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Author Topic: White Dwarf 460 (January 2021)  (Read 3614 times)

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White Dwarf 460 (January 2021)
« on: January 19, 2021, 04:37:14 AM »
White Dwarf Issue 460 content 

Total Page count = 146

MISCELLANEOUS: 11 pages, 7.53%

1 page of meet the team

1 page of editorial

2 pages detailing the contents

6 pages of letters and painted models submitted by readers of White Dwarf.

1 page of adverts

WARHAMMER 40K: 34 pages, 23.29%

40k Section Introduction: 2 pages of a photograph spread across two pages to introduce the 40K section of the magazine. 

FLASHPOINT- Charadon War Zone: The Chromyd Front: 6 pages. A collection of Flashpoint articles that provide background information as the first worlds in the Charadon Sector come under relentless attack from the Death Guard. 

NEW RULES – Flashpoint: Charadon War Zone – The Chromyd Front: 6 pages of new theatres of war and relics that enable you to play a campaign in the Chromyd Front.

INDEX ASTARTES: Emperor’s Spears: 8 pages of background information regarding the Emperor’s Spears. 

NEW RULES – Codex Supplement – Emperor's Spears: 2 pages of new Relics, Traits & Stratagems that enable you field an Emperor’s Spears army.

A Tale of Four Warlords: 10 Four keen hobbyists have a year to build and paint an army based around the Crusade rules in the Warhammer 40,000: Core Book. Space Marines. Necrons, Sisters of Battle & Orks are the chosen armies.


AGE OF SIGMAR 20 pages, 13.70%

AOS Section Introduction: 2 pages of a photograph to introduce the AOS section of the magazine.

BATTLE REPORT: Get Ready To Rumble: 18 pages detailing a battle between the Ogor Mawtribes and the Sons of Behemat. 

SPECIALIST GAMES: 14 pages, 9.59%

Mini Game: The Mega-Brawl: 6 pages of an exclusive mini-game in which 2-4 players battle to be the last Mega-Gargant standing.

Blood Bowl: A Decade In Review 4 pages of Jim & Bob talking about the fall of the NAF, the rise of the RARG and the future of Blood Bowl.

TACTICA – Adeptus Titanicus: The Maniples of War: 4 pages of how to get the best out of your Titan maniples. 

PAINTING AND MODELLING: 25 pages, 17.12% 

ARMY SHOWCASE – The Keep Extremis: 6 pages of a Deathwatch army painted by Damien Pedley.

PAINT SPLATTER – Emperor's Spears: 4 pages of a stage by stage painting guide for the Emperor’s Spears.

ARMY SHOWCASE – Warhost of Nemeton: 4 pages of an Emperor’s Spears army painted by Tangui Jollivet.

’Eavy Metal Gargants!: 2 pages of a painting guide for the Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant.

Conversion Corner: 2 pages of converted Mega-Gargant's

PAINT SPLATTER – Mega-Gargant!: 4 pages of a stage by stage painting guide for the new Warstomper Mega-Gargant.

Outside the Studio: 3 pages detailing what the Design Studio team are currently painting and playing as they work from home.


OTHER: 42 pages, 28.77%

FICTION-Flashpoint Charadon: Canal Of The Damned: 4 pages of a short story written by Callum Davies set in the Flashpoint war zone. The 77th Okharium Canalguard find themselves under attack.

Worlds of Warhammer: 4 pages of Jordan Green writing about godbeasts.

Rules of Engagement: 4 pages of Louis Aguilar writing about the design of the rules for the Sons of Behemat.

Designers’ Notes: Mightier Makes Rightier: 8 pages of Warhammer Studio members discussing the design process behind the new Mega-Gargant kit.

FICTION: A Brawl For All Seasons: 4 pages of a short written by Nick Horth. Three Mega-Gargants compete in three challenges to determine which of them should be the big heel of the Krondspine Range tribes.

Glory Points: 4 pages of Dave Sanders sharing his insights into the design of Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm.

INTERVIEW – Black Library: 4 pages of an interview with David Guymer on how he got into writing for Black Library.

FICTION – Chronicles Of The Wanderer:  10 pages. Part 1 of 6: Mother of Fire


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