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Author Topic: Kleberg Campaign Salamander battle reports.  (Read 1057 times)

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Kleberg Campaign Salamander battle reports.
« on: October 28, 2010, 08:36:46 PM »
The first battle report is when the bone colored Necrons planet striked in on my face. And then when the diminished forces moved to attack the other necron player on the planet

Necrons have roughly:
Deceiver, 2 heavy destroyers, a buncha destroyers, 2 tomb spiders, scarabs, a buncha warriors, Necron lord, 3 monoliths.
Salanders forces limited to
captain, chaplain, Sternguard, Ven-dred, Autocannon dread, 2 tactical squads, 2 assult squads (one on foot) , 2 vindicators, 1 LR redeemer.

What the map looked like in one of the turns =P

Planet strike is played necrons choose burnt sky and Scorched sky 13 firestorm drop down and blasts the battle cannon off of a bastion and 2 HB off another. 2 monoliths then drop down right on top of the salamanders along with some heavy destroyers right behind the landing pad (where the land raider was hinging out) The immortals drooped in on some terrain  but of the 3 touching none of them was hurt from dangerous terrain. Destroyers drooped in right in front of the small bastion. A second squad of destroyers landed on the bridge connecting the administratum building and the landing pad.  Scarabs try to land behind the vindicator taking shelter in a ruin but scatter into destroyers on bridge and explode violently. Tomb spiders try and land next to the tall bastion but scatter back into a rhino/crater. They take no wounds from DT test. 1 squad of warriors fell off the table while trying to deep strike where the scarabs had (rolled a 6 though) and they were just delayed.  Nother squad drooped in behind the vindicator, and even another drooped in front of the building said vindicator was occupying. Then couple of  necron warriors walked on from the dz along with scarabs, more immortals, a lord and a squad of flayed ones.

1 attacker Shooting.
Heavy destroyers Shot and miss at the landeraider. Warrior squad behind vindicator shoot at it and did 3 glancing hits. Immobilized Shaken. Destroyers on a bridge fire at the auto cannon autocannon dreadnought but did not manage to damage it. Turn Destroyer squad next to short bastion fire into it. But cannot scratch it.  Spiders ran, the one out of terrain went 4 and the one in it went 2. Group of warriors in front of the vindicator in the biding shot up at the dreadnought. 3 shots make it through and shake the dreadnought as well as destroy one of its autocannons. The squad of warriors that came out of the monolith besides the landing pad shot into the squad of assult marines there cutting them down to a single normal assult marine and the chaplain. A single volley of immortal fire however placed 3 wounds on each of them. The chaplain failing all three of his ( guess they cough him as he was taking off his
helmet or something to witness the horror of his squad getting decimated in one volley.) and the single trooper failed one of his saves. First monolith  ( one on the landing pad shot at everything around it but only destroyers the rhino beneath the bridge. Immortals that walked in on the DZ shoot at a rhino and  immobilize it.
Warriors near lord with flayed ones shoots into other rhino. Also immobilizing it and taking off the storm bolter. Destroyers that came in from the DZ shoot at the immobilized vindicator Knocking off the cannon >=P
The lord and flayed ones assult the rhino and wreck it.   

salamanders turn 1

Squad 1 of third company used their sneak stratagem to appear 18 inches away from their bastion near a squad of warriors behind the vindicator, which piped smoke along with the dreadnought and LR
Landraider creep ed out from under the landing pad and flame storm cannoned 10 warriors to death. Venerable brother Amadeus drooped and Melita/flamered the two heavy destroyers to death. The one remaining rhino shot at the immortals but didn't manage to do anything.  The squad that piped up Uta the hole melted one warrior and pistoled another before running into combat The squad did not do amazing in h2h. The sgt lopped a head off with his power sword. And the rest of the squad waived about their jazz hands in a whimsical manner, not doing a single wound. The necrons killed 3 back. Space Marines passed LD of 5 and stayed in combat (the squad that got flamestorm cannoned Ran off the board. )
Night fighting ended
Turn 2 for the necrons.
Everything else came in =P
Necrons in the bottom left shifted about some  to avoid the most of the flame storm cannons should the make it this way Deceiver comes in behind the necron squad in the bottom left. Lord and flayed ones heliport to next to the land raiders monolith comes in to the right of them and gets immobilized on a small rock.  Immortals come up behind . first wave of immortals knock off the storm bolter. Second wave of immortals did nothing to it. I guess it can self repair its immobilization. Dreadnought Amadeus was shot at by some destroyers. They did nothing, I guess he will be hitting on a monolith if everything goes well. Immortals knocked off the right sponsor on the LR. Immobilized Monolith blasted at the Tall  one. Knocking off a heavy bolter. Destroyers in the back shot at the dreadnought again.shaking it.
Bottom monolith shot at 12’ and made the drop pod not be able to shoot.  The one on the platform shoots at my dreadnought and hits the drop pod zapping its stormbolter off.
Squad near the vindicator immobilized the autocannon dreadnought and made it not be able to shoot even more.  Squad on top of the landing pad fires into the building again  knocking off all the heavy bolter's but one and  shaking it again.  assaulted the tall one. Scarabs + lord and flayed ones assaulted the landraider. And the other lord and wraiths assaulted the back of my marines.
Raider got shaken up a whole bunch and the squad was annihilated by the combined attacks from the lord wraiths and squad of warriors.
Salamanders turn2
Sternguard came in, right on top of the star god. The landraider Attempted to move forward in a play for the board edge but tankshocked a scarab in the process leading to its own immobilization. It then Flamestorm cannoned the heck out of the scarabs. The squad that came out of the building made way for the necrons behind it but they couldn't make it into close combat. 

Neurons turn3
Movement included the movement of tomb spier's chasing the squad Uta the ruin.
Lost 4 sternguard.  From shooting of immortals . Tomb spiders kill 3 marines they are chasing . Dreadnought Amadeus got immobilized. Wraiths moved up to immobilized vindicator. Warriors behind vindicator shoot at the dreadnought in the building. Autocannon dreadnought cant shoot again. Warriors in front of immobilized vindicator shot at dreadnought in building. Dreadnought Amadeus lost DCCW from destroyers firing at it

Squad running from the spiders is cut down to a man by warriors in front of them.  They break. The sternguard stay and get assaulted by the deceiver they failed to kill. The immobilized vindicator goes nuclear when the floating lord and wraiths touch it.  The tomb spider catches the last guy and crushes him. The deceiver hits 4 guys and kills them. Lost combat and were cough. Captain took a wound and sgt was killed.  Captains no longer in combat.?

Salamanders turn3
Captain joined assult squad And assaulted the lord and flayed ones. Killing the flayed ones.  They were then killed by a shot from the monolith Deceiver was killed by assult cannons from the land Raider. Monolith was killed by vindicator. Dreadnought Amadeus Landraider,vindicator, and 2 drop pods was all that was left.

After rolls I ended up with
captain,sternguard, ventured,Autocannon dread, MM and 5 marines, sgt Melita and 4 marines, both assult squads cut down to 5 men(sgt,flamer,and bolt pistols) who knew they come like that in the codex for a reason.... lol , one vindicator, and Landraider (which got the veteran ability to ignore stunned so with extra armour I now ignore part of the chart!)

I apologise for the horrendous amount of shenanigans but I was not quite all there when while I was typing this up (ever played Drunkenhammer? High hammer? ;D)
Long story short Necrons of more than double my forces Drooped down on me in planet strike. I fought with what I had, Managed to kill the deceiver permanently and slow down the Necron menace. Next campaign turn I was attacked by the other necron player but he never showed to our game. On the following campaign turn I attacked him Cause I figured "hey I could knock out both the stargods in this campaign permanently... cool!"
And this is what happened with that.

The necrons I faced Included=
The Nightbringer, 10 immortals, lord with scythe, 10 flayed ones, 5 destroyers, 3 heavy destroyers, 6 Wraiths, 2 , 40 warriors (10 man squads),Monolith(thank the emperor only one! :D)

Hindsight is 20 20 I should have taken a picture of the board >.< Sorry!

Mission: Capture and controll 5 objectives
Deployment: 12 inches
Salamander turn 1
Salamanders deployed first. For some reason the other necron player (apparently very new) only deployed parts of his forces, deciding to leave the rest in reserve He deployed night bringer, 3 wraiths, 20 warriors, lord with immortals. 
Salamanders went first. Sternguard drop podding toward their fate (the nightbringer) an land a hefty 15 wounds on him once they land. He dies immediately, his death blast reaches 6 inches and kills one sternguard though. Auto cannons on the dread and assult canons on my Landraider drop his 3 heavy destroyers after they move up.
Necron Turn 1
 On his turn he assaulted the sternguard with the wraiths loosing 2 to normal attacks, His lord and Immortals Veil of darkness ed In front of my Landraider in some terrain And Everyone else kinda shuffled around. Nothing important happened in shooting, The Wraith was killed in combat.
Salamander turn 2
On my next turn Venerated Brother Amadeus drooped in and shot at some of the warriors, Shooting from the auto cannon dread killed some destroyers, Flamestorm cannons baked all of the Immortals as the remnants of the assault squad on foot climbed out of the landraider and assaulted the Necron lord that was leading them, They manage to do a single wound to him. While he kills a 1 marine back.

Necron Turn 2
His turn Wraiths, Tomb spiders, and Flayed ones come in. Flayed ones scatter on the deepstrike into some impassible terrain and roll a 1 on the chart, Wraiths back up the lord in his assult. Lord takes another wound and they end up killing the squad but not the sgt.

Salamanders Turn 3
My turn The assult squad with jump packs jumps into the other necron warrior squad and they manage to kill some necrons. Venerated brother Amadeus assaults the necrons he had shot the turn before.

Necron turn 3
 The lord joins the squad of wraiths an veil of darkness's them over near my sternguard. Monolith comes in an drops near my vindicator  landraider and in front of my Autocannon dreadnought, It does nothing the rest of the turn.  Tomb Sayers advance on the sternguard, Shooting at them and doing a wound to the captain. When they charge they end up getting killed and doing no damage though. assult squad knocked down a necron and I had a guy get knocked down in return.

Salamander Turn 4
 My turn Sturnguard Shoot at the lord and wraiths killing the wraiths, Attacking dreadnought snipes the last wound off the lord (he doesn't get back up) Dreadnought Amadeus kills 2 more necrons in cc.
 Necron turn 4.
 Last 2 warrior squads come on the board. Monolith heliports the warriors out of CC with the dreadnought and shake the vindicator. One of the squads move in to assult the remnants of the assult squad in cc already. tied combat again again.
Salamanders Turn 5
The landraider toasts the necrons in front of the Monolith, Dreadnought Assaults it but does nothing and a whole lot of cc nothing
Necron Turn 5
 his warriors move, the monolith moves an drops a template on the venerable ,,, but rolls a 1 on the chart.
Salamanders turn 6
 Dreadnought Amadeus explodes the monolith in close combat, The vindicator Annihilates the last necron squad not in cc (wounds 10 guys out side of cover O_o) saves 4 by going to ground. Sternguard finish off the squad and they phase out.

Campaign wise this means Their forces have Phased out of the system I think So not only did I manage to kill both star gods (still waiting to see if this second one is permanant) I also Stooped the necrons from capturing a whole planet. I'm so proud of me. n.n

Once again sorry about all the... uh... slopyness of this. I'm afraid I'm not really great at keeping records.
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