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Author Topic: Rules of the Harlequins and Exodites Board - Please Read  (Read 11094 times)

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Rules of the Harlequins and Exodites Board - Please Read
« on: April 24, 2016, 12:26:56 PM »
Rules for posting here

  • The rules for 40konline apply here. This means no flaming, spamming, trolling, thread necromancy, or serial postings.
  • Please avoid posting specific model, upgrade, and wargear point costs.
  • Please use topic titles which make sense. "Help" does not tell anyone anything, whereas "Corsair Tactics against Drop Pod Marines" does.
  • Please post conversion/painting ideas in their respective boards, not here.
  • When posting an army list, please tell us which forces you are most likely to face and what your intended strategy and tactics will be.  An army list posted without any explanatory notes provides too little information to make it easy for us to help you.
  • Members will comment on lists for you, but most will not write a list for you.  Please make your own army lists if you wish to receive comprehensive advice.

If you feel uncertain about the rules that govern 40konline, please read the forum rules.

To find out more information pertaining to the history of Corsairs and Harlequins, please take a look at the old sticky topic.
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The Forum Rules - Please Read and Remember Them.

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