Battle Report: Ondaric Enclave vs Hallowed Knights (Mission Info to added soon!)

Started by Myen'Tal, October 20, 2019, 09:06:00 PM

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Ondaric Enclaves vs Hallowed Knights

Hallowed Knights

Army List:
5x Liberators
5x Liberators
10x Evocators
10x Sequitors
2x Concussors
4x Celestar Ballistae
1x Lord Castellant
1x Lord Ordinator
5x Judicators w/ thunder crossbows

Ondaric Enclaves (Briomdar Enclave)

1x Akhelian King
1x Eidolon of Mathlann
1x Soulrender
1x Tidecaster
1x Soulscryer
20x Namarti Reavers
6x Ishlean Guard
3x Morrsar Guard
3x  Morrsar Guard
3x Morrsar Guard

Mission: Total Commitment

Will edit this part in!


Idoneth Deepkin Deployment
Namarti Reavers created a screen in the center of the board, creating one rank where all twenty stood shoulder-to-shoulder. Tidecaster and Soulrender deployed together behind the center of the Namarti screen. Eidolon took up position a little to the east of the Isharann characters.

On the far right, the Soul scryer deploys on the extreme right objective, behind the ruins. Three units of Morrsar Guard swarm around him, lead by the Akehlian King who lends support from the rear.

On the far left, the Ishlaen Guard take up positions some distance behind the Gloom tide shipwreck, right beside the volcanic terrain.

Deepkin Turn One:

The Namarti Reavers remained anchored in defense of the objective, with the Tidecaster and Soulrender reinforcing. The Ishlaens actually draw back from the left flank and hunker behind the volcanic forest, knowing that the horde of Stormcast infantry will be slow to catch up.

However, the right flank surges forward with some good advance rolls. Three units of Morrsar Guard about make it to the Realmgate and a couple of other terrain pieces in my opponents deployment zone. The Akhelian King and Eidolon anchor themselves just behind to lend support.

Next turn, they're in prime striking range of the celestar ballistae teams.

Stormcast turn one

The Hallowed Knights shuffle their lines to provide more protection to their exposed ballistae. The concussors create a screen right in front of one half of the Gloomtide Shipwreck, with the celestar crews behind them. The liberators in front of the ballistae fall back to tighten the screen around them.

On the left flank, the liberators use their command ability to auto-run the max distance onto their objective, submerged in volcanic terrain to defend it from attack. The Sequitors, Evocators, and the Judicators begin to march relentlessly toward the Ishlaen Guard and the objective that they guard.

The ballistae open up and put a wound on the Eidolon, kill the musician for the nearest Morrsar Guard unit, and put two wounds on another eel in the same unit.

Deepkin Turn Two:

The Gloomtide Shipwreck takes a toll on the Concussors and leaves one on two wounds after a fortunate roll.

The Eidolon opens up with some magic of his own. A cloying sea mist surrounds the wounded akhelian unit and relieves two wounds off of him, nurturing him back to full health. He fails to cast mystic shield though.

It's High Tide, so my Namarti advance about 14" up the center of the board to join the fight. With some glorious rolls for advancing, the morrsar guard position themselves for maximum damage on the right flank, looking to get into the ballistae. The Akhelian King and Eidolon do likewise.
The Namarti fire off some initial rounds, but don't do anything of note. The Eidolon opens up with Psi-Trident and puts some wounds on a Ballistae.

In the eastern sector, charges fly across the board. Two units of Morrsar pit their strength against the concussors. Another unit of Morrsar slip into the Stormcast lines and catch a ballistae. The Akehlian King positions himself behind the liberators and so that he can attack the ballistae and Lord Ordinator. The eidolon sweeps into the gryph-hound and the ballistae on the far left.

In summary... wounds fly everywhere. Each of the Ballistae take several wounds, but none of them are out of commission. The Morrsar Guard activate their biovoltaic blasts to punch the Concussors down to one model on one wound, which is later finished off in combat. A handful of liberators die, and the Lord Ordinator is hacked down to one wound by the Akhelian King...

A powerful and swift attack, but not an overwhelmingly decisive blow. All of those ballistae will come to haunt the Idoneth in later rounds. Another Morrsar musician is brought down in the chaos.
Soulrender resurrected some dead Namarti killed in a ballista attack on the first turn by the way.

Stormcast Turn Two: 

The Sequitors continue to move south, but the Evocators, Judicators, and Lord Castellant begin to slog across the field where the fighting is thickest.

An Evocator is lost in the shadow of the Gloomtide shipwreck as they pass under. One of the Sequitors is wounded. At the other Gloomtide Shipwreck, another liberator is lost.
Ultimately, the evocators cannot charge as they spent the turn advancing toward the combat.

The maelstrom of combat continues...

Each Celestar Ballistae open up... the Eidolon is blasted into smoking embers. The Akhelian King suffers four wounds, but his born from agony trait keeps him settled on five. Amidst the chaos, I've lost a Morrsar Guard unit from all of the celestial lightning.

The combat rages, not much happens this turn, but the Lord Ordinator does slam the Akhelian King down to two wounds with his mighty hammer.

Also, the Soulscryer has been hoofing it across the board this entire time toward the fight.

Idoneth & Stormcast Turn Three:

It's High Tide

Another Evocator is lost to the Gloomtide Shipwreck, no wounds on the Sequitors.

The Reavers let loose a volley of arrows into the Evocators, but don't do much.
With the Eidolon gone, the tidecaster gives mystic shield to the Namarti Reavers, and she, the Reavers, and their Soulrender, throw themselves into the fight, right into the leftmost ballistae.

It's the glorious phase of the Deepkin, with everyone striking first.

The Reavers manage to cut down the ballista they charged, another Ballista is cut down on the opposite end of the battle... perhaps by the Akhelian King, who is now dead at this point. The Liberators are feasted on by ferocious eels in the eastern sector.

On the left flank, the Ishlaens finally charge into the sequitors and unleash their fury... but find that their attacks have dealt minimal damage.

Reavers draw their knives and cut down an evocator and place a wound on another. Soulrender steps into the fray and lays low another of the elite wizards.

The evocators strike back and strike down 16 out of the 17 Reavers. The last one limps away from the fight. The Soulrender is blasted down to one wound.

In the second round of the turn, two Ishlaens are cut down in the struggle with the Sequitors, the Lord Castellant advances for all he's worth toward my innermost objective. Another ballistae is finished off by the Morrsar Guard. At this point, there are two Morrsar left in either of the two remaining units.

Turn 4 Summary:

Soulrender and Tidecaster are buried by the Evocators under a hail of celestial blades and lightning. The Evocators advance further south to join the Castallent.

It's Low Tide...

My remaining Morrsar Guard slip out of combat with the remaining Celestar ballista and claim my opponent's objective at the top of the battle round. Putting Deepkin in the lead. The other Morrsar Guard slip away in the opposite direction to catch the Lord Castellan.

My Morrsar charge the Lord Castellan, and initially have him in their grips with a charge roll of four inches (They are three inches beside him)... However, I stupidly determine that I need a high enough charge roll to stop him retreating out of my grasp completely... and roll double ones!!! (Shame!)

The Castellan goes on to claim my innermost objective at the bottom of turn 4. To make matters worse, the Judicators charge my Eels on the opponent's objective and eventually claim the objective by numbers.

Also the Evocators charged in and diced my Morrsar before they could challenge the Castellan again.

At this point, I have nothing to fight with but the Soulscryer and one eel. And I knew I wouldn't be able to take back my opponent's objective. I resigned myself to honorable defeat and conceded the game.

Good Game to my opponent!

Final Score
11 - 7

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Uncle Tungsten

Man, that was quite the slugfest. A few questions as a fellow deepkin player. One, what are your thoughts on the reavers? Do you like them? I'm trying to figure out which way to go: them, or thralls, or a mix. Second, why deploy the soulscryer on the flank with the akhelians? Was it for the charge boost? It seems like his schtick is to deepstrike, so it was interesting to see him start out on the board.

Sweet board, by the way. Good luck with your next game.


EDIT: Sorry, this was a long winded answer to your question ;D.

Quote from: Uncle Tungsten on October 23, 2019, 04:18:04 PM
Man, that was quite the slugfest. A few questions as a fellow deepkin player. One, what are your thoughts on the reavers? Do you like them? I'm trying to figure out which way to go: them, or thralls, or a mix. Second, why deploy the soulscryer on the flank with the akhelians? Was it for the charge boost? It seems like his schtick is to deepstrike, so it was interesting to see him start out on the board.

Sweet board, by the way. Good luck with your next game.

Hi Tungsten, welcome to the Idoneth, the best kin as I call them ;D ;D ;D! I've owned Sylvaneth and Daughters of Khaine... but Idoneth is what I've been coming back to over the last year or so.

I'd be more than happy to answer your questions!

1) As far as choosing between Thralls and Reavers, I'd always choose the Reavers as it stands currently. I actually love Reavers for versatility purposes, their move is 2" faster than thralls, and they can offer ranged support from 18", or a whole lot of ranged support from within 9".

Thing is about the Reavers... they're not going to kill much with their shooting unless they're in Storm Fire Range. Even so, temper expectations :P. The thing about Reavers is that in close combat, they're actually decent melee fighters.

I use them as objective holders / stealers and also as ranged support / screening in the early turns / close combat support in the later turns (position your gloomtides wisely so that they can take advantage).

Also, don't do what I did and use Reavers in one squad of 20. That has problems :P, two units of 10 supporting one another in close proximity is just all around better in my opinion.

2) The soulscryer was deployed on the flank for the same reason the Celestar Ballistae didn't drop from the heavens. The mission was total commitment and allows nothing to be held in reserve ;D, else I would have done what you suggested.

Buuut, I discovered this game that the soulscryer's charge ability is freakin' awesome! It's not even a command ability... While it didn't make the difference in me getting the charges I needed in turn 2, it did give me an extra 3" to find the ideal positioning for all of my charging units. Plus, it got my Eidolon into that combat as well (though that was a mistake in the grand scheme of things).

Thank you about the board. It actually belongs to the Games Workshop here in Franklin, TN ;D. There are actually some really cool boards in the process of being made for AoS at the same store. So, keep your eyes peeled to see them in the near future!
- Blog #6  A Five Star Comeback!


Hardback Version - Work in Progress

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