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Started by Arzetch, July 25, 2002, 05:34:49 AM

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have anyone seen the new Great Unclean One model? It looks like s**t. the old one was one of GW best models looking exactly like a big rotten deamon should look like. but the new one..... it's ugly, looks stupid and has very little detils on it...... or what do you think. wich is the best. the old or the new unclean one?

if you haven't seen him yet. you can see him on GW homepage or in the new WD. sorry but I don't know how to put pictures in topics...


i think it looks better, because it has loads more boils sores and festering maggots, the bloodthirster looks really crap, i aint sen thw others though, you cant get much worse than da old keeper of secrets :p
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Lord Argroth

Does anybody realise that all they're doing to the Greater Demons is giving them new heads? And that the old ones are still avaliable through Mail Order?
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Yeah but Slaanesh followers aren't real men. I mean who would walk around threatening people with a speaker and a siren? ;)
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The new ones are head replacements.

The olds ones are available through Mail Order.

I've heard that the new Keeper of Secrets is a fantastic model.


i think, as a true champion of Nurgle,  that:

1.Old G.U.O. is better (but the new one is okay)
2.the old nurglings r WWWAAAYY better (but the new ones will suffice)
3.The new daemon rules r Superb!

thats my 2 cents.

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The GUO hasn't just got a new head his spine in protuding out of his back was that on the old one??
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I'm not sure about that spine...never owned a Nurgle GD.

There won't be a new Lord of Change or Keeper of Secrets, it seems...a shame, as I HATE the goat-head KoS. =[

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The Lord of Change is the same except he now wears a sort of egyptian head piece to fit in with the Tzeentch theme.

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