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Author Topic: The Game Review thread  (Read 59542 times)

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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #40 on: August 18, 2006, 06:08:45 PM »
Game: Suikoden I

Genre: RPG

Platform: PSOne

Overview: Based on the ancient Chinese literary work The Water Margin, Suikoden I and its sequels are loosely based off of this story. As a teenager, you are the son of a prominent general within the Scarlet Moon Empire who is beginning his career in the military/civil service. Unwittingly you are thrust into the arms of rebels who are fighting the corrupt Scarlet Moon Empire.

Good: This is a great RPG in which all of the classic elements of an RPG are present. In additions to battles and a decent storyline, you get to build a Castle by recruiting more people into your army.

Bad: Very rare and expensive. 1995 graphics can be a turn off to some.

Score: 8/10
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #41 on: October 10, 2006, 12:16:08 PM »
My turn :)

Game: Dawn of War...  er no lets try Company of Heroes.  They are almost the same.

Genre: RTS

Platform: PC

Overview: From the makers of Dawn of War we bring you WWII  (again).  It may be an over played setting but this one works.  You are drawn into the setting, the game feels right and you have an exciting time.  The one play story is gripping and is much longer than the DoW tiny adventure.  The (14?) many levels are long but each has a unique challenge.

Good: There are so many.  The story is #1.  It really draws me in.  The units are smart (sorta), they seek cover, move up in cover and really take advantage of the world.  They hide along the busshes not stand beside them.  Units also level up and get tougher.  It is hard when you lose a lvl 3 ranger to enfilade fire!  And you can get some of the high lvl units back in the next mission by buying them in the barracks.  The tech tree is simple and intuitive and each part is useful to most styles of play.  You can choose from 3 armies: infantry, paratroops and tanks.  Each has unique units and abilities to aid you.  You get power ups for these through "battle points' that you earn through killing enemies.

Bad: Take some GPU power to get the most of the beautiful graphics, but it's very playable in medium setting.  There is a small pathing insure (things get in each others way) that you need to watch out for.  It takes more multi tasking than my slow brain can manage to effectively use the many units..

Score: 9.5/10  If you loved DoW for more than the nifty 40K spiffy models then you will love this game.
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #42 on: November 1, 2006, 04:07:39 PM »
Hello, First of all, I'm a newcomer to 40K Online, now lets get to the review.

Game: WarHammer 40K:Dawn of War Dark Crusade Expansion Pack

The Good: -2 Races, the Necrons, and the Tau
                -1 New unit for each race
                -Continues to use the excellent styling of DoW
                -Has multiple strategies to each race that are deeper than most common RTS'
                -Better campaign than the first
                -Eyecandy Graphics

The Bad: -Balance issues in certain races (See Overview)
              -Too many full squads on the screen even for a high end computer makes the game go laggy
              -The new unit for each race does little for some teams, and way too much for others (goes in turn with
              -Though the new campaign can get annoying when up against the Necrons (they abuse the Resurrection
              -Painful on the Lower end PCs
              -Horrible multitasking on large scale battles!

Overview: This game takes all the good points of Dawn of War and improves the game with two new races, to add to the previous four (or five, should you own the Winter Assault Expansion).
The problem is, with these new races comes *dun dun dun* new balance issues.
The Necrons, while very slow, have the great ability of thier troops being able to ressurect by chance (certain troops only), now you may think this is fair, but as the Necrons do not cost much resources to build (The Warriors are FREE mind you), and that they only capture strategic points to increase their speed of creation, which is when things get overwhelming... Since they build armies free, and regenerate them, they tend to zerg their enemies, and heres where it gets worst: The Necron Lord. Now, he's not the best of the "Heroes" characters, but he has a unique ability to add things called artifacts to him... One in particular is the Ressurection Orb... You think its bad that they regenerate quickly? Well this thing MASS Ressurects on command and passively increases the rate of ressurections for troops around him... With Necron Warriors free, this gives him the unfair unlimited Zerging effect...
Now, done with that rant, move on to the next Balance Issue.
A more minor issue goes with the Tau's Stealth Suits, they are quite unfair, because for one they can't be detected without detectors (and alot of people forget that), they have weapons that are anti everything, they can have commanders, and they can have extra squad leaders...
Now more on the goodstuff, the graphics are pure eyecandy, with each unit having its individual animation played at one time (one of your warrior squad member's may be bash a guy on the head in melee, while the other squad member might be lowblowing him, all at their own times, so you don't see them doing it over and over again in the same few seconds). They also made spectacular effects, and the terrain gets marks from war (craters specifically, which can be used as trenches). Also, when a unit dies, its body remains, leaving the scars of battle (and an unfair advantage to necrons, and the Kroot Carnivores who gain health bonuses by canibalizing corpses).
Lets get to the sound, its indeed spectacular, as you can hear the sounds of weapons clashing, screams of dying men, when you zoom up close to the battle, and world shattering explosions, and the musical score does well to fit the mood of the 40K Universe...
Onto the Gameplay, its absolutely brilliant. Each unit is a squad for infantry, each squad usually composes at default of 3-4 basic members... Now, as your HQ upgrades, you get various upgrades you can add to your squad at the cost of resources... Default if additional squad members, but certain buildings allow you to make them wield different weapons (everything from Plasma guns, Heavy bolters, Flamethrowers, and the occasional grenade launcher), and upgrading the HQ allows you to add Squad leaders (Even to scouts!).
As for Vehicles, they don't benfit from these upgrades, but are extremely tough, and can cause multitudes of damage...
Vehicles and Infantry have seperate population caps making it slightly easier to manage...
Now the bad part of it, the multitasking and micromanagement... Its horrible, on large scale battles.... If you'd prefer you can select everything an rush, but then again, if they used artilary, you could be blown to shreds... So, managing becomes more of a choir than a task, and thats a bad part...
Overall the game does lots to impress, and doesn't lack any polish, there are some minor collision issues, but that can be resolved (happens on large scale selection)...
Every man that gets hit, bleeds, every man dies and blood comes out, it's really impressive in large scales, and it'll get your heart pumping to see the outcome of huge battles (Every try 4v4 Large Scale no holding back full armies? Lag aside, it feels like 40K Heaven)... This game is truly worther of the Warhammer 40K Title...

Score: 9.45/10 If you love 40K, if you love RTS, and if you love large scale wars that can take up to 3 hours (my longest game) this game is definately for you!  ;)
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #43 on: February 1, 2007, 09:58:40 AM »
One note. Dark Crusade is not an expansion but a stand alone.
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #44 on: February 1, 2007, 11:54:08 AM »
Objection: sustained
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #45 on: February 17, 2007, 05:31:35 PM »
Game Warhammer Mark Of Chaos

Genre Rts

Platform - PC

The Good - Amazing Graphics, in depth story line, Useful tutorial

The Bad - Huge requirements to play, a bit laggy if you only have the minimum settings to run it, Doesnt have many different units to play, Similar to the tt but on the computer it isn't turnbased, fairly difficult to play

Score - 8.5/10

Appeals to most rts gamers though not for all.
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #46 on: April 28, 2007, 11:42:06 AM »
game: star wars: knights of the old republic II (the sith lords)

genre: RPG

platform: PC

the good: be a jedi, sith or grey knight. all of the game is determined as to what your choices are. you can have most weapons in the SW universe. and the story is very good.

the bad: very little, exept the bosses are fairly easy to beat on the "normal" difficulty setting.

score: 9.5/10


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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #47 on: May 30, 2007, 07:07:51 PM »
Game: Gears Of War

Genre: Shooter (1st and 3rd)

Platform: Xbox 360

Rating M for Mature (but who cares?)

Overview: You are Marcus Fenix. you were locked up in prison after E-Day (i'll not ruin what this is for you). Your friend busts you out and you're back in the army. the army is fighting creatures called locusts. Time to kick some locust butt!

The Good: great graphics, sweet guns, amazing ability to "hug" cover, great missions, can play co-op.

The Bad: Some missions are very hard if not played on co-op. You need the help of an extra person.

Score: 8/10

Not for those who are faint of heart or are scared easily.

Game: Saints Row

Genre: 3rd Person Shooter

Platform: Xbox 360

Rating: M for Mature

Overview: you are recruited into the gang the 3rd street saints. you must own the streets and gain respect from everybody else.

The Good: Crazy Weapon Selections. Lots of different vehicles. Very Realistic world, people will do things as if it was a real day. ie: people might get robbed/mugged at random.  Like the GTA series except better. HUGE world environment.

The Bad: none really.

Score: 9.5/10

Game: Final Fantasy XII

Platform: PS2

Rating: T for Teen

Overview: from what starts off as a rebellion against a government, changes into a full blown war between countries!

The Good: Great graphics. Super duper big weapon/armor options.  Can customise characters in ANY way. Great storyline. Enough side quests to keep you busy for a looong time. crazy twists and turns in the story.

The Bad: Some optional bosses for like lvl 99s only. Some uber hard-to-navigate-through areas.

Score: 10/10

For anyone who like RPGs

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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #48 on: June 6, 2007, 01:49:02 PM »
Game: monsters game
Genre: vampires .v. werewolves
platform: P.C (internet)
Rating: none, its an internet game but if you are under ten (which i dont think many of you are) then you may want an adult to check your PMs as anyone can be talking to you.
overveiw: you take the roll as a vampire or werewolf, you can start your own clan get pets (called sentinals) upgrade your hideout from a shack to a stately home, make a clan hideout, forge alliances and hunt for vampires or humans.
the good: is quite addictive gameplay, the interface is so easy to use its a dream for the sort of game it is, its also great fun being in/making a clan be cause you can make the clan hideout into a fortress and rise through the ranks, you can also shop for weapons poyions and armour aswell as trinkets such as rings and amulets.
the bad: not reckomended for people who like to see everything because it is a browser game.

and the link: if you want to try it out use this link:
but it would be nice if you could help me and click the link in my sig, but be warned only do this if you want to be a werewolf!!! (ps i have not just said "click the link in my sig to get to the site" be cause that would be un fair and misleading)
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hope this was alright even though it is a web game!
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Strategy Game it think you'll like. and yes it is my personal link.
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #49 on: June 6, 2007, 02:04:11 PM »
Game: Nexus War
About: Another browser game, AP based. You start as a lowly mortal, then as you get towards the maximum level 30 you can choose one of many character classes to be, good, evil or neutral morality divide them. Big and Small factions populate the game, it's co-operatively based, helping others and having others help you. There are guns, swords, magic, kerazy powers and all sorts, great fun. Customise your character to the extreme, the options are immense.

Good: Fun, addictive and interactive. Generally fun just to see what you can do, great for wasting a few minutes when you have nothing else to do online.

Bad: There's a lot to learn sometimes, depending on what you want to do, and how.

Rating: 9/10

And I suppose I should update the list on the first page at some point.

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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #50 on: August 17, 2007, 02:53:19 PM »
I'll throw my hat into this.

GAME:City Of Heroes and or City of Villains


Overview:City of heroes is an online game(much to the same type as world of warcraft, EVE ect ect). Although a couple of years old, the game still has good develoment support.You play as a hero in Paragon City(yes, its kinda corny) fighting bad guys, defusing bombs, saving hostages ect ect. City of villains is the exact oppisate, you play as a villain in the Rouge isles, and do evil stuff.City of villains is a couple years younger than city of Heroes, so has better visuals.

PROS:Thses games have decent visuals, not mind blowing but good enough for a few year old games.The games still recives updates(patches) and even new stuff added(issues).In the latest(issue 10) they added a new area called the Rikti war zone, and revamped an old enemy faction.There is also plenty to do, and player-set-up-groups you can join on both side makes the game alot deeper.It also has a good community,with not many a***** about, only a few spammers in the chat channel, and a few whiners.It also has one of the best character costume maker ive ever seen in a game.

In Between:(in other words, things that are good and bad)the player vs player, like many mmorpgs, these games seem to have tried to balance the pvping, but failed. The villain side, (as pvp is between the 2 sides in most places, but theres a special place where you can fight people from your own side)is much more powerfull one on one then the heroes.The heroes are better in a team, but that unfortunatly leads onto the bads......

CONS:The game is dieing, population is going down and its hard to find a team on coh, and virtully impossible to in cov.(This is the main reason im cancelling my subscription)It also costs money per month, which can hurt your wallet.Cov is better for loners however, so amybe im getting paranoid.The gameplay, whilst altogether good, begins to feel like a grind once you reach the mid 30s, maybe because of the way you start to get filtered into single areas, whilst before in lower levels, there was more variety.

OVERVIEW:The games are good, if only for a short break from other, more hardcore MMORPGS. As the 2 have been rerealised in a bundle, 'Coh/Cov, good v evil combined edition', now is a good time to pick it up.Unfortunatly, the games run out of steam in the higher levels, ans so i will be leaving the community, and many friends i made there.I wouldnt expect these games to be going in 3 years time, and if they still are, ill be pleasently surprised.

FINAL REVIEW:\this is hard because i desparingly love this game, and now need soemthing to fill the gap, any recommendations would be helpfull, but i wont get anything until i hear how tabula rasa does)    80/100
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #51 on: August 23, 2007, 01:33:34 PM »
Super Smash Bros. Melee



Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fighting game involving the characters of the Nintendo World. Although the game looks quite simple at first, and many may dismiss it as "another cash cow for Nintendo" at a glance, the game can become quite complicated. Super Smash Bros. Melee has about 25 different characters to choose from, each character sporting his or her own style in the game. Some characters are "clones" of others, which means they have the same moveset of the character they are cloned from but have different skins. Even with these clones, however, differences appear. I'll not spoil which ones for you, but the game is unique in every fashion imaginable.

The battle system revolves around a percentage meter, which is lined up on the lower screen along with your opponent's percentage meter. The objective of the game is to kill by hurling the opponent out of the ring, or by "smashing" them out, as it is called in the game. There are a variety of different arenas in the game, and as a result some techniques can be executed and some cannot. Again, I won't spoil what levels are unique, but the whole game itself is quite fun. Now, there are a few different game modes - specifically Time, Stock, Coin and Bonus matches. Timed matches are timed, just like it says - you attempt to get the most K.O.s in the time limit and turn out the winner. Stock is the most commonly played game - you have a number of lives, and you attempt to deplete the lives of your opponent before he depletes yours. Coin matches are timed matches played for coins, which you knock out of people by hitting them. Bonus matches are timed matches played for points in skill, different from the amount of kills you land.

The Adventure Mode in the game is fun but linear. You basically run through the stage to get to the end and fight the boss. This occasionally is interrupted by spontaneous fights with characters in the game, and can be a good way to waste some time if you need to. The Classic Mode is like the last Super Smash Bros. game: fast and, well, classic. You must clear 10 stages, three of which are event modes, another three of which are special fights with or against a team or huge person. A new part of the game is added, called All-Star Mode. This is basically the Endurance Mode for Super Smash Bros. Melee, as you beat up all the opponents before fighting a multitude of Mr. Game and Watches at the end of the whole thing.

Event Matches are, again, fun, but most of them aren't that hard. You can unlock a maximum of 51 matches, each one using different characters and putting forth different objectives. Again, another good time-waster while you wait for your friends to arrive to play. The three Event Modes you play in, however, can each unlock you an extremely secret stadium from the old game - so get playing those if you desire those stages.

This is quite a good game, all-around; but it shines in Multiplayer, moreso than any other mode.

The single-player modes are shallow, slightly. The CPUs are annoying, mainly because they force you to play crappily against them and not learn anything against regular humans. The game does not have on-line modes ( D: ), as it wasn't seen as a big deal by the Gamecube when it first came out. Some characters have insane advantages over others (i.e., Marth vs. Bowser, completely unfair match), but that's in all fighting games, isn't it?


Other comments:
Overall, a very good buy. The next version, Brawl, is coming out, so pick that up if you have a Wii and liked this review. Brawl will have a far better story than Melee does...and it will actually be a story, unique to each character.

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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #52 on: October 18, 2007, 01:16:32 PM »
Game: Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Genre: FPS

Platform: PC

Story: After escaping from city 17, Gordon and Alyx must make their way to a resistance base in White Forest, where a space rocket is waiting for important data Alyx recovered from the citadel.

Good: Half-life 2 remains one of the most well-scripted games around, and Episode doesn't dissappoint. The characters come off as believable in every way, and when tragic things happen, you feel bad for them. The term "interactive film" comes to mind, as that is what it is for a great deal. As usual, control is never fully taken away, Gordon doesn't speak and no cutscenes are present. This helps keep you firmly in the role, and deepens the gameplay. Which brings me to point two, the gameplay. It's good. The game contains one new weapon, the strider buster, designed to take out the towering striders. It's basically a sticky mine, though you have to shoot it to get it to explode, instantly taking it out. Speaking of striders, in the final battle, you square off against a whole group of them. Protecting the striders are the new enemy unit, the hunters. Smale-scale striders, these guys are incredibly mobile and very tough, making for some interesting and fierce battles. And finally, graphics. The Half-life 2 engine is still one of the finest around, and it's been improved with motion blur, which is far better than you'd suspect, as well as cinematic physics. Which basically means that bridges collapse realistically, and buuildings get blown up by strider cannons, sending debris in all directions.

Bad: It's a bit on the short end, and apart from a rather interesting director's commentary, the plot is firmly on rails, so offers little incentive for replayability. Also, only one new enemy and one new weapon isn't exactly an overwhelming amount of new content.

Game: Portal

Genre: FPS Puzzler

Platform: PC

Story: You are Chell, a test subject for Aperture Science. You use the portal gun to overcome a series of tests, under the direction of the AI GLaDOS, who literally has a few screws loose. It is set in the Half-Life universe.

Good: Portal is a very interesting little game. You use a portal gun as the one and only available weapon. It enables you to create a sort of wormhole inbetween the two portals, enabling you to go in one portal and come out the other. Momentum is maintained so you can do interesting things like making portals on the floor and higher on a wall. You jump through the floor-portal, whereupon you fall into the floor-portal, causing you to reappear thorugh the wallportal at considerable speed (i.e. the speed whith which you were falling.) The possibilities are endless, and several interesting test scenarios really make the most of it, increasing replayability by so much. And yet, in a game requiring so much ore lateral thinking than a normal FPS, you rarely get stuck on puzzles, not knowing what to do, and never for long.
Another great thing is the comedic writing. GLaDOS, the slightly broken AI, is by far the most interesting character in the last couple of years, combining quirky writing, a well-acted robotic voice, and a weird obsession with cake (which, as you no doubt have heard, is a lie). She has a childish sort of attitude sometimes and is a pretty humourously crappy liar. Especially near the ending, I nearly failed becaause I was listening so much at what was being said. The voices for the turrets have also been redone, into innocent childlike voices. They call out: 'Hey, put me down!' when you pick them up, and say things like: 'I don't blame you.' when you knock them over.

Bad: It is short. Really short. I spent a total of four hours on it, and when I replayed it, it was down to two. Of course, higher replayability means more time spent, and the excellent dialogue means a few more runs are always a good idea.

In total: Both games are shining examples of Valve's excellence in game design. They play fluidly and smoothly, and never gets boring. Continual little visual scenes make the levels lively and believable, and it's the attention to these sort of details which really demonstrates the level of polish these games have. In my opinion, money well-spent. I give them 95/100, with the shorter length the only real downside.
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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #53 on: January 10, 2008, 09:27:14 PM »
Game: Warhammer 40k,000: Squad Command
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Platform: Nintendo DS

-Well done gameplay.
-Lots of weapons.
-The ability to play 40k on a handheld.
-Nice strategy element.
-Fully destructable enviroments.
-The Multiplayer. Just amazing.

-Frame Rate
-Story sucks.
-You only control Ultramarines in Single Player.

Quick Overview:
40k: Squad Command for the DS is a good game. It has well done gameplay, and a nice strategy element to it. There are over 20 weapons to augment your squad of 6 men/vehicles. Units are armed with a primary weapon with infinite ammo, and a powerful, secondary weapon with limited ammo. All units have Acion Points, which are used when the unit shoots or moves. The environment is almost fully destructable, ensuring that there are a very few places to hide that can't be chewed through. The SP Campaign with 15, SMurf-tactic missions is good, but the story is almost non-existant. The best part of the game however, is Multiplayer. With Wifi and almost 30 Imperial and Chaos units to take control of on 9 maps, it should not be missed.
Overall, Squad Command is a good Turn Based Strategy Game. A definite buy for 40k fans, who can enjoy playing Kill-Team with vehicles wherever they can bring their DS.

Score: 4/5
On the topic of 40k vs. any other SciFi universe:

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Re: The Game Review thread
« Reply #54 on: September 9, 2010, 03:27:43 PM »

Game: Battlefield 1942 Anthology

Genre: FPS can choose 3rd person while in vehicles.

Quick overview: Battlefield 1942 Anthology is a collection of 3 WWII games, and oddly enough, something not WWII. You get to play as the average soldier, and fight in many, many places and battles of WWII. There are 5 main classes, The Assault who has an assault rifle, the Anti Tank, which is kind of obvious (Bazooka, Panzershrek, Blah blah blah) Medic, which can heal and is very well suited for anti infantry (SMG) Scout, which can order down artillery and snipe, and engineer, who can repair vehicles, sabotage vehicles, and blow stuff up. Each Extension pack changes the classes A TINY bit, but not much. The package it self comes with: Battlefield 1942, two extension packs, each one different from the other (One focusing on Italy and France, the other focusing on Special Weapons and Equipment) and Battlefield Vietnam.

Good: CHEAP!!! (you get 4 games at 10 USD) Incredibly replay-able, Fun multiplayer, Interesting classes, 4 games in one package, adjustable AI, Authentic languages (if you play as a Russian trooper, and choose a radio command, your guy speaks Russian) Authentic weaponry, easy to pick up.

Bad: Works best only on Windows XP, facial detail is really crappy, AI is stupid...always stupid, Disc quality of BF Vietnam is crappy most of the time (scratches upon opening package), causes laptops to over heat A LOT, multiplayer doesn't have many modes, your punished for not being able to choose your class in under 10 seconds.

Score: 70/100, 80/100 for WWII Buffs

Who is this game for: FPS Lovers, WWII Buffs, Casual Gamers that dont go online
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Re: The Game Review thread
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I finished Among The Sleep earlier this week.  I did not expect to be so unsettled by such a stylized game about being a toddler in a nightmare world.  The controls are easy to use, responsive, and climbing up ledges rarely makes the player beg.  Aesthetically, the visuals are delightful, reminiscent of American McGee's "Alice," excellent voice-overs beckon the player into the story.  They do a convincing job of gameplay as a baby, you're slow, small, and unarmed, but you can motor around quite fast when crawling and have some baby super strength to make physics puzzles possible.  Little details like audio cues and randomly falling over when running are authentic to that age.  There was a collection sequence that was made a bit tedious by the maze-like map and ambiguous swamp layout, and an instant-death creature that appears far too often, something that would become hair-pulling in a full length game but this one can be completed in about six hours.  If you like psychological horror games I recommend this one, everything is scary has hell when you're a tiny, vulnerable baby!

If you like this game, I recommend the movie The Babadook.

I was morose to find out that Silent Hills isn't coming out until 2016, to get my fix I tried out Silent Hill: Alchemilla.  This is a Source mod from a Russian design team, so it has that unique flavor of Eastern European horror as well as a first person perspective.  It looks pretty darn good and plays well enough.  The soundtrack is quite good, mainly comprised of altered tracks from the Konami games as well as some original pieces.  Voice acting is original and is competent enough (better than the first Silent Hill game or the entire Resident Evil series, for instance!).  The first person perspective works just fine and the game does a passable job of getting that Silent Hill atmosphere.  There were several areas that had me spooped.
It does suffer from a lack of a map feature or other navigation tools.  At Least One Hundred Years Ago, when Silent Hill came out, nearly every horror game had a map that was barely useful or none at all.  Harry Mason, however, was smart enough to pick up maps he found and would scribble corrections on them to mark blocked roadways, broken doors, and such.  James Sunderland went to college, I guess, so he knew how to mark where puzzles were, sometimes doodles and notes, or even how to draw a map from scratch when there wasn't one.  This is in itself a clever narrative detail, since both the character and he are lost and trying to escape.
Boris Russian Guy, however, doesn't, which isn't a problem in the outdoor areas that are set up to intuitively lead the player along.  When indoors, apparently this part of Silent Hill has a locksmith because there aren't nearly as many broken locks, so there are many rooms to navigate and each floor of a building or a given area isn't always easy to discern from the other.  This is especially troubling when you can't find "that one room" on "that one floor" that has the puzzle you've found the clues to solve or the locked door you have the key to.
The puzzles are another point.  About half are novel and tickle the brain enough without stumping you.  Some are so oblique that the logic or goal isn't even apparent, thankfully Boris sometimes murmurs clues so you at least know the rules or framework of the puzzle.  The worst is when the sheet of paper or other item that is necessary to understanding the puzzle is... who knows where.  There is one technique they use that involves finding symbols or words hidden throughout the entire area, except the game doesn't tell you that the symbols are on the walls or give any hints as to where they are, another case in which it would be handy to have a map, especially one where the character doodled those symbols on those spots in the map.
The core of any good the two or three good Silent Hill games is the plot which this one does set up well enough.  The character wakes up in a hospital and is unsure how he got there.  Strange things happen and he wonders if a doctor did something to him, if they're hallucinations.  There is some progression, hints at his past, clues to a villain, and the ambiguity about whether or not the protagonist himself is responsible is good.  For me, there wasn't a payoff at the end and after searching on the Internet for a while there seems to be only one ending.  The ending felt abrupt and inconclusive.

I only recommend this because it's free to play.  It's called a mod but those not tech savvy needn't worry, it's a self-contained package with it's own installer with simple instructions.

Get it here: Silent Hill: Alchemilla mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB
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Re: The Game Review thread
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Home | H1Z1 | Zombie Survival MMO For PC

I was kind of surprised by this game.  Normally zombie survival games aren't my thing, I find the game play really slow and just not interesting.  But a bunch of friends got into it and someone sent me a copy on Steam, and I have to say I am really enjoying it.  It really gives you the feel that the most terrifying part of a zombie-pocalypse is not the zombies, but everyone else.

You can play on PvP or PvE servers.  PvE are the way to go if you want to learn the game mechanics and find your way around the map.  Right now there is no in game map, so if you want to find out where you are, you have to open the map in a browser, which if done at the wrong time can get you killed.  PvP servers are where the real enjoyment can be found though.  If you are on your own, you have to be really cautious while looking for supplies, and it can really get your heart pounding if you are being chased, even if it's only two people.

There is a simple crafting system in place, where you can pick make different items depending on what you have on you or is near by.  A bunch of sticks and some cloth can make you a makeshift bow and arrows, which is probably the best weapon.  Guns are loud and can be heard from KM's away, they also suffer from ammunition being scarce, where as you only need to find some sticks to make some arrows.

One of the most interesting experiences so far has been with a group of friends doing a supply run into the towns.  The large amount of resources available generally means you can expect to run into some other players, and that is when amphetamine parrot really starts to go down.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the game, and even though it is still in Alpha, I recommend people pick it up.
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