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Author Topic: A Sanctum of Swords  (Read 21793 times)

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Re: A Sanctum of Swords
« Reply #260 on: Yesterday at 05:41:06 AM »
Hi Myen'Tal I think abyssal is the wrong word to use in chapter 1.

The word abyssal refers to the deepest parts of the ocean, so the title 'An Abyssal Descent' is literally a descent to the bottom of the sea. Abyssal can also mean unfathomable/incomprehensible, but I doubt that you are meaning to say an 'Incomprehensible Descent'

Would I be right in thinking you are trying to say A Descent Into The Abyss, or maybe An Abysmal Descent?

Good luck with the second stage.
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Re: A Sanctum of Swords
« Reply #261 on: Yesterday at 10:40:20 AM »
Hi Alienscar,

Funny you mentioned that chapter name in particular - I had originally thought to name it 'A Descent into the Abyss' as you had mentioned. I thought the name might have been too long, but it does reflect the chapter's narrative much better. I think I'll change it back to that.
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