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Started by Zaq, June 25, 2003, 08:55:10 PM

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Says in the codex that they may have Daemon Packs but only Cultists can summon them. This does not apply to Daemonic Beasts however as they are not mentioned.

Does this mean that Daemonic Beasts are summoned off Marines instead of Cultists?


You can't take Daemonic Beasts. It says so underneath Daemons:


Says there they may include Daemon Packs but only Cultists may carry Icons to summon them. They may use DPs and Possessed.

There's no mention of Daemonic Beasts at all.


You answered your own question!  :-\ Why did you ask it then?


Since the legions are based off the CSM Army List then wouldn't any entries not mentioned at all be considered fieldable?

The IW and NL legion entries state what daemons they are allowed and not allowed to field. The AL section does not mention Daemonic Beasts at all so logically unless specifically banned they should be fieldable.


The real question is who in the right mind would want to field demonic beasts? I personally think they all are horrible with the exception of furies. ( which are SWEET )
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It also doesn't say that the lord can't buy a lascannon, it's not listed under his weapons, does that mean i can buy a lascannon for my lord (who's based of a CSM, which can)?

The answer to that and your question is NO.  It says "You may include Daemon packs."  Why would they state that if you were to assume that you could use any daemons anyway?  Again, if it were assumed that we could use any daemons in these lists (unless stated otherwise), then why does it say that word bearers can use any type of daemon?  And that NL can use Furies?  

If it doesn't say you can, you cant, your question is moot in this regard.

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