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Author Topic: READ ME: A Welcome to Video Gaming and Computers, and Threads of Notice  (Read 14553 times)

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Welcome to the Video Gaming and Computers board.

It was born as "Video Gaming" on the 5th of February '05, and is for discussion of Video Games (such as those on the PC and console), discussion of the attributes, good or bad, of specific games, organisation of online games ... basically anything game related.  On 10th of August '05, it was expanded to "Video Gaming and Computers".  What does this mean?  Well, if you're having a problem with running a game or programme on your computer, your computer is being troublesome or you're having some sort of techy problems, this is the place to ask and, hopefully, one of our tech wizards (if they don't give me dagger eyes for calling them that ;)) will be able to help your sort it out.

The following threads are threads that would be stickied if I weren't such a heckler for keeping the amount of mess at the top of the board down.

RULES:  Policy Regarding Spoilers.

RULES:  Rules on "Fanboyism".

Forum Rules and Announcements.

Beginners and Newbies.

Video Gaming Abreviations.

XBox 360 Rumours/Discussion.

Join Clan EldarOnline for / Frozen Throne.

Good free online games.

Which Next Generation Console Will You Buy?.

If you have a comment on the subject, post it in the thread.  If you have any question about the board, post it here and we'll do our best to answer it for you :)

Of course, keep to the rules applied to the rest of the site ;)
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