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Author Topic: To fluff masters and fluff writers: looking for legion background  (Read 1009 times)

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There was a thread a while ago about some of you writing fluff for others legions. After going thru 13 pages of old posts I got fed up and started this one instead.

I would have prefered to write this background myself but I find myself in a total deadlock so I am looking to those of you who liked to do it to give me a good skeleton to flesh out.

I am looking for a short background story (only a few paragraphs), something that I would give to my opponents with my army list in league games or tournaments, something they could read in less then 2 minutes.

Details about my army:

Name: The Legion of the Black Hounds (a sub-cult/offshot/company of the black legion)

Details: it is a legion based around chaos hounds, hounds conversions, hounds heads, etc...

 My daemon prince is called Cerberus (I used the slaneesh azazel daemon to convert it). He has 3 different hounds heads, hence the original name cerberus, and wings. He is armed with a big sword and a claw-hand (used as powerfist or regular ccw). He should theoritically be chaos undivided but might go khorne...).

My main Lord has no name yet but he has abaddon's terminator body, his sword and combi-bolter ( I will remodel the talon of horus to look more like biological claws, for esthetic purposes only). He also has a hound head and a fur cloak.

My possessed all have hounds/wolf-like heads and daemonic claws.

All my HQ and aspiring champions (unless they fly or deep strike) MUST have 1-4 chaos hounds followers with them, holding their leash in hands.

I usually field obliterators, possessed, furies, daemonettes, 1-2 squad of close combat marines in rhinos, some squads of bolters marines, 1 dread and sometimes raptors and a squad of plague marines.

Let your imagination run free!

Also if you have more hounds conversion that pop up in your mind let me know!
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