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Author Topic: Project Grey_Beard (house rules)  (Read 4323 times)

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Project Grey_Beard (house rules)
« on: August 12, 2020, 07:14:06 PM »
Some of us older folk really like the way the older 40k editions play, but see some very nice things in 9th ed, so this rule set attempts to combine pre-8th edition elements with the 9th edition rule set, to bring back some of the older flavour that we enjoy and remove the elements that feel over the top or just too gamy. We have been having positive results so far, so I thought I would share them out
The goal of these rules is to support those who are looking for a friendly games, not highly competitive. Win or lose it should be a fun time for all players, if you like making lists that just table your opponent, this is not the rule set for  you.
The 9th edition rule book will be required, there will be no reprinting of that material here. Rules from previous edition have been reworded to avoid any legal issues.

Dice and rolling:
There has been some poor sportsmanship with this part of the game, to avoid disputes the following rules are in place.
Where possible a single dice pool is to be used by both sides. In situations where a shared dice pool is not an option, there must be a single pool per player, no splitting the pool between high and low dice rolls.
Dice are to be rolled not dropped, etc.
Dice are to be rolled in the largest number possible, not individually.
Optional: All tests and saves (Moral, armour, invul, psyker powers,etc) are reversed to low roll s EG a 3+ armour save becomes a 4- save.
-   This is actually tricky to play with as old habits die hard, but the main purpose of this rule is reduce the impact of biased dice.
Armour and Invul saves:
A natural roll of 6 is always a failure.
2+ becomes 5 or less
3+ = 4 or less
4 = 3 or less
5 = 2 or less
6 = 1.

Aura’s and abilities with re-rolls of 1.
To hit and wound re-roll of 1’s is now always a failure and can only be re-rolled if there is an ability that lest you re-roll all misses, such as guide. Instead these provide +1 to the roll. This mean if the model has 2+ to hit, they still hit on 2’s, but if the target is -1 to hit, the unit would still hit on 2+.

Army Build:
Recommendation: Avoid named characters, these tend to unbalance the game, no matter the edition. Given the size and scale of 40k, Magnus is unlikely to show up in a 2k point skirmish.
Armies can only use a single detachment, sorry no soup today.
Armies get zero CP – Yes no stratagems. You could change this to simple only universal starts, but so far it has not been required.

Firing arcs:
You can’t shoot through your hull, so impossible shots are not allowed with this rule set.
Fixed weapons -  such as the vindicator are given a 45 degree grace for their firing arcs.
Limited movement weapons – Such as those on the sides of the predators, are giving a 90 degree arc, but some weapons may be able to go up to 180, use some common sense when claiming the 180.
Turret mounted weapons – full 360 degree arc, but can not shoot through it own hull, so the chin mounted twin shuriken catapults, can not shoot at an aircraft behind it, but could shoot troops on the ground behind it.

Deepstrike style deployment:
If a character and unit both have the deepstrike ability based on their wargear, not any stratagems, and then the character can come down with a unit at the same time, but it must be in the centre of the deployment. If there a multiple characters, then the largest base size is in the middle and the rest of the characters are deployed next to it. If all characters have the same base size, just pick one.

Pick a point on the table and place a single model, then use scatter dice and roll 2d6. Move the model on the table in the direction of the scatter dice the full distance rolled on the 2d6. Place all models in a circle around the first model, all must be in base to base contact (allow some leeway for models that have parts that stick out, like scourges). Any model that is not able to be place on the table in the circle, due to terrain or another model, then this model has been slain, keep filling in the circle.
If the centre model moves into/onto a friendly unit(s), off the table, impassable terrain or within 1 inch of an enemy model, then the enemy has been able to counter the deep strike.
Roll 1D6.
1-2 – The enemy killed the unit in transit, all models deep striking have been lost.
3-4 – The enemy was able to mess with the guidance system and can pick any playable location on the table to deploy that unit, but must be 9” or more away from any unit of their own. The player can not pick a location that would cause losses during deployment.
5-6 – The enemy attempt to counter them was detected early enough to abort the landing. Try again next turn.
*Some units such as the drop pod will have special abilities to negate some of the ill effects. Instead of roll on the table above, first roll 1D6, it may move this distance to avoid the obstacle, but must always move further away from the nearest enemy. If it would still hit an obstacle, then it rolls on the table above.
Vehicles T7+:
Most vehicles have less armour in the rear. Shots on the rear arc of the tank get +1 to wound, this does not stack with any other ability that might give a bonus to the wound roll. NOTE: weapons that are half the toughness or worse do not get any benefit from this. A T7 tank being shot with a S3 weapon gets no improvement.
Exclusions to this rule: Monsters, Flyers, light skimmers (Venom, raiders, etc generally T6 or less), Landraiders.

Line of Sight:
From the eye level of the firing model or from the weapon of a tank, it must be able to see a body part of the model. That is head, torso, arms, legs,. This means, weapons, banners, wing tips etc do not count.
Models are just representations, you should not be penalised for having a model with an awesome pose.

Wound Table:
When the Target’s toughness is more than double the weapons Strength, it can not hurt it. EG: S3 weapons can not hurt T7 or greater, S4 can not hurt T9 or greater, etc.

Mortal Wounds
Generates a wound on a natural roll of 2+, counts as a SUNDERING hit.
**Smite and similar spells only affect vehicles if it has been specifically stated.

Target can not make any armour saves against these wounds, Invulnerable saves will still work as normal. Weapons that would generate -3 or better AP when rolling 6s (such as shuriken weapons), count as sundering.

Power weapons:
Power swords, Power axes, Power fists etc, all ignore armour saves. Invul saves continue to work as normal.

Armour Penetration.
Weapons no longer change the targets armour save, it either penetrates or doesn’t.
-1 AP – ignores 6
-2 AP – ignores 5
-3 AP – ignores 4
-4 AP – ignores 3
Armour modifiers from terrain still count, so it if possible for a TAC marine to get a 2+ cover save.

See the 9th edition rule book. Recommend at least 3 LOS blocking features along with pipe/ruins scattered around the board. Using less LOS blocking just gives shooting armies too much of an advantage.

All testing has been done without named characters, with games below 750 points. All armies have faced off using the same mission, same table layout on a 4x4 board*, and fixed lists, making use of the Primaries and secondary objectives in the core rule book.
*We tried the new min board size.. we didn’t find it as enjoyable and it would certainly get over crowded when you play higher point levels.
We do not have access to every army, nor every unit within each army. Each army list has been an all comes lists, 2 units of troops, at least 1 transport, units with anti-tank weapons and at least 1 unit of assault troops where possible.
Armies we have been/will be testing with:
Blood Angels – Non-Primaris (Yes Tac and Assault marines still work ;) )
Craftworld Eldar – Custom traits
Tau – obviously not taking assault units.
Admech – There are concerns with this army being point costed too well, most armies get two tanks, they can get 4..
Space Marines – Primaris


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