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Author Topic: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers (completed)  (Read 6767 times)

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1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers (completed)
« on: February 19, 2024, 10:55:56 AM »
1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers

Another day, another dismal stretch of overgrown ruins and decaying plant matter, through which marched the legions of Nagash in perfect, dismal precision. It made Kraggoth want to vomit.

"Why are we here?" he asked the creature atop the shifting, writhing disc of Tzeentch--the shaman Ychrigal. The thing that held Kraggoth's soul in a pouch on his belt.

"There are places we seek. Places we may yet find," the shaman answered in a voice that sounded, at times, like three voices together. One of them, Kraggoth realized, was his own. "You will order your herd to displace these bone constructs."

"We could just go around. They would never find us."

"You will do as you are told," Ychrigal laughed. "Do not pretend that you will not."

Kraggoth ground his jagged teeth. Ychrigal was right, of course--he was bound to the shaman's will. But that meant another unforgiving battle against the Ossiarchs and their bloodless, unfeeling automatons. A difficult and thankless battle, one that his herd will ill enjoy. In following Ychrigal's insane whims, he could well find himself again without a herd.

But what choice did he have? He gave Ychrigal a mocking curtsy. "As my master wishes."

The shaman laughed from atop his writhing disk of flesh and teeth.

This battle we found about a month ago, but I've had a busy month so I haven't written it up until now. I apologize for any blanks or errors in the reporting, since it's been a while.

Allherd Mob (no battalion)

Great Bray Shaman w/Bleating Gnarlstaff (General: Twistfray Cursebeast, Spell: Tendrils of Atrophy)
Tzaangor Shaman w/Brayblast Trumpet (Spell: Wild Rampage)

10 Bestigors (Veterans: Defensive Formation)
10 Ungors w/Spears (Veterans: Wilderness Stalkers)
10 Ungors w/Spears (Veterans: Wilderness Stalkers)
6 Bullgors w/Man-splitter Great Axes (Veterans: Toughened Hides)
6 Tzaangor Enlightened (on foot)
1 Cygor

Wildfire Taurus
Doomblast Dirgehorn

Petrifex Elite Battle Regiment

Boneshaper w/Artisan's Key (General: Aura of Sterility, Spell: Enhance Nadrite Blades)

20 Mortek Guard w/Nadrite Blades
3 Immortis Guard (Veterans: +1 attack)
3 Immortis Guard (Veterans: +1 wound)
3 Necropolis Stalkers (Veterans +1 attack)
2 Harbingers w/Halberds
Gothizzar Harvester

Soulstealer Carrion

Mission, Terrain, and Deployment
The mission we rolled for was "Twists and Turns." Each player gets an L-shaped deployment zone in the corners and then the objectives run diagonally from the SW corner to the NE corner, 5 in all. The catch is that each turn objectives can switch to inactive or active, depending on whether you're holding them or whose turn it is, so the objectives shift as the game progresses. 

Terrain saw a central ruin, a ruin in the SW corner, some houses in the NW and NE, and forests in the SE and north central parts of the board. My quest was just "Scout Fertile Lands" so I needed to have a unit within 4" of a board edge outside my DZ by the end (easy enough) whereas my opponent was hunting an endless spell, so needed a wizard near an arcane terrain feature, which as it turns out was the central ruin (pretty easy for him, too).

My Grand Strategy was "Desecrating Brayherd", which required me to have 2 objectives being contested by Brayherd units at the end of the game (which included everything except the Cygor and the Bullgors). My opponent had one that required him to just have Battleline units alive at the end of the game. Most of his list was Battleline, so that wouldn't be an issue for him, either. Basically, to fail either of our grand strategies, we'd have to get tabled.

My opponent was attacker and deployed first. He had the NW corner and deployed his general, immortis guard, and stalkers along the northern center line, aiming to take and hold the central objective. the Harbingers anchored his eastern flank, while the Mortek Guard and the Harvester deployed in the west, stretching south.

Given his deployment, my plan was to try and force him to split his force, since I know how much the Bonereapers like to keep everyone together. I planned to take the opposite corners (NE and SW) and then sort of split his force. One group of Ungors went in the SW, another group went in the NE. The Bullgors held the center while the Tzaangor Shaman and the Englightened and Cygor were center, leaning north and east. The Bestigors and my Great Bray Shaman lay in ambush.

This deployment made my east flank look strong and my west flank look weak, which was intentional--I wanted him to swing west, get trapped, and then be too weak to do anything about my east flank closing up on him like a slamming door.


The Dead Deploy!
My fearsome west flank!
My hiding northeast ungors!
My center, leaning east

To Be Continued...
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Re: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2024, 02:45:33 PM »
Turn 1
The Bonereapers had the first turn. Their battle tactic chosen was "Desecrate Their Lands." One of the primary disadvantages the Bonereapers have (particularly given how my opponent constructs his list) is that many of the battle tactics are hard to achieve, since his faction-specific ones are mostly tied to specific kinds of units he doesn't take. Anyway, Desecrate requires him to control a terrain piece outside of his deployment zone, so that's easy enough.

In the hero phase, the Boneshaper summons the Soulstealer Carrion to occupy the SW corner objective. This thing makes it so my 1 and 2 wound units can't claim objectives, which is unfortunate. The fact that my opponent can summon it at any range, so long as it's atop an objective, is doubly unfortunate.

The Immortis Guard and the Stalkers move to take the central ruin with the Boneshaper while the Mortek guard march south in an orderly column to take the SW objective. The Harbingers edge eastwards, but don't go too far - just far enough to claim the NE objective. No charges are declared, no shooting happens. The Bonereapers score an easy 3 points for objectives and 2 for their battle tactic.

At the end of their turn, the central objective "shuts off" as per the mission, meaning it isn't scorable until it comes back on. 

Top of Turn 1

Look how neat and orderly they are!
Central unit taken!

Watching the bone constructs from his hiding place, Kraggoth wondered why he ever found such creatures fearsome. Plodding, lifeless, mechanical things, they were as terrifying to him now as rain or clouds. An obstacle to be overcome, nothing more.

He missed his hatred. It was weak and distant from him, still beating on the belt of Ychrigal, a long way distant.

He looked to his bestigors. "Spring the trap. Now."

The battle tactic I selected was "Reduced to Savagery," which is a beasts specific one that I fulfill by killing a unit that I target with a Ritual of Ruin. The target was the Harbingers, which is Blood Taunted out of position and over where my eastern flank could easily crush them. My Tzaangor Shaman then placed Wild Rampage on my Enlightened and summoned up the Wildfire Taurus. That whole flank (Enlightened, Tzaangor Shaman, Cygor, and Wildfire Taurus) all surrounded the isolated Harbingers. Not only were they partly crushed by a Cygor boulder, but then they were charged by just about everything and were quickly stomped to death, securing the NE objective and fulfilling my battle tactic.

My NE ungors ran due north, where they claimed the NE corner objective and there they would remain for most of the game.

In the west, the Bullgors moved and then charged the Mortek guard, along with the Bestigors, who arrived from ambush. The combined power of these units killed over half of the 20 Mortek guard with only a handful of casualties among the Bestigors. I might have done better, but the terrain kept the bullgors from getting their full frontage at the enemy.

The SW ungors moved away from the soulstealer carrion to contest the SW objective while the Bray Shaman (who does not have a wound characteristic of 1 or 2!) claimed the SW corner objective, the enemy endless spell notwithstanding. I score a full 5 points myself, with 4 objectives and the battle tactic fulfilled. Then, the NE objective (the one where most of my army is standing) switches off.

Bottom of Turn 1

The Bullgors swing west!
Bestigor Ambush!
About to throw the smack down on some Harbingers...

End of Turn 1 Score
Bonereapers 5
Beasts 5

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Re: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2024, 09:52:54 PM »
Turn 2
We roll priority and I win the dreaded double turn! Honestly, given how the Beasts work, I'm going to do my best to go second as often as possible from now on. Given that I'm usually going to be outnumbering my opponent, they odds of them managing to out-deploy me in this way are slim. Alpha-striking just isn't that big a deal when you can deploy anything you please off the table.

Anyway, my battle tactic is Gain Momentum - kill an enemy unit and have more objectives than they do. This should be doable, given how weakened the Mortek Guard are, and claiming more objectives has already happened. At the start of the hero phase, the SW corner objective switches off, meaning the only two active objectives right now are the SW objective and the NE corner - both of which I currently control.

In the hero phase, I dispel the Soulstealer Carrion. However, I also summon the Doomblast Dirgehorn, which I shouldn't have been able to (since I used the Bray Shaman's cast to dispel the Carrion), so it's possible I dispelled it *next* turn, instead. The Boneshaper also dispelled my Wildfire Taurus - this, as it turns out, was a low-key benefit of the Taurus, I found: it's so dangerous (Strike Last *hurts*), that the enemy is likely to burn casts/unbindings to get rid of it, which leaves the rest of your magic phase untouched. Anywho, as a final thing, the Tzaangor Shaman again gave Wild Rampage to the Enlightened, who didn't seem likely to use it this turn.

Movement/Charges went like this: The Tzaangor Shaman blew the Brayblast Trumpet to summon 10 gors off the NW edge, with the idea of charging the Harvester. They fail that charge, so it's all up to the Bullgors, who charge both the Harvester and the remaining Mortek Guard. Now, I could have pasted the Harvester if I threw all my charging moral wounds at it, but I needed the Morteks to die in order to score my battle tactic, so I threw the mortals at them, basically wiping them out, and threw all my attacks at the Harvester instead. It was not a good bunch of rolls, but I still knocked it down to only 3 wounds. The Harvester's return attacks killed a bullgor and wounded another. 

In the east, the Enlightened, Tzaangor Shaman, and Cygor moved into position to charge the Immortis Guard, but they used the Redeploy command to fall back, getting them out of charge range but ceding a bunch of territory to me. I again scored a full 5 points - 3 for having both objectives, and 2 for achieving Gain Momentum.

Top of Turn 2

Surrounding our prey
These chicken-amphetamine parrots are running away!
*Almost* got that Harvester
My east flank (also, my opponent's head)

The plan was working - the forces of Nagash fell back before the show of strength to Kraggoth's right. But then, three shapes detached themselves from the main force of Ossiarchs - things that leapt and sprinted over open ground like gazelles, yet stood eight feet tall and armed with blades of Nadrite: Necropolis Stalkers.   

Kraggoth made a mental prediction of the blood they would spill. It would be acceptable. The losses could be sustained.

In the Bonereapers turn, I knew I was in for it. They chose "An Eye for an Eye" for the battle tactic, which meant all he had to do is kill one of my units. The Stalkers, one unit of Immortis Guard, the Harvester, and the Boneshaper all slammed into my western force. They killed the Bullgors (though not without some major effort) and took out a couple more Bestigors for very little damage in return. As for the East flank, the Bonereapers seemed resigned to conceding it to me. They finished the turn with only one objective (the central one, which switched back on this turn) and their battle tactic.

Bottom of Turn 2

My west flank folds

Turn 2 Current Score
Beasts: 10
Bonereapers: 8

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Turn 3
Turn three priority sees the turns stay the same, so I go next. My primary concern is to try and hold on in the west long enough for the east to come into play all while keeping my objective game strong. There are currently only 4 active objectives on the board - the SW, the center, the NE, and the NE corner. For my battle tactic, I choose Desecrate Their Lands, since grabbing some terrain in their DZ seems pretty easy.

In the hero phase, I summon back the Wildfire Taurus and run him at the Harvester and Stalkers to keep them from following my Bestigors, who fall back in the movement phase and shelter in cover atop the SW objective. The mortal wounds from the Wildfire Taurus kills the Harvester (yay!) and wings the Stalkers.

In the north, the pack of summoned gors swing over and claim a building in the enemy DZ with little trouble (and they literally have nothing else to do, so...). I plan on linking them up with my east flank as it closes in.

Speaking of the east flank, it does, indeed, close in a bit closer, the Tzaangor shaman getting close enough to shut down the central objective at the end of the turn. This limits the Bonereaper's ability to claim objectives, which should help me maintain my lead. At the end of the movement phase, I don't charge a damned thing - charging those bone constructs willy-nilly is just inviting destruction.

I score my full 5 points - 3 objectives and 1 desecrated building.

Top of Turn 3

The Bull Charges!
I screw up his scoring at the center of the board

Blood thundered in his ears with the rhythm of fiery hooves as the Wildfire Taurus surged through a tear in reality just before Kraggoth and charged the enemy. He felt pain everywhere - the stress of summoning was extreme - but he grinned as the creature incinerated the enemy monster with its mere presence. "Go on," he muttered, silently addressing the enemy wizard, "try to stop that one."

In the bottom of turn 3, my opponent fails to dispel the Wildfire Taurus and it moves to block the enemy from entering the ruin where my Bestigors are hiding. The Bestigors, meanwhile, try to rally their numbers, but only get 1 guy back on 5 dice at a 5+. For a battle tactic, my opponent chooses Gain Momentum - he just needs to kill a unit and take more objectives than me. He doesn't have a good plan for it, though--he can only really take one objective this turn, and that would still give me the objective lead.

My opponent activates the Necropolis Stalkers NINJA POWERS and they do backflips over the ruin to attack my bestigors from behind. They attack and do a ton of damage, killing the bestigors down to just the champion, but the champion's strike back fells a Stalker and he uses his own inspiring presence to stick around to fight (he's pretty proud of himself, bellowing and grunting as he thumps his own chest).

The rest of his army moves to challenge the center. We are getting closer to a fight over there, I can feel it. But it's still a fight on his terms - 2 groups of 3 Immortis Guard and the boneshaper is bad odds if fought all at once.

My opponent scores only 1 point (for claiming the SW objective from the Bestigors), but can't fulfill his battle tactic. 

Bottom of Turn 3

HA! Get by that, you lousy Stalkers!
Oh...uhhh...we spoke too soon.
Contesting the center!

Turn 3 Current Score
Beasts: 15
Bonereapers: 9

Turn 4
Priority goes my way again, so the turns stay consistent. This turn, all objectives are turned off except for the center and the SW. I've been planning a charge at the main bonereaper force all game only to discover now that I...don't need to. I'm well ahead on points, and charging him only helps him, so I'm not going to. For a battle tactic, I use Rampaging Herd, which means I just need to be contesting an objective at the end of the turn with a Brayherd unit with a model count of 10+.

In the Hero Phase, my Bray Shaman lays a Twisting Curse on the Stalkers, killing another one (and sacrifices some ungors to do it, but don't worry - they'll come back!).

So, UNGORS to the RESCUE! I fall back with the Bestigor champion and then move the SW ungors so they are contesting the objective over the 2 remaining stalkers, but I don't charge them (though I do throw a bunch of totally ineffectual spears). I do the same thing with the central objective, using the Wilderness Stalkers veteran ability to pull my ungors off the table in the NE and then drop them in contesting range of the center objective. As tough as the Immortis Guard units are, they only count as 2 models apiece, so my 10 ungors snake the center objective from the 8-model equivalent of 4 Immortis Guards.

Finally, just in case we actually go there, I form my eastern flank into a solid wall of beastdom coming from the NE. If he wants to fight, we'll fight.

A full 5 points for me!

Top of Turn 4

The Fight to Come

In my opponent's side of the turn, I rally back another Bestigor and he does the math. He can't reasonably outscore me at this point and he doesn't have enough bodies to easily claim objectives (and most of the objectives are gone, anyway. Rather than lose any further units, he concedes the game.

Final Score
Beasts: 20
Bonereapers: 9

Kraggoth sat in the shadow of a ruin, letting the burning in his bones subside, slowly, as his herd stalked through the ruins. The Ossiarchs had withdrawn, as their position was untenable. He had again given victory to Ychrigal. Not that the Tzaangor was grateful.

He floated over Kraggoth, the gaping inter-dimensional maw of the disc threatening to swallow him whole. Kraggoth didn't move - he knew well enough how valuable he was to this wretched soothsayer. Too valuable to kill that was certain. 

"You let them escape!" Ychrigal shrieked. "Why?"

"Because we had won, and the only thing we'd gain from pursuit is our own deaths," Kraggoth said. "The Ossiarchs are not a beast to be slaughtered all at once. They are a stone to be ground down with careful pressure."

"I think you resisted. I think you didn't wish to risk yourself."

"If you don't like how I lead my herd, why don't you kill me and do it yourself?"

Ychrigal cackled. "No. No, you would like that, wouldn't you? No - your service continues."

"Did you find what you're looking for, anyway?" Kraggoth asked.

"No. We search on." The Tzaangor flitted away on his steed, leaving Kraggoth to heave his heavy bones upright.

No rest for the wicked, it seemed.

The thing I've learned about facing the Ossiarchs is that any battle you engage in is a losing battle - its just a matter of how much you can take with you and whether that advances your plan. I actually really appreciate this about this army and about this game overall - tabling certain opponents is just not possible, so a game of maneuver is all that's left. I find games of maneuver the most interesting, as it happens.

This was certainly that. This mission very much played into my army's strengths and left my opponent with few good options. He remarked after the battle that maybe he should have castled harder in the center rather than leave his flanks to be picked off, but while this might have saved him casualties, I'm not sure it would have earned him many points. I was not going to charge his main force unless the circumstances were exactly right, and they were never that. Instead, I just scored objectives and stayed loose. It paid off!

The bestigors continue to not be worth their points, really - maybe with the new 20 point reduction, we'll see - but they just don't hit hard enough, especially since they don't get access to the Bestial Might ability of the Allherd, which would let me replace casualties. Without that, I'd rather spend the points on things that really do hit hard, like Bullgors and Enlightened, OR spend the points on better scoring units, like 20-strong units of gors.

I was impressed this game with the Wildfire Taurus, though it didn't quite get to apply its strikes last effect. The ability to move it in both hero phases and to do mortals over a large area is a huge boon - you'll be seeing that spell again.

Anyway, it was a solid game and a solid win. I enjoyed it and I hope my opponent did, too. Thanks for reading and thanks, as always, to my opponent!

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Re: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers (completed)
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2024, 06:53:02 AM »
That was an epic clash.  I had not been adding up the points, so I thought that you would have to charge the Bonereapers in the centre and there would be an almighty melée to finish the game.  In a way, it was a shame that you did not have to charge them, but I would not have either.  There was no good reason to once the points disparity became clear.

Thank you again for such a detailed write up.  These reports are just so great to read.  I look forward to the next one.
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Re: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers (completed)
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2024, 09:05:23 AM »
In a way, it was a shame that you did not have to charge them, but I would not have either.  There was no good reason to once the points disparity became clear.

A few months ago, I probably would have charged them, as the temptation is so strong. You look at them and are like "surely I have enough to kill them NOW," and you are always, always wrong. I've learned through hard experience that fighting Immortis Guard is a demoralizing experience.

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Re: 1500 Beasts of Chaos Vs Ossiarch Bonereapers (completed)
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2024, 02:47:29 PM »
Great game, Wyddr!  I agree with everything said.  I made at least two key mistakes:  (1) I think I mismanaged the Mortek Guard by not keeping them close enough to the Harvester.  I don't think this would have made a huge difference, but I need to practice that deployment better.  (2) I left the Harbingers on an island and they got picked off.  I thought the Immortis Guard were close enough by to lend support, but they were not.  I should really consider deepstriking the Harbingers more often.


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