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Author Topic: Biel-Tan vs Space Wolves 1500 (with pics)  (Read 1198 times)

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Biel-Tan vs Space Wolves 1500 (with pics)
« on: October 15, 2010, 07:13:06 AM »
A friend came over today for a game and wanted to try out the Space Wolves he had bought off me a while ago and I had been dying to have a game using my footslogging list again for fun. This game wasn't too serious he was just using what he had in his car (hence the lack of armour) so we went with a custom mission.

His list was along the lines of:
10 Wolf Guard in terminator armour (one leaves to join a Grey Hunter squad)
10 Grey Hunters (2 meltas and power weapon)
10 Grey Hunters (2 flamers and power weapon)
10 Grey Hunters (2 flamers and power weapon)
15 Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs (5 heavy bolters)
6 Long Fangs (2 missile launchers 3 heavy bolters)

My list:
10 Fire Dragons
10 Howling Banshees
10 Striking Scorpions
10 Dire Avengers
10 Dire Avengers
6 Swooping Hawks
6 Warp Spiders
5 Shining Spears (inc Exarch)
5 Dark Reapers

We were playing a fan made mission the fluff they gave for it:
"Recon has reported that the wreckage of an experimental alien fighter has fallen in the area. It is your job to investigate the crash site and recover any alien technology available while holding off the enemy force."

We alternated in placing 6 objectives (white primed slot bases in the photos) marked 1-6 underneath them, 1-2 being real objectives, 3-4 are duds and 5 and 6 are booby traps that cause D6 wounds.

The primary mission is whoever controls the most objectives.
Secondary objective "Break through the lines" requiring you to have at least one squad or tank within 6" of the other players board edge.
Tertiary objective was to reclaim the most objectives into your starting zone.

Deployment was your regular pitched battle on 6 x 4 board.

I won first turn deploying objectives and going first, I set up in a bit of a denied flank formation keeping everyone close to the Avatar whilst the Swooping Hawks and Warp Spiders were in reserve.
My first turn the whole force really just moved up my Dire Avengers on my right uncovered a real objective whilst the ones on my left uncovered a booby trap and lost 3 to it. You can just see the base of one of the Shining Spears, who turbo boosted down my left side (right in the photo).

The Dark Reapers make their presence felt by killing 5 members of a long fang squad leaving just a single missile launcher, showing those marines that 4+ cover saves are not all they're cracked up to be.

The Grey Hunters launch themselves into battle rushing towards the Eldar lines at the double. Logan and his Wolf Guard unleashing torrents of fire into the Avatar taking 2 wounds off him before the Fenrisian Wolves charge. Long fangs shooting masses into the Dark Reapers who lose 2 of their number.

Sharp fangs bite at the Avatars throat and razor claws shred his hamstrings, will the Avatar survive?

A re-roll from a cocked dice decides the Avatars fate forcing the wolves to flee in terror before being hacked down and broken, removed from the table. The War God continues striding towards Logan and his boys with one wound remaining.

Swooping Hawks dive bomb from the sky dropping their bombs onto a squad of Grey Hunters who prove to be too tough and too well armoured and take no wounds. The hawks are then caught in a strong breeze blowing them out of lasblaster range. The Warp Spiders also materialize scattering back behind the building instead of ontop of an objective (note the objective in the tower isnt really there it was just where I placed the dud counter along with the turn dice).

The Eldar forces move forwards. Dire Avengers and Shining Spears fill the air with shurikens onto the right hand Grey Hunter squad who manage to pass tonnes of saves. The other Dire Avenger squad let loose into the Wolf Guard but don't manage to kill anything. The Reapers turn their attentions to the second Long Fang squad who even though opt to go to ground still take heavy losses.

The Avatars Wailing Doom meltas a Wolf Guard where he stands before the Avatar charges into combat killing... 1. Logan shows the Avatar what for and puts him down.

The Marines move forward, the Grey Hunters on the left moving over the fence to start looking for the experimental technology, the squad on the right moves forward and engages the Striking Scorpions.
Logan and his boys shoot into the Howling Banshees who go to ground to improve their save but to no avail and they lose 8 of their number.

Logan and the Wolf Guard then multi-assault the Dire Avengers and Howling Banshees killing them all brutally and claiming the alien technology for themselves. The Striking Scorpions however win their combat and the Space Wolves hold.

Eldar turn 3 sees the Warp Spiders teleport up the field to investigate some potential technology finding it to be a ruined dud. The Swooping Hawks and Dire Avengers relocate to gain lanes of fire onto the wolf guard. Fire Dragons move in behind to threaten should the Wolves come closer whilst the Dark Reapers continue to finish the job on the second long fang squad leaving a single heavy bolter.
Shining Spears zip into position and massacre the marines the Scorpions were locked in combat with.

Scorpions move into position to screen the Shining Spears.

Logan and his squad continue their murderous rampage through the Eldar lines and head towards the Striking Scorpions and Dire Avengers (whom I thought were out of range but ended up just in, somehow?). The squad of Grey Hunters in the farmyard find the Xeno tech but it turns out to be a dud (somewhere in a previous turn they had investigated another and it was a dud so now it was clear where the 2 real counters lay, one now with Logan the other was left unturned in midfield). The Grey hunters in midfield along with some long fang fire shoots at the Scorpions (a shining spear died to something possibly a long fang?).

The Dire Avengers take a few casualties and escape out of combat with the terminators falling back and then falling back again at the start of my turn 4.

So now surely between 5 Dire Avengers 6 Swooping Hawks (who moved closer incase the Wolf Guard die so they are in range to shoot the Grey Hunters in midfield) 10 Fire Dragons and then followed up from a charge from shining spears should be enough to take out a wounded Logan Grimnar and 4 Wolf Guard, right?

Well not if they're my Fire Dragons! As usual 6-7 of them miss... really getting tired of this. At least the Reapers and Warp Spiders do a number on the squad of Grey Hunters in the midfield. The Warp Spiders jump back in the assault phase fearing the Power Weapon but only manage to get 5", they'll be charged next turn.

The Shining Spears manage to kill 2 Wolf Guard and put a wound on Logan (my friend made 4 out of 6 Invulnerable saves on the WG) before Logan backhanded them all down!

The Chapter Master makes a fatal mistake in his turn 4, leaving his Wolf Guard to take out the Swooping Hawks, Logan charges into the area terrain to get into close combat with the blind Fire Dragons.

The Grey Hunter squad who was in the farm yard starts making a mad dash towards mid-field whilst the squad of 2 Grey Hunters move to engage the Warp Spiders.

The Wolf Guard hacks apart several Swooping Hawks who then flee off the board saving themselves. The Warp Spiders lose one member to the Grey Hunters but hold their ground.

Then in a moment that swung the game completely the Old Wolf Logan Grimnar, chapter master of the Space Wolves and beloved hero throughout the Imperium of man loses his footing and stumbles over the rocks in the area terrain slowing him down to I1 whilst the Fire Dragons decide now its time to bring their A game and beat him unconscious with the butts of their fusion guns. He falls and they claim the Xeno-tech prize.

The Dire Avengers witnessing the defeat of the Wolves hero only fall back 2" (they were still within 6" of the Wolf Guard) they hold on the board with less than an inch to go.
The Fire Dragons reposition themselves and melt the Wolf Guard into nothingness.

The Reapers shoot blanks this turn failing to wound anything.
The Warp Spiders and Grey Hunters all fail to wound each other.

Marine turn 5 sees the squad of Grey Hunters in midfield recover the second piece of technology whilst fire from the Long Fangs kills one of the Dark Reapers (the Reapers had been taking long ranged fire the whole game from the missile and heavy bolter teams and made so many saves).
The Warp Spiders lost in combat and failed their leadership falling back 11" whilst the 2 Grey Hunters consolidated behind the building.

On my turn 6 the Warp Spiders failed leadership again denying me any chance to get within 6" of my friends board edge to gain points for the secondary mission objective and they fall back something large ending up near my own board edge instead.

Marines turn 6 saw his Grey Hunter squad make a mad dash back into his deployment zone with the objective in hand to score the 3rd mission objective. The 2 Grey Hunters bravely charge towards my DZ, if the game continues hoping to force their way within 6" of my edge for the secondary mission objective.

The game ends here in a draw both claiming the primary and tertiary mission objectives.

Post game thoughts and opinions.
Really happy with the way the Dark Reapers performed, with all those heavy bolters facing me would've been ridiculously brutal to my soft aspect warriors and the amount of return fire they took was amazing.

I was also pleased with the Striking Scorpions who won combat after taking a charge from Grey Hunters and then killed a terminator when they were charged by them.

I'm also fairly happy with the way the Shining Spears went breaking the Scorpions out of combat and then putting lots of wounds into the Wolf Guard I couldnt help that my friend rolled really well on the Inv saves.

Once again those beslubbering fire dragons failed miserably (even if they did beat Logan in CC the fact they missed so many shots the turn earlier wouldve allowed me to have kept my Shining Spears alive). I cannot express how bad I roll with the Dragons, last week for example in a game against Necrons a squad of 8 dragons shot at a squad of destroyers resulting in 7 misses. In one of my previous battle reports 10 dragons inc the Exarch resulted in 3 hits. I really need to show them the back of my hand to teac them a lesson!

As for areas to improve I need to close gaps a bit better in my lines with a small gap between my Dire Avengers and Striking Scorpions allowing my friend to assault the Banshees through it rather than my Banshees being a counter attack unit themselves was pretty bad.  :P I actually paid more attention to this when I screened the Shining Spears with my Scorpions.

Over all it was a really really fun game and for the last half of the game it swayed in the balance so much. At the start of my turn 4 I thought I had it in the bag with all those melta guns, shurikens and lasblasters pointed at Logan, then after they survived and killed my Shining Spears I thought all was lost till Logan died in CC. I think it was really fitting this game ended in a draw.

Hope you enjoyed the read and the pics. Comments welcome.  :)

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Re: Biel-Tan vs Space Wolves 1500 (with pics)
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 04:58:42 AM »
Really enjoyed reading this report. Thanks for posting it.

Don't be too hard on the fire dragons - maybe they are frustrated Close Combat units dressed up all wrong. Beating Logan to death with the Butts of their fusion guns? Man, I laughed out loud when I read that.

I like the mission idea, I might try it some time. Do you have any more details or a link? I think most of the details are clear (but I'm lazy).

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Re: Biel-Tan vs Space Wolves 1500 (with pics)
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2010, 05:24:11 PM »
Thanks for the reply.  :)

You weren't the only one laughing when the Dragons beat down Logan I pretty much fell on my butt during the game between the shock/laughter and the look on my opponents face from rolling snake eyes.

The following link has this missions book we were playing from its a 4mb pdf with numerous missions for regular 40k and some for Cities of Death (never played these ones). Some are a bit crappy Speakers of Truth for example can be broken depending on the two armies playing but never hurts to have something different to play. We played Hidden Treasure in this game.

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Re: Biel-Tan vs Space Wolves 1500 (with pics)
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2010, 05:29:58 AM »
Thanks for the link. It's always good to have some fresh ideas.
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