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Featured Modeler, Agis Neugebauer [missing images; recoding needed]

Submitted By: Date: October 18, 2005, 04:28:20 AM Views: 853
Summary: <p class="heading">Agis Neugebauer</p> <p class="subheader1">You may have seen Agis's Codex: Exodites from our fluff section, or you may have seen some of his nifty conversions or spectacular paint jobs. Most Eldar players come across his work at least once in their journey across the 40k Universe, and most of us have always been left wanting to know more about him. Now, here is your chance!</p>

<p class="subheader1">Name:</p> <p class="subheader">Agis Neugebauer</p>
<p class="subheader1">From:</p> <p class="subheader">Berlin, Germany</p>
<p class="subheader1">Play:</p> <p class="subheader">Too many to list!</p>
<p class="subheader">And who better to describe Agis than the man himself?</p>
<p class="body">In the mid 80s, a friend of mine introduced me to Blood Bowl 1st edition. Like many of us, he was very bad in painting up miniatures but very good in ordering stuff. So he ended up with 4 teams for BB with no intention at all to paint them. Naturally I stepped in. I started miniature painting. In those early days, I used Humbrol colours. Real stinky and the effect was also quite lousy. But I was hooked. I always liked model building and painting - mostly some Airfix and Revell plastic minis, but I always found it a waste of time, because once the model was finished it was just standing there gathering dust. But miniature gaming! Whoahh! You build them, you paint them and you can still play with them. So over the years I started playing Space Hulk, Warhammer 40K, Necromunda, Space Marine, Mordheim, Warmaster and nearly all the rest of GW's games. But I was always interested in other game systems. Warzone 1st edition, I liked a lot. Trinity Battleground from White Wolf was also one of my favorites. Clan Wars, VOR, the Great Railwars, Full Thrust, Dirtside, Gear Krieg, Heavy Gear - you name it - I played it! So over the years I horded quite a stack of miniatures, which put me in a very nice situation right now. I can mix up minis from all different game systems. For example: I really like VOR, but I hated their Union troopers. So I use Warzone Capitol trooper and VOID Marines as substitutes.</p>

<p class="subheader">Check out these Wave Serpent conversions!</p>

<p class="body">But there was always one SciFi Race that held a special place in my "heart"! The Eldar. What a background. The tragedy, the grace and beauty - I love it. So naturally the biggest army in my cabin is my huge Eldar army. I even own every Eldar mini Armourcast produced. The Phantom, the Revenant, the old Falcon, the  Tempest and even the Towering Destroyer Knight. When I started work on the Codex Exodite I used Dark Elf Cold Ones as stand ins. It is a lot of fun. A real boost for my painting enthusiasm was the 2000 GW 40K Grand Tournament in Nottingham, England. My Eldar Ulthwé army finished 2nd best-painted army. I also had the opportunity to meet guys like Jes Goodwin, Brian Nelson, Chris Fitzpatrick, the 'eavy Metal team, Rick Priestley, Jervis Johnson and all the rest of the GW studio. I was VERY amazed that all of these guys are just friendly, normal people. Do not trust some of the crazy things you hear about them on the net. Best thing was, that I became a bit like the unofficial painter for Fanatic games. The Warmaster Bretonnians and Lizardmen are all painted by me. For 2001 I wanted to do something really special and decided to do a complete converted army. I chose the Harlequin concept (using the Dark Eldar rules). (Proud-mode on!) Again my Dark Harlequin army was runner up for best painted army and was featured in WD (UK) #259. (Proud-mode off!) Right now I am working on some Aegyptos minis, my Tau army and some Epic 40.000 models. And those two Eldar flyers from Forge World also need a good paint job. As usual too much at the same time.</p>

<p class="subheader1">40kOnline is very humbled to have Agis do a feature for us, and would like to thank Agis for providing us with some of his work.</p>

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