Shroud Runners - how are they on the tabletop?

Started by Blazinghand, May 13, 2022, 09:59:23 PM

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I've been considering picking up a box of the new Shroud Runners, since the minis look pretty nice. I'm a bit concerned about what role they'd actually fill on the tabletop. Has anyone given them a try?

It looks like for about 100 points, you're getting effectively 3 scatter lasers and 3 ranger long rifles. The ranges of these weapons line up, which is nice. It should be relatively easy to stay at the right range to shoot with this unit. It seems like the "comparable" unit here is a Vyper - you could get 3 of them for a pretty similar price, and get the same number of scatter lasers, but no ranger long rifles, and much better durability.

Do the Shroud Runner special abilities make it worth it? I usually run 10 Rangers, so I'd get some benefit from Target Acquisition possibly as well.
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I cannot say if they are good from first hand experience, but I have watched a few battle report and I feel like they do have a surprising effectiveness on them.

I have always found that the 36 inches of the rangers always felt like a massive restriction with them, but now if you out them on bikes, this instead become an asset because they can move around a lot and flirt with weapon ranges if played properly.

I'm not sure they are a competitive level like on top lists, but for sure they bring an intresting flexibility to you anti character approach, and they can without including the sniper dish out some pretty. Stable damage. You can never really go wrong with Scatter lazer. The sheer volume of shot can saturate many things to death.

Then again I feels it's really list dependent? This unit does not feel like a default option. Wmore like a side grade to taking some normal bikes. Or a vyper.

But let's all be real here. The model look so damn cool anyway that I'm getting some for myself later this year probably!
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