Sylvaneth vs Beastclaw Raiders 2000 PT - Battle of the Shattered Branches

Started by Myen'Tal, January 18, 2020, 08:09:02 PM

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Battle of the Shattered Branches
Glade Mugaren vs Ogor Mawtribes (Beastclaw Raiders)
Mission Type: Places of Power
Point Limit: 2000


Army Lists!
Beastclaw Raiders
Frostlord on Stonehorn
Frostlord on Stonehorn

Glade Muguaren
6x Kurnoth Hunters w/ Scythes
3x Kurnoth Hunters w/ Greatswords
20x Spite Revs
20x Spite Revs
5x Spite Revs
Vengeful skullroot


Places of Power - Objectives are placed in a diagonal line that divides the table in half. Objectives on the flank are spaced 18" of each other, center objective is 24" away from them. Wizards and Heroes with artefacts may score objectives. Victory points accrue according to how many turns a unit has held the objective. One for one turn, two for turn turns, etc..


Most of the terrain didn't come into play this battle, even though we rolled for the major pieces. Center piece is arcane, and was also chosen as the Arcane Place of Power for the Sylvaneth, who won't take battleshock tests in its shadow.


Two 20 man Spite-units draw up a screen on the edge of their deployment zone, intent of soaking up the initial damage the Ogors might throw at them. They form two main screens, one deployed behind the other, with Drycha anchoring their rear.

The Awakened Wyldwood is placed toward the northwestern objective (more about this later), and Durthu and the greatsword unit deploy into it's shadowy depths. The Scythes and Arch-Revenant, and a unit of five spites, hunker down behind it.

For the Ogors, the 6 Stonehorns simply line up along the edge of the deployment zone, shrouded on the fringes of the Everwinter.

Turn One: Sylvaneth

To begin the game, I make a crucial mistake in my deployment by realizing that the objectives were dissecting the board from Northeast to Southwest, while I had deployed the other way around.

My opponent was kind enough to let me redeploy some units if I chose to, but I decided to simply  move my five man unit of spites after some thought. I could have flown the arch-rev onto the objective, but I knew that I needed her in the position she was currently in.

The Spite-Horde shuffles forward to reach the center objective. Drycha summons another Wyldwood, but there is a complication because there is really nowhere to place it within 24" of herself. If I had deployed her differently, that would have been far more ideal. Instead, she casts the endless spell Gladewyrm onto the battlefield, to block off a direct assault on my Scythe Hunters.

Turn 1: BCR

The Stonehorn migration plows ever forward, seeking to escape the frozen hell of the Everwinter. Their riders unleash their ravens on Drycha and pluck off three wounds off the embittered Spite-Queen.

Sensing blood in the forest air, the Stonehorns thunder forward and effortlessly crash into the thick of the spite hordes.

Okay, this next part is insane! All six Stonehorns make contact, and the onslaught of their charge deals enough mortal wounds to stamp out 14 Spites into paste! Casualties mount from both Spite Screens as two Stonehorns wade into the flank and smash into the unit of Spites behind the first screen.

The Frostlords command their kin to wade into battle, and the rest of the Spites are demolished by the momentum of the Beastclaws. Drycha is dragged into the combat, and while she does inflict about 4 or 5 wounds on the nearest stonehorn, she is trampled into splintered wood and sticky sap as said stonehorn lays her low!

So... end of turn 1, I've lost all 40 of my Spites and Drycha. OOF!!

Turn 2: Sylvaneth

Durthu uses the Dreadwood Glade's command ability to redeploy anywhere on the battlefield outside of 9" of the enemy. He appears behind the nearest stonehorn he can lay into. The Scythe Hunters ascend the nearest hill, ready for a downwind charge to halt the BCR momentum. The Greatswords march around the Gladewyrm and advance, intending to join combat the turn afterward. Arch-Revenant flies toward the northwestern objective.

Arch-Revenant uses her command ability to grant the six strong scythe unit an extra attack per model.

Durthu unleashes a volley of his verdant blast, taking off 8 or so wounds off the stonehorn anchored on the center objective.

Combat begins... Durthu stomps! A stonehorn trembles! Taking advantage of the ogor's surprise, Durthu swings his fiery blade in glimmering arcs. A pair of Scythe Hunters that pile into the combat with the two stonehorns around the center objective lend him the weight of their blades!

The Stonehorn topples from the onslaught!

The four remaining Kurnoth Hunters track their scythes from one side to the next, like pendulums. Beneath their furious blows and their trampling feet, the other stonehorn is also outright slain.

Turn 2: Beastclaw Raiders & Rest of Game Summary:

Yeah... I'll leave some pictures to explain the rest of this match!

Yeah, needless to say, it was a massacre!

That was my first Sylvaneth outing, as it was my opponent's first swing with this crazy list!
It was a learning game for the both of us. My opponent is a tournament player, so I knew it would be a steep battle to defeat him. But it was a great game, and we both had fun! Mistakes were made on both sides, but neither of us minded.

Good game, and as always, thanks to my opponent!

Victory Points:
Not even close!
Beastclaw Raiders have the major victory!
- Blog #6  A Five Star Comeback!


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