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Author Topic: White Dwarf Issue 454 (May-June 2020)  (Read 4028 times)

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White Dwarf Issue 454 (May-June 2020)
« on: June 29, 2020, 11:28:02 AM »
White Dwarf Issue 454 content

Total Page count = 162

MISCELLANEOUS: 11 pages, 6.79%

1 page of meet the team

1 page of editorial

2 pages detailing the contents

6 pages of letters and painted models submitted by readers of White Dwarf.

1 page of adverts

WARHAMMER 40K: 26 pages, 16.05 %

40k Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the 40K section of the magazine. One photo, spread across two adjacent pages, of an Ork force in a cityscape.

Index Xenos – Goff Orks: 10 pages of background information for the Goff’s.

New Rules: 2 pages detailing three new datasheets that allow you to field certain famed Goff units.

New Rules – A New And Deadly Dance: 6 pages of new rules and stratagems to bring your Harlequin army in line with the rules found in the Pyschic Awakening books for Craftworld and Drukhari forces.

 The White Dwarf Chapter – History of a Chapter: 6 pages of the White Dwarf team writing about the creating the background for their own Space Marine Chapter.

AGE OF SIGMAR 20 pages, 12.35%

AOS Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the AOS section of the magazine. One painting, spread across two adjacent pages, of a Lumineth army in battle with a Slaanesh army.

Battle Report – The Lumineth Resurgent : 18 pages detailing a battle between the Lumineth Realm-lords and the Slaves to Darkness.

MIDDLE-EARTH: 4 pages, 2.47%

Tactica – Defender of The Mark- 4 pages of an in-depth tactics guide for Eomer, the Marshall of Riddermark.

SPECIALIST GAMES: 40 pages, 24.69%

New Rules – Kill Team: 6 pages of new rules that enable you to use the Sisters of Silence in your games of Kill Team.

Campaign: The War For Hallost - Vaddenheim- 8 pages. The third instalment of the Hallost campaign series introduces new campaign rules, a new map and four narrative play Battleplans.

Warcry-A Tale of Four Warbands: 10 pages of a Four Warlords style article, but this time with the theme of a Warcry campaign.

New Rules – Warcry: A Light in The Darkness 6 pages of new rules that enable you to use the Lumineth Realm-lords in games of Warcry.

Glory Points - Beastgrave: 4 pages of Dave Sanders writing about how to get the best out of Flex warbands.

Tactics – Beastgrave: Path to Victory 10 pages of in-depth tactical advice for the Ironsoul’s Condemnors and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight warbands.

Blood Bowl – Classic Plays: 4 pages of rosters and new rules that enable you to recreate the 2489 Maw Day Belly Ball match between the Talabecland Eagles and the Badland Bruisers

PAINTING AND MODELLING: 25 pages, 15.43%

Paint Splatter – Painting the Waaagh!: 4 pages of a Goff Orks painting guide.

Kitbash – Kitbashin’ & Kollectin’: 2 pages of how to kitbash an Ork Nob and a Big Mek.

Gallery: 4 pages of painted Orks.

Galactic War Zones – Imperial Hive World: 8 pages detailing how to build and paint your models and terrain to show that they come from an Imperial hive world.

Galactic War Zones – The Rust Pit: 4 pages showing off a Necromunda board built by James Acons.

Inside the Studio: 3 pages detailing what the Design Studio team are currently painting and playing.

OTHER: 36 pages, 22.22 %

Worlds of Warhammer: 4 pages of Phil Kelly writing about how your models can be used in more than one game system.

Echoes From the Warp: 4 pages of games developer Ellot Hamer writing about how stories and background drive the creation of rules.

Fiction – Tradition’s Last Breath:  2 pages of a short story written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden centred around the despair faced by Marines due to the failure of traditions.

Rules of Engagement: 4 pages – Jervis Johnson writes about the evolution of Warhammer terrain.

Fiction – Faith & Fire :  14 pages of the serialisation of the Black Library novel Faith & Fire.

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