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Started by SparqMan, August 12, 2002, 07:28:43 PM

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[there is some overlap]
-Mark of Chaos Undivided = reroll failed morale checks and one veteran skill.
-"Kyborgs" may attack, but don´t benefit from the the +1 attack rule. I have *no* idea what Kyborgs are. =D
-Dreadnoughts: The roll is done during the moventment phase. The only big change is that if you roll a 6, you shoot twice at the nearest visible enemy unit. If no enemy are visible, you target nearest friendly unit. Give that sucker a good field of vision!
-The Defiler is NOT Chaos Undivided only.
-If one model in a squad has a mark, they all have to have the same mark. To join a squad, a character must bear the same mark, or the mark of chaos undivided.
-Daemon prince can have retinue of chosens unless he is monstrous creature (one of daemonic gifts) because in that case he works almost like tyranids monstrous creatures (and can't join any units).
-A Reaper Autocannon is the same as a regular autocannon, except it has 12" less range and it's twin linked.
-Chaos marines have one wound and an Ld of 9. They also cost one point less than their Imperial counterparts.
-Havoc ML works as before but isn't destroyed when you roll 1 to hit .
-Raptors can't have mark of Slaanesh, so EC can't have them because all characters/units must have the Mark of Slaanesh )
Same thing is with:
WE (Khorne) and havocs & raptors
DG (Nurgle) and bikers & raptors
1Ks (Tzeentch) and bikers & raptors & havocs
So as you can see cult legions are rather limited in choose of units.
-Abbadon now costs 15 points more than before. He now has the Mark of Chaos Ascendant. It's his own mark that contains all of the marks combined. He still has the daemon sword and the talon.

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