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Tau Drop Troops

Submitted By: Date: May 2, 2006, 09:07:19 AM Views: 4567
Summary: <p class="body">As some of you who visit the Tau forum may know, I have decided to do a simple tutorial on converting Tau drop troops. <br />The rules for them can be found here: <br />,96488.0.html </p> <p class="body">

This is what they look like:


And these are the parts you will need:


Right, first things first, clip off all the flash/mould lines and prepare your pieces as usual.  Also file the dome shaped attachment on the jetpack, and if you want, the antennae.  Glue the backpack, antennae/Tau symbol, and torso together.


If your trooper is hovering above the ground, you may want to reposition the legs, depending on which set of legs you’re using (I didn’t do this because: 1.the legs I used were fine as they were, and 2.i suck at this so I didn’t want to screw them up).  To do this you cut a V shape at the back of the knee and carefully bend the leg into this cut without breaking it, then glue or add greenstuff as appropriate.

If you’re trooper isn’t zooming through the air, skip the last instruction, just glue the torso to the legs and add the base.


Assemble the rest of the fire warrior as normal.  If he is flying then leave off the base.


To give the, rather feeble, illusion of flight, you can either pin the warrior to the base, or do what I did; heat up a paperclip (not too hot or it’ll snap) and melt a hole through the base, bending the end of the paper clip round the underside of the base through the hole, then gluing it in place (I also added greenstuff over the end to prevent it from moving).  Now, with your base and clip, heat up the other end of the clip and melt through some small, inconspicuous point of the fire warrior, such as the buttocks (that’s gonna hurt).


Well there you go, that was simple wasn’t it?</p>

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