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Title: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + World Eaters
Post by: Cavalier on November 7, 2010, 10:02:08 AM
Hey gang. Been awhile since I've uploaded any photos of my army, thats because I've been converting my old Ulthwe army to my new Corsair Warhost! My concept for my Corsairs is that their leader (former Autarch) inspired his warhost to go to the aid of a besieged Exodite world against the wishes of his Craftworld, and were consequently exiled for disobedience. The concept may not be classical Eldar Corsair according to the fluff (I'm sure Irisado is frowning somewhere out there  :P  ) but its an idea I like so I'm going with it. Anyway here is how things are coming along:


From a lore perspective my Corsair warband known as the Lions of Asuryan are led by Corsair Prince I’llyarion, a former Autarch of Craftworld Y’lduin. He was exiled from his Craftworld after after leading his warhost to aid a besieged Exodite world that lay in the path of Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade against the commands of his Farseers. In an unprecedented move, his entire Warhost and several shrines of Aspect Warriors followed him into exile.

With a large warhost at his command, Prince I’llyarion quickly ascended to the elite upper echelons of Eldar outcasts even carving out a realm for himself in the webway. His warhost would expand greatly as the years went by, fueled by victory and a vision of restoring the ancient Aeldari empire the Lions of Asuryan drew many followers from the Drukhari Kabals, Craftworld outcasts, rival Corsair warhosts and even Harlequin masques.

When the Y’nnari rose to prominence, the Lions of Asuryan answered the call of Y’vraine as the shared vision of restoring the ancient Aeldari empire made them natural allies.

RECENT IMAGES (Check the later pages of this thread for current models and projects)
















Ye Old Models from 2010!!!

Here is my Autarch

Dire Avenger Raiders



My Autarch's Farseer councilor and his disciples



My Scorpions





WIP Exodite Outrider Conscripts

And finally my Autarch's Dire Avenger Honor Guard





More to come so stay tuned!
Title: Re: Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on November 7, 2010, 05:03:27 PM
Good use of Dark Elves bits. Corsairs I presume?

Striking paint scheme, too. Very unique.

I like it.
Title: Re: Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 8, 2010, 07:51:32 AM
Thanks my dark kinsmen! Yeah I pillaged the Corsairs set from WF. I make extensive use of the fantasy line to add variety to my army. Thanks for the praise I appreciate it!
Title: Re: Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 11, 2010, 11:05:42 AM

Prism Squadron Leader

War Hawks

Fire Dragons (Crappy Photo)

Title: Re: Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on November 11, 2010, 02:08:53 PM
I really like your painting.

It's very crisp and the selection of colours is great. You don't see those combinations very often but I think it is the right blend of light and dark colours.

Can't wait to see more of your work.
Title: Re: Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 11, 2010, 04:32:58 PM
Thanks alot, I try to go for super-hero color pairing combinations, and try to let the primer do a lot of the work for me. Sometimes my models look a little under-painted but with Eldar things can get really muddy and ruin the look of the model itself. I really appreciate your comments as well as your work on the rumors page. Keep an eye out for Eldar Codex 5.0!!!!

As a note to anyone else scoping out my models: My wave serpent fleet is coming up next, as well as my Wraith units, and a pic of my whole army.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: battle brother on November 17, 2010, 07:54:52 PM
you are my idol, i look up to you now (creepy)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Aristo on November 19, 2010, 10:58:23 AM
I'm liking the convsersions! Who knew Dark Elf bitz would look so good on Eldar? I have to say I'm especially a fan of the Exodite outriders and Dire Avengers.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 19, 2010, 01:33:18 PM
Hey guys thanks for all the kind praise! Got some more stuff cooking in the oven. My Eldar Grav Fleet is slowly taking form, and my Wraithwall is slowly being painted as well. Comments and crits always welcomed!

Again these are all WIP so they look a little rough. But here they are:



Again thanks guys for the nice posts it really spurs me on to keep painting and assembling thanks!!!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: darthplagis on November 19, 2010, 11:38:09 PM

great job, truly inspirational models. i love the conversions the DElf bits really do carry over to the corsair/exodite fluff and paint work is great too :)

getting me all pumped up to get my DEldar going  :o
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 20, 2010, 06:34:39 AM
@ Battle Brother: Feel free to idolize, I'm Eldar player so you know I'm at least a little vain  :P  But seriously thanks for the nice comments.

@ Korrdeth Xyrnndien: Thanks for the comments on my Exodites. My idea for them is that since my renegade Autarch went to their aid, they've begun sending elite conscripts to aid him. The Outriders are just the first conversion, my Dragon Knights will be soon to follow, as well as mini-titans which will be Warwalker/Wraithlord conversion.

@DarthPlagis: Thanks for the comments as well. The Dark Elf bits are amazing. I've bought so many kits, and I have bits flowing out of my ears. I highly recommend the entire Elven fantasy line to Eldar players dark or otherwise, but especially if for Dark Eldar players. The hand to hand weapons are just gruesome looking, and they come with tons of skull-laden banners and Cthulu icons. They're absolutely awesome. So thanks again for the comments!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: battle brother on November 28, 2010, 07:08:42 PM
likin the the wraithguard ;D and what did you use for your Farseer???
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 29, 2010, 11:54:05 AM
Hey Battle-Brother. Thanks for the comments on the Wraithguard, they're far from complete and the photo doesn't do much for them either, as the lighting in this cave I presently dwell in makes taking photos really difficult.

As for the Farseer that is the original Eldar Farseer from Rogue Trader. Its my favorite Farseer model. As far as I'm concerned all the newer ones have paled in comparison to the original.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on December 9, 2010, 12:55:46 AM
Just dropping in a reply to watch the progress of your army!  Love the colour schemes for your aspect warriors, bloody brilliant, and very well done.  The Fire Dragons are probably my favorite.  May have actual comments later when I have time to take in the thread a bit more.  Keep it up!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 10, 2010, 03:05:08 PM
Had to reload a bunch of images, so there may be some new ones scattered throughout my posts so check above for something you may not have seen before.

@Algavinn- Thanks for your nice comments, especially about my colour scheme. By the way I love your articles, I've read them and re-read them many times. Your one of my faves on the forum.

@ Everyone Else: I moved to a new place with much much better lighting so expect more photos soon. Here is another early WIP of my Exodite Outriders (guardian jetbikes)


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Pherion on December 13, 2010, 08:27:02 PM
This army looks absolutely fantastic :)  Very nice and clean paintjobs!

A few thing's I'd suggest:

A few of your highlights look a little thick and stark.  For instance the old bug eye'd farseer.  The highlights on the red and yellow are very thick.  I'd suggest doing an extra layer or two of intermediate color to give them more of a gradient.

Is the red on the Prism done?  It looks rather flat.  Some edge highlights might give it some more depth.

I'll be keeping an eye :)  Oh and the fire dragons and swooping hawk look completely awesome :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 18, 2010, 03:56:01 PM
@ Pherion: Hey man thanks for the comments, but also for the crits. I have a tendency to get real thick on the highlights, and its definitely the lack of a mid-range gradient that holds back the fine details from looking good. Thanks for pin-pointing it because I really wasn't sure myself, so thanks!

Anyway here are some WIP

 updates. Here is my Shadow Sect Scorpions. The fluff I'm developing for my army is that Karandras sent a unit of Shadow Sect to support my rogue Autarch, which sent shockwaves across the Craftworlds.

These photos aren't great but here goes:






These are WIPS, but they should be finished this week. I'll make sure to get some good photos when they're finished. More updates soon!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Tethesis on December 18, 2010, 06:23:36 PM
Beautiful army, love everything about it, want MOAR!!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 29, 2010, 08:54:17 AM
@ Tethesis: Thanks for the kind words, and you shall have MOAR! BTW I like your Avatar, old Link rocks!

Just a quickie: I've been assembling Vypers, Prisms, and Falcons of which I'll post pics as soon as they're primed (waiting for red primer to arrive at my LGS). Anyway, been plugging away, Scorpions are almost done, and I've begun work on my Outriders.

Here's an early WIP of one of my Exodite Outriders...


More to come soon...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 30, 2010, 12:30:07 PM
Hey gang. Another quick post. Here's the 1st warlock in my Exodite Warlock Council (proxies for jetbike council of course). Gonna work on the rest of the squad this afternoon, hopefully have a group shot for tomorrow. As always there is more to come...



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: ogyon on January 4, 2011, 11:05:05 AM
Great TQ. I really like the last model you show (The girl on the Lizard.. hehe!) Is it a conversion or a bought-this-way model?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on January 4, 2011, 01:50:55 PM
Looks like a conversion made of Dark Elves and Eldar bits.

I spy a Stormguardian head, Cold One with Knight body and some Eldar guardian bits.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 9, 2011, 12:41:49 PM
Hey gang been working on a load of stuff lately. All my vehicles have been primed, my board and all the requisite terrain is almost finished. So decided to put up my priority items. Every thing is very early WIP but I hope to finish most of this stuff in the next week or two.

Yet before that on to responses:

@ Ogyon- Yep thats an Exodite conversion I'm working on. Its a Storm Guardian head, Dire Avenger halberd and Shuriken Catapult.

@ Tryanotherone- You are observant sir! Thanks for continuing to follow me despite the slow progress.

On to the pics!

More mounted Exodite Warlock Council


My supreme Autarch (Y'riel stand-in)


The anti-tank wing of my Grav-Fleet (also very early stage in painting of the Autarch pictured above)


Close-up on my falcon. Note the icon next to the cockpit.


Side-shot of my Falcon. Note the added details on the Pulse-Laser. (I'll post a better shot once its painted).


Anyway thats all I've got for now. More to come soon...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on January 9, 2011, 03:22:49 PM
@ Tryanotherone- You are observant sir! Thanks for continuing to follow me despite the slow progress.


I suppose being observant is a talent that comes with rumour mongering.

Anyway, the anti-gravs look great. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but you chose a very striking paint scheme. Everything just fits neatly.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 10, 2011, 08:29:04 AM
@ Tryanotherone- Thanks I really appreciate the nice comments. I like the scheme too its based on the main character for a series of short stories (non 40k) I'm writing. The Autarch is modeled after him. Glad you watching my progress. I always keep an eye on your rumors (which tend to be very accurate) please keep an eye out for some codex rumors for your kindred of the light! My army cries for new rules!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 10, 2011, 03:29:15 PM
Supreme Autarch WIP

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on January 13, 2011, 04:07:56 PM
Hey Cav, I'm a bit out of date with Eldar minis so this may be an obvious answer, but what kit(s) did you use to put together that autarch? He's a gorgeous model and I'd love to make one for display purposes if nothing else.  He's so regal, commanding, and complex he really looks like what I feel like Eldar should be.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 13, 2011, 04:51:22 PM
Hey thanks Algavinn I really appreciate your comments. It took me a long time to put together and then get the nerve to paint, so thanks a lot.

It took a lot of kitbashing to put him together. I used a Dark Elf Cold-One Riders kit for the head (I love that head), Dire Avenger legs, arms and tabard. The armored torso, the sword and the spirit stones are from the new High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor kit. They are all great kits with wealth of bits to spread across your entire army. I'm using all the fluttering banners and what not for my vypers, and falcons, and swapping out heads all across the board. They are totally worth picking up, and just a single box can spruce up your whole army.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dawnlight Avenger on January 14, 2011, 01:01:03 AM
This army's looking really cool! been watching this thread for awhile but never posted... i'm not sure why.

The conversions you're making are spectacular and the paint jobs are pretty good too. Just curious, are you going to highlight the red on the vehicles at some point? it looks a tad flat to me now :(

Thought about creating a corsair army myself, maybe have it so i can use units of them with my craftworlders!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 14, 2011, 09:23:58 AM
Hey Outcast, yeah I'm gonna highlight everything. That painting is going really slow right now. I moved a couple of weeks ago and its been slow going. I also had a LOT of assembly to do, and I stripped a bunch of older models as well.

I actually converted my whole army from an older Ulthwe scheme to what you see now, after I was like "I think I want a few Exodite and Corsair's in my army" and then I just ended up completely converting my entire collection.

Thanks for following. I'm going to try and finish my Autarch and his retinue of Striking Scorpions (sent by Karandras according to my own personal fluff) this week. Then get started on my Vypers and Falcon. So keep watching this thing should be picking up steam soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 20, 2011, 05:57:01 PM
UPDATE! Scorpion's are almost done, so is my Autarch. Photos suck cause the sun's setting but here's what we got, the finished product should be done this weekend!







Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on January 20, 2011, 07:04:50 PM
You may have mentioned earlier on in your blog but I haven't had the time to check, but I was wondering at what colours formed the base of your scorpions?  I play Biel-Tan but have my colour scheme a dark midnight based blues through purples, and my aspect warriors bear this by having their tertiary colours following this scheme, but their primary and secondary colours being a darker version of what they would typically be, so your scorpion colour pegs what I'd be going for pretty well, and I haven't gotten to it yet (granted I am at a tossup between something like this and a more gray version).  Thanks for the info and continued updates cavalier!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 21, 2011, 09:05:51 AM
Hey Algavinn, its actually Tin-Bits with a heavy black wash over it, with gold and hawk turquoise accents. The black wash flattens the metallic sheen somewhat and with the black under armor it keeps them from looking too garish. I'll have better photos this weekend so you can see if its something you'd want to do. Glad your enjoying it. I'll much more soon, including some photos of my board and terrain.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 30, 2011, 11:52:07 AM
Finally got to start my Vypers. I really like the way they've started. They're in the very preliminary stages of development but off to a good start.







My Scorpions are pretty much finished, but these guys are so dark, and the lightings so weird in my studio its hard to take a good photo. I need to order some fine red gravel to do the bases, and I need to do some highlighting and finish some of the gemstones but anyway their almost done!


My Autarch is almost finished as well. He needs some touch up and some other final details but he's almost done as well.


Anyway these photos are kinda lousy. I've been so busy lately I've hadn't had time to set up a good photo area. When everything's been finished I'll get everything just right so you guys can see what I've done. Anyway thanks for watching, there's more to come soon...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on January 30, 2011, 01:48:45 PM
It looks all very nice but your Scorpions, ... oh boy, they are very intimidating.

What is colour are you using for them?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 30, 2011, 03:06:33 PM
Thanks a lot. Its a heavy black wash over tin-bits. I actually got the idea from my brother painted who painted Karandras in the same style like 10 years ago.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Katamari Damacy on January 30, 2011, 03:16:26 PM
Those minis are impressive indeed! I think i'll copy your tin bitz + wash combo for my Incubi!  :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 31, 2011, 08:37:00 AM
Those minis are impressive indeed! I think i'll copy your tin bitz + wash combo for my Incubi!  :D

Damn now THAT would be intimidating. Go for it Katamari, maybe we'll have a battle someday and it'll be the sons of Ahara vs. sons of Karandras!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 14, 2011, 02:06:27 PM

Autarch Honor Guard WIP




Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: battle brother on February 28, 2011, 08:15:28 PM
thos dires are awesome!!!!!! u have the collest eldar army ever
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 1, 2011, 08:54:13 AM
Thanks for posting your comments I really appreciate it. My minis are languishing lately due to a bout of carpal tunnel, but the painting will resume shortly. Stay tuned for more action.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dawnlight Avenger on March 1, 2011, 01:30:27 PM
Sorry to hear that man. Your army's coming along nicely, I can't wait to see more of those Pirate Avengers. They're really sleek models, even though they have those big cloaks. Very fitting for an Eldar :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on March 1, 2011, 10:45:50 PM
It definitely makes me wish I had time to dedicate to my Eldar.  I've been playing the suckers for oh..16 years now and I've never gotten them all painted.  This thread definitely shows the potential our army has.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 2, 2011, 10:03:23 AM
Thanks so much for the nice compliments guys. I really appreciate it, adds fuel to the fire if ya know what I mean.

@Outcast Valkyrie- Thanks for your comments. My Pirate Avengers are my number one priority right now as far as painting. Avengers are my favorite Aspect and I've wanted to do this conversion and this particular paint scheme for awhile. So I'm glad you like em!

@Alggavinn- Thanks a lot for your compliments. I've been playing Eldar for a long time too. I've actually had fully painted armies at various times, but have always ended up selling them or stripping them. I really want to have a fully painted 2k army, and I think I'll be there by the end of the summer at the very least. Again thanks for your comments and thanks for following my project log.

Anyway wanted to show you guys whats next after my Dire Avengers. Hope I don't provoke a thread war here after all the hew and cry thats followed in the wake of these guys but BEHOLD!!! The missing piece of my heavy selections!



I know people are decrying these guys left and right, but I'm very much of the opinion that what doesn't work for one person, may be the perfect fit for another, and these guys are exactly what I've been looking for. My plan is to take out long range tanks (i.e. basilisks) with these guys and then hang back beyond the rest of my enemies range and pop tanks at my leisure. I know there are other options, but for my list at least, I really like these guys because I'm very assault heavy army, my whole force ends up being right in the teeth of my opponents. These guys allow me to stretch the field, and not have to worry about that single lascannon blast popping my falcon on the first turn, or all the positioning problems I have getting my Fire Dragons to survive.

Anyway. Any paint scheme ideas? My bro suggested white and purple. Any other ideas?

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: crazedsoldier07 on March 7, 2011, 02:19:06 AM
man wicked looking army. gotta say the best eldar conversions ive seen in a while. wish i could play against it
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 9, 2011, 05:13:51 PM
@ Crazysoldier- Thanks for the compliments. I really appreciate it. Hope you like my new conversions.

Here are my newest creations. I use Harlequin rules for them but they are my Autarch's retinue and are his elite guard. I figured their acrobatic ability, light armor, and ultimate melee abilities would really represent an elite Corsair cadre hand picked by a renegade Autarch.

Anyway here are the first 2 models. The photos are alright I'll take better ones soon.




Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on March 9, 2011, 06:32:51 PM
Those are some damn sexy models.  I really wish I had the time to dedicate to making my own models (such as making those into my own banshee teams, chainswords for scorpion teams, etc.).  Always an inspiration.  At least this week I may get back to converting my new titan!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 9, 2011, 06:45:39 PM
Thanks Algavinn. I always appreciate your comments.

I have to ask you though, do you have a project-log as well? If you do send me a link so I can check it out. I've always wanted a titan and love looking at the various titan projects. Even those dang imperial ones.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on March 9, 2011, 10:30:59 PM
It is one of those dang imperial ones :p  I actually haven't actively played Eldar in a couple of years, not since 4th edition (and making an eldar titan is a be-atch and a half harder than imperial ones).  I do have a project log for my warhound titan, but after a dozen or more hours of making one from scratch I threw in the towel.  I have the feet finished and just said screw it.  I'm using a model from Dust Wars or Dust Games or whatever, and modifying it to make a knight titan.  I may be working on it tonight.  I'm really just making the model (comes to up to 11.5-13" I'm told!), then taking the weapons it's supposed to have on each arm and just putting it on one to make a quad long barrelled autocannon, putting an earthshaker as one arm, and then add lots of bits, and maybe a couple deathwind missile launchers (one on each shoulder perhaps) and plenty of detailing.  I had actually modeled a disembowled dark eldar body attached to chains I was going to put onto the shin armour of the warhound and I may put that on the Knight tiatan (even though I don't fight any DE).
  But I may make a short log for it, starting shortly as I'm just beginning it's assembly.  I'll link it for you when I make it.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 10, 2011, 04:31:56 PM
More photos.

Corsair Captain: He's my Autarch's second in command (count-as Troupe Leader)

My Autarch's personal Seer (Count-As Shadowseer)


Veteran Corsair (Melta Pistol Harelquin)

Corsair Veteran (Harlequin w/Melta Pistol)

Corsair Veteran (Harelquin)


And my TITAN.....


Oops just kidding.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Tethesis on March 10, 2011, 07:09:43 PM
Lol, +50 approval points for Rodimus Prime (or is it just Hot Rod?) xD.

Awesome conversions as usual, love the "shadowseer".
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dawnlight Avenger on March 10, 2011, 10:25:23 PM
Lovin' those harlequin conversions!

That's a really clever way to use them as "counts as". Just curious, are you considering adding actual harlequins at some point? they do travel around...

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 11, 2011, 08:19:05 AM
@ Tethesis- Thanks for the extra approval points  ;) . And yeah its Rodimus, you can't see it but he's got the Matrix in his chest. Glad you like the Shadowseer. My brother likes that one the most too.

@ Outcast Valkyrie- Thanks Outcast. I've thought of using real Harlequins, but I'm sort of on the Irisado bandwagon in that I would only use the actual models against Chaos. However a concept I'm playing around with in  my personal fluff, is that my count-as Shadowseer is a real Shadowseer. The concept surrounding my army is that my Autarch is this "man of destiny" (who left his craftworld with his warhost to defend the Exodite worlds against the wishes of his craftworlds elite seer council) and that powerful forces scattered across the Eldar race are showing him immense and unprecedented favor. Such as Asurmen who sent him those white Dire Avengers, and the Harlequins sent a Shadowseer as an enigmatic councilor who communicates to my Autarch in cryptic psychic impressions.

That bit about the Harlequins might be a bit much. I want to read up a little more on Harlequins before I officially commit to the idea. I've got a lot of unprecedented material in my own fluff, so I don't want to overdo it.

@ Everybody Else- Thanks for watching. More to come soon...

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dawnlight Avenger on March 11, 2011, 10:21:06 PM
That's a lot of interesting background, actually. even if it is a little unprecedented, I think that the concept is pretty strong overall.

I personally love armies that have a lot of flavor to them :D

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 17, 2011, 01:30:26 PM
Hey gang. Been a real long time, but I've been working the whole time, just been lazy with the documenting aspect of it all. Anyway here's what I've got.

My Y'riel/Eldrad counts-as council.








My Stormies/Harlies










Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: murgel on June 17, 2011, 04:04:53 PM
Brilliant army.
It looks really great.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 17, 2011, 04:46:52 PM
Gorgeous and inspiring as ever.  Always reminds me of how much can be done with Eldar, but always makes me sad I don't have the time for much modeling anymore.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on June 18, 2011, 06:46:55 AM
IMO what's most inspiring is the intelligent use of various bits from all ranges.

It gives the army a very unique and special feel.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 18, 2011, 10:14:24 AM
Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate it. The feedback always gets me stoked to continue and push it up a notch. So thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I can't wait to show you guys some of the other stuff I'm working on like my Eldar stronghold (only the bits have been assembled). More updates are sure to come and with greater frequency so stay tuned....
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: those on June 20, 2011, 04:26:38 AM
Wow... fantastic work... and I'm not even a fan of the Eldar..! Your painting is exemplary. I love the effort you're going to to personalise your figures to... Keep up the amazing work..!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Archon Levitas on June 22, 2011, 04:11:43 AM
Hey, i made an account on this site for two reasons: (i normally lurk at The Dark City)

1: to say this: you are an insperation! you singlehandedly made me start working on my eldar again - keep up the good work!

And 2: I am converting an Exodite Dragon autarch, but i need a cool looking torso, so when i saw the torso on your autarch (the very first one, with the sword.) i fell in love. Could you please tell me what it is!?

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on June 22, 2011, 06:56:14 AM
Going just on how the breastplate looks, i think its from a Dark Elf Dreadlord. Its very clearly elven in its proportions (IE the tapered waist) but it lacks the fluted wings that are a common motif in High Elf Armour.

Anyway, i love the work Cavalier. If i had any complaint, it would be that everyone (Or almost everyone) seems to ahve their arms thrown out wide... Its something i'd have to see the whole army for, but i'm afraid that enmasse it may make the army look like their prancing about yelling "Shoot at me!".
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 22, 2011, 04:42:13 PM
@ Those- Thanks a lot, I've really tried to personalize my army and make it stand out. I'm not great with green stuff and fancy conversions so I've collected a lot of special bits and try to sprinkle them in to give my units a more wild corsair-style feel.

@ Archon Levitas- I'm very glad my army has gotten you excited to work on your eldar army. As for the torso on my Mk.1 Autarch, i got it from the champion from Dark Elf cold one rider's boxset which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone doing Exodites, or Corsairs. Those bits have been invaluable and the Cold Ones serve as a great looking and very cheap "Counts As" jetbike.

@ Lachdonin- Your comments really made me laugh. Luckily I looked at my army in my display case and the my Fire Dragons, Scorpions and 2 Avenger squads don't share the same pose as the rest of my guys. I know what you are saying though, and with the addition of my Seer Council its particularly pronounced. Gotta make sure the flailing pose doesn't spread throughout the rest of my proud ranks though! Good eye on your part, and a very funny post!

@ Everyone overall- Thanks for all the kind words. My 4x Wave Serpents are almost done, and I have to make sure I take some photos of my Fire Dragon squad and my White Avengers as soon as they're done so stay tuned there will be more to come soon....

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Post by: Grimhope on July 18, 2011, 08:35:47 AM
I hate to say this army is full of old school win colors that I'm in love, brings me back to that very old picture of an eldar on the old metal cold one vs the chaplain on bike! Loving the army, keep it up - on a titan, Soooo need to make some giant Brontosaurus or something equally titanic! :p
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Post by: Tim043 on July 18, 2011, 09:53:30 AM
Are you still looking for a colour scheme for your Shadow Spectres ? If so I suggest a very pale grey for the armour, with the same red as the rest of the army for the robes, or bone armour and red robes.

Other than that, wow, these are amazing ! I'm about to convert my own Storm Guardians too, so this has been very helpful thanks =]
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Post by: Cavalier on August 10, 2011, 05:24:57 PM
Hey gang. Thanks for the kind replies.

@Tim043- I like the grey suggestion and plan on implementing it. I think I'm going to grey armor, with reddish purple for the robes.

@Grimhope- Thanks for the compliments on my color scheme. Back in the 80's all my favorite heroes wore red (Hot Rod, Protoman, Marty McFly etc.), so that was my inspiration. As for that Exodite diorama, I know exactly what you are talking about. That was also a huge source of inspiration for me to do an Exodite/Corsair list. I also really want to do so giant dinosaurs as well. I've been eying some nice models at the hobby store so keep a look out, my Cold One riders are gonna have big brother to keep them company soon.

I've finished a bunch of squads that I never posted WIP pictures of but I just haven't gotten the time or the good lighting to post pictures, but I will soon. In the meantime here are some WIP pics of my Counts-As-Howling Banshees. ENJOY!


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Post by: Cavalier on August 15, 2011, 04:48:04 PM
Hey gang more updates.













Very WIP (my cat broke the topside fins need to find replacements)

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Post by: tryanotherone - smurfernating on August 15, 2011, 05:23:52 PM
Apart from the painting which is superb, I really dig the Banshee conversion.

What bits did you use? Are all of them from the DE range?
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Post by: Lachdonin on August 15, 2011, 05:41:56 PM
If i am not mistaken, they are Dire Avenger bodies with the targeters turned into Shuriken Pistols, Wytch legs, Hellion weapons and Scourge heads. Really amaxing idea there, i am afraid i will have to shamelessly steal it. Not sure what for yet, as i already ahve 20 Banshees, but i'll find something.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 16, 2011, 09:09:03 AM
Wow. You nailed it Lachdonin. Down to the last bit. And please steal away. Part of the reason I did the blog was to get people excited about Eldar conversions.

As an idea for what you could proxy them as, you could always do a count-as Corsair detatchment for your main army. Thats how mine started until I decided to dip&strip my entire Ulthwe army and convert the whole lot to Corsairs and Exodites.
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Post by: Katamari Damacy on August 16, 2011, 04:00:30 PM
The Banshee conversions are beyond awesome :o I applaud you! I especially like the one in the middle, stunningly dynamic pose! The only downside is the parts needed i guess... gotta go count the extra Scourge Heads.

The paint scheme makes those minis truly unique, looking forward to a see a couple of pics of the whole army when you are done  :)
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Post by: Cavalier on August 19, 2011, 09:31:13 AM
Thanks Katamari. I've got a few Wave Serpents left to paint, my Banshee squad, and my Exodite Outriders then I'll post a pic of my 2k list.

I just started painting my first banshee so look for WIP pix soon...
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Post by: Partninja on August 20, 2011, 02:38:00 PM
Quite exceptional ! I love the Banshee kit bash counts as models. Your painting skills are most excellent as well. I'm probably going to steal the shoulder mounted gun idea for something...
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Post by: Cavalier on February 1, 2012, 04:04:48 PM
Back in the Saddle

Hey gang. Sorry I've been away so long, and thanks Partninja for the kind words I always appreciate your various posts across the forums.

Anyway in preparation for 6th edition I'm trying to get all my models painted (all 6k of them) but I have a huge chunk done already so its not as daunting as it may sound.

Anyway trying to finish my custom Banshees (who are going to be my retinue for my Y'riel proxy). So here are is my WIP:

Here are the new ones.



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Post by: Khorne25 on February 1, 2012, 04:52:00 PM
My god they are stunning. Good to see youre back to updating :D
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Post by: DarkstormUlthwe on February 2, 2012, 03:49:16 AM
Stunning indeed. Love the conversions, they are really dynamic. Paint job is nice and clean, though I'd suggest doing the blades in a different colour to give some more contrast, but they do look very good as they are.

Where did you get the helmets? I really like them.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: darthplagis on February 3, 2012, 07:47:10 PM
oohh really liking those banshee's i think im gonna have to copy that :)

really good work on the entire force, congrats.

oh and id use the rodimus/hotrod as a titan  8) remember he will light our darkest hour  ;D
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Post by: Khorne25 on February 4, 2012, 06:00:27 AM
Stunning indeed. Love the conversions, they are really dynamic. Paint job is nice and clean, though I'd suggest doing the blades in a different colour to give some more contrast, but they do look very good as they are.

Where did you get the helmets? I really like them.

Wych legs
Dire Avenger torso
Hellion Hellglaives
Scourge helmet
Dire Avenger tracking camera with a shuriken catapult front stuck on.

Impressive ingenuity with the kitbashing and conversion.
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Post by: Cavalier on February 5, 2012, 11:59:41 AM
Hey gang. Here are my (lousy photos). I've finished my red base coating on 9/10 of these guys and done my basic wash-work. Once I've got the whole unit base coated down on the blades, the hair and gem stones and cleaned everything up I'll post some new photos (and once the weather clears up so I can get some decent lighting). Stay tuned I should have more photos by mid-week.

@ Khorne25-Thanks for all the nice posts. I've also enjoyed your Corsair threads in the Eldar boards. I pretty much agree with everything you've said so far.

@darthplagis- Yes Rodimus will light our darkest hour. And just a warning about making these models. Its really expensive. I probably spent about 100+ bucks on this unit. They look great but they are expensive and its hard to find the bits.

@DarkstormUlthwe- Thanks.  ;) And Khorne25 got it right, they are Scourge helmets. I love em. 

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Post by: Cavalier on February 9, 2012, 08:11:47 AM
Hey guys. Don't know what happened to the forums but I'm glad they are back. Finished putting all the basic colors on my Banshees. Started shading and highlighting the Exarch, so I'll post photos once I take them.


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Post by: greenmtvince on February 9, 2012, 10:40:04 AM
The colors are really great and the conversions nicely executed.  I'd love to play against this on the tabletop.

Are you sticking with the craftworld list, or are you going to stray from the path and use a corsairs list? 
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 9, 2012, 01:10:09 PM
Thanks a lot. About using the Corsair rules I'm really not sure. There are a lot of things I like about the rules, but I'm kind of underwhelmed on the whole. And without the ability to use my wave serpents I'd have to buy venoms and falcons (falcon turrets at the very least) and thats not happening anytime soon.

And since the Corsair rules came out I've been thinking about changing the fluff on my army. I'm sort of imagining my army as ancient craftworld from beyond the edge of the galaxy. With my Autarch believing that he is the last Phoenix King, with his goal being to unify the Eldar race and close the Eye of Terror.
Not sure though. I might flip-flop back to my corsair idea, but as of right now I think I'm sort of leaning towards the ancient unknown craftworld idea.
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Post by: Cavalier on February 9, 2012, 02:41:33 PM
Hey guys still a WIP but here ya go.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on February 10, 2012, 08:20:10 AM
Bloody badass is what that is.  I'd love to have a squad of that, if that was a whole new army I'd be starting it.

Can we get a group picture of all your corsairs?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 11, 2012, 03:28:47 PM
Thanks a lot Algavinn. I'll be sure to post a big army pic for you this weekend. But FIRST here is my latest project. And BTW I'm definitley sticking with my Corsair fluff.





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Post by: Khorne25 on February 11, 2012, 05:02:56 PM
Reaver Jetbikes with Guardian pilots. Thats an awesoe idea!
Im going to build more Corsair Jetbikes like that!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: darthplagis on February 15, 2012, 07:01:59 PM

@darthplagis- Yes Rodimus will light our darkest hour. And just a warning about making these models. Its really expensive. I probably spent about 100+ bucks on this unit. They look great but they are expensive and its hard to find the bits.

hehe i have the wyches and the dire avengers, just need a pack of scourges and helions :) but puppetswar has some scourge style helms coming (on the face book as 3d prints last week), that may make it a little cheaper.

loving the new guy and jet bikes, but damn blood angels and a painting comp at my local GW is getting me at the mo  :D
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Post by: Arquarian on February 16, 2012, 05:16:03 AM
Cavalier, I am going to shamelessly steal all your good ideas.

Please now convert a Vyper into a Hornet so you can show me a cool funky way to do it.

I Thank you 
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 16, 2012, 01:17:05 PM
@ Khorne25- Thanks for the kind words as always.

@ darthplagis- Cool. let me know if you need any advice with the conversions.

@ Arquarian- Steal away. As for the Hornet conversion Ask and you may receive at a later date but I have something else in the pipe right now....


Here's the big news. I'm going Dark Eldar. I'm still sticking with my Corsair army, but I'm just so sick of fighting against the Craftworld Codex that I just need to try something different. I want to play something fast, fun and aggressive where I can be CC heavy with a little shooty to balance it out and this codex lets me do that. I'll never give up on my Craftworld Corsairs, but until the new book comes out I'm gonna be working with the DE book for my army.
But fear not fellow Corsairs! For this will surely be a good guy leaning Corsair army. I'll be painting and converting my army to fit as seamlessly as possible with my craftworld corsairs (The only difference will be the Dark Eldar weaponry.) as I intend on combining both forces for a massive apocalypse sized army.  So stay tuned because the conversions will continue to roll.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on February 16, 2012, 01:50:05 PM
Erm, silly question Cav but you are using the corsair list from IA11 aren't you?

or are you making a Corsair army out of the CWE list??
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 16, 2012, 02:03:06 PM
I've used the Craftworld Codex. Been using it for my Corsairs for about 3 years.

IA11 was great, but the lack of 10 man transports kills me.
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Post by: greenmtvince on February 16, 2012, 02:53:40 PM
Ah, you beat me to the reaver conversions!  That's one of my projects for this weekend.  I'm going to try and do a more traditional looking nose to make them more like the Jes Goodwin prototypes that became the reaver. 

And funny enough, I just picked up my Raider yesterday.

I still think you should use the IA11 list!  ;)   10 man squads don't need transports when they've got their own jetpacks!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on February 16, 2012, 03:31:20 PM
Vyper Gunboats, jetpacking relentless heavy weapon wielding troops, Corsair Prince, Bladesworn (hey, I like them) Void Dreamer! what's not to like!

and you can still take one choice from the CWE list there one 10 man unit with dedicated transport.

and a Kabilite raider, there's another 120 man transport!!

(we can still take a raider squad and a CWE entry, am I right?)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 16, 2012, 04:09:26 PM
Oh don't get me wrong, I think IA11 Corsair rules are great, they are just not what I'm looking for. I really want to run an elite really close-combat army thats aggressive and lightning fast.

My main reasons for going with a Dark Eldar army to represent my corsairs have to do with  the slow, somewhat precarious disembarkation rules involved in deploying from Wave Serpents (if I was going to continue on with CWE). And if I went with IA11 rules having to buy and convert Venoms, buying Falcons, and buying all new Corsair troops (i've already converted over 30 Dire Avengers, over 20 Storm and Defender Guardians to look like Corsairs) it'd be basically like starting over again.

I'd rather just wait for the new craftworld book, continue to tinker away on them as time goes on and have fun building a new fully fleshed out army that provides me the elite close-combat abilities I'm looking for.

Don't worry though guys. I'm not against the Corsair rules or anything like that and its not like I'm abandoning my Corsairs! I'm just incorporating the more piratical element into my warhost.  ;)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on February 16, 2012, 05:09:17 PM
Hey, whatever works best for you!

I've been drooling over the Dark Eldar models since they came out. I thought about starting a small 1000 point DE army to fight along side my Iyanden in larger games but now that the corsair list is here I have the best of both worlds! I figure I can proxy the army either way, Corsair or DE as I please  ;D 

I get you about the fast punchy CC army. I went one better. 2 Land raiders 20 beserkers and Kharn  ::)
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Post by: Khorne25 on February 16, 2012, 06:32:11 PM
Hey, whatever works best for you!

I've been drooling over the Dark Eldar models since they came out. I thought about starting a small 1000 point DE army to fight along side my Iyanden in larger games but now that the corsair list is here I have the best of both worlds! I figure I can proxy the army either way, Corsair or DE as I please  ;D 

This is exactly what Im going to do. One army, three army lists (sort of).

Cav, how would consider to merge eldar and dark eldar bits? I was considering Kabalite Warriors as such: Dire Avenger catapults and arms, Kabalite bodies/legs/helmets. Do you think the musculed eldar arms would work with the armour plates of the kabalites?

Love your stuff.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 16, 2012, 10:09:57 PM
I get you about the fast punchy CC army. I went one better. 2 Land raiders 20 beserkers and Kharn  (https://www.40konline.com/Smileys/default/rolleyes.gif)

Lol. Thats what I'm talking about. If only that land raider could fly and they berserkers looked like Space Elves I'd be right there with you.  :P

@ Khorne25- You know I'm really not sure how I'm going to merge the bits. I may leave well enough alone in regards to the Splinter rifles and what have you. The fluff for my army surrounds an Autarch and his warhost going corsair, and after many many years he sort of accrues this pirate host and converts them to a more noble (if still capricious and rougish) way of life, so I was thinking the splinter rifles may stay.

I think my paint red and gold scheme will take me far in representing them as Corsairs as opposed to straight up Dark Eldar. However I'm going to buy more Dark Elf Corsairs, definitley a lot of High Elf models (which I have a decent collection) and use all the choice armor, heads and helmets what have you, and axe-off a lot of the horns, and spikey bits etc.

It'll definitley be interesting because it was easy to "Corsair-ify" the Craftworld Eldar, and it'll remain to be seen if I can sort of "good-guy-ify" the Dark Eldar, but I'm sure I can do it with a few choice bits.

Anyway stay tuned I'll have some sample models soon...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: greenmtvince on February 17, 2012, 10:09:29 AM
You keep converting and painting models like that, you can use codex tyranids to represent corsairs for all I care.   ;D 

Looking forward to seeing the results of your good-ifying the Dark Eldar.  ^_^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 21, 2012, 02:44:54 PM

The Raider is still very much a WIP but I'm liking it so far.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on February 21, 2012, 04:45:55 PM
It's good, It's really good.

I don't think you have to do much to the DE Raider to make it Corsair like to be honest. Without all the chains, spikes and the like its quite a sleek looking model anyway...

I'm int he middle of trying to convert a War Walker and a Vyper cowling into a Wasp. It looked so cool in my head....  :-\
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: greenmtvince on February 22, 2012, 12:44:30 PM
Ah you were right! The colors really do make it look less 'Dark.'  In fact the colours you've chosen for the sails remind me of the specialist games craftworld ships for BFG.

By the way, you have an amazingly quick turnaround on your painting.  I wish I was that fast!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 31, 2012, 03:11:50 PM
Hey guys still alive. I've actually been working real steady on my guys. I've been doing everything in huge batches, assembly, priming the whole nine yards. Once I've gotten everything base coated I'll show you the whole army thus far.

But here are my main WIP's



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Khorne25 on March 31, 2012, 04:20:38 PM
Awesome stuff as always!

I wonder if the weapons shouldnt be the same colour as the rest of the armour, they tend to just blend in and arent particularly distinguishable.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Galef on April 1, 2012, 01:36:05 PM
Your army is awesome!

I highly encourage playing Dark Eldar as well.  I have been playing Eldar for 4-5 years now and Dark Eldar for 3.  Both armies are similar enough to have the same play-style/ set of models, yet different enough to keep it fresh.

My conversions were done under some weaker fluff before the new Dark Eldar Codex/Corsair army.  Now running Corsairs make everything fit.

Here is my army and all the fluff I have come up for it:
Glenn's GW Models: Phoenix Corsairs (part 1) (http://glennsgwmodels.blogspot.com/2010/11/saim-hann-phoenix-kabal-part-1.html)

Glenn's GW Models: Phoenix Corsairs (part 2): Fate of the Aspects (http://glennsgwmodels.blogspot.com/2011/01/phoenix-corsairs-part-2-fate-of-aspects.html)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Skari on April 13, 2012, 08:56:47 AM
From start to finish. Very impressive.

Welcome to the true side of the eldar life :D you will have a lot of fun with the DE army, they are fantastic and play very well. You will have to hone your skills tho.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on April 13, 2012, 11:44:55 AM
I highly encourage playing Dark Eldar as well.  I have been playing Eldar for 4-5 years now and Dark Eldar for 3.  Both armies are similar enough to have the same play-style/ set of models, yet different enough to keep it fresh.

I think this is why a lot of us have taken so easily to Corsairs as it opens up both CWE to a DE player and (more than likely) DE to CWE players. For me this is certainly the case. My corsair infantry is (will be  ::)  ) heavily DE inspired where as the vechicles will be more Craftworld types.
Great conversions Galef, any plans for more??
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on April 13, 2012, 07:38:32 PM
Are we able to get a collective shot of all your finished corsairs so we get a context of your overall accomplishments so far?  I love you models, but am really looking forward to seeing them in more of an army size, ya know?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Galef on April 14, 2012, 02:55:09 AM
Great conversions Galef, any plans for more??

These are not really Corsairs, but these are some WWP list units I have, but rarely play:
Glenn's GW Models: WraithTalos & Harlequins (http://glennsgwmodels.blogspot.com/2010/10/wraithtalos-harlequins.html)

I also have a beast-pack using Hellions as Beastmasters, VC Dire wolves as Khymera and Reaper Crows as Razorwings (though I may decide to use Nid gargoyles instead)
By the way, Cavalier, I meant to comment on your excellent use of High Elf & Dark Elf bitz.  I think using fantasy elf bits is a great way to spice up any kind of Eldar, and you have done it beautifully.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: zealadin on April 26, 2012, 06:41:16 AM
Stunning army and painting so far, I can't wait to see your take on Dark Eldar!

Any chance of an update?

Also how do you paint your gold, it's pretty amazing to say the least!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 26, 2012, 03:30:19 PM
Hey guys. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I had no idea that anyone had posted since my last update. I must have gotten buried under other a bunch of other projects after updating, because I never saw any replies. So again sorry for the late replies.

@ Algavinn- Sorry for not doing this sooner. I'm a lousy photographer and the lighting is just so random in my house so here's a lot of what I've got so far:




Theres a bunch more stuff but its pretty old. I'm pretty dissatisfied with the non DE stuff at the moment. I'm looking forward to starting over again when the new CWE codex comes out. I'm really hoping hornets and warp hunters are gonna be codex legit because I want to make Saim-Hann jetbike style army.   

@Skari and Galef- Thanks for the comments and thanks for the welcome. Definitely loving the dark side. And nice conversion and painting work Galef. I remember finding your blog a few a weeks back during a google image search.

@Zealadin- Thanks for the comments. And as for how i get gold on my models, its multi-step process. I use a can of Testors gold primer for vehicles, and for guns, blades and other bits (spraying them right on the sprue). I use GW burnished gold for for the armor plating on my infantry models and for touch up work on my vehicles and I highlight it with GW mithril.

@ Everyone- I'm currently working my Razorwing (void raven proxy) my Wyches, Jetbikes and Raider. The lighting is just to crappy to get a good photo of anything beyond my Razorwing right now so it'll have to wait. Plus I'm waiting to a bigger photoshoot of all my new DE stuff once I have all the stuff to do my Incubi conversion which  I think you guys are really gonna like. Anyway stay tuned and stay inspired!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Galef on April 26, 2012, 09:05:18 PM
Bad lighting or not, you can tell how cleanly those models are painted, especially the vehicles.  The gold looks so good is makes me wish I had done gold instead of yellow for my army.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Arquarian on April 27, 2012, 06:26:41 AM
Theres a bunch more stuff but its pretty old. I'm pretty dissatisfied with the non DE stuff at the moment. I'm looking forward to starting over again when the new CWE codex comes out. I'm really hoping hornets and warp hunters are gonna be codex legit because I want to make Saim-Hann jetbike style army.   
I'm pretty sure IA11 made both the Warp Hunter and the Hornet codex legal.
I'm 99% sure re the Warp Hunter and about 75% sure on the Hornet. hang on I'll check...

P.s I'm really liking your Scorpions darkness, any chance we can get a close up pic of them. And are they a sign of what we can expect from your incubi??

If you need help with taking the pictures / lighting let me know. 

EDIT: Just checked IA11 and both the Hornet and the Warp Hunter are codex legal.
referrences as follows.

Hornet: IA11 pp. 190
Warp Hunter: IA11 pp.181

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 28, 2012, 01:01:36 PM
Seriously considering doing raider rush/ reaver jetbike hybrid army. Especially if those "leaked rules" turn out to be true with move/assault/shooting, the combo of cluster caltrops and heat lances/blasters could be insane (they're pretty nasty as is). Anyway enough wishlisting.



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Zilverscale on April 28, 2012, 09:04:17 PM
Looking GOOD!!!!

Tagging so I can keep up to date with your fine work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on April 28, 2012, 09:10:59 PM
I don't know if this has been asked already, and my connection here isn't really friendly enough to go back and look for the answer but...

How do you pull off such solid golds? I've been painting for 20 years (only been remotely competant for 13 of those), and gold has always been the colour which frusterates me the most.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 28, 2012, 10:43:45 PM
@Zilverscale: Thanks! Stay tuned I'm trying to update more frequently

@Lachdonin: I've been using Testors Gold. It was actually recommended to by some in the forums. I always loved the testors paints but was reluctant to use them because everybody in my old FLGS used to knock people who used metallics (I have no idea why). But I just got so sick of trying to paint it that I bought a can and gave it a whirl I couldn't be more pleased. On stuff like my Razorwing, I prime the whole thing red. Then I mask off the all the areas I want to stay red and I spray the testors gold right over the red areas and it works really nice.

Be warned though, there is really no matching color in the GW range to hide any kind of blemishes on the areas sprayed with the testors gold. So if when painting the etching around the razorwings wing, if I get any paint on the gold area, you've got to get a wet paper towel and get that stuff off quick or that beautiful smooth gold is good as ruined.

That being said I do use the GW Burnished Gold for the armor plating on my DE Warriors and Wyches, while I prime their weapons with the testors. When you black wash and highlight with silver they do look remarkably close, but on larger surfaces there is a noticeable difference.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ginger farseer on April 29, 2012, 03:04:26 PM
Just read this and, basically, wow! These are great, I especially like the banshees and the cold one outriders. What legs did you use for them? (I will probabaly steal those, alongside the origional idea of CWE rules but corsair fluff) Anyway, the models look AMAZING, keep up the great work.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 4, 2012, 04:52:29 PM
Hey guys. I've been all over the map recently. Definitely trending towards working on my regular Eldar Corsairs. Just ordered my first hornet (gonna get 3), and I'm going to be purchasing 3 FW corsair conversion kits. The plan is to use them as Counts-As Warp Spiders for my CWE Corsairs (or even Scourges depending on my dex). My overall plan is try to create a large number of counts as conversion units where I make all these unique units that can counts-as depending on what I feel like playing. Magnetized reaver jetbikes with shuri-kats/splinter rifle, storm guardian/wych using Corsair close combat etc. etc. I've got a special conversion in mind for the Incubi models with a mix of parts from the High Elf Dragon Knights too. So much more to come. I'll keep you guys posted as the new models come in.

@ Gingerfarseer: Thanks man, I appreciate the comments. I used Wych legs on the banshees and the normal dark elf coldone riders on the exodites. Stay tuned all that stuff has been a warm up for what I have planned next.

This is all WIP's I'm just playing around with most of these models, seeing how they paint-up as I get ready to purchase some new models. (The razorwing is pretty close to being finished though)







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Post by: Khorne25 on June 4, 2012, 05:47:37 PM
Hey guys. I've been all over the map recently. Definitely trending towards working on my regular Eldar Corsairs. Just ordered my first hornet (gonna get 3), and I'm going to be purchasing 3 FW corsair conversion kits. The plan is to use them as Counts-As Warp Spiders for my CWE Corsairs (or even Scourges depending on my dex). My overall plan is try to create a large number of counts as conversion units where I make all these unique units that can counts-as depending on what I feel like playing. Magnetized reaver jetbikes with shuri-kats/splinter rifle, storm guardian/wych using Corsair close combat etc. etc. I've got a special conversion in mind for the Incubi models with a mix of parts from the High Elf Dragon Knights too. So much more to come. I'll keep you guys posted as the new models come in.

Yo, same line of thought as me

Corsairs themselves can be Guardians or Scourges (both variants of Guardian if you have Voidstorms/Felarchs) as well as Hawks but... Hawks are Hawks.
Harliequins/Wyches are another good one. Im converting Harlies from Wych bits and pilot heads
Im proxying my Bladesworn as Incubi or Scorpions
GJB/CJB/Reavers is a good one I took from you :P
Razorwing as a Nightwing or Void Raven. Maybe Phoenix but Phoenices are too awesome to miss out on their model.

Im glad to see youre back and working on your army :D
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Post by: Cavalier on June 6, 2012, 04:06:39 PM
Thanks for the kind words Khorne, I always love getting feedback from you.

My Craftworld leanings continue to roll, and I think I've finally finalized my approach to base coating, highlight etc. Starting with testors gold, base coat with the new mephiston red, high light blood red, highlight blazing orange, light red wash, with hawk torquoise/ice blue accents and forgo the mithril silver highlights on the gold and presto! nice smooth understate look for my troopers.


I also plan on getting an airbrush, because I've destroyed so many of my tanks with Army Painter's dragon red, and my GW spray-gun is really hit or miss, and on the misses I'm ruining vehicles and blowing through an entire pot of paint in the attempt. Anyway just a little mini-update, until my hornet comes in the mail.
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Post by: Arquarian on June 6, 2012, 05:02:55 PM
Some great work Cav, keep it up.

Really looking forward to seeing the whole army in action on the battlefield someday!
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Post by: Cavalier on June 6, 2012, 07:48:39 PM

Thanks for the nice words Arquarian. Getting props from the Corsair crew really gets me pumped.

Really looking forward to seeing the whole army in action on the battlefield someday!

Me too ARGH! I've gotta get on the damn board with this army. Its been a real long time since I've played. I think I've been in 6th edition holding pattern for like a year now. Hope the book comes out soon so I can figure out the finishing touches army building wise.
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Post by: Arquarian on June 7, 2012, 06:57:52 AM
You have such a selection of models you could put out any number of army configurations!

I think I said this at the time but I really like your dark Scorpioins. You've really captured their stalker side nicely which contrasts well with the bright reds and golds of the rest of the army. 

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Post by: Cavalier on June 12, 2012, 05:35:46 PM

Still plugging away. Waiting for some stuff to arrive in the mail.
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Post by: Zilverscale on June 12, 2012, 05:40:55 PM
Great work man!

Been sneaking around this thread for a while dunno why I haven't posted a reply yet lol
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 13, 2012, 05:47:49 AM
Superbly crisp and clean, loving the bone texturing and colour!  However my girlfriend points out that the ends of the fingers on his left hand have been blended into the handle of the knife.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 13, 2012, 06:04:50 PM
@ Zilverscale- Thanks for checking in. ;)

@Algavinn- Thanks man. The Farseer is still a WIP, especially the base.

Getting pretty pumped about the rumors about the new edition, glad I'm painting up a new HQ and Troops to get ready for the new edition.

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Post by: Cavalier on June 19, 2012, 04:08:41 PM

Dire Avenger- Other than needing an extra layer of wash on the mohawk this guy is finished (as are his mates) and I’m pretty happy with how they came out.


As many of you guys know, I did these guys about 2 years ago. I’ve been working on re-basing them.


Banshee WIP#1- Test run on a paint scheme for the newer models

Right now I'm working on painting each of the Aspects. I'd like to have a sort of normal looking CWE army, with Corsair proxy conversion units as accent pieces for the army.
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Post by: Arquarian on June 20, 2012, 05:15:21 AM
I really like the Banshee..

The Bronze helmet and sword arm really make her stand apart from other Banshees I've seen.

Great work.
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 21, 2012, 04:45:53 AM
Completely agreed, and the way the form the armour it seems like this distinction in the colour scheme was their intention anyway.  I'll have to make sure to remember this whenever I eventually get to painting my banshees in another 15 years (It's been 15 since I bought them, 10 since I laid brush to them).
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Post by: Arquarian on June 21, 2012, 04:58:29 AM
It's been about that long since I've used mine!

Cav you have a pretty distinguished painting style. I like it.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 27, 2012, 02:06:46 PM
Hey guys. Again I missed all the new comments so sorry about that.

@ Arquarian- Thanks!

@ Algavinn- You're lucky you have the old ones! I bought the new ones (Finecast edition) and they are terrible. Total waste of money. I'm already converting up Corsair counts as Banshees as we speak.

Well 6th edition is making all my dreams come true. Here are my Reavers for Eldar/Dark Eldar allies army. They're all WIP



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Post by: Zilverscale on June 27, 2012, 02:21:37 PM
Well 6th edition is making all my dreams come true. Here are my Reavers for Eldar/Dark Eldar allies army. They're all WIP

My thoughts exactly :)

Great work as always :)

How do you set up a project blog?
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 28, 2012, 12:12:34 AM
I haven't really looked at a lot of the 5th ed stuff to be honest, I haven't played a game in 2 years, though I have added  abit to my Marine army, and have done a lot in collecting several BFG fleets.  I think I liked the 4th ed ones quite a bit but I haven't looked at them in a while so I can't quite remember if I even have them or not...I think I may just have the exarch from 4th and the rest are 2nd/3rd (I forget was there 3rd ed release separate from 2nd?).
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Post by: Cavalier on June 28, 2012, 10:38:40 AM
@ Zilverscale- Thanks! As for how to start a project blog.....hmmm. Its been so long since I started this thing I can't remember. As with everything you probably have to ask an admin...but you might be able to just add a thread I'm not sure. PM somebodyd I'm sure they'll help.

@ Algavinn- I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't played in 2 years either. I got back into the game at the end of 4th, played a bunch at the beginning of 5th but the seperation of objectives and VP's (KP's whatever) really turned me off. But as for the banshees its not so much sculpt of the newest Banshees that bother me its all the little finecast imperfections right on their freaking helmets!
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Post by: Arquarian on June 28, 2012, 11:02:52 AM
@ Zilverscale- Thanks! As for how to start a project blog.....hmmm. Its been so long since I started this thing I can't remember. As with everything you probably have to ask an admin...but you might be able to just add a thread I'm not sure. PM somebodyd I'm sure they'll help.
Go to the Projects board. There are instructions on how to go about this there. But basically you post in the thread asking for a thread of your own.

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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 29, 2012, 03:23:39 AM
I tended to ignore objectives and utterly annihilate my opponent.  May not sound as fun, but simple fact is that its harder to win by objectives to me than to just roll them so the game itself didnt change for me tons.  However, plenty of rule changes as always, like consolidation rules, certainly did effect my bahzhakhain.

Your project blog does motivate me to get back into things, but mostly the hobby side of things, once I get my desk and shelves set up for my 40k stuff in my new place.  Also I'm estranged from my gaming mates.

Not to mention I can't buy a bunch of new toys with how finances are going now...
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Post by: Cavalier on June 29, 2012, 02:01:30 PM
@ Algavinn- Good for you with wipe-out approach. I know what you mean on being estranged from my old gaming buddies. I had a sort of falling out too a couple of years ago, then I ended up moving. So all my forum-friends are like my gaming buddies now. But there is a pretty cool store nearby so maybe I'll make some new pals there.

Hey guys. Here's a WIP photo of a unit of Counts As Banshees I'm working on. I intend on having these be my go-to proxy unit for experimentation purposes (banshees, extra wyches, banshees, storm guardians, true born with CC etc.) Hopefully I'll be able to get some 3rd ed. Banshees at some point (or maybe new ones if they do a resculpt) but until these gals will have to do.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on June 29, 2012, 02:16:33 PM
Thats fantastic!  I like that more than the third ed. banshees.

One of my main gaming mates is working on his PhD across the country, the other I just lost contact with until recently and I've been mad busy.  Was finishing my degree and then started my own business.  Stupid RL, I need to kill the mon-keigh!!!
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Post by: Cavalier on July 3, 2012, 10:08:27 AM
Hey guys. Thought I'd post some progress on my counts as Howling Banshee. They are meant to represent my renegade Autarch's elite corsair guard. The photos aren't great but its the best lighting I've been able to utilize in days, and even still its not great so again, sorry for the somewhat crappy photo quality.

This is going to be the Exarch, with an executioner, but its still a work in progress.



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Post by: Cavalier on July 14, 2012, 06:10:34 PM

Still a work in progress.... but as you can see I've been touching up my old Fire Dragons. I wish I had new ones to just start from scratch with (painting old minis is always difficult) but gotta save my dough for my new AIRBRUSH which I can't wait to get ahold of. Really pumped about painting my hornets, and wave serpents and trying out some weathering techniques.
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Post by: Khorne25 on July 16, 2012, 12:19:55 AM
This is great! I absolutely adore your Fire Dragon :D

When are you planning on dazzling with us pictures of them in action ;)
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Post by: Cavalier on August 6, 2012, 11:38:00 AM
Corsair Warriors (Wyches)







Yes that is an Eldar power fist (counts as agonizer) :)

Corsair Warriors (Avengers)



@Khorne25- Glad you like the dragons. As for when they are going to hit the tabletop...hmmm. Probably not for awhile. I've played 40k for a long time, but never with an army that looked just the way I wanted it. So I want to completley finish this army before I make my foray into 6th.

And speaking of which, I've totally committed to making a completely Corsair themed army. I assembled and painted the Avengers I was showcasing awhile back, and to be honest I just thought the models looked ugly. I just cant help but think the newest Avengers models look bulky and over exaggerated. So I decided that I'm not going to settle for compromise on anything.

I'll sketch out my entire plan for constructing my army, and how it relates to the fluff in a later post, but until then I'm just keep experimenting, modeling and painting. Stay tuned!
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on August 6, 2012, 07:30:51 PM
Gods if only GW put out figures that good I'd be starting another army.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 15, 2012, 08:47:15 AM

Counts-as-Hekatrix with Eldar powerfist (aka agonizer)






A guy I did before I decided to fully convert my army. I loved 3rd ed. minis!


Corsair Avenger (counts as Dire Avenger)


Hope you enjoy my progress on my Eldar pirates. With each passing phase they are approaching more and more that Rogue Trader Eldar pirate look I love. Hope you guys like em too!
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on September 16, 2012, 12:48:43 AM
I'm always in complete awe of the minis you put up cav!  Keep them coming!  Makes me so jealous, and as always, inspires me...however there isnt enough inspiration to beat back 80 hours a week.

Where did the swords on those guys come from, and the running legs?
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Post by: Cavalier on September 16, 2012, 08:40:37 AM
Hey Algavannin. 80+ hours that rough man! I've got a painting service if you're ever interested. We can work out a decent price for you. No pressure or anything, just keep it in your back pocket if you are ever interested I'll hook you up ;)

The legs are Wych Legs, and I ordered a boat load of DE power swords off ebay. I make hey on ebay ordering bits. I just take a tiny little ball of green stuff to reposition the blade in various poses. I've said on other places across the web, if you include the elven fantasy lines, the Eldar/Dark Eldar bits range is just about as broad as the Imperial range. When the new kits come out alongside the new Codex it may even surpass it, at least in terms of uniqueness!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on September 17, 2012, 10:49:16 AM
I agree completely, I just wish I had the time and disposable cash.  Much of my Eldar comes from 1st-3rd edition so most of it is pewter and not quite as subject to modeling fun without better tools and skills, and it's already a 5000pt+ army.  Some day though, especially as I've really been into cool modeled and painted kill teams and combat patrols for the last few years, I just havent had the time to really work on my projects.  My 5000pt+ marine army is taking my painting priority though at the moment, but you always tempt me.

I will certainly keep the painting service in mind, though if nothing else I may just need a set of beautiful corsairs for some kill-team or combat patrol goodness :D  Your stuff seriously makes me literally drool.
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Post by: Calindor on October 19, 2012, 04:24:38 PM
I´m going to start a corsairs army and this topic give tons of insperation. Awsome work, you should be really proud. Can´t wait to see more :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 20, 2012, 10:31:11 AM







Thanks Algavinn and Calindor. I've got a lot more updates, just gotta take some more photos. All 2000 points are rapidly nearing completion.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calindor on October 20, 2012, 11:15:24 AM
What do you do to make your colours to pop so much? They look very clear :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 20, 2012, 11:54:23 AM
Hmmm. I'm not really sure. Maybe its just my commitment to a simple process.

1-Base coat
2- Wash/ink
3- Clean-up
4- Three Color Highlights. 

Also I make sure to try and use a lot of contrasting colors. Red, Blues and Golds really stand out against each other. Also my red is really dark so it makes the bright colors stand out.

Thanks for your comments and questions Calindor. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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Post by: Khorne25 on October 20, 2012, 12:54:26 PM
Those Guardians are seriously good!

Glad to see your army is still growing :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 20, 2012, 12:59:39 PM
I'm actually going to be running them as Avengers (I think the new avengers are too bulky), but thanks!!! I promise an army wide pic soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calindor on October 20, 2012, 01:28:29 PM
You are welcomed Cavalier. It´s just so fun to see a well done army that will look awsome on the table. Hope for some armypictures :) I will propably come back to you for more questions. *Actually, I come up with one right away:

What pieces did you use to build does "guardians"? I see some dark eldar but exacly what?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 20, 2012, 08:50:52 PM
Wyches, and Warrior heads. Also a couple of Hellion heads puttied up with green stuff to hide their scary teeth. Also I used a high elf "spirit stone" from the Dragon Princes kit. I like to sprinkle stuff from my large array of bits into every squad, not just save it for the HQ.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calindor on October 21, 2012, 02:47:29 AM
Thanks! It most be great to have so much to chose from. Your models really look good and they pop really good  when you look at them :)
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Post by: M4rt0k on October 25, 2012, 06:43:22 AM
Wonderful update. Your painting is so crisp. Book marked as a reference for my Word Bearers I think :)
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Post by: samzor on October 25, 2012, 08:15:11 AM
This is a fantastic army, in every way. The planning: Stylistic painting techniques, choice the colours, the poses and tiny conversions!!!
And the awesome paint jobs to boot!

A couple of questions:

Corsair Warriors (Wyches) - the golden weapons and accessories, what is the recipe you used?
I can see some sort of gold washed with a black wash (looks like citadel nuin oil) multiple layers of gold? Any brown washes used?
I dont paint metalics on my own eldar however it'd be great to know for future mini's.

That dire avenger where you said
A guy I did before I decided to fully convert my army. I loved 3rd ed. minis!

So he's a 3rd edition dire avanger? Wow i prefer those to the 4th? 5th? whatever they are now.

Any pics of the whole army (thus far)? Sorry found it 2 pages back!
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Post by: Cavalier on October 26, 2012, 04:06:57 PM
@M4rt0k- Thanks! Good luck with the Word Bearers, they are one my favorite chaos legions!

@ Samzor- Thanks for post Samzor, I'm so glad you like my guys. As for your questions, I use Brass Scorpion as an undercoat for the gold, black wash, then  Auric gold for the final layer. The Brass Scoprion goes on SO smooth, the Auric Gold takes a couple of layers. However, I use this dark Testors Gold Primer for my guns, vehicles, helmets etc (light, surgical application of null oil)  Its an absolutley beautiful primer, however the paint on version does not work well at all. So if you mess up on anything primed gold, its pretty much done for.

(And for those interested for my red's I go: khorne red, null oil, clean up with khorne red,  mephiston red, wild rider red.)

And yep, those are 3rd edition dire avengers. All they were was basically metal dire avenger heads in a guardian box. I really loved the way they looked. I've said this many times, but the newest Dire Avengers are so bulky. Their bulbous backpacks, view finders, ENORMOUS heads, huge arms, and long guns just seem so wonky to me. I loved them at first, but after a few years of painting various Avengers squads I really started pining for the old ones. I managed to find them on ebay at great expense, but they are super rare so it was worth it. Buy em' if you can!

And yes I will be posting an army pic soon. My hornets look so cool flying under my Razorwing. Can't to show em all off!

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Post by: Cavalier on October 29, 2012, 12:17:58 PM


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calindor on October 29, 2012, 04:42:06 PM
Cool, can´t wait for the rest as I really love your models :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 7, 2013, 03:57:11 PM
Hey guys long time no post! Sorry for the lack of updates. But I have been working hard. Here are some of my highlights.

My Archon



Corsair Avenger





Venom: Gunner is WIP


Wave Serpent almost totally finished, all it needs is some highlights on the turret, and its squadron markings.


And on a side note here is my countdown to finishing my entire army: 2 Incubi, 5 Rangers, 2 Reavers, a Raider, Warp Hunter,  and x2 Hornets.

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Still a WIP but here are my Rangers.





Comparison Shot:
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Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on February 11, 2013, 09:52:21 PM
As always, your work makes me want to cut myself or something so that I can't go in to work and must stay home and hobby it up :p  Thank you for continuously taking all the time to take pics and share with us your beautiful work.

If you ever want to type up and compile a guide for the community in how you do such clean crisp work, please let me know and I'll get it up on the front page.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 13, 2013, 08:06:58 AM
Hey Algavinn, thanks for the kind words. Sure i'd be happy to type up a little tutorial. I'll include some graphics and photos as well. I have a sort of philosophy on painting Eldar that I'd love to share with people too, which is really a response to how GW paints their Eldar (not a harsh critique at all, just describing their approach as opposed to my own approach). It may take me a little while (and I'll have to select a model or two to do from scratch). But sure I'd be happy to do it.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Zilverscale on February 13, 2013, 08:12:32 AM
Been a while since I peeked here :)

4 pages of good pixies and models :)

Would love to know your secret...so do write up the tutorial! :P
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 13, 2013, 05:18:18 PM
@ Zilverscale- Thanks bud! Stay tuned I'll make sure to do that tutorial. :)

Hey guys. Still plugging away. Simultaneously painting too many models (Incubi, Rangers, and my Venom Gunner) and now I got my bits order and in and now I have the conversion bug. Here's what I'm working on!

New Archon. This guy is a count-as exiled Autarch. whose warhost followed him into exile. Now I'm toying with the idea his craftworld was destroyed after his exile, and he represents the last practitioner of an extinct Aspect.



And I thought I'd throw this random little bit in:


This is going to be a principal piece in my Eldar Corsair bastion. It;ll be used to make towers, and weapon turrets. It might not look like much now, but I think its going to look really good with what I have planned. Anyway I'll be back soon with some more significant updates.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on February 14, 2013, 04:20:59 AM
Loving the notion behind the Autarch, and he looks cool.  Keep us updated!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: samzor on February 14, 2013, 05:57:30 AM
Fantastic conversions! Great colour scheme red+gold and consistency within the army.

You've managed to take enough of the DE stylism out and mix it with CWE eldar superbly. Dynamic poses, not too many pointy DE bits and the method you've used for the metallics is perfect. Neither sparkling new or too rusty/weathered.
The spirit stones being blue really give the models a nice finishing touch too. Thankyou for going to the time and effort to take such nice pictures.
Corsairs is my next favourite army in the 40k universe :) When i get around to building a corsair army i will take a look in this thread to get ideas for the kit-bash!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Field Marshall Duke Umarth Morte on February 14, 2013, 04:45:01 PM
Loving the models and the paint jobs! Is there any chance of an army shot soon?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 16, 2013, 09:24:50 AM
@ Samzor-Thank you for the kind words. I'm really glad you like my models. And I'm also thankful for the feedback I continue to generate on this forum, despite its relative quiteness of late (we're all dying for a new CW-dex). In particular I'm glad you like my spirit stones. I paint every single gem stone on all my models, so I'm glad you like the contrasting color. Thanks!

@ Umarth Morte- I've gotten many requests for an army, pic and I swear the next photo I post will be an army pic. Its currently dark and snowing today, but I live in North Carolina, so as soon as it clears up I'll take a smattering of army pics. I promise! ;)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Khorne25 on February 18, 2013, 10:22:45 PM
Excellent an army pic :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Hades Hound on February 18, 2013, 11:59:28 PM
Maybe I missed it in some of the earlier pages, but what is that gold paint you're using as a basecoat for the metallic portions? I love how bright and yet still very gold it looks, and I want to incorporate it to some of my more regal models.

Keep up the absolutely jaw dropping work. Can't wait for your technique tutorial.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 20, 2013, 11:59:36 AM

Hey gang, I'll try and find another location to get a better pic of the whole army down but here are some pics of my new Archon and my army pics:






@Hades Hound- I actually prime the majority of models with a Testors Gold, and just paint everything from the ground-up. Here is a summary from an older post on how:
"Yeah I use Testors Gold primer. Its easy enough to use, and its cheap. For most of my infantry models I just prime the whole thing gold and carefully paint around the parts I want to remain gold, because if you get even a tiny amount of paint on the gold, your out of luck because chances are you are not going to be able smudge it off. With vehicles I'll prime most of the vehicle gold, mask the parts I want to remain gold with regular old scotch tape, then airbrush the model red (or whatever color). It can be stressful because its unforgiving, but it looks good and is easy to do if you are careful. Feel free to ask me for any specifics, or for clarifications because I'd love to spread the technique to other players, because I feel it can be a real great tool in the painting aresenal especially for CW Eldar/ and Dark Eldar players."


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Here are some more photos. BTW this is the majority of 2k list. The only things its missing are x2 Hornets, my Warp Hunter, and a Raider (and my objective markers).





Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on February 25, 2013, 04:11:21 PM
I particularly like that Archon. The pauldrons from the White Lions work wonderfully, making him look heavily armoured but still maintain the sleek, agile appearance of the Eldar in general. I may need to pilfer that particular idea...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 26, 2013, 01:49:53 PM
@Lachdonin- Thanks man so glad you like the Archon. Pop on to ebay and you should be able to scoop up the pauldrons in addition to a lot of other cool bits. I've mentioned this before, but there are a LOT of options for Eldar conversions when you tap into High Elves, Dark Elves, and Dark Eldar ranges.

Hey guys. Quick WIP update. These guys are the last 2 Incubi for the 4 man squad which will serve as the retinue of my Archon. So my Archon, x4 Incubi as well as the Venom are all but done. All that remains is some detailing on my Archon, finishing up these 2 guys and painting up the banner for my Venom and my HQ will be finished. My brother and I are close to finishing work on finishing enough terrain so we can play at our house so I'm pumped about that as well. Anyway thanks for stopping by and as always stay tuned for more.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on February 26, 2013, 08:21:58 PM
Every single time I see your work my first reaction is to try to hit the like button, before forgetting that we don't really have one...

Along similar thoughts, have you ever entertained doing contract work?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 4, 2013, 07:53:51 AM
Thanks Algavinn. Yeah I have thought about a painting service. I actually have one, but no one has ever contacted me for any work.  :'( lol

But seriously if anyone who monitors this thread is looking for some contract work PM me and we can work something out.

BTW more updates coming soon. And I have a great idea for a counts-as Avatar. May take awhile to see the light of day, but it will be done.

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Hey gang, got a little mini-update for ya. Finishing off the rest of my Reavers. I like the style I did this guy in, definitley going to paint their shrouds red in the future. In fact I'm really looking forward to doing a second squad, as its taken me about a million years in between each model and they look a little motley to my eye.

I'm also planning a counts-as bike mounted Seer Council using the Reaver models. I'm going to model the Destructor Warlocks with flamers, and Singing Spear users with fusion guns. Though I'm not sure if I want to use Forge World Ones, old 2nd edition ones, or the Storm Guardian ones.


Also here is my Warp Hunter. I bought one of these before, and my primer deciding to go fuzzy on me. It seems Army Painter primer's do not like the climate in Carolina. I managed to salvage it a bit, but the death blow came when my cat snuck into my 40k closet and went berserk. Despite the cost, I'm actually really looking forward to painting it. Its one of my favorite forgeworld units. I just hope my local store will let me use it.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Benis on March 8, 2013, 01:45:15 PM
Really cool looking army so far! Would be interesting to see some planned armylists for the combination of Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 8, 2013, 03:58:17 PM
@ Benis- Thanks! As for an army list ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!

Farseer- Runes of Warding, Singing Spear, Doom
Archon- Huskblade, Venom Blade, Haywire Grenades, Ghostplate, Combat Drugs, Soul Trap, PGL, Shadowfield \
Incubi x4- Venom, Night Shields
Dire Avengers x9- Exarch, Bladestorm, Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones, TL Shuriken Cannons
Dire Avengers x9- Exarch, Bladestorm, Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones, TL Shuriken Cannons
Rangers x5
Wychesx9- Hekatrix-Agonizer, Hydra Gauntlets, Raider- Dark Lance, Night Shields, Grisly Trophies
Fast Attack:
Hornets x3- EML
Reavers x6- Arena Champion- Cluster Caltrops
Warp Hunter
Void Raven- Flickerfield



And this is 2000 pts exactly. I know people are super down on mech. nowadays but I'm actually pretty high on it. With the prevalence of night-fighting, and the fact that you cannot be immobilized on glancing hits anymore I actually think 6th edition gives a boost to 1st turn survivability for Eldar mech. Especially if you organize your grav units into screening formations and make good use of terrain. I have yet to actually play this list, but its what I've been working on from a modeling perspective for months now.

Anyway here is an update on my Warp Hunter. I'm actually going to use this as part of the tutorial that Algavinn asked for. I plan on doing one for both vehicles and infantry. So you can check in for updates here, and when the entire process is finished Algavinn and I will probably collate everything into a easier to navigate document of some sort.

Basecoated Khorne Red/Testors Dark Gold

Assembled, with Spirit Stones basecoated

Basic 1st stage highlight Mephiston Red

And here is the guy I'll be doing the infantry painting tutorial. This is really what I want my Wyches to look like, so it'll be fun to do a tutorial on.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Benis on March 8, 2013, 05:46:07 PM
Pretty cool list, I particularly like how the list basically is 50/50 Eldar and Dark Eldar.

The wych test model also looks very cool, nice mix of bits, with your colour scheme it will be quite an original take on the Wyches while still looking proper for the role.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 13, 2013, 03:27:02 PM
Hey guys. Another Warp Hunter Update. I consider this my second stage of completion. Two layers of highlights are down, and the first go-round for shading in the seams between panels.

2nd Stage highlights: Evil Sun Scarlett. I use a very long thin detail brush to lay down these highlights.



It may seem i jumped ahead a bit with the gems, but I as the the third stage of completion is my final stage I try and prepare them to be varnished. So here is the run down on how I get them ready to be varnished. Hawk Turquoise base, 1st stage highlight: Temple Guard Blue highlight. Second Stage highlight: Temple guard blue/white mix. Shading: Abbadon Black shadow. Little dot of Skull White in both the highlighted and shaded areas to create a sort of yin-yang affect.


EDIT: Need to clean this gemstone up a bit. Bad example SORRY!

Well thats if for now guys feel free to ask questions, and I'll add in extra photos and explanations. Thanks for watching :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 25, 2013, 06:56:10 PM
Still trucking along, I've nearly finished the warp hunter (pix coming), I finished a raider, a second one has been shaded, 1st stage highlights are complete and the sail is painted as well.

I've got a 1500pt game coming up with my bro who plays, and we decided to play an infantry focused game with only light vehicles. So to that end I'm going to be using my Dark Reapers just for fun, and my striking scorpions which haven't seen action in awhile.

So here is my first Dark Reaper. It took me awhile to figure out a paint scheme, and I butchered the helmet of two other models so they'll need to be striped, but overall I'm pretty happy with how this guy has come out. I'm a little disappointed I couldn't come up with a more original paint scheme.


Here is my Corsair Squad leader who I really like. In my head-fluff this guy is my army leader's most trusted lieutenant.  I just cant get enough of using the old powerfist its just so cool looking. I think using it as an agonizer is a pretty good approximate.

I got totally carried away with this figure. I promise I'll to do a tutorial on another model. Anyway  (Wych) that I really really like this guy. I HAVE to get more storm guardian chainswords. I really love them.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 25, 2013, 02:27:43 PM
Hey guys long time no update. I'm wicked close to finishing my 2k army. Very little left to do on my 2nd hornet, finish the third one, paint my second raider crew and one more venom and I'm done....until the new CW dex comes out.

Here's my Warp Hunter, and two Hornets with a third one waiting to be painted. So glad I bought these models.



Here is my Corsair Squad leader (Hekatrix with agonizer) and a Corsair warrior with a horn.

Here is a guy I really like. I'm going to do a whole squad like this. Another Corsair Avenger (Dire Avenger). I'll take some more photos to show off how cool his little dark eldar knife looks.

And lastly some little fish tank gems I picked up for wound/ hull point markers.

I'm gonna make a little set up to take better photos. I saw a good "how to" the other day so expect some cool photos real soon. Until then enjoy guys!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: murgel on May 10, 2013, 07:14:36 AM
most excellent work again.
How did you do the canopies? I would like to try something like that.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 11, 2013, 07:07:41 PM
@Murgel- Thanks for the compliments, its always appreciated. As for the canopies its super easy- mix green ink (wash would probably work fine) with GW's 'ard coat varnish and paint it right on their. Its a wicked forgiving process as well, so don't worry if it doesn't look great when you are holding it up inspecting it. When its on the model it looks great. That being said, its wicked easy to get a nice smooth coat.

@Everybody else- Hey gang! Soooooo close to finishing my army. I've recently finished my 2nd hornet, my ranger squad, and my reavers.  I have to paint the pilot on my last raider, finish my last hornet and I'm done! Down the road I plan on making scenic bases for all my vehicles.


Finished hornet

WIP Hornet

WIP Raider

Sooooo random thoughts. Really starting to question why I even include Wyches in my army. The Reaver Jetbikes seem to do everything I want, essentially getting melee attacks in the movement phase without having to deal with overwatch. I need to continue to play a bit more outside of my garage, and get some experience against a variety of opponents to continue to shake out my DE detachment and see what direction I really want to push them. I've even thought about stripping the army down to foot warriors in cover supporting my rangers, and just spamming out on reavers. We'll see. A lot depends on how jetbikes are in terms of offensive output in the new eldar book. We'll have to wait and see. Anyway thanks for stopping by comments and crits are always welcome!

Edit: Thats the new crater I just made. Trying to make craters for all my vehicles, though I'm sure I wont need them (sarcasm).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 22, 2013, 12:15:11 PM
Well guys I've finished my army. With the completion of my Hornet squadron, I now have two-thousand points of fully painted models. Here's my counts-as-Corsairs army list:

Farseer-Fortune, Warlord
Archon- Huskblade, Venom Blade, Soul Trap, Shadow Field, Ghostplate, PGL, HG's
Incubi x4
   Venom- Nightshields
Dire Avengers x9- Exarch: Bladestorm x2 Shuricats
   Wave Serpent- Spirit Stones, TL-Shuriken Cannons
Dire Avengers x9- Exarch: Bladestorm x2 Shuricats
   Wave Serpent- Spirit Stones, TL-Shuriken Cannons
Wyches x10- Hekatrix, Agonizer, PGL
   Raider- Nightshields
Rangers x7
Hornetsx3- 6x EML
Reavers x6- Arena Champion, Blaster, Cluster Caltrops
Warp Hunter
Void Raven Bomber- Nightshields







I've included my Reapers which I've also recently finished, as I use them in 1-1.5k games. In the next few days I'll get my game-board out and take some photos of the army as a whole with all my terrain and whatnot. Other than that not sure where my army will go from here. My long awaited Craftworld codex is finally about to be released so only time will tell. Thinking counts-as Warp Spiders from Forgeworld Corsairs, counts-as Beasts with White Lions  and about a million other ideas, but I'll need the book before I commit to anything. Looking forward to expanding into the 3000 point range and getting an Apocalypse sized army together but only time will tell. Thanks for all the support, looking forward to new models and hitting the table top with a fully painted army. Thanks again!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 27, 2013, 07:17:05 AM
My 2k army is completely painted! Highlights from my board!



















Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Katamari Damacy on June 7, 2013, 01:36:04 PM
It's been a while since i posted in this thread but i'm here agin to say you did an awesome job! This thread is so filled with great ideas, it's gonna remain in my favourites for a long long time... some of the sexiest conversion i've seen! I especially like the guy with the way old powerfist, i still have same of those in my bitz sprues from way back and i planned to use them for Storm Guardians but seeing your minis, i really have to put some more thought into my conversions i guess.

Maybe you could upload some pics with all the models you made for this thread? I know some are not part of your list, but i would really love to see them united for one great familiy picture :D. Still going back to your Banshee Conversions and Scorpions from the first couple of pages.

Again, this is great stuff! Congratulations on finishing a truly unique army, you sir are my hero!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 10, 2013, 06:11:17 PM
Thanks Katamari! Glad my thread's given you ideas. If you need any help with kitbashing tips, feel free to me hit me up with a PM anytime.

As for a group photo of all my guys. I'll try an accomodate you. Many of my mini's are currently being stripped in simple green, and others have been butchered for bits. That being said I have a number of squads that I haven't photo'd. So in short, I'm happy to oblige. Stay tuned....

But in other news....I got my first game in with my 2k list using the new Eldar dex at my FLGS. In fact this was my first time playing at my FLGS since moving to my new home 3 years ago. I had a great time. I played against a Necron player and its just so much fun. I got first turn and had my entire army bearing down on his left flank turn 1. It was nightfight so my holofield, wave serpents had a 2+ cover save on turn 1! It was insane. My Wych Raider, and Incubi/Archon Venom went completley ignored as my Wave Serpents and Warp Hunter took all the attention. My hornets were awesome as well. For whatever reason I had never given much thought to the effects of plasma templates of 8 EML. Needless to say it was crazy. I only got 3 turns in before the store began to close down but it was still fun, even though I made some bad mistakes that cost me my serpents and warp hunter. Battle Trance was fantastic. My Dire Avengers were shooting and scooting to safety, allowing me to be super aggressive before melting into cover. I had a lot of fun, and I"m looking forward to more games in the future. Everyone was super friendly, and every body was really excited about the new Eldar codex. A great time all round.

Anyway here's a minor update!

I'm now working on my new Wraithguard. The fluff behind their inclusion in my army is that what Wraith units are in my army, are actually the deceased members of my Autarch's (archons) personal house. Here's an early WIP



More to come. Thanks!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 18, 2013, 06:08:12 PM
Hey guys can't wait to get these bad boys on the board. Here's the progress thus far. I love how big these guys are, they're really imposing.


Had fun doing this base. Don't mind the shoulder pad gap- my green stuff skills make covering this up an impossibility!



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 18, 2013, 08:40:44 AM
Hey gang been awhile... here's the latest: my Wraithknight! I wasn't sure if I liked the model when the first images became available on the web, but the more I saw it the more I liked it and now owning it personally its one of the crown jewels in my collection. Its been a lot of fun to paint and I can't wait to do some custom conversions on the guns to incorporate my lion theme. Anyway hope you guys enjoy it....


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 10, 2013, 08:33:56 AM
Hey guys. Just wanted to post some pics of my Wraithknight. He's finished! The bits to model up his magnetized suncannon arms are on their way as well...


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on October 25, 2013, 07:42:21 PM
Its looking pretty damn good, though I have to say I can't be the only one who saw it and thought Iron Man...  The model is pretty cool, though at least in the last pictures they come out kind of shiny and the red looks quite bright, almost toy-plastic instead of 40k, but I have to imagine that's largely the lighting.

Man I've missed a lot of new 40k stuff over the last year or two...so damn busy!  Keep rolling stuff out!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 7, 2013, 08:59:04 AM
Thanks Algavinn... yeah its the lighting.... I don't know why it picks up like that on the Wraithknight. My Wave Serpents, Venoms, Razorwing etc. are all painted, and sealed in the exact same way but for some reason light picks up off the Wraithknight like no ones business. And yes the Iron Man comment has been made on other sites across the web- but under protest! Iron Man is cool but he's not 80's Cool like Rodimus Prime from the original Transformers Movie (1986)- he's the inspiration behind my color scheme!


Here are some updates- and some attempts to show what the Wraithknight looks like in different lighting.



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on November 25, 2013, 02:04:04 PM
Yeah, that helped the glare quite a bit, much better looking :)

So what's in the pipelines these days?  I finally started painting again myself, working on some deathwatch units, and my actual deathwatch kill team to boot.  Nothing so clean though!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 26, 2013, 09:46:10 AM
Hey Algavinn... as for whats in the pipeline not much on the Eldar front. I've got 3.5k fully painted at this point. I want to make up a bike council...I have a 3rd party jetbike for my Autarch on its way form Russia as we speak. I also plan on picking up a Corsair kit from Forgeworld and using them as either Warp Spiders or Swooping Hawks. But other than that not much for my Eldar....

I've actually been painting my brother's allied guard detachment for him to try and get his army up and running. Its been fun I'll post some pics sometime. Also been working a little bit on Chaos and Dark Angels for a campaign I want to run for my brother and I. I don't consider either the Chaos my army, its a sort of NPC army for the campaign, but the DA are something I've always wanted. I collected a smattering of them before I got into the Eldar in 2nd edition and I've always had a hankering to make a small force of them just for fun.

But more than anything I've been working on my board. My brother and I have been out in the garage every weekend busting our butts on making really nice terrain. Its been super fun and I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone. So stay tuned for that...

Also share some pics with us of models you've been painting I'd love to see what you've been up to.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Algavinn of the Many Paths on November 26, 2013, 02:17:52 PM
For sure!  I'm dying to get the dark vengeance box to make a small army/combat patrol for the dark angels, and a just small ~1000pt chaos army, mostly all for campaigns, kill teams, and fun combat patrols in the old style.  I'm focusing mostly on doing my kill teams these days so small projects I can feel progress on, while they actually contribute to getting my 5000+ pt SM army done.  The 7000 eldar...well...I've had lots of them for 20 years hardly painted and that may continue for another 20 lol...  I'll put up some pics soon.

I do loves me some terrain building, it is definitely fun, I just dont have room to store what I make so it's on a long term hold.

I look forward to seeing what else you've been working on!  If it goes into another post, link it here for us.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 7, 2013, 11:33:49 AM
Hey guys long time since my last post but my brother and I have been busy hobbying away. Primarily we've been working on terrain. We have 4-5 big pieces we've been working on, two of which are finished and are down below. Besides that I've been working on my brothers IG allies, while he works on his Reviler marines. Having painted about 25 infantry models for him I've found it fun to paint something besides Eldar but I've gotten to work on a few Eldar things here and there, in specific the Sun Cannon configuration for my Wraithknight.

Here's the Wraithknight equipped with his new Sun Cannon gear:

Here's one of the bigger terrain pieces my brother and I've been busting out:

Here's another terrain piece I did yesterday. You can almost hide an entire 10 man squad out of LOS behind this one

Here's my bro's Harker model I painted for him

Anyway gotta a ton of stuff in the pipe, and if the lighting was better (its a real dark day in the NC) I'd have taken some photos of more IG stuff. Got a number of big terrain pieces in the pipe, a squadron of War Walkers, and eventually the FW Corsair kit which I'll be running as Hawks/Spiders as needed. Stay tuned...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 4, 2014, 10:00:50 AM
Finally some Eldar updates! I've been working like crazy on my brother's guard, helping him a bit with his Reviler Space Marines, and even working on some Daemons/Chaos Marines/Cultists as an NPC army for our campaign, thus elbowing my beloved Eldar out of my hobby time- but no more!

I'm making up a counts-as-Seer Council -and no not a cheesy baron council- just a 5 man warlock/farseer council with my Autarch warlord. I debated heavily on whether to run a Shining Spears squad instead, but the fact that my brother (my primary opponent) is a basilisk/manticore freak who just loves his insane barrage weapons I had to go with something a little tougher. I will not be running them all the time, but Its a squad I've long coveted.

So anyway here is my first test model! This fella is gonna be warlock. The color is a little off on these photos due to bad lighting- they are actually a dark khorne red, but you get the idea.





Pretty pumped about how they are coming out and I've got tons of bits on the way, as I finally pulled the trigger and bought Corsair conversion set from FW which will be used for my next big project is going to be my counts-as-Swooping Hawks (or warpspiders depending on my mood). Swooping Hawks are so badass. They armed to the teeth and are going to be a nightmare for anything rocking 4+ armor. Can't wait to get these guys, it'll really complete the look of my Corsair army as I'll have a full squad of Corsairs, a full squadron of Hornets, and even my Warp Hunter.

Anyway, I took these photos using my iphone which excels at photographing minis! It makes it so much easier than my actual camera which is a pain to use. So expect some more frequent updates, including some photos of the Cadians, Revilers, Daemons and Cultists I've been slowly working on.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 8, 2014, 02:13:17 PM
So I'm still at it with my Seer Council. Now that I have my iphone it'll be much easier to keep my project blogs up to date. So without further ado... here's my count-as Singing Spear  Warlock. Again these guys are meant to represent my exiled Autarch's elite warriors, who are geared up with pre-fall arcane weapons, and wargear obtained from raids on Eldar Crone Worlds.




And also here are the test models for my Chaos/Daemon Force which will be an NPC army for an ongoing campaign my brother and I are playing.


Anyway guys, hope you enjoy the updates, Feel free to ask questions if you have any and I'll talk to you all again soon.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 15, 2014, 04:59:58 PM
Hey guys, just dropping by to show my latest progress on my counts-as Seer Council, here's the latest guy and he's coming out sweet! The additional 2 warlocks have just arrived, so all thats left is to convert up the Farseer, the Autarch and get the 4 bikes I need to complete the squad and this unit will be finished!



Imperial Armor Apocalypse is on its way, as are my 10 Man Corsair Squad, and 2x Corsair Special/Heavy weapon set... man this army is getting mighty huge!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 18, 2014, 03:31:53 PM
Hey gang, got some IG updates for ya. I've been painting my brothers army for him 1- because he's short on time 2- because never listens to me on order of operations, so even when he does sit down and paint, he spends 2 hours painting one guys face, while entire squad sits there without a drop of paint on em. Its a shame too because he's a really good painter and a good modeler.

He's got a pretty nasty list and even 1250 he has 2 basilisks, a manticore and a leman russ...its funny because I'm painting these models I'm like damn this is gonna hurt to face on the battlefield. So without further ado here is my latest on the IG!



The Chimera is named "ol' Fireball" because of its dual heavy flamers, but its become infamous due to the fact that I blow it up in almost every game as well

And  finally the Basilisk squadron. My brother absolutley loves these guys. Ever since he was a kid he's always loved massive firepower. As you can imagine he was a Megatron/Galvatron fan of the old transformers shows...


So anyway its a bit of change-up from my Eldar but its been fun and challenging to paint. I though the IG would be a breeze especially in a dark grey color scheme but that hasn't been the case. The sort of "no-mistakes" super clean Eldar in some ways are easier to paint due to the broad open surfaces and smooth lines, whereas the IG need to be weathered, but not too weathered, have tons of plates that all need to be edge highlighted and the fact that my brother INSISTS on old-school red las-guns has made for a challenging project. I have one more squad of Forgeworld hazardous environment Veterans, a manticore, a leman russ and another chimera to go before I"m completely finished with this project. So it'll be awhile especially considering I've got a whole mess of Eldar stuff on the way, and I'm going to take a break with the IG stuff to work on Chaos/Daemons for our campaign....so maybe my brother will take the oppurtunity and pick up the slack. Anyway guys thanks for stopping by and as always there are a bunch of stuff coming soon....
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 26, 2014, 08:03:44 AM
Hey guys still plugging away. The Swooping Hawk squad is officially 5-men strong in terms of tabletop presentability.  Here's the Exarch who's almost complete. The little Guardian scope on the shoulder his the nightvision upgrade the Exarch can take, he's gotten his grenade dropper, and a power weapon should I choose to equip him that way. Couldn't be happier with how these guys are coming out. Enjoy!

P.S.: They also laid the hammer down in their first game putting the nail in the coffin for a very nice victory. So nice to see these guys functional as a unit again!



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Benis on March 26, 2014, 11:12:39 AM
Really cool and a nice way of doing them for your Corsair list. Do the regular guys have grenade launchers as well?

It also looks like quite a cool piece of terrain the Exarch is standing on in the first pic. :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 26, 2014, 12:40:14 PM
Hey Benis thanks for the comments. Yes the regular "hawks" have the grenade droppers as well. Thanks for the comments on the terrain piece as well, I'll post some pics of my crashed falcon in my next update!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 25, 2014, 07:38:49 AM
Well I've been working away on my brothers army and making some new terrain. Everything but the FW lascannons on his vendetta (and its base) are finished. Soon I'm going to be back to work on my Eldar.... a jetbike Autarch, counts-as Striking Scorpions and Beastpack are first on the agenda!

Managed to get some time to do begin work on a test model for my counts-as Striking Scorpions They are meant to represent Corsair commandos and their paint scheme is meant to tie in with my Rangers. Pretty pumped about how cool they look. Also included are the flamer-toting Storm Guardians- a challenging unit to use but which I  think has some good potential when properly kitted up and supported. Anyways enjoy!

[size=150]WIP[/size] ignore the wonky eye... I fixed it already.


But besides that... here are some photos of a recent battle between my brother and I. I'm really glad his codex is coming out because I've been thrashing him pretty hard.





I love this photos... its one of my Rangers looking out of a cave and seeing one of my brothers Ratlings (painted by him). This reminded me of one of those cool photos from a forgeworld book. :)

My counts-as Nightwing made its debut and man did it kick ass. These things are SUPER deadly.


This photo just seemed epic to me. Anyway guys exepct some final IG updates soon and some terrain photos as well. After that its back to Eldar! Thanks for tuning in... questions, comments and crits are always appreciated. Thanks!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 3, 2014, 07:46:00 AM
Hey guys... still cracking away with my various projects for my campaign. What I'm working on currently is an assault wing for my Eldar army featuring Wraithblades, Scorpions and Storm Guardians. For purposes of home-games and campaign games between my brother and I we are instituting the old 5th edition assault rules. The way assault works in 6-7th is just SO tough it really sucks a lot of the fun out of the game and I haven't even run a single assault unit since 6th edition dropped. With my intention to run Khorne Berserkers and what not in our campaign I decided this has to change! So luckily my brother was on-board so I really have something fun to look forward to once these units are completed.... anyway ENJOY!!!

Here's the squad leader with Eldar powerfist (scorp exarch with power claw) one of my all time favorite bits always bummed the did away with it.


And here are some glamor shots of the rest of the dudes some of which still need a little work




Here they are with a couple of my Rangers. They're all supposed to tie in together as the infiltration wing of my army.

Stormies and Dire Avengers





(https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-hQcSUSIWHhs/U7Aj_lVSDZI/AAAAAAAAAoU/9tiILEPSIFQ/s512/IMG_0482.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-YoU1x_u_FhM/U7AlrpiIGOI/AAAAAAAAAog/EktQWMKrSfM/s512/IMG_0483.JPG)

(https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-hzRUZ1XUELQ/U7Aj5K9ACFI/AAAAAAAAAn8/TIDR-rjn84A/s512/IMG_0481.JPG) (https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-rOPMXORlkKU/U7Aj7BhZrwI/AAAAAAAAAoI/r9HKs7oKqCA/s512/IMG_0480.JPG)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on July 8, 2014, 01:59:49 PM
that is a really neatly painted gold - such a smooth finish over such a large, smooth surface is really well done.
I also like how you picked out the joints of the wraithblade in lighter colors, it looks very striking
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 11, 2014, 08:03:04 AM
@Vonny- Thanks Vonny! But truth be told that gold is achieved through pure primer! Testors Dark Gold to be precise... I just carefully paint all the red around it... though my discovery of Sycorax Bronze by GW has finally given me a touch paint as its almost identical to the testors! Let me tell you painting 2000+ pts with no touch up paint can be very nerve wracking!

@ Everybody- So I'm still plugging away. Real life has stolen most of my time lately but around thursday next week I should be back in the saddle again.  :D Anyway I'm very close to finishing my 3rd Wraithblade and I'm really happy with it. Been experimenting with Sycorax Bronze and determined its the exact same paint as the Testors Dark Gold or so close I literally cannot tell the difference. So this Wraithblade was my first little test of adding some little designs, and runes etc. with the Sycorax Bronze and I'm fairly happy with how it came out. Super simple but I just wanted to make sure it would work first. So I'm really looking forward to adding more runes and designs etc to the rest of my army so stay tuned for that.



Also here are some shots I took just for fun....



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on July 12, 2014, 06:27:23 AM
oooh yea, that design looks ace!

Adds a lot to the mini as a whole... now you've got me thinking about my wraiths :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 15, 2014, 12:20:23 PM
Hey gang Wraithblade #4 is complete. Really happy with how he came out and the pose of the model as well. I'm also delighted to discover that Sycorax Bronze truly is the exact same color as Testors Dark Gold.... that final proof coming in the form of painting some touch up directly on the Wraithguard's head and it blended in PERFECTLY. The sort of thin quality of GW gold metallics helped that blending process even more. Anyway here are some shots of my new dude... ENJOY!



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 20, 2014, 04:09:44 PM
Hey guys! Finished painting up my Wraithblades... super pumped about how they came out. Just have to add a little extra doo-dads to their bases and they'll be completely done.


Also finished assembling my Russian Jetbikes. Super pumped to paint these guys cause I'm gonna be painting on the gold accents by hand, and airbrushing it red from the get-go.


While I airbrush the jetbikes I'm also gonna airbrush the guns on the War Walkers I repaired awhile back so that I can actually play with these guys!


And last but not least I finished painting up my Dark Angels tactical squad!


So definitely some good hobby progress this week! Any comments questions or crits are always appreciated.... stay tuned for more soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Mr.Peanut (Turtleproof) on July 21, 2014, 02:48:51 PM
Cavalier, projects so rarely get finished people expect them to peter off.  This?  Your red and gold color choices are stunning and your lines are cleaner than medical silver, simply gorgeous.

I'm going to make some words with the other illiminati and get this posted to the front page.  Have you considered uploading to the 2014 Eldar album?  The new server is working well enough to support it reliably.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 21, 2014, 09:48:01 PM
Thanks so much Mr Peanut. Your praise is truly appreciated. This is my go to spot for hardcore Eldar talk so I'd be truly flattered if you guys decided to feature any of my models for the forum in any way.  Also I didn't know about the Eldar 2014 album... I'd be happy to post highlights and new photos from my army there though! So thanks again for the very kind words Mr Peanut and I hope you continue to enjoy all the new stuff I have in the works- there is some stuff in the pipe that I think you'll like!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on July 31, 2014, 04:23:15 PM
I love the pose of your wraithblade - and I love the paintwork on all of them. Hats off!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on July 31, 2014, 06:12:16 PM
Man, i'm a total newbie when it comes to painting playing being active on a forum but I have done some art studies and i gotta say this is really pure art work ... the color ar stunning the red extremely deep the gold extremely smooth the pose super effetive and very nicely calculated. Your work is awesome !!!
May i ask you something you don't need to answer it but I would really love to know the full process behind one of your work, i mean a tep by steps explanation if you can. And god i love your work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 1, 2014, 01:43:31 PM
@ Vonny- Thanks Vonny I appreciate it especially coming from you since your own Wraith units are so awesome!

@ Grizzlykin- Thanks for the comments grizzly kin I really appreciate your comments.  As for my process I can detail it for you no problem.

My Process for Painting Infantry:

1. Assemble and Prime Testors Dark Gold
2. Basecoat by-hand all the red parts of the model Khorne Red
3. A controlled Nuln Oil wash and being extremely careful not to get any on the parts which remain gold
4. Clean-up time! Go in and paint all the non-nuln-oil washed parts Khorne Red and do touch up on the gold with GW's Sycorax Bronze
5. 1st stage red highlights with Mephiston Red
6. 2nd stage red highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet
7. 3rd stage highlights with Wild Rider Red
8. 4th stage red highlights in only the most raised or dynamic spots with just a tiny amount of Fire Dragon Bright (Orange)
9. Paint the Spirit Stones and other details with strict adherence to a single color. You'll notice my models are only ever 3 colors (red gold blue/red gold white/red gold purple).

Special Note- I only do 4 stages of highlighting in areas of the model where you can actually see the gradation. For the most part its a simple Evil Sunz Scarlet/Wild Rider Red highlight. The Mephiston is SUPER close to Khorne Red so you only notice it on broad areas of the models such as the leg plates on Guardians and Aspect Warriors.

1. Assemble hull, magnetize weapons.
2. Prime hull Chaos Black, Airbrush Khorne Red
3. Prime Weapons (and sometimes undercarriage of vehicles like Falcons/Serpents) Testors Dark Gold
4. Assemble if necessary
5. Run a light wash of Nuln-Oil in all the grooves and etching on the vehicle.
6. Do basic red-highlights going straight to Evil Sunz Scarlet
7. Embelish Evil Sunz Scarlet highlights with Mephiston Red to blend it more subtley towards the Khorne Red base coat (if necessary).
8. At extreme edges and points highlight with Wild Rider Red
9. At exrtreme edges and points highlight with only a tiny amount of Fire Dragon Bright.
10. Carefully nuln wash the recessed areas of the Weapons (which are primed Testors Dark Gold).
11. Paint Spirit Stones.
12. Paint Pilots like I described for the infantry models.

So I hope that helps feel free to ask me any more questions if you need clarification and by the way here is what Testors Dark Gold primer looks like: (https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.estesrockets.com%2Fmedia%2Fcatalog%2Fproduct%2Fcache%2F1%2Fsmall_image%2F135x%2F9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95%2Fg%2Fo%2Fgold_2.jpg&hash=51fe6f5f203ef11369c42e3d62e4565e139de276)

Anyway good luck and thanks for the feedback! I love talking hobbying!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 12, 2014, 07:19:51 AM
Hey guys. After taking a break to work on my pre-heresy Dark Angels, I've been working hard to start expanding my Eldar force and reinforcements have arrived! These guys are going to be Dire Avengers. I've also been saving all the fusion guns, and missile launchers from the Corsair kits which will eventually be used to create counts-as Fire Dragons and Dark Reapers. Anyway small update but I'm going to prime and paint these guys starting this weekend, so there should be more frequent updates incoming. Comments and crits are always appreciated...stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


Basic Squad Leader (in my list I'm not taking an exarch so I wanted to keep this guy kinda toned down)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 12, 2014, 12:05:09 PM
They look fit for the bill. Can't wait to see them in your red and gold.

Or are these from a different group with different colors?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 15, 2014, 01:36:48 PM
@ Vonny- Thanks! Glad you think they fit the bill for DA's. And yep they're gonna be red and gold. Only the stealthy counts-as-aspect-warriors get the black paint jobs.

Hey gang slowly but surely this unit is taking form! The last couple guys took awhile to assemble, and I decided I needed to have a more recognizable squad leader despite not upgrading him to an Exarch so anyway here's what I've got so far. Gonna try and post a little bit more step-by-step for those who've inquired in the past as to how I go about painting my dudes. Anyway enjoy!


Post Merge: September 16, 2014, 07:15:46 PM
In the future, please use the modify button. Double posting is against the forum rules, and for that reason, the system merged your posts.

Hey guys now that everything is primed its time to hit the pedal to the metal and start painting. Not sure if I'm going to batch paint or not... these guys aren't a priority as I don't need them for any upcoming games so I'll have to wait and see. Anyway these guys are super fun to paint... I love the FW Corsair helms and the Guardian kit is probably my favorite Eldar unit model in terms of the actual models. I actually prefer the Guardian models to actual Dire Avengers, and made sure to scoop up a lot of the old 3rd ed. metal Dire Avenger upgrade bits to make actual DA's which is probably my favorite representation of them model-wise.

Anyway here are the pics... I'm taking the week off from my work so hopefully I'll get through 4 or 5 this week. Stay tuned!

(https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-zWZ2vcaygIg/VBiniATz61I/AAAAAAAAA3A/y7TAbNLyqyM/s512/IMG_0729.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-pZooOVpwVcg/VBinz6rv7AI/AAAAAAAAA3I/C0XE1N5koTQ/s512/IMG_0732.JPG)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 17, 2014, 06:52:59 AM
looking good!

I recently got some guardian sprues myself. There's some things on there I have trouble identifying some of them, having only had a limited glimpse into the world of eldar wargear. Looks like some kind of sensor, or scope, or additional laser-weapon?

Anyway, yours look great, the red has a good amount of definition in it to really show the shapes of the model, and the painting is just nice and smooth.
The only thing I could comment on is that the shuriken catapult looks somewhat 'flat', as in lacking shading and/or highlighting, but I reckon it's all a case of the amount of time you want to invest in it and for what gain - because I'd imagine they'd look absolutely stunning as a group.

edit: as an afterthought  - it might also be the photo quality that brings the shuriken catapult down a bit, because it looks worse in the picture on the right than it does in the picture on the left, even though the model is obviously more painted.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 17, 2014, 07:29:35 AM
Hey Vonny thanks for the comments! I actually haven't started painting the shuriken catapult yet its still raw primer. I gotta do some washes, paint the gems and paint the scope which'll be fun. I usually do a an agrax earthshade wash and then a lilttle nuln-oil in key spots to truly deepen to shading. Looking forward to getting some highlights and blending going on the red too... Still a lot of steps left but it feels good painting my Eldar again. I've been painting mostly IG (my brothers) and my small Pre-Heresy Dark Angels force (which I haven't posted here) so getting back to my Corsairs is always awesome. More updates to come- stay tuned!

Post Merge: September 18, 2014, 07:36:42 AM
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Hey gang quick update... almost finished with this dude- then its on to the squad which'll be batch painted! Updates should be coming in a few days. Stay tuned!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 18, 2014, 10:27:23 AM
looks beautiful!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: murgel on September 18, 2014, 04:13:21 PM
Excellent looking model.
you had it down excellently in the beginning and still improved over time. really great models!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 23, 2014, 01:29:50 PM
@ Vonny- Thanks as always! All encouragement is always appreciated!

@Murgel- Thanks I really appreciate your comments. Its been awhile since I've painted a new Eldar so I wasn't sure exactly how good they were gonna come out. But I'm very happy with the results!

Hey guys... my vacation is almost over but I should finish my Dire Avenger squad by this weekend... hopefully in time for the game I have scheduled. Also found a great spot to photo minis- I can actually see my highlights in these photos! Amazing! Anyway enjoy....



My beloved Corsair Warriors (Wyches) hopefully they'll see some play soon with release of the new Dark Eldar codex.... I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 23, 2014, 05:35:28 PM
yes, this looks awesome. A simple, striking color scheme (not to be confused with simple, easy painting), that pops and works well visually.

I really like the muted detail on the squad leader's base - easy to overlook at first glance, but it adds a lot of context subconsciously.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 24, 2014, 07:45:51 AM
Thanks Vonny! Yeah I like to kick it old school with my bases... so there are lots of skulls and decapitated helmet head lying all over the place on a lot my bases but I try to blend them into the base so its not too over the top. Thanks for noticing I try to make my bases nice... speaking of which I really gotta add static grass to a number of them a long time ago. Guess I got lazy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 26, 2014, 10:58:43 AM

Managed to finish up another squad for a game I've got upcoming on saturday against a Tau player at my local store. I've still got about 6 helmeted corsairs to paint, and when they are painted I'll separate them into two different units. Anyway enjoy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 26, 2014, 05:24:46 PM
No matter how many you show i can't get bored of those great work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 27, 2014, 08:24:33 AM
Those are some beautiful skin tones and hair details. Which heads do you use for this?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 27, 2014, 03:21:30 PM
@ Grizzlykin- Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.

@ Vonny- Thanks Vonny painting faces is always hard so the compliments are much appreciated. As for the heads themselves they are from Wych, Hellion and Kabalite Warrior kits. I love to pick up a batch of heads on ebay every once in awhile for just these purposes. They mesh perfectly, though I putty over the freaky Hellion mouth-grill.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 5, 2014, 10:38:43 AM
So guys here's my Autarch/Archon... he's almost done. A little more detailing some stuff for his base and he should be ready...... just in time for the CAMPAIGN (!) which is finally gonna start. Started going to new gaming store and its been a real revelation. There are lot of people super into 40k and its only 15-20 minutes down the road so I'm stoked I wont be running the campaign with just me and my brother. I'll be sure to post the maps, missions and results (as well as photos my brother's new units which we'll be rushing to finish... including the dreaded Vulture that cheesy #*&#$*&). So stay tuned because there are some awesome new models and terrain, awesome (and brief) battle reports, missions and campaign news ready to hit this thread in about a months time. Stay tuned!

Still a WIP.... and I'll make sure to get some real good pix when I finish him.





Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 5, 2014, 12:43:47 PM
I like the wolf coat that make him looking really cool and fit well with your color theme! The pose is also really dynamic man your work are always so awesome can't wait to see more pick!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 5, 2014, 04:22:41 PM
the wolf coat and the dynamic pose really make him stand out as a centerpiece. Looks great!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Rx8Speed on October 6, 2014, 10:02:02 AM
I feel like the face on that model has to be mentioned absolutely stunning work! I'm truly jealous of how well you can do faces. Do you mind posting what colors/ layers you use?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 7, 2014, 04:03:19 PM
@Grizzlykin- Thanks! The cloak is actually a lion cloak from the White Lions of Charce kit (my Corsairs are called the Lions of Asuryan. Glad you liked the pose, it took a lot of bits to get everything flowing in the right direction but I think it was worth it. Thanks for your comments Grizzly its appreciated!

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny, glad you think he's center-piece worthy. It can be difficult to get all the Eldar/Dark Eldar/High Elf kits to mesh sometimes but I think I pulled it off with this guy.

@RX8Speed- Thanks Rx8. You don't know how appreciative I am of that comment. I've painted this head MANY times throughout the years and I cant tell you how small the eyes are and how difficult it is to paint the hair on the forehead of this particular model. The one time I did a good job one my cats randomly bit the models head and gouged the cheek ruining the model so being able to pull it off was very gratifying. As for the colors and layers... if you are referring to faces... I use:

Rakarth Flesh
Reikland Flesh Wash
Rakarth clean up
 Very minimal Wych flesh highlights.

Though some times I do:
Kislev Flesh
Reikland Fleshwash
Kislev Flesh Cleanup
Rakarth Flesh highlights.

But if you are asking about my reds....
I rock Khorne Red
Nuln Oil Wash
Khorne Red cleanup
Mephiston Red Highlight
Evil Sunz Scarlet Highlight
Little bit of Wild Rider Red
Super tiny of Fire Dragon Orange (or whatever its called I can't remember)

So following up from those replies....after years of trying to make an Autarch/Archon model that I'm really satisfied, I think I've done. This guy came out great.... so pumped I'm gonna have him for my upcoming campaign. Comments and crits are always appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some more cool stuff coming down the pipe.

(https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-59s-_skiN_U/VDQFWZe_t8I/AAAAAAAAA8M/Skl9ZDEBJII/s512/IMG_0094.JPG) (https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-IL765Y1g7e8/VDQFVHE5N3I/AAAAAAAAA8E/tlxDJPwiQEU/s512/IMG_0095.JPG)


Also stay tuned for some DE reinforcements! The Void Raven is coming and I can't wait to paint it and use it so stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 7, 2014, 04:28:22 PM
Heheh at first i thought it was a bear coat and since i had only space wolf in my head that had a coat i never thouht of something else :D glad to know it's a lyon
other question regarding the painting what do you call a cleanup? I am new and bad at painting so i was wondering ^^ if you happen to have any thread to notify me for me to be finding a a nice painting tutorials i would be really happy (is this out of place? If so plz notify me of it )
ty for sharing your work it is really pleasant to watch :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 8, 2014, 07:06:50 AM
Hey Grizzlykin as always glad you are enjoying the project. As for my term "Cleanup" all its means is after you apply your washes there tends to be excess wash on parts of the model where you don't want it. For example when you are applying washes to the ridges of the breastplate on the armor, the wash tends to get on the actual breastplate. So when its "clean-up" time I take the base coat paint (for me Khorne Red) and just carefully repaint all the raised areas (where you don't want any washes) so everything looks nice- meaning the only areas where there is any wash is the recesses and places where it creates natural shading.

I can try and give you some photos later but this one is a pretty good example:

If you click on the image it'll zoom in... but you can see the model in the back is pure primer... the second to the back is basecoated and washed. The 2nd to the front is cleaned up with basic accent colors applied and the closest model is the finished product. I can try and give better photos later today or tomorrow because I'm still painting Dire Avengers which I'll do some step-by-step for ya. Anyway until then enjoy... and if you get a chance start a project log and I can help you with your own models! :) :) :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 8, 2014, 05:03:09 PM
Man you are absolutely awesome :D i will start a project log at some point ;) but since i am really really far from being patient or event being active at painting (got school to go along) i really wonder if it is pertinent to do a log. Out of that i would gladly see the dire avenger step by stpe things.
You say primer but what do you use for that gold primer?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 13, 2014, 06:56:39 AM
Hey Grizzlykin! Sorry for the long wait... I took the photos like 4 days ago but I just kept forgetting to upload and post! I here's the process... I skipped step one which is just basecoating... but here are steps 2 and 3....

Basecoat+Wash: Colors are simply Testors Dark Gold (Primer), Khorne Red, Rakarth Flesh and Celestra Grey (on the gems)


Clean-up + Minor Details: Colors are simply Khorne Red, Rakarth Flesh, Celstra Grey, and Lahmian Medium+Thunderhawk Blue for the Hair Wash, with White Clean up on the hair


And just to repeat the gold I use is Testors Dark Gold google it to see what it looks like, but in the States you can get in basically any hobbystore like Michaels, Hobbytown USA and most model trainshops. I'll pop in with more updates soon.... but I am working on my Void Raven so it may be a little intermittent as I have to get my Void Raven, my brothers Vulture, and possibly a Knight Titan tabletop ready in 2 weeks!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 13, 2014, 07:21:51 AM
Hey Cavalier Ty very much for the process it will be helpfull :D  For the gold primer let me tell it defenetly is not something i am gonna used and even if i was looking for hit finding it in the US would make a real long trip from France for just Primer ^^ i will post something at some point so that you can see what i have for now ^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 15, 2014, 05:10:03 PM
Slowly but surely the Void Raven is nearing completion. Honestly the two part priming and then airbrushing is the worst part of it... so once I clear this hurdle I'm in the clear.... cause actually painting it is the easy part!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 15, 2014, 05:17:34 PM
I would be so glad if i could be saying the same thing ^^ but i can't painting is hard for me. Other wise so far it looks fabulouz with the black and gold colour i have to believe that you won't keep it like this, right?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 16, 2014, 01:30:58 PM
@Grizzlykin- The black and gold does look nice doesn't it? I've always wanted to do a true DE army black and gold... sure would be easier to paint!!!!!

Hey guys got through the most harrowing part of the vehicle construction.... had a slight problem when the tape ripped off parts of masked sections of the gold but I was able to re-prime it no problem. The next hurdle to jump will be trying to get the thing to fit together properly. Little bit of a gap on the left side of the model... not sure if its warping or just some bits that need to be shaved etc. Who knows maybe rubberbanding the together while the glue dries will get everything into place... but other than that its gone well. Looking forward to painting and final assembly... and BTW if anyones knows specifically what part of the model keeps this bird from fitting together all snug please let me know. Anyway more to come soon....


Also airbrushed my russian JB's!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 16, 2014, 05:12:11 PM
Russians jet bikes? Where did you get those looks awesome
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 18, 2014, 07:19:25 AM
Its pretty tough to get them to be honest. You basically have to scour ebay for Russian sellers but they don't last long. They usually close-shop or closed down by GW after a month or two of being open. Anyway more Void Raven updates to come...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 23, 2014, 07:39:16 AM
Hey guys just wanted to share Void Raven progress... I've got the beginning of a campaign coming up and I really want to rock game one with this bad bird so I'm really trying to get it ready for saturday. Anyway its been a pleasure to paint so far. Much less etching/veins than I'm used to with my Eldar vehicles which allows me to spend more time highlighting the big sweeping movements of the vehicle as opposed to spending 60% of the time shading the veins, and then highlighting their raised edges which define them.


Also the Sycorax Gold is working like a charm... perfectly blending in with the Testors Primer so yay!

And the base... had fun making this...


Anyways guys just a quick update stay tuned for more soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 28, 2014, 07:27:52 AM
Hey guys. Been a hobby bonanza at my place between me and my brother trying to get ready for this campaign coming up this saturdary. Void Raven is close to completion though unfortunatley he will be going to battle without his bombadier. I tried everything to get that pilot to go in, and even tried putting some Reaver pilots in there but all to no avail. I'm gonna have to try and get a spare off ebay... but the bad bird still looks mean and tabletop worthy.


Also wanted to include a better photo of my latest Corsair Avengers. Love these guys... currently my favorite squad.


Play tested the campaigns first mission and it was one hell of a game. My brother and I had a great time and it was an absolute blood bath. My Wraithblades, Autarch, Archon combo has been fantastic and has really inspired me that even up against one of the shootiest armies I have ever played against, with its majority T6, invuln saves galore and deadly offensive punch this unit has what it takes! Anyway I'll definitley re-cap my game after next week and chronicle the campaign best I can... with the background rules etc as well. Anyways thanks for stopping in and stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on October 28, 2014, 09:00:14 AM
I really like that squad too :).  It looks really characterful, with the different heads and poses, and I've always liked the combination of red and gold which you use.

The Void Raven reminds me a bit of the Red Venom toy for Manta Force (that is a compliment, just to be clear :)), but with more gold.  I really like the you've made it look so sleek.  It's also reminiscent of the spacecraft from the Flash Gordon film too :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 28, 2014, 03:23:58 PM
Hey Irisado thanks so much for stopping by and dropping me a line. I was always hoping you' d pop in and share your thoughts. As you know I highly value your opinion on all things Eldar so your comments are very much appreciated.

I totally feel you on the "Red Venom" from Manta Force... as a fan of all toy-centric things from the 80's I'm loving the similarities. After all my paint scheme is based on Rodimus Prime from the original Transformers movie:


The Flash Gordon similarities are also there to be sure. So anyway thanks again for stopping by so glad I got the Irisado stamp of approval! :) :) :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on October 29, 2014, 08:38:39 AM
You've chosen some great colours there as the inspiration for your paint scheme.  We're pretty spoilt for choice from the 1980s for colour.  It was a great decade for cartoons and sci-fi fantasy.

I look forward to further updates from you, particularly how those Jetbikes turn out :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on November 2, 2014, 06:15:07 PM
that void raven looks stunning for sure! Very sleek, somehow.

and I cannot but agree with irisado - those avengers look stunning
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 9, 2014, 09:23:42 AM
@ Irisado- thanks so much Irisado! I know we are spoiled for inspiration when it comes to the 80's! Glad you like my scheme... and I promise I'll paint up those JB's soon!

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. Your comments are appreciated as always... can't wait to see what you've been working. Don't keep us waiting too long!

Hey guys! Well I'm in week two of my campaign and its gone pretty well. The format has worked which is nice considering my friend Andrew and myself spent about 3 weeks working it out. However my faction is losing pretty bad.... yet hope remains!

Bat Rep 1

Week 1 List
Autarch: Soulshrive, Banshee Mask
Archon: Agonizer, Helm of Spite, Shadowfield
Wraithblades x5- Axes
   Wave Serpent- Bright Lances, Holofields
Dire Avengers x10
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Holofields
Dire Avengers x10
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Holofields
Warrios x5
   Venom- Dual Cannon
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasers
Voidraven- Nightshields

… the Grey Knights player is rocking a Knight Titan, 2 Dreadknights, 2 Dakka Dreadnoughts, dakka Razorbacks, 2x6 man strike squads with psycannons, Techrpriest with a conversion beamer, a tooled up Librarian and a host of psychic shenanigans. 

So the Void Raven and the Wraithblades, with the CC oriented Archon and Autarch was a big points sink, as was the Voidraven and I payed for it game 1. It was a modified kill points game, with long ways deployment but without any no-man's land buffer zone. The board was simply split in half allowing the Grey Knights to get right up in my face with Imperial Knight and Dreadknights. Furthermore the longways deployment really limited my ability to flank which is key to my strategy with the hornets and serpents. This was further complicated by the fact that I gave the Grey Knights all the big ruins that I had to represent an Eldar assault on a fortified Imperial position. In summation I basically ran into a huge wall of armor with the Dreadknights and the Imperial Knight holding the frontline while his dakka Dreadnoughts and Razorbacks, Strike Squads with psycannons, and the Techpriest forced my Serpents into jinking at all times due to sheer weight of dice.
   So I was faced with a difficult situation. I had to deal with Dreadknights and Imperial Knight first due to there being about only 18" of seperation turn 1 and because of their ability to house my Serpents in CC… however with my Hornets and Void Raven in reserves and only the a Brightlance Serpent, and a Wraithknight to deal with Dreadknight and the Imperial Knight it was a tall task. Turn 1 I decided focus everything on the Dreadknights which wasn't much considering the Warriors in the Venom were out of range. I did 2 wounds to one but other than that nothing.
   Turn 1 Greyknights saw an enormous amount of incoming fire forcing my Serpents causing hullpoints to all and forcing them to jink cutting down my firepower dramatically. The wraithknight took 3 wounds… and I defnitley felt I was on my backfoot.
   Turn 2 Eldar saw the Hornets come in and I gambled everything on taking out the Dreadknights again. I brought the Hornets perilously close to the Dreadknights (which was a necessity due to the longways deployment and density of terrain) just to keep them away from the Imperial Knight. I had to kill those Dreadknights to prevent my hornets from getting wiped in CC and threw everything at them. So my hornets, snap firing wave serpents firing only scatterlasers (had to keep those shields up), and Wraithknight killed only one of the dreadknights leaving one left…. it was time for the Warriors in the Venom to go to work. This in my mind was the most pivotal point of the game, if the Venom Warrios could kill the Dreadknight the left flank would be cleared from the massive threat posed by the Dreadknight to my Serpents and Wraithknight… allowing me to gang up on the Imperial Knight turn 3. So in they went 17 poisoned shots….. and they only caused two wounds! Big time let down. The Hornets were good as dead…
   Turn 3 thing went from bad to worse. The surviving Dreadknight killed my hornets. One of the Serpents went down stranding my Avengers in the middle of nowhere, the Venom got destroyed, the Wraithknight took another wound (only 2 left at this point) and I am in a giant hole from kill points perspective.
   Turn 4 I focused half my force on taking down the remaining Dreadknight and it came down to the stranded Dire Avengers who finally felled the thing. The Wraithknight failed to inflict any damage again and now I was feeling the pressure. With Turn 5 looming I had to go for Secondary Objectives… Warlord was worth 5 KP's due to the mission and though it was in the middle of an absolute killing zone I went for it anyway. At this point I needed a big points swing… so I went for it. The two remaining Serpents charged up the board, the Wraithknight moved up a little so he could potentially charge turn 5 and I held on for dear life at firestorm I knew was to come.
   Turn 5 he unloaded on my HQ felling their Serpent… but allowing me a potential charge on his Librarian who was hiding by himself in the middle of the ruins. However the Imperial Knight was only 10 inches away and both the Knight and the Librarian unloaded all hell on my HQ+Wraithblades. He got off the d-weapon Vortex, the Knight double tapped me with his battlecannon and stubbers and after about 8 million look-out sirs, incredible Invuln rolls my Autarch and 2 Wraithblade survived… but they would not survive the charging Knight in the assault phase. With only 1 Serpent, the Wraithknight on 5 wounds, and the Void Raven (which had not come on) 2 Squad of Dire Avengers, one squad of which hiding in no-man's land the game was all but over.
   Turn 6 the Raven came on did nothing (out of range due to long ways deployment), the Wraithknight inflicted only a single HP and failed to charge the Knight, and a botched run roll leaving the Avengers nearest the Warlord completley exposed concluded the disastrous turn 6 for the Eldar… and we called it at the bottom of 6 when the Wraithknight, one of the Avengers squads and Raven went down in flames.
   Definitley a bummer for me. I gambled too much on turn 2... and essentially threw the hornets away. I should have gotten the Dire Avengers out and truly went for broke. That being said my opponents list was very competitive, and seemed tailored specifically against Eldar which while not a "Gamer Sin" was a bit of a bummer because it was really meant to be "casual" level of competitiveness and an intro to narrative gaming. Furthermore my comrades were all tabled! My friend Andrew is new to 7th ed having just gotten back into the game after a hiatus going all the way back to 4th edition. When I heard his opponent telling him "Yeah you need 6's to his flyers if you don't have Skyfire" I knew we were in trouble! The other Eldar player had a very limited range of model selection and is only used to play games at 1000 pts… which I found after my brother defeated him! Oh man we we're reeling and my arrogant Eldar pride was stinging like you couldn't believe…. and I had a brutal match-up against the Grey Knight players brother next week… featuring 2 Vendettas and a Vulture. I knew I was in big trouble.

Bat Rep 2- Revenge!

My opponents list
Pask in a Punisher, squadroned with a Plasmacutioner
Autocannon Russ
Company Command Squad
3 Veteransx10 with Flamers and Sniper Rifles
Double Wyverns

My List
Autarch: Soulshrive, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun
Archon: WWP, Blaster, Shadowfield
Dire Avengers x10
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Cannons, Holofields
Dire Avengers x9
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Cannons, Holofields
Dire Avengers x5
   Wave Serpent, Scatter Lasers, Cannons, Holofields
Warrios x5
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasers

   Due to the campaign rules the winners of the previous week cannot change their lists. This gave me an advantage of sorts… however despite having 6000 points of Eldar… I have only 2 flyers my Void Raven, and a Razorwing which is falling apart. I was scrambling for AA options… Dark Reapers were out due to the presence of the Wyverns… my 2 War Walkers with strength 7 missiles would be all but helpless against that wall of AV12… and a lone firestorm I converted while nice was clocking in at over 200pts! I had no other choice… I proxied my Raven as a Nightwing and decided I couldn't beat him in the skies… I'd have to just go for glory on the ground… and outmaneuver him…. which is exactly what I did!

   To some it up… the only really changes I made to my list was exchange my Wraithblades for standard Wraithguard, I dropped the CC options on the Archon in favor of humble blaster and a webway portal, gave the spare Serpent to 5 more Dire Avengers and dropped the Venom and ran the warriors on foot. My opponent set-up his Gunline behind an Aegis Defense line super close to the back of the board. My plans of going after Pask turn 1 were foiled… but I didn't care. I dedicated myself to destroying his flank and it couldn't have worked out better.


   I set up my Serpents evenly across the board and pulled everything to the left flank, leaving only the Wraithknight behind cover to pot-shot his armor on the right flank. Due to the mission rules (Eldar Fighting Retreat mission from the battlemission book) my reserves come in turn 1 and everything came in due to my Autarch (Autarch auto-include-4-Life!!!) So the Autarch, Archon, Wraithguard, Hornets crush his Wyverns, the Nightwing causes two hull points on his Chimera. Turn 1 I'm all up in his lines, half his army is out of range, I'm all over the objectives from multiple angles and I've got 1st blood. To prevent this from going on too long (probably too late ;) ) I basically rolled up his left flank with my Autarch slaughtering everything in CC powering up his Soulshrive to Str 8, the Wraithguard wrecking vehicles all over the place and even Vendettas going to into hover mode out of sheer desperation, while the Wave Serpent hiding under his flyers firing only their cannons and s.lasers to great effect, and the Hornets just darting around sniping all over the place, while the Wraithknight pinned down his right flank. All in all I lost only a single Wraithguard and one Hornet.



   My opponent who is a super nice guy calls it after turn 4. Sweet revenge for my Corsairs! Unfortunately my comrades did not fair as well. My fellow Eldar player who did great turn 1, ended up getting tabled… and my friend Andrew with his Tau lost to my brother in an absolute nail-biter against my brother. Technically the Xenos have lost the campaign… but we re-jiggered things to allow us to continue battling for the winprovided we win all our games next week. This is a SUPER tall task… the details of which I'll get into next week. Anyways those who read this thanks so much for tuning in… stay tuned next week for an update with more pix. Thanks guys!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on November 9, 2014, 05:27:01 PM
Wow, that grey knights list looked rather painful indeed. So much shooting, so much min/maxed (from a quick glance, in any case).

I hope you all still have fun playing, even though the battles sound a bit one-sided (both games). That's of course the most important.
I think it was a smart choice in that first game to try and break for the objective points. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
I really like that photo from the second game with the vulture (I think?) being chased by the eldar flyer. Looks like a still from a movie :)
And it's nice to see you running a campaign! Do you have much work on it, making a background story, reporting results?

As for updates from me - I think I'm done converting my spiritseer, and am in the process of building my first unit of guardians. I'm trying to see if I can take a page from your book and add in some dark eldar heads. I'm also trying to identify some of the extra bits on the sprues - but I guess I'd best discuss that in my own topic :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on November 9, 2014, 07:10:44 PM
I have to say your army look real good on board! The unity you get from those guy's is awesome!
A shame those cool looking guy's got crushed against the grey knight but i guess that was to be expected with a list like his. I like the way you tried to counter react in the middle of the game since you saw you were not in shape for the win that is something i am not good at right now and i guess it is because you have a lot of experience behind your back that you can do some quick thinking like these.

I'm really interested in your next game to se if you and your fellow teamate can pull out a miracle. I was wondring do you play all the game simultaneously or one after the other? Cause if you are not you might be able to help your fellow eldar player to get his strategie working or help him create one that could potentially work.

Well then see you in your next post^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 11, 2014, 07:04:12 AM
@ Vonny- Yeah that GK list is painful! Must be in the Dark Eldar player in me... but I'm still looking forward to the re-match against it this weekend. Definitely a case of list tailoring going on there which really took the campaign out of the realm of fun a "casual intro to narrative gaming" and gave it an almost month long league/tournament feel which was not what I was going for... but its still been fun and exciting. Definitely a learning experience.

Glad you agreed with my tactics in game 1 too it was a desperate situation and sometimes it pays off just to go for broke.

As for the campaign itself I did spend a lot of time trying to pull it together with my friend Andrew. It did take awhile due to scheduling issues but its always nice to have another guy helping you out and he helped figure out the proper amount of games to-map-tiles-to players ratios which needed to be conquered for one faction to win which was super helpful. I actually got the format from a super awesome guy who goes by Skari on the web. His youtube channel, blog and podcast are an absolute treasure trove of bat-reps, strategies, articles, campaign resources  that I've relied on for years.

Check him out: SkaredCast (http://skared.podbean.com/)


Glad to hear you are still plugging away can't wait to see the result I love your painting style!

@ Grizzlykin- Thanks man I appreciate it. Yeah my Eldar pride was stinging after that loss. Glad you liked the way I changed gears in the middle of the mission too... though to be honest its something I've learned from watching lots of bat-reps... particularly Skari from Skaredcast. Until recently I spend more time painting my guys than at the tabletop but I spent a long time developing my list and thinking about what they can do in all types of situations. Watching Skari who is a Dark Eldar play is a real tutorial for Eldar players of all variety because he knows exactly when to use his speed, but also when to hit the brakes and lay down maximum firepower which is really the trick to playing Eldar (or at least playing with 3 Wave Serpents or less).

Yeah hopefully my guys can pull off a miracle. They almost did it last week. The other Eldar player went on a rampage against the Grey Knights last game, killing everything but 2 Dreadknights and a smattering of other units but his dice failed him and Andrew who plays Tau took an absolute nail-biter to turn 6 against my brother. Had the game ended a turn earlier he would have won. Unfortunately we are all playing simultaneously so we can't help each other which would be a lot of fun.

Anyway thats it for now guys. Stay tuned as I have some custom terrain which I'll be posting soon (for the campaign) and my big challenge match is this saturday. Talk to you all soon!
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Post by: vonny on November 11, 2014, 10:24:17 AM
custom terrain? Now it gets interesting!

Wait. I already found this topic interesting... uhm. Now it gets more interesting?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on November 13, 2014, 12:28:28 AM
Wow, the red looks so creamy smooth! I can't believe I haven't seen this topic before, (hangs head). Love it all.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on November 13, 2014, 06:24:21 AM
Your models look fabulous on the table :).

I can't say that your reports have made me miss playing the game at all; in fact they just make me feel better about no longer playing :D.  Having said that, I'm glad that you've been enjoying the battles, even if the face of all that fire power.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 13, 2014, 06:59:59 AM
@ Dread- No worries the project log section of almost every forum tend to fly under the radar! Glad you dig my army its much appreciated!

@ Irisado- Thanks for the kind words about my models Irisado its always appreciated. As for the tone of things...yeah this campaign has been one of those gaming situations where things have gotten competitive at least it feels so from where I'm sitting. While this was not the venue I wanted to explore this end of the 40k spectrum I gotta say its really sharpened my skills and that second game against the Guard airforce was probably the most satisfying win I've ever had. Being out-flyered 3-1 and facing a Vanguard of Leman Russ perfectly suited to wrecking Wave Serpents and Wraithknights and getting him to concede turn 4 was a crazy feat considering my sort of low-to-mid level of experience in 7th edition. What made even better was that my opponent Joe was a real nice guy even if his list was brutal and he didn't complain at all and was still friendly and joking with me all the way to the end.

EDIT: To be fair my list is no walk-in-the-park either. Hornets-Wave Serpents- and a Wraithknight are an unholy trifecta. However I hope the playing with max-squads of Avengers, no psykers, a tooled up Autarch, Wraithblades (at least in game 1) and a Void Raven was an attempt to mitigate that. I plan on writing up a campaign summary and my thoughts on sportsmanship, and when to "fight fire with fire" after all is said and done stay tuned for that...

That being said the store in which I play is SUPER casual in terms of competitiveness. Put it this way Dark Angels and Chaos are the prevailing army at the store and I'm only 1 of 2 Eldar players! Its actually a real cool store, family friendly, everyone working on their armies, lots of doubles games, an almost 50-50 ratio of girls to guys which prevents the place from turning into a total dude-fest (even girls playing 40k), everyone working on their armies, playing the units they like (i've been rocking Wraithblades to great effect) and everyone is super social and friendly which has not always been my experience in my neck of the woods. I hate to hear you're not playing right now Irisado I know your so passionate about the Eldar and you have a super keen tactical mind maybe you just need to find a good group to play with who wants to go narrative- that always seems to be the cure for 40k burnout!
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Post by: Cavalier on January 29, 2015, 07:39:57 AM
Wow! So much time has gone by... it was crazy to see my last post it seems like a year ago! Anyway guys so glad the site is back. I missed chatting with you guys BIG TIME! Well that campaign that was dominating my thoughts and posts is long gone... and in its place a burning path of Eldar glory! My army has been on fire... I've gone 11-2-2 and I'm having a blast. As you can see I've been modeling like crazy...here are the highlights!

First off was the Nightwing saga! I got the FW model, painted it played with (it did great) but I just thought the model looked dated in the end. So i converted up a new one!


Then I modeled up a new Archon. This guy has been such a champ! I've equipped him hero-hammer style with a Shadowfield, Webway Portal, Agonizer, and Blaster and he's been phenomenal... really vying with my Autarch for glory in every battle!

Then I went through a tour of giving battle honors to my guys! I picked up the old transfer sheets for the old kill markers and start and gave battle honors to my best units. Little did I realize the NEW transfer sheets brought them back (the old ones had them too but they were enlarged and I thought they were pilot badges).


Then.... I started work on my Corsair Beastmasters/Talos! Still working on these guys... and they're a bit prototype-y but they look really good now. Gotta keep working on them....


Then the terrain... picked up an Eldar Aegis from Microart for my Reapers (which have been awesome).... and gave some love to my GW terrain...


and lastly.....  the object of my Corsairs' raid for our modified Imperial Armor 11 campaign...


This was hidden on this world after the fall of my Corsair Prince's Craftworld. He's going around searching for lost artifacts... chief amongst them the Avatar!

So thats it guys. I'm so glad the site it back. This was my 1st 40k forum.... and I'll always consider it my home base. Looking forward to chatting with you all again you guys are the best.... stay tuned!!!!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on January 29, 2015, 03:33:06 PM
wow you have been busy! Well done!

I get what you mean with 'missing chatting with us'... I felt much the same way, so much so that it drained my inspiration!

I'm really curious to see what you will do with your  beastmasters... They sound like a novel idea!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Looshkin on January 31, 2015, 03:33:54 AM
I really like that Avatar. I had had the same thought of using the Dark Elf statue thing, but held off because I figured that to look good it would need a certainty amount of converting...but that thing really works. No excuses now, I'll have to add it to the project list!!

Striking work as ever Cav. Great stuff.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 4, 2015, 12:46:07 PM
@ Vonny- Thanks! Lost a little steam with the Beastmaster project but I'm gonna pick it up after I finish my current projects.

@Looshkin- Thanks man I'm glad your enjoying the project. Yeah the Avatar model from the DE kit is phenomenal... I actually like it more than the FW Avatar!

Hey guys! So still plugging away. I've been really busy with big commission projects but I'm still plugging along with my own army. Both units are almost finished.... the Wraithguard will probably be finished by tomorrow. But I gotta get the Avatar a new base cause I unfortunately ruined mine. No worries though because I there are somethings I really wished I had done differently.



Really happy with how the Avatar has come out. Not totally stoked with how the Wraithguard came out... only 2 out of 5 are where I'd like them to be but they are surprisingly difficult models to assemble and paint. Next time I get a squad I'll definitely be airbrushing the bodies red instead of brush painting them. Anyway stay tuned guys.... exciting things are coming down the pipe. Trust me!
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Post by: Calamity on February 5, 2015, 05:29:59 AM
Absolutely awesome stuff!  I'll be following this from now on, and I look forward to seeing what you do next! :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on February 5, 2015, 05:41:33 AM
Thanks for all those kind words Cavalier :).  I'm very happy not to be playing 40K at the moment though.  I don't like the current rules at all, so I'm focusing on reading battle reports, and supporting the projects of others, which brings me neatly to your models :).

Those Wraithguard look fantastic.  The colours remind me of those from Ming's army in the 1980 Flash Gordon film.  They're really impressive, and I can only imagine how imposing they look on the battlefield.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 7, 2015, 07:45:44 AM
@Tangi- Thanks man! I dig your project as well!

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. I'm a huge fan of all 80's sci-fi and thought the bold red and gold would work well for my wild Corsairs. Bummer your not digging 7th ed especially since the Eldar (no matter what the build) are so dang good these days! Maybe when I start doing battle reports for my modified Doom of Mymeara campaign that I'm playing with my brother (just the two of us) will entice you back into the game. The missions are SUPER fun and we're making all sorts of terrain just for the campaign. I can't wait!


So my Wraithguard are all but complete. Just gotta do some work on their tabards and a few little details and they'll be done. Looking at the other WG I noticed some of their gems weren't finished, and second stage highlights were missing as well. So I gotta go back and touch these guys up. Man was 15 of these things a sight when I put them all together for the first time. Its crazy I can run an Iyanden style army! I won't however... and in my narrative games these guys will only see action in the most dire missions as these are Wraithguard from my Corsair's prince's own family and he doesn't risk using them lightly. Anyway enjoy guys and stay tuned cause I'm putting in an order for a Lord of War by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

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Post by: Dread on February 7, 2015, 10:02:15 PM
Funny, I hated 5th and 6th and really like 7th.

Looking good, er, I mean great as usual bud. I will hopefully get some done with all the down time I'm about to have.
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Post by: Calamity on February 8, 2015, 04:06:25 AM
@Tangi- Thanks man! I dig your project as well!

Your welcome, and thank you too.  :)

I'm a huge fan of all 80's sci-fi and thought the bold red and gold would work well for my wild Corsairs.

I knew I recognized the scheme.  They're like something out of Flash Gordon, just like Irisado said.  :D
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Post by: vonny on February 8, 2015, 04:08:27 AM
Those look good indeed! And it is quite a sight to see 15 of those next to eachother.

I reckon even more so on the tabledtop, because in a picture like this it's easy to forget their scale: They're actually quite huge!

Reminder: Don't forget to paint the muzzle of the d-scythes. I've seen you've done it on one but not another, and it really looks very good. Would be a shame to miss out on that!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 8, 2015, 02:10:41 PM
@Dread- Thanks man. Also I'm totally with you I HATED 5th edition which is why I played maybe 5 games of it and instead painted for almost its entire duration. I like all the craziness of 7th edition and there are so many great armies. Eldar, Dark Eldar, the new Necrons, Imperial Guard, formation driven Tyranids, and Space Marines are all neck-and-neck as far I'm concerned in the race for top dog.

@Tangi- While I see the resemblence to Flash Gordon the truth is I got my paint scheme from my favorite Autobot: Hot Rod! (https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-w9tGE3prJmk/VNe0bsc6NBI/AAAAAAAABVM/CCrxR2SLre0/s450/dsfa%2520copy.jpg)

@Vonny- Thanks and ARGHH! There are a few scattered details missing from a few members of each squad. No other units in my army have those kind of dependencies not sure why when I paint Wraithguard I always forget something!

Just wanted to share some of the stuff my brother and I have been working on together. He's painting up his Reviler Space Marines for our upcoming campaign and they are coming out great! For those who don't know the Revilers and the Raptors are the Raven Guard's only 2nd founding successor chapters.

Again all this stuff is painted by my brother! Nice to see him painting again he's really good!

(https://scontent-a-atl.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/p403x403/10150598_1604790686402220_8453912974807376108_n.jpg?oh=fd671209d62ea7cf9b744e0712dc4c4d&oe=5560297D) (https://scontent-a-atl.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t31.0-8/p600x600/1614594_1604741979740424_3135897010161508383_o.jpg)

Assault Squad looking sweet

Also in the works is some of the terrain for our upcoming campaign. We'll be playing a series of intro games before we dive in so expect some more in-game stuff as we continue to gear up for the campaign.


Anyway enjoy guys!

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Post by: vonny on February 9, 2015, 06:50:20 AM
black is hard to paint nicely, so well done to your brother. Also, those are some neat-looking barriers!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on February 9, 2015, 08:09:27 AM
Your brother did an excellent job on those.  Looks like painting talent runs in the family! :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on February 16, 2015, 06:13:16 PM
Those Wraithguard are looking really impressive.  I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of them in action as part of your battle reports.  I am sure that they will look formidable.  Your brother's work is great too.  If he wants to showcase his work too, he could always sign up for an account here if he's interested :).
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Post by: Cavalier on February 18, 2015, 07:41:06 AM
@ Vonny- Thanks! I've been giving my bro the feedback and he's getting pumped! He's working very hard on a bunch of stuff right now I'll have a bunch of updates on his projects later this week. Also his guys are actually a super dark (eshin) grey. One shade up from black but they read super dark. Thanks!

@Tangi- Heheh thanks!

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado the Wraithguard are superstars in my list. So glad they've come back into prominence within the Eldar dex. I will be playing them sparingly throughout the campaign though as they are supposed to be a rare and valued unit that my Corsair Prince only uses at uttermost need. However in pickup games they are a constant and everyone fears them. My brother actually does have an account on the forum CadianCommand#6 but he's posted only twice. Suffice to say he's not a frequent user of computers or the interwebs. But hey may post here in the future because there aren't a lot of 40k haters on this forum. I'll let you all know if he does!

So............... I finished my Wraithguard (except for a little touch-up on the tabards) and with just some edge higlighting on his back and a few minor details the Avatar is done!



I'll be sure to finish these units this week and then the Avatar is getting a test-run! I'm playing a regular non-campaign game with my brother this weekend as we continue to get a whole new bevvy of terrain ready for the campaign. Next update will feature our terrain and some of my brothers updates.

Also a quick note on future plans. The new Harlie dex has opened my eyes to some great new "counts-as" opportunities. I'm either gonna pop the splinter pistols off my Wyches or run my Corsair Stormies as an ace unit of close combatants aka Harlie troupes. The Starweaver is essentially a Corsair venom with extra room and hence it is also in. Gonna probably try kitbashing some Hellions on to the JB's and kitbash some Void Dreamers as Shadowseers. The army seems tricky to run but I really want to try it as the models would look great when kitbashed into Corsairs (at least I think).

So I've got my secret LoW which should be ordered by the end of the month, the Lions/Taloi to complete then the remaining models to complete my Stormies will be ordered as well and that unit will be finished. The counts-as Harlies will come after. Anyway super exciting time to be an Eldar fan as the range continues to grow and the power level continues to increase. I think Phil Kelly has taken control of the rules staff! Anyway long live the Reign of the Eldar and stay tuned!
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Post by: Calamity on February 18, 2015, 08:42:00 AM
It took me a while to realize, that Avatar is a Dark Elf model yes?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on February 19, 2015, 07:27:24 AM
It took me a while to realize, that Avatar is a Dark Elf model yes?

Khaine idol from the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood. If the rumours about the changes to Fantasy are true, may want to try to snag one soon...

Anywho, awesome work as always Cav, good to see you're still at it!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on February 19, 2015, 09:15:41 AM
It took me a while to realize, that Avatar is a Dark Elf model yes?
Khaine idol from the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood. If the rumours about the changes to Fantasy are true, may want to try to snag one soon...

Goes and looks it up

...what? :o

But anyway yes, awesome stuff again Cavalier. :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on February 19, 2015, 05:03:48 PM
Well it's been a while  since i was able to see your work cavalier and i have to say... as astonishing as ever. God you can't imagine how much i missed your post :D I'm really looking forward to the terrain you're going to show us. Looking forward to see more of your bother's paint as well :)

Keep up the good work :) and keep my eyes sparkling ;)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 20, 2015, 06:34:47 AM
@Tangi- Thanks glad you dig it!

@Lachdonin- Hey long time no chat! Glad your still popping in now again. Yeah the Dark Elf Avatar statue is awesome! Soon as I saw it I had to get it. Not too expensive on ebay either.

@Grizzlykin- Hey bud! Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to see what you've been up to. Update photos will probably be posted on sunday for our terrain and whatnot so stay tuned.

@Everyone- So glad to see all you guys stopping by. I promise I'll have some exciting updates this weekend and beyond. I'm playing a game saturday with my brother so I'll have some in game photos for you as well. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on February 22, 2015, 04:44:03 PM
Me jp to someting ? Not likely  i have been up to school mostly so did not had much time to give to my mini ^^ but i shall update you with some things i have in mind that might be intresting for you :).

Btw Why would we not stop by? It's so damn beautiful!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on February 22, 2015, 06:15:41 PM
Hey guys! Had a great game with my brother yesterday. It was 7-turn brawl, very cagey as both sides took big losses. An absolute blast was had by both of us. My brother is an awesome opponent, very cagey who sets up a lot of gambits and crossfire traps.

This was the first game where I used the Avatar and boy was he hard to use. I ran Wraithblades as well which are a tough unit to use too. Their Wave Serpent went down and they caught out in the open but they did bloody their hands which is good. But by oh boy, did my Dire Avengers do me proud. Whenever the going gets tough the Avengers always step up to the plate. I was able to use Battle-Focus to dynamite effect and my trusty blue Avengers (guys with turquoise gems, boy do they need a proper unit name) were punishing Guardsmen for 3 Turns.

Anyway I could go on forever so here are some photos.









Didn't have time for terrain this weekend as I was to busy working on some other projects. But I'll have some good stuff coming up soon. Perhaps a counts-as Death Jester? Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on February 22, 2015, 06:42:01 PM
looking good!

Always great to see two fully painted armies fight over a well-made board
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on February 22, 2015, 07:34:26 PM
looking good!

Always great to see two fully painted armies fight over a well-made board


I'm digging the IG army there.  Both armies look great out there on display in a game too.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on February 23, 2015, 12:21:26 PM
Oh boy so many oh boy in the same paragraph,  and oh boy is it pleasing to see you having so much fun.  i mean I'm having a smile on my face just trying to recreate in my head what you say :D and it's pretty pleasing so keep at it!

wait did I read something like death-jester... sound pretty sweet to me of course I'm staying tuned^^

hard to use the avatar? yeah that's for sure:D but oh boy once he get in CC you can say that anything it's fighting against can be counted as ashes  ;)  maybe not grey knight and yet I'm not too sure if that would not still be a similar result.  you will come to love him as much as i do I'm sure :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on February 23, 2015, 06:25:23 PM
Those armies and that table look impressive :).

I still like those Wraithguard the best from the previous page.  Everything looks really good, but they stand out even more than the rest.  The finish on them is excellent.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 2, 2015, 01:46:56 PM
@Vonny- Thanks!

@Tangi- Thanks!

@Grizzlykin- Could you tell I was excited? lol I will be playing the Avatar from time to time, especially in bigger games. I really wish they'd hadn't lowered his Invuln to 5++.... or at least give him access to the exarch 4++ upgrade.

@Irisado- Thanks. Despite getting off to a rough start with their paint jobs (I was going through a painting skills slump don't know why) they came out very nice in the end. Not as nice as my Wraithblades but I still like em and I'm glad you do too. :)

So I got in two games this weekend, one against Space Wolves which I won, the other against my brothers IG which I'll give you guys a bat-rep on. The first game was interesting, my opponent had a mix of drop pods, the stormwolf (which wasn't as scary as I thought) and thunderwolf cav. Overall it wasnt very difficult to play against. I was sweating it in the end as the Thunderwolf cav reached the middle of the board after outflanking but lots of little squads of Marines dropping right in front of my units is easily dealt with.

The second game was far more interesting despite playing against an IG gunline. We played Emperor's Will which I think is harder for Eldar to win against IG because they can't rely on their opponent coming out of cover to grab objectives mid-field. Most opponents are gonna castle up and you have to enter their fields of fire which is exactly what I had to do. Despite what I perceive as a unfavorable task I think I handled it well.


So the game began with a gamble on my part. I went second and I reserved my entire army except for my 2 Wave Serpents which I hid out of line-of-sight. My brother's basilisk fired on one of them, scattering once and I jinked the other. Bottom of 1, I pivoted and shot up some guardsmen and flew one of the Serpents to better LOS blocking cover.

Good layout shot of the board

Top of turn 2 I had realized by pivoting a 1/4 inch of one of my Serpents forward-wings was peaking out of LOS blocking cover and my brother gave ignore cover orders to his missile launcher squad and wrecked my Serpent. It was very tough but I was right next to a huge LOS blocking piece of terrain so the Avengers inside were protected from everything.... but his basilisks which luckily scattered off the Avengers both times!


At this point I was sweating it. One serpent down, one up with a hull point on it and my Avengers sitting there as basilisk bait. I could get tabled this turn and lose on turn 2! Time for reserves... and EVERYTHING came on and my army went on the warpath. My Wraithknight and Nightwing blew up a basilisk and stunned/shook the other (protecting my Avengers from barrage attacks). My Wraithguard Archon/Autarch destroyed a leman russ, and put two hull points on Pask in his Punisher. Also my Swooping Hawks came in and bombed out the Plasma Vets hiding behind my brothers Leman Russ. Meanwhile my Wave Serpent and Venom combo succeeded in taking out his Ratlings which are always a threat to my Wraithknight while my Hornets failed to take out Pask. My brother was rattled but he soldiered on.


Turn 3 on his part accomplished little. Pask unloaded into the Wraithguard and despite 20 Str 5 rending shots, plus sponson heavy bolters only 1 Wraithguard went down and my Archon whose purpose is as bodyguard to my Archon tanked the rest of the shots though his Shadowfield went down (luckily I had Armor of Misery as backup). His Vendetta also came on shot at the Wraithknight behind cover but I passed my cover saves and thus my army went unscathed... this turn.


So turn 3 for me I pushed home my Advantage. The Hornets could see straight down his lines to the Basilisk and blew the last one up. My Hawks skyleapt for another bombing run while my Autarch, Wraithguard and Archon finished off pask. The Wraithknight held back behind cover due to my brothers big infantry block of Plasma Vets, Lascannon Heavy Weapons teams, Missile Launcher Heavy Weapons teams, and Autocannons all near to his Company Commander whose orders rolls were heating up. I could risk running into a "Take it Down" barrage of that magnitude and I knew I might need to get into his lines later so I held pot-shotting the Vendetta. Likewise I moved my Venom back behind cover to shoot up some more Vets which they did taking out a few more plasma guns.


Turn 4 was a game changer. My Autarch, Archon, and Wraithguard were not yet in cover after taking out Pask and his squadron mate and my brother unloaded on them in a bid for Warlord. I succeeded in all of my look-out-sirs but an errant plasma shot got through, I failed my invuln and my Autarch was felled! The glorious Eldar route was halted and my forces began to reel. A squad of Storm Troopers with double plasma deepstruck behind my Wave Serpent and between them and the Vendetta wrecked my last serpent. My Avengers were stranded in no-mans-land near to the Storm Troopers but too far away from the enemy lines to do any damage. My well coordinated battle-plan was starting to fall apart and I suddenly realized my brother had first blood, warlord, plus his Emperorer's Will objective, linebreaker and I only had my own objective and linebreaker! After taking out half his army I was actually losing!? I couldn't believe it but the game was so exciting and fun I hardly cared. I now needed warlord to tie, but also I had to deny him linebreaker as well. Yet with my transports down it would be up to the Swooping Hawks, Hornets, Wraithknight and Nightwing to go in their fish him out of cover. Not an easy task as he was out of LOS and shielded by multiple units. The game was now truly ratcheting up!


So bottom of turn 4 I drop my swooping hawks back onto the board bombing out the ruins where the HQ and a smattering of other units are hidden and remove a bunch of models but the warlord remains unscathed. I battle-focus and shoot my lasblasters and remove another smattering of models thinning out the shield protecting the company commander for a charge next turn. Now I have a tough decision to make…. with only 2 hornets (one died), nightwing, Wraithknight and Swooping Hawks in position to take the warlord which I need to tie…. do I have something fall back and try to knockout my brothers Vendetta which is now in my backlines and capable of going into hover mode and thus claiming linebreaker? Or do I press forward and grab warlord turn 6 and hopefully knock the flyer out turn 7? I decide to go all out for the Warlord and thus rush everything forward to try and remove all the remaining screening units. Turn 5 would determine whether the gamble was worth it.


Turn 5- My brother puts his Vendetta into hover mode to claim linebreaker, and then comes the move which ultimatley won him the game. He shoots a team of autocannons I had ignored into the Swooping Hawks (I thought he'd go for the Hornets) whittling them down to 2 Hawks…. So to wrap up the game ended up going 7 turns and I threw everything to getting Warlord but since everything committed to grabbing Warlord I couldn't deny linebreaker (even with last ditch attempts from my Avengers in the backfield shooting for rear armor on the Vendetta). So all in all a phenomenal game. I was really happy for my brother to get the win because my army was on the warpath early and he seemed a bit demoralized. But he soldiered on (true IG player that he is) hung in there and outplayed me. Great game and one I'll remember for a long time.


Anyways for those who took the time to read this thanks! Enjoy the pics… and stay tuned cause I'm gonna share a commission project I've been working on and hopefully some of own models which have been woefully neglected! Thanks guys!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on March 2, 2015, 05:23:35 PM
oh my goodness... That looks awesome.

I'm so jealous.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on March 2, 2015, 06:15:19 PM
Stunning! It all looks so good on that table.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on March 2, 2015, 06:22:20 PM
Thank you for sharing the pics of the battles.  They all look fantastic.  Two well painted armies on a well made board is always a sight to behold.  8)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 2, 2015, 06:40:04 PM
Well ... well ...  weeeeell ... i have no words for this... what an astonishing sight...  i mean both your army look fabulous the game seemed really tense !  nice pictures... why does everything you do be it playing or painting is so intresting to read can you tell me ?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: murgel on March 3, 2015, 01:25:21 AM
It has been a long time missing Eldar online. And your army is the best way to get back into it.
Fantastic modelling and painting!
I really love what you are doing. The work is excellent, even if the colours are not my most favourite they look really great. I would love to see it live.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 4, 2015, 01:39:59 PM
OH My God!!! Look so fabulous ! I love the orange plz teach me the trick to the nice color And sweet hightlight i need it for my own army :D

I'm pretty glad to know that i'm one of your fav in the forum as i believe i am more an annoyance than an actual intresting dude. So ty :D   :eldar psychic high five: I love what you do, and you are a funny one, you are one of my fav aswell :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on March 5, 2015, 06:25:55 PM
Those models look so beautiful on the table, especially with the terrain you're using.

I know how it feels to get shot up by the Imperial Guard as the game progresses.  It's pretty tough to be on the receiving end of.  It sounds as though it was a very enjoyable game :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 24, 2015, 05:28:05 PM
Hey guys been awhile since I posted. I finally finished my commissions a few days ago and I'm back at with my own army! Forgot to take some pix of the new terrain my brother and I built last weekend but here are a few units that I'm working on and some insights into my future plans:

I've got 5 more Corsair Avengers in the pipe which'll complete an entire helmed squad bringing me to 35 converted Avengers. I will be getting a full six squads to fill up the FOC of all Avengers.


Also here are 5 Dragons, hold overs before I started my Corsair army. I will complete all 15 which I own but not before I get enough Corsairs kits to make Corsairs Dragons all equipped with Fusion Guns.


Also pictured is one of my Wyches which have sadly been collecting dust and will continue to do so for years to come most probably. The reason its included because this kitbash will be basis for my upcoming counts-as Harlies. I've got big plans for using that Dex to flesh out my army to Apocalypse proportions.


So anyways guys thats whats in the pipe right now. Next pick up is gonna be my first super-heavy and more Corsair kits. From those kits I will finish my Corsair Scorpions, Storm Guardians and my first Corsair Voidstorm squad which'll be my counts-as Harlies. Anyway stay tuned guys. Pix coming from a 2v2 battle this coming weekend are inbound!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 24, 2015, 06:05:12 PM
The plan sound super nice, defenetly looking forward to it^^
I'm really wondering what kind of terrain you will show us. Super heavy ... with eldar, does that mean titan or tank? ... either way I'm pretty sure your golden and paint theme will do wonderfully on those
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on March 24, 2015, 06:29:57 PM
Those Fire Dragons look truly imperious.  The crimson and gold colour scheme is ideal for them.  Everything else looks really impressive too, and I look forward to seeing how the plan progresses.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on March 27, 2015, 02:43:59 PM
Amazing stuff! Love the batreps, and the armies are gorgeous.

That red with gold is so clean and nicely done, it really pops on the table -- good job man.

Really like the rampaging archon/autarch combo, that looks like a lot of fun and also very effective. Obviously getting ID'd is the big risk there =/

Look forward to more pictures and reports!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on March 27, 2015, 04:52:12 PM
Looking good as always! You need to slow down tho so I can catch up, haha, not really. Want to see more.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on March 27, 2015, 05:12:32 PM
These are so cool!  Awesome work!  ;D

There are seriously high standards in painting and modeling among the members on this site.  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on March 31, 2015, 07:58:08 AM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado! I'm struggling to determine which direction to go with my army at this point so I may change my mind if a new revelation strikes me. I know you're not playing right now but if you have any input please let me know. I'm gonna post a full list of my entire army (collection) and my counts-as ideas/WIP's so maybe you can give me some advice on which direction to go.

@Grizzlykin- Thanks Grizz. You shall soon know/see that LoW. Get excited! :P

@Ibushi- Thanks Ibushi! I appreciate the compliments. Did you used to post on the BoLS forum? I think I recognize your army from from the bat-rep you posted. If you have that rose themed Dark Eldar army I saw there I want you to know that I love it! Also the Autarch/Archon combo is nasty. With majority T6 and the Archons 2++ tanking and look out-sir ID rarely happens. Yet even when it does it usually means my opponent has been focusing soley on my WWP bomb and not the rest of my army allowing that noose to tighten.

@Dread- Thanks buddy. Hope you're feeling well!

@Tangi- Thanks Tangi! Looking forward to see what paint scheme you choose for your Scions.

Hey guys unfortunatley my phone ran out of memory while I was playing the game. I was only able to snap a few pictures of my opponents armies… and who feels like like at a bunch of freaking Space Marines! The game was pretty fun but unfortunatley we didn't get to finish.

I was allied with a Necron player against two Space Marine armies one of which was Space Wolves. The way the mission was structured made the Eldar/Necron "alliance" make sense. Basically it started off turn 1 with just the Necrons and Wolves on the board. Turn 2 my army came out of reserves in a suprise ambush raid trying to repel the Imperial forces from taking control of 3 ancient orbital command stations. It wasn't so much as they were allied to the Necons as much as they didn't want the Imperials to get access to the command stations. A sort of enemy of enemy is my friend situation. Not exactly ace narrative material but it worked well enough and besides the Necron player is a super guy, new to the store who I was looking forward to playing with.

The game only went 4 turns and was totally up in the air. I was rocking 1250 pts and it was a baby version of my usual list.

Autarch- Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun, Soulshrive
   Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Holofields
   Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Holofields
Hornets x2
Wraithknight- Sun Cannon, Scatter Laser

I wont give a full report but the Necrons were holding it down till turn 2 when everything arrived out of reserves. The Thunderwolf cav were rampaging and my opponent forgot a number of very important rules like Hammer of Wrath, Rending with his Wraiths and Scarabs which really hurt, and they weren't able to take them out/hold them. I focused on dealing with the Marine airforce which had a Storm Raven, two escorting Talons and Stormwolf. I took out the Raven and one of the Talons, forcing the other one of the board with my Nightwing and a snapfiring Serpent. I was also able to wipe out a number of smaller squads and wrack up some wounds on the Thunderwolf cav with my Wraithknight (who I rarely equip with the Suncannon). By the end of the game I had lost my hornets and my Wraithknight had been caught by the Thunderwolves after they broke out of combat with the Wraiths/Scarabs on our turn. Thats basically where it ended. I think it would have been very hard to take out the Thunderwolves (though all 6 had taken a wound) without the Wraithknight and Wraiths. But who knows I still had both serpents on full hull points, my nightwing 18 Avengers and my Warlord.

The game wasn't using secondary objectives (which I didn't know and didn't like!) but it was all good cause the guys I was playing with are still getting up to speed with 7th ed after coming back after a lengthy break.

Anyway I've got another 2v2 game against 2 Space Wolf armies. This time my brother is my ally!!! We're working on getting his units all painted up for the game. So expect some Imperial stuff in addition to my own units. My brother will be assigned to take out those Thunderwolves which are so dang tough… but I'm working on a solution of my own as these Space Wolf players are growing in number at my store.

Also….. I'm getting paid for my first commission and that order to FW will go in by the end of the week. Lord of War here we come! So stay tuned for that and more pix I promise.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Mr.Peanut (Turtleproof) on March 31, 2015, 02:04:30 PM
Nice battle report, especially the one before with the photos.  I don't know how you do gold so smoothly but it's superb.

Is that commission you alluded to done yet?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 1, 2015, 06:54:28 AM
Thanks Mr. Peanut glad you like the bat-reps! I wasn't sure if people would like them but I'm happy to see people taking the time. Its very much appreciated.

As for the commission yep its finished. Gotta take some time off from work today to get it packaged and shipped. If you guys want I'll post pics. I really don't want to turn this thread into any kind of advertising deal, though to be honest its not like its my own painting service company but still. Although it may be slightly irrational it bugs me seeing commission painters project logs competing with just the regular old hobbyists. So if you guys I'll post some pics just let me know and it is an Eldar commission so it is slightly pertinent.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 1, 2015, 07:33:18 AM
I believe a project blog is to show what project you are working on so i think you can post your comission. Actually i think what ever you do hobby related would be much apreciated to be posted as it gives us info on what you are doing. Indeed the title is eldar corsair army but just from times to times it does not hurt to see something else :)

I also appreciate these battle report, they give us a small idea of how you use this force you are building before us, so keep at it.

You are really keeping us guessing for this lord of war don't you ;)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on April 2, 2015, 07:45:48 AM
I'm very curious as to your lord of war choice as well. Exciting!
I think it's awesome you can get yoru own hobby stuff by doing more hobby stuff.

Also, yes, batraps are nice :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on April 2, 2015, 05:31:55 PM
@Ibushi- Thanks Ibushi! I appreciate the compliments. Did you used to post on the BoLS forum? I think I recognize your army from from the bat-rep you posted. If you have that rose themed Dark Eldar army I saw there I want you to know that I love it! Also the Autarch/Archon combo is nasty. With majority T6 and the Archons 2++ tanking and look out-sir ID rarely happens. Yet even when it does it usually means my opponent has been focusing soley on my WWP bomb and not the rest of my army allowing that noose to tighten.

I think i know the army you mean, was it dark eldar with black basecoat, and purple flower patterns on top? That was a super sweet army, both conversion-wise and painting, but i prefer the varied blossom pattern to the flower-by-flower style personally. My internet photos are all quite old now, at least 5+ years until now, and the tanks etc. all used to be white basecoat, with pink blossom, so a bit different. Since then we're gone full Croneworld, so back to black and dirty, hehe.

Also I want to echo some others on here that while your models are gorgeous, it is also very satisfying seeing them (or rather hearing about them) in action, as a high performing warhost on the tabletop! Great to see the Eldar rocking out in classic style, not just knight-serpent overload.

On the wraithbomb, that is a good point, I didn't think of the T6 pairing with the 2++ as well as LoS, that is a nice trick. I'm still not convinced on forking out for the DE to bring in a WWP, especially with the off-chance they don't come in on T2, but I'd love to see more reports of your corsairs in action.

Really looking forward to that LoW too!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 4, 2015, 08:11:00 AM
@Grizzly- Thanks bud. Can you tell I love radio? I've learned the art of the radio-tease very well!

@ Vonny- Thanks Vonny. The LoW might be on hold till I figure out whats going to happen to my beloved codex! My army may need re-vamping  :'( :'( :'(

@Ibushi- Thanks so much. Gotta share pix with us of your army! Thanks for the compliments on my army composition too. I try and keep things thematic but also competitive. Why anyone would need 3 Wraithknights and 5 Wave Serpents to win with our current book is beyond me. But for those who did... thanks for ruining the party!

For those interested here's my first commission project:

(https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-cMZB7GvsRYo/VR_L3ibuieI/AAAAAAAABXA/P6qppEc8YVI/s512/IMG_1117.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-k6rGZ4Hy2Og/VR_M4PjjH6I/AAAAAAAABX0/Ph-1aXVb7f4/s512/IMG_1121.JPG)

(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-dBRXvvL1lGc/VR_MHUq1RjI/AAAAAAAABXg/LaELXhYaWyc/s640/IMG_1123.JPG) (https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-P90gQF7vC6c/VR_MDU87y5I/AAAAAAAABXY/eBEYZZdA85Q/s512/IMG_1122.JPG)

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-n4kze4Iahyg/VR_Q3rU1U0I/AAAAAAAABYA/BkpLdMLtnrc/s512/avatar4.jpg) (https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-GUNGwQFhtQw/VR_RRNoQC-I/AAAAAAAABYU/tOH8R-6TQ2c/s512/avatar1.jpg)

Bear in mind there is a limit to the detail I can go into based on the level of the commission (as to the rules of the studio I work for) but I'm very happy how they came out. BTW This will be a VERY rare thing for commission updates. Unless its something really special I wont bother you guys with it. Anyway hope you enjoy!

On to the main attraction!

So it begins... counts-as Harlies! So it ends airbrushing my vehicles!

I'm throwing my hat in the Harlie ring! I've got all the shuriken pistols, all the CC weapons, the bits for a Shadow Seer and Deathjester and I'm ready to rock! So I'm throwing my hat in the Harlie ring! I'm thinking about running 2x Cast of Players formations with my normal army. I usually try to stick to the LVO/BAO format for my armies but I think the popular tourney formats will rapidly change considering all the whining Imperial players are likely ready to let loose with Ad Mech not being ally-ready. Funny how restrictive things are in the wider meta until a new Imperial toys hit the scene ::cough:: imperial knight ::cough:: ::cough:: ad mech::cough:: So grumpy Craftworld pre-codex angst aside here's my teaser pic! Expect rapid updates!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 4, 2015, 08:54:28 AM
ok man... so now i need a revenant like this one in my army nor the perfect match to my theme but...  god so beautiful! Too expensive for me thought, need to go slowly but surely with this army ^^. 

The avatar looks nice aswell, a bit too dark/red to my liking but none the less pretty sweetly painted ^^

Well I didn't know it was from radio but i could tell you were well versed in the art of teasing ! I totally agree with the hold back before buying coming with the new dex. I seriously hate having to buy the full dex just for the sake of  this random change they made. I will hunt the white dwarf down, if they put the stat in there i might not put 40 euros in a new dex.

Looking forward to this Harlies :D

Keep up the good work
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 4, 2015, 12:19:18 PM
Hey guys got that quick update I promised!

Group Shot


Void Dreamer/Shadow Seer



Voidstorm Heavy Weapon/Death Jester


Voidstorm Warrior/Harlequin



Void Dreamer/Death Jester are a bit WIP, pretty happy with how they came out though though I may come up with some other conversion bits. I was just eager to see if my first batch of ideas worked.

Very happy with the warriors. I love the idea of these guys being absolutley killer Corsair Warriors with instant death!

@ Grizz- Thanks bud! I hear you on buying the new Dex definitley a bummer. Also agree with you on the Avatar but thats what the client wanted. He had some very specific requirements. Offered him some alternate schemes but he had his heart set on the black/red look. Glad you like the models though your comments are always very much appreciated.

@ Everyone- Stay tuned more on the way this week!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Alienscar on April 4, 2015, 04:16:18 PM
I know less than nothing about Corsair's but your models look brilliant. I especially like the look of your Death Jester.

Reading between the lines I am guessing that you own a spray gun so I am just wondering why you bought yourself  a can of spray paint?
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Post by: Dread on April 5, 2015, 01:21:51 AM
They look great. Keep it good.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 5, 2015, 03:42:38 AM
The void dreamer and death jester are defenetly marvelous, I love them :) I will reserve myself a bit with the normal harlie, it's nice but it does not work as well as the other two in my opinion it don't gives me the singulary feeling i get from the other.

Defenetly splending work non the less

Well the client is king as we say in france, his desire are order and no matter what you think is best you have to follow his will.

Keep up the good work :)
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Post by: vonny on April 5, 2015, 04:20:55 AM
Those commissions look nice, especially considering you were limited in scope on what you could do on it.

As for your harlies... They look interesting. I'm curious to see if you'll be painting them in a way that'll discern them from your normal troops a bit, or if they will blend in.
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Post by: murgel on April 5, 2015, 04:58:49 AM
As  much as I liked your corsair work and the commission I do not really like the regular harlequin.
The Voidseer and deathjester are very cool, just the harlequin is not distinctive enough for me, he could be mistaken for one of your other CC units.

The work however is great as always.
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Post by: Cavalier on April 5, 2015, 08:50:17 AM
@Alienscar- Thanks man! I actually own a badger airbrush (which isn't working right now think a spring went on it) but I hate using it! Mixing the paint properly is a pain and I always get stressed using it. The Khorne Red primer is perfect for basecoating which is all I really do with my airbrush anyway. Its gonna make painting my vehicles an absolute dream!

@Dread- Thanks bud. :)

@Grizzlykin- Thanks!

@Vonny- I think my natural tendency is to make everything very very similar but as per Murgel's criticisms and some I've gotten at the Dark City (my other 40k forum haunt) I think I need to model them up a bit more!

@Murgel- Thanks man I really appreciate the input. I got the same input over on the Dark City and plan on modelling them up a bit. Thanks so much for offering criticism, because I don't have any Eldar buddies to chat with locally. I'm the only one!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 5, 2015, 09:28:04 AM
If you are the only one you shall resist! There is never enough eldar player that don't play "gros Bil style" as we say in france, so keep at it. Don't let yourself astay, and don't leave yourself to fall prey to the chant of the serpent a wraithknight spam. Don't let yourself get corrupted by those filthy space marine player, don't leave yourself to be seduce buy the charming side of the other armi, let the space elves in you take over, stay strong and true to the eldar way and the eldar shall bring you victory! And fun, fun is the most important thing after all:D

And don't worry we will be here to talk eldar when you need to :)

Keep at it bud.
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Post by: Calamity on April 5, 2015, 10:54:59 AM
Fantastic stuff once again!  I just wanted you to know that I thought that! :D
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Post by: Cavalier on April 5, 2015, 02:15:02 PM
@Grizz- Lol  ;D Thanks!

@Tangi- Thanks bud! BTW my brother's gonna get some Scions soon I'm gonna make him post in the project logs!

Alright so last of the rapid-fire updates as the work week is about begin. But I did some re-modelling and I'm quite happy with how it came out. Man its been awhile since I've done these primarily Dark Eldar kitbashes and they do take a little messing around with. Anyway let me know what you guys think, and thanks so much for all your feedback.

(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-QHLGGiyvFP8/VSF3ExnhCLI/AAAAAAAABa0/xjSiIQS9ShU/s512/IMG_1160.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-2GPY0J_-fSY/VSF3zVtUO6I/AAAAAAAABbE/4fJRBcW9N_0/s512/IMG_1161.JPG)

(https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-_Y1IJsNu5bM/VSF2UI2TlyI/AAAAAAAABaM/v1KIq_vIcUY/s512/IMG_1147.JPG) (https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-gYXOjOmEdBg/VSF2W_2_mbI/AAAAAAAABac/H2wOzjSqD4A/s512/IMG_1151.JPG)



Also preview of my Eldar Aegis. Some mold lines slipped my notice but I'll sandpaper them out and re-prime. Love that Khorne Red primer!


Stay tuned for some updates later in the week!
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Post by: Calamity on April 5, 2015, 02:17:06 PM
@Tangi- Thanks bud! BTW my brother's gonna get some Scions soon I'm gonna make him post in the project logs!

I've got some competition then...excellent.  8)

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Post by: murgel on April 5, 2015, 03:29:18 PM
great looking. It is truly fantastic, what a little change can do.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 5, 2015, 05:04:15 PM
Ok so because i'm a crazy idiot i'm starting by the end... omg this aegis absolutely marvelous i really gives that feeling of strong but light that all the eldar things have.
death jester i would not like to meet that guy um close and personal >< defenetly an extremely good looking model.
I am still not sold on the normal count as harlies give me a feeling of déjà vu from some of the you other unit i think the head does not give an harli feeling to me. Sorry. I know it's  count as but that's a feeling i can't shake off. Out of this the model is still gorgeous and really work well with your armi look.

Hehe your welcome, did you like my ridiculous attempt to lyrism?

Cheers ^^ waiting to see what's next
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Post by: Alienscar on April 5, 2015, 05:25:10 PM
Alright so last of the rapid-fire updates as the work week is about begin. But I did some re-modelling and I'm quite happy with how it came out.

I think your counts as Harlequins capture the dynamics of the real thing quite well. Once they are painted I think most people will be happy with how they look.
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Post by: Cavalier on April 13, 2015, 07:31:13 AM
Hey guys thanks for all the input!

@Grizzly- Hey Griz thanks for the input. I hear ya on the deja vu' but they are really meant to represent veteran version of the Wyches I've already converted up. These guys will have the nastier helmets, more vicious poses and more wicked wargear. Maybe it wont do it for you but I'm happy with the way they look. I like a bit of standardization amongst the force I think it helps to stand out in a weird way against the more eclectic Craftworld builds.

@Alienscar- Thanks man I really appreciate it. I feel the same way. I'm used to getting a mixed response especially from my brother but once they see the paint job and the way it sort of pulls things together or alternatiley distinguishes my units people usually dig. Glad you're a believer though!  :P

So hey guys! Had a great 2v2 game this weekend. For the first time I got to fight alongside my brother! It was IG and Eldar vs Necrons and Space Wolves. We had some heavy weight lists duking it out!

Our lists were:
Company Command
Pask in a Punisher
2x10 Vets with x3 Plasma
Imperial Knight Paladin

Autarch: Soulshrive, Banshee Mask
5x Wraithguard- D-scythes
   Wave Serpent
x8 Avengers
   Wave Serpent
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3
Hornets x3 Pulse Lasers
Wraithknight- Suncannon/Shield/Scatter Laser

As for my opponents whoa momma it was scary. I can't recall exactly everything they had... but it was 5 Nightscythes, Doomsday Arc, Deathmarks, Lord on a Chariot, Ghost Ark x10 Warriors, x5 Immortals, x3 Tomb Blades. Then the Wolves had 6 Thunder-Cav x3 Hammer/Shields, 3 Drops pods with meltas, 2 squads of terminators with mixed combi-plasma and hammers/shields, and double Priests + Storm Wolf.

It must be noted that we thought we were in for a game with pure Wolves (simply because both guys play Wolves). Boy were we suprised to see a Necron airforce had arrived! I've played 3-1 flyers before but this was a whole other ballgame!

We setup in the far left corner with my Wraithknight protecting the left flank of the Plasmacutioner, Manticore and Pask in his Punisher. The Imperial Knight protected the right flank of the tanks with the Company Command tucked into a piece of LOS blocking terrain. While the an Aegis spread out in front of all that with 2 Veterans with x3 plasma shielded. Further right I had two of my Wave Serpents locking down the rest of our deployment.


Our opponents deployed the Thunderwolves centrally across from us and the doomsday arc in the far right, while the Tomb Blades took the right flank. Our opponents went first and boy did it hurt! Never faced the doomsday arc before and it blew up the Plasmacutioner straight away. Then came the drop-pods. They attempted some really tight maneuvers right behind the manticore but scattered off the table. While the other pod scattered right in front of the Veterans behind our Aegis. The Wolves let loose with melta, bolter and stormbolter but did no damage. The Tomb Blades rectified that by annihilating all but one of the Veterans with a single volley. Luckily it was one of the Plasma gunners and he held. It sucked to lose the Plasmacutioner 1st turn and the loss of the veterans hurt. The Deathmarks scattered too near one of our units and I placed it way off in the corner effectivley removing it from game. Yet that was of little comfort. We had no idea the firepower being brought against us. Yet we showed no dismay and calculated our next move. It would be difficult without my hornets, the d-scythes out of range and my nightwing but we struck back with a vengeance...

Painted by my brother!

Our turn! Orders were issued and the Veterans annihilated both the Space Wolves and the pod they came in on. The dreaded Thunder Wolves that tried to hide behind some ruins until more support came in had stuck their noses out too far and the Wraithknight, Knight Titan, Wave Serpents and Manticore took aim and reduced them to 1 Wolf! It was a brilliant reply and couldn't have been more clutch! Pask then reduced the Tomb Blades to scrap. Its amazing how long everything took but the descriptions are quite short... as was the game!


Turn 2. Every single flyer showed up! 4 Night Scythes and the Stormwolf. My god I had never seen so many flyers... nor so much fire power. They poured fire into my Wave Serpents downing one immediatley and spilling my Wraithguard out. The last of the pods dropped also and a mixed squad of combi-weapon termies and hammers/shields + a Rune Priest dropped in and combined fire took out one of the Wave Serpents immediatley spilling my Wraithguard on to the table. One group with meltas shook the Manticore preventing it from firing. The other focused on the Knight Titan but did nothing. While the termies focused on my Wraithguard killing 3! Ouch! Another brutal retort by the Wolves/Necrons. They were definitley happy with their performance (and should have been) but its not a game till my Hornets and Nightwing hit the table which they did on our turn 2!


It was time to turn up the heat! The hornets and nightwing arrived and went straight in for the kill. I rolled well (as I always seem to) and got the Hornets to outflank right behind the Necron lords barge where his quantum shielding wouldn't help. They annihilated the Necron lord and earned another kill marking! My hornets are such champs they never let me down even against 4++ and his re-animation protocols. As a quick tangent I felt the power of the fluff in that kill and throughout the game. Necrons are a fantastic opponent and one worthy of the Eldar both in hardcore-in-game power and the background! My Nightwing uncharacteristicall y did no damage to the enemy flyer but did force him to jink. That sucked... as I really needed to fell a flyer per turn I felt. But oh well! The Knight Titan then let loose on the Doomsday Arc doing nothing. Stubbered the Marines and Drop-pod for possible assault. My Wraithknight shot-up the last Thunderwolf but did no damage. My Wraithguard then d-scythed the last of the drop-pod Marines.

Then came a highlight in the game! White-Squad my newest squad of Corsair Avengers wiped out 3 of Termies 2 of which had storm-shield thunderhammers. Then my brothers Veterans (long time nemeses of my Avengers) helped out killed the last 2 and the Rune Priest! I couldn't have been happier. I thought I was in big trouble but the Avengers who always reward me for taking them at 8+ came through... clutch as ever!


In the assault phase the Knight titan destroyed the drop-pod kicking it out of our deployment zone (literally with the stomp table). That closed out our turn. It was a wipe-out response to the Space Wolf incursion into our deployment zone, and claiming warlord was the icing on the cake! We had annihilated all their foot troops except for 10 Warriors, 1 Thunder Wolf, 1 Space Wolf with a melta gun and a team of immortal ready to drop turn 3... the final turn!


The Ghost arc and all the guys inside which had gone ignored moved into position over a skyfire nexus and fired twenty shots at my nightwing… and clipped t when I rolled a 1 on my jink save! This was a stunner as my Nightwing very rarely loses a hull point and has never died! Luckily it didn't die but that would have hurt going forward because I had great angles on all their flyers and now I was snap-firing. The last group of terminators dropped in with their combi-weapons and hammers/shields (never seen this combo before and didnt know it existed) and tried to take out Pask but failed again! We had never seen Pask last so long and the man was doing work! A straggling melta-wolf also pot-shotted the Manticore but failed to damage do to a good cover save. Yet then disaster struck! One of the Nightscythes targetted my Avengers with my warlord firing off a billion shots. I failed one look out sir and the Str 7 ID'd him… what made it worse was when my brother poined out to my opponent that he forgot to fire it because we removed it from its base due to precarious positioning on some terrain. That one hurt! But alas they were good guys and it was my brothers first time playing them and wanted to be sporting. To be honest I had forgotten about it as well simply because of the 5 flyers on the board and the masses of Necron fire power coming in its easy to forget! So now the game was in their favor they had warlord, line-breaker, and two objectives (via the last thunderwolf hiding on an objective, the ghost ark holding one, and the recently arrived Immortals). Time to fight back!


Last half-turn of the game! At this point our opponents had very little left on the board. Doomsday arc, Ghost Ark, Lone Thunderwolf, Immortals and a few empty drop-pods and a squad of terminators. Time to go to work. Reserves came in bringing the Vulture in at last, the 2 Guardian Jetbike squads, my Avengers rallied after losing the Autarch. Time to make our final push. The Avengers, last 2 Wraithguard and Jetbikes all moved towards the objective held by the Immortals (putting a lot of Ob-Sec units on their to mitigate one or more of them getting wiped out by the Ghost Ark if our opponents decided they wanted to carry on, though they were both pressed for time). The Wraithguard wiped them out, but reanimation protocols brought 2 of them back. The Vulture then swooped in and took the rest out and the JB's turbo-boosted onto the objective. Then the remaining Veterans and Pask annihilated the last of the Terminators (Pask and the Veterans were total champs this game) while both the Wraithknight and the Imperial Knight blasted the Thunderwolf with his shield/hammer to no avail! Besides a little maneuvering here and there and various pot-shots that was it. Our opponents had to leave and in the end we tied the game. As I write this I realize I could have contested the objective held by the Ghost Ark, but also I realize I ws worried about trying this as my opponents may have wanted to go another turn if they saw the game might slip away. In the end I'm happy with a tie as it was a fantastic game, truly well executed on both sides. I feel from a raw power perspective my opponents had a clear advantage with a 5 flyer list in addition to Thundercav, a Chariot Lord and all the Shield/Hammer terminators. Our list was definitley a VERY powerful build but better balanced for all situations. Given the amount of flyers and the sheer weight of dice I feel we played excellently. Can't wait to play against these guys again. They are great guys and bring hard lists and know what they want to do which I truly appreciate. Best of all I got to play with my brother which was definitley a highlight in all my years of enjoying 40k.


I have to say I think I'm a bigger points guys. I've heard about Apocalypse only groups in the Santa Cruz area and if I was around for that I'd definitley join them. All they play is 3000pts+ all the way to 500,000 pts. I would love to do that and I'm going to try and start an Apocalypse Campaign in the near future. My brother just got a TON of new minis and even wants to play Harlies so the future is bright for the both of us!

Anyway! Here are some project pix! I've been working on the Imperial Knight, my Harlies, my Aegis and some new terrain. Here we go!

First off my Harlies. I've decided to not give them all cloaks etc. As I mentioned to Grizz I want some standardization to my force and want these counts-as Harlies to look like more veteran/nasty version of my Wyches. Also the fact that my Wyches will probably never see the table again (unless its a very large points game) means it will not look very redundant on the table top. Just thinking about the visual of all those cloaks flying around, especially looking at the models top-down while playing will hide the pose and sort of bulk-out the models. I like seeing that awesome DE armor and all the cool little things on their belts and what-not. So anyway here's what we've got cooking!



Also my brother Knight! What a beast this thing is to paint... my Wraithknight was far less complicated.

(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-Guy6OdvzDw8/VSrD_uN9ZcI/AAAAAAAABfA/YmzC6UT2gLE/s512/IMG_1213.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-mcs8CPMp390/VSqd_EQQU8I/AAAAAAAABd4/0GS7uFSBV08/s512/IMG_1217.JPG)


And some of my terrain. This big stuff is a must for all armies... it really forces you to maneuver and helps to balance the game against armies like Eldar and Necrons.

Also my Aegis! Still a WIP, but I'm happy. Also my Icarus-Las cannon prototype. This is just a mock-up. I've got the bits to glue and get nice and even. I just wanted to see if it would work visually.

(https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-znGvolFCago/VSulmIfU0WI/AAAAAAAABfw/dblUgPdK5HM/s512/IMG_1222.JPG) (https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ZRDQzX-O6uU/VSuliEyNxUI/AAAAAAAABfo/92qDO2LQ7SI/s640/IMG_1223.JPG)


Anyway guys thats all I got! Stay tuned for more action. Gonna get some games in next weekend hopefully or maybe just a lot of painting and building. Also keep a look for some possible Dark Angels stuff in the near future. I may be getting in a game of Space Hulk too with my Deathwing Termies who are all painted up with no place to go. Got a new Corsair kit inbound as well with a whole new counts-as unit earmarked for construction. Stay tuned!
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Post by: Alienscar on April 13, 2015, 09:52:03 AM
Wow there's so much cool stuff in your last post that I'm lost for words.

Really like your terrain and Aegis and the Icarus cannon is a beautiful thing.

Did you model your rocky pillars purely to provide tall cover for the Knight?

Enjoyed your battle report as well. From your writing I get a real sense that you were slightly intimidated by the opposing army.

Maybe it is my lack of gaming experience talking but I am surprised that the Imperial Knight didn't have a bigger impact.
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Post by: Cavalier on April 14, 2015, 08:39:28 AM
Thanks Alienscar. About the terrain it was modelled to give units like Dreadnoughts, Sentinels complete LOS blocking terrain to force units like Wraithknights, and Knights to move around them. Secondarily it was there to give cover saves to big tanks like Leman Russ' (most importantly) cover saves in addition to Wraithknights, Knight Titans. But primarily it was designed to make my army have to move around the board to get clear firing lanes. I designed all my terrain basically to force movement into the games.

Glad you liked the report too. And hell yeah I was intimidated by those flyers! Its something I encountered before when playing against two Vendettas and a Vulture in a campaign I played awhile back so I knew what to do. Its all about maneuvering behind them, but I was worried for my brother because of his lack of maneuverability. Two of those flyers were the variants which dropped strength 9 ap1 large blasts which I hadn't encountered before. It was a lot of fun though. The Necrons and the Decurion Detachment are absolutley brutal. They unleash an absolute deluge of fire power, have fantastic assault units and phenomenal flyers. I love playing against them and truly enjoy embracing the rivalry between them and the Eldar. I'm really looking forward to future games against them... though that player may be trading the army for a really good Tyranids army which I'm equally thrilled to play against.

Quick note: Just so everyone knows please don't feel obligated to read/comment on these monstrous battle reports. They are there for those who are interested, and to keep as both reference and record of the success of my theories and strategies that I espouse elsewhere on the forum. 

As for the Knight... I wasn't keeping an eye on my brother and he forgot to roll 2d6 on the vehicle penetration chart due to ordnance! To be honest though he did the one thing we really needed him to do which was help decimate that Thunderwolf Cavalry. If we didn't do that, the game surely would have been lost. Without him it wouldn't have happened. It was a crazy game though and very chatty so it was hard to keep track of everything. It hardly mattered though because we had so much fun. I think the alliance between me and my brother is going to crop up quite a bit. We're gonna do it again next month... We also have some really nice background about the alliance which I'll share in the future. There's a whole story to the games me and my brother have played and how both forces end up uniting in the end.

Anyway thanks for the feedback Alienscar its very much appreciated!

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Post by: Calamity on April 14, 2015, 09:18:56 AM
Thank you a hundred times for sharing the awesome report Cavalier!  Those pics made my day, as I love the look of two nicely painted armies facing off on a properly modeled board.  And those are nicely painted models. 8)
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Post by: Irisado on April 14, 2015, 10:02:28 AM
I love that Eldar terrain of yours.  It looks stunning.

The armies and the board that you played on look great too.  It all looks so impressive, almost cinematic.  I couldn't play a game like that, as I don't think that flyers and knights belong in 40K, but they certainly make for some spectacular pictures when on a table like that. 
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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 14, 2015, 01:27:42 PM
wuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uu ...  man you never cease to amaze me, that battle report work nicely and the picture are stunning might be because the minis/terrain looks stunning to begin with ^^.

For the harlies i did not understood your way of doing things that's why i was confused. if those are veterant then yes they work really nicely and i appologize for my missunderstanding of things. i prefer the coat less one aswell now that i take the time to look at them. The pose are nice making them really intresting to watch.

That piece of aegis you did is really wonderfull. I love it not much else i can say ;)

Don't know much about what the plateform stand for, but that work nicely aswell :)

looking forward to what's next ^^
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Post by: vonny on April 14, 2015, 01:55:53 PM
That sounded like quite a powerful army against you. Seems like you took on the necrons a lot better than I did, though!
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Post by: Cavalier on April 14, 2015, 09:01:37 PM
@ Tangi- Hey Tangi thanks I really appreciate you reading my report. I know its lengthy but a couple of you guys have expressed enjoyment reading them so I'm happy to do so. Just because you're a hobby guy doesn't mean you don't love playing good tough games.

@Irisado- Thank so much Irisado. Glad you like the Eldar Aegis. I really like it too and I love that the blue meshes with my paint scheme (just like the toy of transformers hot rod... his windshield was blue plastic). Glad you liked the board too. I wish their was a grey wasteland board at the store to match my terrain... but I'll be getting in a lot more games at home with my matching terrain.

Also I know what you mean about flyers and knights and all that. To an extent I totally agree with you. If I had my druthers games played at that power level should have 8x8 tables with truly carefully arranged terrain and the Forgeworld system of super-heavies and knight class units occupying only 25% of your force. Also about flyers... playing on a 8x4 board gives them incredible power. Its all too over the top... but at the same time it creates for a totally intense tabletop experience that really feels like you're in one of those classic 40k hellstorms as depicted in the all the classic background fiction.

At the same time I miss the old school days where a lone dreadnought felt like a Wraithknight. Which is why I really love Zone Mortalis and some of the Forgeworld Campaigns where the missions call upon you to create lists with limited options. I really hope that the community can eventually come to embrace this style of play as much as the full sound and fury of the current 1500-2000pts game. I CERATINLY have plans for games of this sort with my brother which'll hopefully promote that style of play.

@Grizz- Hey bud I thought you may have thought those guys were meant to be actual Harlequins or something of the sort. Even still its always good to hear contrary opinions. Glad you dig the poses too. I'm trying to keep the poses dynamic, but also make sure they look good in a squad. My counts-as Wyches don't quite look cohesive as a squad due to the poses being to varied... hopefully these guys'll work better.

@Vonny- Yeah it was really one of the most powerful forces I've ever played against. It was a lot of fun especially when you're not trying to "out power" them in the list department. I dont have the model collection to try and out-spam them either.  I just tried to make a list that had good offensive output and rely upon speed chase down vulnerable targets and stay away from the units I can't beat and whittle them down at a distance... or in the case of the flyers use my maneuverability to get outside their firing angles and wipe out their ground forces and go for objectives. To me a 5 flyer list is WAY over the top but its was a great challenge and I could easily imagine getting ambushed like that in the world of 40k and I'd like to think my Corsair Prince would be up to the challenge of thwarting those conniving Necron cretins!
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Post by: Cavalier on April 27, 2015, 07:40:49 AM
Hey guys got my first game in with the new Codex and it was great. Definitely need to get some different models as my dependence on Wraithguard has left me lacking in some areas but I'll detail that at the end of the bat-rep. Lets begin!

So my list was:
Autarch: Fusion Gun, Fire Sword, Banshee Mask
Wraithblades x5
    Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Avengers x8
    Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Windriders x6- x6 Scatter Lasers
Swooping Hawks x8
Hornets x3- x6 Pulse Lasers
Wraithknight: Wraithcannons, 1x Scatter Laser

My Opponent played Space Marines, with White Scars Chapter Tactics

8 Bikes: Grav, Attack Bike- Multi-Melta
8 Bikes: Grav, Attack Bike- Multi-Melta
Centurions x3- Gravcannons, Grav-Amp, Omni-Scope
    Land Raider- Classic
Sternguard- Combi-Plasmas
Razorback- Assault Cannons
Storm Raven
Storm Talon
Storm Talon

So my list was not completley optimized. Not wanting to take Wraithguard+WWP Archon I was left scratching my head. So I decided to run my Wraithblades as I desperatley want to start incorporating CC into my lists. I've found a distinct lack of a "stopper" unit when my opponent is just ramming his army straight down the gut. Harlequins would have been better but mine aren't finished and they are expensive as hell.

Also as you can see I was "out-flyered" and as usual its 3-1. But I've literally been outclassed 3-1, or even 4 or 5 to 1 so many times I don't even blink an eye anymore. With the changes to Swooping Hawks I've gotten a dramatic bump in that department and my Nightwing is so unbelievably reliable and deadly against flyers that I relish the opportunity to go against the odds and triumph.

Alright so here's the board setup. We played a Maelstrom game where we had three cards a turn. Discard ones you can't play, and discard ones you've achieved. I love Maelstrom games and highly recommend them though they do favor Eldar and Dark Eldar a bit with all our speed.


My opponent won the roll to go first and he chose to go first so here's my deployment/my opponents deployment. He deployed evenly across the board, where I loaded one flank with everything but the Jetbikes. I was trying to lure him towards my principal cluster allowing the Jetbikes to attack him from the rear.


So with my opponent running White Scars he scouted everything up the board with the exception of the vindicator hiding in the Manufactorum ruins. What I wasn't expecting was for him to rush the Land Raider with Centurions right up the middle of the board. I thought he'd play conservativley, hiding it from the Wraithknight but he was bold and it was an excellent move on his part as it trapped my Wraithknight on one side of the board. Also... while you can't see it he had a big squad of bikes with Khan on the far left side of the board, directly across from my Jetbikes which were hidden out of line-of-sight. What this meant was I the bikes were also trapped between the Centurions, the Bikes, and a squad of Sternguard. This was very clever deployment/movement by my opponent. Having played me many times he's really learned how to maintain board control and it showed in the first turn. A pot-shot was taken at my Wraithknight causing a wound but other than that nothing else was in range.

Here was my first mistake: Putting my Windriders on the board at all. Should have held them in reserves.


So Eldar Turn 1- I was really mad at myself for putting the bikes on the board during deployment. I was to eager to get their firepower into the game and hoped foolishly that the profusion of grav meant he was gonna go after the Wraithknight no matter the cost. So when his forces took total control of the center of the board I knew I had made a mistake. There was nowhere to put the bikes without exposing them to a ton of fire and possibly assault. Furthermore with all those flyers coming on I knew they were in trouble. So I turbo'd them to try and reach the right corner of the board where the rest of my forces were. Exposing them to only the Centurions, forcing my opponent to choose between stopping to deal with the bikes, or continuing on to face their priority target: the Wraithknight

(https://scontent-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11193268_1634282010119754_846744818492158701_n.jpg?oh=827951f06b884aba7696ebc28c45652f&oe=55D1BB95) (https://scontent-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/11059492_1634281943453094_4934982763906340663_n.jpg?oh=4f3598c5a6bda138fdc886a4ae226e28&oe=55DC42C6)

So after figuring all that out. I had the Serpents focus on the bikes on my right taking out 6 out of 8! This was a nice swing of fortune as the multi-melta and grav-gun in addition to the rapidly closing Centurions were a big threat to my Wraithknight. Following that my Wraithknight moved up the board (away from the Cenutrions) and took on the Razorback with Sternguard inside. It took both Wraithcannons but he nailed it which was great fun rolling on the destroyer table and he bagged me first blood as well. I then splitfire tagging the bikes and inflicting a casualty which was nice. So that wrapped up turn 1 for me. Killing the Razorback was nice and getting first blood was nice as well but it was far from spectacular. I was praying my bikes would escape significant harm and that my reserves would come in on because the bikes and centurions were already perilously close.

My corner of the board at the end of turn 1:

Space Marines turn 2:

The flyer formation arrives! Everything keeps moving closer! The Land Raider moves up and unloads the Centurions who promptly annihilated my bikes! Blast! I was really cursing myself over that blunder but I saw it coming from the beginning of the game. His bikes then continued to advance up right up behind them. The flyers and remaining bike then throw everything at the Wraithknight wracking up 2 wounds. I was cornered! Never underestimate the maneuverablilty and speed of Space Marines. With flyer support and bikes they can be incredibly fast... and even faster when they are White Scars. I was really feeling the pressure now. I needed a well played turn now more than ever or the debut game of my new codex would go down in flames.


Eldar Turn 2

This was a big turn. My opponent was all over with almost his entire army intact. The Centurions were extremly close to my Wraithknight now and the bikes would be in close combat range of Wave Serpents next turn if I didn't pull out something quick. My reserves roll was going to be of the utmost importance. I needed my Hornets more than ever.... and they failed to come in! This was a huge blow. I then rolled a 3 to bring in the Hawks and really agonized over bringing them in to grab some Maelstrom points... but decided to go against it. I knew I would need them later in the game to bring down the flyer triple threat so I kept them off until I knew I could get them into the right position to succeed. But my Nightwing showed up which gave me just enough tools to pull something off.

So first off I run the Nightwing right at the Soul Drink flyer formation. Putting them nose to nose guaranteed me that without going into hover-mode that I would be able to avoid any return fire from the flyers which is a favorite manuever of mine. I then moved the Wraithknight further up the board (and further away from the Centurions) and almost base-to-base with the remaining bikes on the right flank. My Wave Serpents pulled back further into the corner but all maintaning 24" range so as to use my Shuriken Cannons. I was tempted to "jump flank" and turbo boost to a completley new area of the board... but with so many of my opponents units right in the middle of the board and right next to so many Maelstrom objectives I knew I needed to leverage my full fire-power on him while I had it.

So thats exactly what I did. My Nightwing blasted a Storm Talon out of the sky. My Wraithknight rolled a 6 on the destroyer table sending that accursed Soul Drinker Land Raider back to the Warp where it belonged! Then all 3 Wave Serpents poured everything into the Centurions.... and did nothing! That one hurt. I could have just killed a single Centurion it really would have helped. I then pulled off a clever move and used my Scatter Laser on the Wraithknight to tag the bikes on right flank and assaulted them, killed them and used my consolidation move to get further from the Centurions. It was a gamble... but I needed to down that land raider to nullify it fire power but also to prevent it from transporting the Cenutrions further up the board. I debated deploying my Avengers and really cranking up the heat but I'd be exposing them to the flyers and I couldn't risk losing both their firepower and the scoring ability. So it was a surgical application of force... and as you'll see it set-up the rest of the game very nicely



Space Marines Turn 3

At this point the game was very tight. With my Nightwing nose-to-nose with his flyer formation, and the fact that they were directly on the right board edge he had three choices: go straight ahead and pot-shot a single Wave Serpent, bank left and try and reposition but without any targets to fire upon or go back into on-going reserves and come back on with a clean slate. He chose to go back into reserves... and I smiled a secret smile as a plan began to form in my mind. With that important decision made he then moved the Centurions, and bikes closer to my castled-up position near the right corner and to my horror... he was in range of the Wraithknight!!! He unloaded on my beloved wraith construct and felled it in a single volley. If I had been even a fraction of an inch further away I would have escaped any harm but he was just within range. It was sad to see the Wraithknight go down but he had accomplished his mission and there were no more targets (besides perhaps the Sternguard in the central ruin) for him to go after. Other than that nothing much else happened. Now it was on to my turn... and I was ready to lay the hammer down and set up a trap for turn 4!


Alright so I roll for reserves and I get both the Hornets and the Hawks in. This is the most important turn of the game for me at this point. I need my hornets to come in on the proper flank so I can I take out the Centurions but also as bait for the flyers as you'll see. I also need to roll a good battle-focus roll after deepstrike to hid the Hawks from my opponents flyers which I force off the board, as the hawks have no other viable targets.


So I end up getting the flank I want after my acute-senses roll and they are in position. My Wave Serpents move up as well to get maximum fire power and I unload 1 unit of Avengers to maximize my fire output and pray for some bladestorm action. While my Nightwing moves closer to my opponents deployment zone to force his flyers to fly past mine, come in at angle where they'll have to fly off the board if they do pursue my nightwing... or better yet go after my hornets (which is only good for me IF I take out the centurions first).


So on to the shooting phase! My Hornets pulverize the Centurions though a couple of cover saves almost saves one of them, wiping out the entire unit! That was the most important point of the game. Due to their central position on the board and the objectives they could eliminate any and all opportunities for my infantry to score late in game. They had to go and killing them was very sweet especially after they downed my Wraithknight. Then my Nightwing took out the Vindicator and then some spectacular dice rolls saw my Wave Serpents and Avengers go berserk on the bikes reducing them down to just Khan and a single bike! This was the huge swing I was looking for... and one that I have come to expect when my Hornets hit the board. My opponent was reeling now. With just some Sternguard in the central ruin, two bikes and two flyers his force was in tatters... but I had one last nasty surprise for him.

Space Marine Turn 4

With so little left this was a quick turn. The flyers came in and wrecked two of the Hornets while the last one went unscathed.... Khan moved forward towards the Wave Serpents and the Sternguard pot-shotted my Nightwing and actually penned it! I was sweating this one because my Nightwing hasn't died in over 30 games and I didn't want the streak to end! Luckily he rolled poorly on the pen chart and he survived so I was happy. Yet that was it for the Space Marines on to.....

Eldar Turn 4

Alright so this was the moment I had been waiting for. He took the bait and went after my Hornets (like he did the last time we played) but this time I was ready for him. I had used my battle-focus to hide behind a ruined wall right in his deployment zone so that when the flyers came in to get the hornets they'd fly right over them. So I moved 18" with my Hawks (so much fun) and get 8 haywire hits on the Stormraven and dropped the bad bird like a bad habit (scoring me a "Scour the Skies" Maelstrom card that I'd been saving). Then my Nightwing flew up put a hull point on the last remaining Storm Talon while my Serpents and Avengers finished off Khan. With only the Sternguard and a lone flyer left my opponent conceded. Sweet victory for the Eldar and 1st victory with the new codex. I couldn't have been happier!



So in summation I was thrilled with the way my army performed. I definitley felt the pinch of not having "laser-lock" as I missed A LOT of Shuriken Cannon shots with my Wave Serpent. Only having a 4+ Jink was nerve wracking as well, but it was really no worry once I dedicated myself to playing the range game and using cover. I'll miss being able to just roar out into the open and unloading on my opponents and pay the snap-fire price next turn. But I think the loss of holofields forced me to be more tactical with them, hug cover as much as possible and ultimately suffered far fewer turns of snap-firing. The Wraithknight did well, but as predicted he's not as over-the-top as people made him out to be. My unit of the game had to be the Hawks. They were SO fun to play with. Using deepstrike and battle-focus to ambush the flyers was one of the most fun maneuvers I've ever pulled off and I'm so happy they're gonna be in all my lists going forward. I miss them dearly when playing against Tau or Guard and auto-including them makes life easier for pick-up games at the store. So all-in-all my first experience with the new Dex was a success.

I was happy to see some of my opinions validated on the first game about the new codex as well. While the offensive bump to the Wraithknight is very significant, his defense has largley remained the same. While his defense against poison is significant the ability for opponents to down him with Grav, Melta, Plasma, Lascannons, and all other high strength Ap3 weapons just easily as before with the exception of feel no pain. Mine lasted 3 turns even with me dancing all over the field trying to stay away from the Centurions. Also being a Lord of War means special scenarios, and that 1 formation aside you'll only see one on the board at a time... which is how it should be outside of Apocalypse.

The Jetbikes as predicted died as easily as ever. While their offense went through the roof, high volume of shots, blast and templates will eat them alive as will a unit of Centurions meaning Draigo/Sevrin Loth Auto-Invisible Cenutrion-Star with the best close-combat character in the game teleporting 30" a turn (one of the most over-the-top unit combos of all time, and never a sniff of controversy, or whisper of potential tournament nerfing)  is just as effective as ever against Eldar.

So going forward I'm going to be retiring my Wraithguard for most games and probably use my Wraithknight a bit less. Aspect Warriors are phenomenal now and I think Corsair Fire Dragons, Wind Riders and some form of Autarch on a Bike with perhaps a Void Dreamer Council is in the future. Also my Reavers will probably incorporated as well and Harlies when I can because I still see a glaring need for CC especially to protect the Wind Riders who are going to be essential firebase for the Eldar (when playing high-powered games) with the changes to Wave Serpents. So those are my thoughts!


Stay tuned because there's a lot of hobby stuff coming down the pipe. I've got a Forge World order in bound, I've got my JB's in hand, my Harlies/Starweaver are ready to be primed already my brother has a monstrous piece of terrain half-way finished! So stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 27, 2015, 10:06:36 AM
Wow that's some heavy weight battle report here. I only have a few things to say^^ very sweet looking table / armies, they both stand out and gives away some nice cohesion color it really work well.
That's some sweet battle plan you showed us and some nice trick i will be sure to keep in mind for my upcoming games with the new dex.
I wilhave to agree with you the new aspect warrior really gives away a good feeling, they will surely see a lot of plays, coming in tournaments and other things. I'm curious to see how you will tweek your list.
Will you be going for the aspect shrine formation? That on the side, with your jetbikes staying in CAD could do some wonder i think.

Well there seems ti be some pretty sweet project in the pipe i'm looking forward to them :D thanks for the update, keep at it^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on April 27, 2015, 10:08:05 AM
An excellent battle report of a well deserved win Cav.  Way to recover from that mistake. :)

Once again, the board and the two painted armies laid out over it looks awesome. :)

The Jetbikes as predicted died as easily as ever. While their offense went through the roof, high volume of shots, blast and templates will eat them alive as will a unit of Centurions meaning Draigo/Sevrin Loth Auto-Invisible Cenutrion-Star with the best close-combat character in the game teleporting 30" a turn (one of the most over-the-top unit combos of all time, and never a sniff of controversy, or whisper of potential tournament nerfing)  is just as effective as ever against Eldar.

That's what I suspected.  They are still glass cannons, so if you can just get them into your sights and pummel them with lots of (cover save ignoring) fire you can drive them off.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 27, 2015, 10:49:47 AM
An excellent battle report of a well deserved win Cav.  Way to recover from that mistake. :)

Once again, the board and the two painted armies laid out over it looks awesome. :)

The Jetbikes as predicted died as easily as ever. While their offense went through the roof, high volume of shots, blast and templates will eat them alive as will a unit of Centurions meaning Draigo/Sevrin Loth Auto-Invisible Cenutrion-Star with the best close-combat character in the game teleporting 30" a turn (one of the most over-the-top unit combos of all time, and never a sniff of controversy, or whisper of potential tournament nerfing)  is just as effective as ever against Eldar.

That's what I suspected.  They are still glass cannons, so if you can just get them into your sights and pummel them with lots of (cover save ignoring) fire you can drive them off.

Best counter to jet bikes, dark reaper, no jink save allowed :D hit them hard with a rain of s5 shot :)

I just thought about a metaphore, jetbike are like moskito, the fly around you and harass you with small things, if you don't  touch them you will end up covered buy these, but if you ignore the bite and focus on the moskito, it will at sole point let himself be caught don't let the chance slip in your hand and you are perfectly fine afterward ;)

I just feel so good after finding that, 8) ... when it's not even good but who cares you need to be happy with yourself some times ^^
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Post by: vonny on April 27, 2015, 11:58:35 AM
A great battle report to read. I'm glad the aspect shrines are seeing some love, I think they could use it (even if I have no aspect unit myself).
I don't have the codex myself yet, but even without I could see the tactical decisions you made won you the day. I have to admit though that your opponent knew very well what he was doing as well!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 28, 2015, 07:31:56 AM
@Grizzly- Thanks Grizz. Appreciate the comments on the board/minis as always. Yeah I'm excited to take my list in some new directions as well. Its gonna be fun to phase out the Wraith units which are supposed to be heirloom units derived from my Corsair Prince's own family. Using them as much as I have is not super fluffy. But to be fair these are just pick-up games and no one's pulling the punches at my store so turn-about is fair play, but when I've got crazy amount of victories that I've achieved in the past half-year and losses in the single digits the Archon+WWP Wraithguard unit is gonna lose me some friends, especially alongside the Hornets and Wraithknight so its sort of forcing my hand but thats not a bad thing. I really want to run other units.

And yes I am going to run an Aspect Host... and I already have the models to rock the Avenger Shrine replete with dedicated Serpents. I actually plan on putting together a LOT of the formations. One of the things thats excited me the most about the new book is that it rewards the long-term collectors, or people looking to expand their armies by incentivizing you to collect your favorite models or themed groups of units. I couldn't ask for more.

@Tangi- Thanks bud! Yeah I really was sweating when the JB's went down. I was really worried with the downgrade to the Serpent's resilience if I could survive the fast moving White Scars storm. But I just buckled down (old school 5th edition style when all you could do was hold on for dear life) played the range game, manipulated my reserves and made sure my target priority was on point. 

Glad you agree with me on the JB's. They are NASTY. There's no denying their offense, but people forget just how fragile they are. So many units will eat a squad a turn with no armor or cover saves like Helldrakes, Flamers of Tzeentch, Dark Eldar Medusae with WWP Archons, Dark Eldar Liquifiers (with proper rolls for AP), Space Marine Hyperios Whirlwinds with ignore cover upgrade, IG Colossi, Deepstriking R'vanah and Y'vahra Riptides. Even just old school units like Basilisks will demolish squads with average dice rolls and make them jink. People are looking only at the hammer and not the glass.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny! Yeah Chris really did know what he was doing. He's a very clever player and he knows my play style very well. He's one of my favorite opponents, his army is fully painted, he likes playing Maelstrom games and every game we've played has been very close. Can't ask for a better opponent. :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Alienscar on April 28, 2015, 11:01:54 AM
I've got to say Cavalier that I really like your battle reports. Yours are some of the few that I can read all the way through and enjoy every word of it. Do you write any fiction?

Would you say that your terrain set up is more dense than it should be or do you consider what we can see in your pictures the minimum that should be used?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 28, 2015, 05:05:04 PM
@Alienscar- Thanks man! I really appreciate all the positive feedback I've gotten on the bat-reps. I do write fiction actually. Writing is my principal passion in life, and I actually got back into 40k at the end of 4th edition when I was doing some research for my stories. But my writing is something I do like to keep private especially because it has yet to be published... but suffice it to say though if you ever happen to be reading my stuff someday, long time followers of my project log will definitely see some analogs!

Also for my terrain setup I do consider it the minimum of what should be used, especially in a pick-up game. There are so many alpha-strike armies, and insane amounts of shooting in the game such terrain is truly necessary. No one likes being ambushed in a pickup game, and I always make sure my opponents get a little bit more terrain than I do, especially LOS because I know Eldar can be very frustrating to play against and I want them to have a few turns to decide what they want to do with their most important units.

I actually feel like I don't have enough LOS blocking terrain... but there is only so much I can cart to the store!

Anyway hobby ahoy! My first jetbike is complete minus his weaponry. This was the first time I got to use the Khorne Red primer and what a joy. Makes my life so much easier than airbrushing I can't even tell you. I can't wait to paint him. Also my first FW order arrived, now I'll have enough bits to make all Corsair Jetbikes, finish my Striking Scorpions and round-off my Corsair Hawks to an even 10 men. Also got some Maelstrom Cards which I can't wait to use. Stay tuned more ahead!



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on April 29, 2015, 09:16:18 AM
How are the new Jetbikes? The only ones i've put together are the old style for my Shining Spears, and they never were the nicest... lots of gap filling to make things look smooth...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Alienscar on April 29, 2015, 10:59:51 AM
Jetbikes! They aren't replacing your Outriders are they?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on April 30, 2015, 06:59:03 AM
@Lachdonin- They are a dream to put together. Took about 5 minutes assemble the first one. Never had a problem with the old ones besides getting that dang banner pole centered! I really do miss those banner poles though. All the Shrine banners in the codex makes it a real shame that none of the Aspects have them anymore.

@Alienscar- Replace my Reavers? Never! They'll be riding side-by-side. My goal is to incorporate CC into my standard list and the Reavers may get the nod. They are very good, can keep up with them and are perfect for shredding any Marines (or Marine bikers) that get to close to my new scatter-blaster bikes!

Seriously though the armies I face off against are incredibly fast whether it be Marine biker lists, Necrons and all there teleporting, or drop-pod lists... a lot of times I'll find myself surrounded by enemy units, and forced to turbo-boost to a new area of the board. With just a single CC unit it'll enable me to more easily hold my ground. Harlies and Reavers are currently the front-runners.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on April 30, 2015, 07:50:45 AM
The Jetbikes are already starting to look very impressive.  Your colour scheme goes well with that sleek design.  They're going to look really good.

Great pictures from the battle, and both armies look very impressive, especially with the paint schemes you are and your opponent have chosen.  Congratulations on your victory too :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Alienscar on April 30, 2015, 10:22:38 AM

@Alienscar- Replace my Reavers? Never! They'll be riding side-by-side. My goal is to incorporate CC into my standard list and the Reavers may get the nod. They are very good, can keep up with them and are perfect for shredding any Marines (or Marine bikers) that get to close to my new scatter-blaster bikes!

I was actually thinking of your Exodite Outriders as I thought you used them as proxies for jetbikes. But I am now guessing that your Outriders weren't intended to proxy for all of your Jetbikes.
Here is another early WIP of my Exodite Outriders (guardian jetbikes)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 1, 2015, 12:37:01 PM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado! Glad you like the new bikes and thanks for your compliments on the game, models and victory. It was a satisfying one to be sure. I'm gonna play a game this weekend against my brother I'll bat-rep it, and take lot of photos too as I continue to playtest the new book.

@Alienscar- Whoa! Talk about a blast from the past. Sadly they will be replacing those guys... but those guys haven't seen any action since 5th ed! I actually have a ton more but they are unpainted (primed, but unpainted). I will be doing Exodites someday but not anytime soon. Glad you dig em though.

Progress! Gonna stencil/mask prime the chevrons next time but he's coming out good! Also gonna greenstuff the shoulder pads on the next one as well. I hate gap-filling but these models need it. Also one of the things I'm most excited to do is give squad markings, and individual number markings to all my models now that they've included an Eldar marking system in the new book. Love these new models, and I love painting them.... more soon!




BTW have you seen the rumors on Admech? Scary! I'm also scared to see what Marines are gonna brining to the party when they get their update. Anyway stay-tuned for the incoming bat-rep!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 1, 2015, 01:30:35 PM
hey man that's some really impressive jetbikes there, If you paint all of them like this it's gonna be a blast on the table, really looking forward to it ^^
same for the bat rep :D i'm looking forward to it aswell you brother mini's and your always look stunning on the table :)
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Post by: vonny on May 2, 2015, 06:52:42 AM
oooh! squad markings? I really want to get that dex now...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on May 3, 2015, 01:20:21 AM
ROOMAZOOMZOOM!!!! They look mighty nice! I am right back into mine again, building and painting, was gonna work on Eldar but....
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 5, 2015, 10:43:58 AM
Hey guys! I'm gonna keep this brief for reasons which'll soon become obvious. Also I deleted some of my best pictures which was a terrible mistake on my part because there were some great ones.... Anyway lets jump in!

So this was my 2nd test run of the new book and it was a doozy. In this game we played 1855-ish (my bro and I are a little flexible on these things) and a standard 5 objective game. Here are the lists:

Autarch: Fusion Gun, Fire Sword, Banshee Mask
Wraithblades x5
    Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Avengers x8
    Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Windriders x6- x6 Scatter Lasers
Swooping Hawks x8
Hornets x3- x6 Pulse Lasers
Wraithknight: Wraithcannons, 1x Scatter Laser

My Brother's List (as best I can remember it)
Pask in a Punisher (Warlord)
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Platoon Command: Vox
    Infantry Squad: Vox
    Infantry Squad: Vox
    Heavy Weapons Team: Autocannons
Veterans x3 Plasma
    Chimera: Double Heavy Flamers

In my opinion... NOT his best list. Why he forewent his usual 4 squads of Veterans with Plasma, the Vulture, Imperial Knight etc I don't know... but he is re-modelling everything right now to differentiate between Vets, and Infantry men and wanted to get a feel for things with his new look IG. But that aside lets jump in.

Unfortunately I deleted the set-up photo of the board but is a collage to set the scene:

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-UboohgO-Mi8/VUgFViHdZJI/AAAAAAAABgc/ssxp8i3D0tk/s812/IMG_1329.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-lEZceMaRdmY/VUgJt13XC-I/AAAAAAAABiY/Ii6ZJPyMYaE/s812/IMG_1335.JPG)



Eldar Turn 1
So I got turn 1 for the first time in forever and lets just say it started off with a bang. As you can see I set up evenly across the board (which I usually do when I go first) and then swung everything up the right flank using turbo-boosts to get into position... thus getting out of range of both Pask and the Plasmacutioner. I bust the Wraithknight just within 36" of the manticore, let rip with his Heavy Distortion Cannon, miss with the first gun, nail him with the second and roll a 6. He just got D'd. I felt bad as this was the model's first appearance on the board and my brother had spent a long time painting him... but alas it was not meant to be. On top of that I was already in his deployment zone with all my Serpents meaning my Autarch the Wraithblades and 16 Avengers were ready to rock. Very intimidating stuff!


IG Turn 1
The loss of the Manticore hurt and Pask and his buddies were out of position. My brother decided to bunker down and hope the remaining tanks could do some work. So the Basilisks let rip on the Wraithknight both his, both wound and I pass both Feel No Pains. Scary! Both of us could feel the power of the Wraithknight. Then the Plasmacutioner and Leman Russ moveout, the Plasmacutioner hits the Wave Serpent all 5 times and the Russ hits with its battle-cannon and Lascannon as well. I jink all but 1 hit and downgrade the pen to a glance. This is getting ugly quick! My brother's frustration is growing and I can feel the hatred of the internet filling the room! The Autocannon Team fires at the Wraithknight in desperation to wrack up at least a wound and they achieve that... but only that! Only a hullpoint and a single wound dealt out and the IG's turn ends. Not good!

Eldar Turn 2
Everything moves deeper into the IG deployment zone. A squad of Avengers disembarks, the Wraithblades disembark all using the LOS blocking terrain to hide from the remaining tank and infantry squad on the otherside of the big ruin. Everything also arrives out of reserves. Hawks come down (there blast scatters away harmlessly), the bikes come in, the Nightwing arrives and so do the Hornets. This is the picture I REALLY wish I had... but just try and picture it in your minds... and with a little help from these pix.


So during deployment my brother set up his bassies as far away from my Wraithknight as possible. But there was one 5-6" gap between the cave/hill terrain he was hiding behind and the board edge... just enough for my Wind Riders, Nightwing to unload on the Basilisk side armor and thats what I'm gunning for. Also having moved his Tanks out there rear armor was exposed to an outflanking manuever by my Hornets whose Acute Senses rule allowed me to get them exactly into position. I had an excellent picture of the entire cluster of Corsair outflankers but I deleted it! The IG photo doesn't reflect the movement of the Russ' but shows the position of the Baslisks. Anyway Here's the best photos that remain to try and illustrate the scene

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-AjuZMjJN4Tg/VUgFSGkeuBI/AAAAAAAABgU/BjpzOJ7HD8c/s640/IMG_1327.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-EOo1H6mzx1s/VUgFtwwDHOI/AAAAAAAABhE/VmTjb_Epkoc/s640/IMG_1349.JPG)

So the bikes let rip into the Basilisk and shred the poor tank. The Nightwing does the same with its double shuriken-cannons finishing off the squadron. It was a brutal move on my part but it had to be done. The Hornets then pummel the Leman Russ squadron and even facing a lot  side armor 13 on the Russ' destroy 2 of them with help from the Wraithknight. I just ripped the heart out of the IG... and to add insult to injury split-fire from the Wraithknight into the infantry squad in the ruin allows me to assault into their firebase... and like a scene from Evangelion the beast goes on a rampage with stomp decimating the IG foothold.


This maneuver ended the turn and needless to say there was some serious shock and awe tactics going here for the Eldar. Yet my brother had a few cards left to play.

IG Turn 2
So my brother rolls reserves and the bad-bird itself the Vendetta arrives while the Vets in their Chimera remain off the board. He turns Pask around and blows away two of the remaining Hornets the other survives via a couple lucky jink rolls with a lone hull-point remaining. The recently arrived Vendetta unloads on the Wraithblades and my Autarch and knocks out two of the Wraithguard. Those suckers can really take a pounding and they protect my Autarch very well. Yet with so little left the turn ends and Lions of Asuryan remain on the rampage.


Eldar Turn 3

With the Vendetta on the board I decide its time for my Nightwing to flee and hope for a better angle of firing either on his counter-part or Pask. My jetbikes move out to claim objectives and the rest of the Warhost surges on. The Wraithblades and Autarch continue to move up, while my Dire Avengers fire on the remaining Infantrymen inside the ruin and move in to assault. The Wave Serpents move into position to fire on the Platoon Command and grab objectives. Then the Swooping Hawks which had gone ignored intercept the Vendetta wracking up to HP's but fail to bring it down! Meanwhile the Wraithknight finishes off the last of Autocannon team and remains covered in the ruins. With shooting done my Avengers roll well and make it into combat with the Infantrymen and slay them in glorious combat. I use my consolidation roll to get out of line-of-sight inside the ruin and await a final desperate charge from the IG. A less spectacular turn but its almost mopping up duty at this point. Yet my brother has one last card to play.


IG Turn 4

Reserves are rolled and the Chimera with Plasma vets arrive. This is my brothers last chance and he smartly pulls in right behind the Swooping Hawks and my Autarch and Wraithblades. Pask moves back behind the ruins forcing the Wraithknight to come to him (and to protect warlord). The Chimera flames the Hawks and they break morale and run. The Vets unload on my Wraithblades but shockingly only 1 goes down. Those 4+ invuln saves are not to be taken lightly. The Vendetta goes into hover mode moves back 12" and fires on the Wraithknight knocking up two more wounds. This was a very disappointing turn for my brother. He needed those Vets to get the job done and it didn't happen. The Eldar are poised for another big turn to close out the game.


Eldar Turn 5

The Eldar rampage was about to commence again. My Hawks rallied, intercepted the Vendetta and brought it down. The Wraithknight turned around and destroyed the Chimera, as did my Corsair Prince and his Wraithblades to deal with the backstabbing Vets. The Avengers lined-up inside the ruins to prevent the Infantry men in the ruin next door from being able to Move, Move, Move inside the ruin in a last charge. Meanwhile the Serpents moved into position on a number of objectives as did the Jetbikes. The Nightwing also returned to the board and shot at Pask ineffectually. With shooting out of the way my Corsair Prince and Wraithblades charged the Vets and killed 4 of them (not the best rolling) but they held tying up my Prince in combat. It was another very effective turn for the Eldar and the IG knew the day was lost.

IG Turn 5 End of the Game

We decided to call it at this point. We played the turn out but nothing much happened. The Vets broke, and my Prince failed to catch them while, the remaining infantry men set-up a shoot and charge for next turn against the Avengers inside the ruin. While Pask, the Platoon Command and an Infantry unit remained the game was effectivley over. The Corsairs were all over the objectives, the Wraithknight was in position to go after Pask and the Platoon Command and all my Avengers were intact as well as the potential bombing run from the recently rallied Hawks. The Lions of Asuryan had crushed the IG and were poised to eradicate every last one of them if the game had continued.



Concluding Thoughts:
Wow. This games was an eye-opener. The Wraithknight was on an absolute tear and seemed all but unstoppable. The ability to split-fire, stomp, and feel-no-pain all came into enormous effect and really changed the way I look at the unit. The Wave Serpents were as effective as ever, the Wraithblades continued to be an average unit in terms of offense, but very useful in its ability to take units out of the shooting phase and grind them down. The Hornets were nasty as ever, and the Jetbikes got a chance to shine. This was a text-book Eldar victory... they were hitting my brother's IG from all sides with devastating force and in the end it just overwhelmed the out-gunned IG.

So... where to go from here. I'm definitely changing the way I construct my list. The Wraithknight is going to be reserved for no-holds barred games. I've got a game coming up this saturday against my new friend Amar who brings absolutely brutal lists. For everyone else I'm going to have "the conversation" about what type of game they want to play. Lords of War/No Lords of War, Ranged-D/No-Ranged D. The Wraithknight is truly one of the most dominating units in the game and if you do not have an answer to him, I'm not bringing him.

Replacements are going to come in the form of Corsair Fire Dragons, True Born with Blasters (WWP Raid) and Scourges with Haywire Blasters. In a way I'm happy with changes to the Wraithknight and Wraithguard because I truly have an excellent core of Apocalypse units, as well as excellent choices for no-holds-barred games. On the other hand I'm bummed because I was really looking forward to great knightly duels between my Wraithknight and the Imperial Knight. Sadly the Imperial Knight is drastically outclassed unless the Melta-Cannon becomes a Destroyer Weapon. Either way I look at it as an opportunity to rock a far fluffier list one centered around lightning fast raids... with my Wraith units (heirloom units drawn from the dead of my Corsair Prince's family) become units only used in special games or no-holds-barred like I've mentioned.

Anyway a lot of modelling to come in the future. More of my jetbikes will be finished this week and I'm going to begin modelling up reinforcements in the form of Corsair Dragons towards the end of this week or next week. So on to my closing notes....

Special Announcement!

Anyway! I'm returning to the Splintermind Podcast to discuss.... you guessed it... the New Eldar Codex! I'll be chatting with Thor and Evil Space Elves from the Dark City about the changes to the new Dex and the impact it'll have on the game and the Dark Kin. The Dark City is one of my favorite forums and the DE purists are just hardcore about the Dark Eldar as some of the Eldar Online vets here at 40k Online. While 40k online was down it became one of my favorite forums and is a great resource for anyone playing DE. So if you are interested make sure you check it out!


Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast (http://splintermind.libsyn.com/)

Anyways guys I've got a game coming up this week and a bunch of models ready in the works so stay tuned for some updates in the near future. So thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you guys all soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on May 5, 2015, 11:25:45 AM
Wow. That was a rather overpowering victory.
I see you still run scatter lasers on your wave serpents. Any specific reason for this? And what do you think of holofields on them now?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 5, 2015, 01:11:46 PM
Yeah totally overpowering victory... thanks largely to the power of the Wraithknight. I think if my brother had brought his 4 squads of Plasma Vets it would have been a different game, but his power was on full display this game. You have to have a clear and decisive answer to him or he'll rip opposing army apart.

As to running the Scatter Lasers on the Wave Serpents I place a high priority on anti-infantry fire power. I face a lot of ground pounding armies whether it be Necrons, Marines, Thunder Cav, Marine Bikers and boat loads of IG Veterans so I can't get enough AI in most of my lists. Also when forced to jink Id rather have 4 twin-linked shots + shuriken cannons then snap-firing EML, or Brightlances. Star-Cannons are tempting but HAVING to be in 24" to use them is a bit of a detraction for me especially with bikes roaring after you.

Also I've got boat loads of high strength AP2 via the Hornets (12 shots) the Nightwing (2 Shots), the Wraithknight (2 shots.... though he'll be phased out soon).

As for holofields...I'll probably never run them. If I can't jink, or can't grab cover (I've probably made a mistake as well) I'd rather just take my lumps and hope the Serpent shield saves me. The extra points will cost me Dire Avengers, or Swooping Hawks and its not worth the exchange. Also the presence of the new bikes takes pressure off of them so there's no need to upgrade to the max.

Also progress!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on May 5, 2015, 01:27:21 PM
I remember a while back you expressed a hope that reading your blog might persuade me to play 40K again, but reading your battle reports has the opposite effect :D.  By this, I don't mean your reports are not interesting, far from it in fact :), rather it's just cementing my view that the current rules just are not for me.

I love the pictures of your army on the table top.  The models seem to look better every time.  I'm also very pleased to see an Eldar victory.  I agree, however, that the Wraithknight being left at home for most games would probably be a wise idea.  It dominated that game rather a lot.

The Jetbikes continue to look really impressive.  I can picture your models speeding across battlefields hunting isolated squads and opening fire 'hit and run' style.

Finally, I'd be interested to see whether we might be able to draw any members of the Dark City over here to join in discussions.  Reciprocity and all that ;).

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on May 5, 2015, 02:15:41 PM
I can send some IM's to some of my friends on the Dark City if you'd like.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on May 5, 2015, 03:05:28 PM
Thanks for the offer, but we don't want to advertise on other forums, especially since we don't allow other forums to advertise here.  Of course, signatures linking to topics over here like members having links to their project blogs in their signatures on other forums is another thing altogether, that's more what I was suggesting ;).

Anyway, on with the painting.  I can't wait to see how these Jetbikes turn out :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 5, 2015, 05:51:22 PM
star cannon are 36  range just saying ;) the 24 is for shurican.

Well that was a clean victory that's for sure and those jetbikes man they look really gorgeous. You defenetly have a things for efficient and well balanced painting.

You showed me the power of the wraithknight, I was not sure but now i know that if the opponents bring a wraithknight unless i have fire dragon or something like this, I don't know yet what (reapers with starshot maybe), I forfeit even before the game start ><

looking forward to the modification of your list :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 6, 2015, 07:27:38 AM
I remember a while back you expressed a hope that reading your blog might persuade me to play 40K again, but reading your battle reports has the opposite effect :D.  By this, I don't mean your reports are not interesting, far from it in fact :), rather it's just cementing my view that the current rules just are not for me.

@ Irisado- Noooooooooo!!! Well I do have a bunch of stuff planned that is right up your alley. The Doom of Mymeara Campaign sort of fell of the radar for me and my brother but we are still going to do it! I just haven't been able to set-aside the time to finish painting his Knight Titan for the 3500pt game half-way through the campaign.

On top of that I"m going to be setting up a 2-day narrative event at my store that is going to be excellent. Custom scenarios, and tight set of restrictions on unit selection… the one that sticks out in my mind most is the Night-Raid Recon Mission where you must take a certain amount of units with Scouts, no armor better than 3+, limited amount of vehicles AV 10 or less and I'll be re-instating assault out of reserves. Its supposed to be a mission for Space Marine Scouts, Scout Bikers, Striking Scorpions+Rangers. It should be fun.

I don't blame you either for not liking the way the rules are… but I think if people embraced  and emulated some of the excellent campaigns released by Forge World (Badab War is ridiculously awesome, Fall of Orpheus and Doom of Mymeara and Siege of Vracks (the ultimate Apocalypse campaign) are all fanastic) and played them on a semi-regular basis so much of the angst just melts away. The missions pre-requisites are so fun and call upon the full range of a balanced models collection as well as a robust array of scenery and terrain.

While pick-up games are fun, and I've enjoyed throwing my army into the fighting pit to test their mettle and earn glory in trouncing the best the "Lower Races" have to offer (thats an Eldar joke), I definitly don't feel I'm getting the most out of what the game has to offer. I tell ya if we had even a single Tyranid player in the store I'd pick-up the entire Shield of Baal Campaign and start running in next week.

Anyway enough preaching. Thanks so much for your input Irisado. I'm so glad you like the models… and yes I hope the podcast brings some visitors I mentioned the forum twice and just fell short of mentioning you and GML by name. But when I mention hardcore Eldar purists (I should have said something about your opinion on including Harlies against anything but Chaos) you know who I'm talking about! I just hope those parts make the cut because we went pretty long. Anyway thanks Irisado, and I am determined to bring you hope in the near future!

@Grizzlykin- Man its been so long since I've even considered Starcannons I didn't even realize they were 36"! I may consider them… they certainly look awesome! I have a feeling my army is gonna get a big shake-up… and I'm going to be lacking a lot of Ap2 while the Wraith units take a breather.

As for the Wraithknight its not as dire as all that. It a unit you need to be able to get in the face of and deal with immediatly. Stern-guard with melta, or Grav. Centurions with Draigo (though I hate that unit combination) Firedragons and a WWP Archon, Crimson Death formation will eat him alive, Hornets with Pulse Lasers, anything with Fleshbane (Witchblades etc.) even a squadron of standard Leman Russ with hull mounted Lascannons will do work (just fire those Lascannons first! :P).

Honestly I think its time to just revive "the conversation". If you are setting up a game with friends just talk about what kind of game you want to play. Flyers/No Flyers, Lords of War/No Lords of War, Destroyer/No-Destroyer. Though just allowing it all in can be very fun too. Hell shorter games are not a bad thing! Escalation "Kill the Titan" games are really awesome. The great Scorpion82 ran a series of video bat-reps against a Warhound Titan and for the most part they were really fun games. Setting up games with established parameters is never a bad thing, and it eliminates that feeling of being ambushed. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for all your great comments guys, all your feedback is very rewarding!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on May 6, 2015, 09:55:28 PM
I can't be too happy for your victory, on account of being a dedicated IG player and all that.  But still, congratulations none the less.  And once again, awesome paint jobs, awesome board set up and awesome battle report.  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 7, 2015, 07:08:20 AM
Thanks Tangi. No need to congratulate me it was a win based more on list mismatch then any great decisions made on my part. I was bummed to be honest, I didn't want my first battle with the new codex against my brother to go that way. He' my toughest opponent and just clobbering him like that was not fun. Besides getting cute with my Hawks, and Jetbikes I just managed to not get in my armies way and screw it up lol! Thanks for the compliments on the army and the board et. al.

BTW I just wanted to mention my brother and I are going to be building a new board.... an 8x8 for regular games in the near future. I think increasing the size of the board is long over due for anything above 1500... or any game that includes flyers. I know its a disadvantage for me but honestly it makes units like the Fire Prism have a much needed role. It'll allow my brothers artillery to use the advantage of its range which on a 6x4 board is really almost a hinderance.

My other hope is that it'll incentivize a more interesting mid-field game where units like Wraithlords, Striking Scorpions, Dreadnoughts, Close-combat Scouts (or even Scout bikers) drop-pod units, Deepstriking Termies have a chance to do something as not every gun on the table can be brought to bear on them. If you guys have played Maelstrom games you'll know how those battles tend to create little isolated pockets of action across the board... I'm hoping a bigger board will do the same thing and hopefully further isolate those pockets of action.

Anyway thanks Tangi and stay tuned I'm dedicated to getting my brother on the forum and talking some good IG smack!

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot the podcast was just released so go check it out if you're interested!


Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast : Splintermind: The Dark Elder Podcast - (http://splintermind.libsyn.com/splintermind-the-dark-elder-podcast-episode-11)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 13, 2015, 07:43:05 AM
Alright guys… I was working on a bat-rep from my last game but I really didn't have enough pix to do a proper so I'll just sum it up for you guys as it was an interesting game and really forced me to think about the future direction of my army and my approach to playing in general.

The lists:

Autarch- Banshee Mask, Fire Sabre
Archon- Shadowfield, WWP, Agonizer, Blaster
Fire Dragonsx5- Exarch
Dire Avengers x8
     Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Dire Avengers x8
     Exarch- Power Sword, Shimmer Shield
     Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Warriors x5
     Venom- x2 Cannons
Jetbikes x6- Scatter Lasers x6
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasersx6
Wraithknight- Scatter Laser

My opponent rocked a very odd Decurion

C'Tan Nightbringer- Staff of Light
Destroyer Lord
Destroyers x5
Destroyers x5
Canoptek Harvest
     Canoptek Spider
     Canoptek Wraiths x5
Immortals x5
Tomb Blades x5
Warriors x10- Gauss
Warriors x10- Gauss

So to sum it up: I lost! First game in over 2 months that I lost and it came at the hands of the dreaded Necrons! Definitely a worthy opponent. I knew things were dire when he rolled quadrupule infiltration warlord trait and had the Wraiths, C'tan and the Destroyers knocking at my door at 18" on turn 1. I lost one of my Serpents turn 2 and was forced to go into CC with Autarch, Avengers + Avenger Exarch (!) and Wraithknight turn 2. I held him down for 5 turns but in the end those units bought and at that point I conceded as I had only my hornets and a broken unit of Jetbikes left! I had the Wraithknight, Wave Serpent, Autarch and Avengers in one corner and everything else on the other. While those units pinned him down in CC I tried to flank him with the rest of my army but I just couldn't get through all those 4+ Reanimation Protocols and all those freaking Invulnerable Saves. My Wraithknight battled like a champ, and killed a lot of stuff but I couldn't get lucky on the stomp table and eventually he fell. The MVP of the game was probably the Wraithknight but special mention must go to my Archon who was battling Destroyers like a champ!


So what did I take away from this game? Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. The Necrons are a brutally frustrating opponent with incredible firepower and even more incredible resilience. They've got special rules out the wazoo and cannot be taken without an optimized list.

What do I mean by optimizied? Does it mean Wraithguard and WWP Archons? No not necessarily. It means you've got a list that works as a cohesive whole and I didn't bring that last weekend. So when playing my buddy Amar (this was a toned down list from the last one I faced) I'm going to bring my old army…. at least until I get my NEW list up and running.


I took about half of 5th edition off while I figured out what kind of army I wanted to build, and then building and painting it. In that time I spent a lot of time on this forum in particular bouncing ideas off of people and adding rare units like Hornets, Warp Hunters to my collection and delving into the Dark Eldar which were much more powerful then. I think I need to do the same (though it should be a minimal amount of time a few weeks of re-thinking things and painting) because I don't want to rely on my Wraith units as a crutch except when I'm playing in no-holds barred games.


I don't think Jetbikes are going to be the panacea either… their leadership, vulnerability to blast weapons (or any high volume of fire) means they are going to be a specialist unit (I don't care what the internet says). This coupled with the reduced resilience and firepower of the Serpents requires a big change in philosophy.

The no-vehicle Necrons really opened my eyes to this. So what direction I'm going to go I cannot say. The new codex needs to be fully explored. All I can say is that Harlequins, Reaver Jetbikes and that Crimson Death formation are tempting me…

So anyway all that aside here's some hobby stuff! The Jetbikes are coming along. This time I used stenciled and primed the chevrons and they came out really nice. A tad different from the first one I did but its all good. When all 6 are done it'll be lost in the shuffle. I cant say enough how fun these models are to paint. Very easy to assemble, very easy to paint and they look great! I can't wait to do up an Autarch on a bike he's gonna look great!


Also started work on my Harlies! I primed a number of them but only started work on the Shadowseer/Void Dreamer! So pumped about this model I think its gonna look great and I'll probably use at as a Farseer when I need one. Man I really wish the Harlies had a standard FOC because I'd love to run them as cheapie allies with a lone Shadowseer and a big squad of Harlies and access to Crescendo. But alas it cannot be.... I'm activley trying to figure out a list with Cast of Players but its very expensive... but I think it'll be worth it.


So anyways guys thanks for stopping by... there is a lot in the works and a lot to be figured out. Until next time stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on May 13, 2015, 07:55:09 AM
Necrons were always tough to beat when I played against them, and things don't seem to have become any easier.  Cohesion is an important point though.  I don't think that you need to field a power build to beat them, but rather you need to ensure that all your units bring something to the table when working together.  A concentration of force is especially important against Necrons, given how tough they are.

The pictures are great as always.  I'm particularly drawn to the Shadowseer/Void Dreamer.  I really like this model.  If aesthetics and colours were to win games, you'd never lose whenever it's included in your army.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 13, 2015, 01:14:14 PM
Necron... they seems to have been chosen as the eldar nemesis wich is nice. I could play with a necron ally at some point and i saw there power first hand that's something scary. If i was asked what would you bring vs necron i would have 2 main answers. 1 the crimson death formation as you suggested, against the list you were facing it would not have done much but well at least there i think i would field one of those (might be because i love flyer^^). And the other things would be spyder a real load of warp spyder. Like two squad of eight or something like this >< might be a bit over kill. But they have speed, incredible speed so to speak, vs some foot necron it should do the job and even against there vehicule, the light transport thing, does not have enought armor to resist a spyder barrage of shot.And as a bonus you wound on initiative wich if i recall isn't were necron excel.
I would probably concider a guardian ost and a autarch, with support of one wraithknight, one aspect formation of spyder and reaper for saturation shot (maybe some hawk too for obj grabing), some dire avenger shrine in there aswell. The crimson death formation, and may be an avatar in bonus for the fun of it and the fearless aura. Can annoy some of his unit in cc i think. Well that's all theoricaly with an eldar only list and i'm not sure i can field so many things within 1850 points.

The bikes are nice, I like the pose for the hand, make for some high speed high five^^
I guess the shadow isn't finished yet but so far i'm not into it. With the mask of a different color, same for the blade, and some further detailing it will surely look great. But for now there is way to much gold to my liking. The model is great though. It's still a wip so i should change my final words for later :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 14, 2015, 01:42:09 PM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado glad you liked the pix. Hope you like the direction I'm taking the Void Dreamer in. I'm really pleased with it and its been fun doing the glassy effects. I agree with you about not needing a power build, especially against that list in particular. I do need to figure out a better scheme with my list though… I'm a little hampered by my collection of models at present too. A huge chunk of my collection is Rangers, Dark Reapers, 3x Wraith units, Wyches and a lot of other odds and ends that don't quite fit into the core of my list (Avengers in Serpents, Hornets, Nightwing and now the bikes). Warp Spiders, Harlies, Reavers, Bike Seers etc. are the direction I'm leaning in… but I think I need to continue dig into the book before I commit to anything (beyond Reavers which I have ready to go).

@ Grizzlykin- Thanks man! I agree with you on what units I need to look at. I've got kitbashes figured out for almost all the Aspects I just gotta play around on Army Builder and see what I can come up with because the options are out there.

Anyway I'm still trucking along on my hobby-progress. Busy on a big commission right now so I haven't been able to really make huge progress on anything but pleased on what I've got. Everythings still a work-in-progress so enjoy!



Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Rx8Speed on May 14, 2015, 02:01:14 PM
That red looks dope! Really nice on the jetbikes. Were those lines free hand or did you do a stencil? I'm thinking of doing something similar with my new farseer skyrunner
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on May 14, 2015, 04:32:41 PM
I really like what you did with that helmet there, on the void dreamer. How'd you do that?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 14, 2015, 05:59:14 PM
Forget everything i said about that void dreamer. It look really nice, this the blue + black stabilise everything together. Great work ^^ i'm looking forward to your kit bashing :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 15, 2015, 02:41:08 PM
@Rx8- Thanks man! The lead bike was hand done, the second and third were done by masking off and priming the white stripes. Had to do a little touch up here and there but thats to be expected.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. I pulled off the helmet by painting the faceplate black, a little Enchanted blue down by the chin, black washed over it, left the edges of the blue area black washed but then painted Enchanted Blue again on the interior shape, and then a little Ice Blue highlight. Finished it off with good old 'Ard Coat. Glad you like it!

@Grizzlykin- Thanks man! The rest of the Harlies are in the process of being worked on....

@Everybody- More to come... stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on May 15, 2015, 07:27:53 PM
Awesome bikes!  ;D

Your stuff reminds me though that I really need to get my IG done.  I need to pull the finger out and stop playing Destiny. :P
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on May 19, 2015, 05:20:51 AM
That Void Dreamer looks so good.  If an excellent quality paint job leads to on field success, then this character is never going to have a bad game.

As for the Jetbikes, they really do look imposing.  You've got those just right, in my opinion, in every respect.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on May 19, 2015, 07:08:05 AM
@Tangi- Thanks bud! Yeah I totally want to see some more of your army. I told my brother about your force and he checked it out and totally digs it. He's gonna get on the forum and start posting so you guys can hopefully inspire each other. My brother just did a big re-organization of his models where previously his Hazardous Environment Shock Troopers were his Stormtroopers, and regular GW produced Infantry Squads counted as Veterans... he's shifted the Haz-Enviro Troopers to Vets, and the Infantry Squads are no longer Vets and simply Infantry Squads... all in anticipation of getting the new Storm Troopers and a Trio of Taurox... also a Colossus as well which scares me! I swear I'm gonna get on the boards and you guys can pow-wow Imperium style. :)

@Irisado- Thanks so much for the kind words I really appreciate it. I'm very happy about the way the Void Dreamer came out too. Thanks about the JB's as well. I've actually got a really nice list ready to go employing my Harlies (Cast of Players), a big unit of Reavers with my Autarch and Eldar Jetbikes. I'm really excited to try it out as its going to have a lot of CC which I think Eldar are going to need as 7th edition rolls on. This is going to be alternate build and one of those lists thats gonna have a learning curve but should be fun to play with.

I've got so many ideas about what direction I'm going to take my army. The Jetbikes are currently being painted, as are the Harlies and I've got a 10 man Corsair conversion kit and I'm going to use it to make the Dragons and finish my Scorpions as well. With all that completed I'll have about 3 different builds that'll be very cohesive. One will be that hardcore list that I used with the 6th edition book, the second will be a Windrider/Reaver/Harlie list and the other will be an infiltration force centered around the 20 Rangers (already painted BTW), Striking Scorpions, War Walkers, a single unit of Jetbikes some other sneaky units as well.

Very excited for the future of my collection as a lot of the odds and ends are finally getting reinforcements which should make for some synergistic combinations.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 19, 2015, 08:23:15 AM
20 ranger? Stricking scorpion? I'm no totally interested by how this list will perform because these are two unit i affection quite a lot ^^ never used them but they are on the buy list, especially the ranger:D so I'm really looking forwards to see how they do. Looking forward to this really intresting list you thought up:)
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Post by: Cavalier on May 22, 2015, 01:39:57 PM
@Grizz- Yeah that build should a lot of fun to play. Its a force thats meant for specific campaign missions ala Recon, Infiltration etc. Its a force I've always wanted to play and have wanted to build as well.

@Everyone- Hey guys. Only got about an hour of work on my guys this week as I've been up to my eyeballs in commission work which still wont reach its conclusion till next friday. Things'll lighten up considerably at the point and I'll be able to really dive into my new units and models.




Still though almost finished another JB today. Put some cool squad markings on his arm which was a lot of fun and something I plan on doing for a lot of my models. Gonna try some thorns on one of my guys as well to reflect him being a renegade from Biel-Tan. Love all the new markings, and iconography brought forward in the new 'dex and plan on using it quite extensively.

Just a baby update but wanted to share. Stay tuned guys!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 22, 2015, 06:35:05 PM
Well you do way in an hour than i do. Bikes looking good and intresting marking on the arm, i like it.
Custome campain huuu i should do one some day but don't plan on doing so until full army painted, i'm  really intrested into what you have up your sleeves^^ baby or  ot update is update ;) keep it coming.
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Post by: Cavalier on May 31, 2015, 12:54:59 PM
@Grizz- Thanks buddy! Campaigns are not as hard as you think especially if you run any of the excellent campaigns offered by GW/FW. Very fun stuff can't wait to run some more myself.

After a grueling 2-weeks of commission work which has mercifully come to an end I finally got a chance to work on my army some more! These first 3 bikes are all but finished. The guy with the flail is the last guy requiring any work and then I'll be done with the 1st half of my squad.

I'm actually really enjoying painting these guys. They paint up super fast, and the new heraldry/marking examples in the new codex continue to inspire me. I love doing the freehand stuff now that I've got some good examples. Its really a lot of fun.

Sorry for the somewhat crummy photos. For some reason they are a bit blurry.




Also I started work on my Deathjester! He's gonna look cool, but he's in a pretty rough state after just putting a wash on him. I'll make sure to post photos later in the week. So stay tuned cool stuff is inbound.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 31, 2015, 04:19:11 PM
Sry to say this but i have no idea where you see it not finished ><  nice work they will be pretty cool on the field :D
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Post by: vonny on June 1, 2015, 04:47:53 AM
they look as ace as always, Cav. The small squad markings really brings personality in the unit, but what I probably like most is the amazing amount of depth you seem to have gotten in the red that's the front of the jetbike. For such a large and relativily smooth surface, that looks ace.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 1, 2015, 07:01:07 AM
@Grizz- Thanks bud. Actually from the pix you can't see whats missing. I gotta paint the scatter laser, and some gold on the anti-grav ribbing under the cowling. Lol... not just being a paint snob nitpicking small details, there are actual parts on the underside that are unfinished

@Vonny- Thanks! I was actually wondering what you guys would think of the paint job on the cowling. GW's studio leaves it a single color but I wanted these to pop a bit more. I'm really glad you like it Vonny so thanks for leaving your thoughts as always it really is appreciated.

@Everyone- I've got a big re-match game against the Necrons this weekend. This is going to be a no-holds-barred game. My buddy Amar pulls no punches (but is a stellar guy so its all good!) I'm gonna bring the toughest list I can... but there are gonna be some surprises in there. I'm gonna try and paint 3 Reaver jetbikes and try and squeeze them into the list to throw a wrinkle at him. Once we agree on points (its in the works) it's gonna be all systems go! Anyway stay-tuned for some good hobby progress this week... the counts-as Death Jester/Shuriken Ace will be in my next update I hope you like him!
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Post by: Cavalier on June 3, 2015, 01:26:40 PM
Hey gang. As promised some WIP pix of my Death Jester. Kinda crappy photos but you get the idea. Enjoy!


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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 3, 2015, 09:06:24 PM
Omg that guy look freakin awesome! He really gives out this feeling of... i shall bring you death and you can't escape it! That really cool how the mask stand out with the other part of the mini's making it really heavy. And by heavy i mean even if the whole mini is relatively cheerful by it's color, that mask bring you in the tone the moment you look at it, splendide work man. Seriously an outstanding model that will bring fear in the opponents hearth!
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Post by: Irisado on June 4, 2015, 11:57:34 AM
You've done a great job on the Death Jester.  He looks scary and imposing.  The face mask is reminiscent of a character from an episode of Dr. Who from the 1980s.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 4, 2015, 01:29:35 PM
@Grizz- Thanks man glad you dig him. Wasn't sure if I went overboard with the skulls but hey this Warhammer lol

@Irisado- Thanks so much Irisado. Glad you like the mask, getting a good photo showing both halves has been the tough part!

@Everyone- Well I just finished modelling up the last of my JB's and I forgot butchered one of the pilots, so I had to cobble something together. Quite happy with how it came out... maybe a lone Harlequin last of his squad that just started tagging along enigmatically with my Corsairs.... Anyway enjoy!


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Post by: vonny on June 4, 2015, 01:33:57 PM
That looks really good. As always you get a great sense of personality in your modelling work.

Can't wait to see them all painted up.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 4, 2015, 02:17:39 PM
hey that looks intreting if I may say ...  i'm not all hiped for that one but that a nice work you did witht the modeling so far.  keep at it :)
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Post by: Cavalier on June 13, 2015, 07:57:29 AM
Thanks guys. Well I've been trucking along with my JB's. Four of them are completley finished with only 2 remaining. I'm going to a second squad but that'll be interupted by finally finishing my Corsair Scorpions, and Corsair Dragons. I ordered a Guardian kit 2 weeks ago at my FLGS but it never arrived. I'm gonna have to take a trip up to my GW and pickone up. Maybe today.



Wish I hadn't butchered that other JB pilot but this guy's come out pretty cool. I'll probably do a squad of them in the future. Checkers and all.


Well guys I got a 40k confession for ya. I'm burned out on playing pickup games. I had a game scheduled for today but cancelled due to real life stuff but honestly I just didn't feel like playing another pick-up game. Its a combination of HAVING to bring all my terrain to the store every time I go (the terrain at the store is broken, partially painted junk), facing armies that are not even fully built (guys not even glued to their bases, no heads/arms, proxies galore) never mind painted.

I also think the impending Space Marine codex has been a huge turn off for me. While I don't mind playing against gimmicky armies, elite builds, spam etc but playing against an army with hundreds of points of free models is just too much for me. When your playing a game with unequal points totals in a non-narrative game things have gone too far for me.

So I think I'm gonna take a break from playing pick-up games and just play at home for awhile, work on building my new army and get back to work on my Chaos army so my brother and I can vary things and start playing narrative style.

I actually came up with a cool idea where you basically write up a 5000 pt list and over the course of 3 games or so, you can build an army using only units from that list, and when those units die or are destroyed you cannot bring them to the next game. I think thats going to be the entry point for narrative play for me and my brother.

So anyway sorry to be a bummer, but its not a total bummer as the games and bat-reps will continue (video bat-reps too!) and against well painted, fully constructed armies with nice terrain (new terrain too wait till you see what my brother built). So stay tuned the show will go on!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 13, 2015, 09:19:34 AM
Hey there :D  I totally understand what you mean for the pick up games ...  there is some moments where i just feel like... why is this guy even playing, I mean the only proxy i have ever done so far was the razorwing as crimson hunter and that's because i prefer the model to the other one. I won'"'t say anything about the non finished army... because that's my case and it's pretty hard for me to have fun playing while at the same time it's really enjoyable to be able to play even not everything is finished (i don't have anything not glued though unless it broke in the Box ><). I tend to not proxy unless my opponnet knows about it before we start concidering the game limit in point. Btw only did it once in the past when i just got into eldar (4 years back, I had some fire warrior as dire avenger ><). If you survive long enought in 40k for me to find a job somewhere on the other side of the atlantic...  well I will drop by to have a match with you (don't expect this before 2 years from now><), and with my army fully painted.

Well man keep at it for the bikes they look real cool. I like that Harly head a lot, it make for some really fun looking model, (you could use it as count as warlock perhaps ;)).

Hey I like that campaign idea, i mean the 5000 pts things, would make for intresting things to do. Do you think that perhaps you could do something like each player chose the power lvl he invest in each game, like if there was different planete, different fight, then everything still alive get's to fight in a last stand war where everyone packed and are looking to end there opponnents with perhaps special rule regarding special planete. Like this is a planete where they produce tank for the imperial guard there fore 2/3 of the game point invested must be tank. or things like this.  Eldar knowing perfectly what they are up must bring this very specificated unit to the battle field.
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Post by: vonny on June 13, 2015, 04:51:48 PM
I know what you mean, Cav. Some few years back I took my fully painted thousand sons army up against a staffer's fully painted space wolf army over a nice scenic table he had just finished, and the comments we got from the store visitors was along the lines of "wow, that's really cool, two well painted armies on a well painted board."
Now, the store actually has quite good terrain and boards. Which leads me to conclude that this rare occurance was the lack of painted armies in the store. Which makes me sad: if it's rare to see two painted wysiwyg armies duking it out, there's definately a discrepancy between the way I enjoy the hobby and the way most people around here do.
Sadly, I haven't been able to find a gaming group who likes the nice, flavourful, balanced lists approach around here. Let alone a group that likes that and has fully painted armies.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 14, 2015, 07:45:28 AM
@ Grizz- Trust me buddy I wish my opponents armies were as complete as yours! We're talking models with no heads, no arms etc. Its a sorry state! Its hard to be mad though cause the guys are so friendly, enthusiastic I really like them but its just not what I'm looking for. The game is so visual and when the visuals are all ramshackle its just not fun.

@Vonny- I agree with you 100%. I'm really looking for fun thematic games at this point. I feel bad taking this turn just as the new Space Marine codex comes out and the guys are going to be able to bring the full wrath of the Emperor to bear... but even when the new Eldar codex came out I immediately wanted to retire my Wraithguard and did with the exception of one game in which my opponent and I agreed to go total hardcore style.

Well if there's one thing I learned in this life if you want it done your way, gotta do it yourself. Gonna have to get creative... I'm gonna finish my Scorpions and Dragons and move on to doing Chaos and Dark Angels for at least for a bit to get some variety into my games here at home. By no means are the Eldar going on hiatus... just going varying things a bit.

Anyway guys... I said I was going to do it and I finally did.... My Corsair Dragons are here!

(https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/11392857_1651174545097167_4174691224226123266_n.jpg?oh=756cc9d3aadf3b0dde92ea2deaf2a266&oe=55FFD2D6) (https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/v/t1.0-9/11401453_1651382298409725_8914772793959108011_n.jpg?oh=3763fab3ef23c9353203eea50a128129&oe=55FF79AB)


Went out and got the Guardian kit yesterday and couldn't resist knocking one out. Now I'm thinking about going back and adding bannermen to all my Dire Avengers. Anyway enjoy and stay tuned for new stuff soon!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 14, 2015, 03:15:23 PM
Hey this look nice, they keep the thread of your army esthetically and they have a nice feeling of unicness to them aswell. You know the instant you look at them what they are and from wich army there are coming from that's pretty great. Do you intend to paint them with different color compare to your normal warrior like you did with you scorpion at some point)?  Or will you do it Red and gold like always ?

The base look awesome! Everyphoto you show make for more intresting things !
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Post by: Cavalier on June 17, 2015, 04:29:52 PM
@Grizzlykin- Thanks Grizz, glad you dig. As you can see below they are done in my classic red and gold. The only guys that get unique paint jobs are my "infiltration corps" who get the all black armor (Scorpions, Rangers, War Walkers and certain other units). 

(https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/11057794_1652791014935520_5657829266805287050_n.jpg?oh=7e4b956647079f72ccb67ffee4c73354&oe=56296B9F) (https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/10616542_1652790988268856_6389911893510175527_n.jpg?oh=e9822b613ffd52503dbc82fcd0cf336a&oe=5623BA12)


(https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/10543623_1652791004935521_7353711311503902317_n.jpg?oh=7517ee519099453e6a98c83397e6680d&oe=562EACF7) (https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xat1/v/t1.0-9/11536136_1652791011602187_1467951959627246900_n.jpg?oh=187ac26f94329ce131fd1cfdcf99ec92&oe=563384CB)

Anyway everythings still a WIP but I'm having fun doing it. Enjoy!
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Post by: Calamity on June 17, 2015, 04:36:24 PM
Absolutely awesome stuff! :)
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 17, 2015, 05:32:10 PM
This looks freakin awesome! I have to say i really love the paint job on the first one. Small idea you should paint a coat of medium over the transfer to hide them :D

Is the second one an exarch? I don't think so but with a weapon change it could do it perfectly i think, the model gives me a nice feeling of experience.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 19, 2015, 01:47:51 PM
@Tangi- Thanks man!

@Grizz- Thanks bud. I'm glad you like them. I will put some medium over the transfer... think I'm gonna pick up some testors dull-coat this weekend. I don't think this guy is the exarch... he may be the 2nd in command of the squad though who will lead them when I don't have an Exarch with a fire pike. Probably gonna use a DE heat lance for that kitbash. Thanks though I'm real glad you like them!



(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Ge6VIEo55TQ/VYRUAkaDcFI/AAAAAAAABnI/6ixT3oO-DyE/s408/Screen%252520Shot%2525202015-06-19%252520at%2525201.37.53%252520PM.jpg) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-O0uosARV4H8/VYRUAjLzv3I/AAAAAAAABnc/KtoMTgNy8Zc/s506/Screen%252520Shot%2525202015-06-19%252520at%2525201.38.01%252520PM.jpg)


Hey guys. Really enjoying making these guys. The new Dragon I've made is one of my faves. It always pays off to have a couple of extra head options in your bits box. I like the new Scorpion as well... while the second scorpion is a little bland he's really there to balance out the poses of the entire squad. I always try and equal number of models looking left and looking right. He's sort of a gap-filler just balance out the look of the squad. Anyway enjoy, new updates are coming soon!

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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 19, 2015, 01:53:22 PM
That work nicely for the scorpion and the fire dragon is beast ! But how do you plan to simulate the mandiblaster on the scorpions, I'm sorry but i feel it's something they lack right know :/ my kit box so far is nearly empty ><
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on June 21, 2015, 10:25:03 AM
Cool thanks Grizz. Yeah little stuff like Mandiblasters which only account for a unique hammer of wrath attack aren't a priority when I do my kitbashes. Back in the day when they were a shooting attack, yeah I might worry about it a hammer of wrath attack can easily be accounted for as a cool sword maneuver they where they jam their blades into weak spots on the enemy model.

Anyway the squad is looking really good now. Can't wait to get them up to a proper 10 man squad. I'm definitely going to model up a second squad at some point too. I included a better photo of the dragons too. Enjoy!




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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 21, 2015, 12:44:41 PM
Huuu that's not really a hammer of wrath, it's a poisonous attack at init 10... i dont think that's the same. Well anyway looking good. A shame you could not find a way to have, what look like an exarch with scorpion claw, with a sword rather than a gun in his right hand.

These dragon really look nice, standing on all those jumbled pieces.

Keep up the good work.
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Post by: Irisado on June 21, 2015, 01:22:56 PM
They look really impressive and the black colour looks very imposing.  There's very much an aura of menace about them too, which is down to the great paint job and posing :).
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Post by: Cavalier on June 28, 2015, 11:59:20 AM
@Irisado- Thanks so much Irisado. I've really enjoyed working on these guys... I'm working hard to get a traditional build for my Corsairs. Avatar, Dire Avengers, Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Fire Dragons, Reapers and a Wraithlord. Gotta get a Falcon in there too!

So I've been plugging away. Put some finishing touches on the Avatar, built another Scorpion (not pictured), finished the Harlie jetbike, and built another Fire Dragon (WIP) as well. Really enjoying getting back to kitbashing... its been a lot of fun. I'm really happy with how everything is coming back and looking forward to some more low-key games to feature them in. Anyway enjoy the mish-mash of hobby progress!







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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 28, 2015, 12:36:56 PM
heeee i see something intresting :D  Avatar + Scorpions, the deadly combo ><
That fire dragon gives me a more "discrete" feeling compared to the other you've shown. That's pretty cool. More than looking avorly coherent, the fire dragon you are showing us so far real have that intresting look where they match together and yet feel very unique everytime.

the harly bike as good as everything you do >< intrestring to see the other harly vehicule at the same time :)

keep up the good work

Ps i read FALCON  somewhere in there :D  such a cool tank in my opinion, i have yet to figure out how to really exploit it thought. not enought tryal game.
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Post by: Irisado on July 1, 2015, 12:21:46 PM
I really like the pose of the Jetbike rider and the clash between the Nurgle worshipping Marines and the Corsairs.  I look forward to seeing future updates :).
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Post by: Cavalier on July 2, 2015, 12:43:11 PM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. The Harlie is a little bit of an oddball decision on my part and not something I'd normally do, but since I had to kitbash something after demolishing the proper rider I figure I'd do something interesting. Glad you like it. As for the Chaos guys they are actually Khorne dudes, I'm going for a Blood and Bones theme for my Chaos force, where the bolter guys are all done up in bone colored armor, and the close-combat guys are all in red. Thought that'd be a cool theme... anyway thanks so much as always I truly appreciate your input!

@Everyone- Hey guys so still plugging away a little more slowly than usual but I've cooled down my 40k fervor as of late playing a bit less, and spending a little more time just developing my overall collection.

So the Dragons are now 1 model short of a proper squad.

For her I used an old 2nd edition Fusion Gun... slightly more petite gun making it a little more wieldly for a female Corsair. 

One of my new Scorpions, he's the 8th man in the squad at this point. So almost up to a full unit.

And I finally primed my Corsair Voidstorm/Harlie unit. These guys look pretty cool. As you can see the last model I primed gold is in the background. I'm now hand painting the gold as opposed to the red which does make things easier.

So thats it for now. Gotta go prime my Starweaver at some point which should be fun. Like I said, Reapers and Spiders are next on my summer kitbashing tour so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!
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Post by: Calamity on July 2, 2015, 04:36:37 PM
Your army is one of the coolest I've seen in a long long long time.  :)
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Post by: Cavalier on July 5, 2015, 07:33:42 AM
@Tangi-Thanks Tangi! I'm really glad you're enjoying the project. As always stay-tuned because there is much more to come.

Well I finished up all the Dragons that I could build. I've run out of Guardian bits and Wych legs and I'm almost out of Corsair heads... so I'll have to do another FW order before I can continue. That should round off both the Dragons and the Scorpions which'll be very nice.



Here's the last Scorpion... the 8th member of the squad. Two more to build once I get the bits and I'll have a full 10 man squad.


So after I get those bits I'll finish these squads and then move on to some new units. I think I'm going to pickup 6 more Jetbikes to make a second laser bike unit for my hardcore list and then pick enough stuff to make a second Scorpion unit for my fun list. Both will be very nice additions to my overall collection giving me a very nice core of close-combat units. Wyches, Incubi, Reavers, and 2 squads of Scorpions.

I'm playing next week against Space Wolves so I may even have a bat-rep for you guys. Anyway thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 5, 2015, 12:36:33 PM
This army really stand out, i can't wait to read that battle report mostly because the pictures you bring are always cool!
It's nice to see your army growing, your unit really have a strong looks that make them stand out, it's really cool to see.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Mr.Peanut (Turtleproof) on July 6, 2015, 09:12:42 AM
Your work is so darn crisp and your color matching makes everything pop wonderfully.

Last time I checked, the Gallery is working fine, feel free to use it to hose some of those beauties.

I always like seeing custom Storm Guardians, hearkens back to when they didn't have their own kit.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on July 7, 2015, 10:00:21 AM
Your work speed never ceases to amaze me, cavalier. Looking very good.

I like the smaller gun for the female fire dragon. Somehow it 'fits'.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 7, 2015, 09:31:58 PM
@ Grizz- Thanks man. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you dig the bat-reps and will try to get some more in soon. I just finished my Scorpion squad and will take some action photos for you to tide you over. Stay tuned!

@Mr. Peanut- Thanks for the kind words Mr. Peanut. Coming from a tried and true veteran I really appreciate it.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. Glad you like the smaller fusion gun for the female dragon. I like doing special stuff for the female squad members. I've got a couple of female kitbashes that I really want to reproduce from old squads I did... particularly my "Burner Sisters"Storm Guardians. Anyway thanks Vonny I appreciate it!

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Hey guys quick update... finally got started on my Voidstorm/Harlie proxies. Still haven't decided on squad marking (which will be more ambitious than the other squads) but very pleased with how they are coming out.



Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on July 11, 2015, 01:23:25 PM
Progress! I've been working on a comission for the past few days so works slowed a bit on my own army. But I did manage to get some work on my Voidstorm Squad.


For whatever reason I cannot get a good angle to photo the thorns on her leg. They look WAY better in person. I even tried slimming down the lines just for the sake of taking a photo but for whatever reason I can't get a good angle. But needless to say she's an outcast from Biel-Tan.

Here's the third guy in the squad and one of my favorite helmeted heads from the Kabalite kit.



Ended up having to cancel my game today because I hurt my knee pretty bad. Stinks cause I want to play, but at the same time I'm more focused on creating a new build for my army. I do have a tentative game planned in about a week or two against Orks which should be a blast. That'll mark the debut of my Scorpions and the return of some of my more fun units like Rangers, and perhaps my Harlies. Anyway guys quick update, but stay tuned fo more. Starweaver is on deck to get primed!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 11, 2015, 03:25:02 PM
What sure is that everysingle one of your guy's really stand out and have a degree of perfection and quailty i trully envie without totally doing it because i'm not patient enouhgt for it >< Well  great workd keep at it ^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on July 12, 2015, 03:27:32 PM
That thorn line along the boot is a beautiful little detail and looks very well executed.

They all look very well posed too. I like it :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on July 13, 2015, 04:51:29 AM
I like it all, always have....
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Post by: Irisado on July 13, 2015, 08:09:58 AM
The Voidstorm squad looks excellent.  I really like the posing of the models, as well as the paint job.
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Post by: Cavalier on July 14, 2015, 12:44:51 PM
@ Grizz- Thanks man! Don't worry you'll get there in time. BTW it may not be the most efficient but painting one model at a time can really accelerate your skill but patience is key!

@Vonny- Thanks. I wish I could have gotten a better photo to show off the flow of the thorns, but I'm glad you like it.

@Dread- Thanks man as always its appreciated.

@Irisado- Thank you Irisado. Glad you dig the modelling. I think some people weren't sure if it'd work or not so I appreciate your comments.

@Everyone- So I remembered a certain cluster of models in my closet that have been gathering dust and decided to incorporate them into the squad- my regular close combat Corsairs! The guys with swords etc. will be the guys without kisses, while the guys with exotic weapons will be the guys with kisses. Certainly fleshes out the squad. Anyway enjoy the pix and stay tuned!




Also here's the latest guy I've painted:


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Post by: Calamity on July 14, 2015, 04:35:07 PM
I love what you're doing here with this army. :)

There's such quality armies on this site!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 14, 2015, 04:39:02 PM
Man you really have an outstanding timming when it comes to make your army come together and look cool.

I take note of the tips thank you :)
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Post by: Cavalier on July 18, 2015, 02:06:17 PM
Thanks Grizz! As always I'm glad you're enjoying the project.

@Everyone- Well I finally primed this bad little bird. Took me long enough, the model has been just sitting there waiting for some love and it finally got it! Man I gotta say I love this model WAY more than I did after getting some paint on it and seeing it person. Really looking forward to collecting a number of these to run a FW Corsair list at some point. With all the kitbashing/proxying I've done its not going to be hard at all. BTW thats not the correct canopy for the model just something I put on for the time being. Anyway enjoy!


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Post by: Dread on July 19, 2015, 01:05:53 AM
I really like the look of it. The clean lines and Saim Hannesque treatment. Gives me hope, my painting is really suffering right now due to my shaking hands so I am living vicariously thru you. The necrons I'm working on now are just getting worse and worse everytime I touch them. My harli just got bad so I stopped on them. Trying to get some of my GK done to but also just losing it. So keep it up so I have something to admire from a good friend.
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Post by: Cavalier on July 19, 2015, 07:39:22 AM
Damn man I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll make sure to keep a steady-stream of updates coming to keep you pumped. One of my first 40k buddies had REALLY shaky hands so I know how frustrating that can be (he was a very good painter but it took a lot of effort comepensate). Anyway I'm really sorry to hear that and I'll be sending the good vibes your way buddy.
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Post by: Calamity on July 19, 2015, 07:57:33 AM
Thank you for these awesome blogs on this site.  They're keeping me tethered to the hobby.  Right now, none of my friends are into it anymore, and as our house is undergoing major renovation and I'm about to start a full time job, I just can't get to do any modelling myself.  So I can console myself by admiring your awesome work. :)
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Post by: Cavalier on July 20, 2015, 07:00:50 AM
Thanks Tangi. Thats a bummer about your friends falling out of the hobby. Its tough for me too. The 40k crowd is very small in my area and not everyone shows up on the same day. So you're sort of forced to play against the same 3-4 people over and over. Whats worse is its all Space Marines! We've got 2 Tau players, and one guy who's got Nids, and Necrons but they both play Space Marines primarily and very little of it is painted. I've never been in a 40k scene where there isn't Orks and especially Chaos. No Chaos players at my store! I've never seen anything like it!

Honestly just chatting with all you guys and see the various projects people are involved in is a big inspiration to me.

But hopefully things will change a bit. I'm hanging out with my buddy to see what we can do about getting a 40k campaign fired up at the store. Everyone's gonna have to bring some terrain and get all their stuff built and primed so hopefully it'll kickstart things a bit. We're also going to try and steal somebody from the Thursday night crew at our FLGS, and get them involved in our Saturday crew so hopefully the two groups will mix.

Anyway stay tuned guys I'll have some updates for you later this week. Keep the flames of hope a'burning!

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Post by: Cavalier on July 28, 2015, 02:38:11 PM
Hey guys! Another quick update another Voidstorm guy knocked out. I also found another one that I had modeled up but forgot to prime. Its the squad leader too who's rocking a cloak so I'm looking forward to painting it.


Also almost done with my Corsair Venom as well. Really happy with how its coming out.



And here's the gunner:


Futhermore, I have a very fun game coming up this weekend against Orks! I have a very fun list worked out which should be extremely fun to run which'll include my new Scorpions. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos as both armies will be fully painted. Anyway thanks for stopping by guys and stay tuned!
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Post by: Calamity on July 28, 2015, 02:58:53 PM
Awesome stuff once again!  I look forward to the upcoming battle pics too. :)
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Post by: vonny on July 28, 2015, 05:44:32 PM
I don't see many orks these days. As a friend of mine does have orks, I wouldn't mind seeing what does and doesn't work with them these days.
Mostly because then I can advise her on it :)
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 28, 2015, 11:53:20 PM
Hard to say anything more than what i usually say^^ nice work on the venom i like the way it turned out.
I am looking forward to that orks battle :D got a friend of mine playing orks too, so it might help me at some point.
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Post by: Cavalier on July 31, 2015, 01:16:52 PM
@Tangi- Thanks buddy I'll make sure to take a bunch of them for ya.

@Vonny- I'll definitely be taking notes. My buddy Chris is very excited and I want to help him with his strategies as he's had a hard time of it lately banging his head against my Eldar, and my friend's Necrons.

@Grizzlykin- Thanks Grizz. I'll be taking copious notes on the Eldar side of things as well. Looking forward to seeing how my new units perform!

@Everyone- Well it took some last minute hustle but I managed to finish my Corsair Scorpions (2 of them are only tabletop+++ quality the rest are totally done) ready for the game. I've got a full 10 man squad ready to go! So excited to have these guys ready to rock and can't wait to see how my plans work out for them.

So I decided to post some photos of the new close-combat core of my new list for fun games just to give you guys a preview of the upcoming game. Also featured are my Rangers who wont be a part of the force but are meant to compliment my themed recon force which I'm working on as well. Anyway enjoy!




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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 1, 2015, 05:16:40 AM
Well Cavalier that's as good as ever! I love the organisation you chose for the wraithlord and blade.  That make me feel like if the Wraithlord is a Wraithblade that ate a mushroom from mario bros ! The avatar workd really well with this and i'm trying to think i will buy one of those dark eldar figure to make myself an avatar like yours :D

A recon style force?  I like that a lot! I will be following this army up close because that's a theme i will explore with my army aswell, one day, in a far far futur><

Keep up the good work it looks really excelent.
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Post by: Cavalier on August 2, 2015, 07:25:02 AM
@Grizz- Hahah thanks Grizz. I'm very excited to run the Wraithlord, Avatar and Wraithblades. I love the models and though its not very Corsair themed its something I really want to do. Glad you like my Recon Force too. The third core unit of that army is going to be a unit of Jetbikes (all in black) with Shuriken Cannons. They'll be my "monster hunter" squadron and will be modeled up with cool trophies and whatnot. When combined with my other Jetbike units they'll be the third unit in my Windrider host for larger games. Its a slow process accumulating the models like you said... but my birthday is only a couple of months away and that'll hopefully speed up the process! Anyway thanks for the input bud your enthusiasm is always appreciated!

Quick update guys my, opponent cancelled so no in game photos... at least till next week. Come hell or high water I'm playing next week as its been 2 months since I got a game in. Not sure if it'll be against Orks though which sucks because I really wanted to play against them in a fun game where I got to use some different units. If I can't play against him I'll have to try and get a game in against one of my other buddies... which means a competitive game unfortunately.

Oh well it'll be good to just shake the rust off, and I'll actually get to use my new Jetbike unit which I finished awhile ago which has yet to make its debut without any proxies. Anyway staytuned guys and sorry for the lack of bat-reps. I'm gonna go all out to get a game in next week. Hopefully against Orks, but perhaps against Necrons or Wolves. Anyway stay tuned!
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Post by: Calamity on August 2, 2015, 07:55:56 AM
Aww, that's a shame.  I was looking forward to seeing photos of that.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 2, 2015, 08:01:27 AM
Yeah same for me! Yet what i read about your future plans is getting me super exited!
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Post by: Irisado on August 3, 2015, 08:32:37 AM
Your force looks even more impressive among those ruins.  I too am looking forward to seeing battle reports and how your army develops in the future.
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Post by: Cavalier on August 5, 2015, 07:30:57 AM
@ Irisado- Thanks Irisado. I'm looking forward to seeing where my collection goes in the future as well. I'm really working hard on some new lists right now that will create a truly themed Corsair list with my the rare units like my Wraithknight, and Wraithguard which are my Corsair Prince's most treasured units phased out. I've done a good job getting the Wraithguard out of there, but without a full unit of Fire Dragons, and other true tank busting options its been difficult to phase out the Wraithknight. Perhaps relying on the much maligned Void Raven would be the way to go and it make for a great looking flyer combo with my custom Nightwing. It's hard going especially not being able to go and just buy up everything I need. But its been rewarding, just totalled up my entire painted collection and it clocked in at over 6000 pts! Really exciting stuff... I'd love to get in an Apocalypse game at some point though transporting all those fragile Eldar models would be a nightmare!

@ Everyone- Anyway quick update for y'all. Thought I'd share my latest commission as its Eldar related. Working on a Dark Eldar archon! I didn't like this model from just the photos but having it in hand, it truly is gorgeous. The way the cloak wraps around the leg is my favorite part. Anyway enjoy! I'll have some more stuff for you guys soon!



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Post by: Cavalier on August 7, 2015, 10:58:46 AM
Hey gang! Quick update before the weekend. I finally got my Dragons up to 5 man minimum. Managed to repair a miscast metal fusion gun just in time for a timely arrival of bits via ebay. I also popped a couple of flamer guys from my Stormies just to see if they'd do in an emergency proxy situation and I think they look pretty dang good- for emergency implementation.



The cool thing about my approach is that I can take these guys and sprinkle them into Storm Guardian squads should the mood ever strike me, saving me a lot of money and bits ordering.

Also started working on an OLD counts-as Seer/Warlock that I built a year or two ago. He looks ok, the modelling isn't super clean so he may be an emergency include as well. Gonna recreate him with some more modern bits in the future.


Also I did manage to get a game setup tomorrow, a friendly game against Tau! New player to the store, new army to face and in a friendly army list environment which is perfect! I think I have a nice list prepared for the game so stay tuned for bat-rep pix win, lose or draw. Anyway guys have a nice weekend and stay tuned for a bat-rep!
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Post by: Irisado on August 7, 2015, 11:48:29 AM
I love the latest pictures.  All the models look great, and the emergency implementation is great.  Good luck for the upcoming game :).
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Post by: Cavalier on August 9, 2015, 02:21:49 PM
Hey gang, well after a 2 month hiatus of playing I hit the table again. This time the wrathful eye of the Lions of Asuryan focused on the arrogant Tau rebel Commander Farsight who dared to set foot on ancient Maiden World.


So this was the first time my new list would hit the table. Basically my goal is to create an Eldar army with balanced close-combat and shooting that does not feature the Wraithknight or Wraithguard. Now this list isn't entirely optimized, because quite simply I don't have the models for it. In the future I'd like to phase-out even the Wraithblades which were featured in the list, in place of Howling Banshees or my Voidstorm (Harlies) unit. In the end this list felt like an old school 2nd edition Eldar list with a 7th ed twist! It was very fun to play and quite deadly as you'll see. Here's the list!


Autarch- Banshee Mask, Firesabre
Spirit Seer

Wraithblades x5- Axes
Striking Scorpions x10- Exarch Scorpion's Claw

Dire Avengers x9
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Dire Avengers x9
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Jetbikes x5- Scatter Lasers x5
Rangers x5

Swooping Hawks x6- Exarch
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers


I've long, long wanted to field the Avatar and the Wraithlord together and I can tell you both of them very much a place in the game. The thinking was that Avatar, Wraithlord, Scorpions and Wraithblades could very easily control the center of the board, and if I was cautious and used cover well by turn 3-4 come crashing through the enemy lines which would be weakened from support fire.

Anyway my opponent would by Kyle, who was new to the store, who brought his Tau! No let it be said he at first didn't want to play because his army wasn't painted, but I was desperate for a game and convinced him to play anyways. I'm very glad he did because Kyle is a stellar guy who was laughing and having fun the whole time which is a bit of a departure from my normally very quiet opponents (which is very odd in my experience).


So what did Kyle bring?

Commander Farsight
   Crisis Suits x3 with plasma and flamers
   Mess of Drones

Fire Warriors x10
Fire Warriors x10
Pathfinders x10
Kroot x10- Krotox Rider
Drone Unit x10

Broadside x1- Smart Missile Systems
   Drones x2

Longstrike in Hammerhead

Pirahanas x2

Riptide- Big Cannon, Smart Missile Systems, Fusion thingy

Now this was going to be a tough matchup for me. Tau are very difficult with their immense firepower and getting into their lines would be no easy task, especially with all that ignore cover potential with Smart Missiles on both the Riptide and the lone Riptide. I could hear my Wraithknight laughing that I hadn't brought him to the game, but the big man needs a rest, as I need to learn to play without him!

Anyway the task got much more difficult when we rolled up missions and deployment. Hammer and Anvil and the Relic! While I felt the relic favored me due to my infiltrators and the reticence of the Tau to go out and grab objectives, Hammer and Anvil was horrible for my new list! It limits my ability to flank the enemy and stay out of range of all that 30" shooting, and having to foot slog the Avatar, the Wraithlord and my Wraithblades up that considerable distance was horrible…. but in the darkest hour a light suddenly flared… the light of the warp!


Next up was time to roll warlord traits and psychic powers. I got VERY lucky and got conqueror of cities, which gave me move through cover and +1 stealth in ruins! Very very handy as I'd be hugging cover most of this game against that deadly Fire Warrior shooting. But the real gem was the psychic powers, I got Gate of Infinity and the one which increases your Invulnerable Saves by +1!!! This couldn't be more invaluable as the Wraithblades, Autarch and Spirit Seer would now be able to teleport all the way across that long hammer and anvil deployment and rock a 3++ on a majority T6 unit. I couldn't be happier!

I lost the roll off to go first (which I always seem to do) but it worked for me as I prefer going second especially against a gunline. So he set-up in typical tau fashion, and I setup very defensively out of LOS, infiltrating the Scorpions almost entirely out of LOS right atop the Relic in the center building and the game began.

Tau Turn 1- Very fast turn, but I took a hard blow. The heavy ion gun hidden in the Pathfinder unit was able to destroy one of my hornets who stabilizer wing was peeking out of cover. I was gnashing my teeth over that one as I was relying heavily on the hornets to deal with the Riptide. It was a significant blow, and I would now need to rely on massed medium strength firepower to deal with it. Also that annoying lone Broadside killed one of my Striking Scorpions with ignore cover missiles.


Eldar Turn 1- I fanned out sending the lone Hornet and Jetbikes to the right flank, with the JB's  just within 36" to nail that broadside whose ignore cover missiles would be a major threat to my all important skimmers, jetbikes and scorpions. The hornet alone kills the Broadside, while my Jetbikes hammer his pathfinders killing half the squad and the used their jetbike move to hop back out of LOS. Meanwhile the Avatar and Wraithlord begin their march up the right flank hugging cover against the threat of Longstrike. Then it was time to harness the warp and I did so flawlessly! I powered up our invuln. saves and used Gate of Infinity to deposit myself all the way behind his lines and hidden out of LOS. I couldn't have asked for a better place to land, and I knew I had immediately destabilized his entire position with that unit… assuming they rolled well to get into his lines because there was a WHOLE lot of firepower waiting to deluge me should I fail to do so.


Tau Turn 2- Before going further its important to note that my opponent forgot to roll for his reserves. He had a considerable amount of units including a big unit of Drones, Farsight and his Crisis Suit bodyguards (and more drones attached) a big unit of Kroot and the Piranhas. He didn't remember until after his turn was over and I began moving my own models. He asked if he could do his reserves and I declined saying if he had remembered in the middle of his turn I wouldn't have cared, he then asked if he could get a +1 on his next turn for reserves to which I agreed without much of a problem. It was a friendly game, and our first time playing so I didn't want to stone wall him. So anyway Longstrike turned around and shot at my Autarch, Spirit Seers and Wraithblades and the shot went wild. One of his pathfinders tried to fire his big Ion Gun but it "Got Hot" and killed him. The Riptide fired off some homing missiles against the my HQ squad but we made our beefed up invuln save. As happens with so many Tau players he over-committed to holding the line, instead of using LOS blocking terrain to move closer. So by keeping myself out of range using my 36" guns he was completely out of range, compounded by forgetting his reserves turned out to be a bit of a disaster!

Eldar Turn 2- The noose tightens! The Autarch, Spirit Seer and Wraithblades move out to multi-assault Longstrike and the Fire Warriors. The Wave Serpents move into position to fire on the Fire Warriors in the ruins on the right flank, while the Jetbikes stand poised to aid them or help finish off the Pathfinders. The Avatar and the Wraithlord continue to move up, as do the rangers while the Striking Scorpions continue to hold the relic, and wait for the Autarch/Wraithblades to start some Chaos at which point they'll join the fray. Then Swooping Hawks arrive from reserves and decimate the Pathfinders with their grenade blast. They completley eradicate the surviving 8 or so Pathfinders while the Wave Serpents and Jetbikes almost completely wipe out the Fire Warriors. It was a blistering display of laser fire that compleley shredded the Tau's right flank. Now for the finishing move… the multi-assault against Longstrike and the remaining squad of Fire Warriors. Easily nabbed Longstrike in combat… but then failed to get into the Fire Warriors! Disaster! We easily shred Longstrike (blowing him sky high) but now we stand exposed before the Riptide, 10 Fire Warriors and an Ethereal just waiting to buff them! This presents a potentially decisive opportunity for the Tau… but can the superior firepower win out against the superior resilience of the Wraithblades?

Tau Turn 3- The Kroot, and Farsight and his Crisis Suits and a big units of Drones all arrive! The Piranhas  do not . My opponent agonizes a bit over where to bring the Kroot but decides to place them in the ruins on the right flank alongside the remains of the tattered Fire Warrior unit in an effort to try and shore up his defensive line against the Wave Serpents, Avengers, Jetbikes and Hornet which have shredded his forces thus far. Farsight and his Crisis Suits use their flamers and plasma fire to eliminate the Jetbikes much to my chagrin. Meanwhile the Ethereal buffs the Fire Warriors allowing them to unleash 30, Strength 5 shots on the Wraithblade in addition to the nova-charged Riptide who all unleash on my command unit… and to my glee I lose but a single Wraithblade! The incredible resilience of the Wraithblades enhanced by the Spirit Seer has achieved an incredible feat! If he had been able to eliminate both the Wraithblades and the Jetbikes it could have been game deciding but it was not meant to be! Eldar turn 3 coming up!



Eldar Turn 3-  My command unit moves to an inescapable range for charging the Fire Warriors. My Wave Serpents move far away from the Crisis Suits (which had thrust away from them in the Tau turn putting them completley out of range the Serpents) and take aim on the Riptide. The Avatar and Wraithlord turn around to tackle the Crisis Suits and protect the Scorpions & the Relic. The Hawks Skyleap off the board and the Scorpions continue to hold the objective for another turn with their 2+ cover save (not wanting to expose them to either the Riptide, Crisis Suits, Kroot and Remaining Fire Warriors). Not much happens this turn in the shooting dept. with only the Serpents and Hornet wracking up some wounds on the Riptide. However the Wraithblades thrash the Fire Warriors but luckily they hold, all but guaranteeing me the chance to bust out of combat on Tau Turn 4, and thus denying the Riptide a chance to fire upon them. The Wraithlord also made a long charge into the Drones and thankfully remained stuck in combat after only killing 2. Again I count on busting out of combat on his turn and getting closer to those Crisis Suits without having to deal with any retaliatory fire. All in all this turn was all about re-establishing board-control with the arrival of the deadly Crisis Suits. So I reformed my lines, further securing the relic and preparing for another all out assault on turn 4.



Tau Turn 4- The Pirahnas arrive from reserves, as do a huge unit of Drones about 12" away from the Wraithlord, 18" away from the Avatar. The Ethereal continues to slink away from the combat joining a group of 2 Drones. While the Riptide and Kroot turn to deal with the Wave Serpents, while Farsight and his Crisis Suits deal with my rangers who are out of cover. The Riptide and Kroot (firing solid shots) force the Serpents to jink, and Farsight and his Suits eliminate the Rangers.  Another lackluster round of shooting from the Tau. Their lines are too disorganized to bring any real concentration of firepower upon a single chunk of the deadly Corsairs and noose only continues to tighten. The Wraithblades finish off the last bunch of Fire Warriors and consolidate a whopping 5" closer to the Ethereal and Piranhas for another multi-assault. Meanwhile the Wraithlord kills enough of the Drones to force a leadership check which they fail, and subsequently runs them down bringing me within easy charge range of the Crisis Suits. The end is near!

Eldar Turn 4- The Hawks return with another shattering display of offense, wiping out the Kroot and killing all but 2 of the 4 remaining Pathfinders utterly crushing the right flank. The Avengers all disembark from their Serpents. 1 squad battle focuses into the ruins in support of the Scorpions and attack the Riptide forcing a wound. The Hornet and snap-shooting Serpents also fire on the Riptide reducing him to a single wound! Then the second Avenger squad fires on Farsight and his Crisis Suit team, killing 4 out of 6 of their protective Drones. Meanwhile the Avatar lumbers towards the Crisis Suits, and the Wraithlord successfully makes the charge killing 2 Drones and a Crisis Suit. Leaving only Farsight and a lone body guard left! My Wraithblades destroy the Piranhas, and before combat is resolved against the Ethereal we call the game. What a slaughter! After a long hiatus the Lions of Asuryan arrive with a roar!


Closing thoughts. This was a very good game and a very challenging test for my army list as Hammer&Anvil deployment against Tau is very difficult. You have to hide out LOS as much as possible all the while aggressively moving up the entire time. I used a lot of close-combat slingshot maneuvers to deny retaliatory fire, capitalizing on large units with low LD, that would break on the Tau turn help get additional movement towards my primary targets identified for assault. It all worked very well, and to accomplish what I did in 4 turns was very gratifying! I still hope to change the list a bit more, getting it as close to a pure Corsair style force as possible but it'll be expensive $$ so I'm going to have to make do with the models I have for the time being.

Kyle and I will be having a rematch in about 2 weeks time, possibly against his hardcore Space Wolves list. He was a great opponent, and his jovial attitude was a nice change of pace compared to the usually pensive and quiet attitude of my usual opponents. It was a very gratifying win and a good time was had by all. Anyway thanks for tuning and I hope you enjoyed the bat-rep!

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Post by: Cavalier on August 11, 2015, 01:32:59 PM
Hey guys got a bunch of progress for you on varous projects. Lets dive in.

The Corsair Venom is finished! Finally got a chance to finish the gunner and he looks really cool. Thought I'd post a comparison photo next to the Dark Eldar Venom. Not sure if it shows in the photos but they are VERY different models. I really prefer the Harlie version myself.




Also dug this out of my bits box and put some paint on it. This is gonna be a Falcon what Eldar play doesn't have one in their collection. Still a classic model and one I've got to have in my collection. Just gotta get a turret! Gonna put chevrons on it, also going to do the same for Serpents.


Also put the finishing touches on one of my GW ruin kits. Such an awesome kit and a total steal if you compare prices to 3rd party producers. You could spend forever painting it but a nice general approach works too. I did something sort of in between and I'm very happy with the results.



Also this is a SUPER early WIP. I've got more bits I need to incorporate, smoke effects etc. but this is going to be an objective for narrative games. Really looking forward to doing this. Anyway guys stay tuned more ahead!



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Post by: Ibushi on August 11, 2015, 01:43:11 PM
Wow really awesome stuff here!!

I definitely have a spare Falcon turret if you need it, although it doesn't have any guns and you would need to glue the vanes back on as usual.

Love this thread, especially with the batreps interspersed to show how these nasty corsairs really tear stuff up on the tabletop as well. Just reading your one vs. the Tau -- surprised you rolled on Daemonology, but what a nice trick that was Gating across the table hah!

Well Corsair, your work keeps me inspired to keep upping the ante and finish painting to a higher level. These years past I have settled for mediocre tabletop quality, but we'll see about that.

Plus your lists and tactical notions keep me inspired to play with the Eldar and keep their fighting spirit alive (not just bikes and knights hah!), I'll send you the list I've been playing with recently which is much influenced from these threads.

Keep up the good work, and get some more games in!

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Post by: Cavalier on August 17, 2015, 02:32:05 PM
@Ibushi- Hey thanks so much man! Glad you're enjoying the project posts. Thanks for the offer on the Falcon turret but I have one in similar condition, but I'm sure I'll find one on ebay eventually. As for the Spirit Seer, yeah Sanctic is awesome! All the powers are PERFECT for Wraithblades (and Eldar HQ's in general with +1 invuln). Anyway glad you're enjoying the content and yes I'm dedicated to going beyond just bikes and knights, and this project log will prove it!  8)

Hey guys. So in preparation for the IA:12 Fall of Orpheus campaign I'm going to help run at my LGS I've gone back into the workshop to prepare some new terrain! Trying to diversify the terrain pool, and increase the number of some specific terrain types to have a better all around collection.

So first up is this special objective marker. Its not quite finished but its almost done. Perhaps not as awesome as it could be but for a first attempt at diorama style objectives I think it came out pretty good. Gonna work on the smoke effects a bit more but it'll be fun to have when the time comes to use it.


Second! Huge piece of area terrain. I'm a big fan of rock fields as opposed to tree stands because they are easy and cheap to build. This one is coming along nicely and is huge! Almost a foot across. You don't see a lot of big pieces of area terrain and I've always wanted one so I went and made it. It should be a good piece for infantry heavy armies and a pain to forces like my own.


Third up is a HUGE new LOS blocker. This baby is so big your fliers and super-heavies will get cover saves behind there. Adversely you could hide a Land Raider back there and even a Wraithknight can't see over it forcing him out in the open to snipe those big juicy targets. Also there is one of the new hills I made too.


Anyway guys just a quick update. Really enjoying building the terrain and looking forward to a new campaign, which definitely means more bat-reps coming up. Anyway thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!
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Post by: Ibushi on August 17, 2015, 05:54:47 PM
Ah dude, love the objective and terrain, would love to see some more pictures of those.

For that pilot, you need to rough him up a bit, his ride just freakin' exploded! Sweet objective marker though -- I will get a picture of mine sometime and put it up here (similar concept).

Looking forward to seeing some more of the corsairs in action, especially of the choppy kind! The way you are playing wraithblades makes them really nasty, I like it. Especially with sanctuary for the 3++, nicely done. I just dont want to build up another whole squad of CC troops after using my harlies and banshees for so many editions :(

I do have one idea for putting the girls to use, but might be a while until I get to try it out. As for Harlies, I'm at a loss as to how to make them work, whichever way you do it is so expensive, and you just cant get around their fragility.

One thing I am still pondering though, is to use scorps the same way you did in your last batrep -- as an infiltrate and area-control or distraction type unit. Nothing to rely upon as a major facesmasher, but I'm sure they could manhandle a troops unit or two. An idea I'm tempted to try is taking a converted karandras (ninja conversion obviously hah, maybe a corsair assassin), and then a squad of 6 scorps no upgrades. Against some foes you can deploy together to use the bodies as ablative wounds, or else you can deploy them separately to maximize target overload. Thirdly, you could keep karadras backfield to grant night vision and stealth to some reapers or jetbikes and babysit them, while the scorps just camp objectives and make faces. Gives a lot of flexibility in applications to my mind.

Anyway, keep up the great work and the tactical expositions!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 18, 2015, 06:58:06 AM
Thanks Ibushi! Yeah you're right, I totally need to dirty up the pilot crawling out of the Wraithknight chest cavity. Not sure what I was thinking! Thanks for the advice on that one.

Glad you dig the approach with the Scorpions as well. I do think you need to go 10 max with them (though running them with Karandras changes that a bit) just because any losses really hurts their effectivness (you don't want the Exarch getting ganged up on).

They are one of those units that require patience. At the end of the game my opponent asked me why I didn't attack anything. The main reason being the Riptide, and all sorts of units were out and about, however I didn't plan on sitting them on the objective all game last time out it just ended turn 4. What I was waiting to do was move the Avengers up the board and take the central ruin where the Relic was. Once those 20 Avengers had the Relic then the Scorpions were going to move out.

The way I see Scorpions working is protecting key objectives until my Ob-Sec units can get in there and hold them down... or until a key shooty unit (thinking Necron warriors in particular) gets a bit too close them leaping out and nabbing them in CC. Keep them out of trouble, project a bit of a threat-bubble and move out in the middle rounds of the game and grab key units and start grinding them down in CC.

Anyway thanks Ibushi! I plan on running them quite a bit in the upcoming campaign but also this weekend against the Space Wolves. Anyway stay tuned more updates later this week!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on August 20, 2015, 06:07:15 PM
Nice, yeah makes sense.

Recently I have shifted away from thinking of my combat units, particularly Wraithknight, Banshees, and Scorpions, as aggressors, but more as sentries.

If they chill in one spot and prevent enemy troops from occupying key table space (especially objectives!), then without even drawing their swords they have won me the game, so win-win for everyone.

Was admiring how effectively that worked out in your past batrep, but of course if the opportunity presents itself for some regular chainsword carnage, then go for it, right?

The one thing about Wraithblades that makes me super uncomfortable though is the low number of attacks. Makes me want to squeeze in Baharroth on top of a Farseer, adding some attacks, Blind, H&R, a 2+ tanking save, and then when you Gate I think they also wouldn't scatter. But now we're talking a titanic amount of points.

When can we expect the next classy corsair batreps? I will be back next week with some news at my end.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 21, 2015, 01:03:53 PM

Recently I have shifted away from thinking of my combat units, particularly Wraithknight, Banshees, and Scorpions, as aggressors, but more as sentries.

If they chill in one spot and prevent enemy troops from occupying key table space (especially objectives!), then without even drawing their swords they have won me the game, so win-win for everyone.

For me the Wraithknight when equipped with his shooting options and the Scorpions are made to be used that way. You can even use your fragile shooty units like Jetbikes etc to draw units closer and then pounce on them when they get too close. Banshees on the other hand I think can be used far more aggressively. I've seen several video bat-reps where they've been used on foot and they basically run like mad, hugging one of the board edges with a cluster of other units and I've actually seen them do incredibley well. The highlight being in one of Scorpion82's bat-reps against Necrons where they killed a squad of warriors, huge mob of scarabs and even tomb spiders. I actually think that alongside the Sword+Shield Wraithknight running on foot they can be super nasty.

The one thing about Wraithblades that makes me super uncomfortable though is the low number of attacks. Makes me want to squeeze in Baharroth on top of a Farseer, adding some attacks, Blind, H&R, a 2+ tanking save, and then when you Gate I think they also wouldn't scatter. But now we're talking a titanic amount of points.

Yeah I think the points are way to high for such a combination. Part of the value of the Wraithblades is their low cost and with just a couple of cheapy characters (Autarch: Banshee Mask, Fire Sabre, bare bones Spirit Seer) they are a great counter-assault unit that slowly gets itself into position to protect your shooty units from assault. Or if you can get Gate of Infinity (or they are in a serpent) I see them as a sort of "Vortex" unit that just starts slowly dragging ever bigger chunks of the enemy force grinding them down over time.  Don't forget that Wraithblades also have Rage so they get bonus attacks when outnumbered... But even still the low number of attacks doesn't really matter to me... I want them to grind down large shooty infantry over a couple of turns and hopefully break them in my opponents turn. Their high strength, toughness and good invuln saves (even better with Spirit Seer rolling on Sanctic) enables them to fight MC's like Riptides and vehicles with equal ease.

When can we expect the next classy corsair batreps? I will be back next week with some news at my end.

Thanks for the compliment! As for a bat-rep I'll have a new one for you guys late this weekend or perhaps on monday! I'm playing a 3-way king of the hill battle tomorrow morning. Should be fun! Only 1250 pts aside and keeping it fairly friendly in terms of list building but I'm still sticking with some of my newer units so stay tuned to see how the experiment continues! Thanks for you very interesting comments Ibushi I really enjoy talking Eldar tactics as there are no Eldar players at my store and haven't got a chance to talk to one in person for over 5 years now!

@Everyone- Hey guys so I've been very busy this week, busting out some new terrain and working on a refurbishing job on some models I'd forgotten about... my War Walkers! I love these guys, they've been repainted 3 times now but still look good and I thought I'd put some finishing touches on them.

So here are some WIP photos of both them and some of the new terrain pieces I've been working on.

War Walkers & New Terrain: EDIT: In some of the pix the chevrons look wonky, but trust me they are almost arrow straight in real life, its just some distortion from the camera angle!







Also finished my big LOS blocking terrain and included some scale shots with my Wrathknight and my brothers Imperial Knight and some his tanks. His tanks are actually behind the Knight on in one of the photos and you cannot see them at all which was the point all along :)

New Terrain:




Anyways thanks for stopping by guys and I hope you like the new stuff. Stay tuned though cause I've got some bits coming for a totally new kitbash project that I think you will all like... and it'll enable me to get even closer to a very potent, fluff-centric Corsair force. Stay tuned!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on August 21, 2015, 02:04:26 PM
Ah man those walkers are SWEET, the chevrons are perfect, it puts my walkers to shame.

The one thing about those models (GW!) is the hip joint -- it is impossible to make it smooth. For mine I am looking at finding bits to glue over the joint, but no luck yet.

I admit I did think you were going to go with the stealth colour scheme for your walkers, but these look gorgeous, so who cares.

Tactics-wise, i would love to see those banshee batreps, where do i hit them up? I have never seen banshees successfully employed on the tabletop, but i definitely have ideas about how it would be done.

Like what you're saying about wraithblades, that makes sense. Don't really need a banshee mask on the autarch even hah. Wraithblades do have Rage, but that grants +2 attacks for charging, you are thinking of Rampage which is +D3 per model when outnumbered, which is what grotesques do -- it is NASTY. Personally I think the Avatar should grant Eldar in a bubble both of these rules, not just Rage. Would be fluffy and sweet, but not OP i dont think.

Anyway...I am just doing some repairs on my highly battle-worn models, and am packing them up for TSHFT tournament tomorrow, really looking forward to it! Hopefully one of my friends brings a decent camera and we can get some action shots up on my GT list thread.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on August 21, 2015, 07:05:01 PM
It surely been a while since i could drop by this topic :D What you've been up to look really cool ! I like the walker a lot!

I'm really looking forware to those battle report because I love reading yours!

I'm curious about your way of utilising the avatar if it's not straying away from your main topic, you seems to play it defensively, while k've found succes in playing him offensively. I curious about you intake on him.

Srly man keep this up you never stop to amaze me.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 22, 2015, 08:31:42 AM
@Ibushi- Thanks man! Yeah about the Walkers I am going to do "Stealth" Walkers in all black, but I actually airbrushed these things red before I had come up with the concept for my "stealth force". Thanks for the clarification on rage/rampage luckily I played it right in my last game (though Tau defensive grenades took it away). As for the bat-rep with the Banshees they are actually on the subscribers channel for Scorpion82 on youtube. I do think they are featured on his Sisters Vs. Eldar channel which is freely available:

Eldar vs Sisters of Battle Warhammer 40K Battle Report CTS19: SAINTS & SPIDERS! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QctlPbByZok)

Also please let me know how TSHIFT goes. If I was anywhere near a tourney scene I'd definitley be involved. I used to play in local tourneys all the time before I moved (4th-5th ed). Please keep us updated cause I love to follow what other Eldar players are up to.

@Grizzlykin- Thanks buddy, glad you like the Walkers! Its no trouble at all going back a few posts, please ask me any questions you may have, I post a lot so going back to any previous posts is no problem at all. As for my use of the Avatar, I wouldn't say I use him defensively, I'd say cautiously. He's only as a tough as a Wraithguard and his Invuln. Save is not great so he can't tangle with premier CC units (any kind of Stormshield, Thunderhammer unit is death) and he's slow so it can be difficult to getting him to his choice matchups. So my general philosophy is to cautiously inch him up the board, keeping him behind cover and only really unleashing him in the middle turns of the game when my opponents force has been significantly reduced in numbers and usually in disarray. This allows him to go after isolated chunks of my opponents force, or clear key objectives.

My secondary use for him (but ULTRA important) is to defend my high-value shooting units like Jetbikes, and Dire Avengers who are holding objectives. I've found that in the games I've lost its because I've not had a powerful close-combat unit who can stop fast CC units from chasing down my Jetbikes or Dire Avengers. The Avatar excels in that role especially when supported by Striking Scorpions and Wraithblades. The Striking Scorpions really helping because they are usually infiltrated far ahead of the Avatar and Wraithblades but importantly extending a large threat bubble, where any one of those units can grab something in CC, pin it down and hold it long enough for other CC units to help.

Anyway thats my long-winded explanation for how I like to use him. Let me know what you think, as I'm going to try and push this theory to the forefront in the coming weeks. I wish I was playing a bigger battle today because I want to try it with my Wraithknight as well.

@Everyone- Anyway stay-tuned and keep those questions coming. I love talking tactics with you guys. Keep an eye out for an upcoming bat-rep and wish me luck!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on August 23, 2015, 01:19:12 AM
Thumbs up! Never a disappointment my friend. Makes me want to paint more but finding time has become hard.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on August 24, 2015, 01:09:28 PM
I think that the War Walkers look great, especially in that rocky terrain.  The contrast between the colour of the terrain and the red is really impressive.  You really did pick your colour scheme very well.  The rocks combined with that red all adds to that 'Flash Gordon' theme that we've discussed before ;).  I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on August 25, 2015, 08:22:22 AM
The warwalkers look beautiful indeed. I think they look perfect, and they could always be a 'last minute addition' to the stealth insertion team. ;)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 26, 2015, 07:49:08 AM
@Dread- Thanks buddy, glad your enjoying the updates. Stay tuned because I've got some cool stuff on the way!

@Irisado- Thanks as always Irisado. My brother and I both considered very heavily the look of terrain in comparison to the colors of our armies. My brother's Guard are meant to blend into the terrain while mine are meant to stand-out.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. In my mind these Walkers in particular are for the front-lines of the Warhost, perhaps operating behind an Aegis defense line or flanking my Wraithknight. The next squadron will be in all black and will indeed be a part of my "stealth brigade" alongside the Scorpions, Rangers and future black shuriken-cannon monster hunter Jetbikes!

Battle Report

@Everyone- Time for another bat-rep. So this'll be a bit short since it was a short game but I took a lot of photos so hopefully that offsets it. So to begin with the mission was essential a 3-on-3 free for all/king of the hill type mission. The 3 forces were my Eldar, Space Marines and Tyranids at 1250 pts each.

Autarch- Banshee Mask, Fire Sabre
Spirit Seer- Cleansing Flame,
Wraithblades x5- Axes
Avengers x9
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Avengers x9
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers x4
War Walkers x2- Scatter Lasers x4

Space Marines
Terminators x5- TH/SSx4, Lightning Claws x1
Vanguard Vets x8- Mix of Weapons
Scouts x5- Sniper Rifles
Tac Marines x5
Tac Marines x5
Land Speeders x3- Missile Launchers, Multi-Meltas
Devastators x10- 3x Lascannons

Flying Hive Tyrant- x2 Twin-Linked Devourers
Flying Hive Tyrant- x2 Twin-Linked Devourers
Hive Guard x2- Homing Missiles
Genestealers x7
Genestealers x7
Genestealers x7
Spore Mines x5

Opening Impressions- To begin with we all agreed to write up casual lists for a fun game. But I feel I continue to overly handicap myself in this regard as I had no answer whatsoever for two flying Hive Tyrants with with nearly 30 twin-linked high strength shots coming in from those dual devourers especially in a 1250 points game. I knew this was going to be a tough one as those Mawlocks were sure to be a pain as well. Nevertheless I gave it my best and played very well.


Tyranids went 1st, Eldar went 2nd, Space Marines went 3rd. So lets begin!

Turn 1

Tyranid Turn 1-
   The Tyrants go airborne and fly to the center of the board. The Spores begin to drift towards my right flank where my Walkers, Wave Serpent and Command Squad are tucked behind cover. Meanwhile the Hive Guard pot shot my Walkers with their homing missiles racking up 2 penetrating hits, one of which I negate with my power field save the other which shakes the Walker meaning its going to snap-fire next turn. Finally the Genestealers and the Lictor also on my right flank shuffle behind LOS blocking cover to prepare to move out next turn. Other than that all is quiet!

Eldar Turn 1-
   I know if I have any chance I have to chew up any Tyranids encroaching on my right flank ASAP. So the Walkers move out and annihilate the Spore Mines. The Wave Serpents move out of LOS from the Flying Hive Tyrants as I cannot afford to be jinkng turn 2 and I basically position myself to deal with any incoming threats and bring my full force to bear turn 2 as my opponents begin to move out.

Space Marines Turn 1-
   The Marines deploy a Drop Pod right in the middle of the board on top of the objective…. and directly in front of both the Flying Hive Tyrants! Why my opponent did this I'll never know. He then pot-shots the Flyrants but to no effect. Turn 1 comes to an end with very little bloodshed. That is changes quickly in turn 2!

Turn 2
Tyranids Turn 2- The Bugs begin their assault. The Hive Tyrants converge on those very expensive Vanguard Vets and annihilate them netting the bugs First Blood. Then one of the Mawlocks pop up smashing my Walkers, and taking out a single Wraithblade. The loss of the Walkers very much hurt, but I made some very good rolls to avoid any serious damage on my command squad. Then the Genestealers and Lictor begin to move out in support of the Mawlock converging on my embattled right flank. Yet little does my opponent know this exactly what I wanted.


Eldar Turn 2- Time to bring the heat! My Nightwing shows up promptly which was very good while my Hornets fail to arrive. My command squad moves out to engage the Mawlock while my Wave Serpent moves to support my them alongside my Avengers who deploy to nullify the Genestealers and Lictor. Combined Psychic powers from my Spiritseer, shuriken fire from the Avengers and fire support from the Wave Serpent eliminate the Lictor and Genestealers, and in the Assault Phase my Autarch, Spirit Seer and Wraithblades rack up 4 wounds on the Mawlock. Yet frustratingly he is able to Hit and Run out of combat and much to my chagrin… I really wanted to bag that big bug. Meanwhile my Flyer fails to deal any damage to Flying Hive Tyrants which does not bode well for my beloved Ace Fighter. Neverthless mission accomplished for the Eldar Turn 2. They've smashed the Tyranids encroaching upon their flank and taken no damage in return.

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BJVfpSUttZM/VdtHGAaAM4I/AAAAAAAAB2Q/IA7FPutRS-I/s512-Ic42/IMG_1953.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-PtGYYZexx10/VdtIiYiQz8I/AAAAAAAAB4A/-wXlryzicN4/s512-Ic42/IMG_1952.JPG)

Space Marines Turn 3- The Space Marine devastators fire another couple of pot-shots at the Flying Hive Tyrants but to no effect. The Landspeeder shows up and fires everything at my Wave Serpent protecting my left flank and absolutley whiff doing no damage after getting a lot of hits. They are very much out of position and with poor firing lanes thus taking them out of the fight which really stinks as I need them to at least distract the Tyranids but its not to be!


Turn 3

Tyranid Turn 3- This is when the Tyranids move into position for the kill. The Hive Tyrants move-off from the center of the board and with one focusing on my Wave Serpent, the other on my Nightwing. With one of my Serpents I choose not to jink and suffer two hull points in response… as I think I may need maximum fire-power next turn (which was a mistake because I should have realized I'd be firing at those Hive Tyrants). The other Hive Tyrant gets a load of hits, pens, and glances on my Nightwing but by some miracle I pass my 2+ jinks and only suffer a single weapon destroyed (brightlance). This was a very good turn for the Tyranids, one I'd be very hard pressed to counter.

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-I2BaeYlzhUo/VdtHLTTNlnI/AAAAAAAAB2Y/p5l5TWmg_l0/s512-Ic42/IMG_1955.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-hQ9f_woZk4Q/VdtHQw-yfcI/AAAAAAAAB2g/ddKd90uR0s8/s512-Ic42/IMG_1957.JPG)

Eldar Turn 3- Luckily the Hornets arrive and promptly respond by unloadng on the offending Land Speeders killing all but one. The Nightwing enters on-going reserves to come back on at full firing capacity after jinking. My badly damaged Wave Serpent swings-round to unload everything it has on the Hive Tyrants firing off its Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons, and Serpent Shield in a wild bid to wound one of the Hive Tyrants. Despite a lot of lucky sixes to hit, only a single wound gets through and the Tyrant passes its grounding check. Meanwhile my other Serpent moves out and backs up to the center hill to try and get my Avengers in a good position to grab that key objective Turn 5, while my Avengers fail to get up to the second level of the ruins to avoid the Mawlocks which'll be returning turn 4. At this point I know I'm in trouble but I'm praying my injured Nightwing can bail me out and take down at least one of those Hive Tyrants…. but even that is a longshot.

Space Marines Turn 3- Lysander and his Terminators finally arrive, deepstriking right on top of the central objective. Perfect Timing and Prescience allow the Devastators to destroy my Wave Serpent emptying out my Avengers. Pot shots coming from all angles reduce them to 4 Avengers and they break. Not sure if this was the best move on the Marines part because now there is almost nothing left to contest the surging Tyranids. In the next turn its going to be all about surviving the Tyranid storm… relying heavily on that 2+/3++ of the Termies.


Turn 4- End of the Game

Tyranid Turn 4- The bugs move in for the kill, one Winged Hive Tyrant Vector strkes my last remaining Serpent removing the last hull point. The Mawlocks both pop up removing 2 more Wraithblades and ALL the Dire Avengers castled up near my command squad (which I planned on moving to the 2nd story to gun down anything on the central objective). The second winged Hive Tyrant shoots down my Nightwing… which is sadly the first time its ever been brought down. Then some shenanigans come into play… the Tyranid player suggests I use all my Dispel Dice against some random psychic power, which I do, then he casts a malediction which reduces the Terminators WS, BS and I to 1! I should have been paying closer attention but the store was a zoo and there was a lot of banter going on. This was a critical mistake and a little cheesy on the Tyranid players part (but not a big deal) because of what happened next. The Lictors and Genestealers come bursting over the hill all but wipe-out Lysander and his retinue of Terminators, thunderhammers, stormshields, feel no pain and all. This was a big deal for both the Space Marine player and myself because I needed the Space Marines to do some damage to those Genestealers if I was going to have a chance to rally my Avengers and have them hop on the objective turn 5. Like I said it wasn't a big deal, and I should have been paying attenton but the appears nigh.


Eldar Turn 4- My last surviving Hornet kills one of the Mawlocks. My Autarch, Spirit Seer and Final Wraithblade eliminates the other one. The Avengers continue to fall back. I at least got revenge on those freaking Mawlocks but victory appears to have slipped away.

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-au4IZNF8PDs/VdtHa5WB95I/AAAAAAAAB2w/uG3gm0EQBzA/s640-Ic42/IMG_1959.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-mCQss8g62r0/VdtHykTX8fI/AAAAAAAAB3c/O7ffxSL1NUY/s640-Ic42/IMG_1965.JPG)

Space Marines Turn 4- The Marines pot-shot the flying Hive Tyrants to no effect, and Lysander and his last remaining Terminator are eliminated. At this point we decide to call it, as there is no way for us to challenge the all but unscathed due of flying Hive Tyrants, and the mob of Genestealers led by the Lictor.


Final Thoughts-

The Good- On the positive side I continue to be VERY impressed by the performance of the Wraithblades. Furthermore, the utility of the Spiritseer has really impressed me. Very cheap, but very useful and even rolling up the two powers I wanted least ended up having a huge impact on the game when he imolated the genestealers, lictor and even hurt the Mawlock. My Autarch also had a big game racking up 5 wounds all on his own against the Mawlocks. Impressive stuff indeed, especially with only a Strength 4 weapon! Though a frustrating game, I thought the format was very fun. Besides not asking the other psychic powers the Tyranid player had to cast, and not jinking the Wave Serpent when I was going to target the flying Tyrant next turn I don't feel I made any noticeable mistakes and performed very well against a brutal match-up with double flying Hive Tyrants in a 1250 game.

The Bad- The one mistake I made was not bringing a tougher list. My brother has been on my case for awhile about handicapping myself when no one else is. I feel this is definitley true especially when my opponents openly admit they are list tailoring, which was a bit suprising.

The Take Away- The Eldar close-combat experiment is working. Its made a big impact on my game, the Wraithblades in particular have shined in some very tough match-ups. That little bit of psychic support has paid off very well too. But I do need to continue to add to my army… I tend to favor a take all comers approach which makes for very fun games and in which I've had a ton of success. Yet when tackling opponents who are playing the "bad-matchup game" forcing bad-matchups through list building I feel that I very rarely have a similar element to my army and find myself on the backfoot. I feel that the core of my army makes for a perfect "take-all comers" foundation but that bad-matchup wild card is needed especially against opponents who utilize power-combos and spam. What that new addition will be remains unclear, but I have a couple of candidates in mind.

Future Updates- Stay tuned because I have an exciting new Corsair adapted Aspect Warrior unit which is about to be unveiled, as well as a potential candidate for that bad-matchup type unit! Also I'm going to playing a couple of games this week so expect a new bat-rep and some photos soon. Anyway stay-tuned guys and expect some new stuff to be coming quickly down the pipe- talk to you soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: dog_of_war on August 26, 2015, 08:15:17 AM
Awesome batrep! I love the fact that you take an all-comers list with a non-power gamers approach. I think they are way more fun to play than having tournament list A fight tournament list B. In those battles, more often than not, it's whoever gets first turn or that lucky dice roll that wins. I'd much rather see an experienced player use a handicapped list to the best of his ability against some of the 'cheese' out there. Good show!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on August 26, 2015, 06:10:35 PM
Man i love your battle report. They are always intresting to read an I oftzn find tips to use in my game later on. Oh and you manage to make me want to play wraithblade. The more i read you the more i want to have some in my army.

well that's a shame you brought a list that could note compete too much with your opponents, if you had to do a new list for the same type of game what would you do?

Out of this keep up the good work, your army looks really freakin cool on the field!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 27, 2015, 03:33:15 PM
@Dog of War- Thanks man! Yeah no matter what the game is I'm always concerned with bringing forces of equal capabilities. While still dedicated to the take-all-comers approach where versatility is my strength I do feel like I could stand to include something nasty in my list, especially when playing against guys who favor the popular power-combos or forcing severe mismatches. 

@Grizzlykin- Thanks man, I'm glad you find some of the tactics useful. As for the Wraithblades, they are SERIOUSLY nasty, especially with psychic support. If I were not so reliant on my Autarch and the reserve manipulation I'd put two Spirit Seers in with a squad of 10. They are really cheap, super-resilient, and just hack the hell out of anything reach. Again they are like the Avatar in that you have to patient to use them, but they can absolutely defend your critical units (Wraithknight, Jetbikes hanging mid-field, War Walkers, Wave Serpents, Dark Reapers) against just about anything. They hacked those Mawlocks to pieces, and would have gotten the Riptide too in the last game if it hadn't ended early. When on the offensive they can easily grab mid-field threats too probably arriving by turn 3, which should limit your opponents retaliation against them. I could see them being even more useful in Maelstrom games where your opponent can't just castle up on a trio of objectives all game.

As for what I would have done differently... against two flying Hive Tyrants there are very few options for Eldar. One idea would be Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon, Dark Reapers in a Wave Serpent (protecting them from Mawlocks) nearby and have them move out and with the Exarch double-shotting the gun with ignore cover with the Reaper range finder... with an additional flyer in support. The other option is the Crimson Death formation, and spoiler alert... I'm leaning heavily in that direction as it'd give me that bad-match up element to my army that I'm missing. Tons of high strength ap2 fire, the obvious cover save shenanigans, and preferred enemy Flying Monstrous Creatures would devastate those Tyrants. Its something I'm seriously contemplating and I have a nasty paint scheme already in mind.

Anyway thanks as always for your input Grizz I always love talking Eldar with you!

@Everyone- But as promised the future is now! I've started my newest Corsair kitbash for a new Aspect....  Warp Spiders! Its funny how similar the paint scheme is to the official shrine colors. Being able to have the bear actual monofilament weapons (from the Dark Eldar line) is something I'm very happy with. I think they will easily stand-out from their Corsair Hawk brethren. The idea is that these guys are bold commandos who specialize in close-quarters fighting and are masters of their Corsair wings. Let me know what you think!


Also I've magnetized the sword option for my Wraithknight! He has all the options ready to rock. I still want another one for Apocalypse games, one for close-combat the other for ranged combat but until then at least I can try both!


Last but not least my brother made a riser for our board! It came out fantastic and makes wargaming so much easier on my bad back. Here's a shot of the riser, and a shot of the board when we played a small game of dueling Knights (which my brother won).



Anyway hope you guys enjoy and stay-tuned! Let me know what you guys think of the Corsair Spider!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on August 27, 2015, 05:28:32 PM
Warp spyder ... warp spyder ... hum i'm sorry but i don't by it :/ well that's  probably because i like the whole jump in the warp fluf things tthati don't really buy the wings and that's not how i would see them, but well that's something non the less. If i was not verry attached to warp spyder my self and the model they have, i would have probably liked it because the kit bash and gun look pretty coll. If it where me thought, i think i would have used forgeword back pack from the guy that have a kind of firprism gun as a weapon. I think that's how i would have interpreted those spyder.

Happy to know you like to talk eldar with me btw i enjoy it too :D i like the crimson death things you have in mind because i think that's ou cheesiest things in tte codex. I mean yes the big d is kinda cheesy but nothing beats 12 hight streng low ap shot with a 4 + cover in addition to the fact that they are already hard to hit because they fly ^^.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on August 28, 2015, 04:41:50 PM
I'd like a side to side comparison between the warp spiders and the hawks. Do you use any hawks?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on August 28, 2015, 05:32:27 PM
Nice, thanks for the batrep man!

2 Flyrants at 1250 is 0% casual friendly list-building, hah. In terms of answers, you are about right about including dark reapers. Although in your game did your nightwing get to make any of the flyrants jink? So long as you keep them jinking it should be OK. Lastly, i would not recommend flying the nightwing off the table -- even if he is jinking every turn, you are absorbing all those devourer shots, which is a good thing.

I would selfishly suggest you do crimson death though, so that I can see your gorgeously painted formation. But from experience it is too much of a points sink, especially with no way to ignore the Flyrants' jinking.

Surprising your DA couldnt get up away from the Mawlocs, with a move and then also a re-rollable run move -- don't you only need to get a 3"?

Liking that spider scheme, i think it will look great -- the slightly stylized deathspinner is very cool. I hear what others are saying though, that it looks too much like a straight-up hawk -- could you put 2 pairs of wings on the spiders instead?

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on August 29, 2015, 02:19:35 PM
@Everyone- Bummed no one's onboard with my new kitbash- but hey to each their own! I really like the way its come out and it fits my vision for my ultimate goal with the army, that being when you look at it, for the most part it looks like a FW Corsair army with a few DE headswaps, but upon closer inspection you see some unique kitbashes throughout the force.

@Grizz- Sorry you're not digging it. I appreciate the thought with the Shadow Spectres but the only thing is, if I were to actually include a unit of Shadow Spectres (which I do own) I'd have two identical looking units with two different sets of rules. As for the Crimson Death, yes it is a bit cheesy. Its that bad-matchup unit that if you aren't ready for it, its gonna hurt… and thats exactly what I want! lol

@Vonny- Hey Vonny here's the photo you requested. To my eye, and my brother (my biggest critic) they look pretty distinct from each other. But regardless of your opinion I always value your input!



@Ibushi- No prob, glad you enjoyed the bat-rep. Yeah I think everyone was sort of on different wave-lengths as far as list building. I did wish I had the Dark Reapers, and I even have the Eldar equivalent Icarus Lascannon, and Aegis (though not painted). Good point about the Nightwing, but I was on only 1 hull point, and even if I had to sacrifice a unit I was hoping he'd be able to come in and perhaps take down one of the Tyrants (unlikely I know).  You might be right though, the Nightwing may have been the unit to sacrifice and just play for a turn 5 objective grab and hope the game ends.

As for the Avengers they were about 3 inches away from the terrain and then had to run to get up to the second level so it was a bit of a haul.

Cool, glad you like the idea of the Crimson Death. Its something I've wanted for awhile… and I've got unique markings for them that'll really unite them as a formation.

As for the Spiders, the quad-wings was something I thought of, but their is no way to attach them without clipping off the exhaust vents and sculpting new ports for the extra wings and its just not something I quite have the skill to do as its very cramped back there.

@Everyone- Anyway hopefully you guys like them more after seeing the new photos, but if you don't thats ok too. Anyway staytuned cause there is a lot more in the way. I've got bits and models 10+ years old steeping in Simple Green awaiting re-purposing. Tons of metal Aspect Warriors... whose use has yet to be determined. Anyway stay tuned and thanks for your input!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on August 29, 2015, 05:23:51 PM
Ok so well my input now hum kinda hard to figure what i want to say. Well the pose and the few bit change make them look different on that i agree. To me they stil lake something for me to feel them being really different. If i were you i would try playing with white on there uniform and red for the wing, make the wing more caracteriscly different compare to the hawks would probably allow me to agree with you on the kit bash. I think with eldar you need to be able to easily identificate what unit is what compared to an other, that's why i don't view this spyder to be far enought from the hawk, i had the same feeling with your harlequins remember ><. Sorry about the personnal feeling in this but well i think you are open minded to concider what i am saying. And if you actually stick to what you have, well i have no right to ccomplan, it's your army after all ><
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on August 30, 2015, 04:25:56 AM
I think they look superb, and indeed very different from eachother. Top notch, in my book!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 1, 2015, 01:17:12 PM
@Grizzlykin- Hey man to each their own. I don't begrudge your opinion at all, its all aesthetics after all.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny! I'm really glad you like em, so thanks for the high praise. BTW I feel like this update is definitely inspired by your recent posts. So thanks for that too!

@Everyone- So inspired by Vonny's last post that included some Tyranids I decided to re-visit my "NPC" army which I've been dying to add to. My "Blood & Bones" Chaos Space Marine force... not going to be a regular on this project but its something I want to continue to work on. I really want an alternative force especially at home which my brother and I can share to vary our games. Simply smashing my Eldar against his IG time and time again especially considering we know each others collection so well, can get a bit tiring. So its my hopes that this force (and my Dark Angels which takes precedence over the Chaos force) will soon be of playable size.


Also inspired by Vonny (and my re-commitment to cleaning up and finishing old Eldar odds-and-ends) is my Wraithknight's close-combat options. After talking shop with Ibushi for awhile I've really wanted to try out ghost-glaive option on the Wraithknight. I feel its a tremendous tool against the right armies. BTW I'm getting used to hand-painting the gold and its very liberating to be able to lay down the main colors so much more quickly with my priming and basecoating.



Anyway guys got a game coming up this weekend against my brother, and another game either against Chaos or Dark Angels the next week so stay-tuned for my hobby stuff and bat-reps. Talk to you soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 1, 2015, 03:39:28 PM
Awesome man, great stuff as always. Really looking forward to some updated photos of that Eldar campaign terrain & markers too :)

Your blood & bones army is a compelling scheme, I like the intermittent updates on that front, and I know what you mean about armies getting a bit stale after a while -- partly this is why i like tournament play so much, as even against the same factions it is almost always a different opponent. Plus you get 3-5+ games in one weekend! But that's largely a luxury of location.

As for the Warp Spiders, your side-by-side photo has convinced me, they certainly differentiate enough with the hawks, between the lower stature, running pose, and white helmet, not to mention weapons. As a whole squad they will look markedly different, and elite and badass to boot. My only suggestion would be to add a tiny stripe or marking to the white on their wings, to indicate their elite wing-warrior status, and to further differentiate a tiny bit from the hawks at a at-a-glance tabletop level. Even without that they are going to look great though, look forward to seeing a squad photo!

Good luck with the glaive knight! I take inspiration from DCannon4Life, so credit where credit is due. Tactically, one of the things I like about him is a) your opponent assumes you are obligated to ram this guy down their throat ASAP, due to his combat nature, but b) you should by no means feel obligated to do any such thing. I use him more via threat radius to dictate enemy positioning, taking inspiration from your scorpion and avatar usage. But on top of that, I love that you are also not concerned about keeping him in cover or behind troops for a 5+ like the wraithcannon knight, although obviously a ruin is nothing to avoid if you can help it. Last tournament I just threw him straight at a Tau gunline without a care, and he survived to tell the tale. Anyway, hope your glaive gets to see some action soon.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on September 2, 2015, 02:59:18 AM
The posing and paint work on the Wraithknight looks more impressive every time I see it.  I really like the Chaos models too.  The bone theme makes gives them a very imposing appearance on the table.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 2, 2015, 06:01:37 AM
Superbe work with thewraith knight :D  and this chaos force looks intresting esthetycally speaking ^^ 

Let me ask one things thought, what do you mean by playable force, i mean what size does this mean to you? for me 1000 - 1500 is already playable.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 3, 2015, 04:52:23 AM
I'm glad I'm such an inspiration to you, cav. I can assure you, you're the same to me!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 3, 2015, 07:23:17 AM
@Ibushi- Thanks man! I'm looking forward to that campaign too, but things have stalled for unknown reasons with the players on the other end (as tends to happen). Hopefully we'll get a chance to play but after looking through the missions (IA 12: Fall of Orphius) it looks like a real toughy, with a lot of assymetrical games with the Necrons out numbering the opponents up to a thousand points in the "Legendary Missions". Having been written for the 5th edition Codex the jump in power (though the Crons were deadly even before) makes that very scary especially with those damn formations!
   I agree with you on tourneys, they are great fun. I wish I lived on the West Coast so I could get a chance to play some new forces with set expectations for competitive play.
   As for the Warp Spiders, I love the idea of the wing-stripe! I'm so excited to finish this unit, I just found my huge box of Dark Eldar bits so I gotta go digging through there to finish up the squad. After them its on to count-as Dark Reapers (though I have 15 metal ones which I bought at great expense arggh!)
   Ahhh so  you got the idea from D-Cannon. Yeah that guys a pro and a very nice dude. I love his various Eldar articles I've found scattered across the web. Started seeing his stuff on Frontline Gaming's site. I agree with you on your approach to the Glaive-Knight. You have to be careful with him, I failed a 5-inch charge on Turn 2 against Necrons once and he got killed on my opponents turn. Rules questions: Since the big-man is Jump Gargantuan does he get to re-roll charge distances? If so thats nuts!

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado! I'm glad you like the posing on the Wraithknight. On my next one which I plan on getting for Apocalypse purposes (also fielding a different knight in regular play) I plan on doing some modification for an action style pose. Hopefully it'll look like one Knight is watching the back of the other while he charges forward. Glad you dig the Chaos stuff too. I'm dying to get this army playable… I'm seeing  a Bloodthirster and perhaps a Mauler Fiend in the future…

@Grizzlykin- Thanks bud. As for playable force, a 1000-1500 pts is certainly playable and what I'm shooting for with my Chaos and Dark Angels. Yet for my Eldar, I've never really like 1000 point games, but thats only because I've never had the models to make a cohesive force at a 1000 points. The way I collected my Eldar (initially) was all based around an 1850 concept, with big expensive units like my Hornets, Avengers in Wave Serpents et. al. Only recently have I fleshed out my collection to include Scorpions, Fire Dragons etc. So its something I'd love to try again.
   But more to your queston for me 1250 is the sweet spot for a solid beginning. But I've heard 500pt games can be great fun, and Kill-Team is cool too. As soon as I'm up to a 1000 points I'm sure I'm gonna play them though.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. I'm glad you've enjoyed my project. Your modelling and paint jobs have really made me want to increase my abilities. You've done a ton of stuff both painting (incredible blending) and modelling (insane alterations on the Wraithknight) that have made we want to a bit more ambitious in my hobby stuff. Thanks as always!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 3, 2015, 07:51:22 AM
yes he does >< since you are not using the jump move to move, you can reroll on assault, that's freaking op if you ask me ><

Hey bro mauler fiend are just so fun, i play vs a guy's that play chaos some time and everytime his mauler fiend is on the table I fear... that things can melt you however he want, it's pretty frustrating. yet the fun things is one brihglance and the tings immobilize he can't do anything anymore :D . It feels a bit double edge sword to me.

well indeed 1250 is a fun lvl, with eldar it really feels of for that i agree with you. I was able to enjoy my games way more when i had more things on the table. You need to have variety on the table with eldar to do something, and that's surely not something you get from 1250, i never felt right at that point level.

Looking forward to whats next from you ^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 11, 2015, 01:23:50 PM
@Grizz- Thanks man! Definitely looking forward to both painting and collecting a Chaos army. The Daemon Engines are a big draw, and something I really want to do something special with in the modelling department. Stay tuned!

@Everyone- Hey guys! Been a few days since I've updated and I've got some new stuff for you. First up I had a big 2000pt game with my brother's very hardcore IG army and whew, what a game! First up I lost! My brother played very well and I lost focus about half-way through the game and paid for it big time. Some glaring holes in my list building process were very much highlighted, that being that I've never replaced my Wraithguard after removing them when the new Codex dropped. Why I'm not sure, perhaps lack of armor in my opponents armies, over reliance on the Wraithknight or just eagerness to get new units into the mix. Needless to say that oversight will not happen again especially when facing my brother's army.

I was going to do a mini battle-report but the photos turned out really bad. We played in the garage in poor lighting, and while the photos looked good on my phone they looked awful when I transferred them to my computer.

But in summation my brother played really well even after ICE COLD dice in the beginning, and with the game in my favor I lost focus and he capitalized by sticking to the mission and maintaining his target priority which I did not.

However I will have a very special battle-report for you guys soon, because I'm playing against a pure SLAANESH army tomorrow morning! I can't wait! My opponent told me he was bringing a very non-competitive army, even asked me to go easy on my list design to which I was very happy to do. However a few days later I asked him spur of the moment if he was bringing a bunch of winged Daemon Princes just to make sure I had some AA, and he told me to expect them. So I'm planning on a bit more competitive game than I had originally planned so to that end I kicked off some furious painting and modelling to get not only my Eldar Aegis Defense Line from Microart studios painted and assembled, but also a converted quad-gun which I'm very happy about! They have only been given basic paint jobs at this point but they are tabletop ready and ready for action.



Also I added a squad leader (Exarch) to my Corsair Dragons and I'm very happy with the visual impact its had on the squad.


Work Continues on my Spiders as well:


And I even converted up a new Klaivex... or perhaps I'll run him as a Corsair Prince. Even added a grenade to him for that purpose.


So its been a very busy hobby week, and hopefully I'll have a good time tomorrow as the reward for all the hard work. Anyway guys, stay tuned more to come as always, and hopefully I'll have some great new photos for the ultimate Eldar grude-match bat-rep vs. Slaanesh. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 13, 2015, 06:33:07 PM
This all looks very promising. I like the starcannon-conversion for the aegis, and your corsair dragon exarch looks stunning. I do think he'll liven up the squad quite a bit!

Also, that last ktbash looks amazing. Can't wait to see it painted!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 14, 2015, 09:55:55 PM
Great stuff man, loving it!

Really looking forward to a quality batrep vs. the Great Enemy, and for a finished squad of those spiders!

Keep up the great work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 16, 2015, 07:29:08 AM
@Vonny- Thanks Vonny glad you like the new stuff. Yes I agree with you the Exarch gives the squad some presence. Really happy you like the final pic of the new foot-Autarch. Very simple but it looked so good when I did it I really just had to go for it. Gonna putty up those spirit stones so they aren't cracked and get some paint on this guy.

@Ibushi- Thanks Ibushi! I'm really dying to get those Spiders finished. I'm thinking of featuring a sort of deep-striked themed list with Spiders, Hawks, WWP Dragons which'll represent my Aspect Host. More notes below!

@Everyone- Well sorry guys for the wait on the bat-rep, but my opponent pulled a no-show, no-call and left me high and dry. He had some sorry excuse about 5 hours later but needless to say I was very disappointed. People have no respect for others time nowadays. However I've got a big 2000pt game coming up this weekend against my buddy Chris' fully painted Soul Drinkers which is always a fun game, and easy to take good pix of so definitely count on a bat-rep sunday, monday or thereabouts.

Also after a LONG wait, my latest Corsair conversion kit which I got for super cheap on ebay finally shipped. With that in-hand I'll be able to finish my Spiders and add a couple of models to various squads. Dark Reapers will be the next kitbash and perhaps the last for awhile because afterwards I'm going to move on to getting my hands on the Crimson Death.

After that I'm going to take a little break from adding to my Eldar collection (though not taking a break from playing it) and work on my other fledgling armies Dark Angels and Chaos. With Dark Angels stuff coming out from FW I'm going to have a good guide towards painting up pre-Heresy DA which is the theme for my army.

But don't worry the Eldar love-fest wont be ending anytime soon. After failing to get a campaign off the ground with the other folks at my FLGS my brother and I are just going to play one ourselves. I know I've said that in the past, but after our last game my brother has been very enthusiastic about doing it. I think by adding his Imperial Knight and just being a bit more familiar with the game (a very nice victory also helps) he feels like he is on even footing with me as far as army power goes and very much wants to play and get better.

So hold on just a bit longer and I'll have a nice new bat-rep for you and some more hobby stuff as I finish up my Fire Dragons, paint my Dragon Exarch and convert up another gun for my Eldar Aegis. Stay-tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on September 17, 2015, 05:51:28 PM
Always tuned in, love looking at all the time and crafting you spend on your builds. And the paint speaks for itself as always.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 21, 2015, 02:37:04 PM
@Dread- Thanks man. Always appreciate your input. Can't wait to show you some of the new stuff I'm working on I think you are going to like it!

Hey guys! Back with another bat-rep… sort of. I've been having real bad luck with getting these games in lately. My opponent had to bail after 3 turns because his son, who had come along, puked at the beginning of turn 3! Felt bad for the young guy he really looked bad.

Anyway it was still very interesting and despite not finishing the game its represented the final push for me to run a far more powerful list and really has helped me realize the very important elements I've lost in my lists since the new codex came out.

So to begin with my opponent Chris and I have always played very casual games. He has a very casual approach to the game in general bringing whatever he feels like because he thinks its cool. However its led to him losing a lot of games and probably bumming him out in the process. Well he pow-wowed with the other competitive players at the store prior to our game and brought a very tough list, one which I was not prepared for.

My Opponents Force


So to begin with we played 2000pt game and he brought Battle Company, with 8 lascannon razorbacks, filled with 5 man squads all with meltas, two three man bike squads, one with Khan, the other with a Chaplain kitted out with grav, Thunderfire Cannon with 2 Techmarines, the Librarius Formation attached to two devastor squads (both of which rolled perfect timing/ignore cover) and the vindicator formation for good measure with its enormous apocalyptic str 10 ignore cover blast. This is a far cry from anything I've faced from Chris. I have no problem with the army he brought at all, and was happy to see him bring something firmly planted in the realm of competitive because Chris is one of my favorite opponents and a friend, and its no fun seeing a guy all downcast after a game.

I strongly suspect he won't be turning his back on this approach to the game anytime soon, because he was finally getting the results that had so long eluded him.

My List

My list was pretty straight forward, light on the cheese and just designed to showcase some new units and options such as the Aegis Defense Line, my Fire Dragons, and to continue to experiment with the Wraithblades and Spirit Seer. Boy was this list in trouble though against all that armor, 8 twin-linked lascannons, 8 ignore cover missile launchers and 3 Demolisher cannons His list was truly designed to take away my strengths and force me into the defensive roll which does not suit the Eldar at all. I knew I would be up against it this weekend but I gave it my best.

(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-2K-30P1Rmys/VgAgqddRrWI/AAAAAAAAB8Q/IG6FG7x8Zrw/s740-Ic42/IMG_2081.JPG) (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BMwzr0_nvIs/VgAgp77uzXI/AAAAAAAAB8E/eVllYTNCPY8/s740-Ic42/IMG_2082.JPG)

Autarch: Banshee Mask, Firesabre
Spirit Seer
Wraithblades x5
Fire Dragons x5- Exarch, Fire Pike
   Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Avengers x9
   Wave Serpents: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Avengers x9
   Wave Serpents: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers
Dark Reapers x9- Exarch
Aegis Defense Line- Icarus Lascannon

The Game:

We were playing The Scouring, Vanguard Assault deployment. My opponent deployed first and went first. He left nothing in reserves while I left quite a bit: The Hornets, the Wraithknight (all those lascannons+ ignore cover devastors plus the Vindicators) and of course the Nightwing.


Space Marines Turn 1
   Everything moved up, the Razorbacks focusing on the Wave Serpents stripping a few HP's. A barrage of missile killed 3 of my Dark Reapers which meant losing anymore would be very deadly. While the rest of his army unloaded on the exposed Icarus Lascannon which I forgot could count for first blood, which he ended up killing. At least I didn't have any flyers I was up against otherwise it would have hurt even more. At first glance it wasn't too bad for me, but having two of the Wave Serpents each lose a hull point, give up first blood and losing numbers on the Reapers was certainly not good.


Eldar Turn 1
   This was a very defensive turn, the goal being to survive until my reserves show up, and prevent anything from getting into my lines, namely the bikes. So brought my Serpents and Reapers just within range of the bikes, keeping them out of range as much as possible from the Vindicator squadron and unloaded on the bikes. I did well, wiping both out killing the Chaplain, and a bunch of Grav and the Warlord. Else where I shuffled the Wraithblades and the Fire Dragons in their Wave Serpent off towards a pair of Razorbacks flanking towards me. I was happy with this turn. Rebounded nicely from the blunder with the Icarus, and exposed only two vehicles to the Vindicators with their apocalyptic blast which hopefully I could jink or at the least downgrade damage with my Serpent shields. I didn't like exposing them like that but I had to stop those bikes and either way they were going to take shots from all those lascannon platforms. Anyway the die had been cast.


Space Marines Turn 2
   The Space Marines layed the hammer down this turn. I failed every jink and 4 out of 5 Serpent shield saves and all my Serpents went up in smoke! Disaster, red ruin! The dice just were not with me this turn, but even so weight of fire was incredibley stacked against me. 400 free points of armor felt like 400 tons of pressure and without my Wave Serpents I was in trouble. The Avengers took some damage as well from the Thunderfire, but some good saves and poor scatter rolls saved me. This turn really hurt and I could feel just how fine tuned this list was to deal with my army.


Eldar Turn 2
   Luckily everything arrived. The Wraithknight, Hornets, Nightwing all show up. The Avengers run forward to the Aegis line, the Wraithknigh hugs cover but has a clear angle on the Vindicator formation which must be stopped if I'm to survive. The Nightwing angles on the Vindicators as well, while the Hornets attempt to deal with some of the Razorbacks. Meanwhile The Fire Dragons, and Wraithblades all advance on the pair of Razorbacks flanking me. So the Wraithknight and Nightwing manage to destroy 1 of the Vindicators and put 2 hull points on the others. The Fire Dragons wreck one of the Razorbacks and the Wraithblades charge the contents and destroy them completley. The Hornets destroy a single Razorback, while the Reapers and Avengers fail to do anything. My list just doesn't have enough punch to effectivley beat back this huge wall of Space Marine armor. The game is going poorly for me and I'm beginning to realize the important game winning unit combinations that I've shelved in an effort to keep things casual.


Space Marines Turn 3
   At this point Chris' son is feeling real crappy so we decide we're gonna call it after this turn. Everything unloads onto the Wraithknight but only cause a pair of wounds! Bad rolls on his part, good rolls on mine and tons of lascannon fire either bounces off, or is ignored due to Feel No Pain. The Avengers, and the Reapers take a ton of fire and a big chunk from both Avengers squads falls dead while the Reapers get lucky and take no damage. Scattered fire from various units fells only one of the (non-jinking) Hornets, but my Nightwing which also didn't jink gets destroyed by a twin-linked Lascannon. The Nightwing represented an integral element to me getting back into the game and its loss was sorely felt. Other than that the Fire Dragons and the Wraithguard go unharmed. I've got a fighters chance but its looking grim.

Eldar Turn 3 -End of the Game-
   So I went all out in this turn. The Wraithknight stepped up and whiffed with both his cannons, the Fire Dragons wrecked another vehicle. The Hornet caused a couple hullpoints, the Reapers failed to do anything and the Wraithblades ate up another 5 man unit. With that we call it because his son actually puked in the middle of this turn.

Concluding Thoughts
   So my first experience against the Battle Company and Librarius formation was an eye-opener. Anyone who says that the free points given to the Battle Company are in anyway comparable to Scarab farms, Tervigon breeding, or even Summoning are way off in my estimation. It makes a huge impact on the game, and my experimental list was just not up to the challenge. The sheer volume of twin-linked lascannons, ignore cover missile launchers, with the apocalyptic Vindicator blast forced me to keep my Wraithknight in reserves because even with good cover he could have very easily been eliminated turn 1.  Even with the very good anti-tank options I just didn't have the firepower to chew through 12 tanks.
   The big take away was that my store has become very competitive. Now this isn't a problem for me. I'd rather everyone play a good competitive list with no expectations for quarter being given in the list building deparment. I've been very gun shy since the new Eldar dex has dropped, not wanting people to ostracize me for playing Eldar and winning as much as I have. Yet in doing so I realized I've dropped probably the biggest hammer unit in my army: that being my Webway Portal Archon bomb. The incredible impact of being able to deepstrike an incredibley potent unit into the heart of my opponent and essentially erasing a unit of my choosing was a huge component of the incredible run of wins I have had. Removing it has led to me going roughly even in the wins and losses in the past month or so. Part of this is due to the limitations I have in my collection. I simply do not have unit options to fill the gap given the units I currently own. This however is going to change. I'm going to put a huge emphasis on restoring that power Deepstrike element of my army with not only the return of my Dark Eldar allies, but also some other very powerful units as well.
   I'm going to put a greater emphasis on high volume of anti-tank fire, deepstrike ability and forcing bad matchups through unit combinations. Playing repeatedly against Necron Decurions with double Canoptek Harvests, Space Wolf Thunder-Cav Stars, my brothers incredibely tough IG list and now the Space Marine Battle Company all one after the other really compelled me to get back to that winning formula I had, my opponent whining and crying about Eldar cheese be-damned (thats a sarcastic joke)!
   All that being I wont be getting away from keeping a hardcore close-combat block in my army, so expect a hybrid of my 6th ed. and 7th ed. lists.

Hobby Stuff


So after about 2 weeks of waiting my Corsair conversion kit finally shipped and should be here soon. In the meantime I finished my other Warp Spider in anticipation of his squad mates arriving soon. I'm dying to get this unit on the battlefield along with the other units and formations I intend to run.

So anyway guys get ready for an Eldar tour-de-force as I re-tool my army for vengeance! Get ready for more bat-reps and a flurry of hobby stuff as I put the final touches on my Eldar mk.3 list concept and get ready to move beyond to new armies in the months to come. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 21, 2015, 06:06:31 PM
Well that sjrely was a good battle report for how short it was:) I like the game you play against that marines player because your army together really look out-standing.

Well that said you did what you could with what you had, let me suggest you one change that could make a big difference in your army without changing too many things, drop some of the reaper for some warp spyder. You know i'm saying that because you have some getting ready in the pipe :D. That said they are freakin good at getting rear armor, even more with such a big space table you can deepstrike them pretty easily, without fearing mischaft too much. And with the monofilament rules plus there huge mobility modt of the time yoj can pinpoint wich unit you want to take out and they will do the job. Their are horrifyingly efficient at killing carnyflex for example. Or most monstruous creature because those often have low init for hi toughness wich is good for spyder. Necron are in similar situation if i'm not mistaken.

Looking forward to see were you will be tooking this list none the less.

Keeo up the good work ^^
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 22, 2015, 02:55:26 PM
Thanks Grizz. Yes Spiders are a part of the formula going forward. I've rummaged through the bits bins found two more Corsair heads and a pair of Guardian torsos and modeled up two more, so I'll already have 4 finished by the time my next conversion kit arrives.

As for the Reapers I was really just playing around with stuff. Wanted to give the Aegis/AA gun a whirl and of course drew a no flyer list, first time out.  ::) Needless to say they wont be appearing again (at least with the Aegis) unless I've got a good idea of what I'm up against.

Thanks as always for your comments, and looking forward to some updates to your own projects!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 23, 2015, 01:33:45 AM
On the one hand it's nice that you don't have to worry about pulling your punches man, but on the other it's kind of a rude awakening Cav!

Looking forward to seeing how you up the power in future batreps! RIght now I am thinking about how to stay on the top tables while mixing up my regular crew -- this weekend will be an interesting experiment.

On the Dark Reapers, you took a freakin' massive squad, definitely would depend on opponent for that. But regardless of who I play, a team of 4 incl. Exarch is always in my A-team. Not so much for actually shooting flyers as threatening them, but 100% for shooting rhinos, bikes, Eldar, and that kind of thing, with a vengeance. That huge range they have is hard to come by in the Eldar dex, I love it.

But yeah, massive AT potential is going to be big, and on top of that it needs to be spread out across smaller units, as often you are shooting 4-5 rhinos or something. One big AT element just doesn't cut it these days.

Keep up the reports, good luck finding games!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 23, 2015, 07:28:45 AM
@Ibushi- Hey Ibushi. Yeah it was a rude awakening... especially in the list tailoring department. Hailing back to the old school (2nd ed) list tailoring was the height of 40k offenses but at the store I've been playing at for the past 2 years, at least with the handful of guys I play with they've openly admitted to list tailoring to me. In particular one player who straight up said "Yeah I love playing Eldar. Its easy when you list tailor against them." I was shocked! But hey I chalked it up to myself being out of touch with what passes for normal in the pickup scene these days. So I guess its something I need to implement a bit though it feels weird doing so.

The inclusion of that huge squad of Reapers was actually me foraying into that a bit. My opponent has brought the 3 flyer Space Marine formation and tons of bikes every time we played, and I wanted to see how the Reaper Exarch would do against that big flyer formation (Stormraven in particular). Admittedly it was total overkill but I wanted to just bring something a bit weird and fun but I think its safe to say those freewheeling days are over!

I'll be sure to keep up the reports, and I've already got some games scheduled. I'll be chatting in the Eldar board to try and solicit opinions and tactics from you and the rest of the group about unit use, as some of the new units I've got I've never used even going back to 7th ed... Warp Spiders in particular.

Anyway thanks for your input Ibushi always interesting and thoughtful comments, I appreciate it!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on September 23, 2015, 09:46:11 AM
if you go for a pick-up game in the store against one of those list tailorers again, I'd just say "yes, I'll probably bring my eldar". And then bring either your brother's guard or your CSM army or something else. See how that works out for them.
Also, be sure to put on your most innocent expression when you claim "I always build my list as an all-comers list" and to stress the fact that you'd said you'd 'probably' bring your eldar if they press you on that.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 23, 2015, 11:47:48 AM
Haha yeah I am not a fan of list tailoring as a rule, but it does happen.

But Cav I would strongly not recommend shooting storm ravens with dark reapers unless you have to. My fire dragons have killed many more flyers than my dark reapers, by a long shot! Because they only need that one shot to get through. That's also partly why I switched my night wing for a hemlock -- usually need more ground punch against tanks and knights than air punch in my experience.

Look forward to chatting more! Warp spiders are the absolute bomb, the epitome of eldar trickery and power. Been in a committed relationship with mine for several codices now, since back when you would lose one on any double.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 24, 2015, 07:15:23 AM
@Ibushi- Yeah I was only going to use the Reaper Exarch on the Aegis using interceptor on the Icarus during my opponents turn, and then switch back to mowing down bikes (or marines) with his reaper launcher during my turn. That'd be some rookie business otherwise lol  ;D ;D ;D I do wish I could get Skyfire EML's on those boys, damn that'd be awesome!

About the Spiders, looking forward to exploring squad size, number of units with all you guys. I should have about 15 of them when my conversion kit arrives. Not going to rock 3 units of them but contemplating 2 and trying to squeak out a Aspect Host.

BTW do you have any pics of your army uploaded? I'd love to see what you're rocking. There was a guy on BoLS who used to post a lot of articles and he had a phenomenal Crone World Eldar army. Anyway thanks Ibushi!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 24, 2015, 12:59:04 PM
Oh right, I see what you mean with the Icarus, yes that is a legit strategy.

One of the big things with the effectiveness of my Reapers is the hide & seek strategy though, which aegis or even void shield is not very good for -- basically I always start my reapers in a falcon or wave serpent, even if i have first turn, then it is very difficult for your opponent to know which fire lane they are going to drop onto. First turn, you jump the skimmer up a level of a ruin or something, and put the reapers in some sneaky position to get shots on some key targets. Likewise against bikers, often they can nullify reapers through good movement, getting around terrain and whatnot. So you use the Falcon to re-position that extra 6" and get LOS back on them. Works like a charm!

Whenever I start them on the board just chilling, they often get punked really quick, or charged by Stormhammer marines, or just out-maneuvered. Not all the time, but often.

On the Warp Spider side of things, I have been a dedicated single unit player, and 8 seems to be the magic number. A lot of people deep strike them for disruption or assassination missions, but almost every time I will start them on the board and just wait until I roll a really high warp jump to get them across the table. Often your opponent will pull some sneaky shenanigans like using a veil of darkness, or get more aggressive with drop pods or something, and having them on the table T1 has been great pretty much every time for me. Besides, you deploy them in an exposed fashion to bait an attack, then use flickerjump to bounce right away which is useful.

These days I am very strongly contemplating a unit of 8 starting on the table, coupled with a unit of 6-8 deep striking for disruption purposes, they are just so good. But I havent made the models or committed to that yet.

The most recent pictures are those horrible smart phone pictures I have from the Wet Coast GT in early July, there is a thread about those batreps on here somewhere. I remember the croneworld army you are talking about, that was pretty neat -- daemonette bits to the nines! One of the great things about GW kits these days is how easy they are to kitbash, but my croneworld nasties are from before that time, so the robes, pants, armour etc. are all green stuff. This weekend I'll try and get some more pictures with a decent camera of the space ninjas in action! Played a test game yesterday and got stomped as I was expecting, but learned a few key things, so watch out!

In terms of competitive play though, it sounds like you are quite concerned by Flyers, and to be honest my strategy against them is mostly to just ignore them. Against a flyer-heavy army, I'm content to take out their scoring units, let my army take gradual casualties, and just win on objectives. Against FMC spam, they have to land to get objectives, so punch them out when that happens. The main trick is to win the movement phase against flyers, to block off their options and avoid their attacks as much as you need to, then just ignore.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on September 25, 2015, 07:14:24 AM
@Ibushi- About the reapers- yes! I love the idea of them in Wave Serpents, or better yet a Falcon to lend more high range, high strength firepower. Was going to do that for them, but had to put Dragons in there instead and count on LOS blocking terrain to save them otherwise.

I was thinking of 2 units of 8 as well. I always rock an Autarch so they'll be coming on very reliably out of reserves and I figure I can walk them on or deepstrike when playing against an Alpha-Strike army. Yet if I can start them on the board I will.

I'm very excited for this new build...  its going to be ULTRA fast, at 2000pts Reavers will be added to the mix making for probably the fastest Eldar build you can make. When I've got all this finished I'm going to be DYING for an Apocalypse game. I gotta talk to my friend Chris about possibly rocking that at some point.

Yes please do take some pics of your army, when I read your bat-reps I'm really wanting to see some pics.

Anyway thanks Ibushi very informative stuff!

@Everyone- Not sure if you guys saw the rumors of the NEW CORSAIRS UPDATE from FW!? Corsair Prince's on Jetbikes with access to EVERY artifact from Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlies!? Rending, Skyfire, Ignore Jink Eldar Firestorm? Corsair Jetbikes with Splintercannons (and new models to boot!)? Holy crap! Needless to say I'm very excited about these rumors and if they are points efficient I WILL be including them as allies. Anyway guys stay tuned for a hobby bonanza, my Corsair kit arrived yesterday and I'm ready to go to work... stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on September 25, 2015, 12:31:48 PM
Sounds great Cav, looking forward to seeing that new list!

I am very hesitant to speak of the Corsair update, because it is too exciting and we just need to wait and see... *holds breath*.

Just a couple of weeks ago I emailed FW about Bel'Annath, and they told me to just play him with friends at the moment, but just wait a bit longer for their update. Pretty stoked!

Hopefully it will help with my choppy eldar build I'm working on! Had a practice game and am going to have a few more today with those guys.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 3, 2015, 12:40:49 PM
@Ibushi- I know its hard not to get excited about the FW rules, but they seldom let me down in both missions and rules!

@Everyone- Whats up gang? Got some updates for you albeit small ones. So my Warp Spiders are rolling along. Had some problems with my ebay orders preventing me from getting all my bits at the same time but it should soon be remedied.

So the squads almost legal here ya go!



As Ibushi (clever as always) noticed I had done an update a few days ago but the pictures were crap! So I deleted the post a re-took the photos. For whatever reason I have a hard time capturing the 3rd stage highlights on camera which is frustrating so I made sure I set things up as good as I could and took the photo.

Really happy with how these guys look, and I can't wait to convert up the Exarch! He's gonna look really cool (hopefully) with his powerblades well represented.

Also involved in my bits order mixup I ended up inadvertently getting my hands on some Hellion bodies which I'm going to use to finish up my counts-as Talos unit. I really like Talos rules wise and the models I made look cool to so get ready for that to be featured on the p-log. With their inclusion my Dark Eldar allies are a legit army unto themselves, which I'm happy about.

Anyway guys stay tuned more updates ahead!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 5, 2015, 05:54:19 AM
I think they look stunning and can't wait for your exarch!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 6, 2015, 12:39:53 AM
Likewise, cannot wait to see what you do for the Exarch in this squad!

Looking great so far, really looking forward to seeing these guys on the tabletop -- keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 6, 2015, 06:31:33 AM
@Vonny- Thanks Vonny! Very glad you like them, I'm happy with how they are coming out. Just assembled my entire collection yesterday on their shelves and it was cool to see just how "Corsair" everything is looking. That Corsair conversion kit now features in almost every squad. I'm pumped!

@Ibushi- Thanks man. The Exarch should be very cool. Got a neat conversion idea but gotta be careful with it, cause I don't want to ruin my shredders. I've got just enough to finish the squad.

As for seeing them on the table-top, hopefully the entire squad will be ready for action, cause I've got a 2000pt game against my brother coming up this weekend. We're moving the board from the garage to my studio so we'll have good lighting this time. It'll be nice to get some good photos of the armies clashing on our grey-waste board, matches the terrain much better than the FAT mat, despite how much I love it.

@Everyone- Random question, if I was to do a weekly feature outside of my normal updates, what would you guys want to see? Or is just the normal posts enough? Let me know if you guys have any opinions. Thanks and stay tuned for another bat-rep and more hobby stuff!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 9, 2015, 05:51:06 PM
I've been thinking on your query, Cavalier, and I'm not sure what I would like in a weekly update.
A unit by unit strength analysis? A background exploration of eldar and eldar culture? more batreps?
I don't think any of these options is realistic or even all that useful (except the more batreps, that's useful!), and I don't think I'm missing all that much from your topic as is. It's already brilliant to follow!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 10, 2015, 08:35:52 AM
I will have to follow vonny in this, i kinda don't know what you would have on your weekly update, i like that free spirit blog you have ^^ so for me it's not nessecary, while if you want to do it i will gladly accept it non the less :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on October 12, 2015, 01:40:06 AM
I agree with the others. The spontaneous nature of yours is so good now. Don't fix what ain't broke brother.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 12, 2015, 12:23:30 PM
So long as you give us a corsair project update every week, with a battle report as often as possible, the fanbase shall remain engaged!

Really looking forward to that spider exarch!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 12, 2015, 01:47:20 PM
@Vonny, Grizz, Dread & Ibushi- Alright, cool! Glad you guys are enjoying the updates. So long as you guys aren't bored I'll just make sure I keep the updates coming. The game I had scheduled for this weekend didn't happen, but I'm having a re-match with the Soul Drinkers Battle-Company this weekend so it'll be a big bat-rep for sure. Gonna post a list for review and see what you guys think... be warned its gonna be hardcore! Anyway thanks for the support guys its always appreciated!

So Corsair Spider progress has been made! The entire 8-man squad is completley assembled and base-coated! I've begun work on the Exarch and I'm happy with how's he come out. I modeled him specifically to be at the center of a Deep Strike formation and I think he came out kind of sinister which is cool. Let me know what you think and stay tuned there's much more on the way. Perhaps some more Eldar fortifications... so stay tuned!

Exarch WIP



Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 12, 2015, 02:22:11 PM
Awesome dude, love it! The bladed arm is really sweet and makes him pop as different.

My one suggestion for him would be to add something in the way of detailing or contrast colours to his helmet to differentiate one more step. Mostly i just differentiate them by having the Exarchs all be bare-headed, then painting gnarly warpaint on their faces, and having a brighter contrast colour for their banners/ribbons, etc.

Looking really boss man, really excited to see what hardcore list you are going to whip up, hah!

Also I just played a tournament this weekend where the top table finale was against the boys in blue battle company that beat my eldar a few weeks back -- will post a batrep shortly, but suffice to say my anti-battle co measures in my new list were savagely effective.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 12, 2015, 06:08:04 PM
oh wow, that exarch... I'm going weak in the knees over that one.

I like the dual stripes on his shoulder plate as an extra mark of his exarch status, and as always, I love the weird feel these eldar/dark eldar/corsair conversion kit kitbashes create. They look positively awesome.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 13, 2015, 08:24:16 AM
@Ibushi- Thanks man! Yes some cool details on the head may be cool. I actually experimented on an old rogue trader Guardian squad leader painting designs around the eyes and it came out cool (gotta actually finish that mini). Yeah Ibushi I may just PM you to see what you think about my list. My initial fear is that it may be too light on troops but I'm interested to see what you think. Also I saw you updated your bat-rep thread, I'm off to check it in a few minutes! Thanks for your input as always, its truly appreciated!

@Vonny- Wow thanks! I'm really glad you like him. I really wanted to use the Hydra Gauntlets to pull off the conversion (sadly they are all but useless in my poor Wych squads) so it limited the poses I could go with. I'm just glad I was able to pull off the conversion on the gun arm, because I wanted him to have both Hydra-Gauntlets. Glad you like the double stipes, ever since the heraldry system was unveiled for Eldar I've been trying to implement it everywhere.

Also I'm glad you like the weird sort of synthesis of the two. I do want them to look a little more "rogue trader" weird and wild than the official FW Corsair army. Who knows maybe they'll release a Void Storm (close-combat) conversion kit that'll sort take it further in that direction. Anyway thanks so much Vonny, I really appreciate comments. Looking forward to more updates from you!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on October 13, 2015, 01:32:02 PM
I'm looking forward to seeing the old Rogue Trader style paint job.  I think that I still have the box art from the old Rogue Trader Guardian squad around here somewhere.

The painting continues to be of a really high standard.  You've really chosen an excellent colour scheme and style :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on October 14, 2015, 04:34:22 AM
Wow as always. Sinister, sharp and deadly. I hope to get my drive back soon. Looking at yours helps to push me that way. Now that I'm full time at work, time has become limited, but this is a good thing.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 14, 2015, 06:52:44 AM
@Irisado- Thanks so much Irisado. Its not actually the RT paint job (I could definitley apply the tiger stripes though which look awesome) its just an old proto-Avenger. Really cool model though. As for the paint jobs thank you very much I really appreciate it. The next two groups of models I'm really gonna push myself to go all out, as its going to cap my Eldar collection at least for awhile.

@Dread- Thanks man, always appreciate your input. Looking forward to finishing this squad then the final two squadrons. Its gonna be nice to have legitmate alternate builds for my army. Just swapping a few units here and there is not quite satisfying. That being said I really want to get in an Apocalypse game at some point with the whole collection brought to bear. Around 6000pts fully painted... man that'd be fun.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on October 14, 2015, 07:04:37 AM
Your awesome army continues to be an inspiration Cavalier.  Thank you. :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 18, 2015, 08:34:11 AM
@Tangi- Thanks buddy!

@Everyone- Bat-rep time! To begin with I don't have any photos for this bat-rep. I got to the store and went to photo our deployment when my phone informed me it was out of memory!!! I couldn't believe it, I spent so much time getting models ready for this game and I couldn't even take photos! Anyhow, this was a very important game as I began to tackle my "evolved" meta with a list that was designed for just such an environment. I wish I had the photos to supplement the report, but text will have to do. I took away a lot of insights from this game so I hope you guys enjoy the report nonetheless.

So after much chatting with my buddy Ibushi I finalized my competitive list. After my Corsairs took a beating at the hands of Space Marine Battle Company and those blistering 9 Las-Cannon Razorbacks, the Librarius Formation supporting 2 Devastator Squads with Ignore Cover I realized fully and truly I needed to bring a more competitive army to the store. As mentioned previously everyone is bringing very competitive lists to the store and it was time for me to do the same.

So fully expecting to face battle-company from good buddy Chris, I brought the best army I could with the models at my disposal. So I saddled up to the table, and to my horror Chris informed me he was bringing Skyhammer Annihilation with Grav-Centurions in drop-pods. This is probably the biggest nightmare matchup for my army! I'd been dreading facing this combination ever since it was unveiled.  So without further ado I'll present the lists and give you the bat-rep.



Autarch- Fusion Gun, Banshee Mask, Firesabre
Archon- Webway Portal, Power Sword, Shadowfield
Wraithguard x5- D-Scythes
Dire Avengers x8
   Wave Serpent
Jetbikes x3- Scatterlasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatterlasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatterlasers x3
Kabalite Warriors x5
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasers

Wraithknight- Wraithcannons, Scatter Laser x1

Space Marines

   Razorback: TL Lascannons
   Razorback: TL Lascannons
Centurions- Grav-Cannons, Grav-Amps, Omniscopes
Space Marines x5
   Razorback: TL Lascannons
Space Marines x5
   Razorback: TL Lascannons
   Thunderfire Cannon

Skyhammer Annihlation
Librarian: ML 2: Prescience, Perfect Timing, Foreboding
Devastators- Missile Launchers x4/2x Flakk
Librarian: ML 2: Prescience, Foreboding, Can't Remember
Devastators - Missile Launchers x4/2x Flakk
Assault Squad- Flamers x2
Assault Squad- Flamers x2

Pre-Game Thoughts- Wow I wouldn't have picked a worse match-up. With both the Centurions, Devastators, capable of Drop-Podding in and unloading all turn 1, assisted by the Assault Marines who could assault out of deepstrike, I though I may get tabled by turn 2. Yet little did I realize that I was better prepared for this match-up than I thought, as the virtues of MSU as extolled by Ibushi would come very much into play. Alright no more preamble lets get on with the game!

The Marines made a huge battle-line with Sternguard on each flank with Tac Marines in support. Meanwhile the Tech-Marine and his accursed Thunderfire Cannon was situated in a ruin in the middle of his board.

I deployed the Warp Spiders, a unit of Jetbikes and the Wave Serpent on the left flank. The Warriors, another unit of Jetbikes on the right. With a single Jetbike unit in the center... almost everything was out of LOS or had exceptional 4+ cover. I basically tried to separate everything as much as possible but positioning so that the deepstrikers once in, would face almost everything I had left after the dust settled. The Wraithknight, Flyer, Hornets, Wraithguard and HQ's were left in reserves.

Turn 1
Space Marines

So the Space Marines decided to bring the Stormhammer in Turn 2 presumambly in an attempt to expose them to as little fire as possible with the Wraithknight and everyone else in reserves. This meant the Centurions were deepstriking in alone Turn 1. Without a choice target they decided to deploy mid-field in cover and away from the hornets nest of Str 6 I had in my deployment zone. So the Centurions dropped in and waited, while the Thunderfire Cannon and some of the Razorbacks plinked away at my Wave Serpent, and one unit of Jetbikes. I ended up losing only 2 Jetbikes on turn 1, and a hull point on the Serpent! MSU was paying off already.


I was very cautious. I spread out the Spiders a bit to avoid the Thundefire Cannon. Moved my Jetbikes only 6 inches or less. I blasted away on side armor on one the Razorbacks. Killing one and dropping another to a single hull point. I then used my Jetbike move to get back out of LOS. Everything else sat tight, bracing for the Hammer fall on turn 2.

Turn 2

Space Marines

This was it... the Skyhammer! So he was very unsure of where to actually deploy everything. Eventually he settled on going after the Spiders, a unit of Jetbikes and the Wave Serpent. Since he deepstruck the Assault Marines one of them scattered onto impassible terrain and went back into on-going reserves. Lucky me! Everything else hit though. One group of Devastators unleashed on the Warp Spiders, but I Flicker Jumped out of LOS. Yet the Assault Marines nearby roasted 4 with double flamers. Meanwhile the other Devastator Squad with Ignores Cover from the Psyker downed the Wave Serpent. Thunderfire Cannon let rip, but scattered wildly and I passed all my saves on the Warp Spiders. Everything else was out of position of my units all hiding out LOS. I can't tell you how anxious I was during this turn but crafty deployment saved me big time. Now it was time for a Deepstrike assault of my own!


Rolled for Reserves and EVERYTHING came in. Hornets came in and blew up a Razorback. The Wraithknight came in blew up a Razorback and killed the Thunderfire Cannon. The Nightwing came in and blew up another Razorback. The Jetbikes came out and blew up another Razorback! The Wraithguard came in and killed the Centurions. The Warp Spiders and the other Jetbikes killed the Assault Squad and then everything flitted out LOS once again. Wow... this was one of the most devastating turns I've ever unleashed. I killed every single tank in his army in a single turn! Marines were left scattered across the field with only the Librarians left to support them.


So unfortunately the rest of the game was a mop up action. By turn 5 he had only 4 models left on the board. I had faced the dreaded Skyhammer and had my way with it. It was a satisfying win, but I did feel bad for my opponent. This is not the play-style I prefer, nor do I like seeing my opponents get crushed when I consider them friends. But the other players in the store are bringing very tough lists and I wanted to bring a list thats fully up to the challenge. Chris complained about the Wraithguard,and while they are beyond brutal, I contended that 2 units of Deepstriking Relentless Devastators, Krak Grenade Assault Marines that can charge after deepstriking, and deepstriking Centurions that are pumping out 24 Ap2 shots is just as brutal as a single unit of Wraithguard even if they are slinging modified D.

The big take away for me is that MSU works, and works very very well. Its also important to have more than one build of your army. This doesnt mean a few unit swaps, but a totally different build. Being able to go from Mech to an MSU/Bike list is huge. I also have a 3rd style of army that is soon to be unveiled in my final Eldar upgrade before moving to another army for awhile.

Anyway big shout out to Ibushi for advising me on constructing my new build, I really appreciate it man! Anyway stay tuned for more updates very soon. A brutal new addition to the collection is soon to be unveiled!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: dog_of_war on October 18, 2015, 09:08:49 AM
A brutal match-up indeed. Fantastic use of playing on Eldar strengths and monopolizing on your opponents weaknesses. I fully appreciate the well thought out list you brought. Everything had a purpose and played off each others strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. You didn't have to spam any units or rely heavily on a magic die roll to get invisibility. Bravo!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 19, 2015, 01:32:03 PM
@Dog of War- Thanks man. Definitely a very very powerful list but I'm happy that you appreciated the non-spam, psychic free baseline of the list. I'm not trying make an unbeatable list, just one that does what I want it to do. Still not my preferred play-style but fun nonetheless. Thanks man!

As per a request from Ibushi I decided to include some army pics just so you guys could see what it looked like on the tabletop.

But... wait... whats that? INCOMING!!!!!!


So yes here's the teaser image for one of the remaining 3 mysterious purchases for my Eldar army! Thats right its a Crimson Hunter. Wasn't a fan of this model when it came out but after seeing it on the great Scorpion82's channel I fell in love. I'm gonna go all out painting this. So stay tuned for that!

Anyway here's pics of the army I brought. Its one Avenger short but you get the idea.







Also tomorrow I begin work on my new Autarch! I love the one I kitbashed but its time for an upgrade. I've got about 5 Archons/Autarchs but I really want to upgrade the one I've got. So expect some exciting new models on the plog this week.

Also tune into my brother's project log, the great Cadian Command #6. He's new to the forum so pay him a visit. Anyway guys thats it for today. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 19, 2015, 02:20:55 PM
Looking Fantastic Cav, and really looking forward to some closeups on that warp spider unit once its done. I am a big fan of homebrew warp spider models, as the old ones are just too static.

Also very curious to see what you have cooking for ANOTHER autarch model. It is so much fun doing and redoing those characters from time to time, I'm sure you have some stylish and epic in mind.

Well played in that batrep, your deployment and movement choices really threw a series of spanners in his works, and let you just take him apart from comfortable positions. Nicely done. Unfortunate about not having pictures, but at least might have made the other guy feel a bit better. Reserving the wraithknight sounds like a good call here too -- usually I wouldnt do that, but it paid off against the centstar in spades.

Any more matchups in the works? And how are you thinking of changing your army list from here moving forward?

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 20, 2015, 07:38:27 AM
Thanks so much Ibushi. I'm very eager to finish up the Warp Spider unit as well. I've got some new gold paints from the Age of Sigmar range so I'm looking forward to see if they are a bit brighter than Sycorax Bronze which while a very close match for my testors gold primer takes a number of layers to get right.

The Autarch model should be very cool. I debuted him a few pages back but getting some paint on him will be good.

As for the bat-rep yes, its like the tournament players always say. The game is won in the deployment and movement. As an Eldar player you have to divide their firepower, and pull them in as many directions as possible. If you can do that you have the movement and range of fire to isolate and destroy units of high priority. As for the reserving the Wraithknight, its something I don't like doing but will under the right circumstances. I'm very much used to that really intense Turn 1 where everything is in reserves where the potential to get tabled turn 1 is a possibility. Yet having  jetbike moves and flicker jumps made this game much more manageable.

As for future games, I've actually got a game of Space Hulk coming up for my Dark Angels. One of my opponents who I've not played in a long time is wanting a game and after beating me twice in a row a rematch is in order. Yet I may play against my brother before then.

As for future army plans... the INSANE new Forgeworld Corsair rules have utterly blown my mind. Incredible new command paths for the Corsair Princes, New Wraithknights, old school Webway Portal, ridiculously awesome Corsair Jetbikes, Corsair close-combat units with awesome Combat Drugs, D-Slinging Warp Hunter (time to bust mine out again) cheaper Nightwing (more expensive Hornets which makes sense) has probably hit the brakes on my plans to do Dark Angels. Just when I thought I was out they drew me back in! lol

The only reason I was ready to start another army was because there were no more units that fit my playstyle that I wanted to incorporate into my army. Yet these revamped Corsair rules look absolutely top-tier to me and with backwards compatible modelling I essentially have a legit Corsair army good to go! So I'm going to finish my flyer themed third list, maybe pickup a few Jetbike units and wait for Imperial Armor 11! I really cannot wait. The new models look fantastic and I'm dying to read all the rules myself and actually play the campaign. So thats what I'm looking at now... it was really the last thing I expected but I couldn't be more excited. Its a great time to be an Eldar player :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 20, 2015, 06:35:50 PM
Hey there cav... you seriously never cease to amaze me ... everytime i read an update in here my jaw drops in admiration. Your army really stand out a hell lot... it gkves such a powerfull vibes on this table it's really awesome stuff you have.

Onto the game, this list certainly was really nasty... and omg how efficient were you to utilise the strenght of the formdr quoted dead list... that was awesome tactical fkght, utilksk g the strenght of your composition with swift strike and use of cover. I'm guessing msu stand for multiple small unit, guessing from your list, am i correct?

I'm really looking forward to what you will bring us for the next update ^^ that crimson hunter surely will be cool looking in your army theme. I used to not like the model much either but i've changed my mind since then, iguess the crimson death formation from the "tabletops tactics" youtube channele really made me love the model ^^ it's on par with the quality of StrikingScorpion82's video if you want to check it out.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 21, 2015, 04:58:55 AM
I can only echo the earlier sentiments. I stellar job on the battle, and your army looks ace. I'd be honored to play against an army like that, even if it wipes me off the table (as I'm not a tourney-style list builder).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 22, 2015, 11:47:59 AM

@Grizz- Thanks buddy! Always appreciate your comments and I'm glad you like the look of the new list. And yes, MSU stands for multiple-small-units. Its an approach I've always been extremely wary of… but is definitley something I'm going to incorporate in-part at least throught my new lists. Thanks for the comments on the Hunter as well. I've made a ton of progress on it already and will be sure to post some photos soon. And yes I'm a subscriber to Tabletop Tactics, and that white Corsair themed Eldar army was another inspiration to get the model. That list that guy plays is brutal!!!

@Vonny- Thanks for the kind words Vonny. Yes its about as cut-throat a list I can make with the models in my collection. However if we ever did get the chance to play a game, you can be sure I'd bring nothing like the list I brought to this game. It really is unfortunate that the pick-up scene (at least everywhere I've played) is essentially a testing ground for tournament style play and the effectivness of such lists. You really have to have a group of players who are really on the same wave length and are really just playing for fun to sort of let your guard down and play a "normal" non-optimized list. From what I've heard this is very much an "East Coast" American thing. I've tried to shake things up at the store and run narrative style events, multi-player low points games with explicitly stating bring casual non-optimized lists but it just never works out. Either people just don't follow through and the games never happen or they just completley disregard "the lets bring fun fluffy lists" mandate. I wish it were otherwise but to me its not the end of the world. I'm a competitive guy by nature and its good fun playing and beating those top-tier lists.

Hopefully the amount of games between me and my brother will pick-up. We are definitley going to play Imperial Armor 11 v.2.0 when it comes out and I'll unveil a real Corsair army list! Those missions are going to be a ton of fun, as they mandate which units are available to you, extra fortifications and a ton of other fun rules. The 3000 pt mission is the one I'm really looking forward to as it'll be my first Apocalypse game!

@Everybody- Anyway enough rambling on my part! I've got a ton of stuff in the works guys so stay tuned. More bat-reps, hobby progress to come!

But check out what I've got in the pipe right now. Got distracted from my Spiders but will be returning shortly. Also included is my latest commission: NIGHT HAUNTER!




Anyway thanks for stopping by!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 22, 2015, 04:31:07 PM
the autarch or is it aarchon? i don't know anymore with you and your army >< Look pretty damn cool,  saw it on your facebook and i was like this feels nice and neet !  and it will defenetly fill in your army pretty damn well ! 

Now is that commission, did you do the posing ?  be cause this guy is beslubbering sick !  it's awesome! The posing and the painting are gorgeous if, oyu made me want to start a chaos army with this miniature, but this surely isn't going to be done before i finish my eldar wich are advancing pretty damn slowly as i have tons of work at school...

Hey man i knew it that crimson hunter would be brutal and super cool and just the red paint put a real tone to it i can't wait to see the gold pop on this mini, it's going to be awesome.

AND YES the list from the tabletop tactics guy IS SUPER ULTRA BRUTAL ! thought i liked the fact that he did not play psychic list before more than his current list even if it was far less powerfull :(

Looking forward to this finished hunter that's for sure :D and everything coming :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on October 23, 2015, 06:06:06 AM
I'm so glad that I have never had to play games in that sort of high powered tournament environment.
I love those full army pictures that you posted on the previous page.  It's such a beautiful force to field and to face.

Night Haunter looks suitably scary, owing to that facial expression.  You've painted him very well.  Any Night Lords force led by that model is going to look a lot more imposing.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 23, 2015, 07:25:26 AM
@Grizz- Thanks man! Yeah its gonna be Autarch. I didn't photo it but he's got a corsair fusion pistol on his back belt. As much bits as I poured into the last Autarch, the sort of body was too cinched at the waist and I wanted something a bit more solid looking. Besides I love this guy's crown- now he's a real prince! lol

As for the Night Haunter, he's actually the Primarch of the Nightlords. His pose is as Forgeworld sculpted him. You really cannot alter it without hacking the model up and then he wouldn't fit together on his snazzy two part base.

Very much looking forward to finishing my Crimson Hunter. My Eldar army will then have 5 Flyers! I can't believe I have that many! Necron Nightscythe spam eat your freaking heart out! I'm looking forward to the day when I can unload my entire collection into an Apocalypse game and bring that unholy death onto the board. What a sight that'll be.

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado, despite the ridiculous power level I'm glad you like the way my army looks! :P Yeah the pick-up scene can be pretty tough. My store doesn't seem THAT bad but when I think back on the last bunch of games I've had with the guys… its been Skyhammer Annihilation, Battle Company with 9 Lascannon Razorbacks + Librarius Formation, a friendly game against Tau which was super fun, my brothers brutal IG lists, Necron Decurion with double Canoptek Harvest (Wraiths with re-animation protocols), Necron Decurion again, Space Wolfstar… so yeah its no walk in the park. There is a group that plays thursday nights at my store that is supposedly very casual, but playing on a weekday night is just not in the cards for me. I've actually been thinking of trying to find another store to play just to find some new opponents. Not trying to find easier competition just something beyond the 4 or 5 opponents I'm always facing.

Thanks on Night Haunter as well. What an incredible model. Its been fun painting him… I've got Sevatar and a Chaos Terminator lord on the docket as well. Whats cool is that my Heresy Era Dark Angels are on the shelf next to him which is very suiting for the delaying campaign fought by the Night Lords to keep the Dark Angels at bay during the heresy.

@Everyone- Anyway no games scheduled this weekend but a lot of hobby planned with me and my bro. So expect updates from both of us. Anyway thanks guys and stay tuned!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on October 23, 2015, 04:51:13 PM
Well, they sure do look in midnight clad!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 26, 2015, 10:33:10 PM
Liking the look of this stuff Cav! Also I'm sure you are struggling to keep your brush hand from shaking right now with all the Corsair rumours coming along -- they are freakin' amazing, and are going to do wonders for flavour and interesting builds.

My favourite thing right now is the "brace of pistols" -- pistols have always been my favourite thing, and with the new gunslinger rule in the BRB it actually makes dual-wielding spinny death stars into a pretty good option. But I digress!

New autarch model looks great, I dig the idea of him having a crown as a proper prince should! I do have to say that your original autarch model -- with the wicked shoulder pads, cape, and amazing dynamic pose -- is going to be a really hard act to follow though. That guy is a freakin boss, but definitely could do with a crown, you have me there.

Last week I also came across your guest appearance (the freakshow one) on the Splintermind, that is a really cool podcast, nicely done! I'm good friends with the French Overlord, we play at some of the same events here in the PNW as he is based out of Portland right now, and that Harlequin lists is kind of hilarious. When the Eldar close combat thread came up over in the Eldar forum, he was the inspiration to finally kick my assault aspect army into top gear, and I think a toned-down version of that concept is the most effective. Likewise with the Grotesquerie etc., there is no point in going whole-hog Freakshow because you either face your ideal matchup and just win, or you face an opponent that is unaffected or counter-deploys or something, and all that investment is wasted. My other friend plays reserves CWE with a grotesquerie + WWP archon with armour, and I think that is the optimum amount of leadership shenanigans mixed with straight-up power. But I digress again! Anyway, cool to hear you doing a podcast, all that banter does get the ideas going when you're commuting on the train and such.

Keep up the great work -- REALLY looking forward to seeing that squad of spiders! I'll post close-ups of mine when you finished yours!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on October 29, 2015, 12:47:51 PM
@Ibushi- Yes my brush is quaking over the Corsair rumors. They are absolutley amazing... so stoked about the upgraded Jetbikes, Wraithknights, VYPERS (!), Nightwing and Warp Hunter (mine's been collecting dust since Imperial Armor Apocaylpse) but also the Wraithseer. I've got the upgrade kit but just haven't felt the need to go pickup a new Wraithlord kit and build him. Hopefully that changes. So many ridiculously cool new tricks available to me. Definitley going to build a real Corsair list. I've got almost every model available in the Corsair roster so I couldn't be happier.

As for my Autarch, yeah I love the old one but the sort of torso-to-legs proportions were a little off and it always kind of bothered me. I really love the sculpt on the Incubi armor, and the blade is just ridiculous. Honestly I'll never stop making new Corsair Prince models. This is just the latest one.

Thanks for listening to the Splintermind Podcast! Brian and Thor are great guys and really enjoyed chatting with them. I've been on 3 times if I'm not mistaken... once to talk about my army, a second time to go over the Space Marine dex, and a 3rd to talk about Dark Angels and the state of Dark Eldar.

I agree with you the Grotesquerie is ridiculous, I actually have plans to model up a count-as Grotesque unit from Lizardmen Kroxigors... and eventually get some Sslyth into my collection as well.

Anyway thanks for the comments Ibushi, and if you want some Spider pix here ya go!

@Everyone- Hey everybody been super busy painting Night Haunter. Seemed an easy commission at first but there's so much edge highlighting and tons of metallics which take a lot of layers thats its really slowed down any progress of my own stuff. However I did succeed in finishing 5 Warp Spiders and my new Corsair Prince. Take a look!






Used a lot of the Age of Sigmar golds and they are absolute magic and blend very well with my old golds. Anyways guys thats all I got stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grizzlykin on October 29, 2015, 06:19:08 PM
Well man your painting scheme really have a things for making model look epic. Those conversion are already beast like and that red and gold paint make them look even better. Keep it up dude it's looking fantastic :D

That said i'm really looking forward to the twist we will see in your army when you bring some of those juicy new corsair release into the frey :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on October 29, 2015, 08:34:56 PM
Great stuff Cav, those spiders are ace and I really like the combination of new autarch and archon. Totally agree that we will never stop making princes hahaha, mine get phased through and become exarchs or farseers eventually, and one reason I'm so stupendously stoked for the corsairs is because of the coterie: so many princes, barons, void dreamers and felarchs will be needed, and they will all be individual, pistol-toting space pirate badasses!

From a rules POV I find the mandatory heavy choice for a coterie a bit weird, but that and the new rules really make the warp hunter pop, that's for sure! And night wing getting cheaper -- sign me up! Curious to hear about you vyper vision and what is going to change there -- I'm thinking  base points with scout for free is kind of amazing, plus a few points for chain snares so the little vyper that could suddenly can tank shock like a ruffian! Love it! Outflank that bad boy info some squishy back lines and tank shock all their cultists/fire warriors/guardians out of there. Bahaha

Really really excited to see the rules,points and options for the hq choices. That will really affect the rate of new prince model creation haha

EDIT: looks like someone mis-typed and there is not a mandatory heavy choice for the coterie, it is most likely 0-1.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on October 30, 2015, 01:33:20 AM
Beautiful as always!

Wait. What new rules?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Lachdonin on October 31, 2015, 12:05:01 AM

Wait. What new rules?

There's a rumour that the Corsair rules are getting a big update within the next month or so.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on October 31, 2015, 01:00:37 AM
That's a forgeworld thing right? Hmmm, sounds promising.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 3, 2015, 01:27:58 PM
@Grizzlykin- Thanks man! I'm glad you are enjoying the new stuff. I'm very happy with how everything is coming out. Now I'm just waiting to get my hands on IA11. I'm super pumped about the new Jetbikes. I'm definitley planning on mounting some brightlances, variance cannons on my JB's. So new conversions will be inbound!

@Ibushi- Yes the new Corsair rules look excellent. I'm excited about the Vypers because they are models I want in my collection and now they'll have a chance to do their thing in style with Scouts! Being able to Outflank is huge, because running them with double Shuriken Cannons is definitley the way to go IMO. Hornets, Vypers and even Scorpions all outflanking together should be very fun. On a side-note I've seen the Corsair Prince rules and they are INSANE! I love the one where they can choose artifacts from CW, Harlies and DE codices. Their also paths for them as well... like webway experts etc. Should be awesome!

@Dread- Get your head into the rumor game Dread! Come on!  ;D ;D  ;D! lol Just kidding, but yes new Corsair army list with Craftworld updates in the new Imperial Armor 11 2nd edition!

@Everyone- Hey guys. Been slowly working on my stuff. Working on Night Haunter ate up a lot of my time. Now I have Sevatar and a Chaos Termie lord to do.. so I wont be blasting through a new units any time soon. However I have gotten good work done on my Crimson Hunter!




However there is a bit of bad news to relate as well. For whatever reason the 40k scene at my local store seems to have completely died. For the past 2 months my friend Chris and I are the only ones playing 40k on saturdays. I know there is a thursday night crowd, but I've never been to the store during those hours and it just isn't possible for me to play on a weeknight starting at 7:30 at night. Its sad but the store-owners are just not into 40k. Its not that they dislike it, but the terrain is absolute shambles, there are no actual boards beyond a single FAT mat, meaning your playing on a bare table if the FAT mat is taken. No events, no tournaments (despite my best efforts) and just no love in general. I think people are playing at other stores especially the new GW store.

I'm trying to weigh my options and find some new opponents but its not looking good. The only other option would be to drive up to the actual Games-Workshop which is over an hour a way which is very tough for me. I have a very bad back and 5+ hours of driving and playing really sucks the life out of any enjoyment.

My brother and I are working feverishly to get our place setup for regular 40k gaming which is a multi-part project.

#1 is finishing our terrain projects because when we start playing we want to start with Imperial Armor 11 campaign right off the bat. Its Eldar Corsairs vs. Cadian 6th regiment so its a no-brainer.

#2 The other part is setting up a place to play. Its a royal pain using the board we have as it spills little bits of sand all over the place everytime its brought in from the garage. So we are probably going to have to make new board, or get a gaming mat.

#3 Mixing things up is another huge part of it. We want to be able to make a variety of terrain sets. Our first wasteland board is all but complete. The second setup is going to be an elaborate city-fight board. Also a 3rd army so we're not just bashing IG vs. Eldar all the time. So while I REALLY want to paint up a Dark Angels army, Chaos may take precedence so we can run our own original campaigns but also just keep a running narrative which we've had in the works a long time.

Who knows though... maybe things will pick up at the store but I'm not betting on it. In a way its a good thing because my brother and I are on the same wavelength and if we can provide enough variety at home we circumvent all the irritation of the pickup scene. So while the pickup scene may have dried up my drive to play and paint hasn't! Expect a ton of new things coming down the pipe and as always stay-tuned there is a lot more inbound!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on November 3, 2015, 01:46:38 PM
That Crimson Hunter looks great.  I know that I've alluded to this before, but I keep thinking about Red Venom (from Manta Force) and Flash Gordon every time I look at it.  You really did work out your choice of colours very well.  This has to be one of my favourite Eldar armies, from a painting perspective, of all time :).

I'm sorry to hear about the plight of your local 40K gaming community.  How much space do you have at home?  The solution seems to be to play there as often as you can.  Back during the days of second edition 40K, my friends used to come around my parent's house and we'd cram into the spare room to play around the 6'4' gaming surface, covered with all sorts of terrain.  All the component parts are still here, there's just no reason for them to come out any more, since nobody I know plays 40K any more, and the current rules are not for me either.

So long as you have a reasonably sized room which can temporarily serve as a gaming space for one day at the weekend, it's a great way to play games in the style which you prefer.  It's also a more relaxed atmosphere than in a store.  However, if space is a problem, is there any way you could take your own terrain pieces down to the store to use?  Or is that too impractical?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on November 4, 2015, 03:08:37 AM
Yup, don't have internet on computer anymore so just using my tablet. I have to count on ya'll for what's up. Hahaha.

Haven't been in the game for a bit, been building my hotrod and playing x-wing. Next Wednesday the have a 2k game set up. Taking my Elder Saim Hann set up. May even do a batrep and pics.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on November 4, 2015, 05:37:34 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your local gaming group too.  It's a problem I can completely understand and sympathise with as it's pretty much what happened to me as well.  I'm the only one of my original group who's still into 40k.  Sometimes I think I need to stop trying and give it up.  But on the plus side, at least all those fliers you made look amazing  Flash Gordon is exactly what I thought of too!  :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on November 4, 2015, 07:41:03 AM
@Irisado- Thanks as always for your comments Irisado. They are always appreciated. Glad you like the Crimson Hunter, its a great looking model and I love the way it looks with my other flyers. I can't wait to play an Apocalypse game with all my flyers. What a spectacle, and what firepower!

As to the gaming situation: I actually have plenty of space at home to setup a game temporarily, but no place to leave something setup even for a weekend (damn cats!). My brother and I were talking yesterday and we basically need to get an Urban FAT Mat and build a new wasteland board. A new wasteland board with minimal sand/ballast with a good healthy layer of paint rolled out over it to keep the "flock" from coming off like the original one we own. That way set up will be clean and easy. Who feels like vacuuming after a game!

As for bringing the terrain to the store, I've actually been doing that for 2 years, and boy what a pain! Packing up the night before, and then putting everything back in my truck for the ride home was really tedious, not to mention everything getting banged up. Its one of the reasons I'm actually looking forward to playing at home. Despite being a pain I did like providing all the terrain so my opponents had a nice setup to play. For awhile it was really bringing some real buzz to the store, and people who stopped by even during the ultra-slow period I'm in now really get excited about it. So that was fun and a number of kids getting their parents to buy them the Dark Vengeance simply from seeing me and my friend Chris playing with our fully painted armies was a real kick too.

While I am a little bummed about not meeting new players and new armies, I'm actually a bit more reinvigorated. I've been watching a lot of bat-reps lately and those guys play the same dudes over and over again but everyone has a variety of armies and boards and everything looks good, and playstyle is predetermined which eliminates a lot of the "40k Angst" which I feel just like everyone else. No one likes playing "That Guy" or getting list-tailored against. So eliminating those problems and doubling down on thematic games, channeling competitiveness into winning campaigns and playing with awesome terrain and painted armies is way more rewarding. I'm just excited to see where it all leads! Thanks again for your feedback Irisado. I hope you can find a gaming group or just a couple of people to play 40k the way you like!

@Dread- A hot rod? You lucky son of a.... X-Wing looks cool. I've thought about getting into it but everytime I do I'm like "but I could by a new Eldar unit instead!" lol Anyway yes please take some pics and let us know how the game went.

@Tangi- Yeah it can really suck losing your gaming group. Its happened to me a couple of times. The first time was probably the hardest though. My first gaming store was absolutely legendary! The store-owner was a 2-time Golden Demon Winner (Epic Ultramarines and a Hellhound in the very 1st Sister of Battles White Dwarf for proof!), and NO ONE was allowed to play without a painted army... and everyone had huge fully painted armies. We're talking 5-6000 points of all metal Imperial Guard (in 2nd edition which means more like 10,000-12,000 points now), Titans, enormous Eldar, Space Wolves, Sisters, Tyranid armies, 6+ boards with tons of terrain. But the owner got hired by GW and the guy who took over the store dropped the ball and the store closed after 10 years of huge success.

I wouldn't give-up though. Even if you have just a few people to play with playing campaigns (the Forge World ones are excellent) and such can really invigorate a gaming group. Hopefully I'll be able to share some easy to replicate templates with all you guys and you can give it a spin with your gaming buddies.

@Everyone- Thanks so much for your comments everybody. Stay-tuned I've got some really interesting things in the works which may really shake-up things on this project-log. Stay tuned!!!
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Post by: Cavalier on November 8, 2015, 08:50:51 AM
Hey guys. Well the unexpected happened and some new people were looking to play 40k at my store yesterday! So I took them up on the chance and was very glad I did... because we played a unique scenario and got the chance to play against SLAANESH and Colonel Shaffer's Last Chancers (using 4th ed. rules and all).



My opponents were a very nice couple and they had all fully painted models. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally play against Slaanesh and there were plenty of truly awesome moments in the game as well.


So the scenario was simple. The Eldar Corsairs were raiding a world and discovered a Slaanesh force stalking through the ruins of an Imperial World (represented by Crusade) while Colonel Shaffer and his Last Chancers were searching for an Imperial Guard Command Squad. Hidden on the battlefield the Imperial Guard Command Squad was represented by a token, when within 6" of the token the Squad would be placed on the board and would then be eligble to be attacked. The goal of the Last Chancers from escorting the Command Squad off the board, while killing the Priest, Commissar or Commander granted bonus victory points. This was played into a campaign between the couple and made for some very enjoyable moments during the game.



Forces of Slaanesh
Notes-So on to the game! The Daemon force was not at all optimized and was simply made for the enjoyment Ashleigh and fun thematic games but they looked very nice.

Daemon Prince- Wings, some artifacts
Daemon Prince- bunch of artifacts
Chaos Lord- Terminator Armor, Relics
Seekers of Slaanesh- Heartseeker, Insturment of Chaos
Daemonettes- Aluress, Insturment of Chaos
Noise Marines- Sonic Blasters, 1x Blaster Master, Icon of Excess
Raptors x10- Aspiring Champion- Power Fist
Chaos Space Marines- Icon of Excess
Hellbrute- Lascannon, Thunderhammer

Eldar Corsairs
Notes- Not knowing the armies, or level of competitiveness of the force beforehand I brought what I thought was a "middle of the road" list. Good punch with my Jetbikes and Wraithknight, but also under-rated units such as Scorpions, Wraithblades and footbased HQ's. If I had known I was playing Daemons of Slaanesh I would have dropped the Wraithknight in favor of the Avatar but that'll have to be saved for the re-match.

Autarch- Banshee Mask, Firesabre
Spirit Seer (Telepathy: Psychic Shriek, Mental Fortitude, Hallucination)
Wraithblades x5- Axes
Striking Scorpions x9- Exarch, Claw
Dire Avengers x8
     Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers
Wraithknight- Distorion Cannons, Scatter Laser


Apologies for not taking a photo of the board set-up. But basically we each had a bunch of LOS blocking terrain in our deployment zones, with some big rocky outcroppings in the middle to provide cover. So I won the roll to deploy and go first (which I did) so lets go on to...

Turn 1

Eldar- So tucked my Scorpions, a squad of Jetbikes and Wraitblades into a ruin on the left hand-side supported by a Wave Serpent which were opposite the Seekers of Slaansh, the Noise Marines, and near to the token where the Command Squad was hidden.


Central was the Wraithknight, with my Warp Spiders (which I forgot to bring and had to proxy  :'( :-[ :'( ) 2 squads of Jetbikes and my Hornets opposite the Chaos Space Marines, their Lord the Hellbrute but also within striking distance of the Winged Daemon Prince.





So I kept my Scorpions back, but ran up with my Wraithguard and after a little of shuffling with my Jetbikes, just to peek out of LOS (not that it mattered with her total lack of fire beyond 24") I unleashed in the shooting phase. I completley wiffed with the Wraithknight! Which was really funny because an observing played called ones on each roll. It was really a laugh and I was glad the big man wasn't demolishing things turn 1, cause the Jetbikes ended up downing the Winged Prince who while in cover, could have been in LOS blocking terrain. An easy mistake to make for someone relatively new to the game. But boy what a kill for my Jetbikes. Battle honors time! Also shot-up the Seekers of Slaanesh killing 3 of them despite Feel No Pain and 4+ cover. The Warp Spiders began their long trek to the right side of the board where most of the Daemon force was located. So I grabbed 1st Blood and Warlord on turn 1. Very nice for the Eldar, but more important was the fact that my Jetbikes killed a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh! It was very exciting and something I won't forget.

Imperial Guard- Meanwhile Colonel Shaffer also showed up on the board. Each guy was an Independent Character so shooting them off the board would be a huge drain of fire being able to shoot only a single model at a time. If they reach the Command Squad there was a Master of Ordnance in there which certainly concerned me influencing turn 2...



Slaanesh- So while the loss of the Prince was certainly significant, much of the force was still intact. The Chaos Marines and their lord moved forward to camp on an objective. The Striders of Slaanesh boldly ran from cover-to-cover despite the bristling guns to try and get into assault. The Raptors jumped out to a central position behind a huge piece of cover. The Hellbrute turned and fired on the Wraithknight knocking up a wound, while the Noise Marines positioned themselves in a ruin to try and get a target.


Turn 2


So with Colonel Shaffer and all the crazy hijinks his squad is capable of I decided I couldn't let him achieve his mission. Furthermore they stood between me and the biggest chunk of Slaanesh forces and therefore needed to be removed for their foolishness! So my Scorpions jumped out of cover with the Wraithblades, my Corsair Prince and his Void Dreamer trailing just behind them. My jetbikes on the right flank shot-up the Seekers of Slaansh reducing them to just 2 models, while the Wave Serpent fired into the Noise Marines to little effect. The Hornets ended up blowing up the Hellbrute on the right flank, while one squad of Jetbikes killed 2 Space Marines also on the right flank and my 3rd unit of Jetbikes killed 5! Raptors which were in the dead center of the board.


My Scorpions had moved within 6" of the hidden Command Squad and were able to assault them making for a really awesome moment. So the Scorpions charged and wiped out a bunch of guys with Hammer of Wrath. My Exarch challenged the Company Commander and beheaded him with a whopping 5 high strength AP 2 attacks! These were the 1st kills for my Scorpions and it was great that I was issuing challenges and the whole nine-yards. However what made it even more fun was the Commissar in the squad passed all his Invuln. Saves and killed two Striking Scorpions in return and amazingly he passed his Leadership test and held... with Striders of Slaanesh closing in...


Imperial Guard

Enraged at the loss of his rescue target Colonel Shaffer and his men unleashed on the Scorpions killing 3 of them reducing the squad to just 4. The rest fanned out to make a screen blocking the Wraithblades from rescuing them. While not dishing out a ton of damage they were certainly disrupting things making life difficult for the Eldar and setting up the forces of Slaanesh for an assault.



So Ashleigh failed to bring in her Daemonnetes via Deepstrike, but one of her Daemon Princes did arrive and dropped down right amidst Colonel Shaffer's men making a charge difficult for my Wraithblades. The Seekers moved out to nab the Scorpions in combat, while meanwhile Raptors also moved out towards the Scorpions using only a 6" move so they could re-roll assault distances.



So onto the main event! The Seekers charged into the Scorpions, and the Raptors made an amazing 12" charge on the re-roll! Here we go this is what 40k is all about. So the Heart Seeker challenges the Exarch and I accept. The Alluress goes first (I think) but the Scorpions armor protects him. In furious retaliation the Exarch nails Heart Seeker all 3 times and she fails to of her saves and is slain! Oh what glory for my Exarch! The other Scorpions kill the other Seeker but are also felled as they are going simultaneously. Yet the fight is not over, the Raptors come hurtling in the Aspiring Champion slams my Exarch with his powerfist felling him. Oh if only he could have survived that attack, but slaying both the Company Commander and the Heartseeker is truly legendary. I couldn't have been happier and it really was a very memorable moment.

Further Highlights

Sadly the rest of the game was largely mop-up action. Without any long range fire to speak of, the forces of Slaanesh were being torn up at range without any real ability to damage of any sort. My Warp Spiders made it all the way across the board and tore up the majority of Colonel Shaffer's unit (including Shaffer himself) while my Corsair Prince and his retinue made it into glorious combat with the other Daemon Prince reducing him to a single wound before we called the game. I desperately wanted to kill that Daemon Prince for the sake of glory but with the game in hand thought it was best to call the game before any feelings could be soured.


Concluding Thoughts

This was a great fun game. I wish it could've been a more even contest but units were destroyed on boths sides and some very memorable combats took place that I will not soon forget. This was really one of my most enjoyable game. As soon as I realized Slaanesh was hitting the table I felt my Eldar pride go into over-drive. I would fully embrace the fluff on this one, throwing my Corsair Prince and his close-combat units head on into the action, issuing challenges and taking no prisoners.

I have plans to play Ashleigh's fiance in a Guard vs. Eldar game sometime in the future, and also play Ashleigh again this time bringing the all-mighty Avatar for a truly epic clash.

Anyway guys hope you enjoyed the bat-rep though it was a short one (as my games always tend to be win, lose or draw). Stay-tuned as always, I've got a ton of terrain updates headed your way from some great 3rd party model makers. My board is going to look far better next time you see it. Thanks for stopping by and happy wargaming.
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Post by: Irisado on November 8, 2015, 01:11:49 PM
Thanks for that report.  It's always especially satisfying for the Eldar to defeat the forces of Slaanesh.  The Striking Scorpion Exarch was the star performer in this game.  What a tally!  Your Jetbikes also inflicted an impressive amount of damage, something mine never achieved on the few occasions which they were used.

The quality of the painting on show on all sides is really impressive, which makes for some really great photos to accompany the report.
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Post by: Cavalier on November 11, 2015, 01:00:24 PM
@Irisado- Thank you very much Irisado. I'm very glad you liked the pix alongside the report. I'm still fuming over my phone being out of memory for the bat-rep against that accursed Skyhammer Annihilation force but oh well. About the Scorpion Exarch, yes he is indeed a beast! He's really a close-combat monster. It really takes me back to the old days when Exarchs were truly feared... those days have come again! On the Jetbikes, they are just brutally effective with all those scatter lasers. I cannot wait for Imperial Armor 11 v.2 is released because I definitely plan on running some Bright Lance bikes as well. Its a great time to be an Eldar fan.

About the game itself, it was really a huge thrill to play against a Slaanesh themed army. I forgot to mention it but I was nervous when the Scorpions clashed with the Seekers of Slaanesh due to the army wide (eldar) special rule: Ancient Doom where there are leadership penalties in close-combat, but also gaining Hatred. But then I remembered my Spiritseer had cast Mental Fortitude which renders them fearless in addition to some other rules which was also really exciting. Tons of small moments in the game where it felt like all the motivations of the armies had really come to the forefront, in addition with it tying in to my own background for the army and previous games played. It really was a lot of fun. Anyway thanks for your comments I always love to get feedback from you.

@Everyone- Well hey guys just wanted to share some other hobby stuff. As mentioned I'm getting close to finishing my counts-as Spiders group- 1 more model to go! I also finished the first layer of highlights on my Crimson Hunter.



Also my brother has done some great work on new terrain kits I got from a company called Taimiya in Japan who make WW2 models. My brother also has nearly finished are tree stands as well. He did a ton of work on his army to boot so expect an update from him perhaps this weekend.




So anyways guys just rocking and rolling through some commission stuff as well so its been a bit slow. But some new things are certainly coming down the pipe, as well as some exciting new battles which are tentatively scheduled. So thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more soon!
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Post by: Irisado on November 11, 2015, 01:43:43 PM
My Striking Scorpion Exarch had a very impressive kill tally back in second edition.  I do hope, however, that Exarchs are not returning to that sort of power level, because that would be rather indicative of the current state of the game overall.  Still, it made for a great piece of narrative, as your Exarch despatched countless opponents before being brought down.  It reminded me a little bit of the story in Path of the Warrior.

The terrain pieces look great.  Those trees, in particular, not only look impressive, but are also very versatile.  I could envisage them being used in a Fantasy Age of Sigmar setting, as well as in 40K.  I can also see some interesting objective battles taking place around that ruined bunker/ammo store. 
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Post by: Calamity on November 11, 2015, 02:23:27 PM
Those trees look wonderful!  Actually all the terrain looks great, especially with the models along them.  Great painted armies in great painted boards are so cool. :)
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Post by: vonny on November 11, 2015, 05:31:11 PM
Great painted armies are nice, great painted armies between great painted terrain is even better!

you certainly fit the bill for that honor.

I really like how your spiders came out in the end. They look very menacing and fluid, and I just love the vibe they give off.

And fighting against slaanesh... always good :)
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Post by: Cavalier on November 17, 2015, 01:50:30 PM
@Irisado- Hey Irisado, the Exarch's aren't 2nd edition powerful, but they are very nice. Banshee Exarchs and Scorpion Exarchs are easily more deadly than say a Chaplain in close-combat especially considering they have 2 wounds now. While Avenger, Swooping Hawk and Spider Exarchs are really crack team leader's that increase the overall effectiveness and precision of their respective units. They are expensive points wise but very much worth it and great fun to play with.

Thanks for the comments on the terrain its very much appreciated. The trees really are a versatile kit. You can basically mix them into any type of board and use them in any type of games. The "guard shack" as we call that ruined bunker is definitely going to be a nice little narrative piece. Thanks again!

@Tangi- Thanks man! Its been fun working on terrain as opposed to models, it makes the games more fun too.

@Vonny- Thanks a lot Vonny. Still glad you are digging the Spiders. I just finished the squad yesterday!

@Everyone- So aside from the base, a little varnish on the gems and a little touch up around the transfers I finished the Crimson Hunter. I think he came out really nice. I'm gonna make a very nice base for him and then move on to perhaps painting up a Crimson Hunter Exarch which should be a fun painting challenge to make him really distinct.





I initially planned on doing chevrons on him, but with the wing caps being gold it would really break up the flow of the chevron. I though about going in the opposite direction yet it sort of reverses the motion of the model. I am going to do big sections of white on the Exarch, sort of like Ulthwe players paint up their Wave Serpents. So anyway hope you guys enjoy the latest photos.

Next up is another terrain project... Eldar terrain! I'm going to try and make an Eldar Voidshield Generator. Stay tuned for that as I unload the bits box. It may or may not work but I'm gonna give it a shot. Stay tuned!
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Post by: Dread on November 18, 2015, 01:52:32 AM
This really looks smooth, as always. I agree that the simplicity of it is better than making it to busy. I'm learning this now myself.

P s. Check your messages
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Post by: vonny on November 19, 2015, 07:32:26 PM
That crimson hunter looks smooth as always. Keep up the sweet work!

Good to hear you've finished your warp spiders. I'm sure they'll serve you well. And I'll be sure to keep track of this thread as I am close to start building objective markers for my eldar (as the rest is getting close to done). Some eldar terrain is sure to inspire me!

I'm currently painting up some imperial terrain I got a while back. It is quite different indeed, working on such pieces.

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Post by: dog_of_war on November 19, 2015, 09:12:44 PM
Love the clean, polished finish. Almost worried about the glyphs you're thinking about taking away from it, but I'm sure you'll execute it flawlessly on the exarch.

Great battle report as well. Loved seeing a Slaanesh army on the board against Eldar. That must have been some battle to witness.
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Post by: Cavalier on November 26, 2015, 09:56:31 AM
@Dread- Thanks as always buddy. Yes keeping things simple is definitely my philosophy. Easy and repeatable was a big part of how I got my army finished. Thanks again for the headsup on my messages!

@Vonny- Hey thanks Vonny. Glad you like the Hunter. I wanted to be a little more fancy on it, but I couldn't come up with something that would work with the gold trim on the wings as it'd block any kind of chevron action. As for Eldar objective markers I always have used the Asuryan statues from the Dire Avenger kit. I've got about 15 of them painted up. I also have a big lion statue from the White Lions of Charce Chariot kit which I use as my Relic. Also have a flaming chalice from the High Elves as well. There are a lot of nice options from the Fantasy line.

Yes painting Imperial terrain is a lot different then painting models. I was a bit over zealous in my approach and it took me forever to finish the pieces I have. I am getting more Imperial terrain soon and am going to approach it differently this time. Anyway thanks!

@Dog of War-  Thanks buddy. Glad you liked the bat-rep... I've got another one coming for you guys soon. I'm playing a battle against IG tomorrow. Can't wait!

@Everybody- So guys I realized the other day when I went to go paint that I've run out of models! Thats not a joke either... I went down stairs pulled out all my paints and what have you went to the hutch to pull out some new models and realized I've painted my entire collection! I was totally dumbfounded... Its been a long winding road but I've now got over 6000pts fully painted! So I posted some pics on the "My Eldar Army" thread on the main Eldar board, some of which I'll repost here.

So I guess I'll commemorate the even in a few brief words. Looking at everyhing now I'm very happy with the entire force. I went pretty slow, stuck to my plan and made a pretty versatile collection that represents the fluff of my army very well. In summation I couldn't be happier!

Now its time to move on to new forces and start slowly adding new units from the updated Corsair army list. The Firestorm, a Corsair Jetbike unit with heavy weapons and the new Wraithknight being at the top of the list.

However I'm going to also branch out into making terrain which is what todays post is really all about. So to wrap up this rather lengthy post here is my WIP Eldar Void Shield Generator. Perhaps not the best... but a good start. I already know what I'd change to give it a more polished look which I will do in the future. I have found though that its best to push forward and complete a project instead of just fiddling around in the brainstorming/dry fit stage because you won't know if its gonna work till there is paint on it.

Anywhere here are the pics! Remember its a WIP



Here are some highlights from the "My Eldar Army" post






Anyway to all commenters and viewers past and present thank you! Stay tuned the best is yet to come!
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Post by: Irisado on November 26, 2015, 11:09:49 AM
Congratulations on painting an entire army.  That's something that I've never accomplished.  It's an excellent achievement, especially in view of the quality of the work, as well as the colour scheme.

I think that the Void Shield Generator looks good.  It's going to look a bit more battle worn than the freshly cleaned and maintained armour of the vehicles and troops.  It is situated on a planet after all, so it's not going to maintained to the standards of craftworld equipment ;).
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Post by: vonny on November 27, 2015, 06:25:34 AM
Congratulations! This calls for cake and drinks!

I ususally buildmy objective markers on the old flat epic 60mm bases or the 60mm bases for flyers. So an asuryan statue from the Dire Avengers kit might loo ka bit small and lost on that...
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Post by: Cavalier on November 28, 2015, 09:22:34 AM
@Irisado- Thanks so much Irisado, coming from one of the ultimate Eldar fans and tacticians I really appreciate it. Yes I agree with you on the Void Shield generator it needs a lot of weathering and texturing. Its gonna be tricky because its outside of what I'm used to doing but its something I really want to learn. Scratch building Eldar terrain is the ultimate 40k street cred! lol  ;D

@Vonny- Heheheh thanks Vonny. I'm very happy. Yes you are right about putting them on 60mm bases... but 60mm bases for normal game objectives is beyond huge! BTW in the new city fight game whole buildings count as in-game objectives which would make your big objectives really cool. Check those rules out if you can they were printed in White Dwarf along with the tactical cards.

@Everybody- Hey everyone so I managed to get in a game yesterday! I thought I was playing against an Imperial Guard player named Mike, but I miss understood and it was a 3-way battle with his fiance who plays Slaanesh daemons featured in my last battle-report! So this threw me for a loop but it made for a great fun game.

Battle Report
Eldar Corsairs Vs.Imperial Guard Vs. Daemons of Slaanesh and Chaos Space Marines


So it was 1850pts, the mission was Crusade with 6 objectives. Imperial Guard go 1st, Daemons 2nd, and myself 3rd. The Slaanesh player and I were set-up right across from each other in a tiny little deployment zone while the IG player was set up on the short board edge which was a very nice advantage. We weren't too worried about having a perfectly balanced set-up and in the end it made for a more interesting game. Important Note- Mike is just getting back into the game after a long break since 4th edition and Ashleigh is altogether new to the game. I did ask my opponent if he wanted me to leave the Wraithknight at home, but he said he wanted to take it on so I included it in the list. However the flow of the game mitigated my greater experience in 7th ed game as you'll soon see.

Alright so here are the lists!

Eldar Corsairs

Autarch: Firesabre, Banshee Mask
Archon: Shadowfield, Webway Portal, Blaster, Power Sword
Wraithblades x5- Axes
    Wave Serpent- Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
Fire Dragons x5
Scorpions x8- Exarch, Claw
Warriors x5
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch Power Blades
Wraithknight- Scatter Laser



Imperial Guard

Company Command Squad- Plasma Pistol, Melta Gun, Plasma Gun, Master of Ordenance
Veteran Squad- Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Flamer, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher Team
Veteran Squad- Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher Team
Veteran Squad- Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Lascannon Team
Storm Troopers- Melta, Plasma Pistol
Storm Troopers- Melta, Plasma Pistol
Leman Russ- Punisher
Leman Russ- Standard
Legion of the Damned- Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Powerfist

Daemons of Slaanesh with Chaos Space Marine Allies

Daemon Prince- Wings, Artifacts, Boon of Mutation
Daemon Prince- Artifacts, Boon of Mutation
Chaos Space Marine Lord- Artifact, Terminator Armor, Mark of Slaanesh
Seekers of Slaanesh- Heartseeker, Icon of Excess, Insturment of Chaos
Daemonettes- Aluress, Icon of Excess
Chaos Space Marines x10- Plasma Gun, Aspiring Champion
Cultists x10- Autoguns
Raptors x5- Aspiring Champion, Power Fist
Hellbrute- Multi-melta, Lascannon
Noise Marines- Blaster Master, Regular Sonic Weapons

Turn 1


Imperial Guard- So the IG player was very aggressive. He moved out his tanks towards both myself and the Slaanesh player, while his troops all used "Forward for the Emperor" to move and shoot. Snap-shots actually wounded the Wraithknight twice, while the Basilisk removed a bunch of Chaos Space Marines. The IG were making an all out push with about 30+ guys right for the center of the board to grab those objectives. This was gonna be a toughy!



Slaanesh Daemons- So the Daemons leaped out immediately towards my Corsairs! There was no bones about it they were gunning for me as I was the closest target and running forward towards the Punisher and Leman Russ with the Basilisk in support was no option at all. The Seekers and Daemonettes came out with great run moves. Turn 2 Assault was all but guaranteed. Some pot-shots from the Hellbrute and the Blaster Master racked up a hull-point on the Punisher, which was good because with most of my stuff in reserves I needed a little pressure put on those tanks if I was going to do well this game. Meanwhile the gliding Daemon Prince flew right up into my face... the filthy beast. I was under a lot of pressure and just due to deployment I knew I was going to be getting the worst of the enemy's attention. This really was going to be a hard fought battle.



Eldar Corsairs- So with the Basilisk, Master of Ordanance and Leman Russ all able to pound  my tiny little 18x12 corner of the board I held a lot in reserves. The Hornets, Scorpions, Jetbikes, Fire Dragons, Archon and Nightwing were all held back. While my Spiders, Wraithguard+Autarch in a Serpent, Dark Eldar Warriors and Wraithknight were holding down the fort. So to begin with I moved my Wraithknight forward right into the middle of the board.  needed to get him some cover but also get close to pounce on something in combat in the later turns. Meanwhile, wwith those Daemons coming in hot and the IG sure to turn their big guns on me again, I knew I had to hold my deployment zone or all my reserves (specifically my bikes) would be walking into a Slaanesh death-trap. So I deployed my Autarch and Wraithblades to hold the line till reinforcements arrived.

The Wave Serpent shot-up the Raptors and killed 3 of them, while the Warp Spiders launched boldly forward toward the Daemon Prince when the incredible happened! Snap-shooting at the gliding MC's they scored 3 hits, and since the Daemon had Mark of Slaanesh and Spiders wound against initiative, I needed a 6 to wound.... which I got! That meant no armor save and instant death action! Rolled up the dice... and FAILED! The Spiders aced the Daemon Prince earning them instant legendary status. What aces, it was First Blood and Warlord all on the 1st turn. The Spiders instantly rewarded me, relieving a lot of pressure on my part. Yet still those Seekers and Daemonettes were coming hot, and with some lucky rending rolls (and all those attacks) my Wraithblades were going to be put to the test.

Turn 2

Imperial Guard- So the IG rolled reserves and everything came in! Legion of the Damned and 2 units of Storm Troopers all well equipped to hurt my Wraithknight quite badly. However scatters pushed them well out of double-tap range which was very good indeed.



The Leman Russ and the Master of Ordnance all unloaded on the Wraithknight but either missed or he passed his Feel No Pain. The Legion of the Damned succeeded where they failed however and did manage to wound the WK with a relentless Lascannon shot. Meanwhile the Basilisk tried to annihilate my Spiders but the shot scattered off the board. Meanwhile he pushed forward with all his other units get very close to the center of the board and closer to having all his plasma and melta in range of the Wraithknight. Definitely not a good turn, which would allow me to re-organize my lines to confront the advancing IG.

Daemons of Slaanesh- The Seekers of Slaanesh and remaining Raptors come hurtling into my bold stand of Wraithblades and my Corsair Prince! The Aspiring Champion challenged my Corsair Prince (which he has to do due to Champions of Chaos) and my Prince easily puts the cretin down with his Firesabre. Meanwhile the Seekers get a ton of hits but only 2 rending wounds on my Wraithblades... one of which I pass the other I fail. The Wraithblades with their low number of attacks, and the high WS of the Seekers sees them fail to do any damage... yet the line holds. Perfunctory fire from the rest of the army does nothing and we roll on to Eldar Corsairs turn 2.


Eldar Corsairs- So some big reserve rolls are made... and failed! The Nightwing, Fire Dragons+Archon, and a unit of Jetbikes all fail to come in! Only a single unit of bikes, the Scorpions and Hornets come in. Which is just enough to prevent me from losing my momentum. The Hornets outflank right behind the Basilisk and destroy it easily, but stranding them in a total kill zone with the both Russ' and 2 Veteran Squads with melta and plasma all within range. A necessary sacrifice though because one lucky blast could remove my Warriors (important objective grabbers) Spiders which were out of cover, and newly arrived Jetbikes who are all imporant for pushing back the huge tide of Imperial Guardsmen.


Meanwhile the Jetbikes immediatley make their presence felt by shooting up the advancing Daemonettes who getting perilously close to my lines. If the Seekers and Daemonettes get into my lines I could completley lose any semblance of board control. I manage to kill 4 of them which is less than I wanted... but enough to make the charge distance very challenging. The Spiders move up to pitch-in eliminating the deepstruck Storm Troopers and then thrusting back into cover.


the later turns but carefully avoiding the ignore cover, ap3 guns of the Legion of the Damned and mass Las-Gun fire of the approaching Veterans. The Scorpions also move out to jump into the fight and coming to the aid of their Corsair Prince. In the combat phase I lose another Wraithblade but take a Seeker down in exchange. I challenge the Heart-Seeker for the sake of glory and we trade wounds... but nothing else. A less than stellar turn but the removal of Basilisk removed a lot of pressure... on to IG turn 3.


Turn 3

Imperial Guard- So the Guard come rushing forward still, getting their all important special weapons in range of the Wraithknight, preparing to swamp the cluster of 3 objectives near the middle of the board with a press of bodies. Poor difficult terrain sees them stumble only handful of inches forward while shooting manages to rack up another wound on the Wraithknight however the rest of the armies shooting remains cold as a lot of misses, and passed saves from improved cover  due to "Conqueror of Cities" warlord trait giving my whole army +1 cover in ruins. A frustrating turn for IG to be sure. Most of their big guns are intact, their big squads of Veterans are all but untouched yet they are out of position as my entire army is pinned back dealing with the Daemons... while the Daemons themselves hardly pose a threat as they are even further away from his troops. Its all about taking out the Eldar but as I said I'm pinned back way in my own corner and his tanks cannot see my infantry and the Wraithknight while half-dead is well protected in cover. Yet nonetheless the IG are in a good position to grab those objectives, all they have to do is take down the Wraithknight who has only 3 wounds remaining and they'll have but a few infantry squads standing between them and victory.


Daemons of Slaanesh- Another very quick turn. The Seekers kill another Wraithblade while the Heartseeker and the Corsair Prince fail to wound each other. Meanwhile the Daemonettes finally make it into combat... with my Warp Spiders! Oh crap! They made an incredibley long charge but manage to make it! They kill 4 of them in combat, while I kill 2 in return with my Exarch. The Spiders then hit and run out luckily... but all of a sudden I'm really needing those reserves and the Scorpions need to to pitch in. I've only got 2 Wraithblades left.

Eldar Corsairs Alright so all my reserves come in. One squad of bikes unloads on the Daemonettes eliminating them all! Then my other bike unit unloads on the Veterans on my right flank and kills 6 of them, a VERY heavy blow. The Wraithknight then comes crashing out of the ruin blows up the Leman Russ Punisher, and split fires into the Legion of the Damned killing 2. The Fire Dragons and Archon deepstrike behind remaining Leman Russ and easily destroy it (2 are lost in the explosion however). The Warp Spiders move into the center ruin claiming the objective therein. Then comes the killing blow... the Striking Scorpions crash into the Seekers of Slaanesh killing them all! My Corsair Prince finally slays the Heart Seeker earning him further glory!


The Wraithknight then comes hurtling into the Legion of the Damned and crushes them in combat. What a glorious turn... my army finally synergized and everything worked... while the game went 5 turns this was essentially the end of the game. There was no recovering from that hammer blow of a turn 3... so here's the wrap-up.


The Wrap-Up

So wow what a game... it was a true marathon as 3 player games tend to be. Due to just the flow of the game the Eldar were the focus of both armies... so it felt like my 1850 list was going up against 3700pts of Daemons and IG as only perfunctory fire was being exchange between the two of them (as they were totally out of range of each other). Yet again the Wraithblades and Scorpions proved their great worth holding back the Slaanesh daemons in what was a very memorable combat. In the remaining two turns the IG player kept going for it, reducing the Wraithknight to a single wound and desperatley trying to remove the remaining 4 Warp Spiders to prevent me from holding the central objective. From Turn 3 onward I was flicker jumping all over the place... making sure to remind my opponents that they could do so. It was a very fun game the highlight certainly being the show down with the Daemons of Slaanesh.


So in the evolving battle-record of my army my Corsair Prince has truly earned his stripes, killing Chaos Champions, dueling Daemon Princes, killing Slaaneshi champions in personal challenges all over the place. All in all I couldn't be happier. Anway guys thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed the bat-rep. Stay tuned there's always more to come!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on November 28, 2015, 11:09:57 AM
There have always been far better tacticians than me out there.  That's especially true these days though, as it's hard to keep up my knowledge of the strategic side of the game when I'm not playing.

Thanks for the battle report.  You were very lucky to take out the Daemon Prince.  That was on a par with Tarrin's exploits of being jammy :D.  It was great to see those three armies fighting.  The pictures are great, and it looks like it was a very enjoyable game.  Well played :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on December 2, 2015, 05:48:09 AM
Wow you truly managed to get some work done there! Managing to get yourself out of that sticky situation is an amazing feat!
I like the report, it tells a tale of desperate moves and focused gameplay. That the IG player was still trying to remove the threats and cap objectives in the middle of the board until the end, even with so much lost already, speaks volumes. I hope they (and you) had as much fun as it sounds.

I also really like the pictures of both their armies. The bright colors just seem to work on the slaanesh army (both the daemons and the marines) and the imperial guard seem to hold their own in the painting department too. Perhaps next time you can encourage them to start a blog on here as well?

As for the huge objectives for 60mm bases - it allows me to craft something interesting. I'll see if I can get some pictures of various objectives next time.
Also, I'll be on the lookout for those renewed city fighting rules. That seems very interesting!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 3, 2015, 02:36:15 PM
@Irisado- Don't sell yourself short Irisado, when I was trying to get back into the game back in late 4th edition I really learned a lot on these forums from you. Glad you liked the bat-rep, to be honest Daemon armies are so loaded with special rules, daemonic instability, artifacts, upgrades and what-not I had no idea what the Daemon Prince was even capable of, but when I saw him I knew he needed to go. With the Spiders being a new unit I was thrilled that they got the kill though I was completley ready to charge with my Corsair Prince if the chance presented itself. I really want him to get a Daemon Prince on his kill tally. Anyway thanks!

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. Yes it was a very fun game, and playing outside normal mission parameters is a lot of fun and really shakes things up. Both armies did look very nice, and it was cool to see how my own army clashed with the look of the other two.

As for the 60mm bases, yes I do think it will make for far more interesting objectives. You could even make little dioramas or something of that nature... can't wait to see what you've cooked up.

@Everyone- So with my army finished I'm going back and adding details to a number of units. I want to have all my vehicles properly marked with squadron numbers, host detachment symbols and kill markers where appropriate.

First up is my Warp Hunter... he's been sitting on the shelf after the nerfing he got in IA:Apocalypse. Running him out of IA:11 1st edition he was a beast.. hence the kill markings. So it was time to give him his squadron markings and what have you.



2nd up are my Hornets. They've all received their squadron markings, and some detailing on the wings. This one in particular is the squadron leader. While his pilot badge is easy for me to recognize when I'm looking for the squad leader, I'm going to something a bit more so that people not familiar with the unit will recognize him as such on the tabletop.



Anyway guys thats all I got for now... stay tuned there is more on the way!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on December 6, 2015, 04:46:45 PM
very neat straight lines. I Keep wondering how you manage that.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on December 6, 2015, 05:03:13 PM
They look amazing!  How did you get that glow effect for the canopies?  I'm trying to do something similar for my Valkyries, only in red.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 8, 2015, 06:55:17 AM
@Vonny- Hey Vonny glad you like em. I used Testors masking tape... testors is a model making company in the US who make a lot of great stuff including the gold primer I use. Its about $5 US.


I then use tin foil and tape to mask off the rest of the vehicle. The tin foil is certainly easier to use then taping the whole model.

@Tangi- Hey bud, thanks glad you like them! The canopy thing is super easy, get some Citadel A'rd Coat and mix it with some red ink. Just make sure its NOT red wash, its gotta be ink or it'll look cloudy. I use P3 Green Ink for mine since my super old GW green ink dried up. I really love the P3 stuff its really nice.

@Everybody- Gotta game coming up this saturday... playing against my good buddy Chris' Soul Drinkers which have been heavily featured on this project log. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play battle-company again... and my phone has NO music or photos on it for full bat-rep goodness. Anyway stay tuned guys!


Also SUPER interesting input on the Storm Guardian Warhost from Reece Robbins from FLG. Tune at around time index: 53:13. Warning the guys do swear a lot.

Signals From the Frontline Episode #394 Tactics talk with Geoff! - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt0NkaHlarA)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 13, 2015, 01:21:21 PM
IT BEGINS..........

The new Corsair codex has landed and I couldn't be more thrilled. Unparalleled customization awaits as the Corsairs may be the most flexible and fast army in the game right now. The new Corsair rules allow me to dispense with many of Craftworld stand-ins such as Wraithguard and the unit to fill their mighty shoed is now under construction and that unit is the Balestrike Band!



I plan on equipping at least 5 of them with Dark Lances with a few lasblaster dudeds in there for ablative. Poor, poor Scourges they've been totally trumpted by their Corsair counter-parts though I suspect FW crafted a lot of these units as potential count-as options for the Dark Kin to bring their army closer to the standard set by the newer 7th ed. codices. Anyway guys stay-tuned as the fun has just begun!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on December 13, 2015, 06:53:59 PM
Awesome dude, love the hornets with their chevron update, really makes them pop!

Was trying to see where the pilot markings are and if there are any kill markings you add over the years? Love the detail on the warp hunter -- that guy is going to be doing serious work for you now with IA11.5 out!

Right now I'm thinking about designing some kind of croneworld kill marking to indicate significant achievements, like every warlord my wraithknight has killed etc.

Next up, looking forward to seeing this Balestrike band ready to go! If you are going to drop them in close I would stick with a brace of pistols for them, otherwise lasblaster, yeah. Keen to see how you do some models with brace of pistols -- has to be my favourite basic wargear option in the game, personally, haha.

Also, any further updates with teh VSG?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on December 13, 2015, 07:13:06 PM
Stunning work once again Cavalier!  :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: murgel on December 14, 2015, 10:53:39 AM
a most brilliant idea to add the chevrons.
Frankly I have looked at your models so often I had gotten a bit weary. I really think the chevrons work nicely in loosening up the scheme and adding in an interesting note to the red/gold. Excellent choice. (besides myself doing something similar on the red parts of my Eldar army  ;D )
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 14, 2015, 02:04:01 PM
@Ibushi- Thanks man. I try to make a point of adding kill markers and battle honors. My Wraithknight is certainly all decked out with about 5 kill markings and the Sword of Asuryan battle honors. As for the Warp Hunter and the Hornets here are some pics showing them.

The Warp Hunter's battle honors all came from before the IA:Apoc nerfing but he was a murder machine and will be again with the new rules.


He's considered the squadron leader and I'd have to check the model but he's got kill markings on the other side.

I think you could get some really sick kill markings from the Dark Eldar sheet... very Japanese inspired design for the actual runes while the Crossed knives, bleeding hearts, snakes with poison dripping from their fangs would look great with your guys.

As for the Void Shield Generator I actually saw a great tutorial on weathering by WintersSEO's youtube channel (drop pods) and am going to make a new VSG using that technique. I've got all the bits ready to go except for the Shuriken Cannon bits. Only have 2 left so when I pick up my next Jetbike kit I will be good to go!

As for the Balestrike Band yeah I'm really looking forward to getting these guys going. Definitely going to Skyburner Coterie. As for representing Brace of Pistols I will represent it from time to time to mix-up the poses but certainly not on every model. The Shuriken Pistols are so wonky to include on a model unless he's actually holding one, as they don't lay flat on the legs and are actually quite bulky. I have got about a million Splinter Pistols though which will be used!  As always thanks man!

@Tangi- Thanks bud glad you are digging them!

@Murgel- Thanks man! Yeah it was about time I started adding vehicle markings to my squads. It was very nerve wracking hitting these puppies with a can of primer after all this time. I won't skimp on vehicle markings again as re-touching them is very nerve wracking even after the primer has been applied! Been thinking about weathering them as well... I've been experimenting with a spare Falcon hull and it looks really good. I'm gonna paint up the whole thing and then decide. BTW you mentioned your own Eldar army... got any pics to share? I'm always interested in seeing what other Eldar players are doing... I'm the only one in my neck of the woods!

@Everbody- Well got the second Dark Lancer modeled up and the Felarch as well, though he may end up getting shifted to a Voidstorm Squad when I get another Corsair kit.





Anyways guys I will be back with some updates once this unit gets some paint on it. Also the Hornets are nearly finished being re-furbished. All the chevrons have been cleaned up just gotta retouch the highlights and do some touch-up on the undercarriage as well. Anyway stay-tuned and see you guys soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on December 14, 2015, 06:32:01 PM
that is some scary looking weaponry. Would love to see the whole thing come together.

I'm glad you like the corsairs so much!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on December 15, 2015, 10:50:26 PM
Very cool. I can't wait for the rules so I can start using corsairs. I've started getting models together for my kit bashing and will use some of your ideas.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 16, 2015, 07:08:25 AM
@Vonny- Thanks Vonny. Yes those Dark Lances sure are imposing. I've been saving them for years... I had thought about chopping them up for scenery and I'm sure glad I didn't. Its so sad though... poor Dark Eldar Scourges have had access to them for ages and never been able to use them worth a damn. Kudos to FW for actually taking there time with stuff. Everything they put out is instantly playable from the fluffiest, most low-powered meta to the ultra competitive. They certainly are on a roll.

@Dread- Welcome to the wild side!  ;D ;D ;D My advice to you is to pop on ebay and pick-up a batch of Wych Legs and DE heads of any variety. For about $20 bucks it radically changes the look of your models. A single Dark Eldar Warrior box-set goes an incredibly long way as well. Can't wait to see what you cook up and make sure you share it with us!!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 18, 2015, 01:50:48 PM
Hey guys managed to basecoat my new Balestrike squad and they look good! The casting on these Corsair heads was not the best but my filing skills have improved and I was able to clean them up very nicely.



Man I'm really excited to try this unit out... they are so FREAKING cheap! The upgrades for them are insanely cheap too... the cost of upgrading to Felarch is less than a Guardsmen! Also I'll be able to pop my counts-as Hawks in this unit to bump up the body count for ablative wounds to protect my lances which is really nice. I can also take the Felarchs and combine them into a Voidstorm Squad (close-combat Corsair Reavers) which is also cool. Man its gonna be so easy to mix-and-match units to try things out. Really well done to FW they really nailed this codex. I've got some great new army list ideas... some very powerful concepts but with great flexibility and maintaining my Eldar close-combat theory-hammer mission. Anyway stay tuned guys more to come!

Edit: Apropos of nothing.... got invited to play on Scorpion82's channel by James today. Greatest 40k honor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double post merged, as it wasn't a significant enough update as per the forum rules (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?action=rules) on double posting to stand alone.  The all seeing eyes of 40K Online will see edits to posts ;) - Iris.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on December 22, 2015, 05:19:53 PM
Awesome dude, looking forward to seeing the Corsairs rocking their stuff!!

Haha you are becoming quite the 40k celeb!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on December 23, 2015, 07:18:26 PM
The attention to detail on your vehicles is outstanding.  The thing that I've grown to enjoy most about following this blog is how much you enjoy painting and modelling.  As someone who could never get into it, it makes me happy to see that others do enjoy that side of the game :).  Your Eldar army is certainly one of the best painted that I've ever come across in my time on this forum.

Apropos of nothing.... got invited to play on Scorpion82's channel by James today. Greatest 40k honor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A far more dubious greater honour was conferred on you by this very forum a while back ;).  I'm not so sure that you've realised though.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 24, 2015, 07:46:46 AM
@Ibushi- Me too buddy can't wait to rock some games. Reading IA11 planning games right now for the campaign. As for being a 40k celeb... I called my agent and asked him to get GW to fly me out to the UK to play Scorp... but no reply... yet!  ;D ;D ;D lol

@Irisado- Thank you very much Irisado. I really do love making my new units, a lot of credit goes to the environment where I got into 40k though. My store owner was a Golden Demon winner, no unpainted models rules was in permanently in effect at the store, and the other players had HUGE fully painted armies. So thats always the standard I have in mind. Ah those halcyon days of 2nd edition glory.

A far more dubious greater honour was conferred on you by this very forum a while back ;).  I'm not so sure that you've realised though.

Arghhh! What do you mean? Did something happen again like when I got my awesome new title (my equally awesome all-time 40k honor BTW) and didn't realize it for like a million years? Please tell me! I'm so freaking clueless when it comes to the forums! :-[
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on December 24, 2015, 11:43:17 AM
A far more dubious greater honour was conferred on you by this very forum a while back ;).  I'm not so sure that you've realised though.

Arghhh! What do you mean? Did something happen again like when I got my awesome new title (my equally awesome all-time 40k honor BTW) and didn't realize it for like a million years? Please tell me! I'm so freaking clueless when it comes to the forums! :-[
I know it may seem cruel, but we take great pleasure in watching the clueless trying to figure this one out.  Take some time and really look over everything.  We can't tell you what you are looking for though, that spoils our fun.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 26, 2015, 11:50:57 AM
@Irisado & GML - It is all too cruel! Yet I think I may have figured it out, but could be mistaken... is it the Lazerous Penguin!? I have no idea what it means but I do have a cool icon because of it! Please let me know if I guessed right and also what it means regardless! ;D ;D ;D

@Everyone- Well from mystery to more familiar territory: Eldar Corsairs! So I managed to finish one of my Balestrike Band and I'm happy with how he came out. I'm really going to take my time with these guys give them proper squad markings, give the Felarch a special glyph on his helmet and even a freehanded "Kill-Badges" like the one I did on the Dark Lance which came out nicely. Very happy with how he came out overall and can't wait to continue on with the rest of the squad.




Also.... it ARRIVED!


I'm going to do a review on the book and post it here on the p-log with thoughts on the campaign, the missing missions the Mymeara Battle-Host, the Pale Courts, the Formations and of course the Corsair army list. I will also begin updating you guys on preparations to run the actual campaign because we need a lot of terrain, fortifications and even.... more Super Heavies (!) to pull it off which will all be addressed in the near future.

So anyway I hope I have solved the mystery of my dubious/awesome honor and I hope you guys stay-tuned and Merry Christmas everybody!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on December 26, 2015, 12:12:35 PM
@Irisado & GML - It is all too cruel! Yet I think I may have figured it out, but could be mistaken... is it the Lazerous Penguin!? I have no idea what it means but I do have a cool icon because of it! Please let me know if I guessed right and also what it means regardless! ;D ;D ;D

It's to do with that, yes.  There's more to it than just the title though, as it's a membergroup ;).

I really like the pose and feel of movement on that model.  You've captured the grace of an Eldar warrior using a heavy weapon.  The paint scheme is as excellent as always :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 28, 2015, 07:21:14 AM
@Irisado- Thank you very much Irisado. I'm glad I figured out the mystery and I'm glad you like my newest model. I'm really loving painting these guys and with a big playable army completely finished I can take my time with my new units and make sure they are just the way I want them, and learn some new techniques along the way like doing little symbols and what-not. BTW I'd love to see some of your models if you ever feel the inclination! I've always wondered what your army looked like!

@Everyone- Hey guys well I decided to do a review of IA:11 v.2 So welcome to the first of my Doom of Mymeara review articles. I'm going to start with the Corsair army list before moving on to the rest of the book. This series is more of a "preview" than a review as I've not had any experience with the new units. It'll be all theory for awhile, yet as the games pile up I will ammend these articles before posting them in the Corsair section of the forum. So anyway lets begin!

Imperial Armor 11: Doom of Mymeara 2nd Edition Review

Initial Impressions- Before breaking down the actual army list and its FOC I thought it'd be good to touch on my impressions on the Eldar Corsairs as an army. Simply put, they are extremely good. They have incredible speed, maneuverability and versatility. They feature tons of blistering fire power, access to tons of exotic weapon choices on almost every unit and more methods of deployment and delivery than any other army in the game. Their weaknesses would most notably be their fragility and lack of high-powered assault which will certainly be a foil to them. Also they boast fantastic psychic powers, but their perils chart is something to behold as multiple results basically turn the psyker against his own unit/army and even put the character in control by your opponent!

The infantry wing of the army deals death by a thousand cuts, while armored support is capable of delivering knockout blows like few other armies. The Eldar Corsairs in my opinion are right up there near the top echelons in the world of 40k. While certainly lacking the raw power of Dark Angels, Necrons, Craftworld Eldar, their ability to specialize entire swaths of the army and equip them with top-flight weaponry and deploy them across the tabletop in almost every way conceivable will enable them to go toe-to-toe with any army in the game.

Eldar Corsairs Force Organization

Commentary-  Eldar Corsairs can be run using a Combined Arms Detachment, or Unbound just like any other army. Running them in a single CAD is a direct and simplified way of running this rather exotic army and give you access to their full complement of FOC slots. However they also have access to a second FOC akin to the Harlequin Masque known as the Corsair Raiding Company which offers TREMENDOUS benefits.  Besides some limitations in the number of FOC slots the only requirement for the Raiding Company is two mandatory HQ selections which is hardly a bother considering how cheap, versatile and effective the Corsair HQ options are. You then have 2 more troops, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attacks, a single Heavy slots and a single LOW slots. The trade off being the incredible Coterie Specilizations which the primary Company and its optional Coteries can choose at no additional cost, granting them powerful Universal Special Rules that enable them to specialize in a specific battle-field role, whether it be tank busting, assassinating enemy characters or deep-striking reserve specialists. More on this later.

Corsair Raiding Company FOC-Structure

0-1 Command Crew (Optional)
1 HQ Mandatory
1 HQ, 1 Elite, 1 LoW Optional

1 Primary Coterie (Mandatory)
1 HQ, 1 Troop Mandatory
2 Troops, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Optional

0-3 Additional Coteries (Optional)
1 HQ, 1 Troop Mandatory
2 Troops, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support Optional

The primary company can then be supplemented by additional Coteries that follow the same format but without additional LOW slots. However these additional Coteries are treated as Allies of Convenience as they are hail from separate bands of Corsair bands and their loyalties lie with other Corsair Barons and Princes. While this is a drawback it is offset by the fact that they can choose a unique Coterie Specialization separate from that of your primary company which is where the magic really happens with the Corsair army list. This enables you to have small battle groups enhanced by invaluable force multiplying USR's to accomplish specialized tasks for your army which are of incredible importance considering the relative fragility of the units.

Coterie Specilizations

The Coterie Specilization is without doubt one of the most exciting aspects of playing a Corsair army. Similar to the options once presented in the 3rd Edition "Craftworlds" supplement which gave unique rules and options for each of the classic Craftworlds, the Coterie Specilization gives a whole set of rules and modifiers that enhance a particular playstyle. Whatsmore in addition to your primary Company, each additional Coterie that you take its own Specilization. The possible combinations are truly mind boggling.

Titan Breakers- Anti-tank and anti-walker buffs.

Head Takers- Buffs for a unit each time a character in that unit engages in a challenge.

Vault Breachers- All infantry gain access to Dissonance Breach Charges.

Sky Burners- Deepstrike and Reserve specialists whose chances of succeeding in deepstrike and reserve are greatly enhanced .

Nighthunters- Nightfight specialists

Hate Bringers- Hate Bringers gain bonuses against a chosen target and receive Victory Points for destroying that unit.

Commentary- The Coterie Specializations are no joke. These aren't just nods to the fluff they invaluable enhancements that create an almost Aspect Warrior-esque specialization for huge chunks of your army. In my opinion the Coterie Specializations vault Eldar Corsairs towards the top-tier of Warhammer 40k armies. It enables them specialization equal to any Craftworld army, the Deepstrike precision of 7th ed Dark Eldar but the bewildering array of options of the 5th edition Dark Eldar codex.

I feel Forgeworld really spent a lot of time crafting the Corsair army list. The complexity of the Specializations and the balancing effect of the Internal Politics rule set the foundation for an army that should stand the test of time for years to come.

The Corsairs can be easily be molded to fit any playstyle. They've got deepstrikers, mobile cavalry and skirmishers which suit my playstyle but they also have crazy long range options as well such as Hornets, Nightspinners and Flyers that pack a wallop and are only enhanced by the Coterie Specializations. If you end up playing Corsairs there are many different paths you can take your collection which is why I say this army will stand the test of time for years to come. The versatility and punch this army offers will not fade IMO. Anyways guys hope you enjoyed the first installment of the review. Let me know your thoughts if you are interested in playing Corsairs and I can answer your questions as well. Stay tuned more army pics, terrain features and campaign stuff to come. See you guys soon!

EDITED: Within insights from Chris- Thanks buddy!  ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on December 28, 2015, 08:15:31 AM
@Irisado- Thank you very much Irisado. I'm glad I figured out the mystery and I'm glad you like my newest model. I'm really loving painting these guys and with a big playable army completely finished I can take my time with my new units and make sure they are just the way I want them, and learn some new techniques along the way like doing little symbols and what-not. BTW I'd love to see some of your models if you ever feel the inclination! I've always wondered what your army looked like!

In the murky depths of the Campaigns and Battle Reports board, you can catch a few glimpses of my poorly painted models:

1750pts: Imperial Guard vs. Eldar (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=225065.0)
Killersquid Vs Irisado (two games?!) (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=219607.0)

The enjoyment which you get from painting this army is another reason why the paint job is so impressive.  This is also why you paint well and I don't ;).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: dog_of_war on December 28, 2015, 08:31:49 AM
Great introduction to the book! If it wasn't for the initial cost and inevitable need to have to start buying forgeworld models, I wouldn't hesitate in ordering one.

Do you feel that IA:11 is unbalanced in comparison to other seventh edition codexes? From first glance it seems much of what it has to offer only increases the options to eldar without any drawbacks, making an already powerful army, even more so.

I've always tried to steer away from the easy win, hence one if the reasons I play orks    ;). Without taking into account tournament play, would IA:11 be suitable for casual play? I wouldn't want to use rules that are overpowered in a friendly environment.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: -Chris- on December 28, 2015, 09:25:20 AM
I've been lurking and following this army for a while, it looks beautiful- great work!

Looking through my copy of IA11, I don't think you have the Corsairs Raiding Company rules quite right. My understanding is that it is a specialized detachment like a Space Marine Gladius Strike Force or Necron Decurion. Therefore it is completely acceptable to take an additional CAD or Allied Detachment (following the normal rules for Allies) and still remain Battleforged. In addition, the structure goes like this:

0-1 Command Crew (Optional)
1 HQ Mandatory
1 HQ, 1 Elite, 1 LoW Optional

1 Primary Coterie (Mandatory)
1 HQ, 1 Troop Mandatory
2 Troops, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Optional

0-3 Additional Coteries (Optional)
1 HQ, 1 Troop Mandatory
2 Troops, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support Optional

Each coterie is Allies of Convenience with each other, but Battle Brothers with the Command Crew.
VPs are gained if the marked unit is destroyed, regardless of who actually destroys them (it doesn't have to be members of the Hate Bringers coterie).

Please correct me if I am wrong, but that is the way that I am reading them! It's also not quite clear me to if the command crew is optional or not, the way I originally read it was that it is mandatory (and therefore the minimum size would be 2 HQ and 1 Troops) but after re-reading it I am not sure anymore!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on December 28, 2015, 02:11:40 PM
@Irisado- Hey don't sell yourself short! While the photos don't reveal a lot of detail judging from the Falcon you've got a nice smooth application and a nice color scheme. I also liked the yellow heads on the Warlocks. It is true I do like painting which makes it a lot easier. For me its relaxation time, turn on some podcasts, learn some new things catch-up on current events and make some cool models. Its different for everyone though, playing, painting and modeling are all totally different ball games, each taking up a lot of time so I definitely understand where you are coming from.

@Dog of War- The Corsairs in and of themselves are not over-powered compared to other codices and are certainly a notch below stand-alone Eldar, Necrons and Daemons. There are a lot of caveats scattered throughout their army list that prevent abusive power-combos. The options presented for Craftworlds can be very powerful but offer more variety than anything else and don't really shore-up areas of weakness for the army such as hard-hitting rapid response assault units. Armies like Dark Angels, Necrons, Daemons and War Convocation still edge Eldar in MANY areas with Ravenwing, White Scars, Wraiths (Canoptek Harvest or not), Daemon Flying Circus etc. I've mentioned this before but Eldar have won only 2 major tournaments in the past 3 years so don't let their reputation fool you, top dog is up for grab and Tzeentch Daemons really have been the kings since 6th edition.

EDIT It should be noted that as I understand it almost every option opened to Craftworld Eldar via the book is constrained by the Warhost Detachment meaning you do have to give up quite a bit flexibility to access the formations, though even with those restrictions the formation driven Warhost is still VERY good.

IA:11 is DEFINITELY suitable for casual play. Eldar Corsairs play like 5th edition Dark Eldar brought into the 7th edition meta. They have great punch, tons of tricks but will fold when hit hard, especially in assault. If you play pure Corsairs without Eldar allies you have nothing to worry about. Even with Craftworld allies and the options presented in IA:11 the only areas of concern like the Deathshroud Wraithknight, the Warp Hunter formation and the Lynx with its large blast destroyer weapon. But even the Lynx which people are complaning about is no longer a Super Heavy, doesn't have Titan Holofields, and if you can take out an Eldar Falcon with a couple extra hullpoints you can take out the Lynx very easily. Hell making it jink will do the trick. I would say even with all the new stuff raw power armies like Ravenwing, Wraith-spam and even some of Ravenguard stuff from Mont'ka is superior.   

@Chris- Hey man welcome aboard! Thanks for the compliments buddy they are appreciated! As for your rules interpretation I believe you are probably right on all accounts. Its pretty unclear but I tend to think you are right. I will consult with my buddy Ibushi and see what he thinks and will amend my post after comparing our interpretations. The one I think you are definitely correct on is the HQ thing... I'm almost positive now that I look at it that you need 2 HQ choices which is why the Baron and the Void-Dreamer are so cheap. I'm gonna have a think and contact my buddy Ibushi and will get back to you. Anyway thank you very much for your comments as this is meant to be a "learn together" type of thing. Also please share some photos of your army if you get a chance I'm always eager to see the projects of a fellow Corsair! 
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Post by: Cavalier on December 31, 2015, 08:45:27 AM
Corsair Prince

Initial Impressions- Being a life time member of the Autarch fan-club the Corsair Prince is exactly what I look for in an HQ. He brings utility, increased efficacy to his army, buffs morale for a models within LOS, and he can throw down in melee like a boss. He has access to tons of wargear and of course the fascinating " Obsessions of the First Prince" which I will cover last. His stat-line, wargear options and special rules are everything I wish Autarchs and Archons had access to. Between the three I think Corsair Princes edge both Autarchs and Archons significantly.


Stat Line

First off lets look at his stat-line. He's basically between an Autarch and Archon in terms of stats but with a higher Strength score than both. This is incredibly rare for any Eldar model and instantly screams out to equip him for close-combat and to get him into the fray.

Wargear Options

He comes stock with Brace of Pistols which means he has double splinter pistols and double shuriken pistols (granting him Gunslinger), offensive and defensive grenades, and heavy mesh armor. Not bad to start but the upgrades are where things get very interesting. Without detailing every wargear option I will simply highlight the most intriguing options. First off he can take Corsair Jump Pack, a Jetbike, Dark Eldar Shadowfield, Avenger Shimmer Shield, a huge range of pistols and of course the incredibly awesome Void Sabre which will cleave through power armored units like butter, and can even take out Terminators with some hot dice (hint hint). He can even upgrade to a "Wild Psyker" which makes him Mastery Level 1. In total there are over 17 wargear options for the Corsair Prince all of which are excellent and are decently priced. Having the experience I have with an Autarch the prospect of bringing a high strength, low AP equipped Prince riding a bike with a 2+ invulnerable save (don't roll a 1 though or the fun is over) is beyond a dream. Is he a Space Marine chapter master on a bike with Stormshield, Thunderhammer? No. What he's just a notch below in terms of stats, but that notch below is a significant boost above what both Autarchs and Archons bring to the table which is incredible as I'm a huge fan of both units despite their reputation in the current game.

Yet now lets look at what puts the Corsair Prince totally over the top:

Corsair Obsessions of the First Prince-

As detailed in the book, each Corsair Prince has own brand of obsession, whether it be seeking mind and body altering drugs, ancient relics, secrets of the webway or other such arcana at no additional cost!

Seeker of Forbidden Pleasures: The Corsair Prince has access to Corsair Combat Drugs which are a bit better than the Dark Eldar drugs with the potential for stacking buffs if you roll well. Jetbikes, Infantry and Jetpack Infantry can all purchase access to drugs as well. A very tempting option for those who plan on throwing the Prince into combat.

Traveler of Forgotten Paths: This is an incredible option that will make Dark Eldar players scream out in rage, and stoke the flames of jealousy in Craftworld players who have long pined for access to Webway Portal action on the table-top. Basically its the old school 5th edition Webway Portal which allows the Prince or any other character who pays the upgrade points to generate a reserve deployment point for non-vehicle units. Like its 5th edition counterpart the portal is opened in the shooting phase near to the Prince. Furthermore it can be used to go into Ongoing Reserves! This is an incredible option that I think is going to take time to fully appreciate how powerful this can be.

Collector of Ancient Treasures: Another gem, basically this gives the Prince access to all the Relics from Codex: Craftworld Eldar, Codex: Dark Eldar and Codex Harlequin. Furthermore you can upgrade character weapons with certain buffs for a pittance as well. This is what has caught the eye of most Eldar players as you can purchase the Mask of Secrets or Armor of Misery which decimates enemy leadership. Factor in some psychic powers, the Hemlock Wraithfighter or an allied Archon with Armor of Misery or Shadowseer with the Mask and you'll be running huge swathes of your opponents army off the board based on leadership shenanigans alone. This is an incredible option and one that many Corsair players will take advantage of.

Wielder of Profane Powers: This is for the darker Corsair Princes who have unlocked their psychic potential. This one is a bit too complex to get into with spelling out exactly every detail but essentially it grants access to Malefic Daemonology psychic discipline for the Prince and other psykers in the army. It also changes the Corsair Perils Chart which is very daunting. This one is extremely risky to use and I don't seeing it used often as you can potentially hand control over all the psykers and your Prince to your opponent!

Survivor of Endless Darkness: This is an oddball choice meant for Corsair Princes of exceptional age. It gives them some wound denying USR's but if one of them is failed the Prince and his unit is negatively effected. One of the wound denying powers can also be purchased for other characters in the army.

Role and Use

The Corsair Prince is an excellent HQ in my estimation. His ability as close-combat character, the variety of his wargear coupled with "Obsessions of the First Prince" and Coterie Specialization I detailed earlier and he stands head and shoulders above the Autarch and Archon from where I sit. He's better than both in combat and brings more utility to his army.

His one downside is of course low toughness which is certainly a problem, but even giving up warlord is nothing compared to what he can do for the rest of your army. His other downside is lack of a proper escort unit. It would seem a Voidstorm Squad (close-combat unit with access to special weapons, think super Storm Guardians with tons of wargear options) would be the best bet but it really not an attractive option to me. The Corsairs lack a close-combat jetbike option which is a true shame, but allies can easily remedy this with a unit of Shining Spears or even the dreaded Seer Council which will take this character to infuriating heights of power when Fortune, Doom or Invisibility become a part of the scenario. He's a great option any way you slice it and if you like the Eldar Autarch or Dark Eldar Archon you are going to love the Corsair Prince.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on January 1, 2016, 03:22:32 AM
First off, Happy New Year to all!

And now, wow, great stuff. I will post my first list for your critique and in put ASAP. It is an all comers list, but for now the sand man is after me, yawn.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 1, 2016, 12:54:39 PM
@Dread- Excellent my friend. Can't wait to see what direction you are gonna take your new Corsairs. Personally I'm going with a Raiding Company, Sky Burner Coterie and Multiphase Key Generator with additional Void Dreamer shenanigans. Can't wait!

@Everybody- So I've gotten a little breathing room since tackling a pretty big Infinity commission. So work continues on my Balestrike squad. The Felarch and two of lancers are now complete. Been having fun doing little details like recovered Spirit Stones of different colors (see last picture) which are en route back to their appropriate Craftworlds, kill markings etc.







Also been working on a BIG piece of terrain for our upcoming campaign. My brother built it but I'm tackling the painting duties.



So in addition to that.... the Imperial Armor 11 campaign begins this week! My brother and I are going to play our first game... no LOW as per the campaign which should be interesting. I won't be using the actual Corsair army list for the first few games while I get my new Squads assembled but it should be too long before the real Corsairs hit the tabletop.

Anyways stay-tuned guys and prepare yourselves because there might be a video-battle report sometime soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 6, 2016, 10:38:53 PM
Loving this, the added detail to the Balestrikes is gorgeous -- really like the understated but clear Felarch in this unit. I tend to go a bit over-the-top with my unit leaders, and they end up looking like they should be warlords or something.

Also, looking at the Corsair rules it seems like Reckless Abandon might have a really huge nasty benefit over Battle Focus, in that whereas Battle Focus only takes effect during the Shooting Phase, there is nothing to indicate that this is the case with Reckless Abandon.

For example, your Sky Burners coterie Reaver squad with 2 fusion guns deep strikes 6" behind an Imperial Knight, scattering 4", blasting it in the rear, then using Reckless Abandon to move (not Run, check the rule) 6+D6" away. In the subsequent assault phase *assuming your Reavers are still of this world* the Knight then ramps up to charge the Reavers, who bust out an Overwatch shooting attack of 2 fusion guns and one grenade, then use Reckless Abandon again to move a further 6+D6" away, bahah!

It's not really going to be that game-changing, but if people do agree on this understanding of the rule, it gives the Corsairs something extra special and extra nasty to utilize. Love the fluff, love the mechanic. We shall see!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on January 7, 2016, 02:49:20 AM
That does seem to be a great use. I really need to post my list. Been so busy fixing cars and house repairs and work, I haven't got to ski g any color but shall have sometime soon.

Dude!! Always amaze. Hopefully be getting guardians this weekend and kit B8ashing shall ensue.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 7, 2016, 12:18:01 PM
@Ibushi- Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. Yeah the Felarch is understated, he could be taken up another notch and he and all my Exarchs/Felarchs probably will in time. I think I want to hand paint a glyph on their helmets or something like that as I saw in the IA:11 that seems to be the Felarch marking system.

As for Reckless Abandon, there is no question in my mind its not a Run Move yet doing so in your opponents turn… woo doggy thats a tough one. I don't think I'd have the stones to try convince someone of that in the middle of a game. Its like the Infinite Flicker Jump with the Spiders. However if the ITC rules it that way I will use it and drive people insane!

Anyway thanks buddy and I hope you enjoyed your vacation my man, thanks for stopping by your input is always appreciated!

@Dread- Thanks man. Can't wait to see what your gonna put together. You jumped out to an ultra-hot start on your Corsairs so you are ahead of me. I still haven't finished my Balestrike squad! Its a lot of gold, hand painting the white and then a lot of washes etc so it does take time. Anyway I'll post up a list soon too. Keep it up can't wait to see what your gonna put together.

@Everybody- Well guys my brother and I have been furiously working on terrain, new models and even getting some lighting setup so we can photo and film some bat-reps. I've got my camera on my phone in workin order so it wont be long now before video bat-reps will begin. But before that there will be some old school bat-reps and hopefully early this weekend. We're playing the first game of our Imperial Armor:11 campaign tomorrow! We've got a special mission and special rules in effect for this campaign. No LoW outside of those missions where they are specifically included in the book. So it will be a challeng to without the Wraithknight soaking up all that Imperial Guard firepower and stomping tanks flat. But at least I wont need to contend with the Imperial Knight which I haven't fared well against in the past.

Anyway here's a preview…. this Magna-Vox is the object of my Corsair's first raid, silence the planetary communication system and proceed to ravage the planet in search of our all important secret goal!


Anyway its a WIP but hopefully my brother will finish painting it today. Full credit to my brother on this amazing creation, I just started painting it. Anyway enjoy guys and stay tuned for a royal rumble very soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on January 7, 2016, 02:54:59 PM
That is awesome!  Is that a flying base as the dish?  Very clever!  :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Alienscar on January 8, 2016, 09:34:52 AM
Man I love terrain pieces like this one. The base is clearly from a Drop Pod and, as Tangi pointed out, the dish could be a flying base but assembled like this they look as if they were made for this item. The realistic paint job helps as well. Fantastic work. The only thing I could ask for to make it better is a breakdown of all the parts used.   
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 11, 2016, 07:31:39 AM
@Tangi&Alienscar- Thanks so much guys! The bits if I remember correctly are from a drop-pod (one of the best kitbashing kits for making endless terrain and cheap too!) and some Leman Russ bits is all it took. Oh yeah and the dish itself is from a plastic wine glass! Full credit to my brother he created this little beast while I did most of the painting. Such an awesome piece… having stuff like this in your terrain collection goes such a long way.


Hey guys! Well finally got in another game and its the first in the Imperial Armor: 11 campaign that me and my brother are playing. It was a custom mission that we developed ourselves to represent the Eldar Corsairs initial attack on Betalis IV. They begin their campaign with a major raid to destablize the planets communication systems before pushing on to their true and enigmatic goal.


To represent this we made a cool Magna-Vox which had to be destroyed before Turn 3. If I was able to destroy it before Turn 3 I got a Victory Point. If I failed to do so the VP went to the Imperial Guard. Other than that there were 2 objectives placed by myself, 2 by my brother and we played an 1850pts game.


Imperial Guard
Company Command Squad-Company Commander, 3x Plasma, Vox

Veterans x10: 3x Plasma, Carapace Armor
Veterans x10: 3x Plasma, Carapace Armor
Veterans x10: 3x Plasma, Carapace Armor

Leman Russ Squadron-
   Punisher- Pask, Heavy Bolters x2
   Leman Russ- Battle Cannon, Double Melta, Lascannon
   Executioner: Plasma Sponsons

Vindicare Assassin

Eldar Corsairs

Autarch- Banshee Mask, Soulshrive
Archon: Webway Portal, Armor of Misery, Shadowfield, Powersword
Wraithblades x5
   Wave Serpent: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Warriors x5
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasers x3
Crimson Hunter- Exarch
Raider- Dark Lance

Aspect Host:
Swooping Hawks x6- Exarch, Sunrifle
Striking Scorpions x10- Exarch, Claw
Fire Dragons x6- Exarch



As usual I failed the roll to go first…. we set up and this is what the board looked like.




My brother castled up in the corner and facing all that artillery I elected to reserve nearly everything as I usually do. Deploying only my Warlord and his Wraithblade retinue in their Wave Serpent, the Scorpions and the Dark Eldar Warriors.





I was bracing myself for the artillery pounding when then this happened!


I stole the initiative which so RARELY happens for me. Most of the time I don't even bother as I'm so used to going second. Anyway I took the opportunity and ran with it!


Eldar Corsairs- Very brief as you may have guessed. I ran the Scorpions from the rocky outcropping to the woods near the Manticore and the Veterans in the large ruin. The Wave Serpent shot out to the right flank to get into position for a turn 3 disembarkation for Autarch and his Wraithblades. The Warriors sat on their objective closing out an uneventful Turn 1.


Imperial Guard- The IG let rip as always they do. The Plasmacutioner, the Veterans, the Leman Russ all let rip on the Scorpions dropping them to only 3 models! Oof that hurt but it was to be expected. I was hoping to have access to some ruins before the game began to get that nice 2+ cover but it wasn't to be. Even still I was hoping for more, but hey its like they say Big Guns Never Tire! Then the Manticore and the Basilisk unloaded into Wave Serpent pummeling it and I got Immobilized after failing my Serpent Shield save as often I do. Damn! My close-combat units were in a bad situation right from the get-go. I needed my reserves and I needed them pronto!




Eldar Corsairs- Hornets, the WWP Archon attached to the Fire Dragons in the Raider, Nightwing, Crimson Hunter, and all three units of Jetbikes all came on and came in with a bang. The Archon and the Fire Dragons descended on the Leman Russ Squadron and utterly annihilated them. Despite the fantastic results it was actually a bummer for us because that was the heart of my brothers army and the Fire Dragons incinierated it with ridiculous ease. Squadroning them was probably a mistake and something we talked a lot about later, and I'll discuss at the end of the bat-rep.


Amidst the destruction the Crimson Hunter and Nightwing came screaming in and combined fire to take out Magna-Vox which is very cool. The jetbikes came on and blasted up a bunch of Veterans but they made most of their saves resulting in only a few casualties. My Eldar had their characteristic Turn 2 which is just absolutely punishing.


Imperial Guard- The Guard were hurting after that fussilade of fire but managed to punch back. After some very disappointing firepower from the Vets and some white hot jink-saves, the Vindicare was forced to step in and blow-up the Raider.



The Company Command Squad wiped out the remaining Scorpions. The Manticore then hammered the Hornets but again the Jink saves were hot and only one was actually damaged but it was immobilized and the others were jinking which was good. The Manticore then unloaded on the Warriors killing all but one.


The outflanking Vendetta showed up and stripped a HP off the Crimson Hunter and vector locked it forcing me to move it off the board in my turn. It could have been better but the Guard managed to silence my big guns for a turn.


Eldar Corsairs- With most of the armor dealt with the high strength weaponry of the Eldar was of little use against the castled up infantry. The Hornets shot forward snap-shooting into the Company Command Squad. The Fire Dragons and Archon seperated with the Dragons running out of LOS of the Vindicare while the Archon was not going to make it out of LOS of the Vindicare made moves to assault the Veteran squad that was protecting the wrecked Magna-Vox. Meanwhile the Swooping Hawks came bombing on to the scene and took out a Veteran Squad.


The Jetbikes continued to harrass the Veterans but excellent cover protected them. The Nightwing strafed the Vindicare and caused a wound on the assassin. Closing out the turn the Archon threw a grenade into the Guardsmen, assaulted and broke their morale with the Armor of Misery and then ran them down, consolidating 5" and out of LOS of the Assassin as I had planned. However he lost his Shadowfield in combat with the Guardsmen! Blasphemy! This would prove costly as you'll see.


Imperial Guard- I couldn't help but think what a different game it would have been if those Leman Russ' werent squadroned as only one of them would have died to the Fire Dragons, because this is when the Guard tend to shine with the Veterans receiving orders and punishing my Corsairs as they've closed with 24" while the artillery continues to pound my backfield. Regardless my brother stuck to his guns and played to the mission. He moved his Assassin a little to the left and shot into my Archon with his Exitus Pistol (wasn't expecting that) racking up another wound. He then peppered the Dragons but I only lost 1. He then shot Basilisk at the remaining Dark Eldar Warriors eliminating them forcing me to keep a Jetbike unit back to try and score as the game was actually still close on points. The last of the Stormeagle rockets were fired by the Manticore at a unit of Jetbikes but I made my 3+ armor saves to add insult to injury.


We played two more turns culiminating in an epic clash between the Vindcare and the Archon who leapt all the way atop the ruin seeking retribution for destroying his Raider and wounding him previously. Couldn't be a more shocking conclusion when the Vindicare killed the Archon! It was a nice morale victory for the Guardsmen who had a very tough time of it in this game. With that a general retreat was sounded and the Imperial Guard fell back to fight another day. Game 1 in the Campaign went to the Eldar Corsairs who won in style.




Well to be honest it was a very disappointing game. My brother had spent a ton of time working on his army and collaborating with me to make new terrain clean up the board and get all our 40k stuff in order. If he had not squadroned the Leman Russ and taken his Vulture instead of the Assassin as he usually does it would have been a much different game. Yet at the same time I can't deny just how VERY strong the Craftworld codex is. I'm so used to playing against Space Marine Battle-Companies, Thunderwolf Cav, Necron Decurions etc. that I feel that I could have taken my list down a notch making for a much more fun game.

However my brother is adamant that I don't scale back my force because he wants to play against me at my best. However the next game should be very interesting as my brother gets access to a LoW in the form of his Imperial Knight while I do not.

We learned a lot from this game, such as ways to manipulate the FoC to get access to extra slots for the IG so squadroning is not necessary, the value of the Vindicare and the incredible strength of the Fire Dragons who had under-performed in games thus far for me.

Personally I'm hellbent to get a TRUE Corsairs force ready for games. They are still VERY deadly but are much more fragile and have significant vulnerabilities but suit my playstyle much more. Also of note is that we bought our first game mat from gamemat.eu, and picked up our first directional light so the work towards getting our youtube channel going is certainly underway. Next step build a dedicated gaming table. So stay tuned for that. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed and stay-tuned for the next installment in the campaign!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on January 11, 2016, 09:18:30 AM
I agree that putting all the Leman Russ tanks into a squadron was a mistake.  When I played against Koval's Guard back in sixth edition, it was really difficult for me to knock out his tanks since they were all separate units, or unit transports.  As a result, I think that scaling back on your army is unnecessary for the next game, especially if your brother is going to be taking an Imperial Knight (yet another unit that has no place in 40K scale in my opinion).

The photos of the game are great.  It's quite funny because my dad noticed what I was reading and thought I was reading something from the GW website, because of the quality of the photos, so I'd take that as a compliment :).

My favourite image was the one of the Vindicare overlooking the battlefield, and his fight with the Archon.  That was a suitable clash to round off the game, especially in view of the surprising outcome.

Congratulations on your victory :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on January 12, 2016, 01:40:13 AM
I agree but the shot taken over the back of the razorwing caught my eye.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 12, 2016, 02:12:06 PM
@Irisado- Wow thanks Irisado, say thanks to your Dad too, thats really high praise and I really do appreciate it. Also my brother says thanks for the info on placing the tanks into a squadron as well. He's really ramping up towards regular play so the input is really appreciated and something we'll both learn from. Hopefully softening my list as you noted will not need to happen because playing against a Knight is very challenging even with one of your own. Yet I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm so used to playing against hardcore armies that I hardly bat an eye at playing against a Knight and seeing that beast stalking around the battlefield is gonna look awesome and make for a tense fight.

Thanks for your comments on the photos. My favorites were of the Vindicare and the Archon as well. It was one of those cool "game within the game" things that makes 40k such a great game. My Archon did very well in the game and continues to be a champion. It's really nice having my Prince's 2nd in command shine the way he has.

Thanks for the congrats on the victory as well!

@Dread- Thanks man glad you didn't think I totally cheezed out. It felt like it when those tanks went up in smoke and it really bothered me but with a little hindsight my list wasn't really that bad though it was very strong. Yeah the photo with the Nightwing came out good if you guys haven't noticed I really love my Nightwing. The paint job came out good and its been such an ACE in games I really can't say enough about how well its performed, but I'll say it again: FORGET THE CRIMSON HUNTER the Nightwing is the champ! lol

@Everybody- Anyway guys here's a preview image of the new game mat my brother and I ordered!

There aren't my photos but from the Gamemat.eu



Also been hard at work on my Chaos stuff as well. I've changed the way I paint them a bit and would love some feedback. I'll take some photos soon and see what you guys think. Anyway thats it for now guys thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. Got a bunch of awesome stuff on the way so stay tuned and I'll talk to you guys soon.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: vonny on January 15, 2016, 11:49:19 AM
too much to reply to in the short time that I have before I have to run, but I did want to say this:

put that sattelite dish on a 60mm base and you've got an idea on the objectives I'd normally want to make. Except yours look a lot cooler, of course.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 18, 2016, 04:47:34 PM
Really amazing stuff, Cav, love it!

Gorgeous terrain, armies, setup, mission parameters, and playlists. A bit unfortunate that the IG put the tanks in a squadron, that is definitely a big mistake in any situation, but next time you'll be on the rocks for sure!

Your brother picking up a Knight is going to be huge, but a big part of it will be whether he knows how to position it/hold it back or push it forward at just the right times or not, so we shall see -- looking forward to it!

Loved the cinematic assault by the Dragons and Archon, but glad to see the dirty cousin getting punked by the Vindicare, as you don't see that too often haha!

Lastly, on a rules note, if your scorpions were in a 5+ woods, they would have had a 2+ cover save from Stealth + Shrouded from infiltrating. Also I noticed you have the Soulshrive on your Autarch which is boss, just bear in mind it's not allowed in "official" play anymore, sadface.

Overall your list is super nasty, ouch! Do you take all lances on the Crimson Hunter? For the Exarch one of the things I think might work out better is taking Starcannons and going after infantry for the Precision shots, while the Nightwing takes on vehicles. Against Flyers the Hunter has such an advantage anyway, starcannons can still work. Just my 2c! 

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 19, 2016, 07:08:23 AM
Thanks man. Always appreciate your commentary and thoughts Ibushi. Yeah the tank squadron was a big mistake, but my brother is very happy that it was such a big mistake in a way, because it was easy to extrapolate what would have happened had not squadroned. Only one tank dead and it'd be a totally different game. I wasn't expecting him to squadron which was why I took the WWP Dragons... I thought it'd be a fun ambush and then they'd die with perhaps the Archon running around like a madman in the backlines annoying him... not dropping an army crushing nuke! To be honest man it was a bad feeling my brother worked so hard that week on his army but it still got us pumped about playing and learning how to make his Guard work.

Glad you liked the mission parameters too. We're gonna experiment with different game parameters like drawing 14 maelstrom cards at random, playing 2 cards of choice per turn.

Fascinating about the Crimson Hunter. I actually like that role a lot, I find I get bogged down against lots of infantry as I don't rock any blast markers. I like this idea a lot!

About my list yeah it really was nasty. I didn't think so at the time. I've been playing some pretty freaking tough lists in the past, and after getting my head handed to me by my brother last time out I thought I'd have to bring something tough, but for whatever reason the power of the list didn't jump out to me. I just sort of slapped it together without much thought. I wanted to give the Dragons another game as they've really under performed and the Crimson Hunter had yet to see the light of day. Yet when we started playing I was like HOT damn thats a lot of Ap2! I thought all the points invested in CC would soften the army a bit but it didn't!

Next time out my brother's list is gonna be nasty. The Knight, Vendetta, Vulture combination which rocked my world last time we played will be back and I'm dreading it! Might just have to take my medicine this time. But it should be glorious!

Anyway thanks so much man always enjoy your insights. Good catch on the Scorpions too!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 19, 2016, 05:40:52 PM
Sounds like you guys are in a pretty good space overall though, I wouldnt worry about "going to hard" and whatnot if you both have the big guns anyway. His mistake in squadroning really was so particular and costly, it will never happen again! There is basically no good reason to squadron other than requirements or sharing amazing buffs, and even then...

Yeah I thought how you did it that the special mission was just +1 by turn 3 for you, or +1 for him afterwards was really clever, as it doesn't relegate the rest of the game to a sideshow, you know? A lot of scenarios are too heavily scored on just one criterion.

It does sound like you may have to take your medicine soon, I like the sound of that! I definitely had lots of medicine on sunday, hahaha.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 20, 2016, 07:02:22 AM
Awesome thanks Ibushi glad you liked the mission parameters. My brother have gamed together for many, many years and since I'm sort of doubling down on gaming at home we are going to stray further into mission design and victory parameters.

The guys at Frontline mentioned at one point when 7th first dropped about have each player choose their own mission objectives so that you could design your army to win a way that works best for you. I liked this idea SO MUCH but sadly they didn't go on with it. We are going to take a stab at this eventually and see what we can come up with. I've always hated "Objective" grabbing. Its so abstract and almost never feels like it has any tactical or narrative value. They are just random markers on the board instead of tactical goals/objectives of great value to winning a battle or a greater war.

Though I complained about IA:11 not having the old missions the more I look at them, the more I think we're gonna just write up our own instead of using the originals- which I'm very happy about.

Also the bitter medicine pill is coming and I deserve it after my cheese!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 20, 2016, 01:27:25 PM
Yeah that idea of "player-selected parameters" or whatever they call it is pretty cool. Speaking from NOVA open, it takes a few times to get used to, but once you can remember the choices in your "treasure chest" of scoring options it is a pretty straightforward dynamic. Only really works if you play a series of games like a campaign or tournament though, which forces certain options to be eliminated and makes every army eventually face the music in one way or another.

One possibility would a one-off game or scenario would be to restrict the scoring options to just 2-3 and each player chooses, but then you're basically in ITC territory where you can always focus on either Primary or Maelstrom plus one or more Tertiary. The main difference would be in WHAT the scoring parameters are, right. That's what I really liked about your mission - it was unique, but not OP. Keep it up!

In terms of abstraction of objective markers, yeah it kind of sucks, unless you have proper themed markers, right? Mine are ruined pieces of my Torii webway gateway lying about needing to be picked up and restored, and then a wounded Exarch/Emissary crawling along with his leg blown off. See if I can get some pictures for you soon!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: DCannon ForLife on January 21, 2016, 11:30:56 AM
This year, the Renegade Open did something clever with their missions. They gave each player 4 tokens, with each token representing a mission (e.g. Kill Points, etc.). Each player was obligated to play each of the missions during the course of the day (day one had 4 rounds). The novelty was that each player got to see who they were matched up with before choosing (secretly) which token to 'play'. Once chosen, the tokens were revealed and the game played from there.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 21, 2016, 12:46:58 PM
Those are exactly the lines I was thinking along was thinking along D-Cannon. I thought the ITC guys were going to do that at one point but for whatever reason they chose not to. I think thats something I could adapt straight-up to the campaign I'm playing at the moment and something very similar for games in general. There is a mission in the Iyanden Supplement where the Iyanden player rolls to see which mission type KP's, Emperor's Will etc. that he is after and its kept secret from the player he's up against which I thought was neat too.

 Also your information concerning tourney terrain really surprised me. I thought those ITC guys were all about LOS blocking terrain. Its so easy to make when you just have a bunch of huge old rocks like I have for my board. Its fast, easy and cheap and not too tough to store either. Weird.

Anyway thanks for the info man I always appreciate your great insights and thanks for stopping by!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: DCannon ForLife on January 21, 2016, 05:28:07 PM
Also your information concerning tourney terrain really surprised me. I thought those ITC guys were all about LOS blocking terrain.
I can't speak to all ITC tournaments and hope I didn't come across as doing that. I know from photos of the Las Vegas Open last year that there was a great variety of terrain (including large and small LoS blocking pieces) on at least some of the tables (and probably most/all).

One thing I will stand by is that MOST tournaments, 3+ years after 6th edition, still have inadequate terrain. Or perhaps I should say that the terrain most tournaments put on the table continues to influence the meta toward a) shooty armies (Eldar and Tau), b) armies that bring their own cover saves (War Convocation) c) giant blobs of fearless, 5++ models that don't particularly care if you shoot them or not (Khorne Daemonkin), or d) armies that bring their own LoS blocking (I'm looking at you, Space Marine Battle Company).

Now that a number of armies (particulary armies from the Imperium of Man) can shoot very well, and pull other shenanigans (Skyhammer), just being able to shoot isn't enough. This is what brings me to the conclusion that Eldar cannot capitalize on their 'great' mobility.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 22, 2016, 07:35:54 AM
Thats very disappointing to hear D-Cannon. Living in North Carolina there is no tourney scene to speak of but back when I lived up North I played in tourneys regularly and it was the same thing there to. Literally planet-bowling ball at times.

Also I'm 100% convinced the 6x4 tabletop is way too small for the amount of models on the board. If we played on 6x6 or 8x6 the range of the Imperial Guard and the mobility of the Eldar would actually count for something at least in terms of positioning. By turn 2 the board has usually descended into pure madness with models all over the place. So many times I've though to myself that if either myself or my opponent could actually fallback to a position where each others guns weren't in range one of us could actually mount a comeback but by turn 2 everything is in position and its impossible to fall back.

Yeah the Eldar mobility is really meaningless if there isn't cover. Sure you can turbo boost onto some objectives and then flush those units right down the toilet afterwards. Warp Spiders are the only high mobility unit that can actually do something after moving a good distance. Jetbike thrust move is super useful especially in concert with their incredible shooting, the Hornets with their snapfire after turbo-boosting is nice but thats it. I'd argue that while Eldar may be able to position themselves better than any other army, Space Marines are "faster" in that that they position themselves via Drop-Pod (or Deepstrike/Outflank if you are Ravenguard) and then are immediately able to shoot and assault you which outside of a WWP Eldar cannot do and then when we can only shoot you and then get promptly get smashed. I also have long conteneded that Necrons are at least equal to Eldar in terms of speed. Wraiths, Scarabs, phenomenal flyers, Overlord's teleportation ability, the monoliths teleportation ability, teleport out of flyers and even destroyers are incredibly fast.

Don't get me wrong our codex is ridiculously powerful and very fast but I think Necrons, Space Marines, and Eldar are all pretty much neck and neck in terms of the race for most powerful. When I play Marines or Necrons I immediately feel like I'm playing a Finesse army again with little room for mistakes.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 25, 2016, 03:00:01 PM
Hey gang so good news on two different fronts. I finished my Balestrike Band and our gaming mat came in! Wow what a difference its going to make in game... our old board was so drab and lifeless but this one has a nice mix of green, grey and brown playing perfectly off our rocky terrain. I'll tell you this though I'm really glad my brother insisted on adding static grass, lichen etc because otherwise I don't think it would have worked!

Anyway I'm super pumped. So here are some photos





Should be getting in some games soon. Space Hulk, Battle of Calth and game 2 of IA:11 campaign are all coming up soon. So stay tuned for that. Also I'm going to pick up a whole mess of jetbikes soon for my Corsair Prince, Shining Spear/Seer Council unit so stay tuned for that as well. Alright guys hope you are all doing well and stay tuned I'll talk to you all soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 25, 2016, 03:03:17 PM
Ah dude, love it, super pumped to see more of these in action!

The Balestrike Band came together really well, such a crisp and limited palette -- love the white bands on the single scope, and the gems.

New bike Prince model???
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Irisado on January 25, 2016, 04:33:57 PM
That's a seriously impressive gaming surface.  Your models and terrain look superb sitting on top of that.  I'm looking forward to seeing further battle reports featuring this mat.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Dread on January 25, 2016, 10:33:32 PM
Dude, that is quite fantastic. In having trouble trying to figure out how I want to equip mine. This helps a bunch.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Calamity on January 26, 2016, 12:03:29 PM
That is a sweet gaming table!  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 26, 2016, 01:24:16 PM
@Ibushi- Thanks man appreciate it. Glad you noticed the white bands on the scope. I actually gave individual details to each guy in the squad. Recovered spirit stones on their belts, combat drugs on another guy, kill markings on the barrel of one of the lances. Its something I want to do more of as I work on new units. And yep! Gonna make a Prince on bike and a big retinue of Shining Spears with magnetized options to make them a Seer Council. Should be a really fun project. BTW I heard you mentioned on Signals from the Frontline, same episode they featured one of my Infinity Commissions. Sweet!

@Dread- Thanks man. Yeah the Balestrike Band is freaking boss. IMO its a premier deepstrike unit when using Skyburner Coterie. You really don't need WWP Wraithguard when playing them... they are so cheap even with 5 lances!

@Irisado- Thank you Irisado I'm glad you like it. I'm very happy with how it came out. I was really inspired by WintersSEO on youtube who's got fantastic 3 toned terrain with armies that contrast very nicely. I should have a new bat-rep for you guys in about 2 weeks. Some video bat-reps won't be far behind as we've begun to pick up lighting. Should be exciting!

@Captain Calamity- Thanks Tangi. I'm really stoked about it. My brother's Guard should look really good on it too and stand-out a bit more than they do on the wasteland board we scratch built. My brother is the terrain master as well so expect some new pieces soon with a bit more greenery.

Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Looshkin on January 26, 2016, 01:39:37 PM
As always Cav, you are producing some sickeningly nice models. It's always a pleasure reading this blog and seeing what a little bit of drive and talent can achieve. If only we could all find a little bit of drive.......and talent!

I really love the board that you're putting together as well. Some of the terrain features are just lovely, and I love the fact that you are more than willing to put the same level of detail and effort into the things your minis stand on as you do the army itself. That drop pod is frankly epic. It's the fact that thought has gone into the pose of the model, so the scenery is able to tell a very  effective story.

The mat also looks good. I'm not usually a big fan of mats, but that one looks good.

Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 27, 2016, 01:28:06 PM
Hey Looshkin thanks a lot man. Really glad you enjoy the project. I'm not the best painter or modeler but I try to keep everything nice and clean and add some original details. I got into the hobby with some epic hobbyists who really inspired me.

Appreciate your comments on the terrain as well. Full credit to my brother who really helps out in that department. He tends to be the guy who gets the terrain assembled while I'm the guy who goes in weathers the crap out of everything (physically and with paint).

Glad you like the mat too. Not always a fan myself but having played on a really good one at my FLGS I wanted to have one at home... plus no more gravel falling all over the floor when I bring it in from the garage!

Anyway thanks man. I'm enjoying your project as well keep up the great work and thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Ibushi on January 30, 2016, 01:14:50 AM
Wow really looking forward to seeing that death unit all tooled up! I guess for swapping out and magnetizing you just need to decide if you are going to go with a "proper" warlock/farseer look, or just do all-Corsair versions that are more ambiguous and can be both -- my vote would be to do the latter, model them up with spears and maybe swappable heads. These days singing spears and witchblades have NO difference in combat, the singing spear upgrade is just a few extra points for a shooting attack, so there is no WYSIWYG argument against just modelling 100% spears anyway. Plus they look great. My big question is how are you going to equip your bike prince? I have been going for the Ancient Treasures path most of the time to take Mask of Secrets -- it is such a nasty item. But I could see Rage Prince working out as well.

Oh yeah thats true, I made a few comments and they called me out! I met Frankie at TSHFT but Reece didn't make it which was too bad, but it was really cool to meet a lot of the peeps for the first time. Really, really glad I didnt have to table up against the freshly-painted FLG Tau army *cough-Stormsurge army-cough*, although it looks pretty amazing. Actually I dont think Frankie did very well, he seems to be much more into it playing Battle Company over Tau, but I just didnt want to play all that shooting.

Also you are in NC, wuut - I definitely assumed you were further south than that. I spent the whole christmas two weeks in Durham (mostly sick, aha), getting my stuff together to bring back to Canuckistan. Are you over in the mountains or something?! There's quite a 40k scene around the Triangle anyway.

Next weekend I'm off to NZ for a month so probably will not be online hardly at all unfortunately -- anything fun updates just shoot me an email, I love to see the new things! On my end I'm putting together two warp hunters out of converted wave serpents and the old metal fire prism crystals. Those things have just been MUDERIZING imperial knights! In the last few games they have taken out a knight in the first turn each time, it is almost too much. Plus the flamer template D-attack is actually really effective up close with the Corsair version, wounding so reliably. Anyway, I'm sure we'll see your hunter on the youtube channel soon -- looking forward to it!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsair Army
Post by: Cavalier on January 30, 2016, 07:28:39 AM
@Ibushi- Hey man thanks for your comments, fascinating as ever. Great point about the spears/blades I hadn't really thought of that before. I have a bunch of really awesome high-elf spears that I've been saving for awhile that I may use for the job. The whole idea is that this unit is rocking relic wargear rescued from the vaults of the Croneworlds. Not having to magnetize the weapons would make things A LOT easier. The heads will definitely be magnetized. I'm gonna use the Hemlock pilots head for the Seers and the glass-dome heads for the Warlocks while I've got some Polish 3rd party heads which I'll probably use for the Shining Spears. Playing into the Croneworld relics theme my Prince most likely will be rocking the Mask of Secrets. I think it'll be a real game-changer in the assault phase and should help keep guarantee some victorious combats. Fearless is awesome as well. I won't lie I'm super stoked about this combination... modeling up an Autarch on a bike will be awesome too. I love my Dark Eldar second in command and will push to make this guy a standout as well.

I wish you had gotten to tangle with Frankie! That would have been so legendary man I think you'd have the skills to beat him. To be honest though I wouldn't have wanted to play against him either. I've been following AceFace on youtube and his double Stormsurge "army" is ridiculous. Way too over the top for me. I'd play against it as a personal challenge but its pretty ridiculous at the same time.

I'm in Union County in a no-mans land for 40k  :'( :'( :'( so I was about 2 1/2 hours away from you. Wish we could have gotten in a game! Although Eldar on Eldar is wrong (even though my guys fight on Croneworlds all the time). Thats interesting about the Triangle I didn't know that. Wish I was there!!!!!

Thats awesome about the Warp Hunter... I gotta deal with my dang brothers IK next week and without my Wraithknight its gonna be a struggle. Now I'll have a secret weapon (though he's gonna nuke that thing if he can... he HATES the Warp Hunter).

Hey man enjoy NZ I'll make sure to email you if anything comes up or any awesome updates. I'm gonna try and get a few youtube videos up sometime in the next month which I'll let you and my forum buds get an early look at. If I get those up anytime soon I'll be sure to let you know. Anyway man enjoy your time in NZ can't wait to read more of your tabletop exploits. Hit me up yourself if you have any crazy revelations. Take care and safe journeys man I'll keep the flames of war burning bright for you!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaigns
Post by: Cavalier on February 4, 2016, 01:02:18 PM
Hey guys... very new development is landing on the project log. With the 40k scene really dying in my area and in the interest of getting a very competitive "house" army done quickly that both me and my brother can play with and against I've started a Necron army!

Not only is it a good rival to my Eldar, but its an army my brother can enjoy playing with and against (his artillery can really light these guys up). I've assembled, and painted the entire 10 man squad and scarabs in just 3 days!

I really did want to have a Chaos Marines/Daemons force, but the amount of time it'll take to paint, cost of paint the age of the some of the models and just the uphill nature of actually playing the army caused me to go in a different direction.


Experimenting with the base a bit


I'm really excited about getting this army off to the races and it shouldn't take long. My brother and I are gonna both contribute to getting the army up and running and I couldn't be more excited.

Don't worry this doesn't mean my Eldar are going on hiatus because I made a brilliant discovery on ebay yesterday and a VERY cool unit will be featured on the project log very soon (the order is gonna be made tomrrow).

Also this means that following our IA:11 campaign, my brother and I will immediately pick up IA:12 and even pick up the Necron terrain to go with it. I cannot wait. Anyway guys stay tuned and hopefully you'll all enjoy the progress of seeing the Ancient Menace come to life!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Looshkin on February 4, 2016, 01:45:12 PM
Damn. So you can paint things other than Eldar extremely well too. Git  ;)

Seriously though, those Necrons are really nice and clean. I guess it must be refreshing to paint something which is quite simple like Crons after the effort of having a fully converted and top level Eldar army (I know I felt that way when taking a break from my Eldar to paint Skaven!).

Would you share your recipe? I'm guessing something like Leadbelcher base, Nuln Oil wash then...layer? Dry Brush? And then details to finish.

Keep it up Cav!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 5, 2016, 09:27:39 AM
@Looshkin- Thanks man! Super glad you like them. Not the most inspired paint scheme for them, but the cool thing is I can add whole new layers of color after the whole army is painted (which I'm sure I'll do). Its a huge relief not having to do edge highlighting and what have you. I painted up most of my brother's Guard army which at times requires so much edge highlighting its ridiculous. Just look on the housing on the side armor/tracks on any Chimera based vehicles and you'll nearly faint.

As for my recipe its SUPER easy. 1st Black primer, the Leadbelcher spray basecoat (thank you GW your colored sprays are freaking brilliant)dry brush old Mithril Silver then put a black wash on. Warpstone green for the first layer of greens (and around the eyes) then little dots of Moot Green with a Biel-Tan wash. Sounds longer in type than it is in reality lol. But man is it a joy... for the characters and Lychguard I'm going to do something special perhaps do them up in all golds or something of that nature.

I've also got some counts-as ideas that will borrow from the Tomb Kings line... your project was actually inspiration to hop over to GW and check out the fantasy line for some potential stand-ins. :)

Anyway thanks so much Looshkin for your compliments. Coming from an a painting ace like yourself its super gratifying. Keep up the great work yourself I'm loving your project!

@Everybody- So guys I through down a whopping $150 on a VERY special investment for my Eldar army. This new unit is gonna be the center piece of my army and I CANNOT wait for it to arrive. My only hint is that its coming from Russia. Its not a knockoff or a re-cast but something totally new. I can't wait for it to arrive and when it does I'm going all out. So excited to share this with you guys.

Also I'm gonna help my brother finish his army as well so expect a smattering of IG stuff as well.

Also I'm gonna be playing game 2 of my campaign next week so stay-tuned for a bat-rep as well. Anyway guys stay tuned tons of awesome stuff coming down the pipe!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Looshkin on February 5, 2016, 12:13:25 PM
Thanks for the props, but I'm going to go ahead and say that you're the one that we should be learning from. All of your work is of a high standard, I'd love to have a game against an army that well painted!

I think the Necrons, whilst simple, work because it's such a clean concept, and the little touches like the glow from the eyes, combined with a nice, uncluttered base make them all look good.

Really interested to see what the $150 went on...you have piqued my interest!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 9, 2016, 12:59:31 PM
@Looshkin- Thanks so much man I really do appreciate it. I'd love to get in a game against you (and so many of the other forum members as well). Glad you dig the Necrons. I know they are an austere departure from my ultra-kitbashed Eldar but I think they contrast nicely.

As for the special project.... well as soon as it arrives and I get the models put together I'll post some photos for you guys. BTW do you have a project log or anything for your Eldar? I love the model pictured in your avatar and would love to see more.

@Everybody- So guys while I wait to receive my new models for my special project I decided to work on an old project that I lost steam on. These guys are my counts-as Talos squadron. Pretty happy with how they came out... they are an older conversion from about 2 years ago but I still like them. There are things I'd do differently (and will in the future) but I wanted to give them some love and finish them up... and bolster my Dark Eldar force all in one go.


Also some terrain I've been working on as well. These things have been banging around never having being used so as I sort of polish off little odds and ends around the house I decided to give them some love as well. Need to paint the rim of the base but other than that they are finished.


Another pic of the Necrons who will get reinforcements this weekend.


Anyway enjoy guys and stay tuned for the secret project its on its way from Russia!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Calamity on February 9, 2016, 01:19:34 PM
Those lion things are coooool!  :o

And your necrons are as awesomely present as your Eldar!  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on February 9, 2016, 02:05:56 PM
I love the purple crystal shard terrain piece.  That looks very impressive and alien.  I'm looking forward to seeing it feature in one of your games.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 10, 2016, 07:07:53 AM
@Tangi- Thanks Tangi. A bit of a over-the-top coversion/kitbash but they'll be part of a DE beastpack detachment in the future (probably a good deal down the road). Glad you like the Necrons too. It'll be great fun to practice against them and play them against my brothers guard. I dont think they are an army I'm gonna play outside the house but it'll be very nice to mix things up at home. Glad you like them!

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. I'm really trying to grow my terrain collection so I'm glad you like them. My brother was totally against including them in the collection after they arrived (they looked a lot better on the website than they did in person) but after putting them onto a little base and blending them with some other scenery I think they look quite nice. Just recently we pulled one of our big buildings apart, splitting it into 2 pieces for re-basing and to double our terrain options so I'll be posting some pics of that as well.

Anyway guys thanks for your feedback its always appreciated. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by there's more to come!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 18, 2016, 05:13:00 PM
Hey guys quick update before a big game tomorrow against my buddy Chris and his Soul Drinker renegade Space Marines. Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm still waiting for my big purchase from russia to arrive. So in the meantime I've been working on  comissions, my brothers Vulture gunship and terrain. My brother and I broke up our buildings re-based them and I've been busy painting and flocking them in addition to working on various other pieces. So check them out on my new mat!










So anyway really happy with how that cave piece came out. Thats my brothers project I was just the one who painted it. Really enjoying working on terrain and for those who haven't done it before I really recommend it. It really brings your games to life.

So besides that I will have a big bat-rep for you guys this weekend or early next week, most likely against Space Marine battle-company with Drop-Centurions, or perhaps all out Skyhammer which will be good and challenging. While I prefer more classic army builds, if I'm not playing against classic style armies I'd rather play against really competitive armies. After that I've got a game lined up against Space Wolves which will be REALLY competitive. I'm betting on facing Wolfen and perhaps some allied Ad-Mech which should be interesting. I've watched a TON of bat-reps featuring Ad-mech this year since discovering Winters SEO but it should be very challenging nonethless. Anyway guys stay-tuned and enjoy. Bat-reps are on the way!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on February 18, 2016, 05:33:44 PM
All those terrain pieces are looking really impressive Cavalier :).  I also really like that cave with rocky outcrop.  It has turned out very well.

The forthcoming battle reports sound promising.  I really do hope that you beat the Space Wolves.  They were always my bête noire back in second edition, and I always love seeing them defeated by the Eldar :D.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on February 19, 2016, 02:44:51 AM
Ditto. I've been holding back on my builds for a rainy day on my corsairs. Stock piling bits and all to get ready, on the infantry that is. Got the vehicles already.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 19, 2016, 02:02:05 PM
@Irisado- Thanks a lot Irisado. Glad you like the rocky cave/outcropping. I think it came out really nice and has good functionality. LOS blocking and area terrain all in one is a beautiful thing. As for the Space Wolves... send the good vibes my way because this is going to be an extremely tough match-up. Thunderwolves are probably one of the BEST units in the game and the new Wolven are just so damn scary. Even their fun fluffy units can really be be a beast to handle like their Dreadnoughts. Despite how hardcore they are they have great looking models and my opponent truly loves them so for me that always makes it fun. Tomorrow is all about Space Marines but I'd be lying if I said I've not been thinking about how to beat those pesky pups.

@Dread- Cool stuff man. You got out to a super-hot start but its really good to hold off on the infantry till you get all your bits in a row. I sort of induldged a bit too much with some of the weird units I built like the counts-as Harlequins. Really wish I had saved some of those bits as I really could have used all CC weapons and cool heads to make an awesome Malevolents or Voidstorm squad with wings. Oh well at least I have a monstrous big unit of Storm Guardians at the very least! Anyway can't wait to see what you've cooked up or whats in the preparation phase. Keep me updated buddy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 21, 2016, 09:15:48 AM
Hey guys well I'm back with another bat-rep. This time against traitorous Soul Drinkers. My opponent brought the fearsome Battle Company formation with 9 (!) Lascannon Razorbacks! The last time I faced this army I got my teeth kicked in before my opponents son actually got sick and puked at the gaming store (in the bathroom mind you) and we had to call the game. Myself on the other hand brought a CAD with an Aspect Host.

This was my first game on my new mat and re-touched terrain so I was very excited. Anyway lets get on to the lists!

Soul Drinker Space Marines

Chapter Master (no upgrades)
Chaplain (no upgrades)

-Librarius Conclave-
Librarians x3 (Invisibilty, Psychic Shriek and other shenanigans)
Assault Squad x5
   Drop Pod
Assault Squad x5
   Drop Pod
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
5 Man Tactical Squad
   Lascannon Razorback
Devastators x7 (Missile Launchers)
Devastators x7 (Missile Launchers)


Lions of Asuryan Corsairs

Autarch- Firesabre, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun
Farseer- Jetbike
Warlock- Jetbike
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers x4
Hornets x1- Pulse Lasers x2

-Aspect Host-
Fire Dragons x5- Exarch
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch: Power Blades
Scorpions x10- Exarch: Scorpions Claw


So we decided to play Vanguard Strike after initially rolling Hammer and Anvil. The set-up was all wrong for the way I had arranged the terrain so we optioned for Vanguard Strike. It was really a crappy deployment setup for both of us but especially my opponent who was really counting on his Devastators being in a good spot. I really emphasized just going with classic Dawn of War but he said he didn't care he just wanted to play which I respect.

We rolled for psychic powers which I hardly ever do. So I tried to get Invisibility, Shrouding or Jinx/Protect on  my Warlock none of which I got. I got a bunch of middling powers like Mental Fortitude and Embolden which were pretty good to keep my Warlord from running off the board.

My opponent was going for Perfect Timing which grants Ignore Cover which is truly nasty on Devastators. t was not to be. He eneded getting Invisibility but that was relativley useless due to the fact that he didn't have any big in your face units that go do real damage. Battle-Company is a "Death by a Thousand Cuts" type army that excells at holding objectives particulary in games with progressive scoring like the Maelstrom.

However we both goofed and forgot to roll for mission type and had both deployed our armies in our eagerness to play. Both of us also forgot our objective markers and our store is not outfitted for regular 40k play we decided to just play Kill Points which was could be very dangerous for the Soul Drinkers. Its been over a month since I've played and my opponent had played with any regularlity since November so we were both a bit rusty.



I setup a very minimal formation of holding units as usual. I only put as many units as I could hide out of LOS or in excellent cover. A hull down Wave Serpent for tanking shots (and to get the Dragons into position ASAP) the Scorpions infiltrated way up the board to cause trouble with a single hornet, the Warp Spiders and  a unit of Jetbikes with the Farseer and Warlock setup out of LOS from almost his entire army. Putting the Wraithknight, the Jetbikes and the Hornet on Turn 1 was a bit of a gamble. Yet I felt I had just the right amount of cover to pull it off safely and have a strong 1st turn so I decided to go for it.

My opponent set-up as aggresivley as possible, ready to pour lascannon shots into the Wraithknight. Yet critically the Devastators were left without any decent firing lanes and no-access to building or any other traditional perches that they favor. So they had to slog it on foot or in Razorback to try and get into position. Like I mentioned earlier I really urged my opponent to just go with Hammer and Anvil but he didn't want any favor.

So with all that said lets dive into the game!







Soul Drinkers Turn 1
My opponent won the roll to go first and it was an important 1st turn for him. He needed to do damage before the Eldar could let rip with their traditonal Turn 2 reserve strike from hell. So the Drop-Pods came down scattering a bit but everything still in position. A pod carrying Assault Marines and the Chaplain with double flamers went after the Scorpions, while another pod carrying the Librarian and another set of double flamers tried to go after the Jetbikes. The Scorpions took the brunt of the damage losing 4 of their number but passed morale. The jetbikes only took 2 wounds and I passed my saves. The Librarian cast Invisibility on his squad then tried to Psychic Shriek the Wraithknight but did nothing. Then came some of the worst rolling I have ever seen. The 6 Razorbacks with LOS on the Wraithknight took aim and due to absolutley horrific rolling I was forced to take only 2 Feel No Pains both of which I passed. It was truly horrible rolling and definitley de-moralizing for my opponent Chris. I really hate that kind of stuff but hey it happens. So I got off VERY light. I honestly expected the Wraithknight to be on 3 wounds or less but I survived the onslaught and was ready to strike.



Eldar Turn 1

With all that armor rumbling towards me I had to choices… bunker down and wait for reserves or get aggresive, leap out of cover and try and divide his fire-power. I really didn't fear the Whirlwinds and I kne those lascannons had one target: the Wraithknight. So with no real mid-range firepower to worry about I decided to be aggresive. The Wave Serpent with the Dragons shot out across the board making his way towards the tank column on the back edge of the board, while the jetbikes, Wraithknight, Hornet and Warp Spiders all leapt out wrecked one Razorback, put a HP on another and shook a third. Not the first salvo I was looking for but not bad. I was happy with my positioning as the Warp Spiders were right in the middle of everything meaning he had to react to them… which meant disembarking his tactical squads and exposing them to fire while the Spiders would hopefully slip away with a good Flicker Jump. On other side of the board the Scorpions had a big threat in front of them and had to respond. So I charged in killing 3 of the Assault Marines with mandiblasters and the Scorpion Exarch challenging the Chaplain. I was hoping Stalker would work to my benefit and I could bypass his Invuln Save with weight of dice. Unfortunatley I flubbed the rolls and only caused 2 wounds one of which he saved. The Chaplain rolled really well and downed the Exarch which really sucked. I was really looking forward to using that Claw against some Space Marines… however his Scorpion buddies held their own and killed everything but the Chaplain. Not the best turn but I was well positioned for turn 2.





Soul Drinkers Turn 2

Sadly Turn 2 was a bit of a repeat for my opponent. The Lascannons were just missing wildly inflicting only a single wound on the Wraithknight despite twin-linked. The footbased Assault squad was out of position and the Devastators were still scrambling into position. All the tactical marines got out near the Warp Spiders but a fantastic flickerjump carried them out of flamer and rapid fire range greatly reducing return fire. Neverthless they lost 4 of their number but held due to Iron Resolve. The Whirlwinds launched their salvos and killed a Laserbike but other than that the Marines just could not bring their guns to bear with any effectivness. Meanwhile the Scorpions dispathched the Chaplain to my surprise and consolidated near the Devastators who were setting up for a Turn 3 shot at the Wraithknight with their missile Launchers.



Eldar Turn 2

My traditional Turn 2 "Death Knell" had been sounded as ALL my reserves arrived. The Nightwing, Hornets, and 2 additional units of Laser Bikes all came roaring on to the scene. My triple squadron of Jetbikes, the lone Hornet, and Wraithknight  continued to shift away from the Invisible Assault Marines on my left flank, while the squadron of 2 Hornets showed up right behind his column of tanks on his back table edge pincering his armor with help from the Autarch and Dragons. With that I let rip… the lone Horent, Jetbikes, Nightwing, Wraithknight and Dragons all deluged his armored column and reduced it to molten metal. Meanwhile the double Hornets obliterated the Tactical Squad defending the rear of the column as my Outflank move had brought me within inches of them and their krak grenades and thus setting them up to go unopposed on his backlines as I was out of LOS of everything but the tanks they were targetting (which also had to deal with the Wraithknight now assaulting his lines). Meanwhile the Spiders annihliated another tactical squad while in Assault the Scorpions shredded a unit of Devastators and the Wraithknight stomped out another tactical squad. This is the kind of devastating turn 2 that I've come to expect from my army. It just hits so damn hard on turn 2 its ridiculous.






Wrap-Up and Analysis

Sadly we only went 4 turns. After Turn 2 it was pretty much a formality. I was way ahead on Kill Points, I had nabbed Warlord, Linebreaker etc. My opponent's army succeeded in killing the Wraithknight which is always a win but his force was in shambles and totally out of position.

The mission parameters definitley worked against my opponent. Deployment really hurt as did Kill Points, yet I think his list construction while good, was not optimized. I was shocked he didn't bring his Centurions in a drop-pod and the Whirlwind formation and Assault Marines in Drop Pods really didn't do anything and didn't force me to react in anyway besides the charging them with the Scoprions who were on Drop-Pod defense duties anyways. The Las-Cannons on the Razorbacks and Devastators are an excellent combination and I truly do fear them, but if I can counter-deploy them it represents a HUGE setback for his force as I can get into position and retaliate within a single turn while the Space Marines need 2 turns at least to get back into position. I'm not a Space Marine player but whenever I face them and my opponent is not bringing Sternguard, Centurions in a Pod or Assault Terminators in a Raven I just count my blessings. I don't think Marine players understand just how disruptive those units are. Breaking an Eldar armies cohesiveness for even a single turn can be truly devastating… which is something the static shooty armies struggle to do.

As for my own army it performed very very well. The Horents, Wraithknight and the Nightwing are really the aces of my army. They just work so well together. The Wraithknight rarely kills his weight in points but he takes out critical units and tanks incoming firepower to an insane degree while my Hornets and Nightwing clean house doing the majority of the work. The Warp Spiders continue to impress and really fufill that rapid insertion force that my WWP Wraithguard normally occupy… but continue to be more survivable which is amazing. The Scorpions continue to really surprise me with just how effective they are. Even without the Scorpion Exarch they were wracking up major damage killing a Chaplain and over 10 Space Marines with only about half the squad intact or less.

I think the primary strength of my force is adapatability. I really am able to control the game by deploying only what I can hide out of LOS turn 1 and then using the Autarch to all but guarantee the heavy hitters coming on Turn 2. With incredible range, outflank and acute senses the Hornets can tackle just about anything at any range while the Nightwing and additional Jetbikes can come on and just pummel a huge block of targets. All of a sudden my opponent who has been geared to grapple with a small block of Eldar tucked away in the corner are dealing with a force that has tripled in size and is now fanning out all over the board and then using Jetpack or Jetbike moves to pop back in cover.

My army still has its pitfalls and struggles against armies like Necrons but hopefully since I've re-tooled them I'll be better prepared in the future.

Despite the very solid win  my army is really going to be put to the test against Space Wolves with Ad-Mech allies next weekend. My next opponent is extremely competitive and will not have any fat on his list. I'm expecting a tournament ready force, deathstars and Ad-Mech in drop-pods. Its gonna be mean its gonna be nasty and I can't wait! Anyway guys hope you enjoyed and stay tuned their some awesome new stuff coming your way

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Calamity on February 21, 2016, 09:38:40 AM
Thank you for the Battle Report Cavalier.  Entertaining and informative as usual.  Congratulations on the win, and commiserations to your opponent.  It is a shame when the dice let you down, but it's just one of those things.  Meanwhile, you seem to be developing your army well on the board.  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on February 21, 2016, 10:21:15 AM
That was a spectacular victory, but as you say your opponent was well and truly out of any sort of luck early on, although some luck did swing the other way during the assault against the Chaplain's unit.  The mission certainly didn't help the space Marines, but you did offer to play a different scenario, and it could still could have been a closer game had the Wraithknight suffered more damage earlier.

I think that the reserves work so well for you in this list against high points low model count armies like Marines, especially when they are in an armoured formation, as you can just encircle them.  Well played for executing your strategy so well.  You can talk about your opponent not having a great day, yet you still have to execute the strategy just right to win by such a margin :).

Both armies looked fabulous on the table and I look forward to seeing more reports :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 22, 2016, 07:18:23 AM
@Tangi- Hey Tangi thanks man, no problem on the bat-rep. Yeah my buddy Chris had HORRENDOUS dice I made him go buy dice immediatley after the game. I was there when he bought the dice he was using that day and they sucked, and I'm glad I was there to force them into retirement (aka the smelting pool). Yeah my army has done very well in games but I've not really played the most diverse group of armies. I'm gonna start making the hour long trek to the GW north of where I live and start trying my hand there. The cool thing is that I wont have to bring my terrain along with me which will be nice. There are actually a bunch of Corsair players there which will be awesome. Anyway thanks Tangi glad you liked the bat-rep.

@Irisado- Thanks as always Irisado. Glad you think I pulled my strategy off well. I really don't go into games with any pre-set strategy in mind. I pretty much pull up to the table expecting to go second and often giving 1st turn to my opponent just so I can counter deploy. I then reserve what can't survive 1st turn then rely on my Autarch to pull everything together turn 2. The Warp Spiders, Jetbikes and Scorpions have really enhanced my ability to lash out turn 1 and start cranking up the damage until reserves arrive which is very nice. I guess my whole strategy revolves around counter-deploying and target denial. Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the bat-rep and the pictures its always fun playing against Chris' fully painted and lovingly modeled army. Thanks as always for your comments Irisado its always appreciated.

@Everybody- Well next up is the Wolves! I've got a nasty list cooked up for that one the return of a IA:11 revamped model and special refurbishment project that needs to be finished for saturday. Pics are inbound stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on February 22, 2016, 08:36:24 AM
Based on the games I've seen, I think that you'll have a pretty good chance against those Space Wolves.  There's no doubt that they're going to be very tough opposition, but if you can concentrate fire on enough of their more dangerous units I think that you will overcome them.  Do you have any idea about how mobile the Space Wolf army is likely to be?  If you can outmanoeuvre it as you managed to outmanoeuvre Chris' force it would bolster your chances of victory.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 22, 2016, 02:38:02 PM
Hey Irisado thanks. His army is going to be extremely fast if he remains true to form. I'm expecting a big unit of Thunderwolves and probably some Fenrisian wolves as well (all cavalry/beasts) and I'm expecting Drop-Pod support probably featuring Ad. Mech of some sort and possibly Blood Claws as a distraction. Turn 1/Turn 2 are going to be absolutley critical. He's gonna come right after me and I'm going to need to deploy very very well and make no mistakes in target priority. I know I'll need to divert some firepower/assault power to maintain my lines against drop-pod support and other units trying to flank me but be able to focus as much as possible at least 75% of my force on the Thunderwolf Cavalry turn 1. With Thunder Hammer/Stormshields they are going to tank a lot but its all about volume of fire which I have so I should do well.

I've got some nasty surprises in my list as well as some unique tools. I've got everything to pull off a win but I'm going to need to play very very well. I think Saturdays game was a good tune-up because that was a game where I couldn't make a lot of mistakes either especially in deployment and I don't think I did which is what set me up for a solid win. Just gotta recognize what to put on the board and where Turn 1 and maintain target priority Turn 2 and I should be fine.

Nevertheless wish me luck I'll need it!  ;D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on February 24, 2016, 12:50:22 PM
Your army looks great! I look forward to seeing more battle reports from you.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 25, 2016, 07:01:03 AM
@Squidmaster- Thanks man coming from a 1st rate hobbyist like yourself I really do appreciate it. As for bat-reps stay tuned cause I got a doozy for ya coming soon.

@Everybody- Been trying to help my brother with his army when I can. So got his Vulture up to a tabletop standard and I think it came out really nice. My brother stenciled the wings and did the basing on the flight stand  while I did all the painting minus the wings. I think it came out pretty nice for tabletop standard. This thing is such a BEAST... my brother is going to get another one which I'm truly dreading and eventually a Maurader Bomber as his LoW... I'm scared! But seeing my Nightwing and Void Raven flying around trying to down it will be great fun.


Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Alienscar on February 25, 2016, 10:51:22 AM
Your brother is lucky having a painting machine such as you on his side. Saying that his stencilling and base work looks brilliant. Must say I really don't like how the cockpit is stuck in front of the the turbine intake on this model.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on February 25, 2016, 01:18:03 PM
That will be a great bat rep. The vulture looks great as always, your brother is getting better and better with your help. Looking forward to more.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on February 29, 2016, 01:57:34 PM
@Alienscar- Thanks man I appreciate it. Yeah he is pretty lucky isn't he! lol just kidding he helps me out with stuff all the time so I'm happy to do it. The turbine thing is a bit weird isn't it? Other than its a great model and really scary in games- I hate that thing!

@Dread- Thanks buddy and here's the bat-rep!

Hey guys back with another bat-rep and some additional hobby updates! So this one was a very tough game. Cheese vs. Cheese… so lets dive in! The game was Big Guns Never Tire, Hammer and Anvil Deployment. Space Wolves & Ad. Mech Allies against Eldar Craftworlds. Here are the lists!

Space Wolves & Ad. Mech Allies

Rune Priest- Prescience and Perfect Timing (Re-roll to hits and Ignore Cover)
Thunderwolf Cavalry x5- Mix of Stormshields and Normal Guys
Wolfen x5- Frost Claws for ridiculous high strength and low Ap
Long Fangs x5- 5 Missile Launchers
Riflemen Dread
Sicaran Battle Tank- Ignore Cover Autocannons and Lascannons

Magos Prime
Destroyers x6 with Grav

Imperial Knight- Battlecannon, Sword and Missiles




Autarch- Banshee Mask, Firesabre
Farseer- Jetbike
Wraithguard- D-Scythes
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch
Hornets x2- Pulse Lasers x4
Hornets x1- Pulse Lasers x2
Wraithknight- Sword+Shield, Scatter Lasers

Voidshield Generator- 3x Shields




Preamble- These were two no-holds-barred lists duking it out, no doubt about it. For me though there were a number of unknowns that lead to huge mistakes on my part, especially that of the Destroyers and the way grav interacts with Void Shield Generators but we'll get on to that in a minute. My opponent deploys everything while I deploy a single hornet, 2x Jetbikes, the Warp Hunter, Warp Spiders, Waveserpent with Wraithguard and the Wraithknight all hiding in as much cover and out of LOS. With that lets get on with the report!

Space Wolves Turn 1- So the Space Wolves deploy in a broad line establishing firing lanes to all corners of the board. The combination of blasts, grav and ignore cover really hampers my mobility which is why I'm hiding as much out of LOS as possible. So my opponent is suprised by the appearance of the Void Shield Generator and has to divert a lot of firepower to bring it down. The Knight, the Riflemen Dread and the Devastators all unload on the Voidshields failing to bring them down. Then comes the Destroyers. First up I had no idea the Destroyers had 30" range… I thought it was 24" like Centurions. This was a BIG mistake on my part and I should have asked especially considering I've not come up against Ad. Mech before. So he targets the Wraithknight which is sadly in range due to the unexpected range of his guns. Here comes the second mistake on my part I thought it was "universally accepted" that Grav doesn't effect Voidshields due to the fact they themselves are not vehicles or buildings. They are just an energy field. Unfortunatley my opponent was totally unfamiliar with them all together and we decided to just go with 6's count against the shields… well with 30 some odd shots and twin-linked it was merely a formality. The grav took down the shields and the left over shots took out the Wraithknight. Big time blow to the Eldar. I really needed the big man to deal with the Knight and take care of assault duties. After that the Sicaran unloads on the Wave Serpent but only putting 2 HP's on it. Not a disastrous turn but pretty bad for the Eldar.


Eldar Turn 1- So with only a few units on the board I've got to make the best of it. I pop some of my Jetbikes out of cover (losing 1 on dangerous terrain) and move the Warp Spiders out and shoot the hell out of the Thundercav. Amazingly I kill all but 1! I can't believe it. This is an excellent turn of events. My Warp Hunter who is out of position manages to land all 3 hits but Stormshield saves win the day. With that I turbo-boost my Wave Serpent into position for the Wraithguard to help out and then use Thrust/Jetbike moves to get my Bikes and Spiders back into a safe-place. Pretty good turn but I know next turn I need to get lucky as with a decent charge roll the last remaining Thunderwolf will get into combat with the Spiders.


Space Wolves Turn 2- The Knight, the Wolfen and lone Thunderwolf all move up the board. A combination of shooting kills my Warp Hunter, Wave Serpent and the lone Hornet. Oof that hurts! The Wraithguard are no stranded in the middle of the board. To make matters worse the Thunderwolf pulls off his charge and nabs the Warp Spiders. Luckily all he has is rending chainsword. I manage to pull of a handful of overwatch shots, and wounds in combat but he tanks them all on his Stormshield. To make matters worse I fail my hit and run roll with a 6. Of all the damn luck! I really needed those Spiders to finish that guy off and move in against the Wolfen who are going to be within their accursed run+charge move. I'd have to make do with what comes out of reserves.



Eldar Turn 2- The rest of my Jetbikes show up from reserves while the hornets annoying fail to do so… this is tough because I needed them to nail that Sicaran to take pressure off my left flank. Yet I make the most of it. There is only one thing to do at this point KILL THE WOLFEN! So all 4 squads of bikes, psychic shriek from the Farseer pour into the Wolfen and 2 survive. Statisically they should have been dead but they aren't… reeling from that I make a huge mistake and use my Jetbike moves to go back into the same piece of terrain I ruin I was hiding in before… not realizing the Knight was going to have LOS next turn with all my precious JB's right in view. On top of that my Wraithguard are stranded in the middle of nowhere! The Wolfen made a really short run move in the previous phase meaning I couldn't flame them. With the Knight, Devastators and Destroyers closing in I make a bold move and charge them into the Thunderwolf desperatley trying to either hide them in combat, or kill him and consolidate out of range of a few units and at least free up the Spiders. I make the charge but fail to kill the Wolf. I can feel the noose tightening!


Space Wolves Turn 3- DEVASTATION! Everything unloads into the Jetbikes wiping all but 2 out… the Wolfen make contact with the Wraithguard and Autarch slaughtering them. The Warp Spiders fail to hit and run again (roll anything but a 6 and I'm out). That was a game ending turn of shooting and the poor Eldar are out of the game.


Eldar Turn 3- I take my final turn but the mistakes are too costly! With the Wraithknight, Wraithguard Warp Hunter and 2 Hornets effectivley doing due to a combination of not knowing the range on the Destroyers and a HUGE mistake with my Jetbikes the game is over. Sadly the Eldar lose and the big huge winning streak comes to an end.

Takeaways- So this was a very good learning experience. I'm usually very fastidious about going over my opponents range, offensive output and whatnot but for whatever reason I was really lax in this game. I didn't check LOS or predict the movement of Knight very well and it cost me the game. Also not having a pre-arranged understanding with my opponent of how the Voidshield's interacted with Grav was REALLY bad on my part. I should have asked and not assumed he went with the ITC ruling on Grav (though it seems clear to me grav shouldn't effect Void Shields). Oh well always good to have a little wake-up call about being a little more alert during games.

One other good thing that came out of it is me and my opponent are going to organize an event. So on the 11th of March we're gonna meet up, go over terrain and organize the players into 2 factions and have some fun! I can't wait for this as its a great chance to get to play with new people. Color me stoked!

Anyways guys thats it for now, but stay tuned there's a lot coming down the pipe!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on February 29, 2016, 08:54:10 PM
What a bar rep! But the pics aren't showing. Its amazing how a few little things can change the tide. I'm usually on the receiving end of that. I'm just now assembling an IK and skitarii army. Hoping to field them this Saturday. My elder will be back in play with our next league which I think is in April, hopefully my corsairs. Keep them coming.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 1, 2016, 07:48:52 AM
@Dread- Thanks for the heads-up man! It was working on my end with Firefox, but when I switched to Safari I wasn't getting anything. So much for using Googlephotos or whatever its called.

Anyway glad you liked the bat-rep. Despite losing it was a fun game. I was really kicking myself for making mistakes like I did. After talking to Ibushi I realized I should have unloaded the Warp Hunter into the Imperial Knight as well. While there were some rules things really should have gone my way like the Grav Vs. Voidshields (they do not cause Glancing or Penetrating Hits and thus cannot get the immobilized or strip HP's) even playing it the way we did I made some real bone-head mistakes and just not being on my game. I was super on-top of stuff against Battle Company 2 weeks ago but this game which I was really anticipating would be really tough for whatever reason I was TOO chilled out and lax. Oh well I'm gonna be much more cautious in the future and remember this one.

Anyway good luck man and share some photos with of us your Ad. Mech and Skitarri. I'd love to see where you are at with your Corsairs as well. Anyway thanks for the feedback man I appreciate it!
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Post by: Irisado on March 1, 2016, 11:49:02 AM
I note that you did edit your post, but I still cannot see the pictures and I am using Firefox.  Have you considered using Flickr or Photobucket?

That game reminds me of some of the horrible Space Wolf armies my power gaming 'friend' (who later turned out to be a cheat too) used to bring around for 'fun' games at my house back in the days of second edition.  I'm glad I wasn't in your position, I'd have hated fighting against that army and I'd have lost much more heavily as I wouldn't have fielded a number of the units which you did.

As you say though, you are better prepared for the next time you face an army like these, especially regarding those Destroyers.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on March 1, 2016, 02:31:10 PM
I use photobucket, works pretty well for me.

I did see the pictures when you first made your post though. Looks like a crazy list you were up against. Lots of heavy stuff.

Losses are always good. Great for learning about how to play better. If you win too much, it's easy to get sloppy :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 1, 2016, 03:28:12 PM
@Irisado- Hey Irisado than you for you comments. Yes it truly was a horrible scary army. Mine was pretty mean too, not the hardest of the hardcore competitive Eldar builds out there but very nasty nonetheless. While I don't really enjoy games that are ultra competitive all the time, once and a while its fun. I'd want to believe that given enough practice I've got what it takes to compete with the hardest lists out there so I do like to try to balance my games between really fun lists where I'm running my beloved Corsair Scorpions and whatnot and ultra-elite fast as hell Saim-Hann-esque army.

I really want a re-match against this force with a proper understanding of both his army and the Voidshields. But seriously no hard feelings for me, like I mentioned at the end of my bat-rep post we are going to get together and organize a narrative event with his SUPER fluffy friends which should be great fun. Anyway thanks so much Irisado I really do appreciate your comments especially after a tough loss!  :'( :'( :'(

@Killersquid- Thanks man, yeah it was a really crazy list. I was not expecting the Knight or Sicaran those were too really tough match-ups that really fragmented my thinking. But yes losses are VERY good, it took a couple of losses to this particular opponent to get my head on straight about how strong I should make my lists, and this loss is a good reminder to ALWAYS double-check and whatnot. Anyway thanks for your comments its very much appreciated.

@Everybody- TESTING TESTING 123!
Can you guys see this image?

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on March 1, 2016, 03:36:05 PM
Yes, I can see that :).  That's very Flash Gordon ;).  I can definitely envisage that as being part of some sort of planetary array.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 1, 2016, 03:38:03 PM
Awesome! Ok I'm switching over to Flickr... I'll repost the bat-rep pictures later tomorrow. Glad you like it Irisado! This is my re-worked Eldar VSG. I've got plans to make different versions down the road... its a SUPER cheap build which I'll detail later. Anyway thank you very much I'm glad you like it!

Also thanks to everybody for reading my bat-rep without the photos you are all warriors! Thanks everybody!  ;D ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on March 1, 2016, 11:31:36 PM
Oh man great new VSG, absolutely love it!

The added base is of rock with a door mounted in it is so great, adds the height and makes that initial battlement, really great stuff. Very nicely done.

How many models can you poise up top there?
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Post by: Cavalier on March 2, 2016, 07:07:38 AM
Hey Ibushi thanks man. The VSG is still a bit of a prototype... this one is definitley a keeper but I've got plans to make some different ones as well. I think I can fit about 6-8 guys on top. I didn't realize that it had battlements which is something I'll address with the next one. My plan is to make enough pieces where I'll eventually be able to have a little Eldar quadrant on the board. Got the Aegis, got the VSG (and will make other more improved ones). Next one is a bastion of some sort...

Anyway thanks man I appreciate it!

Also restored the pics on my bat-rep so if you could let me know if they are up on your end. Checked on both my browsers and they seem to be working. Thanks for your patience guys!
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Post by: Irisado on March 2, 2016, 07:14:41 AM
The pictures are working now and they were worth waiting for.  That battle mat continues to impress.  I'll definitely look into getting one of those if I ever decide to play 40K again in the future.  The rest of the terrain combines with it very well.  The lichen and walls are also a nice touch.  They are often overlooked terrain pieces in 40K, but I've always found them to add some diversity to usual building/tree landscapes of a 40K board.
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Post by: Alienscar on March 2, 2016, 10:57:23 AM
I'll be honest Cav I wasn't a fan of the mat when you first showed it to us. I thought that the boulder strewn surface clashed with the bases of your terrain and it didn't seem to make much sense from a naturalistic point of view. Seeing it now in full on battle mode I have totally changed my mind. The third picture in your Bat Rep is simply brilliant. There are still small areas that don't quite work like the first picture in your Bat Rep where it looks the building is built on a small rocky outcrop and crevasses but overall I agree with Iris and I would now buy one of these.
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Post by: Cavalier on March 3, 2016, 07:01:15 AM
@Irisado- Hey thanks Irisado. Like I said I appreciate anyone who read the bat-rep without the pics, I know it can be hard to visualize without pics a lot of times. Really glad you dig the mat they are such a god-send. I plan on getting a city-fight mat at some point to. As I've said a number times before I do really hope you play 40k again. The way the game is now it is SUPER common to setup stripped down games like "No flyers, no superheavies". Every time I play a game we go over what we do and don't want to do. There is a huge community of players that don't play allies either. Trust me you would not be alone in want to play a more stripped down game. [/end at 40k brainwashing] lol  ;D

But as for the board I've been working on collecting little stones, lichen and other battlefield debris to blend the terrain into the board. In my next bat-rep from home I'll be sure to use them more fully. My favorite guys Scorpion82 and WintersSEO have great videos on how they setup their table which was I really took to heart. Those guys are amazing hobbysits and players and I'm really trying to emulate their dedication to the details as an awesome board takes 40k to really awesome place.

Anyway thanks as always Irisado I'm really glad you enjoyed the bat-rep!

@Alienscar- Thanks man and I do appreciate your honesty. I totally know where you are coming from. My brother was not sold on it either and I had to convince him it'd work. I thought it'd work after watching a couple of Scorpion82 and WintersSEO bat-reps where I realized they were using the same terrain pieces on really varied boards… and so long as you have the blending elements like the lichen, a little more greenery on some of the pieces it really comes together for a nice 3 color gaming board.

I do know what you are saying about the terrain placement on some portions of the mat though. It was just one of those deals where I wanted to set things up symetrically as opposed to aesthetically just for the sake of fairness since I was playing a pick-up game. I hate doing that but I didn't want to disadvantage my opponent (or myself!) in such a hardcore game. Anyway thanks man I really do appreciate it. Check out gamemat.eu or frontlinegaming.org for a huge selection of mats. They have really mind blowing mats and for more than just 40k. Anyway thanks again man I do appreciate it!

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Post by: Cavalier on March 5, 2016, 09:35:14 AM
Hey guys back with another quick update. My special project is on hold while I get a hold the appropriate primers paints etc. But in the interim I've been working on two very cool minis. The photos aren't the best especially on the Overlord (doesn't show the the high contrast wash work at all  >:( ) but also my custom Illic Nightspear. I really love this mini... his original head suffered from Finecast Syndrome so I did a little headswap and I think he looks very sinister. I'm hoping to use him in an upcoming soon... plus he'll be great to use in clashes with the Necrons when I get them up and running!




Anyways guys I've got a VERY fluffy fun opponent I'm playing on Thursday who is one hell of a painter so expect a bat-rep friday or on the weekend. Anyways guys stay tuned and get ready for my cool new unit which should debut on the project log soon. Stay tuned!
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Post by: dog_of_war on March 5, 2016, 10:19:21 AM
Love the sniper conversion! Fits the theme superbly. I really enjoy your colour palette choices. Simple, but effective. Definitely something a sniper would wear and fits in with the rest of your army. Bravo. The head swap for your Overload was a very lucky mishap, as it makes him a very cool, unique model.
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Post by: Cavalier on March 7, 2016, 06:54:36 AM
Hey DoW thanks man I'm really glad you dig the two new guys. Illic Nightspear (the sniper) was ready to be tossed into the bits box after a couple of failed attempts to repaint him and repair some damage to the model. But I gave it one last go and really fixed him up. I'm very stoked and hope to use him soon.

The Overlord is actually the new Overlord and so he's actually stock. Its the sniper that got the headswap (you should have seen that gimpy head lol).

Anyway thanks man I'm glad you like em!
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Post by: Cavalier on March 8, 2016, 12:48:41 PM
Hey gang so I finally got some paint on my long-awaited special project. So here ya go! These guys are gonna my counts-as Seer Council! They'll also be used as Corsair Barons for my pure Corsair force. I can even run them as Shining Spears which is cool too. I try to have as many multi-purpose units as possible. It saves a lot of money and really enables me to experiment.





This guy in particular is supposed to be a warlock/baron. You may notice that this guy is rocking the same helm as my Incubi which is absolutey intentional. All the guys rocking this helm are basically elite vanguard unit rocking ancient wargear from plundered Crone Worlds.

Anyway I've got a lot more planned as this is just the basic guy. I've got 2 Farseers, an Autarch and a Corsair Prince who are also going to be modeled up. Their jetbikes will have all sorts of cool things on there too (the one in the pic is just a Windrider bike I borrowed for the photo).

Anyway I also finished up Illic Nightspear and the Necron Overlord





Anyway guys hope you enjoyed the new pics stay-tuned there is a lot more to come!

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Post by: Dread on March 8, 2016, 08:23:26 PM
Very nice indeed. I'm at a point where I'm having to start doing the same thing money wise, so thanks for the great ideas. Keep them coming.
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Post by: Irisado on March 9, 2016, 04:56:51 AM
Every time I see your Jetbikes they seem to look even better.  I think that they just fit so well with the colour scheme that you've chosen.  They always seem to turn out to be even better than anything else you paint, and that's saying something, because everything is painted to such a high standard.
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Post by: Rx8Speed on March 9, 2016, 11:56:44 AM
Models are looking great! I like the black on illic very nice lines. It's ahrd to tell from the pictures but the yellow gems look like they could use more 'ard coat. I really enjoyed your bat-reps btw! Those space wolves were nasty and I'm not sure what I'd have done differently except maybe keep the wraithknight in reserve till those destroyers were dead. Well fought!
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Post by: Cavalier on March 9, 2016, 12:48:11 PM
@Dread- Thanks man, glad you dig the multipurpose units. As an Eldar player I've always been jealous of the "chapter shuffle" that Space Marine players can employ and have since the beginning of this army tried to emulate that flexibility in models. Even things like taking the heavy weapons guys out of your tactical squads and lumping them into a Devastator unit is incredibly useful and incredibly cheap way of adding a new unit. It can be really hard to experiment with the Xenos armies as every experimentation requires buying a new unit a small allied force when attempting to do so. Anyway man glad you dig thanks as always for your comments.

@Irisado- Wow thanks Irisado I really appreciate the high praise. To be honest the new jetbike units really sort of boost a painters ability, as if you can edge highlight even a little bit the smooth lines on the model really bring them to life. Its a super easy kit to build, super easy to paint and a joy to play with. I'm really excited to add more jetbikes to my collection like the stealthed out all black "monster hunter" unit. I'm gonna add much more detail to the Seer Council/Baron Council unit as well including a new army rune and a lot of cool little bits that I've been saving. Anyway thank you very much I'm really glad you like my 1st guy.

@Rx8- Hey bud thanks so much man. I'm glad you like Illic he's such a great model. When I first attempted painting him I really struggled painting cloth but after painting a lot of IG models for my brother I got the knack for it and was able to repaint this guy nicely. Good eye BTW I forgot to 'Ard Coat those gems. Doh! Also thanks for reading the bat-rep yeah I had a number of goofs in that game. If I had understood the range on those Destroyers and understood how we were going to play the Grav Vs. Voidshields I would deployed my Wraithknight all the way on the otherside of the board and flanked him. Oh well live and learn. Anyway thanks man I appreciate your comments!
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Post by: Cavalier on March 13, 2016, 09:38:08 AM
Hey guys got another bat-rep for ya! This one is real special because this guy is A++ hobbyist and really one of the best painters I've known outside of internet correspondence. It was Deamons Vs. Eldar and it was a crazy game. I will say there was a LOT of banter going with multiple people at the table chatting and with so much crazy decision making going on I didn't take as many pictures as I should. Anyway lets get into the lists... they are weird!


Daemons of Chaos
Bloodthirster- D-Axe, Whip
Nurglings x2

-Infernal Tetrad-
Daemon Prince- Mark of Khorne, Wings
Daemon Prince- Mark of Slaanesh, Wings
Daemon Prince- Mark of Nurgle, Wings
Daemon Prince- Wings

Note: Not too clear on their wargear options, with the Warp Storm table, 4 guys with Warlord traits, and psychic powers galore there was too much to keep track of.

Autarch- Firesabre,Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun
Illic Nightspear
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers
Dire Avengers x10
   Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Rangers x10
Hornet x1- Pulse Lasers x2
Hornet x1- Pulse Lasers x2

-Aspect Shrine-
Fire Dragons x6- Exarch Firepike
    Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch, Powerblades
Striking Scorpions x10- Exarch, Claw

So we played good old hammer and anvil, and crusade. Three objectives worth 3 points each. My opponent let me go first and this is what the board looked like.






Turn 1

Eldar- I'm very much used to going 2nd so going first felt really weird. I deployed everything barring my flyer which was nice and made sure I was able to bring all my scatter lasers to bear no matter where my opponent landed. He infiltrated 2 units of Nurglings on the central objective and the one on my left so I had to be careful not get tarpitted by those little beasts so unit placement and running/jetbike move/thrust moves were really important. More important however was that Bloodthirster. I hadn't faced one since 3rd edition and didn't want a repeat of the massacre I faced then. So literally every gun in range in my army unloaded on him. All nine Jetbikes, both Wave Serpents and both Hornets and only on the last roll of the dice did he go down. Woohoo! What a kill! After that I pulled back with all my other units and waited for the Princes to come swooping in.

Daemons- With the Bloodthirster down the Princes hurtled forward. They pulled off a vector strike on the lead Wave Serpent and summoned in 2 units of Bloodletters (one unit of which was pictured). The Warp Storm table hurt them this turn lowering there invulns to a 6++! Ouch that was not good. A very fast turn for the Daemons but I was starting to feel the pressure.



Turn 2

Eldar- I had 2 goals this turn, divide my opponents forces and remove those Bloodletters! So I flew towards my opponent's board edge with my Autarch's Wave Serpent and fanned out my jetbikes pulling towards both the right and left flank. I dropped off my Avengers, moved out the Scorpions and Warp Spiders as well. I ended up making a blunder targetting the Daemon Prince with my Warp Spiders... forgetting how high Daemon Prince's initiative was. I then poured fire into the 2 units Bloodletters and the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I grounded the Prince and removed all but 2 from one unit of Bloodletters leaving one unit of Bloodletters completley unharmed. Enter the Scorpions, who came wheeling and shredded the Bloodletters. What a triumph! The Scorpions would remain hot this game and are quickly solidifying their place in my army. The bad news was my Wave Serpent containing my Autarch which I had planned on turbo-boosting away had to lend its shooting to the fight and was right next to that the grounded Nurgle Daemon Prince. Things could get ugly on their turn.


Daemons- So the Daemons remained aggressive flying the minimum distance remaining right in my lines. Another Vector strike removed a hull point from a Serpent while psychic attacks removed a couple of Dire Avengers, killed 2 bikes from one squad and a single biker from another. The squad with 2 broke and began falling towards my lines (ouch!). They also summoned in MORE Bloodletters which ran towards my Scorpions. Then the Nurgle Daemon Prince charged my Wave Serpent and destroyed it with an explodes results. Luckily no one was wounded allowing a nice counter-attack next turn.

Turn 3

Eldar- Things were starting to get shaky for the Eldar. A swift counter attack was definitely needed. Luckily the Nightwing showed up to lend fire to the effort. At this point my plan was to ignore the Daemon Princes and just go after the Bloodletters, the  Nurglings and the grounded Prince. As long as he was skyborne he wasn't causing too much trouble. So first things first, I went after the grounded Prince. The Autarch and his Dragons managed to strip 3 wounds off of him while the remaining Hornets finished him off. Yes! This was a big kill and freed up the rest of my army to go after the Bloodletters. With my 2 of my Jetbike units effectivley out of the game I used my Warp Spiders, Avengers and the last remaining Jetbike unit to finish off another unit of Bloodletters while yet again the Scorpions went blazing into a fresh squad and again wiped them out! These guys are officially Daemon Hunters after the work they put in against Slaanesh. Both Mandiblasters, Pistols and CC attacks were all working their magic. Expect to see these guys in a lot of upcoming bat-reps. I then used all my Jetbike, Jetpack, and Battle-Focus moves to scatter all across the battlefield forming a big ring around the Daemons.


Daemons- The Daemons seemed like they were on the backfoot in terms of momentum, yet with the Nurglings still on the objectives and the ability to Summon still at 75% strength they were very much in the game. One bad turn of shooting, or a blunted Scorpion assault could turn things dramatically. So anyway the Daemons began their attack by double vector striking my Nightwing destroying it (No!) while more Bloodletters were summoned in, followed by a number of psychic powers brought to bear against the Spiders and Avengers killing one Spider while the Avengers avoided the evil eye. Not a big turn by any stretch but they succeeded in maintaining the pressure which was important.



Unfortunately we were not able to continue playing. My opponent ran out of time and had to head back home for family duties, which was a shame. Luckily we are going to play again in the future and my opponent has 4 other armies all fully painted to this incredible standard.

This was a great fun game and I really really enjoyed it. I only wish we were able to complete the game.

Anyway really enjoyed playing without LoW and super crazy formations/power builds. It was still a tense game as 5 Flying Monstrous creatures is certainly no joke. Anyway guys hope you enjoyed and sorry for not taking pics. I'll be sure to fill up my phone with photos next time especially at the event coming up where my opponent will be heavily featured. Anyway thanks guys and stay tuned.
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Post by: Irisado on March 13, 2016, 11:51:36 AM
Great pictures as always :).

Daemons look like a very strange army to face now.  When I saw the army list, I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing.  All those Daemon Princes and no lesser daemons!  Of course, I'd forgotten about the summoning rules.  Regardless, it's a very odd army to fight against.

Your Eldar force continues to look strong and you had gained the momentum in this game.  Well played on taking our the Bloodthirster.  You did well to resist the temptation of splitting your fire across all those Daemon Princes.

Was there a final result, or do you call it a draw because of the time issue? 
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Post by: Cavalier on March 14, 2016, 07:02:39 AM
Hey Irisado. Yeah it was a draw. He actually conceded but I told him not too because to me I think things were still in doubt so I called it a draw. A couple of bad batches of rolling by me and things could have gone really wrong for the Eldar.

Yes it was a very weird army. My opponent actually hates formations so this was a really weird game for him too fielding the Infernal Tetrad and only 3rd time he's fielded his Daemons at all. Flying MC's are a bit of a problem for Eldar, especially when they've got power armor saves and invuln saves. I was really hoping to get to play against something with characters and special weapons to give Illic Nightspear and his rangers a try but oh well.

Yeah my army did quite well. The Scorpions have really really shined lately. They are just so damn handy... I can't believe how well their mandiblasters did. I wiped out 4 Bloodletters just with mandiblasters on one of those charges. I'm starting to think about converting up another squad. I've saved up my bits and I'm not going to use them for any actual Corsairs... hmmm decisions.

Anyway thanks for your comments Irisado. It was really a lot of fun playing against such a great looking army and my opponent is a real nice guy to boot. I'll be playing him again in the future and I can't wait.
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Post by: Cavalier on March 20, 2016, 11:10:16 AM
Hey guys back with a quick WIP update. Well my Bike-Star is rolling! The guy who'll serve as an Autarch (in my Craftworld configuration) is assembled and currently being painted. He's basically a bike version of my 2nd in command and the guy who usually serves as my Archon. I think he's coming out real nice. Went through the bother of grinding out the torso embedded in the cloak, stripping an old lance and everything. This guy'll typically be rocking a Laser Lance and a Banshee Mask. His jetbike will be loaded with other bits like a fusion gun (or pistol), a sword and other additional odds and ends. To that end I finally sat down and clipped all the bits of sprue which are laying around and probably doubled my bits collection! Check out the photos!






Also myself and a friend are going to be hosting a big narrative event at my FLGS which'll feature Imperium + Eldar vs Necrons, Chaos and other assorted baddies. It'll be a 2 event campaign which should be a ton of fun. Anyways stay tuned for more awesome stuff. Talk to you guys later!
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Post by: Irisado on March 20, 2016, 12:04:31 PM
That cloak is looking promising.  I'm looking forward to seeing how you decide to paint that.

Great poses as always.  Very flowing and dynamic :).
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Post by: Rx8Speed on March 21, 2016, 12:22:52 PM
Very nice painting! Again the faces are superb! I'm wondering why you put scatter lasers on your seer/autarch/shining spear jet bikes though?
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Post by: Cavalier on March 22, 2016, 01:43:58 PM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. Glad you like the modeling, its always tricky on the jetbikes with all the implied movement. This is only half the battle though because I still need to do up the proper jetbike which will have a lot of cool stuff on it. Also feature an "army rune" which I've been waiting to debut. Anyway  thanks a lot I'm really glad you like it.

@RX8- Hey thanks RX8 glad you like the faces. I'm glad I was able to keep them similar even did the eye-brows as you can see on the new pics. As for the scatter lasers, I'm just using a scatter laser bike until I get the new bikes finished. The actual bikes will have special "command squad" markings, additional wargear options and other special odds and ends. Really looking forward to modelling those up as I have a lot of cool bits I've been waiting to use.







@Everybody- Well I finished the Autarch. Really happy with how he came out, glad I went down the route of the cloak as it really makes him stand-out. The moon pendant looks really nice too, I love little details like that. Like I said to Rx8 I'm gonna add a bunch of wargear options to the bike once I get them all ready to go. Thinking Fusion Gun, a sheathed sword, a magnetized reaper launcher perhaps. Really enjoying this. Totally getting ready for my actual Corsair Prince with his Voidsabre, Mask of Secrets, which will be a counts-as relic of somesort perhaps a banner or something like that.

Also included is the Warlock/Corsair Baron. As you can see they are meant to be mounted version of my Incubi. Anyway thanks for stopping by guys its always appreciated. Stay tuned should have another bat-rep up soon. Cheers! 
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Post by: Ibushi on March 24, 2016, 05:23:03 PM
Man really love this work, coming together so well.

Can't wait to see how you do the character bikes! Especially what markings and extra detailing you will add to the canopies...

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Post by: magenb on March 24, 2016, 10:35:25 PM
I think its time we renamed this thread to Cavalier's Cosairs of awesomeness!
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Post by: Cavalier on March 25, 2016, 12:51:31 PM
@Ibushi- Thanks man! I'm gonna get those Jetbikes this week so expect an update soon. Always appreciate you man, thanks for your comments.

@Magenb- Hahhaha thanks bro I appreciate it. I hit you up in the Corsair forum good luck with your projects!

Hey guys back with another bat-rep. This time against Imperial Guard/Inquisition and an Imperial Knight! This was my first game with the Thursday night crowd so I was very excited. In this game I decided to leave my venerable Wraithknight at home as the league I'm going to be playing in, as well as the upcoming events will not be using LoW. That being said I did ask my opponent to bring his Imperial Knight because I wanted to practice against a really tough, scary unit without the Wraithknight. All right lets get into the details.

Setup- Maelstrom of War- Spoils of War where "Secure Objective X" could be scored by either player when in play. We played Dawn of War deployment, I went 1st and got the lucky "Conqueror of Cities" which gave me "Move Through Cover" enabling me to ignore those pesky Dangerous Terrain tests in addition to the other benfits. Very handy for my dive and duck style.


Imperial Guard

Company Command
Platoon Command
Priests x3
30x Infantry Squad- Lascannons x4, Grenade Launchers x3
30x Infantry Squad- Lascannons x4, Grenade Launchers x3
Death Cult Assasins x10
Land Raider Crusader
Imperial Knight- Melta Cannon, Melta Gun, Rocket batter, Gattling Gun

Autarch- Firesabre, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Dire Avengers x10
Dire Avengers x10- Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Hornets x3- Pulse Lasers

-Aspect Host-
Warp Spiders x8- Exarch
Fire Dragons x5- Exarch
    Wave Serpent- Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon
Scorpions x10- Exarch, Power Claw

Voidshield Generators- Shields x2



Eldar Turn 1- My initial impersions were that the opening turns of the game were the most important. He was able to Scout his Land Raider forward with his Death Cult Assassins and the Imperial Knight was coming up right behind them making for a nice one-two punch. My plan was to avoid them as much as possible and focus on bringing down the Knight. I intentionally had the Scorpions, Avengers and all other infantry counter-deploy to the Death Cult Assassins. I wanted nothing to do with them and wanted to present a pick your poison to the Guardsmen. Having my Infantry push-up one flank and have my Spiders/Bikes/Mech handle the center of the table using maneverability to keep away just waiting for them to deploy. So to that end I ignored the Land Raider and went after the Knight. The Warp Hunter blasted away but only inflicted a single hull point which was disappointing. My bikes fanned out and started pouring fire into the Infantry Squads eradicating a number of them. The Serpent with the Dragons zoomed up ready to receive the Knight while my other Serpent zoomed forward lending some fire to the left flank killing a number of guys and getting ready to unload the Avengers for a coordinated strike with the Scorpions who were in the trees on the left. Fairly quiet turn but I was satisifed with maneuvering and felt I was ready for turn 2.


Imperial Turn 1- So the Knight and Crusader roared up the board, the Infantry remained castled up and they all focused on taking down the Void Shields. The Knight and the Crusader combined fire to take down the Void Shields and then shot the Generator itself inflicting a hull point. Lascannons unloaded into the Avenger serpent, which I jinked away taking only a single hull point. Everything else went ignored. A quiet turn but the loss of the Void Shields made me nervous. If he was able to take out my Dragons Serpent with Lascannon fire he could then blast them away with the Knight, or charge them with the Assassins which was a scary prospect. However he ignored my bikes which was good for me, but a calculated risk on his part as he believed his beefy squads all castled up in cover could take the damage throughout the long haul. It worth mentioning that my opponent scored 4 points via the Maelstrom, including my own cards as all the objectives in play were in his DZ. I didn't panic though as I know those points can be made up quickly especially with my speed.



Eldar Turn 2- So all my reserves (Nightwing, Hornets, foot Avengers) showed up as per usual with my beloved Autarch coordinating things. On my left flank I had my foot Avengers move and run to hold an objective, deployed my mechanized Avengers into the trees and my Scorpions move out. I now had 30 foot-sloggers moving in on the left and felt very good about it. Everything else revolved around taking out Knight and hopefully the Land Raider. I had the Hornets outflank against the Knights' right side, the Nightwing on the Left and Dragons going for a frontal assault. He elected to protect his right side from the Hornets with his Ion Shields but even still 3 HP's went through reducing him to just 2 left. The Dragons then finished him off and even avoided the apocalyptic explosion! Success! I think my opponent made a enormous mistake in moving him towards the Dragons and I really don't know the reasoning behind it. Perhaps it was to get within melta range of the VSG? Not sure. Then the Nightwing and Warp Hunter focused on the Land Raider taking 3 HP's off it and Immobilizing it. Another stroke of fortune. The Warp Spiders then moved near the Land Raider waiting to pounce on the Death Cult assassins and the warlord Inquisitor. The bikes continued to hammer away on the Platoons doing good damage while the Scorpions got right next to the building ready to assault next turn. Things were going very well!




Imperial Turn 2- Things were looking tough for the Imperials. The Assassins got out of their crippled transport and moved towards the Dragons and my Autarch. A wing of the platoon tried to deal with the Scorpions but to no avail. While my Dragons took an insane amount of fire from the central blob of Guardsmen 27 hits, but only 7 wounds and my Exarch tanked 5 shots before falling! It was crazy. Then it came time for the fateful charge of the Assassins and they failed! I didn't think he'd make it and sure enough he fell way short. The Guardsmen remained castled up unable to lend any fire support with those 60+ Guardsmen as they were out of range. Its not typically wise to leave cover for Guardsmen, but with almost my entire army intact and 30+ guys infantry pushing down on one of his flanks I would have moved to engage. Yet he wanted to try and continue to score objectives rather than go on the offensive. Time for the Eldar to respond.



Eldar Turn 3- It was time to move in for the kill. The Avengers and Scorpions and a unit of Jetbikes got ready to crush his left flank. While the Spiders and 2 units of Jetbikes stood ready to remove the Deathcult Assassins. Meanwhile the Dragons and Autarch re-embarked on their Serpent and moved out towards his DZ, alongside the Warp Hunter, while the Hornets went objective grabbing. It took a ton of fire but the Spiders and Jetbikes killed all the Assassins, leaving the Inquistor standing alone. Meanwhile the Avengers, the Serpents peppered the left flank with fire killing about 10 Guardsmen. Meanwhile the Scorpions went on the charge and absolutley hammered the Guardsmen as was expected. They got a huge consolidation move and hid out of LOS of the remaining platoon.


Wrap-Up- My opponent carried on till he had only 3 models left on the board. It was a valiant effort by the Eldar were able to hang back at range totally uncontested while my outflanking infantry did the same. The Scorpions went onto MASSACRE the Guardsmen killing upwards of 20 easily killing the most models in the entire game. They were champions and have earned an awesome reputation in the army. They are auto-include from here on out. The Hornets and Dragons were probably the MVP's though as they took out that Knight right when I needed to which was fantastic.

It was a fun game and a different experience playing at night with a whole new crowd. But I'm gonna hit you guys with a little unvarnished opinion. My opponent is a good player but I think he WAY too concerned with scoring objectives while the Scorpions waltzed into his lines almost completely unopposed except for 1 turn of futile fire of the Platoon Command squad(though they did have 3 Grenade Launchers). My brother would have turned every lasgun in his army against them before they made contact and it was a critical mistake in my opinion. Lack of mobility and range really killed him also the absence of any artillery or flyer support really hurt him in the list building department. Overall a very fun game against a good opponent with an awesome attitude but I think some big mistakes factored into the my winning. Hope thats not too harsh but I want to just let you guys know what I really think.

Anyways guys my Escalation League starts next week so expect a little mini bat-rep to be sure. Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading the report. Talk to you all soon and happy wargaming!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on March 25, 2016, 05:19:21 PM
Man your army always looks so good on the table. Sorry haven't checked in so much, been working up a storm. In my spare time I've been working on one of my other armies, still haven't got anything else done on my corsairs, but here is a picture from Wednesday nights game.


Meant to take pics of game and do bat rep but forgot. Went against necron ducurion list and won. 7 to 2
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on March 26, 2016, 06:13:52 AM
Thanks for another great report :).  Your Eldar force looks great in those photos and the fact that you destroyed the ghastly Imperial Knight brought a smile to my face.

Your opponent's army was very strange in my opinion.  I'm not sure quite what he was trying to accomplish with his army selection.  In view of the fact that he adopted a castle strategy, he needed a lot more long range fire power in his army to make it work, so the Land Raider and Assassins seemed like very odd inclusions on that basis.

Your plan worked very well and the focused fire tactics were spot on.  Congratulations on your victory :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 26, 2016, 08:30:20 AM
@Dread- Dread! Whats up man. I need you working on your Corsairs!!!!!!!! lol just kidding man. Your Ad-Mech looks great! You should include that in your plog. Are you rocking a war convocation? Also... three Knights? You dirty dog! Lol Again just kidding bro. The list I rocked was last thursday was equally nasty. Anyway thanks for checking in man and thanks for the pic they look great and must be rocking on the table. Make sure you give us some updates I'd love to see some info on your Ad-Mech.

@Irisado- Thanks as always Irisado. Bringing down that Knight was really awesome. Having the Hornets come in from the left, the Nightwing from the right and the Dragons taking him head on was so cinematic. While it was a turn 2 kill it was challenging. I was really hemming and hawing on how to get the Dragons into position. I'm so used to having a Webway Portal for them that getting them near enough to the Knight without getting charged was tough. I think threat overload enabled that.

Your thoughts on his strategy are exactly my own. Where the heck in the range? I've seen so many IG player go down the route of just massed infantry with so little ranged support and I just don't get it. My brother is the total opposite with loads and loads of artillery fire and then flyer support to ferret out trouble units that artillery pieces missed. But about the Assassins (and the Knight) were meant to be a hammer to his infantry platoon anvil. The Knight and LR + Assassins that could establish board control and push back but especially with the  Knights 12" movement but I essentially counter-deployed him by Infiltrating my Scorpions away from them, reserving my foot Avengers bringing them in as far away from them as possible. Then using my bikes and spiders to play movement games with him just waiting for him to deploy.

All in all his biggest mistake was sending the Knight so close to my lines. He seemed hell bent on taking out my Void Shield Generator which he could have done at range with his lascannons. Its tough though because the Eldar are just so damn strong. If you don't take a significant chunk out of an Eldar army turn 1 or turn 2 it becomes insanely tough to win especially if they are inflicting significant losses in the early turns.

Anyway thanks Irisado sorry for blabbing on! Really appreciate your comments as always.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on March 26, 2016, 09:50:59 AM
If he was going to try hammer and anvil, he needed a much more potent anvil.  Yes, it had the bodies, but not the fire power, so it didn't require you to pay much attention to it.  This meant you could concentrate your fire on the anvil and destroy it before it could hit home, and this is precisely what happened.  An anvil needs to be able to draw attention away from the hammer, and even if this is successful, it remains quite a tricky strategy to execute.  Your opponent had undermined his chances of success by not selecting the right units for his anvil.

He'd have been better off going for a castle with counter assault punch if he's preferred style of play is to sit back.  In fact, that's a better defence for infantry Guardsmen against Eldar anyway.  If he wanted to take the Inquisitorial element and play aggressively, I feel that he needed to adopt a mechanised approach with the Guardsmen.

Your Striking Scorpions really are on a roll incidentally.  They're causing a lot of damage and seem to go under the radar a lot of the time.  I do wonder whether too many players are falling into the trap of thinking that Eldar assault is still handicapped by their low toughness and durability.  I think that there are still a few hangovers from fifth edition in particular in the minds of some players.  It's true that some Eldar assault units remains a bit hit and miss, but Striking Scorpions are really benefiting from the increased mobility of Eldar infantry units.

Great to see the Void Shield Generators in action.  They look very impressive.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on March 26, 2016, 04:22:56 PM
Yup, forgot to comment on report. I agree with Irisado, but also think the "have these pretty models" syndrome might have played a part in it. My IK started that way, added the skitarii for fodder, support and fluff. I digress. I really am impressed with the scorpions, mine always die, die and die.

On the corsair/eldar front, I've been collecting more bits for the stormy day push. I will add my latest with my blog soon.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on March 27, 2016, 06:47:48 PM
I love seeing the pictures of your army and reading these reports! Keep it up!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 28, 2016, 07:19:29 AM
@Irisado- Yes Irisado you are definitley right about hammer and anvil. It really takes me WAAAAY back to when I first came on to the forums and you were helping me with pulling off hammer and anvil during 4th edition.

About the counter-punch… yes! I was waiting for him to move out with those Guardsmen and try and shore up his left flank but it never happened. I think it has something to do with the Maelstrom game where people are just so hell bent on scoring those objectives turn by turn that they consciouslly throw some of the fundamentals out the window hoping to simply outscore their opponents. To me that is projecting way too down the road, and when I play Maelstrom I still prioritize threat elimination and protecting key units especially in the early turns. Especially since the chance for a tabling was quite apparent after the Knight went down and the Land Raider got immobilized. I would have took those 30+ guys and tried to hose down the Scorpions, and 2 squads of Avengers.

Also thank so much for noticing my Scorpions. They have been freaking champions of the table recently and I couldn't be more thrilled. I feel like after some cautious outings with them I've learned how to use them and how to support them. They are great at defending a deployment zone, and clearing infantry off objectives. That seems kind of underwhelming when you type it, but they have the speed, durability with Shadowstrike, Stealth and their heavy aspect armor to really make those bold moves into the enemy deployment zone and take away what the opponent considers "guaranteed objectives" and also to hold them. When supported by Wave Serpents and perhaps one of my Jetbike squads they just tend to be ignored (until after they start killing units) because of all that Scatter Laser fire. Like you said visually I think they register as a squad of Assault Marines, but they are far more than that especially when lead by their nasty, nasty exarch.

Anyway thanks so much Irisado. You'll be happy to know they are going to be heavily featured in the next month or two as they've made the cut for the Escalation League which starts this thursday! So expect a lot more bat-reps and a lot more Scorpion action to come.

@Dread- Hey buddy thanks for checking in again. Yeah I'm still puzzeled by that move with the Knight. I'm ultra-super cautious when it comes to my Wraithknight or any new unit. Its a supersition of mine that blundering with new models on the tabletop can somehow doom them! lol I guess I'm just weird about debuting new models.

Too bad about your Scorpions. If they get activley targeted from the get-go you are right they will get smoked. My brother always blasts the hell out of them diverting tons of firepower in the opening rounds to dislodge them as he knows it means death if they reach his lines. One of my things which I didn't highlight in the bat-rep is that I usually just leave them in place for a turn, or even two turns until I've drawn my opponents attention away with my heavy hitters. Basically I wait till the heats turned up and then I push forward with the Scorpions. Its really paid off and hopefully it will continue to do so.

@Killersquid- Thanks man glad you like the reports. Their are more to come so stay tuned.

@Everybody- A lot of updates coming this week guys so stay tuned. The Autarch's bike, another bat-rep and some Imperial Guard so stay tuned!!!!!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 29, 2016, 02:13:37 PM
Quick update guys... Just finished my Autarch really happy with how he came out. New army rune, lance, fusion gun proxy, grenades and even combat drugs and what not should I want to run him as a Baron or a Prince. Super stoked!



Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on March 30, 2016, 12:21:41 AM
Wow! I like this a lot. I mean wow!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Calamity on March 30, 2016, 09:43:19 AM
That's all I can say to.  Wow.  Wow.  8)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Alienscar on March 30, 2016, 09:44:08 AM
Wow indeed. It amazes me how what look likes such a limited pallete can look so striking. Staggering work Cavalier.   
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on March 30, 2016, 12:05:17 PM
It's the sleek nature of the Eldar Jetbike that your painting does so much to convey.  This is what impresses me the most.  I also love the orange at the tip of the spear.  The way you've shaded the red into the orange is very reminiscent of the old Fire Dragon Exarch from the original GW studio army.  Great stuff :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on March 31, 2016, 06:57:54 AM
@Dread- Thanks man I'm really glad you like him. Bear in mind this will be my 2nd in command, the Prince has yet to be modeled up. If my plans work out he should be even cooler.  8) 8) 8)

@Captain Calamity- Thanks bud appreciate it!

@Alienscar- Thanks Alienscar. The limited pallete makes it easy to add a few splash colors and really grab people's attention to the wargear bits and whatnot.

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado, when I paint I'm always trying to accentuate the strengths of the model. I want to just jive with the design. Glad you liked the orange too. I don't usually take the highlights up that that high but I do with the characters. Also I was really inspired by the Fire Dragons and Scorpion82's "Fire Spears" unit. Anyway thanks a lot really glad you like him.

@Everybody- Thanks so much for the ultra positive feedback guys I really do appreciate it! I've got bunch more stuff coming down the pipe, a bat-rep, salvaged models and some other cool stuff. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Looshkin on April 1, 2016, 04:24:27 AM
when I paint I'm always trying to accentuate the strengths of the model. I want to just jive with the design.

Probably the best description of what you do, and why I like what you do. GW produces some great minis, and your paint work always accentuates those. You often see people try to make more of the model by adding 200 layers of details. Sometimes smooth lines and crisp paint are the best addition, and I think that this newest model really shows that up well.

As always, inspiring work Cav. If you could just inspire my work to quit with the 60 hour weeks, maybe I could do something with that inspiration!!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 1, 2016, 03:04:35 PM
@Looshkin- Hey man thanks a lot for the kind words. I really do appreciate it. I feel you on the hours man, I got every single one of them accounted for. If it weren't for being a comission painter I'd struggle to find the time as well. Anyway thanks again and stay tuned cause I got some cool stuff on the way.

Escalation League Game 1

Hey guys so back with another battle report! The first in the Escalation League series. We started out at 750pts, Eternal War with unique secondary and tertiary mission parameters. This mission was Big Guns Never Tire with 4 objectives, Table Quarters, plus bonus points for having 50% more points on the table than your opponent at the end of game. My opponent was Mike the Imperial Guard player from last week and boy was this game a challenge! You'll soon see why. Lets get on to the armies!

Imperial Guard 750pts

Company Command Squad- Company Commander, Master of Ordnance, Vox Caster, Some dudes
Platoon Command- Platoon Commander, Vox, Missile Launcher
Platoon Command- Platoon Commander, Vox, Missile Launcher
Platoon- 50x Infantry Men, 3x Flamers, a few Sergeants, Priest x3
Platoon- 30x Lascannons x2, Grenade Launchers x3 , Priest x1

Eldar 750pts

Autarch- Jetbike, Lance, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun
Striking Scorpions x9- Exarch, Claw
Dire Avengers x10
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Warp Spiders x5- Exarch


Notes- So hoo boy. I knew this list was a possible match-up I just didn't think I was gonna draw it considering I played Mike just last week. But after a few drops from the League this is what we ended up with. I REALLY didn't want to face this list. I've played Kill Team games against Guard and really struggled before. That 24" range against small fragile Eldar units is really tough. Plus the sheer footprint "Forward for the Emperor" gives them an enormous threat range, forcing me to really play at the edges. This was gonna be toughy and require really good timing. Anyway thats the preamble lets dive into it!

My opponent formed a broad line across his DZ, while I tucked into a single corner hiding out of LOS. I was gonna take out his smaller platoon as quickly as possible and stay away from the larger platoon till the time was right.




Turn 1

Imperial Guard- So my opponent clearly learned from the last game and moved out early. He had the bodies, so he was willing to take casualties and he was gonna bring the Hammer of the Emperor down on the Eldar as quickly as possible and not let them lash into him at range. The Master of Ordnance brought down his barrage which scattered wildly, the left platoon unleashed on the Dire Avengers... which was interesting choice. I didn't think it was a good idea until my own turn came around. He took out 2 to begin the game but that was it. I got off light and made a lot of good saves. Time for the Eldar to respond.


Eldar- So I had to make quick moves. I needed to eliminate the smaller platoon as quickly as possible, before both platoons could converge on my small raiding force. So to that end I moved the Avengers further out into range, moved the Scorpions to the edge of the ruins getting ready to make for a nearby tree stand for a Turn 3 charge. Meanwhile the Bikes and the Spiders popped out of cover and unleashed on the Guardsmen. Combined fire with the Avengers dropped the platoon by about 15 guys with the Avengers killing 8. Their Ap5 weapons were a big asset. I scooted everything back into cover and out of LOS and awaited the Imperial retort.


Turn 2

Imperial Guard- More of the same from the Guardsmen. The large platoon continued to move to the center of the board to hold the center Big Guns objective (and contest possible table quarters) while the smaller platoon and platoon command focused on the Avengers. Master of Ordnance brought down his barrage and hit this time, forcing the Spiders to Flickerjump and they luckily avoided the barrage. Then the Grenade Launchers and Lasguns focused on the ruins taking out 6 of the Avengers. This was partly due to us not running the "blast in ruins" rule right and allocating hits on all levels. We corrected this in later turns but it definitely hurt. Yet critically in his eagerness to get into rapid-fire range he was now dangerously closer to the Scorpions. A turn 2 assault was now possible but very risky. Other than that Orders were given dudes ran up with a big focus on board control. This was looking rough. He had 2 of the Objectives firmly in his control with nearly 70+ bodies on them, his Warlord castled up and protected by both platoons and my objectives were all the way on the other side of the board. I did a lot of measuring and it was just going to be impossible to turbo-boost over to them and re-position. I was beginning to wonder if I made a mistake by trying to avoid the Lasguns of the big platoon and relinquishing easy control of the objectives in my DZ.

Eldar- So the Warp Spiders after Flicker Jumping lost a lot of mobility. Not wanting to risk losing them as their volume of fire was ultra important considering the laughable disparity in bodies I kept them hidden out of LOS. However I knew I could not wait around with any other unit. This play was bolstered by the appearance of the Nightwing which would prove invaluable this game. I had 2 objectives, get the Scorpions into combat and try and snag first blood. To that end I put only limited fire into the smaller platoon with just the Avengers. The large number of bodies and the presence of the priest could be dangerous even for the Scorpions. I took out about 5 which was more than I had expected knocking their number down to about 10. I needed the Scorpions to get in there (even if it meant wiping out the Guardsmen) to deter the large Platoon in the following turn. So with that I turned all guns on the Platoon Command Squad that was supporting them nearby. The Nightwing took out all but 1. I really needed first blood as the Eternal War Secondary Objectives could be huge since I really questioned my ability to control the objectives with so few bodies and the large threat bubble of the Platoon. So even though it was total overkill I blasted the last guy with my entire bike squad, killed him nabbing first blood. I then scooted back into cover with the bikes and braced myself for the biggest gamble of the game. Getting the Scorpions into combat. I made the charge, shrugged off Overwatch and annihilate the squad. The Scorpions consolidated into cover and braced themselves for retribution from the enormous platoon which was now within Rapid Fire distance.




Turn 3

Imperial Guard- So here is where things get crazy. About a 1/3 of his army was knocked out and the Eldar were making a game of it. He needed to wipe out the Scorpions and then push into my corner of the board. Orders are issued "First Rank, Second Rank, Fire!" goes out over the Vox but the Guardsmen bungle it and the orders roll is failed. Nevertheless he's got about 30 guys in Rapid Fire range. So 3x flamers and all those las guns blast into the Scorpions. 36 hits are scored and I don't know how many wounds but miraculously the Exarch and one Scorpion survive. This was absolutely incredible. Hotter dice cannot be imagined!  I was totally jubilant, the LEGEND of these Scorpions only continues to grow. So that was it! Turn over for the Guardsmen and it could hardly have gone worse.


Eldar- Time to punish the Guard! The Scorpions moved up (to my opponents shock!) I was going for that charge no matter what! After that legendary performance anything was possible. Overwatch be damned! The rest of my army chipped in using focus fire to take out guardsmen on the flanks, careful not to increase the charge distance for the Scorpions. I shred them dropping about 15 Guardsmen with support fire from the Avengers, while a plasma grenade thrown into the thick of things by one of the Scorpions took out 5 more. Incredible! Then the Nightwing zipped over shot up the Company Command squad taking out the Vox and a number of regular Guardsmen. Then came the moment of truth... the CHARGE. The Scorpions made the charge, 17 shots hit in overwatch, but only 7 wounds! I tank all but 5 losing the Scorpion bodyguard, and take a wound on the Exarch but despite Wall of Death and all those rapid fire lasguns I make it! I kill a Priest in the challenge and 4 more Guardsmen to boot. INCREDIBLE! Somehow the Scorpion Exarch survives and the legend of this unit has been set in stone. They are Legends!!!



Wrap-Up- The game continued to have a number of twists for 6 total turns, but it was all but over after turn 4. The Scorpion Exarch killed about 5 more guys but sadly died the next turn while clever maneuvering from the Spiders enabled them to sack the Company Command Squad in the next turn. My Autarch broke off from the Laser Bikes for line breaker. While the Avengers, Bikes, Nightwing and Spiders just hammered and hammered the remaining Platoon again and again resulting in a tabling.

It was a fantastic game and I had an absolute blast. I really thought I had little chance of winning the game until about Turn 4 when the tabling was well underway. A fantastic game to be sure and we both had a great time.

It looks like Lions of Asuryan are off to a hot start which I hope to keep going into next week when I'll be back with another bat-rep. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed it. Stay tuned for some interesting new hobby updates probably by the end of the weekend. Anyway guys stay tuned for more and I'll talk to you all soon. Happy wargaming!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on April 2, 2016, 01:59:34 AM
Wow, what a start to your league. Great maneuvers and the dice gods were with you. Scorpions, LEGENDARY for sure. Can't wait till the next report.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 2, 2016, 02:09:47 PM
When you highlighted just how many Guardsmen you had to get through to win the game, I didn't think that your chances were good.  The Striking Scorpions turned the game on its head.  It's true they were a bit lucky, but still the fact you had the courage to go for it when others (including me) would not have taken the risk just goes to show how the right tactic, even if it's risky, is the way to go if you have a chance of executing it well.

Congratulations on your victory :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Calamity on April 2, 2016, 02:33:17 PM
Congratulations on your victory Cavalier.  Even though it was against the guard.  ;D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 3, 2016, 08:16:23 AM
@Dread- Thanks man. Yes my dice were ULTRA hot. And yes the Scorpions have been reigning supreme… if I didn't have the photos I don't think people would believe me. A new bat-rep will be up by next weekend so stay tuned.

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. After you commented last week about how well my Scorpions have done I couldn't wait to share with you guys their latest feat. I really didn't think I was gonna win this game, I didn't explain it well in the bat-rep but I was nowhere near the objectives all game, he had multiple table quarters till turn 4 and he outnumbered me by about 100 models. I was really hoping for another matchup. I think what won me the game is probably patience. I don't mind positioning for a turn or 2 especially when I'm taking very little return fire, and then maximizing the pressure in the subsequent turn. The good old Scorpions were the cherry on top for that approach… I knew if somehow they could make combat and somehow hold, it would completley turn the game upside down and it did. It was so crazy and definitley an all time highlight for my army. These guys need battle honors! Anyway thanks Irisado I really do appreciate it. Wish all you guys could have been there!

@Captain Calamity- Thanks buddy. It was such an epic game… total madness.

@Everybody- Hey guys thanks as always for your comments. Always look forward to sharing both victories and defeats with you guys. I'm gonna make an effort to take better pictures in the future cause I wasn't thrilled with how these ones came out. Also if there is anything you'd like me to highlight in my bat-reps let me know. Anyway thanks for taking the time to comment guys I really do appreciate it!


Download Link:
http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/f/1/5/f15003640b0e8fad/Splintermind_Episode_21_Killing_it_with_Corsairs_Take_2_Revenge_of_the_Superguppy.mp3?c_id=11327090&expiration=1459695894&hwt=433a44c3b8bf71d9a87253e4f9ad182e (http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/f/1/5/f15003640b0e8fad/Splintermind_Episode_21_Killing_it_with_Corsairs_Take_2_Revenge_of_the_Superguppy.mp3?c_id=11327090&expiration=1459695894&hwt=433a44c3b8bf71d9a87253e4f9ad182e)

Also if you want check out the Splintermind Podcast! Its about Corsairs and I was called to duty to give my 2cents. Anyways take care guys talk to you soon!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 6, 2016, 12:12:19 PM
Hey guys back with a crazy eclectic update! I got a bit sidetracked from my Seer Council project (as I'm not going to be using them in the next month or so) so I dived into a number of crazy projects.

The first one is the Project: Hornet Resurrection. I got these back in 2010-2011 and they were all messed up. The forward facing "wings" were broken off at the tips on one of them, while the other was messed up in its back wings. Well between me and my brother, we re-sculpted the wing tips on the painted one, while the unpainted one I carefully snipped the back wings so that they match. What this means is I 2 new Hornets! Way back when I got these such a project was beyond my ability to fix. Now almost 5 years later I was fixed them up and they are ready to go. To think I just had 2 Hornets kicking around in the garage is nuts. But I've got 5 Hornets now. Look out world!


Project #2- Finish my brother's Imperial Knight. I half-painted this guy just to get my brother going about a year ago, so that he could just finish the details and have the big guys ready to go. However he just hasn't found the time so he actually commissioned me to finish it for him. I'm nearly finished with him now. All the grey highlights are finished, the guns are weathered. Now I just have to do the scripts, transfers, weathering, battle damage and finish the scenic base and he'll be done. Also waiting for a new shield to arrive as we messed up the one he came with. Pretty happy with how he's coming out!



Project 3! Hero Quest!!!!!!!!!! I absolutley love this game! After watching Scorpion82's Space Hulk battle report I decided I HAD to paint my Hero Quest models. This is just the beginning. I'm gonna paint the whole set and will probably start a second project blog for it. I'm real happy with how these guys came out. I wanted to do them super old school, with old school fire fade on the Bloodthirster/Gargoyle's whip and very cartoony work on the skin on the barbarian. Anyway I'm so happy to be working on this project. I love Hero Quest and think it has a great gaming mechanic system too.





Also my Escalation League continues this week with probably the toughest opponent I will face and he's bringing Necrons! This is gonna be a toughy. Expect some cheese, expect some drama, expect a bat-rep later this week. Anyway guys thats it for now, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 6, 2016, 01:37:14 PM
It's a shame the Heroquest roleplays no longer run, because I'm sure you'd have enjoyed participating in those.

Everything looks really good as always, but given my soft spot for Heroquest, I particularly like the fact that you're painting those figures.  The original Heroquest set is one of the few finished painted projects around here.  My dad painted all the figures and furniture with enamel paints back when he first bought the game for me.

I love the Gargoyle in particular.  The old fire fade looks as impressive now as it did back then.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on April 7, 2016, 12:48:20 AM
I have 2 of those games as well as 2 warhammer .
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 7, 2016, 07:00:21 AM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. Thats awesome that we had a Heroquest section on the forum in the past. Such a great game. I love the dice mechanics and setting up attacks in the hallways, blocking actions etc. Such a fun game. If I'm reading you right you have a project log by your dad on this forum and he finished a Hero Quest set? I gotta see it! Send a link please I'd love to see how he did it! Thanks on the fire fade too, I did a little new school twist on it with the little licks of flame here and there but yeah I love it too. Always a technique I loved.

@Dread- Thanks buddy. Glad we have another Hero Quest fan on here. Such an awesome game.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 7, 2016, 07:16:04 AM
There's nothing of his on this forum or anywhere else, unfortunately.  I was just referring to the fact that he'd painted the figures and the furniture :).  They'll all here in this room, but I don't have anything to take a decent picture of them I'm afraid.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: magenb on April 7, 2016, 06:10:17 PM
If you like Heorquet gab this one when its on sale :)
Warhammer Quest - Warhammer Quest on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/326670/)

@Cavalier - are you going to try the psyker to counter Necron deathstar cheese?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 7, 2016, 06:27:49 PM
Hey Cav.

Those rocks do look good, especially your cave terrain piece. With the risk of having asked before, what material do you use for that?

Also, funnilyenough I recently painted one of my hero quest models as well (that same barbarian). The skin ended up a bit darker than my intention was though, so I'll do it again some day, and in the meantime I'm slowly starting up painting my eldar again and painting star quest (the dutch version of space crusade), so the heroquest models are a bit of a low priority now.

good to see you're still going and that you're up against some pretty armies to boot! Those guardsmen from the last battle seemed to have been painted ace as well!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 8, 2016, 08:27:23 AM
@Irisado- Ah, bummer. But thats a very nice collection to have fully painted. I cannot wait to finish mine up. It'll probably take awhile since I've got a huge commission but (about 1000pts or more of Heresy era Thousand Sons) but its something I can't wait to complete.

@Magenb- Hey that game looks awesome! Thanks for the link. As for countering the Necron cheese, I WISH I could have had my Seer Council but only being able to increase my list by 250pts per round of the league it was just impossible, considering the other necessities. In the future though you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to though. I've got a grudge against these Necrons!

@Vonny- VONNY! Damn missed seeing your posts! Thanks about the terrain. All of my rocky terrain pieces are made from pink foam insulation boards. They typically come in 4x8 and uou can make an entire table from just one of them.

Thats awesome you are painting your Hero Quest dudes.... great minds right? You are painting Space Crusade!? So freaking jealous... I really, really love those models. The Eldar ones are fantastic. The only Space Crusade model I have is the Dreadnought which I bought for my Dark Angels. Make sure you share with us I miss seeing your posts! Anyway thanks for commenting really happy to see you on the forums again.

Escalation League Game #2: 1000 pts

Setup: Alright guys so here it is, re-match time against the Necrons. This player is a no-holds-barred competitive player, whose primary goal is winning. When we play we go for broke and so I didn't hesitate to bring the big guns out for this one, because boy is playing against Necrons tough. For whatever reason they seem to be my hardest match-up. So the game set-up is this Primary Objective: The Relic, Secondary: Hold the Center (of the board) Tertiary: Headhunter: Extra points for Slay the Warlord. We rolled warlord traits I got Conqueror of Cities so Move Through Cover and +1 Cover in Ruins (very handy). My opponent got the dreaded infiltrate 3 units and won the roll to go first. This was definitely a bit deflating as enabled him to grab the center of the board right away and negated the advantage of range bringing his 24" guns immediately to bear. Arghhh!

Necrons 1000pts

Necron Overlord
Flayed Ones x10
Warriors x10
   Ghost Ark
Warriors x10
   Ghost Ark
Tomb Blades x5- Nebula Scopes
Wraiths x3
Triarch Stalker


Eldar 1000 pts

Autarch- Bike, Lance, Banshee Mask
Striking Scorpions x9- Exarch Claw
Dire Avengers x10
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Warp Spiders x5
Warp Hunter


As noted above my opponent deployed first, won the roll for infiltrators and infiltrated a Ghost Ark and his Flayed Ones right ontop of the objective. He also infiltrated his Tomb Blades which are DEATH to my jetbikes. So they were sitting pretty in 4+ cover with ample shooting and excellent counter assault options right on the 6 points worth of objectives. In an effort to counter deploy I put the Avengers (as bait) one my left flank, the Scorpions (as bait) on the right. The Warp Spiders were next to the Avengers, well in cover ready to flicker jump if necessary. My goal was to use the Scorpions with their Shrouded affect to draw fire and split his forces, lure them into some opening firing lanes. Everything else would come in reserves... which while bold, was necessary. I couldn't risk losing my jetbikes, or have the Warp Hunter jink for even a turn. Lets get into this!

Note: These Deployment Pics were taken before he completley deployed... these are just intended to show terrain placement.



Turn 1

Necrons- So right off the bat he took the bait. He sent off a Ghost Ark and his Tomb Blades after the Scorpions. They took more than 30 shots, many of them Ignore Cover but only about 3 die. They end up failing their morale (but they rally in the next turn). Meanwhile the Ghost Ark in the center fires at the Avengers killing 3. Notable losses but I'm not worried. He's taken the bait split his forces and exposed them for later turns.

Eldar- So the Scorpions rally, hop back into the ruins to bide their time and draw fire. The Avengers remain stationary as do the Warp Spiders. This may seem risky just going stationary for a turn but I'm not going to risk any of these units until reinforcements arrive.



Turn 2

Necrons- He continues to take the bait pouring more fire into the Scorpions reducing them to about 4 models. They fail morale again! Yet they continue to do their job, soaking tons and tons of fire (30+ shots again). The Avengers take more fire as well and are reduced to just 4 guys. Nevertheless both units are doing exactly what I want them to. Meanwhile the Wraiths move out toward my long table edge prepared to go either left towards my DZ, or right towards the Scorpions... and right where I want them.

Eldar- Alright this is where it gets serious... Reserve Rolls! So everything comes in but the Nightwing. Not having the Nightwing hurts a bit but the Jetbikes and Warp Hunter are priority #1! So knowing the insane Necron resilience everything mobilizes and I have but 2 objectives: Kill the Tomb Blades and Kill the Wraiths. This takes some careful planning as range comes into effect. So the Spiders and Avengers focus on the Tomb Blades and only kill 2. The Warp Hunter then fires off hoping to save the Jetbikes fire for the Wraiths but 1 of them manages to survive. The first squad of Bikes fire of into the last remaining Tomb Blade and kill him netting me First Blood. The remaining bike unit then fires off into the Wraiths inflicting a wound. That was a decent turn but I had hoped the Spiders and Avengers could have killed the Tomb Blades so the bikes could focus on the Wraiths and the Warp Hunter could have gone after the Ghost Ark but it was not to be. Oh well the Tomb Blades are gone meaning my Bikes have little to worry about which is huge.


Turn 3

Necrons- I knew I'd have to pay the piper this turn. He continues to go after the Scorpions reducing them to just 2 guys (again tanking 30+ shots... incredible!) But with the the Wraiths were now in range of the Spiders and the Avengers being exposed they are doomed. The Avengers get shot off the board and the Wraiths make combat and while it comes down to the last roll they are sadly finished off. Not being able to remove the Tomb Blades really sucked as I'm sure the bikes could have eliminated the Wraiths. Oh well time for me to retaliate.



Eldar- This was another huge turn... the Wraiths had to go, and I needed to start taking out his armor. With Quantum Shielding on everything only the Warp Hunter could touch them... but wait... Quantum Shielding only applies to front and side armor... meaning the Scorpion Exarch can nip their rear armor. Oh yes... So jumping ahead to the assault phase. The Scorpion Exarch manages to make contact with the Ghost Ark thats been harassing his unit and manages to get a Penetrating Hit thus dropping the Quantum Shielding! Can these Scorpions be anymore legendary? They've taken over 90 hits in the first 3 turns and manage to survive and lend a huge helping hand to their comrades. Legends! Besides that the Jetbikes and the freshly arrived Nightwing focus on the Wraiths killing all but 1.  The Warp Hunter the whiffs against the last remaining Wraith though their is a rules dispute.... Question: If you miss with the first of multiple barrage shots, can you only flop the template, or do you roll again to see if you hit? Anyway it wasn't heated or anything but it definitley sucked as the Wraith was now in range of my Warp Hunter. Uh oh.



Turn 4

Necrons- This was a crucial turn for the Necrons and some mistakes were made. The Ghost Ark continues to fire at the Scorpions and finally manages to kill them. I'm not sure what his obsession was, but keeping all that fire away from my primary units was a huge win for my Scorpions, loyal and true to the bitter end they accomplished their unenviable task. The Wraith moves up to assault my Warp Hunter and some Warriors target my Jetbikes but I luckily make my armor saves. The Ark then snap fires at my Nightwing and I decide to Jink which is very good as he rolls 4 hits. I pass my jinks successfully. Then a HUGE mistake occurs, the turn passes and my opponent has forgotten to charge his Wraith against my Warp Hunter! Oh what luck for me!

Eldar- I have to take immediate advantage of this situation. I eliminate the last remaining Wraith and begin my bombardment of the central ruin. I know my only option is to go for a tabling because there is no way I can hold the Center of the board especially with the huge mob of objective secured and no sacrificial units in my army. I've got the fire power to do it, but I just need some bad luck from my opponents dice...




The game goes 6 Turns, and ends in a Necron victory. I just cannot shoot all those units off the center of the board, nor claim the Relic which is sitting there as well. I end up killing everything but 2 squads of Warriors, and the Overlord but in the end even that is not enough. I could have made the gamble and turbo-boosted to contest but it would have meant death if the game continued and I elected not to. Possibly my only mistake of the game, but it was a gamble I wasn't willing to risk. I had more faith in my ability to shoot those units off the board with the all my Scatter Lasers and my Warp Hunter. Man did the Warlord Trait help the Necrons win. Being able to Infiltrate all those units on center of the board, with re-animation protocols and a 4+ cover save was really really tough to chew threw. But I feel like I had excellent target priority and de-fanged the Necrons just as I should but it wasn't enough.

In conclusion I feel like I played a really, really good game with almost no mistakes. I still have yet to beat these accursed Necrons but I feel like I'm really up to speed with them at this point and ready for the challenge. My opponent bragged about beating me in all our games (we've only played 4 times) which kind of soured it for me but oh well. It was still a good time. I'm still in a very good position to the win the whole league but I'll have to beat a very good Space Wolf player to do so. I'm feeling very good about how I've played thus far and can't wait for the next match. Anyway thanks for stopping by guys and stay tuned... there is always more to come!

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 8, 2016, 09:11:59 AM
The board that you played on contrasted well with your beautifully painted red Eldar bikes and tanks.  Those pictures are great :).

There is no doubt that the Warlord roll favoured your opponent massively.  I'd have been very interested to see how the game would have turned out if he had not been able to infiltrate.  As things stand, you just didn't have the numbers to launch any kind of assault on such a fortified position, so I wouldn't have wanted to try to contest the objective either.

Regarding the rules query, you might want to see if they can help you out in the rules board with that one.

Thanks for the report :).
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 8, 2016, 12:06:11 PM
That sounds like more nerves than I'd have had, reserving so many units.
What weapons are on the tomb blades that they're so deadly for your jetbikes?

A shame you didn't get the win, because your plan of execution worked flawlessly.

regarding the rule query: Nothing in the rules for multiple barrages on page 160 state that you need to handle it any differently if your first blast doesn't hit anything. It's one of the downsides of barrages I guess. (next to the huge upside of being able to snipe special models out of a unit)

Also! Yes, I'm back, and I'll post some stuff in my own topic soon :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 8, 2016, 05:13:42 PM
Wow great stuff Cav, with all the new jetbikes and characters the Corsair Eldar are looking more and more fabulous!

Great to see the Scorpions rocking out hardcore as they do, I really like the way you play them! That Exarch for sure needs a trophy banner pole or something to record his many feats of Heroism.

On the barrage side, you just roll the scatter and dice the first time, and then walk or flip the template from that initial spot for however many shots you have. If you roll wildly off, its a goner. If you roll somewhat off and manage a high number of shots, sometimes you can definitely walk the templates back to score some hits. It can be pretty unpredictable, which is why Guide is so useful as it lets you re-roll the initial dice AND the subsequent scatters. Ouch!

Tough luck on that batrep, looked like you almost had it. Reserving may have actually cost you a bit of punch in this one -- I find Vanguard Strike you can usually get jetbikes and other units out of range entirely if you are careful. Other than that, there are just so many Necron bodies on the centre of the board there -- I would have tried to get the Autarch and Warp Spiders (ideally Scorpions) stuck into assault there to tie things up and try to run down those warrior units. Then last turns you just have to put the bikes on the Relic, there's no choice really.

Next time!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 9, 2016, 08:28:13 AM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. I was really excited to play on the mat, and my opponent brought nice terrain as well. Its a shame he got some of it mixed up because he had more fully painted terrain but it just got mixed up at the last second and he brought the wrong box. As for the Warlord traits I couldn't agree more. He's gotten that before against me and it was total Nightmare. Wraiths, C'Tan, and Lychguard all up in my face turn 2 was not fun. I wanted to try and mix it up in the middle, but with the Overlord, Flayed Ones and the Triarch Stalker right there it was just too many mis-matches. I could handle them individually but not as one. It took me most of the game to remove the Stalker which was part of the problem. Anyway I've learned that I'm matched up against either Space Wolves which I'm looking forward to very much, or Dark Eldar! Who I've never played before... and I know the young man who plays them and he's an excellent painter... so look forward to that!

@Vonny- Hey Vonny so glad that you are back. I've missed all your great posts. Yes I didn't like reserving everything one bit. When we rolled Vanguard Strike for deployment I was very happy as it favors me in the range game with Necrons operating at 24" maximum but then he got the Infiltrate Warlord trait and it changed everything. As for the Tomb Blades they fire Ignore Cover small blasts and they just stack up wounds so easily that my little squads really fear them. Furthermore the Tomb Blades are jetbikes themselves meaning they have a longer reach, and they were infiltrating so... I had to reserve. Which I really don't mind doing, but I knew that I was sacrificing A LOT of shooting which hurt. Anyway thanks for checking in its always appreciated.

@Ibushi- Hey bud thanks so much for your thoughts. Glad you like all the new units too, really happy with how they came out. Yes! The Scorpions need battle-honors! I may just do that today... such legends of the tabletop. I want another squad! Thanks for checking in with the barrage rules. Definitely a toughy... price payed for no Farseers! 

Very interesting thoughts on deployment. My concern was him moving that infiltrating Ghost Ark out towards my corner towards the bikes then pressuring me with Wraiths, Tomb Blades and Flayed Ones. I didn't want to be forced to turbo-boost out of my corner and then chased again in the following turn. I was trying to estimate all the possible movements but I couldn't be sure. I really, really wanted to go after the center of the board during the last turn... my brain was really grinding on whether to have the Autarch swoop in at the end... but with Warlord being worth 3VP's in that game I didn't want to give it up with the Overlord right there.... but I could have consolidated away so you may be right. It was a tough call. But I think you are right about the bikes going to Contest the relic turn 6. I was going to lose even if the bikes survived. I was hoping for a Turn 7 tabling but thats an even bigger gamble than going for the contest. So even if I didn't want to commit the Autarch, the bikes could have gone for the objectives, the Autarch and Warp Hunter could have pulled back and I could have just hoped for the game to end, negating the Relic, negating Hold the Center meaning I would have won on First Blood! Argghhh! So many variable and all at a 1000pt game! But hey its like you said "Next Time"!

@Everybody- Thanks so much for all your comments guys, after each game I always look forward to sharing with you guys. Like I mentioned to Irisado, my next game will be against Dark Eldar or Space Wolves both matchups should be phenomenal! Got a bunch of hobby stuff in the works too so expect an update before the next bat-rep. Anyway thanks guys and stay tuned there's a lot more to come this week!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 13, 2016, 02:33:45 PM
Hey gang. So no Escalation league this week. A couple of guys had to push back their games, setting the schedule back a bit. No worries though I really had to catch-up on hobby stuff, for both clients and myself.

Anyway gang so I'm just about finished with my newest Hornet! Gotta be one of the deadliest units in the Eldar arsenal and one of Forge Worlds best releases of all time. They've won me so many games its just ridiculous.



So this guy here is a part of a new squadron -1st Squadron as I'm dubbing it- so only a single chevron, and white spirit stones which means they are from my Corsair Prince's own Raiding Company. His second in command runs the "2nd Raiding Company" with all the turquoise spirit stones.

Couple of new details like the amber spirit stones on the weapons which is a new thing I've been doing, and I've simplified the underside of the model with mostly red highlights though that isnt shown.

Anyway guys have a HUGE reveal coming for my next project and its not Eldar... so stay tuned for that. Alright guys talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 13, 2016, 02:47:11 PM
Looks really great man, I like how this Hornet is super-simple but catches the eye with single chevrons and the white flair on the extra wing struts, good job!

Mixing up the spirit stones looks great, the combination of spirit stone and chevron variation will work really well, sweet!

Really sad to think that upcoming stuff will no longer be Eldar, but I don't believe for a second you would 100% transition away from the cutthroat pointy ears haha -- looking forward to seeing what else you come up with! The blood & bone chaos units you did were absolutely fantastic, that's for sure. As for Necrons, the basic models are all pretty similar whatever you do, but look forward to seeing some more characters and some of the more intricate models, they have some nice opportunity for detail on those ones.

When is your next Eldar batrep expected to be? That last one was really good, a close game with good lessons. Keep it up buddy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Aurics Pride on April 13, 2016, 03:02:18 PM
Such a beautiful paint job, definitely very envious!
Looking forward to seeing the new project unfold, if it's anything like your Corsairs I am sure I will be getting some pangs of jealousy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 14, 2016, 07:11:58 AM
@Ibushi- Hey bud thanks man, appreciate it. Glad you like the white on the rear stabilizer wings. For whatever reason I feel like that makes them look so much better. Glad you dig the mixed spirit stones as well. I'm gonna be using amber spirit stones a bit more on my new models going forward. I really liked how they looked on my biker Autarch and I think they look even better on the Hornet. Can't wait to get the second Hornet up and running. Need some magnets to complete and then I'll be running 2x2 Hornet Squadrons in my competitive games. Nasty!

About my next project... I'll never transition 100% away from my Eldar. Its just impossible. I play 40k to play my Eldar... I'll still be playing them all the time and always a have new unit or two in the pipeline. Just thinking ahead... I've got my Seer Council which is still in the works, 2nd Hornet, Warp Hunter, eventually a Skathatch Wraithknight and most likely a second kitbashed Nightwing so that I can run the formation. I'll be needing these to mix things up on the tabletop till I get my new army (not Necrons) up and running. So there will be no lack of Eldar updates... just some new exciting stuff to run alongside them.

As for the next bat-rep I know who my opponent is... Space Wolves! Its a drop-pod army which is a super pain. Normally I don't even blink but its gonna be tough without my Wraithknight who I'm used to tanking a lot of firepower. Still trying to figure what I want to add for 250pts to my current list. Hopefully something that can endure the small arms Alpha Strike. Not sure when the game is. Gotta contact my opponent today and see what he wants to do. It could be as early as this saturday or as late as next saturday. Sooner the better! I need to win this game (preferably at max points) to win the league. So wish me luck! Anyway thanks man I appreciate your comments as always.

@Auric- Hey buddy thanks for the compliments man. No reason to be jealous, you are off to a searing hot start on your Corsairs! Anyway I appreciate it man and keep up the great work yourself, I'm loving it!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 14, 2016, 04:48:52 PM
If you want a small arms tank - wraithlord maybe?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 15, 2016, 06:54:21 AM
Hey Vonny. You must have read my mind... I've been dying to include my Wraithlord in this league. Thing is though this player will be packing tons of combi-plasma and combi-melta. He's all about the deep-strike, using pods and combi-weapon toting termies which'll make short work of my Wraithlord. Furthermore in the next 2 games I'm gonna be going up against Dark Eldar which will make mince-meat of my Wraithlord.

Its a shame really, because my Wraithlord has been a champion in what games I've played him in. If only I could assault after coming out of reserves... it'd be so nice and really make playing against drop-pod armies and skyhammer bearable. I hate just having to sit there and take all this punishment with only area terrain to save my skin.

Perhaps if I had my Wraithseer up and running I'd give it a go. Yet while I have the conversion kit I sadly dont have a Wraithlord to go with it!

Probably just gonna bunker up with my Scorpions, Spiders and Avengers, pull my usual reserve shenanigans and hold on for dear life!

EDIT: Hmmm the more I think about it though... having the Wraithlord in 4+ cover isn't a bad option. With the Avengers, Scorpions and Spiders there as well it could work. Furthermore I know I'm gonna be playing against a Double-Maulerfiend list as well and I could really use an MC to tackle them.... Arghh! Not sure!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 15, 2016, 08:03:49 AM
The other thing about the Wraithlord is even if it does get hammered, it may well absorb enough fire that it fulfils a role anyway.  I'd much rather have the Wraithlord blown to pieces than my valuable infantry if I were fielding an army like yours.  In addition, assuming that it's equipped with dual flamers, your opponent may be forced to take it out, because bunched up units around Drop Pods are going to take a lot of hits from a pair of flamers.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 16, 2016, 01:57:32 PM
@Irisado- Yes Irisado I think you are right. Even as a bullet magnet its very much worth it. Furthermore on even a single wound, I still like the big man charging in with a Ghost Glaive and ripping up some Marines before going down. Pretty sure I'm gonna rock him in the upcoming game... and to that end....

I decided to pop off his Bright Lance (it was pinned) and I gave him this rocking spear from the Wraithseer kit! It will eventually go back to the Wraithseer once I convert one up, but I thought it'd be nice to use in meantime. Anyway guys hobbying away as usual. I'll have bigger updates for you all soon. Until keep on gaming!


Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 16, 2016, 03:11:44 PM
That Wraithlord look fantastic :).  Now that I've seen the model and how you've painted and posed it, I'm even more certain that it has to be included.  I'm sure that it will manage to absorb enough fire to prove invaluable, even if it doesn't survive beyond the first turn.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 16, 2016, 05:16:07 PM
that looks epic. I'm on the same page as irisado.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Dread on April 16, 2016, 10:16:17 PM
THUNK! That was my jaw. Sorry haven't been on my Corsairs lately. My IKhave me busy
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 17, 2016, 08:02:41 AM
@Irisado- Thanks a lot Irisado I'm really appreciate it. The Wraithlord has got to be one of THE coolest models ever produced by GW. Jes Goodwin is a design genius straight-up. I'm  highly anticipating how he performs in this coming game. If he survives the first turn I'm going to be thrilled. Even if he doesnt… I think I may try playing him a bit more. I'm trying to add another unit to learn… the Scorpions being the main option but the Wraithlord may just be the second. Great objective holder, he'd be a nice trailer unit folliwing up the Scorpions as they work their way up the board... Gotta have a think.

@Vonny- Thanks Vonny coming from an Iyanden fan like yourself its very much appreciated.

@Dread- Thanks bud… now get back to those Corsairs!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: dog_of_war on April 17, 2016, 09:24:28 AM
He certainly is a gorgeous model and your paint job totally does him justice. You are going to love him in the tabletop. I try and rock three if I can and I'm never let down by their performance. He is outstanding in close combat and don't forget that he's a character, so he can challenge a pesky powerfist wielding sergeant.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 17, 2016, 11:49:16 AM
Nice! Yeah good call, I think this is the way to go, and that model looks fantastic!

Good reminder DoW, always forget that the Wraithlord is a character now, it's pretty sweet.

Looking forward to some more updates!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 19, 2016, 12:01:45 PM
@Dog of War- Hey bud thanks a lot. Thats great you've had so much success with the old "Wraithwall". The close-combat factor is what I'm looking to capitalize on as well. Yes chalenging out the Sergeants is awesome as well! The character perk is extremely awesome. Anyway thanks bud!

@Ibushi- Hey my friend. Thanks for the kind words they are always appreciated. Thanks for your input over the last weeks its been extremely helpful.

@Everybody- Hey gang, while I wait to get rolling on an enormous commission I've finished my brothers Imperial Knight and some other commissions and what-not but also renewed my efforts on my Seer Council! Did a little modification on the models by adding the Wraithguard tabards to the rear part of the jetbikes and painted them up enough to mount the rider. They are currently WIPs but I should be done with this one and other remaining bike I have by the end of the week.




Anyway thanks to everybody for all the comments and input its very much appreciated. Thanks again and stay-tuned!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 19, 2016, 12:06:46 PM
Those wraithblade tabards there look the part! That's awesome.

Any chance of getting pictures of your brother's finished imperial knight? :D
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 19, 2016, 12:42:36 PM
They definitely look the part :).  I also like how they mirror the white pattern on the nose of the Jetbikes.  It adds to the overall sleek feel the paint job has provided too.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Calamity on April 19, 2016, 05:18:08 PM
It's always a pleasure seeing your work Cavalier.  :)
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Rx8Speed on April 20, 2016, 12:26:44 PM
The wraithlord looks sick! I don't know whether the rules of your league would allow it but since the wraithlord is a character he can also be your warlord! The Personal traits look really good for him as he has a good chance to FNP, IWND or outflank. Also if the weapon mount area is pinned could you not just put a pin in the wraithseer's d-cannon and stick it on him then use him as the wraithseer? With the d-cannon and spear + the totally rad paint job I couldn't see any opponents taking issue with it. You would only have to paint the gun

edit: Btw making a big show of how he is the warlord turns his bullet magnet up to 9000! Against a drop pod army it could be a very sneaky way to set a trap. If thats the plan dont infiltrate the scorpions so they can charge 1st turn!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 20, 2016, 12:32:10 PM
@Vonny- Hey Vonny, glad you liked the little kitbash on the bikes. I was looking for something to differentiate the Barons/Warlocks from the Princes and Autarchs and the little tabard was perfect. Also each Wraithblade kit comes with 5 different tabards so it'll really vary the look. Also thanks for interest in the Knight, pics are below!

@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. You know I didn't notice how they mirror the chevrons, good catch! Probably one of the reasons it looked right to me when I was dry fitting. Anyway thanks a lot I'm glad you like them!

@Cpt. Calamity- Thanks bud :)

@Rx8- Hey bud! Man that'd be a great idea, unfortunatley I've already nominated my warlord and I can't change him. That would have been awesome! I've thought about the Wraithseer but he's too dang expensive. I can only add 250 pts and I need the points for extra firepower and bodies. I actually have the rest of the Wraithseer kit and will be modeling one up in the future. He will appear in a bat-rep I can guarantee you that. Anyway thanks for the kind words my friend its always appreciated!

@Everybody- Hey gang so I managed to add a little bit the growing Necron menace witha  Canoptek Tomb Spider! Really like this kit and painting him is super fun. He's still an early WIP but he's coming along nicely. Got some cool details I'll share with you once the model is further along but that'll have to wait.








Also here are pics of my bro's Imperial Knight. I really wanted to add some transfers and heraldry but my brother wanted him as is. I'm real happy with how he came out. Took awhile but now he's finished!

Anyway guys... stay tuned because the SECRET project should be arriving today. I'll have updates on that soon enough. Stay tuned cause its gonna be a big new project!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 20, 2016, 12:35:53 PM
Ooh i love those Necrons, the Spyders are a huge asset in terms of the game and modeling, love how you posed it and pulled out all the green details!

Also fantastic scarabs, those look amazing with the red Eldar wreckage on the base, really makes them pop! If you do more I would suggest making some a bit less symmetrical for variety, but otherwise everything is coming along super well.

Crush those wolves!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 20, 2016, 03:54:50 PM
oh man that tomb spyder looks simply beautiful. I'd love to build a necron army one day and include lots of spyders.... but I have too many projects as it is :P
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on April 20, 2016, 07:00:33 PM
Looking great! Also, were you on the splintermind podcast? The guest they had talking about their corsair models, described models like yours.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 21, 2016, 07:42:20 AM
@Ibushi-  Hey bud thanks. I love the Spiders as well. They look brilliant and they are super cheap MC's and breeding those scarabs is awesome. I love them as objective holders and late game mid-field objective ambushers if need be. Glad you liked all the greens... thats going to be a theme for sure. They are so easy to paint that I can spend time doing all sorts of energy effects and what not. About the Scarabs, I hear you man. My brother modeled those and when I tried to change them he got very mad. lol I was laughing but he was not!  I will try my best to crush those Wolves my good battle-bro. Thanks as always for your advice and input bud.

@Vonny- Hey Vonny thanks. The more Necrons I get the more enthused I get about the project. Really I'm looking forward to playing against them more than anything, which is cool because my brother wants to play as them. Expect some very fun mini reports.... and perhaps on some thematic Necron terrain!

@Killersquid- Hey man thanks. Yes I was on Splintermind! I hope you enjoyed the episode, I've been on a number of them. Did the second episode about kitbashed/converted Eldar armies, Craftworld codex review, Dark Angels review, and the new IA: 11 review. Brian and Thor are great guys... and Brian is the most beastly hobbyist EVER. He painted 15,000 points of Eldar last year and they are all absolutely beautiful. He's really one of the best and most prolific hobbyists I've ever known and he's a gem of a guy. Anyway bud hope you liked the podcast, make sure you hit me up with feedback if anything stood out to you. Thanks!

@Everybody- IT HAS ARRIVED. Stay tuned for updates because I will be in a hobby frenzy!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 23, 2016, 11:40:08 AM
Hey guys so I'm back with another Corsair update. Today I've got my big league match... wait whats going on << I don't... oh dear >>(( ++SIGNAL INTERRUPTED++  ++[CALIBAN-OVERIDE-PROTOCOLS]++ Greetings you proud sons of the Imperium! All hail the Lion, all hail the God-Emperor of Mankind! The 1st Legion has arrived in force upon the project log!





Hey guys so its finally arrived my Betrayal of Calth boxed set which will serve as the foundation for my Heresy-Era Dark Angels. Been waiting a long time to get this going... but when I heard rumors the Calth boxed set may end its production run I pounced because I'm an enormous fan of the Mk IV armor and had to have each every tactical Astartes equipped with that glorious aegis handed down by the Emperor!

You guys may not know this but before I started my Eldar army way back in 1996 I started with a Pre-Heresy Dark Angels army! They were my first attempt at an army. It didn't last long as I got into Eldar very quickly but I've been dying to make a DA force ever since.

So some of these minis you will have seen before, but the Contemptor, Brother Zeuriel is brand new and almost finished. I just couldn't wait to share with you guys.



Now don't worry, my Eldar army progress and bat-reps will continue as normal. In fact I've got big plans for the Lions of Asuryan (sensing a theme?). I've begun prepping a second unit of Warp Spiders and just their Shredders in yesterday. This unit will actually be very interesting as they'll be rocking unique colors as they are the second squad in the warhost. Also the Seer Council is still in the works and a second Wraithknight and Warp Hunter will be ordered in the not too distant future as well!

But I've wanted to have a 2nd army that I actually want to learn and master and keep things unpredictable for folks at the gaming store. This DA list will actually ally in Codex: Space Marines for even more options... more specifically some very unique and rarely seen choices from that book. I'm looking to challenge myself with this army and will trying a new playstyle and new painting techniques.

This army will have 2 purposes games of normal Warhammer 40,000 but also the actual Heresy game if I can find people to play. Nevertheless it will be HIGHLY historical project with a huge emphasis on heraldry, squad markings and paying homage to the background of my beloved first sons of the Emperor. So stay-tuned guys because the action has just begun! ++TRANSMISSION OVER++
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 23, 2016, 10:13:55 PM
i kind of hate to say it, but

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: murgel on April 24, 2016, 03:21:40 AM
overwhelmingly excellent!
I'm having a DA army myself already but this makes me think about doing another one in pre heresy colour.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 24, 2016, 02:21:50 PM
@Ibushi- Heheh, thanks man. Glad you like them. Its gonna be a lot of fun to do something new and learn a new army. The list I've got cooked up will be a real blast to play and has a bit of everything. Small points games with these guys against the Necrons will be coming as soon as both forces are operational which should make for some good bat-reps.

@Murgel- Hey thanks man I really appreciate it. I absolutely love the Dark Angels in their Pre-Heresy colors. It gives them a real level of menace which I love. Plus the visual of the Emperor leading an all black Space Marine legion in the Unification Wars always blows my mind. Anyway thanks for the kind words man I'm glad you like them.

@Everybody- Next up is the bat-rep! It was my most important league match yet. How did I do? Stay-tuned and find out!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Aurics Pride on April 25, 2016, 11:44:28 AM
Wow, they look stunning!
Again you've managed to get such a clean looking paint job on them. Really looking forward to seeing some more of these. Are you going to be adding any of the Forgeworld Legion Vehicles (Sicaran etc)?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 25, 2016, 02:52:51 PM
@Auric's Pride- Hey thanks Auric. I really appreciate it, especially coming from a fellow Son of the 1st and mightiest Legion! I will certainly be adding a Sicaran to the force (hopefully a plastic one if the rumors are true). Their will be a LOT of Forgeworld in this force. A number of quite standard units are going to pure FW regardless of cost (and regardless of duplicate units I already have from the Dark Vengeance and Calth sets) with some nice conversions to boot. However the list I plan on running initially will have a somewhat unconventional approach to be sure. No formations, no Centurions but very fast, hard hitting and with some tricky units mixed in as well. Its going to be very fun and quite thematic. Anyway very very glad to see you are excited my friend. Stay tuned because you have not seen the last of the 1st Legion!

Escalation League Game #3

Hey everybody. The deadly Lions of Asuryan roar back onto the tabletop for another Escalation League game. This one was all important. My opponent Nick is in 2nd place and I needed to get max points (win all 3 tiers of objectives) to still be in the running to win the League. This time against the Sons of Russ: the Space Wolves. So the objectives in this game were The Scouring (VP's for killing fast attacks, 1st Blood, Line Breaker, Warlord), Behind Enemy Lines (more units in your opponents DZ) and to have double the amount of points still on the table at the end of the game than your opponent. All very different objectives and a lot to keep track of in addition to trying defeat your opponent. Alright so lets get into lists!

Space Wolves 1250pts

Harald Deathbringer
Thunder-Wolf Cavalry x6- Stormshields x3, Powerfists x2
Tactical Squad- x5
         Razorback- Las-Plas
Tactical Squad- x5
         Razorback- Las-Plas
Tactical Squad- x10 - Terminator Sergent, Melta, Combi-Melta
Long Fangs x?- About 5 Missile Launchers
Dreadnought- Autocannon, Power Claw

Eldar 1250pts

Autarch- Bike, Lance, Banshee Mask
Striking Scorpions x9- Exarch, Claw
Dire Avengers x10
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Jetbikes x3- Scatter Lasers x3
Warp Spiders x5
Warp Hunter


Deployment- I was quite suprised by the lack of Drop Pods in this list. I've played Nick on a number of occasions and I knew he LOVED his Drop Pods with special weapons and combi-weapon Termies. So I was surprised by the presence of just 1! The crew he plays with tend to get steamrolled by Thunder-Cav and he was certainly playing to that with this list.

Eldar Deployment: So the surprising lack of Drop Pods allowed me to be VERY aggressive in my deployment. Everything was on except the Warp Hunter. I castled up as much as I could out of LOS, and had a little bait unit to hopefully draw the Thunderwolves out as soon as possible.



Space Wolf Deployment: He lined up in a broad line with the Thunderwolves slightly left-of-center. Long Fangs in the big multi-story ruin supported by a Razorback on the left. While on the right we had a lone Dreadnought and a Razorback. This was not the wisest approach in my view. Spreading out against Eldar allows you to isolate and destroy and with so many points loaded into the Thunderwolves this meant a low model count which only strengthened my position. A single fighting column driving right at my army would have been more difficult to tackle.



Anyway I had 1st Turn (a rarity) initiative was not stolen so lets dive into Turn 1!

Turn 1

Eldar- Luckily I had a very good view of the Thunderwolves right from the get-go. My jetbikes popped out and shot the hell out of them causing 3 wounds meaning a Wolf was lost and another took a wound. That was very a good round of shooting (even though I wasn't using enough dice! I screwed up and was 3 dice short on each roll of the 1st turn!) The Wraithlord climbed up into the ruins and even assisted with his Scatter Lasers. The jetbikes then thrusted back out of LOS and everything else held firm to protect against the Drop-Pod and to continue to draw the Wolves out. Didn't want to get cut-down by Las-Plas, Missiles and Auto-Cannons. I could afford to patient for now. The 1st goal is to take down the Thunderwolves, then move out.

Space Wolves- The Wolves rumbled forward. The Thunderwolves moved and ran up behind the rocky spires getting some very good cover. The tanks moved out and the Dreadnought shuffled forward. The Long Fangs fired some shots off on the Wraithlord but Night Fight plus the cover from the ruins helped him go unscathed. Very very nice.



Turn 2

Eldar- So the Warp Hunter and the Nightwing both arrive from Reserves. 2 units of Jetbikes pop out and they the Warp Hunter, Nightwing and Wraithlord all unload on the Thunder Wolves. I drown them in laser fire reducing the squad to just 2 models, Harald Deathbringer and a lone bodyguard both down on single wounds. Excellent! My 3rd unit of jetbikes on the right flank who couldn't draw LOS with the Wolves, attack a Razorback and wreck it for 1st blood, spilling Marines/targets for my Scorpions and Avengers in later turns. Things are going well.


Space Wolves- The wheels were starting to come off the wagon. Shockingly the Thunder Wolves cease to move forward and hunker down behind the rocky spires, desperate to avoid the Jetbikes. Meanwhile the Drop-Pod comes down both meltas fire off into the Warp Hunter but to no avail! One misses and I jink the other. The remaining Razorback also targets the Warp Hunter but misses badly. Then curiously Long Fangs, Dreadnought go after the Wraithlord and he makes all his saves. This is looking very bad for the Wolves and some mistakes have been made.




Turn 3

Eldar- Sensing shellshock from the Wolves, the Lions of Asuryan strike! The two remaining Jetbike units leap back out from cover and eliminate the Thunderwolves in a hail of fire. It was a formality really but still it enabled me to be very aggressive. The Scorpions, Wraithlord all break from cover going right after the Tacticals on the right flank while the Avengers hold back and give the fire support. The Jetbikes also move out and tag the Dreadnought managing to glance him twice even while requiring 6's to do so! The Nightwing swings around blasts 2 HP's off the remaining Razorback and immobilizes it. Meanwhile the Spiders moved out towards the center of the board, keeping out of LOS of the Long Fangs, while setting their sights on them simultaneously. Meanwhile the Warp Hunter having jinked, moves out of LOS of everything preparing to let loose again turn 4.

Conclusion- Somewhat unexpectedly my opponent decides to call it after his Turn 4 (he killed only two Scorpions)! With so many of the objectives still in play I felt like it was still a game, but I guess without his Thunderwolves he felt he was out of the game. I really thought the Long Fangs, Dreadnought and Tacticals still stood a fair chance of punching back as I made moves to get into combat but apparantly my opponent felt differently. He wasn't salty or bitter about it at all, but he pointed out he had only killed two models and just couldn't see things turning around. I had pulled some major teeth out of the bite of his army but I still felt like with some good rolls he could have done well. Oh well. We hung out for awhile and chatted about baseball and other things for a good long while after the game so there were no hard feeling but it was a bit of a bummer. I really wanted to have nice long, bloody bat-rep for you guys!

Final Thoughts- This was a perplexing win. I think my opponent quit simply because his best unit got eliminated. He still had the Long Fangs, Dreadnought, a Razorback, 3 Tactical squads at full offensive output on the table and I was rushing out to essentially meet him. It seems perfect for a Space Wolf player but I guess with my entire army at full strength it was just too big a hill a climb. I really wish we had kept playing because I think it would have been a good bust-up as I moved out of cover.

Sorry I don't have as many photos for this one because I felt like we had hardly gotten started before it was over. Anyway I'm back in the running for the top-spot in the League. I'll need to keep winning, and the 1st place guy will have to lose one game but I'm still in it. Anyway stay-tuned for more. Match-ups will be decided in the next few days!

Hobby Progress

So work continues on the Seer Council/Baron Council. The 1st Baron/Warlock is finished, while the 2nd has all his basic highlights and colors completed. He should be done tomorrow. I'll need a couple more boxes of bikes to finish this unit but its coming along quickly. The Farseers and my actual Corsair Prince will be next on the docket. So stay tuned for that!



Alright guys thats all I got for now. Stay-tuned and thanks as always for all your comments and support. Its always truly truly appreciated.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Irisado on April 25, 2016, 06:40:47 PM
What a strange game.  I think that your opponent gave up far too easily.  I've been in far worse positions than him in the past, some of them against members of this forum, and carried on until the bitter end.  Mind you, I rarely invest so many points in one main unit like your opponent did.  Thunderwolves are very dangerous, but the total cost of them and the named character ate into your opponent's army and I think that he'd have been better off taking a second Drop Pod.

The Wraithlord earned its keep by drawing fire.  Something about it seems to lure opponents into targeting it when they usually ought to be firing at something else.  I think that they get overawed by the model, because it does look rather threatening, especially when modelled in the way in which you have assembled it :D.

Congratulations on your victory and hopefully your next game will last a bit longer :).

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on April 26, 2016, 02:46:14 AM
Well done sir, a brutal victory over the power armoured mon keigh!

Yes sounds like he definitely could have hung in until the bitter end to try for some objectives, but I've been in the same position where you get a bit hyped up and once your momentum is lost you feel that "whats the point" coming on. Man, I've totally thrown games away from being psyched out and making foolish decisions then conceding when I shouldn't, it happens.

Pretty sure you would have cleaned up anyway, so fair's fair.

Looking forward to the next one! Who do you think you'll face?
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: magenb on April 26, 2016, 04:20:51 AM

Final Thoughts- This was a perplexing win. I think my opponent quit simply because his best unit got eliminated. He still had the Long Fangs, Dreadnought, a Razorback, 3 Tactical squads at full offensive output on the table and I was rushing out to essentially meet him. It seems perfect for a Space Wolf player but I guess with my entire army at full strength it was just too big a hill a climb. I really wish we had kept playing because I think it would have been a good bust-up as I moved out of cover.

Sometimes the dice are with you and sometimes they are cursed. I would have played just played it out for fun and to see just how much damage I could do when the chip were down.

Latest models looks sweet as :)

Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 26, 2016, 06:00:56 AM
It does seem like you had a brilliant first two turns against him, and I can imagine him loosing heart. However, as a member of the rout, I didn't think he'd give up so easily. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is always sweet, and if I'm really losing badly I'd go for a personal victory (like killing that annoying wraithlord, for example).
Speaking of the wraithlord, it seems the forum's collective advice to bring it along turned out well! You had a beautiful model on the table and it worked like it was supposed to work: as a major bullet magnet.
I'm wondering why the drop pod didn't come in turn one, though...

Anyway, cngrats on the win and we're all hoping you'll make it to first place, i'm sure.
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Cavalier on April 26, 2016, 07:14:25 AM
@Irisado- Thanks Irisado. I agree with you giving up too easily. I would have gone at least 5 turns to see if it ended (thus avoid concession). He could have punched back and at least won on one of the objective tiers and secured himself some points for the league, but oh well. It did look like a loss was coming but still would have been fun as melee was just about to begin. List construction was definitely an issue. Flexibility is key... I always design a sort of decentralized list where I'm not overly reliant on any one or two units. And yes! The Wraithlord earned his keep for sure. Now that I've played SO many games without the Wraithknight, the venerable Ghost Warrior will probably see a lot more battles for the sake of casual play. Its great including him again. Its been a long while!

@Ibushi- Thanks bud. Always appreciate your input and advice. To be honest I think a a tough loss was coming his way, but we almost had Wraithlord vs. Dreadnought glory! I was dying for that to happen. As for the next match-up its against a Crimson Slaughter army with Daemon allies!  Lots of Daemon Engines, including Mauler Fiends and a Hell Drake! I cannot wait for this. I've only gotten to play against CSM once in about 6 years and I cannot wait to throw down against this army. Nightwing Vs. Hell Drake, Wraithlord Vs. Maulerfiend are the match-ups I'm looking for. After that its a Harlequin themed Dark Eldar army! The poor kid has lost all his games thus far so I hope he still participates. He's a young blood but a VERY good painter for his relative inexperience. Anyway thanks as always man!

@Magenb- I'm with you buddy. He had some poor rolls and my dice were hot, but still... combat was about to begin! Its no worries. Nick is a real nice guy and I'm sure I'm in for a bloodbath of a match when I play against his Tau.

@Vonny- Hey Vonny! Full credit to you for sparking the idea of the Wraithlord. I'm so happy I included him, as it got the brain going for his most important outing next match. Thanks for suggesting I wouldn't have included him if not for you.

Also yeah I did have a great 1st two turns. I was pounding the daylights out of his Thunderwolves and taking almost no return fire. Even Thunderwolves need support charging up the field and their was no pressure beyond their presence. I do wish we had kept going but hey if you aren't having fun its understandable. Also about the drop-pod.... I asked him about that and he decided to bring it in out of normal reserves. I'm not sure if thats legal. Oh well it was fine in the end.

Thanks about reaching 1st too. I really hope I get it, but I need the 1st place guy to lose one game and it doesnt look like its going to happen. Arghh! I should have beat him when I had the chance. Oh well still playing well which is the most important thing. Anyway thanks again Vonny, your suggestions really helped secure the win. Thanks!

@Everybody- Well guys the next match is coming soon against a very vicious Chaos force. I cannot wait for this throw-down and will try and take a lot of pics. Hopefully it'll be a longer game. Anyway until then stay-tuned there's a lot more to come!
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: vonny on April 26, 2016, 09:09:48 AM
ah, painful to hear about the youngblood's fate so far in the league. I hope he's learning from the games though, sees what he's missing in his army or what he's doing wrong in his tactics. I remember losing every game for an eternity...
Title: Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + Campaign Projects
Post by: Ibushi on