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Title: 1500pt Dark Angel Highlander list
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on September 13, 2019, 09:20:53 PM
I am going to a tournament next month that is Highlander (no duplicating units), and no special characters.  Usually I bring my Custodians because you can duplicate troops after you utilize all of your selections, but I can't make the list work the way I want it to at such a low point value.  That left me with trying my hand at bringing the Unforgiven.

Here's my first crack at it.  It's just in a single Battalion.

Master:  Warlord (Master of Maneuvre), Heavenfall Blade.  81pts

8 Intercessors:  Bolt Rifles.  136pts
5 Scouts:  Bolt Guns.  55pts
5 Tactical Marines:  Plasma Cannon.  81pts

Deathwing Ancient:  Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield.  134pts
5 Deathwing Knights185pts

Fast Attack
6 Inceptors:  Plasma Exterminators.  354pts

Heavy Support
5 Devastators:  4 Plasma Cannons, Cherub.  147pts
Land Raider Crusader264pts

Total Points:  1500
Model Count:  39

Idea is that the Deathwing and characters all ride in the Crusader, they should be in a decent position that would allow the Inceptors to come down on turn 2 and benefit from the Master / LT combo before they charge off and beat face.

It's not a subtle army, and has less anti-infantry than I would like.  Normally I run Sammael and two Talonmasters, but Talonmasters are terrible gun platforms when not accompanied by Sammael.

Title: Re: 1500pt Dark Angel Highlander list
Post by: Blazinghand on September 14, 2019, 05:41:58 AM
For more anti-infantry, one option might be to change out the plasma cannon in the tactical squad for a Heavy Bolter, if you have a mini with one of those, or drop it down to just boltguns in the squad, and use the spare points to bulk out the intercessors or scout squads. With the huge Inceptor squad, it feels like you have enough plasma to take down anything plasma is good against, and you'll likely be using WftDA on them or the Devs anyway, so the plasma cannon in the tac squad won't do a whole lot, and an extra body on the field might help.

Overall, it looks like a tight list, and if you can get the Master close enough that the Inceptors can benefit from his aura on the turn they arrive, that's big value. The only concern I would have would be the LR getting bogged down on the way in by enemy chaff squads, but I don't think you have a lot of room to squeeze in more anti infantry firepower if you want to keep the max inceptor squad and the 4-plasma-cannon dev squad.