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Author Topic: Crowfall, videos & open beta info  (Read 4151 times)

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Crowfall, videos & open beta info
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:32:05 AM »
It's a kind of MMO with strong RTS/survival flavor (and you can play Tetris there!?). We had some test sessions recently, this is how the game looks like at the moment (have mercy,very early tests + all player made raw footage!):

- Siege & voxel destruction, "Death in the Rubble";
- Confessor (ranged fire DPS) played by a noob girl;
- Ranger (stealth, traps), some messy PvP.

Now, alpha test access is kinda expensive - but there will be open beta i.e. free tests "this winter", just registering on the site is enough for access.

For anyone curious about details, it's PvP MMO ("Game of Thrones meets Eve Online") scheduled for launch this December, no way in hell they'll make it that soon thou. I guess it's IGN Wiki is the best quick intro - Crowfall Wiki Guide - IGN, also this Imgur album can come handy - Crowfall - Album on Imgur.
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