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Dark Reapers [Broken HTML]

Submitted By: Date: June 13, 2006, 12:00:00 AM Views: 2495
Summary: One of my favourite aspects in the Eldar army has to be the Dark Reapers. They have cool models, are feared on the battle field and have one of the best weapons in the game. My Dark Reapers have accompanied me for most my games, and have done everything from destroying Vindicators to beating Harlequin's in assault. Here, to the best of my ability, is a tactica to help fellow Eldar players, and to hopefully get more people using Dark Reapers in 4th edition.

<p class="heading">Psychological Effect</p>
<p class="body">*A long term opponent may choose to employ more transports for protection. More transports = less models to kill. Since we are Eldar, you should have no problems destroying them before they get to your lines. A good entanglement of a squad will leave them easily picking for your guns

*May be more generous with terrain. Being Eldar, you have gotta love terrain to hide behind. I remember a game were an opponent allowed me to place lots of terrain. Came in handy late game, as his only weapon capable of destroying my Wave Serpents had no LOS

*Be unwilling to walk into a fire-lane. You have effectively cut his movement severely. If your Dark Reapers are aiming at an objective, he's in even bigger trouble.

*Have no effect. The amount of games when people have ignored my Dark reapers is amazing. This is when you put the fear of God into them</p>

<p class="subheader">Strengths</p>
<p class="body">*Ignore armour saves of 3+

*Against toughness 4 opponents (majority), you only need a 3+ to wound

*High rate of fire

*Great ballistic skill

*Long range

*Can be augmented by a Farseer

*Exarch has access to a weapon that's serves as anti-tank and anti-horde</p>

<p class="subheader">Deployment</p>
<p class="body">*Somewhere as far back as possible. Most heavy weapons (the heavy bolter is the main one we're worried about) are usually 36". If we can deploy out of this range, then we are doing well

*In cover. Dark Reapers are fragile. Cover saves, with luck, can help them survive longer

*In an area with plenty of LOS, with wide firing arcs. Consequently, you can deploy them in an area with very little LOS. It may be a fire lane you want covered, to protect you from a flank attack, protect an objective etc

*In a bunker (very nice cover save in those)

*If you playing Biel-Tan, then Dark reapers are a troop choice. Deploy them as your last troop choice. By then, the enemy would have set up his heavy support and troop choices. You can then deploy your Dark reapers in the most advantageous position</p>

<p class="heading">Farseer</p>
<p class="body">The Farseer is one of the most unique HQ's in the game, for the simple fact he is purely support for your army. While Chaplains and Tyranid Tyrants smash away their foes at close range, wiping out squads at a time, the Farseer fulfils a different role. Augmenting the forces of the Eldar, to better win the game. The only other HQ that comes in close to the Farseer for supporting power is the Necron lord, for his "Resurrection-Orb", "Solar pulse" and "Veil of Darkness". The two most beneficial powers the Farseer has for the Dark Reapers are "Fortune" and "Guide"</p>

<p class="subheader">Guide</p>
<p class="body">With the high ballistic skill of Dark reapers, guide isn't really necessary for the Dark Reapers, compared to a unit such as a fire prism. There are some benefits with guiding a Dark Reaper squad.

* You are almost guaranteed to hit with every shot. A full squad will likely to be hitting with 10-11 AP3 shots a turn. Against marines this is nasty, as you'll probably be knocking out over half the squad. I have used guided Dark Reapers once, and was very impressed by the results. I was able to knock over 7 Necrons in one shooting phase. Of course, 6 of them hopped up due to WWB ( .).

*If going up against transport heavy armies, guide will come in handy. Against the rhino, the reaper launcher needs a "6" to glance a rhino, so you need as many shots as possible to hit. If the Exarch has a missile launcher, you want those missiles to hit as well. Against vehicles and infantry, I believe in overkill. Make the odds be in your favour.

* This is the last advantage of guide. It helps counter insanely bad luck. I think we have all had instances when a unit has let us down. Fire dragons missing with every shot or Banshees killing only 2 marines on the charge. If you only manage two hits, at least you'll be able to re-roll the other 8 shots. You may actually hit with all your re-rolls (  ). In an average game, depending on terrain, you'll probably have 3 good turns of shooting; before everything is either A) Dead B) Hiding C) In assault D) Has already killed your squad. Guide helps get the most out of your shooting during those turns. </p>

<p class="body">Of course, there are some disadvantages (just like everything) to guiding a Dark Reaper squad.

*You are investing a lot of points into your Dark Reapers. This is the main reason I do not guide my Dark Reapers. I do not want to invest too many points into this squad, and a Farseer with guide does add a lot of points to the squad. At 1000pts, I would be placing too many points into one squad which would be easy for my enemy to counter. A full squad with Farseer would run around 300pts. You would have to do a lot of killing to make those Victory points back (and survive, to not give them away)

* Dark reapers are a stationary threat. All the enemy has to do is keep out of range (very hard), or use cover to block LOS (very easy). If you have no targets, you cannot shoot, and hence over 200-300pts between two units is doing nothing

*With what I predict to be an insurgence of Librarians due to the new SM codex, psychic hoods will be a pain in the ass to deal with. Psychic hoods have the possibility to cancel out the effects of guide, which is not good. However, compared to the other disadvantages listed here, this is a minor disadvantage. You may have a 70+ pt model doing nothing, but at least we can rely on the Dark Reapers to still do a decent amount of damage on the enemy

*If your guiding you Dark reapers, something else in your army is not being guided. We know that reapers will hit on a 66% (actually, doesn't sound high, but in a game it is); while Falcons, Fire prisms, Viper squadrons (2-3), Support platforms etc really need help in the accuracy department. Chances are you're not using any of those, but the point still stands. </p>

<p class="body">So there you have it. Weigh out the pros and cons according to your army, and see how it weighs up. You may decide that you better off guiding your warwalker squadron for your games; it depends on your army's composition. Just remember, nothing is stopping you from guiding multiple units throughout the course of the game (one a turn though). If your units are close enough, you can choose the best unit each turn to guide. You could have a fire prism with CTM behind a forest the dark reapers are in. If a Predator shows its ugly hull, you could guide the fire prism, to strength your chances of knocking the vehicle. Consequently, if your fire prism blew up a rhino and a squad is entangled in front of you, your Reapers may be much more grateful for guide being cast on them.</p>

<p class="subheader">Fortune</p>
<p class="body">Possibly one of the best defensive spells in the game. I have used fortune on my Dark reapers a few times, with good results. If fortune is to be used, then the dark reapers must be deployed in cover. Most cover saves will give you a 5++ cover save, and if your lucky to have better cover available, all the better. Not much more to say, you will have a re-rollable cover save, unless a flamer (and equivalents) show up. The advantages are obvious, here are some disadvantages</p>

<p class="body">*You may have to deploy in a position that may not be to your liking. This disadvantage heavily depends on the terrain

*Unless you have another Farseer, another squad (concealed guardians, banshees, scorpions) are going without the power. If a unit is in a transport, fortune should always be considered for that squad, due to the risk of having the skimmer blown up.

*Psychic hoods and equivalents.

*Just like "guide", you are investing a lot of points and a HQ to this Dark reaper squad. Lets hope they're worth it</p>

<p class="body">Depending on your army, fortune is a very good power, especially for shooty units these days. In assault, the prevalence of power weapons negates fortune some what. The good thing about fortune is that the power is equally as useful for other squads. If the board suits your reapers, you may want them to survive longer, so fortune may help that. You have a fear of losing all your aspects when your serpent crashes, fortune can help that. There is always a unit that can benefit from this power</p>

<p class="heading">To Join Or Not To Join</p>
<p class="body">Should you join a Farseer to a Dark reaper squad</p>

<p class="subheader">Advantages</p>
<p class="body">
*Adds to squad size, and that may be enough to prevent a moral check

*Use the Farseer's leadership 10

*Farseer benefits from powers</p>

<p class="subheader">Disadvantages</p>
<p class="body">
*If squad falls back, so will he. Usually, you'll be close to your board edge, so their is a high possibility that you'll lose the squad and the Farseer if you fail a moral check

*If squad is below 50%, your going to lose your Farseer </p>

<p class="heading">Harlequins</p>

<p class="body">While on the topic of Dark reaper augmenting models, I think I should talk about the Harlequin leader known as the Shadowseer. He can be inducted as an elite choice, and has two excellent psychic powers to defend your dark reapers. In brief detail</p>

<p class="subheader">Misdirection</p>
<p class="body">This is situational useful. It can save your squad from getting charged, but (and there are a few of them) the enemy must first get into assaulting range. In addition, it's pretty easy to pass a leadership test. If an enemy unit gets that close, I wouldn't be using "veil of tears". If the power succeeds, then you can only be happy. A squad is now within charging range of a Shadowseer (  ) </p>

<p class="subheader">Veil of Tears</p>
<p class="body">This power is equal to if not better than fortune when it comes to protecting your reapers. If a psychic test is passed, the unit counts as being permanently concealed that turn (or under night fight if that makes more sense). With the maximum shooting range of 36" at a night fighting target, and the 48" weapons of the Dark reapers, I wouldn't expect too much fire to be aimed at them. When relying on this power, be wary of

-Psychic hoods, cancelling the power

-Deep striking units (as always)

-Tau with blacksun filters</p>

<p class="body">The Shadowseer is an awesome help to your Dark reapers. In addition, he makes an excellent CC model, if you want to spend the extra points (D-field and Rive-blades never go wrong). Just be wary of a few things with the Shadowseer. Perils of the Warp will instant kill this guy, which is always a bummer. Also Harlequin's need your opponents permission. After a game using "veil of tears", I don't think your opponent will allow you to induct them anymore (.....)</p>

<p class="subheader">Weaknesses</p>
<p class="body">It seems with every new codex or change, their is a new threat the Dark Reapers have to deal with. Some of these may be un-counterable, but some you can defend against</p>

<p class="subheader1">General Weakness's</p>
<p class="body">*Expensive

*Low squad size

*Exarch is a very expensive add-on

*Stationary target


*Fire lanes can be avoided</p>

<p class="heading">Deep strike</p>
<p class="body">*With the increase in Deep strike, Drop pods etc, you will have no defence. A free turn of firing on your squad, before it is open game for the enemy. Don't expect your reapers to survive, and make sure you have other units to deal with the Deep strikers</p>

<p class="body">*Deploy your Dark reapers near the table edge. If he gets too close, he has the possibility of having the squad go off the table and count as destroyed. If he deploys a good distance away, their is a chance of the squad scattering out of range. The effective range of most deep strikers is 12". Units like Terminators, Grey Knights and Swooping Hawks (....) will most likely carve you up still

*If you have reason to believe the enemies tactics revolves around deep strikers destroying your reapers (so their troops can come out safely), you can always form a wide wall around your reapers. This will force the DS at least 12" away from your reapers (squad stretches 6" out. He wants to deploy 6" away from them). If the DS deploy too close, he has a high chance of landing on one of your units, otherwise, he might have to direct his fire at another squad. This is when your Dark reapers take vengeance. </p>

<p class="body">Deep strike is very hard to deal with. Just make sure your game plan doesn't revolve around your Dark Reaper squad. The other thing you have over the enemy is the randomness of DS. He could appear turn 2 or turn 5, may scatter or land a hit. He may even land next to a wraithlord. Deep strike is not without its risks; just make sure you have another squad to deal with the threat. </p>

<p class="heading">Infiltrating</p>
<p class="body">*With an increase in infiltrators dark reapers were always going to find the going tough. Squads getting within 12" or even 18" are not your problem. Your army should deploy in such a way as to force infiltrators as far back as possible. The real problem comes with squads infiltrating with heavy weapons. Imperial Guard can do it, Chaos can do it and now Space marines can do it. This negates one of the Dark reapers main advantages, range. All of a sudden, Heavy bolters are going to carve you up first turn. Very hard to counter against, here are a few tips</p>

<p class="body">*Deploy in such a way, they don't have LOS. This would be very hard to do, since they deploy last and can just deploy in LOS. If you're lucky, you might be able to use your units to force his infiltrating unit into a very bad position, or be forced to a position elsewhere.

Eg The infiltrating Havoc does have to deploy 18" away from one of your units. He wants to be in LOS of your reapers. Due to your placement, a piece of terrain is blocking at least half of your reapers. Not too happy with this placement, he decided to deploy elsewhere, to create another firing lane without disadvantaging himself

*Deploy in cover. Cover saves help you against casualties

*Pray you get first turn</p>

<p class="body">*The only problem with infiltrating squads for the enemy is that he is getting heavy weapons closer to your army. If he is to retreat with the squad, he will be wasting fire-power. Being closer to your army means that their is the potential of assaulting him first/second turn. If he misses first turn, he could also lose his expensive squad. For the enemy, it can be a gamble, but it could pay off. The other smarter way infiltrators could be used, is to deploy 30" away from your army, out in another quarter etc. Your Dark reapers will be safer, but the infiltrating squad will probably be more effective during battle</p>

<p class="heading">To Be Wary Of In Armies</p>

<p class="subheader">Space Marines</p>
<p class="body">*Whirlwinds will be your biggest problem. It is guess range, so it will be out of sight.

-Use normal anti-tank measures to take this tank out. Spiders also make a good whirlwind hunter

-Deploy in cover and use the "fortune" psychic power on them</p>

<p class="body">*Drop pods will be the newest problem for Dark reapers. Treat them as a deep striking unit with a transport that will block LOS. Having 8-16 marines appear from a few drop pods and even a dreadnought will cause problems. Here is a few ways to help :

-Surround your reapers with other squads. The rapid fire range of bolters is 12", so you may be able to force him to land out of rapid fire range

-Deploy near edge of table, in hope they might scatter off the table

-Deploy in cover and use the power "fortune". This will only work to an extent. The less shots aimed at the reapers the better.16 bolter shots will cause damage.

-Land speeders with assault/heavy bolters. In this situation, cover is your friend, and your heavy weapons should knock the things down from the sky (hell, even your reapers could do that for you) </p>

<p class="subheader">Imperial Guard</p>
<p class="body">*Hellhound. Besides destroying the tank or keeping out of range/LOS, there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. If you're hit with its inferno cannon, there is nothing you can do to save the squad.

*Deep striking squads (demolition charges, HF sentinels etc) - See Deep striking section.

*Basilisk--Indirect fire. You are probably not going to get under the 36" minimum range is has, so cover+fortune is your best defence</p>

<p class="subheader">Chaos</p>
<p class="body">*Defilers. Indirect fire is always the number one problem with Dark reapers. Cover and fortune is needed to protect against it</p>

<p class="subheader">Tyranids</p>
<p class="body">*Bivores will be the major problem. I think the flamer template one ignores cover saves, so you may be up cheese creek. Bivores should be a priority target to get rid of. DS hawks or fast moving spiders can get the job done. </p>

<p class="subheader">Eldar</p>
<p class="body">*CTM. Once again, not much your reapers or your forces can do, we have no guess weaponry, besides short range D-cannons.

*Shadow-weavers. Indirect fire problem, you do not need cover to protect your Dark reapers though. </p>

<p class="subheader">Necrons</p>
<p class="body">*See deep strike

*"Veil of Darkness" allows a squad to deep strike every turn. When done with Immortals, who have practically an assault heavy bolter to your forces, this becomes quite nasty. A few counters include :

*Destroying the Immortals before the Deep strike, which means warriors will have to fulfil the task.

*Deploy close to table edge, to enhance chance of the unit falling off the table. Have surrounding units near reapers, to force the DS squad further away, or risk being annihilated as they fall on a squad.

*Deploy in cover and make use of the psychic power "fortune"</p>

<p class="subheader">Space Wolves</p>
<p class="body">These guys are a little different to normal space marines, and in particular, one unit will cause you trouble. Wolf scouts. These guys are allowed to appear from any table edge, and if you're not careful, your reapers could be assaulted turn 2. I had serious trouble with these bastards. Here are a few tips to counter them</p>

<p class="body">*Have a piece of impassable terrain behind them, so the wolf scouts must appear further away from them. Placing cover around to force difficult terrain tests on the scouts. This all has to do with terrain set-up. This will be hard to pull off if your opponent is wary of what your trying to do, or he selects the table edge to deploy in

*Get a giant squad of guardians/scorpions etc, and form a barricade, to protect your dark reapers. This is a desperate strategy, in a way. Another way is to place an imposing unit next to the reapers. A wraithlord would be a good way of dealing with the wolf scouts when they come. An avatar in an escalation mission could also be used. My opponent always used wolf scouts as a suicide unit to kill my dark reapers. It's a fair trade off when you look at it, from his point of view. This is why a wraithlord will not be a deterrent, more a problem solver to rid yourself of the wolf scouts when they arrive</p>

<p class="subheader">13th Company Space wolves</p>
<p class="body">*See the deep-strike section. Only, they can deep-strike a squad every turn</p>

<p class="subheader">Dark Eldar</p>
<p class="body">*Mandrakes, these things are annoying. In my games against DE, I have 6 of those models running around, of which I cannot shoot. I can bet anything that they'll appear and assault my reapers. The worst thing is, their is nothing you can do to stop it, unless you want to go overboard. Here are a few things that can be done : </p>

<p class="body">-Have a falcon nearby, for reapers to embark on if Mandrakes get too close. They have to reveal themselves by turn 3, so you should be able to re-position to shoot the rest of the game.

-Have a scorpion squad protect them. Scorpions will make light work out of mandrakes when they arrive. </p>

<p class="subheader">Sisters of Battle</p>
<p class="body">*Callidus assassin. This in my opinion is un-counterable. She will slice you to pieces, and their is little you can do. Just have another squad or tank to take care of her when she's done. I would also have your Farseer at least 5" away from the dark reaper squad. No point in also losing a HQ. When she appears, get the Farseer out of their as quick as possible.

*Spirit of the Martyr. Basically turns saves invulnerable. You do not want to waste firepower on squads under the effects of SOTM. This act of faith has to be done at the start of the shooting phase, so you will know who is using it. Do not shoot units under the effects of it. Generally, smaller squad sizes, or large squads with a Heroine will be under the magick of this act of faith</p>

<p class="subheader">Tau</p>
<p class="body">*Hammerheads with sub-ammunition. With sub-ammunition, your whole squad will die on a roll of 2+. Cover is a must have. This tank is deadly, and is recommended that you destroy it as quickly as possible.
Note: Until proven otherwise, I am under the belief that a unit targeted with a markerlight can not receive a cover save. So a markerlighted sub-ammunition shot will ignore cover saves. If this is true, your Reapers are up amphetamine parakeet-creek once again. Keeping out of LOS is your best bet, while maintaining a decent firing lane (which would come in handy during missions). Otherwise, destroy the target ASAP</p>

<p class="subheader">Grey Knights</p>
<p class="body">*More deep-striking problems

*The shrouding. A less restrictive version of night fighting, but annoying never-the-less. Your maximum range will be affected. Not much you can do, just aim at the closest targets possible. </p>

<p class="heading">Exarch</p>

<p class="body">Exarches have to be one of my favourite things about Eldar. They are unique to each other, unlike Veteran superiors who I could place in 5 or more different squads. They have unique weapons and even cooler powers. However, the problem occurs when people go over-board and make their Exarch too expensive. Anyone who saw the "Biel-Tan vs. Black Templar" joke that was a battle report would see the mistakes that Thorpe did with his Dark Reaper squad. Now that the rant has finished, let's look at the Exarch. </p>

<p class="subheader">Reaper Launcher</p>
<p class="body">*The weapon I use on my Dark reaper exarch (when I use him). There are two advantages to this weapon. You save point by not upgrading. Second, this weapon is used by the whole squad. This means that whatever your reapers are firing at, your Exarch will be doing it better. If you where to use a EML (by itself), then your either wasting your squads weapons by firing it at a tank, or letting it go to waste a little bit by firing one less shot at a squad. The reaper launcher is simple and finely effective at its job.  Dark reapers are an anti-infantry squad; why not let the Exarch have an anti-infantry gun. </p>

<p class="subheader">Shuriken Cannon</p>
<p class="body">*Just remove the cannon from your Exarch model. That's as simple as I can put it. This was one of the most stupid blunders GW has ever done from a model stand-point. This weapon is useless in my opinion (and most others) and should never be considered. Let's look at the bad points.

1) You actually have to pay for the gun. Yes, a weapon worse than the reaper launcher, and we have to pay points to use it. That makes real sense (sarcasm).

2) It has half the range of your reaper launcher. So we have a guy worth over 50pts, who probably will not be firing his weapon, just standing around doing nothing.

3)If you can shoot, then your reapers will be shot at next turn (or have been already). Your shuriken cannon will kill less than your Exarchs reaper launcher that you replaced. It has worse AP than your reaper launcher. Your Exarch is not taking advantage of one of the squad's strengths; it's power-armour negating weapons.

4) The shuriken cannon is mediocre at destroying transport units and light tanks. If you wanted that role fulfilled, a missile launcher would be better. </p>

<p class="body">In summary, learn to convert. It is better to have no exarch at all, than an Exarch with a shuriken cannon. </p>

<p class="subheader">Eldar Missile launcher</p>
<p class="body">*Unless you face 13th Company (like me) as your main opponent, your adversary may get wise to your reapers. The biggest counters to reapers would be protection, and transports can do that. Your reaper launchers can harm rhinos, and with a little luck, destroy them. However, when devil-fishes, wave serpents or multiple rhinos are brought into the equation, Dark Reapers kind of take a back seat for a while, waiting for opportunities to arise. You can wait for your anti-tank weapons to knock the transports down, but they may be busy with more threatening targets (eg Hammerhead). Sometimes, you need to do things yourself.

This is where the EML is great. It gives you the ability to bust open transports and light/medium armoured tanks. One form of protection against Dark reapers is removed once the EML is brought into play. </p>

<p class="body">*Targeting transports, you can blow them up, leaving their cargo stranded. Against rhinos, Truks and Raiders, your normal dark reapers can also help, to strengthen your chances of destroying vehicles. Once the transport is destroyed, the squad is entangled (most likely, out of LOS to your reapers) and having to work the rest of the match. If they are out stranded in the open, the squad will have no where to run, without fear of reprisal

*The EML gives extra tank hunting power to your army. Dark reapers can effectively take out tanks, making the enemy more cautious with his tanks.

* With EML, you have a high chance of penetrating transports, forcing immediate disembarkure.

* Even if tanks are a no-show, the EML is still effective against marines and even better against low-save hordes. With its plasma blast shot, it is possible to kill more models with the EML than with a reaper launcher</p>

<p class="body">The only downfall with this weapon is cost. The weapon itself is reasonable, but when powers are added, your Exarch will be very expensive, up around the 80pt bracket. When you consider how easily it is to destroy the squad, that is a lot of points for one model. </p>

<p class="subheader">Crack Shot</p>

<p class="subheader1">Reaper Launcher</p> <p class="body">Crack shot is in my opinion, the best option for the reaper launcher. You already hitting on a 2+, now against normal (eg Toughness 4) targets, you get to re-roll failed 3+ to wound results. In a gaming situations, you would expect 2 kills per turn from your Exarch with this power. Against higher toughness enemies, you have a higher chance of killing them (although shooting at toughness 6 monsters is usually not the best idea.). What better, is that you ignore cover saves (no saves for marines) and is cheaper than fast shot. Ignoring cover saves cannot be under-estimated either. Most enemies will take cover, to get saves from your reaper launchers. Havoc's, Long Fangs etc you can guarantee to be in cover. To ignore it and remove 2 models from an expensive squad like that is excellent. It basically gives the enemy no choice but to accept casualties or to hide. </p>

<p class="subheader1">EML : </p> <p class="body">With krak missiles, this power is not really worth it. You're already wounding on a 2+, why waste points just in case you roll a 1. This power doesn't work against tanks, so is wasted their. This power is only good when using the plasma missile. Due to the strength being halved, you will not wound as easy. Crack shot+plasma missile will usually end up with you wounding everyone under the blast. While this is good, I still think fast shot is better for the EML, due to the increased chance of destroying vehicles.</p>

<p class="subheader">Fast Shot</p>

<p class="subheader1">Reaper Launcher</p> <p class="body">With this expensive power, your Exarch will now be firing 3 shots at 2+. This is very good, although I prefer crack shot. With a 3+ to wound, you're more than likely only going to be killing 2 models a turn. This is then same as crack shot, but you do not ignore cover saves and is more expensive. This is just my opinion. I'm not saying this is a bad power, not at all. Fast shot has one thing over crack shot; you have the potential to kill 3 models with your exarch. This alone makes the power worth it, in making up the Exarches cost. </p>

<p class="subheader1">EML : </p> <p class="body">The best power for the EML. With this power, you'll be firing two krak missiles that hit on a 2+. Against infantry, two blast markers will cause significant damage to anything not in power armour (before rules changes, the Exarch killed 6 DE warriors by himself). With the new rules, I would fire the EML first, to get maximum effect (otherwise, after casualties, you will not fit as much under the blast template.)</p>

<p class="subheader1">Shuriken Cannon : </p> <p class="body">No point talking about it because you shouldn't be using it</p>

<p class="body">As you can see, the Exarch can be a valuable member to your squad. If it is to give more killing power or tank busting ability. He does however come at a cost, well over 55pts. Sometimes, it's better to spend the points else where, because as we all know, Dark reapers are good enough by themselves. </p>

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