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Started by Zaq, October 5, 2003, 06:04:47 PM

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Under HQ it says you can have 1-3 Aspiring Champs as a single HQ choice. Can you group them together and give them Furious Charge for the Aspiring Champ pts cost or would you have to use the IC pts cost?

Was thinking of a squad of 3 Khornate ACs with MoK, FnP, Furious Charge, D.Visage, BP+P.Sword. Sort of a Chaos Death Company ;)

Dark Fire

I believe that they must be assigned to lead squads of mutants or traitors. And if they are allowed to be deployed as a squad I would guess that they would use the squad skill cost are they would essentially be a small squad of Chosen.
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Ral Caladan

They lead squads, and they get the squad (non-IC) cost for skills/other items.  It should be noted that lead means one of them per squad.  Does lead mean no Boss in the squad either?  I don't know.


They have to be used to lead a Traitor or Mutant Squad, and thus having Veteran Skills would be next to pointless, since you can't use most of them with squads. Even infiltrate wouldn't work, since Traitors lose their ability to infiltrate if led by a Champion, even if that champion has Infiltrate himself. You'd be able to use a few of the skills if the entire squad was destroyed except for the Aspiring Champion, but that's not a likely situation and also a waste of points.

If you did give them Veteran Skills, despite the obvious downside, they'd be purchased at the points cost of units as opposed to Lords and Lieutenants, as Aspiring Champions in LaTD purchase all wargear from the CSM Armoury at the price that a CSM AC would.


Hence if I gave the AC furious charge and attached it to a mutant squad do I for furious charge for one model or for the whole squad?


You get the bonus for neither the model or the squad. For instance, if you had an Independant Character with Furious charge join a squad without Furious Charge, neither would get the bonus on the charge. The entire unit must have the skill for it to work for any of them.

All very clear on page 12 of the Chaos Codex, in the last paragraph under the Veteran Skills heading.

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