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Started by moc065, February 19, 2010, 08:27:30 AM

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1.... You have to have the picture stored (uploaded) onto the internet to begin with, so go to Photobucket (as it works in here, and its free) and make an account to store your pictures.

2.... Next you will have to get the web address of your picture and copy it between image code like this (or paste it into the code that appears when you click on the little "Mona-Lisa" icon in the tool bar. Anyway in the end it will look like this (with square brackets instead of {}, OK).


3.... If you want the picture to be a thumbnail, then you need to get the appropriate thumbnail address and it looks like this. Note where the little th_ or tpart is to go (into the final destination that actually has the picture type at the end of it... and Yes you can just use the picture address itself and add the th_ yourself to make most pictures appear as a thumbnail (with square brackets instead of {}, OK). NOTE: this does not work for images in Imageshack... so just put those here full scale, and I will fix them for you if you don't know how to do it (more complecated)

for Photobucket (add th_ )

for Flicker (t replaces the o)

4.... It also really nice to have a thumbnail that enlarges when you click on it... so here is what you do. Add the url code around the image code that you already have. you can type this yourself or use the little "globe" icon in the tool bar, anyway it will look like this when you do it (with square brackets instead of {}, OK).

For Photobucket

For Flicker

Now take your original image address and assign it to the url by adding a = symbol and the address before you close the initial url brackets; like this (with square brackets instead of {}, OK)


Your done...
     I know that looks like a lot; but here is what I do... Click on the "globe" and then the "mona-lisa" icons one right after the other... then grab the web address and paste it into the two spots (adding the = sign, and adding the th_ as required)... and your done in about 10 seconds.

Here is what you end up with


But yours will have [] brackets instead of {} so that it will appear to others like this.

click to enlarge

I do hope that helps those that are less computer friendly than other, and don't think that I am super smart of anything like that.. this is knowledge that was passed on to me by others in 40Kol.

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