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Author Topic: 2000PTS Space Wolves  (Read 3597 times)

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2000PTS Space Wolves
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:55:53 AM »
Here is my space wolves list I'm working on.

Basic plan, is use Strategic Reserves on assault interessors, Bladeguard, Captain and Chaplin. Use 2cp strategem to automatically use the chapins prayer when coming in from reserve to get +2 reserve charges on all those units (+3 for the captain) and then charge the amphetamine parrot out of things.

Interesssor with Morkai Bolt's can mark units for re-roll 1's to wound, while rest of the army plays fire support. Infiltrators hold an objective mid-table, and Redemptors and Lt. move up to support.

Adeptus Astartes Battalion Detachment ( 3CP - 2000PT )
SUB-FACTION: Space Wolves

      WARLORD: Captain in Gravis Armour (115)
         TRAITS: Hunter, Wolfkin
         RELICS: Frost Weapon
         STRATAGEMS: Warrior of Legend

      Primaris Chaplain (85)
         TRAITS: Aura of Majesty
         LITANIES: Canticle of Hate (Aura)
         STRATAGEMS: Hero of the Chapter

      Primaris Lieutenant (90) Master-crafted power sword, Neo-volkite pistol, Storm shield 3
         TRAITS: Warrior Born
         STRATAGEMS: Hero of the Chapter

      Assault Intercessor Squad (200)
         1x Assault Intercessor Sergeant: Power fist
         9x Assault Intercessor

      Infiltrator Squad (250)
         1x Infiltrator: Helix gauntlet
         1x Infiltrator Sergeant
         8x Infiltrator

      Intercessor Squad (115)
         1x Intercessor: Astartes grenade launcher
         1x Intercessor Sergeant: Power fist
         3x Intercessor
                        RELICS: Morkai‚Äôs Teeth Bolts
         STRATAGEMS: Thane of the Retinue

      Bladeguard Veteran Squad (105)
         1x Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant
         2x Bladeguard Veteran

      Redemptor Dreadnought (180) Macro plasma incinerator, Onslaught gatling cannon

      Redemptor Dreadnought (180) Macro plasma incinerator, Onslaught gatling cannon

      Inceptor Squad (165)
         1x Inceptor Sergeant: 2x Plasma exterminator
         2x Inceptor: 2x Plasma exterminator

      Suppressor Squad (100)
         1x Suppressor Sergeant
         2x Suppressor

      Suppressor Squad (100)
         1x Suppressor Sergeant
         2x Suppressor

      Eliminator Squad (90)
         1x Eliminator Sergeant
         2x Eliminator

      Eliminator Squad (90)
         1x Eliminator Sergeant
         2x Eliminator

      Eradicator Squad (135)
         1x Eradicator Sergeant
         2x Eradicator

   Hero of the Chapter (1CP)
   Hero of the Chapter (1CP)
   Thane of the Retinue (1CP)
   Warrior of Legend (1CP)

Total Command Points: 6/15
Reinforcement Points: 0
Total Points: 2000/2000
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