow Company was bigger and better equipped then the 1st, this Company lasted until the day that Corax left for the Eye of terror. Hoping to recover their Primarch, the 2nd Shadow Company was sent after him and disappeared. Shortly after that the 3rd Company was founded to fulfill the original role of the 11th Company, after many millenia in service, they embarked on a crusade to find the Primarch and the 2nd Company, however they were lost to the warp. Subsequently, the 4th and 5th Shadow Companies(now the 12th Raven Guard Company) were founded, both with different purposes, the 4th was founded to continue the initial role of the 11th. The task of finding the Primarch and the lost companies, fell upon the 5th Shadow Company.

The 5th currently consist of roughly 80 of the Chapter's finest, each member knows that he has a part to play in the company's battle plans and works hard to be the best at that role. All of the company are expert marksmen, and excellent close quarters combatants, but only a few are chosen to don the Jump Pack and fly into battle. The company is borne upon the Hunter Class Frigate "Deliverance Calls". The company has 2 Dreadnoughts at their disposal, Brother Aidoneus and Brother Coronoides. Led by Shadow Captain Synidus, the company though small in number has access to some of the best technology the imperium has to offer, however where they procure this equipment is a point of contention for many within the Raven Guard Chapter. It is rumoured that before embarking on the crusade into the eye of terror, the company pulled off several operations to steal imperial equipment either by guile or subterfuge. A full inventory of the company's equipment has not been made available outside the Company. But rumours point to the company hijacking a few thunderhawks, several heavy weapons and hundreds of special weapons.

Modus Operandi
The 5th follows the combat doctrine of the Raven Guard Closely.  Very often, enemies would find themselves being pinned down by heavy small arms fire from all sides while the assault troopers of the chapter move quickly to cut down their bewildered foes. Drop Pods are used to deliver tactical squads and Dreadnoughts into the heart of the enemy's forces. The company's scouts are not neophytes, but rather members of the company who remove their power armour to allow themselves better movement and stealth through enemy territory.

The Company follows the beliefs of the Chapter as a whole, i.e. Seeing both the Emperor and Corax as exceptional men. The company values cool nerves under fire and surgical precision to crazed ferocity, all members are required to be able to fill each other's roles in case the other dies. It is not uncommon for squad members to pick up the weapons of their fallen sergeants and lead the squad to the end of the battle.

Chapter Motto
The Company holds two mottos, First being the chapter motto "Victorus Aut Mortis" and the second being the company motto "Specialis et Vires", in Secrecy is Strength.


Shadow Captain Synidus

Born on Deliverance, Synidus joined the Raven Guard at a relatively late age. As a young boy he was trained by his father in an ancient hand-to-hand combat style. At the age of 11, he was enlisted in the Raven Guard to begin training as a space marine. His time as a scout saw him participating in some of the Chapter's most dangerous operations to date. On one mission, the chapter was sent to assassinate a renegade lord holed up within his fortress, thinking this a simple mission, the chapter sent in 2 Veteran Squads, and 1 Scout Squad. Synidus was amongst them. Nothing was out of the ordinary as they stormed the castle, they easily made their way through to the throne room. There upon the throne sat the rogue lord, or so they thought. They opened fire and shot the lord, only to find that it was nothing but a holographic projection. Before they could escape, the walls of the throne room reconfigured themselves into a massive labyrinth that isolated the Raven Guard. Synidus found himself alone in a dark corridor, he tried to shoot the wall, but the bolt ricocheted off into the darkness without leaving so much as a mark. For several days Synidus wandered the maze, being attacked by strange beasts, he had to resort to hand to hand fighting until finally he found his way out of the castle. Looking up at the moonlit sky he thought of his comrades and resolved to save them the only way he knew how, by seeking out the lord. Climbing the steep walls of the castle, Synidus found a high window and began his room to room search from the top down. After a few hours of sneaking through corridors and interrogating guards, Synidus came upon the lord as he slumbered. Awaking him from his slumber, Synidus patiently tortured the lord until he was willing to free his comrades. He then killed the lord and rejoined his surviving comrades, who hailed him as a hero. This experience would later shape his beliefs and leadership style, doing whatever must be done to achieve his objectives, sometimes resorting to means that others would call unethical, Synidus' gambles paid off and he boasts a long history of successful operations. After that episode Synidus was fully inducted and given the honour of becoming an assault marine. Shortly after receiving his terminator honours, the 12th Company was formed. He was chosen to lead the shadow company into the eye of terror where his adventures continue.
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Name: Space Weasels
Symbol: Weasel's Claw
Chapter Traits: Trust Your Battle Brothers, Die Standing
Homeworld: Unknown
    In an attempt to stabilize the errant geneseed of the Space Wolves, radical members of the Ordo Hereticus experimented with splicing xenos DNA into the Astartes physiognomy.  The results were, at first, a tame, less imposing breed of Astartes, with an assertive nature and a carefree attitude.  The Inquisitors and tech-priests responsible realized the blasphemy they had committed, but realized also they were in command of their own secret army.
   Tech-priest forces collected discarded and damaged power armor from other chapters, salvaging an abundance of Ultramarines power armor against the chapter's wishes.
   The Space Weasels remain a secretive force, relatively small in number, and kept small by the Inquisitors who lead them.  They serve the whims of the radical inquisitors who bred them, and are rumored to be physically similar to the eldar.
   They willingly work alongside daemonhosts and psykers.  Some are rumored to be female.  In any situation, the revelation of the Space Weasels' existence would lead to all-out-war, with the Ultramarines doubtlessly leading the charge.
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Post by: CODE BLACK on September 25, 2007, 02:08:20 PM
LoL, Space Weasels. The only problem I see with that is "discarded" power armour. Not likely. At all. Maybe lost though. Maybe I'm just being harsh.  :D
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Post by: Two Blades as One, Samurai Ichirou on September 25, 2007, 04:14:28 PM
how do you amke the planets ??? ??? I gotta find out, they look so cool!
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Post by: jon from the storm on September 27, 2007, 04:56:23 PM
Name: Iron Ravens
Symbol:Ravens head which is silver
Homeplanet: Deliverence/ Ravenia ( Ravenia been the made up one ;))
Paint job( dont know what else to call it lol): I'll add it later

The iron ravens use shock jump inf attacks but also use the scouts and terminators as a back up force, aswell as some tatical squads, which are less regular in an army of them.
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Post by: jon from the storm on September 27, 2007, 04:57:58 PM
Iron ravens battle cry is:

" Come, my brothers, to the Hunt!!!"
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Post by: Dazzo on September 28, 2007, 03:53:35 AM
how do you amke the planets Huh Huh I gotta find out, they look so cool!
Having photoshop is a good place to start, you then need some plugins from flaming pear.
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Post by: Two Blades as One, Samurai Ichirou on October 3, 2007, 06:20:35 PM
are there any ways to do it with out photoshop, cuz id rather do it at home than on my schools computer.
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Post by: Dazzo on October 4, 2007, 03:34:38 AM
are there any ways to do it with out photoshop, cuz id rather do it at home than on my schools computer.
I dunno, what do you have at home?
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Post by: Two Blades as One, Samurai Ichirou on October 4, 2007, 07:57:42 AM
nothing ;D, it doesn't matter i guess. I'll just do it on the schools copmputer.
 also, how do i put the images into the post, it doesn't seem to work for me.
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-=The Clyne Faction=-

(Tactical Marines are rarely deployed by the Clyne Faction as they favour swift hit and run attacks)

Homeworld: Unknown
Insignia: Haro
Chapter Traits: Be Swift as the Wind, We Stand Alone

Background: Founded after Horus' besiegement of Earth, the Clyne Faction has long since splintered from the orthodoxy of the Imperium. The source of their apostacy may be traced to an incident during a battle near the Cadian Gate, wherein the Chapter was ordered to assault heavily fortified enemy positions. It's leader, whose original name has been lost to history, soon grew tired of war and seeing his comrades die namelessly in the name of a near-dead Emperor.

Then he heard, in the distance, a song. This song was one of peace, hope and love and the Commander immediately sought out its source. There did he meet the fabled Lacus Clyne, who had been watching the courageous actions of the Chapter from afar for a century. Recognizing true divinity when he saw it, the commander knelt before her and swore his new allegiance, for the song of Lacus promised true and ever-lasting peace between all peoples and species. In Lacus did the Commander find an abode against the neverending conflicts of the Imperium and he became known from that day forward as Haro, and all those who have crossed him since that day have come to know that true justice and peace is a force to fear.

The Clyne Faction has fought several battles against Inquisitorial forces that fear the beginnings of a new movement that defies the orthodoxy of the cult of the Dead Emperor. The Inquisition's propaganda consistently attempts to paint Lacus as both a Chaos diety and a traitor to mankind, and on many worlds the recitation of the Song of Peace can result in an immediate death sentence.

The Faction has also drawn a great deal of hostility from the Machine Cult, which fears that the peaceloving ideals of the Clyne Faction will ultimately make their warmaking implements useless and obsolete.

In spite of this institutional opposition, however, the Clyne Faction has flourished and its message has spread to the reaches of the Imperium, with many converts flocking to Haro's banner from many fringe worlds. The Clyne Faction accepts any man or woman who is willing to cast aside the primitive and intolerant doctrines of the Dead Emperor and embrace the heavenly song of Lacus.

The Faction has also run afowl of the Ruinous Powers as well, with Khorne, disgusted with Lacus' doctrines of peace and fellowship and fearful of a day where blood is spilled upon his altars no more. He has thus sent many damned Legions against Haro's forces and, while the faith of Haro and his followers in the message of their Divine Lady has kept them from harm, the Faction must nonetheless always keep a wary eye poised towards the Warp.

Chapter Master Haro
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Post by: Two Blades as One, Samurai Ichirou on October 8, 2007, 08:41:51 PM
hehe, love the pink. Awesome job though!
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Post by: Arkion on October 14, 2007, 04:25:33 PM
Clyne Faction amuses me greatly.  Anyone got suggestions on a good color scheme for Space Weasels?  I'm finding my green scheme to be less than adequate ><
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Post by: Sukairaa on January 2, 2008, 07:48:27 PM
Name: Holy Guardians

Symbol: A white (or gold) shield with a white (or gold) cross over it

Chapter Traits: Purify Above All, Faithful Unto Death
Homeworld: Hailend, a small planet at the edge of the Imperium, war with the Tau and Chaos is often but not always

Founding: Ultramarine, Second Founding

Appearance: Each marine wears black armour with silver splash all over they (*drybush*) and golden shoulder and red skulls. The silver is to represent medieval armour they use to wore before they were Marines, the gold represent everything that is Holy and last the red is acutely blood of there fallen, marines are told to cover there skulls and wings of there brothers in there squad to show the lost they had in wars, at to remember they forever. Veterans sometimes completely cover themselves in red with only the helmets gold to represent that there vets.

Background: Called the Holy Guards for short, a recent second founding of the Ultramarines. The Holy Guardians are a religious group of marines, believing everything happends at the will of a unseen force, some believe is there Emperor himself controlling the universe. The Holy Guards planet is on the border of the Imperium, making it a target for rival forces but the plant has always stood until a recent event. Even more recent, the 4th, 5th and 7th Company betrayed the Chapter in a middle of a battle with a Chaos force on the homeworld, the new Chaos force then retreated after the original Chaos force started to lose. Since then they called themselves the Havoc Guardians (Note: This is my friends Chaos SM Army). For this, the Holy Guards have lost some 300 marines leaving it weak, luckily a Imperial Force arrived to help protect the planet until it fully healed (Note: This is my friends Imperial Army). Recently a new moon has been discovered, the 2nd, 8th and 10th Company were sent to investigate it, Tau forces were detected...

So... is this a good newbie chapter?

btw love the Haro thing, I mean come on, pink space marine? that kick ass, I'm serious

For the space weasels, put a light brown back with a yellow stomich like a weasel!
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Does people still post stuff on this?
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Post by: Alexander's Son on January 7, 2008, 04:58:19 PM
Sukairaa posted just 5 days ago... so why not?
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It's a stickied thread, so the rules for thread-necromancy are a little different.
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Wanna give that to me in English KHEMRI.
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Well, being a stickied thread, one of the ones permanently at the top, the rule relating to digging up old topics doesn't really apply. So you're free to add a reply whenever you want.

Generally it's because they're important threads to read, but they can also be a place to ask questions, get help, or -in this case- show off your Chapter.
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Oh I see said the blind man. thanks for you information.
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Here's my chapter.

Name: The Unbound

Symbols: Shoulder insignia is 3 horizontal red slashes representing the blood stars as well as damage caused by animal claws.  The chapter has a animalistic theme, often represented by trophies, skins, and skulls attached to their armor or weapons.

Traits:  Take the fight to them, See but not seen, We stand alone, and Flesh over steel, depending on what portion of the chapter is encountered.  A typical skirmishing force will be composed almost entirely of infantry units capable of remarkable stealth, backed up by light vehicles and ordinance.  Large engagements may utilize the chapters small number of heavy vehicles and transports in a single detachment (may dump SbnS in some games going mech instead).

Homeworld: The Bloodstars.

History: The Unbound are derived from the Dark Angels, although the details are quite mysterious.  They have opted to keep the dark green armor color of their parent legion, but additionally paint their leg and shoulder trim white as bones.  Vehicles sometimes sport camo schemes as well.  The chapter makes a point of being anachronistic and stubbornly bucking astartes standards.  There are even rumors of chaos influence within the chapter, leading to the placement of several prominent chaplains in visible command positions.  The highest levels of command are actually held by psykers, leading to the unbound being eyed suspiciously by the inquisition.  They may eventually find themselves at odds with the imperium (good fluff for when i eventually play vs other imperial armies). 

Background:  The Unbound's homeworld was destroyed by severe warpstorms.  The remainder of the planet is primarily composed of 3 enormous asteroid fragments that have been blasted into an irregular and unpredictable orbit.  These objects are known as the blood stars and have been equipped with planetary-level defenses, cloaking devices, and enourmous star engines, effectively functioning as battleships on a colossal scale.  The planetoids have been heavily mined and contain a significant population of humanity living below their surfaces.  Marines are recruited from this population of typically violent, feral, tunnel people.  This lifestyle has led to the unbound's perfection of a number of specialized digging tools based on the melta gun and often employed while infiltrating close to an enemy.  Marines often display pale skin and prominent nails, inherited from this odd population of subteranean humans. 

Organization:  The chapter has many brave heroes and blooded veterans, despite it's youth (lots of veteran and termi squads).  Marines are organized into large squads, usually denoted by color codes(red squad, gold squad, etc).  The large veteran population means these squads are typically led by a veteran sargeant and are led by full command squads.  There is a shortage of ancient weaponry such as dreadnought armor, heavier tanks, and blessed plasma.  Marines favor melta weapons, but have access to many flamers and bolters.  Some of the unbound's armor and weaponry looks chaos patterned, but these are claimed to be trophies from past battles (modelling chaos legs and arms here and there).

Notable Characters:  Brother Viktor is a recently promoted chaplain who has been the most visible face of the chapter recently.  Viktor dislikes the empire in general and takes any investigation as a personal slight.  The chapter master, Bruin, as only rarely seen by outsiders.  He appears unexpectedly on larger battlefields, generally leading terminators. 

I've introduced a number of sargeant characters in my batreps:
Sargeant Jones leads the cc scout squad.  He's a grumpy, hairtrigger kind of guy who doesn't always listen to orders.  He also has been eaten by tyranid rippers a hilarious number of times.
Sargeants Maxus (of tac squad Red) and Titus (tac squad Silver) are both pretty much just badasses.  Typical arrogant marines, they've both been lucky models sometimes taking out entire units after the rest of their squad has died.

Painting the models in this thread: http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=152684.0
Battle reports with this chapter start here: http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=153911.0

EDITED:  vvvv Yeah, asteroids work better.  I'm imagining big moon-sized chunks of planet.  vvvv
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on January 13, 2008, 07:59:38 PM
nice idea, but comets? they will fall appart after enough passes near the sun, they are just dirty snowballs, also when near the sun they vent a lot off gasses and material so any chapter would be stuck on the inside. 3 asteroids would be more logical, maybe with active vents. of some sort
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Post by: Ensis Ferrae on February 26, 2008, 05:50:55 PM
havent given overly too much thought to it (i also couldnt read through every post, internet here is to slow). but what about the Emperors Praetorians (i have read about them in the Horus Heresy books)
dunno about symbols, but obviously something to do with the Emperor himself and unique to only them, maybe an exaggerated aquila or some such thing.
of course, their armor should be similar to his holiness, and be completely gold. course, in my personal opinion, that would (or at least, SHOULD) give them their own unique codex.

sound viable to anyone??
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Post by: skalnok on February 28, 2008, 03:21:19 PM
the emperors praetorians are adeptus custodes.
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Post by: NewHeretic on March 5, 2008, 12:43:13 AM
Here is my DIY chapter's fluff.  (They include about 8,000 points worth of models at the moment.)

Here's a link to pictures of all the currently painted models: http://s443.photobucket.com/albums/qq151/sgtwitchell/The%20Galahadain/ (http://s443.photobucket.com/albums/qq151/sgtwitchell/The%20Galahadain/)

History of the Galahadain:

Johnathon Rizzenson, Captain of the 4th Company, White Consuls, was sent to Holy Terra as an ambassador for the Chapter; this being done in compliance with the regularly scheduled obeisance ceremony required of most Space Marine chapters. While awaiting his appointed hour, he was perusing the library archives to further his knowledge in matters of military history. He became very interested in some scraps of information that had been copied from very ancient Terran texts. They were short pieces of poetry which made reference to a warrior named Sir Galahad. He does not remember to this day how it was that he managed to access information that was protected by the highest levels of security programming, sigils of Unspeakable Power, but access such information, he did.

Through his research, he discovered only a small additional bit of information on the warrior, Sir Galahad, but more fascinating was the information he accessed about this warrior's god. It seemed that the text which this god had provided to his followers had been copied and stored eons ago en toto. Captain Rizzenson was unaware of how long he had been absorbed in drinking in the words of the text, but suddenly, he was again fully aware of his surroundings. An almost unbearable fear crashed in upon him as he realized the fate that awaited him at the hands of the Inquisition once his indiscretion was uncovered. It was at that time that he made his fateful decision: to forsake the worship and service of the Emperor of all Mankind and to serve the God of Sir Galahad. Rizzenson downloaded a copy of the holy text and, feigning a short return, made his excuses and left the planet. By the time it became apparent that he had failed to keep his appointment, the intervening 33 days had left a cold trail for the Inquisitorial forces to follow.

Rizzenson was uncertain of the path he should take after leaving Holy Terra, but one thing he knew: he would be hunted. Therefore, it was completely confusing to him to find that he could not decide on any path other than a direct return to his Company's forward base. The Fourth Company of the White Consuls had been sent on a search and destroy mission against any splinter groups of Leviathan, the most recent Hive Fleet, and so happened to be the nearest of the White Consul companies to Holy Terra at the time. Coincidentally, this was the reason why Captain Rizzenson had been instructed by his superiors in the Chapter to represent them on this occasion. Upon reuniting with his Company, Rizzenson discovered that they were all present and assembled in anticipation of his return. Expectantly, they awaited his announcement. Though his plan had been to secretly leave the chapter and live out his life in solitude, he found himself declaring his recent conversion in front of the congregated Space Marines and support staff. When the expected assault and quartering of his body did not immediately transpire, he used his Auspex to remotely download the newly discovered Holy Text into the Company's local computer network. He then declared that it was available to all who were interested in reading it and that he would assemble the Company together again in three days' time.

As the days passed, not a soul dared mention the contents of the Text, nor even admit to having read any of it. None-the-less, it was a rare individual who was able to resist the lure of curiosity. At the appointed hour, Rizzenson addressed the assembled Company of Space Marines and their support personnel. He explained in detail the manner in which this information had become available to him. He described the character of the warrior, Sir Galahad, the one described as the holiest of all knights. He declared, again, his rejection of the Emperor as a god, his refusal to further the Emperor's goals, and his conversion of faith to that of the God of Sir Galahad. He explained his determination to leave the Chapter and use his abilities in whatever way he was able to spread the hope that he had received in the knowledge he had gained. He declared his intention to do so throughout the Imperium of Man. Rizzenson then invited any and all who would join him to do so.

As he turned and left the speaking platform, he found that he was followed by nearly three quarters of the Company. It became immediately obvious that transportation in the manner of major vehicles would be required for such a group. It was also apparent that some of those remaining behind did so out of fear, but a small minority were filled with unholy fury at what they had just heard and witnessed. Rizzenson knew then that all had not kept their thoughts to themselves during the past three days - some, like Chaplain Laban, had maintained covert contact with the White Consul leadership and even with the Inquisition. Outnumbered as they were, some two dozen various leaders and Space Marines followed on Laban's heels as he spewed Hateful Litanies while assaulting Rizzenson and those who had joined him.

As battle was joined, Rizzenson found himself at a severe disadvantage trying to fend off attacks from Laban's Crosius Arcanum and Power Sword with his own Thunder Hammer and Plasma Pistol (once he had the opportunity to draw it). Laban's Rosarius offered him incredible protection, but Rizzenson had worn his Iron Halo to the assembly on a vague hunch that doing so would be symbolically appropriate. As the majority of those who followed Chaplain Laban were the Company's Assault Terminators, Codicier's, and Chaplains, the battle was extremely bloody. But, as the weight of numbers whittled down Laban's cohorts, those surviving Space Marines who had chosen to follow Rizzenson stood back to witness the two champions represent their respective deities in the flesh.

Having ducked a slow, powerful back-handed swing of Rizzenson's Thunder Hammer, Laban shot forward in a single step with his Power Sword arrowing straight for Rizzenson's throat. In that instant, he slipped in pooled blood and overshot his target, slicing deeply into his opponent's left shoulder instead. Spinning to his left to lessen the impact of the razor-sharp blade, Rizzenson brought the Thunder Hammer in his right hand down upon the head of his adversary.

Stunned silence and the labored breath of their leader was all that echoed in the Hall of Assemblage for what seemed a short eternity. Dropping the now-ruined Plasma Pistol, Rizzenson claimed the Sword of Laban as his own. He then commanded the survivors to care for the wounded and prepare to disembark the forward base with any equipment those leaving normally were responsible for using in battle. Immediately, the surviving Space Marines and those support personnel who had chosen to trust in Rizzenson and his new/ancient God set about following his orders. Those who had chosen not to follow Rizzenson, but had not participated in the assault led by Laban, had no choice but to simply stand aside and watch them go.

Rizzenson and his remnant Company embarked on an Odessy which eventually led them to a remote star system on the far side of the galaxy with a pair of habitable worlds which they claimed for their own. It was far from Imperial space so they felt safe enough to end their flight. Over the course of the next century, they established themselves securely and began to actively pursue their new mission: to protect mankind from destruction, both physical and spiritual. To that end, they covertly recruit new members from other Space Marine chapters and preach to willing ears the words written in their Holy Text. Calling themselves the Galahadain, in honor of the ancient warrior/knight to whom they are thankful for the knowledge of this God and whom they wish to emulate in word and deed, they spread out across the galaxy in search of people in need of protection and hope.

Led by Chapter Master Rizzenson, Master of Sanctity Moroni the Ambassador, and Epistolary Lehi the Prophet, the 200 or so Space Marines and their four Dreadnaught brothers (Sosthenus, Alma, Gideon, and Orihah) do their best to protect their homeworld from discovery while remaining available to assist mankind in any battle in which their help is needed. Techmarine Coriantumr has been working closely with recently promoted Captain Ulfilas to train the chapter's Veteran Sergeants in the skills of the Apothecary. This is seen as a necessary requirement due to the high rate of attrition their members suffer. Small numbers, combined with command of only a dozen vehicles, including Land Raider Crusader Adama and Vindicator G'Zeus (plus their Thunderhawk Gunship with Drop Pods), prevents them from engaging in massive confrontations with the enemy. Their tendency to fight on against obviously overwhelming odds in defense of a worthy goal is due to a lack of fear of death. While it has inspired many who have witnessed their sacrifice to join their crusade, it has resulted in the death of many old and new members of the chapter. This has prevented the chapter from increasing in size very rapidly. Add to that the fact that there are very few forces in the galaxy that do not call them enemy (or actively seek their extinction, as is the case for all loyal Imperial forces) and practically none that call them ally, their persistence can only be explained by fanatical devotion.

The Inquisition considers this heresy more dangerous even than the taint of Chaos because it is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing in their eyes. That makes its lure the more insidious as entire planetary systems can be lulled into abandoning their devotion to the Emperor for the promises of bliss and happiness the Galahadain's 'delusional' faith offers. Though most Eldar consider the Galahadain to be no threat and so generally ignore them, the Tau have only gone so far as to recently consider an offer of Détente between their forces and those of this Space Marine chapter considered heretical by the Impirium, yet, confusingly to the Tau, acting in a seemingly loyal fashion. The forces of Chaos, Orks, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, and Necrons are attacked on sight by the Galahadain, while those of the Imperium are only fought when necessary for self-defense.

The Galahadain operate using the Trait Advantages 'Cleanse and Purify' and 'Purity Above All' and the Disadvantages 'Death Before Dishonor' and 'Flesh Over Steel'. They present themselves in the colors of their patron, Sir Galahad: Argent, a cross gules. That is, their armor is pristine white with a red cross painted onto the left shoulder pad. All equipment is kept in pristine condition when possible. The trim of both shoulder pads is silver for Space Marines, while Sergeants and higher-ranking officers trim their right shoulder pads in gold. The highest-ranking officers (Rizzenson, Moroni, and Lehi) trim both shoulderpads in gold. The double-headed eagle of the Imperium has been modified into a golden-winged red cross on the chestplate while all skull iconography has been removed from their equipment.


Edit:  Changed a name and corrected grammar.  NH
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Bournstar69 on March 9, 2008, 09:34:29 AM
WOW! Awesome stuff.

I love reading and writing fluff, even more than painting and gaming I think.

I've written A LOT of fluff for my custom chapter, the Soul Reavers, like thirty or so pages. FAR too much to post on here. But if you are interested, I could post a few sections about the Primarch (Ezekiel) and Brother Sergeant Vas, or the history of the chapter.

Essentially the fluff is that they are one of the two chapters expunged from imperial records. I'm sure that's been done before but whatever, I think it's a good base for a custom chapter, because it gives a lot of scope for creativity in designing the traits, fluff, etc. for them.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Beany on March 10, 2008, 11:00:09 AM
Name: Phoinex gaurd
Second founding of the raven gaurd
Known for daring airbourne attacks using assault marines
Chapter master: Altius
Colours dark orange with gold trim

Master Altius is known to regulary take to the field accompanied with his veteran assault marines along with his trusted advisor master of sancity Solus. They have been known to break many a siege with their devastating assaults. and to this day they still bring the light of the phoinix to the dark reaches of the galaxy
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Malkir on March 27, 2008, 10:00:16 PM
Here's one I've been working on for a while and am considering writing a few stories for.

Name: Imperial Heralds
Symbol: Burning Torch
Traits: Cleanse and Purify, Purity Above All, Eye to Eye, Have Pride in Your Colours.
Homeworld: Originally Colchis, now fleet.
History: The Heralds are a chapter that was made from the small sample of Geneseed from a group of Marines from the Word Bearers Legion who survived the Heresy while remaining loyal to the Emperor. They are just now regaining full strength and due to their suspect Geneseed are overseen by the Ordo Hereticus(Think Comissars in IG). They have an obsession with flame and with Illuminating "heathen races" with the truth of the Imperial Cult. Despite this they are extroardinarilly humble and absolutely convinced their chapter is damned due to the sins of their Primarch and work more zealously than any other chapter to avert this.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Ensis Ferrae on March 29, 2008, 07:59:53 PM
Here's one I've been working on for a while and am considering writing a few stories for.

Name: Imperial Heralds
Symbol: Burning Torch
Traits: Cleanse and Purify, Purity Above All, Eye to Eye, Have Pride in Your Colours.
Homeworld: Originally Colchis, now fleet.
History: The Heralds are a chapter that was made from the small sample of Geneseed from a group of Marines from the Word Bearers Legion who survived the Heresy while remaining loyal to the Emperor. They are just now regaining full strength and due to their suspect Geneseed are overseen by the Ordo Hereticus(Think Comissars in IG). They have an obsession with flame and with Illuminating "heathen races" with the truth of the Imperial Cult. Despite this they are extroardinarilly humble and absolutely convinced their chapter is damned due to the sins of their Primarch and work more zealously than any other chapter to avert this.

wow, this definitely sounds like a chapter to expound the fluff on. have you come up with a symbol for the left shoulder guard yet? if you have, u should def post a pic of it
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Post by: Arkion on April 12, 2008, 10:28:50 PM
Angels of Brimstone

Homeworld: Gargendos III, now Fleet-based.
Active Patrol: Segmentum Solar: Nyad, Nymph, Centaur Subsectors.
Current strength: 3 active 'Brotherhoods,' roughly equivalent to standard Companies.  3 Reserve Brotherhoods. Apothecarium.  Librarium.  6 Chapter Masters.  Unknown vehicles.
Geneseed: Classified unstable after investigation by Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Gremmel Graa'at, M39.903.  No further action undertaken.

   The Angels of Brimstone were created in M39.484 by order of the High Lords of Terra.  Founded from gene-seed tithes made by the Marauders chapter (and thusly descended from Primarch Khan), the chapter was to play a specific role in safe-guarding Departmento Munitorium strongholds along the Galactic Hub from xenos classified as 'hab devils.'
   The Angels of Brimstone were given an inordinate amount of plasma technology, including command of four Shadowsword superheavy tanks, to combat the hab devil threat.  <A record of their campaign may be accessed with Magenta authorization.>
   Ultimately, Mars declared the campaign a failure and withdrew their losses.  There was much controversy surrounding this action, mostly from those who had settled on the now-vacant hab devil worlds of Setirii and Vazzparian.  At least nine hab devil worlds remained uncontested, and the settlers feared reprisal.  Mars' response was to assemble the 950th Garrison Army <see Imperial Guard Garrison Armies M41390-400> and deploy it to Setirii.
   In M41394, the Angels of Brimstone were re-assigned to patrolling Nyad, Nymph, and Centaur Subsectors.  Due to their small size and their imperfect geneseed, they have received little support from Terra.  Rumors also persist that the chapter is in open war with the Blood Angels, though inquiries as to the rumors' truth have been met with silence.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Tarvitz on April 15, 2008, 08:20:19 PM
Kinda cheesy but

Name: Loyalist Emperors Children
Symbol: Pre-heresy Emperors Children (clever eh?)
Homeworld: Chemos
Background: The Legion's history begins with the descent of their Primarch Fulgrim to the resource-poor world of Chemos, where strict rationing and improvisation were necessary to sustain life. It was decided to spare the infant and when Fulgrim grew to manhood he set about reviving his dying world. Old technology was restored, lost areas reclaimed, and the people of Chemos were able to spend time on art and culture. Fulgrim took pride in this, as he harboured a love of perfection in all things.

When the Emperor first arrived on Chemos Fulgrim swore fealty to him instantly, and was placed at the head of his Legion. An accident had destroyed nearly all of the Emperor's Children's gene-seed, leaving only a tiny force of 200 Marines. Fulgrim addressed them upon their first meeting, stating that they would go out into the Galaxy and spread the wisdom of the Emperor. "We are His children," the Book of Primarchs relates he told them, "Let all who look upon us know this. Only by imperfection can we fail him. We will not fail!" The 3rd Legion were named the Emperor's Children from that day, and the Emperor also bestowed on them the right to bear the Imperial Eagle upon their armour, the only Legion allowed to do so. As they were so few in number, the Emperor's Children were placed under the command of the Primarch Horus of the Luna Wolves until they were a large enough formation to crusade independently. Horus and Fulgrim grew close to one another, with eventual dire consequences for the Imperium...

Swollen by new recruits drawn from Chemos and Terra, the Emperor's Children finally mustered the strength to undertake a crusade alone, and Fulgrim proudly led his warriors into the unknown. To many worlds he brought the rule of the Emperor, crushing any resistance in the certain knowledge that any who fought against the Emperor fought against Humanity itself. From the growing ranks of his Legion, Fulgrim selected a few individuals, the bravest, strongest and noblest, to become Lord Commanders, each given authority over the Company commanders. Fulgrim taught the Lord Commanders personally, taking care that they were worthy of the honour of being the representatives of the Emperor. In turn the Lord Commanders passed Fulgrim's words on to the officers under their command, and they to their squads. In this way, through their leaders, each Space Marine of the Emperor's Children Legion followed the Emperor himself. To honour the Emperor, they strove for perfection in all things: battlefield doctrine was obeyed to the letter, tactics and strategy were studied in minute detail and perfected, and the Emperor's decrees were memorised by every Space Marine, adhered to in every way. While the Emperor's Children, like most legions, considered the Emperor a man, not a god, their reverence and adoration for him bordered on the fanatical.

This wish to achieve perfection met its martial zenith during the Cleansing of Laeran, where the Emperor's Children met an alien foe that offensively echoed their ideals. The Laer were judged so formidable by the Adeptus Administratum that it was feared any attempt to subjugate them would take over a decade. The Emperor's Children scoured them from their home-system in a month. This titanic effort was a notable feat of arms perhaps achievable only by Fulgrim's legion. However, it cost them dear; 700 marines perished with over 4,200 being injured.
Commander: Saul tarvitz -  As the level of treachery within Horus and Fulgrim became apparent Tarvitz placed himself in the line of fire by willingly going to Isstvan III. There he and all suspected loyalist members would be betrayed by Horus. Horus ordered the bombardment of the planet, but Tarvitz, along with Garviel Loken and Tarik Torgaddon of the Luna Wolves, managed to turn the loyalist survivors into a cohesive fighting force. This "line officer" turned a planned slaughter into a full-scale battle, confounding the great Primarchs themselves. This true child of the Emperor seems to have met his fate on Isstvan III.

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Post by: Latalis on May 1, 2008, 08:55:30 AM
Chapter Name: Storm Brothers
Symbol: A Sword with Lightning around it
Colours: Dark Grey with Light Blue Trims
Battle Cry:“Strike Once, Strike Hard, And Never Again”   
                         also used as a Salute – Marine #1 – Strike Once
                                                         Marine #2 – Strike Hard
                                                        Together – And Never Again

                                More common is just “Strike”

Doctrines: None
Home World: [Perkons] – Destroyed – Now is purely Fleet Based.

Background:  W.I.P

Current Strength: 400 Pts


                   Veteran-Sergeant Graze
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Post by: Cadain on May 22, 2008, 05:50:03 PM
Name:- The Spartan Knights
Symbol:- Wing holding a sword (Ravenwing)
Colours:- Bleached Bone armour, Blood Red helemt and shoulders, Enchanted Blue weapons
Homeworld:- Spartarius Prime (Secmentum Temptus)
Background:- W.I.P

Current Strength 400 points and steadily recruiting

(not the best of photo's but am learning my new digicam)
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Post by: muzzyman1981 on June 16, 2008, 01:23:24 PM
Name:- Wolves of Fenris
Symbol:- Rearing wolf with crossed sword behind (chainsword)
Colours:- Light grey with black trim
Homeworld:- Fenris (patrols area outter-reaches of Space Wolf territory)
Background:- WIP
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Post by: simonightmare on June 20, 2008, 12:03:39 PM

 Here's my guys;

 The Thirteenth Dominion



 This skull...

 (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.drawerb.com%2Fwp%2F2007%2F09%2Fthe-misfits-fiend-skull-poster-c10314837.jpg&hash=f2c11c3389e8f4e18bf9c3587a8ecf270eb7ca15) :P

 Homeworld - Choronzon

 Background - WIP

 Chapter Master - Mordred Grimm
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on July 9, 2008, 06:51:33 AM
I hope this is the rightplace.

Why the Second legion disappeared.(possible name the Enlightened?)

The Second Primarch was whisked away like his 19 other Brothers. But instead
of being send to a war torn planet, he was send to the planet Gautama, were
people followed the Buddhist believes. He was found by local Buddhist Monks,
Instantly noticing that this kid was special they names him Siddhartha,
after Buddha himself, He was taken to temple and trained  in the Buddhist
teachings and the martial arts. He bested all comers with his martial
skill but he was known for his kindness and piety.

When The Emperor finally landed he did not find are hardened fighter but a
peacefull spiritual leader. I know why you have come father, i will try to
bring peace to this stricken universe. And During the great Crusade he was
several times criticised by the Emperor by not taken a planet by force. Most
of his planets were gained by peacetreaties and mutual pacts even with
Aliens! (most of these planets were taken back forcefully after the Horus
Heresy and the Xenos filth was eradicated). Siddhartha, became more and more
disenchanted with his Fathers ways, He thought he found in Horus someone
with the same convictions, But after Davin Horus Changed, And Siddhartha
knew That Horus lost his way. Siddhartha tried to reason With Horus, but
after almost a fight broke out between Abbadon and Siddhartha, Siddhartha
removed himself from the crusade, He sent a message to the emperor, but the
Chaos powers made sure that message reached the emperor all Garbled up. The
Only thing the Emperor and His staff could make from it is that His Pacifist
Son and his chapter had gone rogue. Angry because of his son's treachery he
commanded that all records of Siddhartha chapter should be deleted from the
records. (the emperor did not know yet of Horus treachery and Siddhartha was
low on the emperors favourite son's list). He called for a strike on
Siddhartha's home world, but by the time the Army reached Gautama the
population was gone. Siddhartha and his fleet were allready on his way to
uncharted space.

Ideas for the army;
Dark Angel and certain Black Templar bodies would be perfect as Battle
Monks, Scouts would be more difficult as they need all to have shave head
and monk robes (eastern style). Close combat weapons could inspired by
ancient Indian weapons and/or Chinese budhist armies. Color would light

Well there should be a dice roll for battle to determine if there is a fight
at all! so if the roll would succeed (for example on a 6) there would be
peacefull resolution resulting in a draw (Damn no battle :p) Furthermore
Siddhartha army will always go second as they only fight back when fired

Ideas suggestions, fluffwise and conversions are appreciated
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Post by: Shaviv on July 22, 2008, 05:34:57 PM
This one is unfluffy, I know.

Name: D Company
Symbol: a jagged silver sword, point down, diagonally across a green circle.
Chapter Traits: Trust your Battle-Brothers, Suffer Not, Aspire to Glory, Die Standing
Homeworld: Various/None

This company was formed by a renegade Space Marine officer, formerly Brother-Captain Gideon but now known merely as Gideon, who objected to the Ecclesiarchy's use of its authority to damn whole chapters and send them off on a hopeless crusade to liberate demon-worlds in the Eye of Terror (borrowed from the 5e BRB). Like-minded soldiers, initiates, navigators and Tech-marines quietly took over a few of the smaller ships in their crusade fleet, arranging for loyalists to be sent to other ships or, if necessary, fragged in secrecy. The renegades then changed course and accelerated away into the void.

On regrouping, Gideon took stock and found that he had barely a third of a chapter's strength. His renegades had been largely unable to liberate heavy armor, and only a handful of Dreadnoughts had shared their convictions. Unless they managed to purchase or... otherwise acquire more and better wargear, they would be restricted to small, light and fast forces. This, as well as the knowledge that the forces of the Imperium would be forever his enemies, led him to declare to his forces that they would operate in the fringes of Imperial space, perhaps outside of known space; and would be as mercenaries, performing hit-and-run attacks or providing supplemental firepower with the full force of Space Marine tactics (and a somewhat narrowed selection of wargear) to rogues or Xenos races, for an appropriate fee.

Still faithful to the Emperor, the men of D Company feel that the Imperium has cast them out for guilt that was not theirs; but they are determined not to fall prey to Chaos. Still, Gideon and his inner circle know that it's only a matter of time before his company is annihilated or, worse, turned to the darkness.
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Post by: Heretek on July 22, 2008, 07:52:50 PM
Ideas suggestions, fluffwise and conversions are appreciated

I quite like this, myself. It's a very unique idea, even if I prefer people leaving the missing Primarchs alone.
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Post by: Another Random Geek on July 22, 2008, 09:19:53 PM
Well there should be a dice roll for battle to determine if there is a fight
at all! so if the roll would succeed (for example on a 6) there would be
peacefull resolution resulting in a draw (Damn no battle :p) Furthermore
Siddhartha army will always go second as they only fight back when fired

Ideas suggestions, fluffwise and conversions are appreciated

Well, I do think that if you are serious about the peaceful resolution rule, then you should consider modifying it a bit if you want it to be "fluffy." I'd say that you could classify the diffrent armies of 40k into 3 diffrent groups for this rule. Reasonable, Intolerant, and Hateful.

Reasonable races would agree to peace on a roll of 5 or 6

The Tau and Kroot would be considered "reasonable"

Intolerant races would only agree to a truce on a roll of 6.

The Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Vanilla Marines, and Craftworld Eldar would be considered intolerant.

Hateful Races would never agree to a truce. Because of this, Siddhartha can have the first turn against Hateful Forces.

Black Templars, Dark Angels, Demon Hunters, Witch Hunters, Chaos Space Marines, Deamons, Orks, Dark Eldar and Tyranids would all be classified as hateful.

Or you could just play them as a themed Marine Army. It would be pretty lame to drive all the way to your local hobby shop/friend's house only to roll a 6 and have no game to play!  :P
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on July 23, 2008, 06:57:08 AM
Quote from: Khemri. link=topic=81485.msg2014311#msg2014311
I quite like this, myself. It's a very unique idea, even if I prefer people leaving the missing Primarchs alone.

Well most ideas are unlikely, this story has at least a logic reason for it.
It is was something i cooked up thinking of a reason that there are 2 deleted chapters (although the more logical reason would be that the emperor found the primarchs and that they were allready turned to chaos and thus the emperor destroyed all evidence of their existance)

Another Random Geek
nice idea but first turn would not work as i have a main rule that they never attack first.

well if you roll a 6 one game finished, 10 seconds later next game ::)
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Post by: jaren on July 24, 2008, 08:16:37 AM
Name: Crimson Imortalis
Symbol: Black wings with a cross in the center (think Blood angels but replace the drop with a cross)
Chapter Traits: Combat Squads, no pity! no remorse! no fear! i haven't decided on any others yet.
Homeworld: Kael’un
Background: The Crimson Imortalis Chapter of the space marines is a 21st founding successor chapter to the Blood Angels. In the middle of the 41st millennium the Glorious emperor saw fit to call for further chapters of space marines to reinforce the eastern fringes of the empire to further fortify against the Xenos threat that lies there.

Receiving this call to arms, Dante felt it was time to give to the emperor once again. Calling forth one of the most faithful chaplains, Geoph Calindan Dante gave him the Charge to form the chapter as the chapter master.

Geoph was to have his choice of 50 Brothers to form the new Chapter. Once on his way to the new Capital world of Kael’un in his newly renamed Battle Barge the Forge of Victory, Geoph took his apothecaries aside and told them his vision for the Crimson Imortalis there would only be 500 marines, a small number but highly trained, they would be the match for any enemy that may come before them. A large cadre of ‘Potentials’ Battle-brothers will hold the line alongside the ‘proven’. The potentials will hold their position along side the proven until a proven should fall in battle then the next potential in the line of succession shall take the 500th position of succession.

Succession is a numerical order decided by the chaplain trainers for all potentials as they are inducted into the chapter all proven will use the order the became proven for their order of succession.

No brother aside from the priests shall drink the blood of Sanguinius, all others shall be created as stated in the Codex Astartes.

No Commander shall be so arrogant as to take a command retinue for fighting with their men in the thick of battle shall be the highest honor, the veterans of many campaigns shall lead the less experienced battle brothers, forgoing fighting in veteran squads, but passing on their experience to the younger proven.

Crimson Imortalis Doctrine will be that of the quick and decisive strike, allow the enemy to come where you want them and strike them from all sides with all your might. Retreat is unacceptable for that is the utmost of dishonor.

*Unwritten but decided fluff*

rage of the immortal warrior; if the unit wins the combat he must make an additional moral with a minus one for every two units you won by, if you fail the save you are in a blood rage and must assault the nearest unit the next turn

Librarians are impossible in the Crimson Fists since without drinking the blood since the proven go insane during the psychic change.

All HQ units must start game attached to a single troop choice.
**That is it for the fluff for now more to come**
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Post by: Marchosias on August 1, 2008, 07:37:48 AM
Name: Omega Chapter
Symbol: An inverted Ultramarines "U". Colors are as seen in my picture- primary black, secondary silver- I oscillate between chainmail and and boltgun metal depending on the unit/quality & cleanliness of armor/etc.
Chapter Traits: Honor Your Wargear, Trust Your Battle Brothers, Eye to Eye, Have Faith in Suspicion
Homeworld: The original is across the galaxy from the Ultramarines, way out in the Segmentum Obscurus, but has since been lost, and the Chapter is almost entirely fleet based- keeping just a few outposts and recruitment/training centers.
Background: After the second founding, the marines of Omega left to take their post across the Emperor's realm from their brother Ultramarines. Even though descended from the original followers of Guilliman's teachings, time and extreme distance has notably diverged this chapter from its parent.

Seeing the warp in all its forms as a direct route to Chaos, the chapter declined to take any Librarians with them on their journey. This belief was later reinforced when a rogue psyker self destructed on their home planet whilst most of the chapter was away- the subsequent warp storms that were summoned completely destroyed the planet.

The main tactical doctrine of the chapter is to apply excessive force at the critical point of the battle. For this reason, they make frequent use of Assault Marines, Devastator Marines, tactical Terminators, sniper scouts, Whirlwinds, and drop pods, but only a small contingent of land speeders are fielded, and bikes aren't even in the armory. The fast marines are used to get to the hard to reach places in the enemy battle line, whilst the longer range weapons pick and choose their targets to lay down a hail of overwhelming fire.

With their close proximity to the Eye of Terror, the tactical doctrine is especially suited (in their minds) to taking on the Traitors- a significant part of the force closes with lightning speed to take the fight to them, while the other significant part of the force puts as much fire on the Traitors as possible.
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Post by: Jehan-Reznor on August 1, 2008, 08:14:57 PM
 not to burst your bubble but the omega marines allready exist
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Marchosias on August 10, 2008, 06:03:12 AM
Right. The "Omega Marines" already exist, but not the Omega Chapter.
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Post by: dragon lord15 on August 12, 2008, 05:58:11 PM
The Steel Talons
(http://C:\Documents and Settings\Joe\My Documents\My Pictures\Space marine captain.jpg)
Name: The Emperors Talons
Symbol: A wing holding a sword
Chapter Traits: No Mercy, No Respite, Have faith in suspicion
Home world:
Background: The Steel Talons are believed to be a second founding of the Raven Guard, renowned for their dual tactics of bombarding the enemy lines with artillery and bolter fire, then finishing off the stunned survivors with agile assault marine squads and land raider bourne assault terminator squads.

In the 8th century of the 39th millennium disaster struck the chapter, the 7th and 8th companies, who were embroiled in bitter fighting against chaos incursions in the Argos Sigma cluster, fell to the lure of Nurgle fled to the eye of terror. This betrayal caused many inquisitorial factions to question the remaining marines loyalty. The Steel Talons strive to prove their loyalty by accompanying crusading fleets in chapter strength to eradicate the taint of chaos from as many planets as possible
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Post by: Tobias on August 21, 2008, 11:23:20 PM
I have recently started collecting dark angels and have come up with an idea for my army which is not a successor chapter but rather a strike force force. If you don't mind a bit of a read you can look here http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=168433.0

Name: The Lion's Pride

Symbol: See my Avatar

Traits: As Dark Angels

Home World: they don't have a home world, the strike force is contained within a massive imperial cruiser.

Background: Formed by Azrael to find the lost primarch Lion El' Jonson whom he believes is imprisoned by chaos. Lead by Commander Tobias a mixture of deathwing, ravenwing & normal dark angel forces searches a distant solar system that chaos have turned into a penal colony for imperial prisoners.
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Post by: Angel of the Machine on August 27, 2008, 11:00:45 PM
Name: Angelicus Mechanicus

Symbol: The Symbol of the Mechanicus

Chapter Traits: They use the Blood Angels codex rules

Homeworld: Phlogistos Prime (Reclaimed forgeworld in the Segmentum Pacificus)

Background: None known, their unregistered ship erupted from the warp 3 million miles from Mars. The Imperial crew was found dead at their battle stations, no evidence of a struggle exsisted.  The Marines were found in cryo-stasis, minds wiped.
     The Mechanicus seized the chapter upon discovery of several Standard Construction Templates found in the ship. Ever since they have been using the marines for their own gains, and politically refuse to release control of chapter.
     The marines believe the Omnissiah and Emperor are one and as such attempt to mimic his bionic body by replacing theirs with machines. The Mechanicum gave the chapter a forgeworld after they had cleased it of Necron presence in the Segmentum Pacificus. The Forgeworld fuctions as a normal manufactorum under the control of the marines. All production goes into the swelling ranks of the enhanced beings and the surface is divided into 7 mighty Forges each representing a seperate Battle company in comparison.
     They have adopted a similar rank structure as the Mechanicum. With a Forge Master at the head of each company. Several Tech Adepts within their ranks have upgraded their bodies to the point that the machine spirits of the combined bionics in their bodies have seized control of their conscienceness and have become nigh invunerable, they have been called the Machingeist.
     The Inquisition is extremely interested in the chapter. As they arrived from the warp with no knowledge of who they are nor where they have been. With the other reports, their geneseed does not match any other chapter's. 
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Post by: insanekaosx on August 28, 2008, 02:21:34 AM
I thought up my own chapter for a short story a long time ago, fig'red I'd share.

Name: Talons of the Emperor (I'm betting its taken, but I like it :P)
Symbol: I had a few designs, I think I eventually landed with a black talon over a red field. I think.
Chapter Traits: None *Never got to rules making, should do that*
Homeworld: Unknown/Lost
Background: Here's where I actually have something for you! This chapter was nearly wiped out by a Tyranid swarm some time back, but we're saved by a force that leaped from the warp just in the nick of time. That mysterious force, thought by some to have been the Legion of the Damned making boarding raids on the Hive ships in orbit, was completely wiped out in the attack. It is assumed they were weakened before hand, or perhaps were smaller in number than thought.

Fast forward a few decades. A commander(he had a name once) of the Talons of the Emperor is travelling through the warp with his crew. Deamons attack the vessel, and as they fight, they escape the Immaterium. They find themselves staring down at a war-torn world and a number of hive ships above it. The commander recognized the area, he had been here before, when he was still just a Veteran in charge of a squad. The warp had thrown them back in time. As his men recovered from the shock, he knew what he had to do.

"All troops to stations, prepare small aircrafts and all boarding ships. This xenoscum shall not have this day, The Almighty Emperor has shown us this. For Terra!"
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Post by: Raktra (So long, I guess) on August 31, 2008, 03:10:58 PM
I've been doing Blood Angels for 2 years, but with the new vanilla Marine codex around the corner I'm palnning to use them as a Crimson Fist Successor Chapter

Name: Crimson Everythings!
Symbol: black circle on right kneepad/ greave with yellow lightning bolt
Chapter Traits: at the moment Take the Fight To Them/ We Stand Alone
Homeworld: No homeworld, operates from an enormous fleet of strike cruisers
Background: Formed a century prior to the Rynn's World incident using the Crimson Fist gene seed, the chapter was not strong enough to provide aid to the Crimson Fists during the tragedy. They now operate from huge strike cruisers and battle barges, serving as a sledgehammer force against xenos outposts. Spent centuries of reduced activity increasing chapter capabilities and numbers. Currently size: 4,500 marines.

"Be they worthy of our vengeance or merely blights to the Imperium, our bolters shall punish all without distinction!"
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Post by: CODE BLACK on September 17, 2008, 01:32:37 PM
So, I've posted here before, but my chapters had updates :)

Name: The Sons of St. Francis

Symbol: Golden, pupil-less eye, with a teardrop of blood underneath.

Colours: As in Pic <<<

Chapter Traits: (Pointless now with the new codex, but they do show the fluff quite nicely) Uphold the Honour of Emperor, Death Before Dishonour (Kind of a cop out :P, but the other ones just don't work)

Homeworld: None as such, but they operate from the Albion sector (In the Segmentum Tempestus) where their Fortress-Monastry Ship is based.

Successors to: Crimson Fists

Background: (This might be where it becomes a bit incoherent ;))

The chapter master of 'The Sons' is, and always has been since their creation, St Francis. The Chapter is relatively new, but St Francis is getting very old now. I use Marneus Calgar's stats to represent him, and blame the I 1 assaulting on St Francis' old age :P.

So, why 'St.' Francis? During an epic battle with the Tyranid menace, Chapter Master Francis met upon the battlefield a massive tyranid creature (Think Heirophant, but maybe that would be a bit too big. But definitely a worthy opponent ;). A step-up from Hive Tyrant would do though.) So it's like any fight from Rocky, our hero is being trounced by his opponent, and in the process gets blinded by acid spit or something funky like that (Obviously that doesn't happen in Rocky :P). Just as this happens there's a massive explosion of blinding white light, with Francis at it's epicentre. It's impossible to see what happened, but as the light fades, Francis has had his ruined eyes replaced by balls of golden fire, and his sword appears as if it has trapped the light of the blast. With ease he cleaves his opponents head off in one stroke. With this act the tyranid hordes link with the hivemind is broken, and the remnants are easily destroyed.

So normally something like this would seem a little weird to the Inquisition, but it just so happened that the world this happened on was a Ecclesiarchy Shrine world, and this battle saved the world from total destruction, so the local Cardinal declared it a miracle, and Francis a living saint (if it can happen to SOBs, it can happen to SMs!), and the Inquisition didn't want to start any trouble. But they have watched the chapter ever since, but haven't had any more reasons to complain yet.

Oh, and before this event, the chapter wasn't called The Sons of St Francis, for obvious reasons :P, but were known as the Knights Tempestus. But after the events the entire chapter demanded the change in name, and so be it.

So on to the subject of induction of neophytes. So most of the planets in the Albion sector are at a Medieval level of technology, and this is how the system of induction was formed. Trials (Such as jousting events, one on one combats etc) are held at regular intervals (I like 10 years myself) by a unit of 5 SMs known as The Troubadours. They wear heraldic colours like those found on the planets they recruit from. I think I'm gunna run with the idea that they are not known by a mane, but by their heraldic creatures, such as 'The Boar' or 'The Stag'. I think the Honour Guard rules would work quite nicely to represent this squad.

When a man is inducted to become a neophyte, he must forget all connections with his old name, and the person who went with the name. He takes on a new name that is given to him (Which is mostly names I find in the bible ::), like Jacob, Joseph and Obed e.t.c.)

Then my newest idea, partly inspired by my name on this forum :D. There is a unit of SMs in my chapter who don't technically exist. There armour is painted black and has no symbols or marking on them. They always are seen in armour, and on the battlefield. They fight endlessly from one campaign to the next. They only fight in deadly(er than normal) situations. This unit is known as a Code Black Squad. (Because in 'The Sons' battle-speak, situations with a low chance of survival are known as Code Blacks) They only induct the best Marines from the chapter. They only ever number 10 marines. When inducted all records of these marines are removed. ALL of the records. They don't exist, and once inducted have no name. They under go extreme training and are so well trained by the end of it that they very rarely actually need to be given orders, so they mostly fight in silence. Before the new codex these were mostly just an idea in my head, but now I think the LotD might work well to represent them.

Companies in my Chapter are known by their codex colour, so my 5th company are known as Black Company. But this might lead to the problem of there being a Pink Company :P

Well, I think thats it really. I really would like some C&C on my background though, so really, anything you've got to say would be appreciated.
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Post by: Butters on September 29, 2008, 11:57:27 AM
name: shadow fists
symbol: crimson fists symbol (more about that in the fluff)
colours: black with white trim, knee pads, gloves etc
chapter traits: pointless with the new codex
homeworld: space hulk divine justice
backround/fluff: A chapter of the first founding, they were twinned with the crimson fists. As rogal dorns descendants, they were naturally good at holding ground and defending forts. However, in the rolling confusion of the aftermath of the horus heresy, they were both given the same symbol. This led to rivalry between the chapters, rivalry that, in the millenia to come, would break out into all out war.

8000 years later, the tension between the chapters grew to immesurable level. The war of the fists, as it would be known. As fate would have it, the crimson fists struck first. They all but obliterated the shadow fist's homeworld of ordivon. the remnants of the shadow fists wandered the galaxy, not knowing where to go. while circling the gothic sector, they found an artifact upon which the future of the chapter would be based on. a huge space hulk. the 1st and 4th companys stormed the ship, and found a nest of genestealers. one marine tripped on a cable and woke the genestealers. the shadow fists managed to tranquilize one, and then set about slaughtering there way through hordes of tyranids.
once the space hulk was taken, the space marines rearmed themselves with flamers, and set about cleansing their new home. when the rest of the shadow fists arrived, the chapter master rechristened the ship divine justice. the shadow fists were about to make their return.

however, not in the way that they expected, as the captured genestealer was discovered as an invading organism from the eastern fringe. they diverted their course for ultramar and macragge. however, they were sent away from the ultramarines, the proud space marines to ignorant to see what was going on. so the shadow fists set off for the neighboring galaxy.

when they returned, they were maters of the true 'angels of death' tactic. every marine knew how to fly and maintain a thunderhawk, proper salvaging procedure for drop pods, and how to us a grav-chute to its full affect. but they were horrified to find that ultramar had been ravaged by hive fleet behemoth, and that two more hive fleets were currently in the imperium. they would have stayed to help, but they had a 10,000 year old score to settle.

but as they homed in on rynns world, a tech priest approached chapter master darius, with a message: "life readings negative, my lord". as uncertain as he was about this, darius knew better than to judge a tech priest wrong. so with a frown besetting hid battle-scarred features, he set off to help the other chapters against the tyranids.

thats it, please comment. constructive critisizm only!

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Chapter Name:The 13th Company
Chapter Symbol:The Ultramarines logo with 13 in the middle
Colours:Chaos black with Midnight blue sections and gold trim.
Home world:Records not found
Fluff:The 13th Company was assembled from the Ultramarines ranks during the crusades for a secrete mission but disappeared during the crusades only to appear in current times.
There disappearance may be connected to the disappearance of the Spaces wolfs 13th company.
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Name: Les Honourables
Symbol: Fist breaking out of the ground
Home World: Vergerant VII
Fluff: Founded after the Horus heresy by their primarch Reavus Syracuse. They are a chapter whose history is filled with last stands and suicide charges due to their hatred of retreat. They are best known for protecting three nearby systems from an Ork WAAAGH!! led by Warboss Dergz, though they vanquished the Orks, this victory cost them the lives of the 3rd and 1st companys
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Normally, I am a Chaos player, but I had a nice idea for a loyalist chapter when I browsed the shelves of my local shop...and with the upcoming purchase of the Black reach box, I'll be able to field them, too! ;)

Name: Custodians of the Sepulchre
Legion:Imperial Fists
Primarch: Rogal Dorn
Founding: 17th
Symbol: A jackal's head in solid black
Chapter Traits: None, new codex :(
Colours: Turquoise with bronze and gold trimmings, red or white shoulder pads
Homeworld: Khem III (crypt world)
Battle Cry: " Hail the victorious martyr! Hail the glorious dead!"

Every order, every chapter from the first founding onwards is born, not just from the blood of its primarch and ancestors, but also from the people of their home world. Few chapters are free of the peculiarities their initiates bring into it.
So, to begin with this chapter's background, we must begin with their home world.
Khem III is the only inhabitable planet within the whole system, its much bigger brothers being too close to the sun for any life to flourish there.
Khem III, though, is no paradise either. A hot, dry world of endless deserts, the remains of mountains that had long ago been ground to the finest powder in the birth-pangs of the planet before it settled where is is today. Due to its relatively small size (about half the size of Terra), it was speculated that it originally might have been a large meteorite that just got caught in the gravilty web of the sun.
When the planet was first settled (date unknown), it held no life of its own, though the early settlers brought with them a wide variety of life-forms that eventually adapted to this world of endless salt flats and rolling dunes.
Up until the 34th millennium, the planet served as a gigantic cemetary( it is suspected that it was an enterprising Rogue Trader named Elrik Vanhal who came up with the idea first and amassed enormous riches transporting corpses to the planet)l, the dry climate and the relative lack of micro-organic life making lengthy conserving of corpses uneccessary. All noble families within the entire sector and even some neighbouring sectors brought their dead to have them interred here, erecting magnificent mausoleums and gravemarkers until the whole of the planet's surface was covered with them, a gigantic testament to death and the dead.
The entire population of this crypt-planet made its living off the dead. From adepts cataloguing the names, dates of death and places of internment over the millions of masons and craftsmen constructing the palace-like tombs and tomb-tunnels to those who made a living trying to raid the richest tombs or selling "relics" of great saints snatched off the nearest corpse.
All was well, in a way,  until horrible warp-storms engulfed the system, isolating it for more than 3000 years. And, as things go, the human mind is a flighty thing. Soon, all the tasks, all the great works and all the technology was forgotten. The only thing that remained was the reverence for the dead who had once been their source of income and thus, life.
Life on Khem II became a bizarre thing, a continuous struggle for survival and the favour of the Glorious Dead whose spirits were said to linger in the desert winds, waiting for the most honourable souls to join them so they could free the world from the Fell-Light in the sky and return it to its former glory (though it was already forgotten what the world would return to exactly).
This world bred hardy survivalists who, despite having developed their own morbid and bizarre interpretation of the Imperial Creed, were still fanatically loyal to the King in the Sky, the supreme Judge, the Glorious Martyr, as they called the Emperor. They believed that the Emperor, the greatest ruler mankind had ever known, had once fought against an ancient evil called Horus, the Baleful Eye. He had managed to strike down the Eye but as he looked into his enemy's eyes, he saw the darkness that waited to consume men's souls. So he allowed Horus to strike him down as well so he could keep watch over the souls of mankind in the afterlife and offer shelter and succor to those he deemed worthy.
When the warp-storms finally ceased, the world was soon afetrwards visited by the newly-founded Emperor's Lightnings chapter, looking for a suitable base of operations.
In Khem III, they found exactly what they needed. Good candidates for induction into the chapter most of all.
And, as it happens, the chapter was heavily influenced by these new recruits, taking on some of the behaviours regarding ancestor worship and tomb-guardianship, eventually taking on their new name.

Organization: Besides a few peculiarities in naming and one notable exception, the Custodians follow the Codex Astartes. Given the difficulties vehicles face on their homeworld, the Custodians rely mostly on bikes, escheving heavy tanks in many cases. Other than that, they are known to use massed infantry assaults, almost always backed by Dreadnoughts ("Revered ones"). Their first company, called "Eternals", consists of the oldest individuals in the chapter, every single occupant of Terminator Armour having lived for at least 3 centuries.
The one exception from the codex lies in the absence of librarians in the chapter. The chapter has psykers, but those are a special breed of chaplains to them, called Deadspeakers. The chapter has normal chaplains as well, but both these and the Deadspeakers are capable and expected to perform the same duties. Deadspeakers can be recognized by their golden shoulder pads.

Geneseed: Their geneseed is mostly stable, even though one defect has surfaced in the last two millennia. The skin of the marines is prone to drying and toughening, eventually taking on the conscistancy and colouration of old leather. As successor chapter to the Imperial Fists, they cannot spit acid or hibernate.

Creed: Even more so than the Imperial Fists, the Custodians revere the dead, mummifying them and placing them in elaborate tombs to await the final days when the Emperor will send their souls back into their dried bodies to fight alongside the living. They hold Dreadnoughts in highest esteem, seeing them as mediators between the living and the dead, those whose desire to live and serve was too great to let them rest peacefully.
This particular view on Dreadnoughts has casued a somewhat cruel-seeming practice to emerge in the chapter. Those with wounds too severe to heal are not treated immediately. instead, they are left under the the auspices of the chaplains for 6 hours. Should they survive for such a long time of their own will alone, without medical assistance, then they are interred into a sarcophagus to serve as a Dreadnought. If not, they are interred with all the honour they deserve.
As stated above, the Custodians see the Emperor as a human who martyred himself so he could keep watch over the souls of the righteous after death.

Initiation: All new recruits into the chapter come from the various warrior tribes of Khem III and so need only the barest of indoktrination, already sharing the special brand of faith with the marines. However, shortly after they are chosen, each prospecting member is subjected to the Rite of Awakening. This Rite consists of a ritualised combat between the new recruit and a veteran member of the chapter which always results in the recruit's "death". In fact, the blade of the veteran is coated in a special venom produced by the stonecrawlers, black, scarab-like creatures that burrow through stone, living off carrion. This venom causes any human to fall into a death-like coma from which only a specific antivenom can raise him. During the coma, the first implants are placed into the body and the recruit is indoctrinated via psycho-conditioning. Much later, when the first implants have already started to work, the recruit is awoken again, literally a new man. His old self is gone, having died in combat. In fact, an empty coffin imprinted with the recruit's name is lowered into one of the fortress-tombs, further signifying that he is dead and has been reborn different.

Current chapter master: Osirian

Other heroes/famous persons:
Anubis, First and foremost Deadspeaker
Upu-aut: The hulking brute leading the first company, about 400 years old
Ramessar: A venerable dreadnought, the first one who was interred in the sarcophagus, about 2300 years ago.

Phew, that's about it...
Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
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Wow, these are some great chapters people have here.
Sadly, I just opted for Ultramarines, 2nd Company. :D
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Prophets of Ultramar
The Prophets of Ultramar are a fleet-based chapter of an unknown founding.  Unlike most Astartes, the Prophets acknowledge the Emperor's Divinity and actively proselytize the Imperial Creed, converting by fire and the sword all those who disagree with their interpretations.  This has brought them into conflict with apparently loyal worlds and even the Holy Inquisition time and time again.  Only their unquestionable hate of the alien, mutant, and heretic alike* has kept them from being targeted for extermination by the Ordo Hereticus.

*Rumors persist that the Prophets of Ultramar are actually Ultramarines whose ultra-conservative views put them in conflict with key diplomatic aspects of the Empire.  Perhaps they are simply the Ultramarines' way of accumulating numbers without breaking the tenets laid down by Guilliman?  (Purely hearsay, of course!)

Gene Seed: Ultramarines
Founder: Master Publius Tyran
Chapter Colours: Green, Orange and Blue
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Name: Patriarchs Of Ulixis
Legion: Ultramarines
Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
Founding: 2nd
Symbol: None yet...
Chapter Traits: None, Codex chapter.
Colours: See my avatar on the left! ;)
Homeworld: Fleet based.

An old chapter in official GW literature that has next to no information - so i've decided to try and flesh them out and make them my own! If you want to help me out check out this topic:

http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=172403.0 (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=172403.0)
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Grimravens Chapter
Chapter Symbol:  Raven
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding Date:  Sometime after the 13th Black Crusade.
Leader:  THE Grimraven, his men know his real name to be Halvard Jhorvin.

Appearance:  The Grim Ravens' armour, as a whole, are completely black, with a bright red raven on one shoulder pad, red unit markings on the other, and other important details picked out in bright red as well.

History:  The Grim Ravens Space Marine chapter was founded from the Imperial Fist chapter.  The original members of this Chapter were once a platoon within the 5th Company of the Imperial Fists.  The platoon's leader, was known to the ranks as simply "Grimraven" and he and his men were known for their tenacity and stoicism in the field, even beyond the standards of the Imperial Fists.

The platoon was, in a defensive maneuver on the world of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade.  The Imperial line was hit by a massive counter-attack by traitor forces, and the force of the offensive forced the Imperials back, all but Grimraven's platoon.  The platoon held out against the encircling enemy forces for 53 hours, until relief appeared in the form of an armoured push by the tanks of the Imperial Guard, supported by the other Imperial Fists.

Due to their heroic bravery, the men of Grimraven's platoon became known collectively as the Grim Ravens.    These men felt no fear, and put their fates in the hands of the Emperor, knowing they would all one day die, they fought on regardless of losses.  After the conclusion of the 13th Crusade, the Imperial Fists saw the need for another chapter to be founded, it's base of operations being Cadia and the surrounding systems.  The Grim Ravens were picked for this, due to their heroic defense on Cadia, and their wide-spread renown amongst the Cadian population, at least of that region.

The Grim Ravens chapter is recruited almost completely of men from Cadia, those screened by the Cadian Guard recruitment operations who were seen as exemplary.  These men were, and are still today, screened again by the Grim Ravens and put through many of the same trials that Imperial Fist recruits are put through.  The gene seeds of the original Grim Ravens served as a basis for the growing of more gene-seeds and so, all of the space marines of the Grim Ravens have that same innate stuborness, an grim determination so characteristic of their forebears.
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Disciples of the Logos


Colours: Dark grey with black and white
Symbol: The Circumfix, a square cross inside a circle
Tactics: Standard codex with an emphasis on tactical flexibility
Founder: Dunyanos of the Ultramarines
Homeworld: Shimenon, a habital though highly volcanic planet in Ultima Segmentum.
Motto: "What is compromise but the moment betrayed for the sake of the future?"
War-cry: The Disciples have no war-cries; they enter combat in steely silence. However, they are known to recite mantras to help maintain their passionless battle-trance. Common amongst these is "The Logos is without beginning or end."

The Disciples of the Logos were founded in early M36 by Dunyanos, an Ultramarine. The aim of their founding was to provide a strategic lynchpin in a remote sector of Ultima Segmentum that had begun to show an alarming increase in the presence of Orks. Dunyanos was a master strategist and tactician. His martial philosophy was one of flexibility. He railed against over-specialisation and always stressed the importance of cool rationality and intelligence when formulating battle-plans.

Shimenon, the homeworld of the Disciples, is a habital world though studded with thousands of active volcanoes. It is sparesly populated by warring tribes and mountain strongholds, all of whom contribute men and materials to the chapter. One such faction consistently produces superior specimens and thus makes up the majority of the chapter's recruits. Their beliefs and spiritual practises have had a significant effect upon the Disciples.

The culture of this native group has fused with the teachings of Dunyanos to form the central concept around which the chapter is based. It is called "the Martial Logos." It is a belief that conflict and warfare - indeed, all of life - can be analysed, understood and predicted. The Disciples enter battle in an emotionless trance and they can be terrifying in their ruthless efficiency.

There is a disturbing rumour that the Disciples of the Logos have repudiated the Emperor as the God of Makind. Instead, they view him as the first "Awakened One," able to plan perfectly and calculate the outcome of any event. They still honour him as their emperor, and are still loyal to a fualt, but they no longer see him as divine and no longer worship him [to give a real world parallel, they view him as more of a Buddha figure than a Christ figure]. An agent of the Inquisition has been dispatched to investigate these rumours. He is expected to make good time and should arrive in the next several hundred years or so.

The Disciples of the Logos are a sombre, contemplative chapter, as much monks as they are warriors. However, do not let their meditative natures make you complacent. Though they scream no battle-cries and feel no fury, their resolve is as great as any Space Marine chapter and their weapons will kill you just as quickly. Cross them at your peril.

ETA: Bonus points for the first person to point out which fantasy series I shamelessly stole this from.
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Name:The Dark Saviours
Symbol:A green snake in a black circle with a gold outline
Chapter predecessor: The Grey Knights
Armour:Black and gold armour
Chapter traits: They are the supreme daemonic hunters.

The Dark Saviours are an ancient chapter and are not known about by the Inquisition only the Emperor knows about them
when the Grey Knights were formed the chapter split. The Grey knights answer to the inquisition. The Dark Saviours answer only to the Emperor. The Dark Saviours' leader was around at the same time of the Emperor. Only he and the emperor knew about unholy warp powers. When Terra was first attacked by Daemons, he defended the population with fury and honour. when the tide of daemons became so great he sacrificed himself this act of self sacrifice was to great for the daemons. They all were killed but with them all the people died to except the Emperor. when he died his body was destroyed but his spirit lived on, it was transported to the warp. Inside the warp he defeated great terrors and many daemons fell at his great strength. His armour is psychicly linked to his spirit and his  sword is to. He has not yet returned to the material universe but he is psyker supreme he transmittes his spirit into a almost bodily form. He is invisible to all but the ones who know he is there. He cannot be killed and he is eternal. The Dark Saviours are the ultimate daemon hunters beyond that of ay Grey knight. They go into a battle with daemons and they stop them where it counts. Inside the warp. They are looking for the leader. They will do anything to get him into the material universe they have not found him but they are looking and will continue looking for all eternity. When they find him and bring him back into the material universe their power will be so great they will rid the universe of all daemonic presence.

They are Humanity's only hope.
The Dark Saviours
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Name: Chucknoricians
Symbol: One leg of some brown trousers with black boots that appears to be kicking on a white background
Chapter Traits: They follow the rules for regular space marines (codex space marines)
Chapter Planet: Planet Chuck (a completely uninhabited planet with no possible use for anything that was discovered by Chuck Norris)
Additional Information: They only follow Chuck Norris I and his only proper son, Chuck Norris II.
   The original Chuck Norris once decided to go on a long crusade into space with a bunch of space marines (he lived for a long time), who eventually forgot all about the Emperor and started praising Chuck instead. They painted their armour in cowboy-type colours, and eventually they landed on a new planet, which became their new homeworld. Chuck then used his patented Roundhouse Kick to form a son out of nothing, and eventually died (so yes, he can die). His son, Chuck Norris II, who had all the same powers as his father, then went forth with his followers to another planet, which was much closer to most of the battles in the galaxy. And so it was that this planet was turned into Chuck Planet (I didn't say which Chuck discovered it!). They still survive to this day, mostly unknown by other chapters because they are normally sent out alone and in secret, using a splinter of the power of the original Chuck, which they receive from the inherited awesomeness aura of Chuck Norris II.

Blah de blah blah, the end.
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Name: Sons of Fury
Geneseed: Roboute Guilliman - Founding in M39
Chapter Colors: Catachan Green and Skull White. Eyes and weaponry are Blazing Orange with metallic surfaces being in Tin Bitz.
Symbol: A triangle with a dot in the center that touches all three sides. Sometimes represented as three separate triangles connected by a central dot. Colors vary from white to green or bronze.
Chapter Traits: (when they were applicable)
Advantages: Blessed Be The Warriors
No Mercy, No Respite
Drawback: Eye To Eye

Homeworld: Semnai - cardinal world in the Ultima Sectum.
Background: Work in progress.

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Name: Blood Dragons
Geneseed: Ultramarines
Colors: Red body, blue head and blue shoulder pad trim.
Symbol: Dragon head(same as the salamanders)
Homeworld: a undocumented desert planet filled with rocky mesas where feral tribes compete for sparse resources, this is where the chapter gets it's recruits

http://bolterandchainsword.com/sms.php?bpe=E31B1B&bpj=E31B1B&bp=E31B1B&bpc=E31B1B&hdt=2A5CBF&hdm=2A5CBF&hdl=2A5CBF&ey=1BE336&er=E31B1B&pi=332D2D&nk=E31B1B&ch=E31B1B&eg=F5EDED&sk=F0E4E4&abs=E31B1B&bt=E31B1B&cod=E31B1B&ull=E31B1B&lk=E31B1B&lll=E31B1B&lft=E31B1B&url=E31B1B&rk=E31B1B&lrl=E31B1B&rft=E31B1B&slt=2A5CBF&sli=E31B1B&srt=2A5CBF&sri=E31B1B&ula=E31B1B&lel=E31B1B&lla=E31B1B&lw=E31B1B&lh=E31B1B&ura=E31B1B&rel=E31B1B&rla=E31B1B&rw=E31B1B&rh=E31B1B&bg=FFFFFF&rb=080707&gr=141212&wg=true&hs=FFFFFF&mk7=333333&chps=2F32DE&ti=FFFFFF&lkr2=FFFFFF (http://bolterandchainsword.com/sms.php?bpe=E31B1B&bpj=E31B1B&bp=E31B1B&bpc=E31B1B&hdt=2A5CBF&hdm=2A5CBF&hdl=2A5CBF&ey=1BE336&er=E31B1B&pi=332D2D&nk=E31B1B&ch=E31B1B&eg=F5EDED&sk=F0E4E4&abs=E31B1B&bt=E31B1B&cod=E31B1B&ull=E31B1B&lk=E31B1B&lll=E31B1B&lft=E31B1B&url=E31B1B&rk=E31B1B&lrl=E31B1B&rft=E31B1B&slt=2A5CBF&sli=E31B1B&srt=2A5CBF&sri=E31B1B&ula=E31B1B&lel=E31B1B&lla=E31B1B&lw=E31B1B&lh=E31B1B&ura=E31B1B&rel=E31B1B&rla=E31B1B&rw=E31B1B&rh=E31B1B&bg=FFFFFF&rb=080707&gr=141212&wg=true&hs=FFFFFF&mk7=333333&chps=2F32DE&ti=FFFFFF&lkr2=FFFFFF)
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[Apologises if this one as been done or taken, but it is one i've personal created and in the process of making for table-top - mainly play as these on DoW games]

Name: Guardian Angels
Homeworld: Celestrial, An Ice World. Asteroid Belt surrounds the Planet - Due to GA's Fortress monastary positioned on one of the larger Asteroids, and Defence platforms around the asteroids belt protecting the planet. the Asteriod belt is dubbed 'Heaven's Gate'. The Captial City is Called Eden, is located in the Northern Hemisphere, and is the only [Large] patch of Green on the Planet as the Rest is Ice.

Armor: White with Royal Blue Shoulder Guards, Aquila and Belt Royal Blue.
Symbol: Sword and Wings (White)
Founded: Dark Founding, Believed to be founded from the Dark Angels as they carry the same Symbol.

Flagship: Heaven's Wrath
Battle Barges: Bibilcus Tacticus, Mercy, Divinus (to name afew)
Chapter Master: Commander Zadok Teioh
Fluff: a Rise of Necrons from the Ancient Ice, forced the GAs to fight for their adopted homeworld bringing them also in contact with Eldar. Though they shun the reports of friendly activity with the Eldar Race - there is Rumor that an Eldar group and the GAs are actually friendly and exchange information.

GAs often overcompensate in defenses, as they remember the trouble and trama that the Rise of Necrons caused to their Homeworld, since the Rise, the GAs have adopted more protectors...

The Guardsmen of Celestrial are called the 'Celestrial Silverwings', they are situated on the planet itself, unlike the GAs. Imperial HQ is found in Eden.

Native Orks on Celestrial have never come into contact with the Orks the rest of the Imperium all know and hate. they have the same nature as Normal Orks, however rather than trying to better the Space Marines, they see them as 'Greyt Waaarghriors' and are inspired by them. GAs took the chance to "tame" and train the Orks - as another force to Protect Celestrial, especially should anymore Necrons remain to rise once more...
The Ork are known as Celetrial's 'Snowz Angulz'.

The Imperium See this as 'Risky' and watch extremely close, and if they have befriended Orks they probably have befriended the Race of the Eldar too...


Guardian Angel Beliefs:
They strongly Believe in the Emperor as a Mighty Warrior and Leader, however they do not believe he is a deity to be Worshipped. Rather it is right to respect and learn from such a great man.
In Contemplating as a Chapter, they have seen that the Emperor was a very wise man indeed, and infact probably had insights and contacts with Xenos.
Therefore Not all Xenos are enemies in the eyes of the GAs. Yes they are in contact with an Eldar Group known as Kip'axx who helped them fight the Necrons and bring victory. prior to this, GAs were against all Xenos [The catastrophic event - made them rethink] and it why they have formed allies with their native Orks instead of purging them.
They believe in Organisation, and Forfitying positions is their stong point.
Guardian Angels focus on solid Defenses, very Protective.


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chapter name: purple flames

the purple flames are a legion of marines that were supposedly killed in the fight on black reach.
they mostly move at night so they have night vision.most of them use storm bolters,rocket launchers and flamers, but some cannot cope with the weight so the use regular bolters.

please emmail me if you want an image.
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looking for a good name ... paint scheme is based on the Atlanta Falcons.. using their logo etc... was thinking Dark Talons.. but not sure if thats a bit ghey.... suggestions welcome
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Chapter : The Secret Of Steel
Chapter Master : Lord Blackmore
Colour : Boltgun Metal
Symbol : none (they have all black shoulderpads because of the background I've written for em)

The whole Chapter history is based on the Manowar song of the same name, and all of the character names are metal musicians.
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This thread made me register.

Just got back into the hobby after years away. As a kid, I played Space Wolves but just founded my own. I'm still inventing the fluff, but here it is.

Name: The Silver Spears, 2nd Company Strike Force Tailteann
Colours: Black with Gunmetal trim
Insignia: Ogham (ancient Irish alphabet, similar to runes) on Shoulder Pad and banners. Very minimal.
Founding: Unknown, possibly during the Age of Apostasy.
Homeworld: Fodhla
Glaine ár gcroí
Neart ár ngéag
Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar
(Cleanliness of our hearts, strength of our limbs and commitment to our oath)
It comes from the motto of the Fianna, mythical guardians of pre-Christian Ireland.
Battlecry: Fág a' Bealach (Clear the way! Motto and Battlecry of the 87th and 88th Regiments of Foot in Wellington's Peninsular Army 1807-1814)
Force Commander: Brother-Captain Tailteann Mochua, Master of the Fleet
Notable Characters: Brother-Lieutenant Iriel, Master of Recruits (Scout Sgt. Telion with a new head and paintjob - great character, had to have him)
Brother Sgt. Ainnileas, Terminator Sgt. (Ainnileas is a Celtic name meaning orphan or bastard, he and his Terminator squad "the Bastard's Kin" annihilated an Ork Army almost single-handedly)

No pics, I'm afraid, as I'm no good at interwebular communication technology.

Basically, Ireland has a fantastic reservoir of mythology to draw influence from and I couldn't keep away from the new Sternguard and Land-Raider Redeemer, so it was Marines for me.
I'm currently using them as a Codex Army, but the Space Wolves background might suit them, so I may re-jig things if and when the new SW Codex comes out.

I'm still writing background, so I'd appreciate any comments.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: tread-head 27 on May 28, 2009, 03:22:59 PM
Chapter Name: Black dragons
Chapter Master: Alaric Cyrus (count as Vulkan) Master of the ScaleGuard dragon flight.
Founding chapter: Salamanders
Founding: 21st Cursed founding
Colors: Black, Dark Gray and gunmetal
Insignia: Black Dragon head with Dark Gray back round
Chatper planet: Faldon Kise

NOTE: This is a old Chapter approved Space Marine chapter I have used and redone because of my love for Vulkan and the fact i hate the color green.

A relatively new Chapter of the Twenty-third founding, the black dragon's gene-seed is taken from the Salamanders. They share the same gene-seed there are many differences between the two chapters. Unlike the Ultramarines and other such chapters, the chapter prefers to remain in relative obscurity, and see the much-lauded Ultramarines and other chapters like them as vain and arrogant. This humble approach does not lessen their effectiveness in battle. In the early years of M38, they were instrumental in breaking a 55 year long system wide siege of Warsmith Valruk BlackIron's WarBand and and subsequently liberating and helping to rebuild the various worlds the ruthless Warsmith had devastated. It was during the War that now Dragon lord Alaric took on the Warsmith by himself in close combat and felling him with his relic spear and effectively
breaking the spirit of his warband. During the same war, Grand Dragon Seer Dietrich rose to power, incinerating a whole mob of khorne berzerkers and destroying 2 Iron warrior vindicator siege tanks.

Home world:
The black dragons make their home on the world Faldon Kise a world of vast mountain ranges, deep valleys, volcanoes and ash deserts. Populated by a number of large reptillan and carnivous creatures. The planet was colonizied before the hours hersey and the population is tough and hard-working. The planet main exports are Raw materials. Mining is the main industry of the world and all citizens tend to be miners or manufacturers. Faldon Kise is the only planet the black dragons recruit from and when they aren't fighting any wars the Astartes live with the populace of Faldon Kise. The citizens of Faldon Kise are very close to the black dragons (who are seen as protectors and arbiters to the community) and each dragon company is responsible for one of the mighty cities states.

Combat Doctrine:
Being descendants of the Salamanders, the dragons continue to focus on close ranged fire fights with flamers and melta weapons so favored by their ancestors, though their many engagements with foes like the Iron warriors and Eldar have gradually modified their doctrine. While master crafted weapons and armour are still very common, they are supported by fast mounted Astartes called dragon riders. Hand-to-hand combat is frequent and violent, and Drake Captains and Dragon lords prefer the use of powerfists, relic weapons and storm shields over specialized ranged weaponry such as plasma pistols.

The dragons do not follow the Codex Astartes. Companies rarely fight alongside one another, there are 9 dragon companies each has all self sufficient from one another with there own fortress-monasteries and hatcheries. The black dragons eschew using bikes and land speeders but rather ride atop the dragons from which they take there namesake. These "dragon riders" ride genetically altered and advanced breeds of dragons native to there home world. These dragons serve two roles they are potent psychological weapons and and can stay out in the field twice as long then speeders and bikes because they don't require refueling.

More suspicious are the mysterious individuals known as Dragon Seers and their retinues, who seem to combine the roles of Librarian and Chaplain. Like Librarians, they are psykers and wear psychic hoods as well as wield force weapons. However, they also seem to serve as religious leaders as well, leading other Battle-Brothers in prayers to the Emperor and rallying troops on the battlefield. Often clad in Terminator armor, Dragon Seer's inspire devotion and loyalty in the black dragons. They are often accompanied by a retinue, such as Assault Terminators and dragon acolytes, which specialize in close combat and have not yet mastered their psychic abilties for warfare. This retinue may change from engagement to engagement, such as dragon riders for lightning raids or jump-packers for capturing objectives. The Inquisitors have kept close watch on these activities to make sure they are not heretical, though they have not yet found anything demonic nor alien in their rites and rituals and continue to tolerate them.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: NewHeretic on July 3, 2009, 10:42:59 AM
It's interesting fluff, tread-head 27.  Regarding the Dragonseers in game, does that mean that you use Librarian, but not Chaplains, so have the Librarians fill the religious role as well in the fluff?  Or did I misinterpret that.

Have you already modeled Space Marine Bikers on dragon models?  If so, please post some pictures in the Konversions thread.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: dregogg on July 3, 2009, 08:18:09 PM
   this is an idea for a custom space marine chapter that i was thinking of playing.
Name: skull dragons
Chapter master: Marcus drake
home planet: Xeron IV
Chapter colors: chaos black armor, fiery orange shoulder pads and back pack, skull white shoulder trim, bleached bone helmet, chainmail silver wrists, salamanders green left knee pad (to denote that they,re a progenitor chapter of the salamanders) golden yellow chest eagle.
founding chapter: salamanders
Chapter fluff: the skull dragons are a 31st founding chapter founded from the salamanders chapter. they gained the name "Skull dragons" from a major defensive of Xeron IV against a tendril of hive fleet Leviathan where all but two companies were annihilated. the chapter did recover its loses after a long process of planetary reconstruction after which Marcus drake has sworn vengeance against the tyranids who had devastated his home planet.
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Post by: Revraven on July 9, 2009, 10:36:49 PM
This is a curse founding chapter ive made as my bulk 40k army.
Name: Forgotten Legion
Colour: Dry Brushed Chainmail after washed with black ink and gold trims washed with chestnut ink and black shoulders and back pack
Symbol: None as they forgot who they are :S
History: They were lost in a warp storm back during the horus heresy and now they are back and they despise anyone as they think themselves are the tru sons of the Emperor
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Post by: lukascannon on July 19, 2009, 06:02:41 PM
Name:Swords of vengeance
Colours:Black, White, red
Base: space fleet based at the remains of caliban
Fluff: A desendant chapter of the DA, watched closely by inquistion for their apparent obsesion with daemons.
Chapter tactics rule: power swords count as being I6 S6 causing instant death and bikers get to re-roll wounds
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Silbern on July 23, 2009, 03:18:39 AM
i have started several chapters, which all ended with frustration. im horrible at paintting and designing symbols, ecspecially for shoulder pads, until it dawned on me...

Name: Sigma Marines
Primarch: Jump Master Pheonix Marcellus
Symbol: Capital Sigma letter
Colours: on the models right side is bone white and on the left is cadian green
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines
Founding Time Line: The tyrannic Wars(Hive Fleet Behemoth)
Home Planet: Prandium VI
Favourite Taunt: "Show me what passes as fury amongst your misbegotten kind!"

 With the Ultramarines fighting the tyranids on their home planet of Macragge, little details of scouting parties tend to be forgoten.

 Sgt. Marcellus along with the rest of his assualt marine squad was finishing their patrol of the small peaceful planet which was made to do nothing but farm. freak snow storms would plague the world for a period of up to 2-6 months in a row and due to the lack of technology to this planet, warp travel never happened besides resource frigates carring agriculture cargo, until one day.

 finishing the patrol was all pheonix wanted to do. although this was his home planet he realized why he had left. fields of crop as far as the eye can see. no excitment.

 So at a young age the boy payed to travel to Macragge where he had jobs just to survive. he would fight to survive in the undercities which was noticed by a certain figure watching him. one day the man saw pheonix faught three other men for a piece of bread. although only in his teens he was fit as his diet could let him.

 the man that would watch him was no other then the Captain of the 8th company of the space marines. 8th company was in charge of holding and training the melee specialists, the assualt marines.

 soon after intiation and rite of passage into the ranks of the ultramarines he was a assualt marine. he now had a purpose in his life, to protect the emperor and his children. and he would do him  and his chapter proud.

 With countless battles facing ork and chaos alike, he never lost the feeling as his power sword slashed and gutted his foes, often shouting threats and taunts. he rose through the ranks until he was offered a postion as a veteran seargent on 1st Company. Many thought Pheonix Marcellus was stupid, for he declined the offer to stay with his original company. declining this offer would have saved his life and his home planet.

 while finishing his patrol on Prandium VI, he noticed a blotch in the sky. it quickly fanned out to cover the sun and cloak the planet in tinted darkness.

 A small Splinter force came forth of the warp ready to ravage Macragge. to the hive minds confusion, the small splinter force was mis-routed to a small green lush fields of agriculture millions call a home. taking adavantage of this was their first priority, to help reproduce lost bio-matter was key to win the battle for Macragge.

 genestealer squads were sent as scouts to the planet to see where the most bio-matter can be accumulated first.one bio-pod landed almost right on pheonix and his squad. the Sigma Chapter book recalls the fierce battle at seeing the xenos atent on prandium. the assualt marines tore through the surprised genestealers, the thought little to no resistance was to happen. that was their first and last mistake.

 a year of fighting turned a small peaceful planet into a battlefield, were warriors rose out of farmers who manned the front lines and were rarely bested in hand-to-hand combat. the only way to win the war was to recruit more men. some were handed whatever they had, picks, axes or if they were lucky, a projectile weapon. Few were more exceptional than others, and were giving the gene-seed of Marcellus. the apothacary knew this was the only way to recruit tough soldiers. soon a ragtag Assualt company was made consisting of warriors whos intiation into the marines was fighting the tyrannid horde.

 after the war was won by attrition by the Unknown Sigma marines, the surviving hive mind ship fled orbit into the warp to replenish its starvation. everything started to go back to normal for the farmers except for one third of their planet was now barren of life.

  Marcellus never returned to the ultramarines for reasons unknown, but instead started to recruiting more and replenish his ranks. although the planet has no fortress, eveyones home was a Sigma's home. people from the entire planet praised the Emporer, thanking him for sending his Angel to guide and to protect their planet.

 To this day, Marcellus and his Sigma Marines fight the chaos and xenos alike to protect the Emporers children.


Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Jehan-Reznor on July 23, 2009, 06:54:00 AM
i thought omega marines allready exist
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Silbern on July 23, 2009, 04:36:21 PM
your right jehan, ill look more into another name. any suggestions PM  me please
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Jehan-Reznor on July 23, 2009, 10:17:24 PM
Take another easy to paint latin letter (not the aplpha marines) ::)
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Silbern on July 24, 2009, 02:17:04 AM
there you go! Sigma Marines! thanks Jehan  ;D
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: tread-head 27 on August 8, 2009, 01:41:58 AM
It's interesting fluff, tread-head 27.  Regarding the Dragonseers in game, does that mean that you use Librarian, but not Chaplains, so have the Librarians fill the religious role as well in the fluff?  Or did I misinterpret that.

Have you already modeled Space Marine Bikers on dragon models?  If so, please post some pictures in the Konversions thread.


No you are correct dragonseers fill both roles and yes just Librarians.I tried to fit marine biker legs on the new Dark elf cold ones but amhaving a hard time with it. If you have any suggestions that could help in any way it would be very much appreciated.
P.S Sorry for not replying back sooner been very hectic few months
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Post by: Spacefrisian on September 6, 2009, 07:45:45 AM
Think i'll should post my diy up here as well.

Name: Glorious Fists
Parent chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding:16th (created to combat 1st Cursed foundings)
Homeworld: none they are fleet based around the eye of terror section
Current: Chapter Master: Augustin Kobes
Colours: Regal blue with Golden hands and golden shoulders.
Symbol: Imperial fists symbol with golden rays coming from it.

Added notes:
Fought during the Medusa campaign after a call to arms by the Confederation of Angels, notable Heroes of that campaign from the Chapter was Chaplain Sergus Angelus who held a pass from being taken over by Tyranids.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Dazzo on September 25, 2009, 04:43:26 AM
Imperial fists symbol with golden rays coming from it.
Does that mean the shoulder insets are also blue, because if they were gold you wouldnt be able to see the rays?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Lord Nathaniel on October 20, 2009, 01:02:28 PM
Name: Obsidian Brethren
Parent Chapter: Salamanders
Founding: 13th
Homeworld: Akebulan Secundus; Jungle/grassland Death World
Chapter Master: Mandla Ingwe
Colours: Brown and Black with Gold details(see Avatar)
Symbol: Black Jaguar w/a sun in background
Culture/Traits: The tribal society which the Brethren recruit from is reflected in the chapter's appearance/lifestyle. Ritual scarring, tattoos, and piercings as badges of honour are commonplace. while outwardly appearing savage to some, they are in fact very reserve. Some veteran Marines have developed the ability to alomst instantly intune himself with his environment, to the point of possessing near-precognitive senses.
Combat Doctrine: Hunting tactics. Use of stealth/infiltration to stalk the enemy, launching brutal assaults upon their unsuspecting foes. Will also use heavy weapon support/fast attack units to harrass and lead enemies into elaborate ambushes.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: HORDE on October 20, 2009, 02:59:20 PM
Chapter tactics rule: power swords count as being I6 S6 causing instant death and bikers get to re-roll wounds

erm...who lets you play with this? because i want to play them with my s6 ap2 bolters :D

tread-head, i like your fluff and the modelling idea. have you tried dumping the legs in boiling water for a bit, which should soften the plastic so you can change the pose slightly? either that or some file work...
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Post by: Bloodlord on October 28, 2009, 07:35:25 PM
Name: BloodKnights
Symbol: Blood drop on background of flames
Chapter Traits: Blood Angels Codex
Homeworld: Stygian Majorus, Scarus Sector
Background: Successor of Blood Angels, founded in late 40th millennium, fought in the Eye of Terror campaign and lost the 5th company to the enemy before 6th company turned traitor, only to be hunted down in a redemption crusade (history in the making)
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Post by: purple flames on November 21, 2009, 11:10:25 PM
This is a chapter I made early Today.it is called the Phoenix chapter
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: ChrisTepes on December 3, 2009, 01:09:19 AM
The Reliquias Angelus
Homeworld: See Below
Chapter Icon: The Codex Astartes
Chapter Traits: None Yet
The Angels of the Relics are a small chapter of marines dedicated to the acquirement and preservation of symbols holy (such as early, handwritten copies of the Codex Astartes) to the Empire. They also offer their services to other chapters to repair and maintain banners, armor, clothing, and the such. Other than dire circumstances, the Reliquias Angelus only enter battle to procure or recover the lost artifacts they are tasked to care for. The chapter is made up of volunteers from other chapters who are invited to join the Reliquias Angelus based on merit.

In battle, the Reliquias Angelus bring some relics with them, using them as powerful weapons. Some seem to augment the powers of psykers carrying them. Others are brought in much like standards, except that their effects range from increasing the morale of their troops to dealing minor damage to enemy troops within sight.
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Post by: Cortez on December 7, 2009, 01:51:11 AM
Ok, with my move from Codes SM to SW, i have renamed my Komodo Dragons/Nights to the Vorpal Wolves.

Basically, only fluff so far is that the newest squad shaves their heads, and only the veterans can chose to style their hair e.g. mohawks.

Also, frost is now exchanged with vorpal for weapons - vorpal in the sense of deadly (According to google)
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: NewHeretic on December 8, 2009, 01:30:02 PM
Ok, with my move from Codes SM to SW, i have renamed my Komodo Dragons/Nights to the Vorpal Wolves.

That should present you with some interesting modelling/konverting opportunities.  Sounds good.

However, I'm not sure I understand your new name correctly.  Did you mean one of the following?

Knights to the Vorpal Wolves;
Knights of the Vorpal Wolves;
Nights of the Vorpal Wolves.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Scarr, the horned rat on February 7, 2010, 02:53:01 PM
i am thinking of a chapter that is called "Nightmarines" that i've found up.

this chapter i could think of be concentrating on outflanking and some sort of weapons.

i also think some sergeants could be ugraded to give the unit infiltrate or some other snacks that fits the fluff.

maybe all librarians could be very different from other or something as the name it fits.

just a thought i found up using the name as set-up.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: NewHeretic on February 9, 2010, 04:51:14 PM
@ ScarrEldrad

In the new Codex: Space Marines, you could use Korsarro Khan (or your own commander 'counting as' KK) to give your army list the type of ability you desire.

It sounds interesting.  Good luck following through with your plan.   :)

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Blackveil on February 9, 2010, 05:46:42 PM
I don't play space marines, but i've always wanted to make a chapter. here's something i've come up with:

Name: Dark Crusaders
Homeworld: none, a few decades after the chapter was founded, their homeworld was attacked by tyranids. despite fierce and heroic fighting, they were driven off the world. due to the early destruction of the world, they only managed to form a few companies. they now roam the stars in their fleet, searching for new recruits as they fight the enemies of the Emperor. their chapter now numbers about 7 companies.
Chapter Icon: a shield with a sword pointing downward across it.
chapter tactics: don't know what this is, i have the codex, but it is currently not on hand.
Background: see above. i'll add more later.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: NewHeretic on February 9, 2010, 10:01:24 PM
@ Dark Corsair, Your Senior Officer

Interesting fluff, but I have some issues that you may want to address.

The first Tyranid invasion wasn't too long ago (745.M41) in the practical scheme of things.  Second, Space Marine chapters that follow the Codex Astartes limit themselves to a total of only 10 companies.  Even aberrant chapters are highly unlikely to have 50! :o

Third, Chapter Traits were only legal in the 4th Ed. Space Marines codex.  The newest one did away with traits.  Perhaps you meant that you don't know which Chapter Tactics you want to use with which Special Character (or counts-as).

Otherwise, it all sounds good.  :)


Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: The Exile on February 9, 2010, 10:32:24 PM
Well technically if they had companies, the black templars would have 70.  Just sayin.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Blackveil on February 10, 2010, 06:24:04 AM
oh. sorry, i just thought i read somewhere that each chapter has 100 companies. lol. k, i'll change that.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Alexander's Son on February 10, 2010, 06:42:43 AM
oh. sorry, i just thought i read somewhere that each chapter has 100 companies. lol. k, i'll change that.

Nah... Only 10!
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Post by: HowlingHawk on February 18, 2010, 04:35:51 PM
Name: the Aegiswing

Founding: 2nd.  The Aegiswing was founded by Alehandros Mazraen of the Ultramarines.  As Captain of the 5th Regiment, he fought alongside Roboute during the Great Crusade and earned countless accolades and honors.  However, Alehandros was often disinterested with the goals and motives of the Marines, prefering to aid any and all he possibly could, saving the people of the Imperium as well as its warriors.  Upon the 2nd Founding he was immediately selected to found his own chapter in the vision he desired.

Symbols/Motifs: -Wings are the most prevalent icon, featured heavily across the entire chapter, with Commanders often adorned with a multitude of winged badges, honors, pauldrons, etc
-Shields are a secondary symbol, used predominantly by

Homeworld: Kryta
-Kryta was conquered in the Great Crusade by Roboute Guilliman, and as such is a supremely rich and vibrant land.  With a strong economy, superior living conditions, and a highly advanced civilization, Kryta is an exemplar of the legacy of the Ultramarines Primarch.
-Despite the lack of any war or conflict on the world, Krytans value martial skills above all others, and place a strong importance on a code of justice and chivalry known as The High Oath.
-The government is a nominally a hereditary monarchy, but until recently the royal line had been lost (for hundreds of years).  In this time the Lord-Regent was elected by the people for a life term to rule.
-the Captain of the Aegiswing 3rd Company, Artor Haeltes, returned to his home of Kryta at the behest of unnatural dreams and moved the legendary Alazein Rock from the cave it blocked.  Unbeknownst to the citizenry (only the revered Oracles), the only one capable of moving it would be the true heir of the throne.  As such, Artor was named High King and granted the ancient seat of the Formazar Palace and rulership of Kryta

Background: -The Aegiswing is unlike other Chapters in its organization.  Each of the 10 companies is a self-sufficient battle company.  Their doctrine states that Captains are granted leeway and independence (within parameters set by Chapter Master) to act as they wish.  Each company raises its own recruits from a specified region of Kryta, and each company's members remain in that company for their entire career (barring special circumstances).  As such, each company contains its own Veterans, Scouts, vehicles, etc.
-When a Captain is raised to Chapter Master, his company (no matter the #) becomes known as the Honor Company and functions as his personal force.  The CM will often Crusade or go on Campaign and summon 2-3 other companies if the need is there.
-the Aegiswing is known as a particularyl chivalrous and gallant Chapter.  they will often come to the aid of other Imperial forces, as well as protecting civilians to a vastly greater degree than other chapters.  Even certain alien races (Eldar, Tau) who are the victims of Chaos/other "evil" forces are often protected
-above all else, the chapter values honor and valor.  however, they will not needlessly or foolishly waste troops.  The Aegiswing practices efficient, precise action, securing objectives and attaining goals with the minimum force required

Chapter Master Ursurin Ezran, Lord Protector of Krytanis (system)
Captain Artor Haeltes, High King of Kryta
Epistolary Phaedron Solanis (3rd Company), the Scourge of Golgamir
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: NewHeretic on February 22, 2010, 02:36:20 PM
Good Fluff, HowlingHawk.  Sounds like the Aegiswing would get along swimmingly with the Galahadain (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=86117.60).  ;)

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Post by: Kristovich on March 2, 2010, 04:05:31 PM
Name: Sanguine Guard

Symbol: A pair of wings "The Wings of Sanguinius" (the BA symbol without the drop of blood), more or less. They don't employ much iconography beyond squad numbers and role.

Homeworld: The semi-feral world of Jemtia. The Sanguine Guard's main base is suited on the planet's only moon. The people of Jemtia, who make up the Sanguine Guard recruits, live in nomadic clans travelling the great forests of Jemtia, hunting during the cold winters and farming during the summers. The most promising of the young hunters and warriors are taken to be tried by the Sanguine Guard. These young recruits are eager to prove their worth and reckless and oblivious to danger in their attempts to do so.

Background: A 2nd Founding Chapter of the Blood Angels, the Sanguine Guard revere Sanguinius as much as the Emperor Himself (something the Ecclesiarchy has taken note of). Of special note are two practices of the Sanguine Guard. The first is the blood bonding, in which all members of a squad fill a goblet with their blood, which each one then drinks from. This practice is done everytime a new member joins a squad.

The second is the use of bionics instead of jump packs. In an attempt to image their Primarch, the Sanguine Guard implant bionic wings on those proven worthy enough, who then serve as the assault forces of the chapter. These wings are hand-crafted by the chapter's tech-marines and each pair are a masterpiece of technology, incoprorating the neccesary anti-grav technology to lift a marine in armour, as well as often being highly ornated or crafted to resemble real wings.

Sorry if that was a wall of text doing over 9000 damage, but there it is :o
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Post by: dregogg on March 2, 2010, 07:58:55 PM

name: light bearers

home planet: fleet born

legion of origin: unknown to imperial records

colors: red and gold

symbol(s): yellow circle with a zigzag line through it on the right shoulder pad and a black V on the other.

current location: on crusade in segmentum obscurus

  Origins: the light bearers are an enigma amongst the adeptus estartes as it is not known which legion they come from nor what founding the chapter origionates. many members claim to be descended from the one of the lost primarchs although there is no way to verify this.what is known is that the chapter became active during the age of apostasy when they put down a several small rebellions near the frontier of the imperium.

other historic battles: to a limited degree the chapter was engaged in the Damocles gulf crusade as well as fending off the outriders of hive fleet kraken.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Cpt. Banjo on March 14, 2010, 04:46:25 AM
So, here are my lads:

Name: Ghost Bears

Parent Chapter: Believed to be the Space Wolves.

Homeworld: Ashlan

Chapter Master: Khan Alexander Kerensky

Colours: Blue/white

Symbol: Roaring Bears

Culture/Traits: Ashlan is a wind-wracked polar world and the
warriors of the Ghost Bears reflect the toughness needed to survive such an inhospitable climate. The majority of the people of this world are semi-nomadic herders and raiders who follow the path of the great elk herds that roam the wilderness. The warriors of the Ghost Bears are split into the vat-bred Trueborn and the natural born Freebirths. At times there has been tension between the two groups but under the inspired leadership of Khan Kerensky Trueborn and Freebirths have come to realise that both is neccessary to the continuation of the Chapter.

Combat Doctrine: Company Captains are given the freedom to outfit and equip their forces as they see fit so the actual composition and tactics of a Ghost Bear force will generally vary depending on his discretion. However, as befits their nomadic origins, no Ghost Bear warrior likes to walk; either through the use of drop pods, rhinos or bikes, all Ghost Bears prefer to ride into battle.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Senor Cadian on March 25, 2010, 08:51:40 PM
Name: Bruins

Descended from: Dark Angels

Homeworld: Cadia

Colors: Dark Angels green with parallel white stripes on the chest.

Symbol: Upright Bear behind dual axes

Background: The Bruins were developed as a cheaper form of marine. They don't wear backpacks, and use espionage and surprise as their prime tactics. The Bruins were initialy founded when a force of Dark Angels stationed on Cadia was called to arms in a Chaos attack. The Bruins found that they could more effectively combat foes when traveling lightly, and with ambushes. Word of the Bruins spread, and Lion El' Johnson declared them a separate chapter tasked to defend Cadia, and to serve as specialist troops for larger imperial forces.

Special Rules: "Packing light": Bruins need to conserve ammo without backpacks, so a bruin armed with a rapid fire weapon must half his amount of times to shoot, in example, a bolter that shoots twice can only shoot once in the hands of a Bruin.

Also, do you guys think it would be appropriate for a small force of Bruins to be fielded with an IG army?
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Explosivo111 on May 24, 2010, 01:23:57 PM
Name: The Iron Hawks

Symbol: Mainly the head of a hawk, however this symbol is reserved for higher ranking space marines, normal squads (eg. Tactical Squads) are responsable for there own heraldry, and will usualy have a picture/symbol similar to there squad name.

Chapter Traits: Non - Codex chapter, do not fight with the rules of Roboute Guillaman,  Extrmely short temper (possibly from gene seed mutation)

Homeworld: Travel between planets with a fleet of battle barges

Background: The Iron Hawks are a relativly new chapter (as space marines go) decended from the Hawk Lords. There chapter master is considered to be something of a maverik and often leads assaults some would consider stupud and suicidal. They are easily angered and this sometimes is the cause of rash actions on the chapters part. This has left them somewhat cut off from other chapters.

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: slinky1984 on May 29, 2010, 12:26:42 PM
Name: Angels Libertas

Symbol: An angelic woman holding a sword with the sun behind it

Homeworld: Since there crusading I would guess they don't really have a home world so I need to come up with a name to there battle barge, hadn't given it much thought. I guess for now i could call it The Libertas?

Background: so I am not proficient in latin but to the best of my abilities I came up with this phrase "Officium Eximo Sanguis Pestis" which essentially means "Obligation to free the blood curse". My idea is basically a chapter of crusading Blood Angels bent on finding relics or technology that could cure them of there curse. Libertas was a roman goddess who represented liberty, thus the angelic woman holding a sword(even thought she was never depicted holding a sword, swords look cooler than torches). The concept behind my play style is masses of troops with jump packs being led by religious leaders (reclusiarchs and chaplains), and also heavy weapons kind of like a blitzkrieg where they have fast tanks followed by clean up crews of infantry. My way of making them look more religious is giving the veterans robes and such but I don't want them to look like dark angels so I am making them more toga like or just draping it from there waists.

There colors are mostly red and then yellow helmets for assault squads and red helmets for tac squads and a lot of gold on there shoulder pads and imperial eagles also they have one yellow knee pad on the left.
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Post by: Alexander's Son on May 31, 2010, 06:04:24 AM
Homeworld: Since there crusading I would guess they don't really have a home world so I need to come up with a name to there battle barge, hadn't given it much thought. I guess for now i could call it The Libertas?

Libertas's Torment
Libertas's Dominion
Libertas's Hawk
Angels Liberta's Justice
Angels Liberta's Blood
Archangel's Ruination

Something on these lines than the Liberta?
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Post by: slinky1984 on May 31, 2010, 11:49:58 AM
those are good names I just hadn't thought much about it yet but thank you for some ideas
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Post by: Alexander's Son on May 31, 2010, 07:06:58 PM
That's why we are all here... to help!
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Post by: dregogg on May 31, 2010, 08:50:47 PM
and now for something completely different...

++declassified by the inquisition++

name: celestial knights
symbol: white shield on a black background.
legion of origin: gene seed sample inconclusive.
founding: second
chapter master: vannen darksbain (execute on sight by order of the inquisition)
home world: kalidar( destroyed by order of the inquisition)
current location: unknown

known history: the celestial knights chapter arose in the dying embers of the horus heresy where they zealously fended off the remnants of the fallen legions whilst they awaited reinforcement from the long absent ultra marines legion. when the codex astartes was written the knights refused to adopt it claiming that only the emperor could make such drastic commandments upon his legions.  but eventually when the imperial fists and salamanders legions submitted to the codex the knights grudgingly followed suit. and for the next ten thousand years the chapter fell out of imperial records. either by simply being forgotten by the ponderous bureaucracy of the adeptus Terra, or an intentional veil on their activities. either way the imperium had much greater problems to attend to.  at the dawn of the 41st millennium segmentum tempestus sent out a call for aid in the coming slaughter of the Damocles gulf crusade. among those to answer was the celestial knights who dedicated all but their scout company in the conflict which was literally on their door step. in the beginning the chapter won many victories against the xenos, reconquering many worlds in the name of the god emperor. but when the offensive lost momentum imperial forces began to withdraw. the knights formed the rear guard of the withdrawal and as the last ships cleared the gulf the knights found themselves surrounded along with the countless thousands of imperial guard troops. embittered by indifferent nature in which the imperium abandoned them. chapter master Darksbain saw the lords of Terra for what they truly were. a small group of corrupt aristocrats using the emperors name to extort his subjects for their own personal gain. he then regarded  the blockade and saw a a mirror of the glorious great crusade albeit on a smaller scale. reluctantly the chapter master agreed to negotiate with the aliens. all data concerning the chapter was immediately classified by the inquisition. the chapter itself was then marked as being corrupted by the ruinous powers and to be killed on sight by all loyalist forces. soon there after their disturbingly vacant home world was destroyed by holy exterminatus.

soo... yeah i noticed that chapters were being corrupted by chaos left and right but have never seen one that joined the tau. sure tons of guardsmen have defected to them but no space marines. as such i have bravely decided to fill this fluff niche with a chapter that officially doesn't exist. ;)
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Hello to all my fellow war gamers,

My name is Bert and I am creating a chapter of Blood Angels named Dawn Patrol, complete with a 240 page story just for fun!

I am a pretty good writer and am having a lot of fun with this game.

Will post a link for reading enjoyment if responses are positive over all.

I will be researching existing storylines to make it as real as possible.
Til then here is a short video of the build thus far

Meet the "Dawn Patrol" chapter of Blood Angels (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LLzahkJjJY#)

Edit:  Removed all caps, that is like shouting on the internet.  Also merged with the chapters thread.  --- GML
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Post by: NewHeretic on June 2, 2010, 08:42:21 PM
Very nice looking Blood Angel collection you have there, DawnPatrol/Bert. :)  I especially like the mobile Siege Shield and the winged Death Company model with the axe above his head.

Welcome to 40kO! 8)

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Post by: KellJak on June 14, 2010, 01:55:03 PM
Name: Warp Knights
Homeworld: Monastery ship orbiting the star Skypetais
Symbol: Shield with a sun, surround with a wreath and crossed arrows going through it
Color: Black with Blue and White shoulders
Warp Knights
“Quis Separabit” (Who Shall Separate)
“What do I fear? That there won’t be enough enemies for my Battle Brothers to kill after I have crossed the battle field and my power sword “Wraith Guard” has drank its share of Chaos blood”
                -KellJak Company Champion Alpha Company Warp Knights to a scared militia-men before the defense of the Black Gate
The Warp Knights are known only as rumors long forgotten by their fellow Space Marine chapters after disappearing at the end of horus’s heresy jumping into the warp chasing the chaos battle fleet emperors defilers. The entirety of the chapter began the long battle defending the black gate against the forces of chaos however they were given word shortly into the battle that their gene seed stored upon the holy terra was under attack and was being defended by only the chapters 10th company who were there to be promoted from scouts to Space Marines, as well as a large fighting force of Planetary Defense Forces the 304th Mechanized. The 2nd company along with all of the Warp knights psychers and primearch stayed at the black gate in order to give their battle brothers time to board their thunderhawks and join the fray aboard the space elevator.
Upon reaching the Space elevator the Knights soon discovered their scout brethren all but slaughtered in the killing fields along with a regiment of imperial guardsmen still fighting with the feral rage of a cornered animal. The 4th SQD “Sky’s Touch” as well as the entire 3rd company jumped from their thunderhawks using only jump-packs and chainswords rained upon the chaos forces there and wrought destruction upon them. Relieving the battle weary IG. The remains of the 1st company as well as the 4th company landed upon the space elevator destroying without impunity every chaos ridden creation upon it. Fighting further and further up they caught the chaos marine captain boarding his ship and escaping to his battle barge. Taking command of the situation commander of the 1st company ordered thunderhawk extraction for all space marines in the area as well as extraction for the 304th back to the battle barges “Gabriel” and “Michael”.
Chasing the chaos marines that stole their gene-seed into the warp ended in a 10 year crusade from one warp crazed planet to another deep within the heart of chaos. After the final defeat and recapturing of their gene-seed the Warp Knights and their new battle brothers the 304th mechanized returned to normal space only to find themselves 10millenia in the future in a universe that knows of them only through ancient and lost history as a lost chapter. The knights and 304th quickly stumbled across a chaos battle fleet and monastery ship orbiting the star skypetais near where they exited the warp. After a long and hard fought battle the Warp Knights as well as the 304th eliminated all chaos forces and the librarians and priests began cleaning the monastery of chaos taint making it a new home for a lost chapter.
After such a long time in the warp the Warp Knights feel the pull of chaos from within their mind. However instead of librarians removing the taint it is believed that the personal internal struggle all knights face with chaos is a battle used to keep all Warp Knights honed for battle as well as a reminder of brothers lost. Like a vaccination this small pull of chaos serves to steal the Knights from any Chaos incursions into their mind and gives them a much increased vigor when fighting their personal foe the cowardly Chaos Marines.
Now only 4 companies strong with a regiment of battle hardened Planetary Defense Force vets now known to the Knights only as brother the Warp Knights venture from their home ship in search of answer to a 10,000 year time span missed during what seemed to them to be 10 year crusade deep in the heart of the warp. Returning to a half dead emperor a universe on the brink of destruction from the forces of chaos and xeno’s the Warp Knights begin preparation for a war to save humanity once again.   
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Post by: Hekkastor on June 14, 2010, 04:50:59 PM
At Dawn Patrol, welcome to 40k online, and congratulations on a good looking army. If you could link up your fluff, I'd love to read it, and I'm sure a bunch of others on here would too.
At Senior Cadian, I suggest you also include special rules to counter-act the weakness of "Packing Light", such as fleet of foot, so that it matches with their fluff, and still keeps things mostly fare. If you don't want to make it assualt-based, give them low number of powerful troops with infiltrate, to simulate camouflage ambush forces. I'm sure the veterans on here will help you if you want to make a fluff based army/unit.
At Kelljack, if your fluff comes over as slightly too much (at least to me). A ten year warp crusade against whole planets of Chaos would mostly have ground them to bits by year three or four. Remember, Chaos Space Marines are Space Marines as well, and are just as powerful as their loyal cousins. No chapter on either side is able to destroy whole planets of another without stopping to refuel, heal the wounded, and recruit to make up for lost numbers. It is cool to see a Marine and Guard teem up, the Marines wouldn't realistically consider normal men on their level. I'm not trying to tear you or your fluff down, but it needs a bit of revising for the sake of believability.
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Post by: Dawnpatrol on June 14, 2010, 09:08:25 PM
Thanx for the welcome and the input towards chapter creation...
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Post by: kittikitti96 on July 15, 2010, 06:02:46 PM
hey this is mine

Name:Black Rogue

Symbol:any symbol with a red X on it

Chapter traits:varries

Homeworld:all of the above,trains and all that on prism

Background:They are all rogues that joined together to take out anyone who even looks inthere direction,even the marine chapter they were origionaly from
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Post by: Sheepz on July 15, 2010, 06:05:22 PM
Symbol:any symbol with a red X on it

Matching the symbol and background, you've got the Red Corsairs. Just under a different name. I assume renamed a bunch of renegades that already exist was intentional?
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Post by: POD DROPPA-Drop Pods are down but not out!! on August 2, 2010, 07:35:48 PM
Our chapter name is the Emperors Eyes.

We value stealth and deception except for 3rd company they are very load and prefer to pod in.

Colors catachan green and graveyard earth.

Our battle cry is FIRST TO STRIKE, FIRST TO WIN!

And we broke away from the ultramarines after the heresy.

After a war against the Tau a tyranid splinter fleet attacked and we were forced to allign our selves with the Tau. when the bugs were defeated the chapter master formed an a shaky alliance with the Tau cadre we fought.

Our symbol is a gleaming red cats eye jewel.

Is this any better.
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Post by: Blackveil on August 7, 2010, 08:50:23 AM
@ Pod Droppa: Can you please make your posts a little more........readabl e? You have 8 lines of type, and only 2 periods.

Also, do you really think that after fighting a war with the Tau, they would really let you join them? They would probably annihilate you on sight.
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Post by: Hekkastor on August 9, 2010, 01:47:05 PM
I would also like if your back-ground didn't consist of only two lines. Most Space Marine chapters have been around for thousands of years of active duty, which should equal more then a blurb in your background box. A war with the Tau and a splinter fleet could make for a couple of paragraphs, even before the possibility Tau-Human alliance is mentioned.
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Post by: POD DROPPA-Drop Pods are down but not out!! on August 9, 2010, 03:18:41 PM
Yeah i have all the fluff written its just ive been real busy with my training and havent been able to type it.
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Post by: The Guy in the Blue Chair Named Phil on November 9, 2010, 04:20:17 PM
Heres mine!

Name: Burning Claws

Symbol: Golden Claws in front of white fire

Chapter traits: Loves Plasma Weaponry, Lightning Claws are also loved, specializes in ambush tactics

Homeworld: Ship-based

Background: The Burning Claws first members were originally from the Ultramarines. After Hersey, they broke off, deciding that without their primarch, all was doomed. One Captain, by the name of Aurelius Candra, was chosen to be their Chapter Master. Immediately after they decided to become Ship-based, they were attacked by an Ork WAAAGH!. They had managed to stop the WAAAGH!, thanks to the Devastators and Terminator Squads who devastated the orks with Plasma Weaponry and their Lightning Claws in well coordinated Attacks
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Post by: dark tempestus on February 17, 2011, 04:00:59 PM
Name: The Dark Tempestus
Chapter Symbol: Green shield with a hammer and bat wings on the sides of the shield.
Chapter traits: They hate tyranids, more than ultramarines, specialise in terminators and dreadnoughts with most of their heroes in either terminator armour or a sarcophagus.
Homeworld: Tempestum, currently controlled by tyranids however.
Backround: In the early years of the chapter a hive fleet emerged outside their homeworld space zone. The chapter was decimated in a planetscale invasion. Most of the heroes and captains were killed or entombed into dreadnoughts. The human population and imperial guard regiments were wiped out. Only the elite of the chapter survived the following decade. The shadow in the warp prevented all cries for help and any investigative ships were destroyed. Realising the hopelessness of the situation The chapter master Darius Kyle placed the chapters valuable gene-seed supply in the toughest bunker complex there was on the planet, 2 kilometers below the crust of tempestum. It's walls were ceramite and nigh impenetrable. A squad of the toughest assault terminators stayed inside the complex and it was placed in lockdown, never to be opened unless the planet was purged. The remaining space marines took to their last two battle barges, hidden in underground hangers. The broke through a weak point in the tyranid fleet. They now fight the tyranids with a rightful hate. One day they shall return to tempestum with an army capable of conquering the swarm and regain their lost home.
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Post by: The Guy in the Blue Chair Named Phil on February 19, 2011, 03:28:15 PM
Name: The Dark Tempestus
Chapter Symbol: Green shield with a hammer and bat wings on the sides of the shield.
Chapter traits: They hate tyranids, more than ultramarines, specialise in terminators and dreadnoughts with most of their heroes in either terminator armour or a sarcophagus.
Homeworld: Tempestum, currently controlled by tyranids however.
Backround: In the early years of the chapter a hive fleet emerged outside their homeworld space zone. The chapter was decimated in a planetscale invasion. Most of the heroes and captains were killed or entombed into dreadnoughts. The human population and imperial guard regiments were wiped out. Only the elite of the chapter survived the following decade. The shadow in the warp prevented all cries for help and any investigative ships were destroyed. Realising the hopelessness of the situation The chapter master Darius Kyle placed the chapters valuable gene-seed supply in the toughest bunker complex there was on the planet, 2 kilometers below the crust of tempestum. It's walls were ceramite and nigh impenetrable. A squad of the toughest assault terminators stayed inside the complex and it was placed in lockdown, never to be opened unless the planet was purged. The remaining space marines took to their last two battle barges, hidden in underground hangers. The broke through a weak point in the tyranid fleet. They now fight the tyranids with a rightful hate. One day they shall return to tempestum with an army capable of conquering the swarm and regain their lost home.
I really like your fluff but I cant really figure out if your going to play vanilla marines for this army, or Dark Angels... but i really love the background.
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Post by: Bassiecore on February 19, 2011, 06:49:46 PM
Name: The Bloodwind

Symbol: N/A (to be decided :))

Chapter Traits: Blood Angels sucessor Chapter, heavy reliance on fast moving Bike Squads and Assault Marines who in turn rely on the Chapter's Librarians and Scouts to guide them to their targets. Also, Assault Cannons
Homeworld: Ventania

Background: The Bloodwind are a Blood Angels sucessor chapter that was founded in the days after the Horus Heresy. The Chapter was given to the then Blood Angels 10th Company Captian Auralius who became the Chapter's new Master. Origionaly Fleet-based, the Chapter became instramental in the Great Scouring, most notably campaigning in the Ventus sector of Segmentum Ultima. It was here that the Chapter received its baptism of fire fighting running battles against elements of the World Eaters legion led by the insane commader Harknor Bloodfist. For their efforts, the Chapter were given ownership of the Ventus Sector and established their Chapter's Fortress Monastry on Ventania. It should be noted that at this point in their history, the Chapter were named the Angels of Baal.

Many hundereds of years later, the Chapter was to face total Annihilation. During the 36th milenium, the Imperium was ingulfed in the Reign of Blood and the Angels of Baal were dispatched in force to help combat the threat. This was to cost them dearly. While the majority of the Chapter was engaged fighting the horde of Daemons and Berzerkers, the World Eaters lord Harknor Bloodfist, now known only as The Bloodmad, returned to the Ventus sector to gain his revenge upon the chapter. The savage Berzerkers easily destroyed the small garrison fleet above Ventania and made planetfall, heeding not the number of dreadclaw droppods and Chaos landers destroyed by the Fortress Monastry's Anti-air fire. Almost nine hundered Berzerkers made planetfall succesfully and they began slaughtering everything in their path.
At this point, only the Eighth and Tenth company were stationed on Ventania, along with two Second company Dreadnaughts and and the Captains of the Eighth and Tenth companies. The hugely outnumbered marines of the Chapter quickly realised that traditional tactics as laid down in the Codex Astartes were no use here. Under the leadership of Tenth Captain Forcas, the 10th Company initiated a series of daring stealth assassination missions to take out the World Eaters commanders and shatter their chain of command. At the same time, Assault Marine and Bike squads were to engage the Berzerker hordes before using their swift Bikes and Jump packs to escape. These diversionary tactics worked and meant that, when the Bloodmad initiated his assault on the Fortress walls, the World Eaters troops were demoralised and scattered. Despite this, the Berzerk Horde looked set to overrun the Fortress and obliterate the chapter's Geneseed. It was then that the Librarian played his masterstroke. Decending from the skies on wings of fire, the Captains of the Eighth and Tenth company, along with their retinues, dropped directly into the centre of the bloodthirsty mass. They hacked their way through the traitors as the cursed power of the Red Thirst lent them streangth. The followers of the Angel met the Diciples of Khorne in the most bloody battle the segmentum had seen. Eventually, the Captain of the Eighth fell, and, standing alone against the Khornate horde, the Captain of the Tenth was drowned in a sea of blood and fury.

As he fell into the grip of the Black Rage, the Tenth Captain was granted a vision. A golden Angel, borne aloft by mighty white wings decended and landed before him. The Angel turned and faced the Khornate marines, an aura of golden fire enveloping it as the Captain sank to his knees in awe, all thoughts of bloodshed banished from his mind. The Angel raised his hand and a gleaming sword made of golden flame materialised in it. As the Captain looked on, the mass of berzerkers parted and the Bloodmad strode towards the Angel, his massive Chainaxes roaring and bellowing a challange. With a shout, the Angel raised its blade and leapt to meet him.
The battle between the Angel and the Bloodmad raged for hours, two perfect warriors utterly devoted to the other's destruction clashing as the Fury of Khorne raged against the Angel's wrath. So evenly matched were these two warriors that it seemed that the battle would never end. Then the Bloodmad made his move. Unleashing the power of Khorne, he let out a mighty roar that stunned all around him, buying him time to smash the blade out of the Angel's hand and crush him to the ground. As the Bloodmad stood over the Angel, preparing to strike the final blow, his roar of triumph was cut short. Looking down, the Bloodmad saw the tip of the Angel's blade protruding from his chest. He sank to his knees next to the Angel's prone form as the blade slid out of him.

Walking around to face the front of his opponent, the Captain of the Tenth tightend his grip on the flaming blade. He could feel the power of the Angel flowing through his body and felt that he could sense the souls of all around him. His eyes glittered with suppressed rage as he gripped the Angel's blade in both hands and raised it above his head.
Seeing his executioner standing over him, the Bloodmad laughed
"Khorne cares not from where the Blood flows.....

Forcas turned from the headless body of the World Eaters lord and looked towards the Angel's body, the horde of Berzerkers had retreated during the fight between the Angel and the Bloodmad and the Captain wished to know exactly who his savior was. To his surprise, he could find no trace of the Angel, bar the sword he still held in his fist.

Soon word filtered back to Ventania that the majority of the Chapter had perished in the fighting against Angron's Legion as the bloodied and battered remains limped back to their home. For his actions against the Bloodmad, Captain Forcas was named the new Chapter Master and renamed the Chapter Bloodwind.
For we strike like a wind of fury, swift and unseen before we bask in the blood of our foes

Now, the Bloodwind have fully recovered from their brush with Annihilation, and they once again hold a position of honour amongst the Imperium's finest defenders. Most notably, they are lauded for their actions against the Tyranid Hive Fleet designated Manticore which threatened to scour the Ventus system and the surrounding subsector of all life.

To this day, no-one knows what happened on the battlefeilds of Ventania and the mystery as to the identity of the Angel and what became of him still plagues the Chapter historians, and the mind of Forcas who is now intombed in a holy Dreadnaught after finaly falling in battle against the alien Orks.
One thing is known however, when the Chapter Master weilds the Angel's Blade in battle, all Bloodwind marines are granted new hope as the flaming blade still fells all before it. And one day, the Angel will return to lead the Bloodwind to ultimate victory and rid the Galaxy of their most hated foes, the World Eaters and the followers of Khorne!


Waddya think?

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Post by: Bannok on February 27, 2011, 03:41:21 PM
Here's mine;

Name; Swords of Dorn (wip) ???

Symbol: Winged Sword (DA)

Chapter Traits:
Imperial fists successor chapter focuses on Boltgun accuracy and destroying enemies from range. When close combat cant be avoided their training in sword fighting comes to the for with fast lunges and slashes they bring down their foes as quickly as possible wasting no movement.

Excels at swordsmanship and ranged combat. All can repair and look after their own armor and weapons and craft new ones If need be.

Homeworld: carthania (deceased)
Current home: Emporer Class Battleship the Victarius (has a built in forge to supply the chapter their arms)

The swords of Dorn lived on their home world of carthania before it was decimated by a savage ork rocket bombardment leveling the fortress monastery and surrounding villagers. The world of carthania had only one island surrounded by vast waters the world Is only a small one but has lush forests and rare metal veins in it's mines on the main continent.

The carthanians are expert warsmiths designing beautiful swords and longrifles for ceremony hunting and the yearly dorn's champion contest. The carthanians believed that in swordfighting you could excel and push your body to the limit unlocking power that was once unavailable to you. Young boys and gIrls from young ages learn how to craft and fight with swords.

In the year (wip) during the dorns champion competition from which the next chapter recruits would come the orks came descending upon primitive roks they destroyed all that stood. Every company but the first company was on the ground to protect their home for it was that at the end of the champions competition the chapter master and his first company would descend and present the new recruits.

Struggling with their battle in space against the ork space hulk (the bigbomma) all but the first companies ship was destroyed the 3rd companies ship (the grandion) detonated it warp drive right as it collided with the space hulk drawing them both into the warp and a gruesome death.

After reaching their home planet in thir thunderhawk gunships they found nothing standing. The orks had decimated everything. But there was still hope, a small amount of villagers barely 500 survived by hiding in the forests with them they had brought all they could the rare metals their books on crafting and anything else they could carry.

With little to rejoice the first company extracted the villagers to their battleship before issuing exterminatis on their own planet.

They now travel the imperium searching for a new world. That can remind them of the lush meadows beautiful seas and peaceful villages of their home world. Destroying any ork threats they come across.
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Post by: Zognutz on August 16, 2011, 04:49:10 PM
Hey guys. I've been whittling away at this this evening and would like some C&C as it's my first attempt at writing a substantial army fluff piece which ties in with known events. Please feel free to pick up my plot holes loops  [spelling and grammar if you really want ;)]

++++Chapter Name; The Malefactors


++Origins; Third founding successors of the Raven Guard, Second founding of The Revilers

+++++Appearance; Black and White halved armour. Occasional pieces of reclaimed and restored Chaos Space Marine armour. They retain an extensive number of Corvus Covax pattern power helmets, regarding them as a holy symbol of the Primarch.

++++Chapter Symbol; undecided :P

++Homeworld; undecided ;P

+++Combat doctrine; See but don't be seen

++++Force organisation; Codex Astartes with high proportion of veteran. Two scout companies [one standard, one veteran scout company].

The Malefacors specialise in covert ops much like their 1st founding Raven Guard however they invest heaviliy in their scouting korps.

Using scouts to locate and track  enemy movements combined with advanced servaillance and incription breakers allows for large infantry and armour advances with minimal detection.

Prior to the 13th Black Crusade, The Sons of Malice were excommunicated as traitors after their brutal murder and ritualistic consumption of Inquisitor Pietas and a strike force of Adeptus Sororitas Celestians, the third company was despatched led by the chapter master himself in the assault on The Sons home world of Scelus. The Malefactors were the first to make plant fall aproaching from the dark side of Scelus's third moon, Prosum. Unopposed and undetected they swept through the desolate frozen landscape to set up a forward base of opperation for the comming Cadian 331st who would take place in a world spread genocide of the enhabitanting tribes. Perdita. Executed. Purified.

The Malefactors had located The Sons too late however. They had already made for safety into The Eye Of Terror but not so late as to not be followed. Chapter Master <insert name here> saw this as a sign. A sign that they should peruse that such a campaign... no! a pilgrimage would emulate the great Corax. And follow they did into the maw of the beast. "Nevermore", the last word spoken by the great Primarch before descending into the abyss and quietly whispered by <insert name here> as they entered the Eye.

For 13 years they hounded and tracked The Sons knowing that there was no way back, no retreat only death of glory. Ration and resupply was few and far between and many of their hallowed suits of power armor were repaired from pieces reclaimed from the fallen traitor. Their surveillance tracking techniques were useless and not just due to the massive static interference from The Eye. The Sons had appeared to adopt a vow of silence which extended to radio comms. There were none. Not a sound did they utter but the scouts of the 3rd company were not to be eluded so easily. 13 years lost to the Warp. Half a company of Battle Brothers lost to the horrors of The Eye but for every Malefactor lost a dozen traitorous, heretical scum were dispatched.

The Malefactor return to the Cadian sector was a great surprise to them. They followed The Sons of Malice at a distance picking off stragglers silently as, unknowns to them, they used the 13th Black Crusade as cover to regain their home world, Scelus. During the pursuit they began picking up Imperial comms signals. They could barely believe it was true. They were home, the Cadian sector. But from the intercepted and deciphered comms it was clear that the sector was at war.  As the Howling Grifons and Night Watch space marines fought on the Imperial front on Scelus, The Malefactors made planet fall behind enemy lines. The half company fought an invisible war, striking fast and hard then retreating into the shadows of the worlds great black mountains before they could be detected. As Abbadon's foces became more heavily engauged The Sons of Malice seized their opportunity and began surgical strikes on both Imperial and Chaos targets in an effort to gain sole control of the planet. 13 years of planning of silent contemplation, they acted as one devastating all they egauged. But The Malefactors were watching and struck whilst The Son's back was turned. The Sons Of Malice suffered massive casualties and retreated back into The Eye of Terror to realtive safety.  Official records detail that the exact identity of the Imperial forces that liberated the system are unclear, but most conclude that it was The Sons Of Malice themselves who broke the Chaos assault.

The Malifactor's emphasis on scouts stems from a crusade waged within The Eye Of Terror. Their specialized tracking skills were not only recognised for the 3rd companies return from th eye, but their survival in the most inhospitable enviroment imaginable, staying out of sight even in the vast expanse of space.

Over 13 years The Malefactors collected a small number of relics prized by the forces of chaos. Devastating weapons turned against the foul power that created them and carried only by those deamed pious enough to carry them, The Sanctified. Within one such weapon, The Blade of Kzarack Ma'or, is bound a Daemon used in the ritual indocrination into The Sanctified.  The ritual takes place in the deapest bowels of their fortress monistary where the chosen marine is tasked with holding the blade where upon he must resist the daemon. Failure ends in quick absolution. Success is a heavy burden to bear. The Sanctified commandeer all recovered chaos artefacts to be delivered to Titan and the Grey Knights and their destruction. The Malefactor secret is a dark one. For no every artefact of the dark gods if handed to the Grey Knights. When the Malefactor march to war, the Sanctified carry powerful and foul weapons  forged of chaos unbeknownst to all others but themselves and the foe they bear down upon.   

Althopugh the Emperors light shines in the heart of each of them The Malefactors are held with suspision by other chapters of the Adeptus Astartes and the Inquisition who keep them under surveillance. However, they watch the watchers. Should The  Malefactors ever fall from grace, the Inquisition would be none the wiser for The Malefactors only allow to be seen that which they wish to be seen.

Army list; 750pts

Chapter Master [Pedro Kantor]

Sternguard x 6 [CM here]
Las-cannon x 2

The Sanctified x 3 [honor guard]
Relic blade x 2

Scout squad x 5
Sniper rifles x 5

Scout squad x 5
Sniper rifles x 5
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Chapter Name: Phalanxi Astartes

Symbol:  Three Spears above a block

Chapter Master:  Alephus Macedonus (Sicarius Model)
1st Company Captain:  Ajax (Lysander Model)
2nd Company Captain:  Haephast (He'stan model)

Homeworld:  A vast orbiting cathedral ship call "Olympus"

Background:  Now, I will detract from the "standard" fluff for this, not because I dislike the Codex fluff, but I wanted this chapter to have more soldiers, essentially.  It just feels weird having 40 marines die in a game and then have no impact on a chapter of a mere 1000 soldiers.  I want this army to have a lot more, if slightly less superhuman, as it ties more with the Whole "Phalanx" idea and the fluff surrounding it.  The Chapter started early, and wasn't a successor.  Designed completely by the Emperor to be a vast support army, the gene seed was lowered in it's potency and also in its rarity.  This was called the "Dilution" and was created over centuries.  After nine hundred years, it was ready.  Implanted into hundreds upon thousands of neophytes, this created a large, less elite but still formidable army.  The Sergeants and heroes of the Chapter remained with normal gene-seed, making them to their comrades like an Astartes is to a Guardsman. This power gave them the ability to lead their legions of Marines into brutal wars with utmost efficiency.  Given the flexibility of sacrificing troopers coupled with super-human hardiness, the Phalanx achieved massive glory, excelling in the brutal destruction of Eldar, whose small numbers were taken off by the large number of an otherwise rare trooper.  Surprised by an army of elites, many Eldar were crushed in decisive victories. 

The chapter has no home "world" but instead originated entirely on the ship "Olympus."  With lights so bright as to mimic a star, and a hull so large to envelop a moon, the sheer mass of the gigantic floating structure has said to literally move planets with exhaust force.  Though probably a myth that, it speaks to the power of the vessel.  Ancient and regal, the Phalanxi Astartes resides on this floating planet.  More importantly, the Olympians are there.  The Olympians is the name given to the Company captains and Chapter Master himself.  The most powerful Captains are Ajax, a brutal, vicious and proficient warrior of untold calibre, Haephast, a mighty Forge Master and techmarine equaled only by He'stan and other greats, and of course the Chapter Master, Alephus Macedonus.  Alephus has been Chapter Master for an astonishing 586 years, being only 648.  Strangely, he showed little skill in combat from an early age to mid-thirties.  Also poor in battlefield strategy, he was instantly issued to the lower Marines.  Though by no means BAD, relative to a marine he was rather low on the charts.  At 32 years, however, something ticked.  Some say it was going to the top chapel for a service one faithful day, or the day he was protected by the Emperor when he somehow escaped then slayed a mighty daemon.  It will never be known.  All that is known is that something of great power has touched him and gave him brilliance.  He rose furiously through the ranks, and when the still-alive previous Chapter Master,  Ametus, became so grievously injured he wouldn't dare take command, Alephus was issued a duel with Ajax.  When Alephus triumphantly defeated Ajax in single combat, with a perfectly placed strike (not fatal, it was a test duel, not an honor duel) Ajax gave up full martial command and Alephus became the true master.  It however, is yet debated.  Tests for taint are still being issued on Alephus, as they wonder if a Daemon planted the seed of power in him and when he gets total control it may release and Alephus may slay the chapter, a scary thought, and no one is sure if Alephus is untainted.  The testing continues today.

Colors:  White, purple, grey, gold, silver, red and blueish grey (astronomicon.)
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Hello guys!
Uhm, I don't know if I'm into the right topic, but I got a so called "problem".

I have decided to try to make a chapter that you can use both as the Space Marine Codex and the Blood Angels Codex.
The question is; do you think it's legal? Or maybe I should be fair and buy one SM army and one BA army?

Anyway, I'm working on some kind of colour scheme, and for me, you need red if you want some sort of Blood Angels in the chapter. Do you have any advices to me how my colour scheme would look like?

Thanks for answers!

Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Admiral Dred on November 14, 2011, 05:35:41 PM
Styranimon, that may be a question for another thread.  This is for posting an idea for an existing chapter, but to answer your question..

It depends on what you mean by using both Codices.  Are you using rules and Characters and models from both?  If there is a bit of dabbling between books I am sure any opponent will love facing a fluffy army.  In the context of tournament play, you would be stressed to find one with even slight lenience to your wishes.  I would play with you, but to be honest my care for a "fair" game beyond the points level is nigh non-existent.
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Post by: Styranimon on November 15, 2011, 12:13:43 PM
Thanks for your answer AD :)

I was thinking like this:
I play vanilla marines now and I got around 2500 points, and I really like BA too, but it feels kind of boring, or "waste of money to buy another couple of 20 marines and 3 Rhinos, just to paint them in a different colour. Maybe if I really like the hobby I wouldn't think it was boring to start a new army, but I think you understand what I mean.
Therefore, I thought about creating a chapter that could use rules for both. Not mixing the codexes up, but the opportunity to switch between the codexes when I want to. Maybe this sounds a bit lazy...

Anyway, I'll move this question to another thread.
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Post by: Admiral Dred on November 16, 2011, 01:29:19 AM
Form a specific rules set for this army, and before each battle, quickly brief it with your opponent unless its a tournament.  If they say yes, use it.  If not, use the codex that you feel like at the time.

Im fairly confident others will give you similar answers, but create another thread if you wish.
Title: Re: Post your chapter ideas here
Post by: Styranimon on November 17, 2011, 11:47:42 AM
Yes, I meant to switch between the codexes between matches, not in tournaments, then I'll use the same codex during the whole tournament, of course :)
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My goal here is to start broad and work my way in further for some stories. I have other Chapters and groups I want to work on in time as well, but there's no good in posting six threads at once. Ha. Below is my broad image of a Fan Chapter I want to work on as i get myself back into Warhammer 40k. I should also say that I did not create the A Celestial Suns and Magi Empyrean Chapters. I will post links to their work. Their work inspired me to make this chapter so I ran with it. :D
Please feel free to give any feed back as I do this. I'll be coming back to it from time to time as I progress with it.  :)

[edit] Linking back to the people who inspired this idea.
Magi Empyrean: 40 Facts & Lore on the Magi Empyrean Space Marine Fan Chapter Warhammer 40k - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-aEGz4EDDI&list=PLMJdVNpbz-5-WNXY2uRWcB83nN0lSOxbl&index=6)
Celestial Suns: 40 Facts and Lore on the 11th Legion, The Celestial Suns Warhammer 40k - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_gfwBcNxKQ&list=PLMJdVNpbz-580m7CzLnx_ptYGWcWkdesy)


The Imperial Sun Chapter

The Imperial Sun: A Celestial Suns successor chapter alongside the Magi Empyrean.

   The Imperial Sun is a loyalist successor Chapter of the Celestial Suns, the 11th Legion. At the end of the Great Crusade two new chapters were to be founded from the proud geneseed of the 11th Legion, the Magi Empyrean and the Imperial Sun. Each has striven to be the salvation of their parent chapter. Named in part after the Astronomicon and the shining light of the Emperor the Imperial Suns are a fleet based chapter pulling prospective recruits from the scattered worlds and fleets under their protection. Highly mobile they work as multiple rapid response teams providing much needed support to the galactic south east against the many Xenos and traitor forces massed there.
   While their sibling chapters study Necron and Eldar technology in hopes of finding a piece of xenos tech to revive the Emperor of Mankind the Imperial Sun Chapter has ever been confident that Imperial Technology forged by the Emperor’s genius will suffice. However, Imperial Engineers and Tech Priests seem unable to properly use the technologies they have. At their founding the Imperial Suns worked closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus scouring worlds for lost technology and all artifacts of humanities works believing that some grand artifact or STC would reveal how to awaken the Emperor. However after several millennia without true success a dark realization grew within the Chapter. They were chasing old knowledge that neither they nor the Mechanicus truly understood. Any effort to better understand their machines proved fruitless and as the Chapter sought to push this understanding they met resistance from their allies. Fearing accusations of heresy and deviation the chapter secluded itself to contemplate the future of their proud Chapter. In time their chapter Master and Librarians decreed that the greatest enemy to Humanity was itself and the Emperor could not be revived until this was resolved.

   The Imperial Sun marines believe this is because humanity has lost some fundamental quality that enabled them to create wonders such as STCs, warp travel, and the glory of the Astronomicon. Despite millennia of work Humanity has yet to reach similar heights. For lack of a better term they call this lost quality invention, innovation, or progress. This dare not be spoken openly and such teachings are only shared with fully initiated Battle Brothers. Moreover, this view is actively heretical in the eyes of the Machine Cult and the Chapter tightly screens their prospective techmarines ensuring that those sent to learn on local Forge Worlds will be able to complete their training without drawing attention toward the Chapter at large.

   In hopes of regaining these lost qualities the Battle Brothers look to a race that seems to embody them, the Tau. With constant invention and technological adaptation of a staggering rate proving to be their greatest strength examining and emulating them will enable the light of the Emperor’s glory to shine bright once more. Toward this goal the Imperial Suns engage the Tau on as many fronts as they can and regularly salvage both their technology and their people. Captured Tau citizens of any races are brutally interrogated gathering every scrap of knowledge they can give about language, philosophy, habits, daily life, and society.

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Fleet Ships:
The Imperial Sun Fleet is made up of five battle barges under their direct command and several support ships whose command is given to respected Chapter Serfs. As a rapid response chapter they often move separate from other fleets when travelling between systems, but have no qualms against Imperial Guard and Navy forces who wish to match their often blistering deployment times. Those who prove themselves able to keep up with the Chapter Fleet are given great honors in the eyes of the fleet and may be given an honor flag crafted by an Imperial Sun Chaplain. 

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Under the guidance of their Tech Marines and Librarians, Battle Brothers and chapter serfs commonly loot the various battlefields of the Imperium’s many wars of any Xeno tech.  Ion weapons, emp grenades, and even entire hammer head tanks have made their way under the careful scrutiny of imperial light. Samples are commonly kept and archived for later comparison and continued study, while duplicate finds are stripped, reverse engineered, and commonly repurposed as part of new chapter equipment. As difficult as duplicating xenos tech can be the greatest opponent for the Imperial Sun goal is often the culture of the Imperium itself. Their discoveries cannot be openly shared and much of their knowledge is sealed away.

Custom weapons rules: Imperial Suns Marines can reroll once for the Gets Hot trait on Plasma weapons. After years of study and looting it has become commonplace to see Imperial Sun marines with EMP and Photon Grenades which they often use to better capture Tau equipment and personnel.
Tactical  Marine Weapons:
Bolt Pistol, Meltagun, Plasma Gun, Hellgun,
Devastator Marine Weapons:
Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, Soundstrike pattern Missile Launchers
Assault Marine Weapons:
Power swords and fists, Plasma and Bolt Pistols, Chainswords
Miscellaneous Weapons:
Photon Grenades, EMP Grenades, Combat Knife


Color Scheme
Celestial Suns- White, gold, and red
Magi- bronze, white-silver trim, red fatigues
Imperial Sun- Deep Emerald, gold trim and aquila, black fatigues

Founding Armor
Battle Brothers from the Chapter’s founding wear standard pattern Astartes power armor

Post-Founding Armor
Today freshly initiated Battle Brothers are given a custom variant of the standard pattern Astartes power armor. Using stolen knowledge and salvaged materials the armors are modified to include Iridium reinforcements and an inner layer of heat and flame resistant molecular polythene. The Iridium reinforcing makes the armor sturdier and heavier often slowing the Space Marine if only marginally but also granting them a greater ability to weather the long range attacks of Tau Ion fire. Considering the inevitability of incoming fire the Chapter's Battle Brothers consider this a favorable trade off.

Psychic Powers:
The Imperial Suns favor a more passive use of their psyker abilities, however, still possess the same love of fire and lightning born from their parent chapter. Like their related chapters almost every battle brother possess latent psychic potential. Librarians wade into battle as towering fonts of active psychic power wielding powers such as Solar Flare, Sunburst, and Electro Shield as well as Chapter Specific powers meant to break enemy morale and formations. Those not bearing the rank of Librarian practice tight control of their powers and only use passive abilities designed to enable those near the marine to ignore wounds, reduce pain, and maintain moral.


Though the prospect of capturing lone Pathfinders seems a tempting target the balance between difficulty of surprising these recon units and loot gained from them falls heavy against the value of capturing one. Largely the Suns prefer to target the stronger Hunter Cadres as their point of assault and capture. By shattering these cadres on the battlefield the Suns ensure the Tau forces are more scattered, confused, and thus more easily routed. As a Naval based Chapter they prefer the use of orbital support, drop pods, and rapid deployment whenever possible. Fighting alongside Imperial or Planetary Forces they are unafraid to fling themselves from one battle to another in quick succession providing overwhelming force before redeploying to yet another zone. As well active counter-intelligence such as purposely leaked transmissions, misleading troop deployments, and extra secretly empty troop transports create the image that the Battle Brother are never where they truly are. With this they hope to keep their foes constantly off balance and uncertain of where to expect the next attack.

In response to common tau tactics the Suns have adapted their strategies to best counter them. Among the Fire Caste the Mont Ka, or the killing blow, aims to disrupt and slow enemy forces by striking at their leadership or a pivotal point of the advance. The Suns counter this by ensuring each unit under their command has a goal which is individually useful. From the highest Librarian to the lowest Imperial Guard company each goal brings the Xeno and the traitor closer to defeat.
Alongside this the Qu Yone, or the patient hunter, is an ambush tactic relying up reinforcements being too slow to arrive in time. These Battle Brothers place their most armored and slowest forces such as Dreadnaughts and terminators as the spear tip of all battle plans. The faster forces are then free to maneuver to whichever front needs them with a frightening speed.

Much to the disdain of the Chapter the philosophy of the Greater Good has corrupted many Imperial Citizens and its allure cannot be simply ignored. The Imperial Suns work to reward and embolden the loyal by taking on more interactive and visibly beneficial roles outside of battle. For though every citizen knows the servants of the Emperor fight on many fronts to protect them it is impossible for the average citizen to comprehend something as incomprehensible as the uncountable billions under the care of the Imperium. As such the Suns and the Chapter Serfs produce, keep, and distribute stockpiles of simple weapons, medicine, food, and other supplies to be given out on the worlds and migrante fleets they protect. Apothecaries give advice on how to remain well, Chaplains give blessings and sermons, Sergeants and Captains listen to and guide planetary leaders, and TechMarines make gentle the Machine Spirits.

Spiritual Beliefs:
Over ten thousand years worship of the sun and fire has evolved into a veneration of the Astronomicon, light, and the glory of human potential. Like most Space Marines the Imperial Sun Battle Brothers do not worship the Emperor as a god, but instead revere him as the source and embodiment of humanity's greatness.

Objective pre-revelation and the ascension of the Tau:
To free humanity from the Xeno and the Traitor. To restore the light of the Emperor through his works.
Objective post-revelation and the ascension of the Tau:
To advance human knowledge by examining the Xeno. To restore the light of invention. To restore the Emperor.

Chapter Motto: By the Emperor's Light! No Glory, save Honor!
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Name: Borromean Knights
Symbol: The insignia will be a black and white knight head, with red pauldron trim on a cobalt blue background.
Chapter Traits: Born Heroes and Tactical withdrawal, allowing them to continuosly charge back in and out of combat.
Homeworld: The world Ostara.
Background: An Ultramarine successor chapter, they saved their home world Ostara from a demonic invasion led by a corrupted hero of the Imperium. His chosen name was Lord Malleus, but his firstborn name was --REDACTED--. The forces that tried to stop them were all but spent, with 2 true brothers facing off against Malleus at the apex of the final battle for Hive Primus. The captain survived (barely), but his brother, a chaplain, suffered grievous wounds, becoming interred in a dreadnought.

The dreadnought still serves the chapter, and was the sole survivor of the chapter when they faced Malleus in the 41st Millenium. Their homeworld was finally taken by the Forces of Chaos as it lay in the path of the Cicatrix Maledictum. Rumour has it the former Captain, then chapter master, joined the final battle leading an army of the LOTD.

Now almost entirely a primaris chapter, only the 2nd company makes up the first born marines left along with the relic Contemptor Dreadnought Invictus. The rest are Primaris reinforcements.