Slaaneshi Rumors

Started by SparqMan, August 12, 2002, 07:18:30 PM

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-Mark of Slaanesh = Fearless and Warp Scream (-1 Initiative to enemies in close combat)
-Wargear items that reduce Leadership (mirroring the current Slaanesh rules in WFB)
-Combat drugs will also be related to lowering Leadership
-Drugs for Slaaneshi characters don't incrase assault range. Effects
are: 1) when charging through diff terrain you may roll extra dice, 2) + 1 WS, 3) +1 S, 4) ignore first unsaved wound taken in this assault but not instant, 5) death- + 1 A
-Noise Marines will probably stay the same.
-The Blastmaster shoot in two ways: anti-troop and/or anti-tank. What the difference is, I don't know.

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