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Author Topic: Lack of elder love?  (Read 10577 times)

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Re: Lack of elder love?
« Reply #20 on: January 19, 2021, 03:46:29 PM »
Exactly, even for the converting/kit bashing possibilities alone, plastic is far superior. 
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Re: Lack of elder love?
« Reply #21 on: January 23, 2021, 07:36:50 PM »
I agree with that completely. I do have things from 2nd, 3rd, 4the up to present releases, i have a huge army. In my opinion, I believe that having plastics for everything makes conversion so much more fun. I'm actually about to use AoS witch heads on some 40k wyches, hoping for blood Brides to be back but that is DE. My biggest want from my craftworld is spiders, that's the one sculpt I've never liked so plastic can only be better I think. Shining spears, hmm, I took the old metal ones and put them on the new bikes, problem solved. The one nice thing about our army is we have lots of named characters, almost more than any other army. Our vehicles are old but still one of the prettiest molds of all, as well as support platforms, walkers, wraithlords, wraithguard, etc. From an old collectors point of view, they would have to really come up with something spectacular for me to add like they did with the spiritseer and Eldrad. Some appropriate terrain would be nice. My 2 cents worth.

For new players, this is one of the armies that is easy to get into and learn and they don't have to wait for new things from one month to the next. The waiting for releases with other armies and using proxies until said release can be exasperating. Craftworlds have a very diverse amount of units to fill up any slots in a detachment. Not just one or 2 to choose from.

GW has tried boosting things with books, adding in new aspect abilities and such to make more flavor. I like this but as said, adding rules into white dwarf would help boost sales for the magazine, I remember when I couldn't wait for it to come out, now I don't waste my money on it,  hardly anything in it that concerns my armies which I have many different ones to play.
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