LATD: Slannesh or Khorne?

Started by BossMan, December 2, 2006, 06:46:01 AM

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i know that with the ancient enemies rules i cant take slannesh and khorne in the same army and alot of people are telling me that i should take hq aspiring Champs all equipped the same way.  i was wondering if anyone had any input as to what mark i should take?  i like the khorne mark with demonic mutation and a weapon for max attacks, but at the same time i really like the mark of slannesh that gives me the 5 initiative and the access to my favorite piece of wargear, Combat Drugs!  any input would be nice
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I guess I find undivided the most useful.  MoK on the champions is more useful than MoS though, especailly if you end up giving them a powerfist, which is always a good idea.  But... it shouldn't really matter.  LatD aren't as restricted as normal chaos armies when it comes to ancient enemies.   
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I'd go for Mark Of Khorne.  If you're putting a Champion in with Mutants, they can't Infiltrate or use Move Through Cover, so you're not losing much other than points by putting him in Terminator Armor.  Having such a devastating CC monster in that very slow squad will freak out most opponents into shooting that squad.
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Combat drugs are too dangerous for a one wound model. GO with the Mark of Khrone for killiness, high initiative is not as much of a concern when you are surrounded by a wall of mutants.
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