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Orky Tents

Submitted By: Date: October 13, 2005, 11:39:53 AM Views: 2911
Summary: <p class="body">As my Speed Nutters are a migrating tribe by definition, I decided to make some tents for them to sleep in (when not traveling overnight).</p>

<p class="subheader">How to make Orky tents</p>

<p class="body">I took a Pringles-tube and cut it into 4 smaller tubes. In each of these I cut out a doorframe.

These I glued to a base.

Right in the middle of those tubes I glued a rather large balsa-stick <i>(this is the roof-support).</i> Then I took some thinner pieces of balsa-stick, balancing one end on the roof-support and the orther end on the wall. I took 4 pieces per tent <i>(although 3 would work just as nice).</i>

Stage 1 completed & let that dry overnight.</p>

<p class="subheader">Stage 2:</p>
<p class="body">Now comes the fun <i>(read : messy)</i> part.

You take a piece of cloth <i>(I used an old hankerchief)</i> and cut it into small rectangles, triangles and squares.
For the door <i>"curtain"</i> take a larger rectangle <i>(+/- 0.5 cm wider & higher 'n the door itself).</i> Cut out irregular triangles at one side.

Then you start to soak these in a 50/50 PVA/water mix

Do the door-cloth first, at the inside of your structure. Glue the side opposite to the triangles to the inside top of your tent's door.

Now slap the others on the walls.

<b>AFTER</b> the wall is finished, you take some larger pieces of cloth, and following the same procedure you put ‘em over the roof-supports <i>(= those smaller balsa-sticks)</i>

Stage 2 completed & let that dry overnight.</p>

<p class="subheader">Stage 3:</p>
<p class="body">Everything dry?

You take some balsa, measure it off next to the doorway and you cut out your frame. PVA glue these to your tents.

Do the same to the sides of your tents, reprazentin’ support-sticks <i>(I used round balsa-sticks for this).</i>

Flock your base & add some gubbins <i>(Mushrooms, shields wiv glyphs, Choppas...)</i>

Stage 3 completed & let that dry overnight.</p>

<p class="subheader">Stage 4:</p>
<p class="body">Spray-can the whole bunch in black. One hour later be amazed on the quantity of paint a cloth <i>(even soaked in PVA that has now hardened)</i> can soak up and give it a second layer.

Even more amazed by the sheer mass of soaked-up paint, go to a hobby store and buy yourself some Gouache-colours <i>(=cheap).</i>

<b>Paint dem tents!</b></p>

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